House Exclusive First Look: Check Out the New Season 8 Cast Photo!

In case you missed the memo, House has undergone a bit of an onscreen face-lift ahead of its eighth season. And TVLine’s got your exclusive first look at how newbies Odette Annable and Charlyne Yi look alongside returning vets Jesse Spencer, Omar Epps, Peter Jacobson, Robert Sean Leonard and Hugh Laurie.

House Video: Watch the New Spoiler-Rich Promo!

Check out the cast portrait below and then hit the comments with your snappy judgments. And don’t forget, House returns on Monday, Oct. 3.

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  1. verbal says:

    The photo has that “it’s our final season” feeling.

    • Nanna says:

      Most definitely! :/! But at least 4 me it will be better ’cause this past season was not as awesome as the previous ones! :/!

      • sammy says:

        thumb up !

      • Donna says:

        I agree, very disapointent in the last season. Bought all the seasons but that one was so bad, I couldn’t see spending the money. I really hope this season gets much better. Fire some of the writers and allow the original cast to stay. Bring back the cut-throat-bitch….lol

        • Judge says:

          It did seem the whole House/Cuddy relationship (I will NOT call it by the nickname) was contrived to pander to the fans that wanted it. The last 30 seconds of the season finale were encouraging, however. It looks as if House will be back to his old ways.

          • Sam says:

            House smiling serenely on a beach after his violent outburst/destroying a home “was encouraging”? The confirmation that he is a total sociopath is hardly encouraging.
            In his “old ways” he wasn’t such a jealous wretch that he tried to obliterate people from his life. The character has turned a corner and there’s nothing to glorify about it.

          • Alex says:

            If you have seen the whole episode,he was provoked to do it..
            He tried a lot to let it go,and he had constantly Cuddy (and Wilson)
            to push him to express his feelings,and say what he has in mind..
            At the end,he did it…So yeah it was encouraging,because thats house,he just doesnt let thing go..somth that was annoying with cuddy,because he has became very emotional (remember the scene with 13 in the restaurant..)

          • sara says:

            i agree! while i didn’t like the house relationship with cuddy, he’s allowed to feel angry and sad and frasturated at its (inevitable) end. So i liked the end of S7 and I’m interested in this season even though I personally think Annable is a terrible actress…

            @Sam, Sherlock Holmes is a sociopath. Even though they didn’t follow all of the character’s personality for house, i have no problem if someone calls our fav doc a sociopath. *shrug*

          • Sam says:

            @Alex, House is allowed to be angry/frustrated or whatever, but it’s a huge leap from there to crashing your car into someone’s home.
            House went over to Cuddy’s to (presumably) cordially return her brush, and then he sees her casually touch another guy’s arm. What was so “wrong” with that? Especially since we the audience know she isn’t actually dating the guy. House saw it and instantly goes to “f-ck you, b!tch–I’m gonna destroy you” because he witnessed something with no context. What was encouraging about that? His outlet/expression of rage wasn’t warranted at all. Of course Shore assumes people will condone that behavior since he himself does and because “it’s House.” But House really doesn’t have a leg to stand on (no pun intended).

          • Vivica says:

            The end of season 7 works because who doesnt know that ex-gf or ex-bf who deserve to get a car driven through their living room? Its the “YESSSSS!!!” moment I wanted to see. B*tch broke House’s heart! What did you think he was going to do? Admit to himself that HE ruined the relationship and he deserves to be hurt and lonely, and just go back to solving his puzzles without throwing a fit? COME ON, PEOPLE!! Some people are crazy, some people you should never cross, and House is one of them.

          • Vivica says:

            Oops, I meant that comment for Sam. :D

        • AthenaNY says:

          Cut-throat bitch was a great character,one I loved to hate lol It’s too bad they can’t bring her back though,they killed her off remember?

          • Natalia says:

            Cuddy was being selfish, don’t you realize people? she wanted House to tell her that he was hurt so that she could say sorry and move on, meet up with the new guy, etc
            Cuddy set him up,as usual, to move on with her life. House crashed the car to move on with his crappy life. Now House’s life is crappy and then Cuddy is the same old selfish bitch…

        • J. K. Michelson says:

          thumbs up on that one!

        • AJ says:

          they should have kept 13

          • Kai Foster says:

            I totally agree!!!! but now shes getting so famous that they cant keep her because she has so many jobs… i miss the old cast so much and i dont want the show to end!!

      • Phyuck Yiu (google it) says:

        I totally disagree. Though I’d like this to be the final season, I felt last season was amazing, except for Amber Tamblyn, who played literally the worst character in television history.

    • ellen says:

      yeah, it won’t be the same without Lisa Edelstein. :(

    • David Shore says:

      What are you talking about?? I was skyping with Satan just last night and he assured me the show will be renewed for a 9th season.

      • Saera says:

        Well lets hope he comes through on that. He’s been known to be kind of a jerk.

      • Dani says:

        What Dave?! You have a direct line to Rupert Murdoch? XD

      • Joanie says:

        Love, Love, Love Season 9, 10, 11,……. Love House!

      • Mike Quallet says:

        It shouldnt be. It jumoped the shark three seasons ago. The characters are compelling but the stories are weak and uninteresting….

      • Patrick Rasputin King says:

        House has had a good run. Problem is the writers are trying to revitalize the series with more outragious stunts by Gregory House. This is not working. They could have had a great seventh season with House realizing there is more to life than his logical mind. House and Cuddy should have ended up together.

        • Sam says:

          Huddy is the source of the show’s decline

          • Derdriui says:

            I’m not a House/Cuddy fan by any measure, but surely, SURELY the writers are the source of the show’s decline. They have so much money, they have great resources, it’s the writers and showrunners with no idea about how to write more profound stories that have screwed up the show.

        • Natalia says:

          I go along with what you’re saying, but authors gotta do what sells, and it seems to me that people don’t like it when house acts like a human being who can actually love and tell his loved one that he’s becoming a worst doctor but she’s totally worth it…! People are into the dark miserable cynic brilliant doctor…

    • Seb says:

      Don’t think this season is going to live up to the rest, if camerons not in it, then tbh you can write chase out, it worked ok with kutner out, but now 13 has gone then I feel that taub won’t be as influential as in previous shows. No cuddy then who has house got to fight with and for the new cast members then we will have to wait and see. I imagine it’s the last season, I just hope they haven’t gone a season too far.

      • dandelionwine says:

        Just like life – people come and people go. I won’t miss Cuddy of the last season. I would miss the one she used to be first three, but again – just like real life. I must admit I would not miss Wilson either – the one I see since middle of 6th season… But I really look forward to see House!!!!!

      • Mary Young says:

        I might have to agree with this.

    • Renee says:

      WoW the final season ya think? I think it is probably time. I LOVE Hugh Laurie. I watch re-run after rerun. Who’s gonna cure the world? I’ll be there to watch on Oct.3rd and so will my friends. Go HOUSE!

    • Kai Foster says:

      Ummm please tell me olivia wilde is still apart of the cast buy maybe they forgot her picture? hahah but seriously!!! this really upsets me… and where’s lisa edelstein?! this is definately NOT going to be the same… i cant even believe this… anyone agree?

      • Jess says:

        Everyone agreed a few months ago when we first found out. ;)
        I’ve gotten over the Lisa Edelstein thing–the whole “driving a car through her house” thing should be her character’s ‘last straw’, so Edelstein’s choice to leave will fit perfectly–but I mourn the loss of Olivia Wilde.

      • Debby Fogle says:

        I will not be watching if olivia is not on the series I will be too busy looking for her in other works.

    • TheRooster says:

      Keep Olivia and Jennifer!
      Without the eye candy it’s just an interesting show.

    • Br B says:

      House needs to clean up the image a bit…Some Loreal for men might help with the wrinkles and to be clean shaven is better than stubble!

    • House Fan says:

      Who’s new girl with short hair? Looks like Daphney from Scooby Doo!

    • nikki chevett says:

      I think this season is a great season 4 house, well please dont let it be the last omg what am i going to do with out my house????? Hummm makes me wonder….

    • satirex says:

      The lightboard backdrop gives it a really odd feeling. Jesse is still beautiful, though.

    • Jasper says:

      God I hope not I want at least two more

    • nathan says:

      I’m excited for this season. The 7th was my favorite so far, so I’m sure this one will be good too.

    • Guess says:

      I agree this is the last season for House, I hope they could write a nice epilogue for the show but I don’t expect it to go back next season

    • Norma says:

      I will allways love him.

    • Daniel Aptekar says:

      I have never been disappointed in the show HOUSE M.D. Its a lot better than any of the other crap that’s on the tube nowadays. Hugh Laurie,Omar Epps, Lisa Edelstein, Jesse Spencer,Peter Jacobson,Robert Sean Leonard and the rest all do a terrific Job on the show and I would personally hope that this show continues with great stride and never ends. I will maintain my fan status as long as the show airs. Look there has never been a show on television like House M.D. You have to give them credit for trying something different. It works well. Great show.

    • Daniel Aptekar says:

      I have never been disappointed in the show HOUSE M.D. Its a lot better than any of the other crap that’s on the tube nowadays. Hugh Laurie,Omar Epps, Lisa Edelstein, Jesse Spencer,Peter Jacobson,Robert Sean Leonard and the rest all do a terrific Job on the show and I would personally hope that this show continues with great stride and never ends. I will maintain my fan status as long as the show airs. Look there has never been a show on television like House M.D. You have to give them credit for trying something different. It works well. Great show.

      • Danielle says:

        Well said, although I was supremely dissapointed with the last half of season seven along with the rest of the Huddy shippers, yes I know there are eye rolls and scoffs at this but whatever, also Hugh Laurie was quoted in an article not long ago and he didn’t lead me to think this was the last season by his comments, neither did the recent interviews I have read featuring David Shore, although I think to trust him would result in insanity but he did open the invitation for LE to come back and guest star, which would be awsome, cause after the mind f*^k we got after Bombshells aired, Huddy has to have a positive ending, too many riots if it didn’t, yup ok start the eye rolls and the comments to make fun of me and my Huddy shipping now…….

    • Howie says:

      It will not be the same without Lisa E.

    • Marilyn Kelty says:

      A picture of Dr. House is not good enough.

  2. alex says:

    Oh god oh god…

  3. Nina says:

    Not going to be the same without Cuddy and 13 !!! What happened to them?

    • another Nina says:

      it WON’T be the same. and yes, why are they gone?

      • Michelle says:

        Did you watch the last season? I think it explains things fairly well as to why Cuddy is leaving… As for 13, she’s a flake.

    • patty says:

      Please if you fined out why they left please let me know. thanks

      • Scooby-Doo says:

        LE got pissed about a pay cut (which everyone else graciously accepted) and left the show. OE is concentrating on a movie career (odd, since she CAN NOT ACT). Meow!

        • ??? says:

          Who is this mysterious “everyone”? The only person (as publicly reported) who took a pay cut was Omar.
          RSL got to keep the same salary per ep, and Jesse negotiated after them so we don’t know what his deal was. Though he probably wasn’t gouged because they had LE’s salary to spread around (even hired 2 cheapo actresses), while HL, OW and PJ’s salaries weren’t even up for negotiations.

          • D says:

            This is one of the things that’s still kind of bugging me. All three actors; Edelstein, Epps, and Leonard; were asked to take cuts. Edelstein gives up, and now only Epps needs the cut? Something doesn’t smell right. With the money they’re saving from no Lisa, and all actors minus Laurie absent for four episodes this year, I’m not sure it was necessary for Epps to take the cut.

  4. Steve says:

    Ok, so this is pretty creepy. Why is Hugh Laurie a disembodied, Orrwellian type head?

  5. Amy says:

    New season begins on my birthday! CANNOT WAIT!!!!!! LOVE THIS SHOW!

  6. Thomas says:

    Jarring. I don’t even recognize this as House. Olivia, Lisa and Jennifer really brightened the place up.

  7. Rob says:

    It’s the worst cast I’ve ever seen!
    It’s awful!

  8. phyllis cain says:

    I LOVE House !!!!!!

  9. mel says:

    Sorry, does nothing for me as a former diehard fan. Didn’t even buy the last season’s DVD. I still blame the writers strike for ruining House and so many other shows that went off the rails the same time (Heroes, SVU, etc)…

  10. HousePhan says:


  11. joshua says:

    what happened to olivia wilde !!!

  12. HousePhna says:

    No Oliva Wilde or Jennifer Morrison or Lisa Edelstein …WOW…Networks ruined another GREAT SHOW!!!

  13. Rath says:

    Not a fan of the haircut, (second to left)

  14. dorisoax says:

    Congratulations!!! I like the new image. I love House and Wilson. Kisses all.

  15. Cory M says:

    I think this is a wicked cool Photo. I look forward to this season and I hope more.

  16. Elizabeth W says:

    Why is Olivia Wilde not in the Cast photos? I hated House without her on it!!

  17. betty howard says:

    Don’t like pic….should have had him standing with cane and surrounded by his team,,,don’t change House’s personna!

  18. Lisa says:

    Losing Cuddy is not good, what happened. Where is 13 also?

  19. XK says:

    I’ll be watching just for Odette.

  20. Rebecca says:

    13 will come back towards the end of the season from what I understand…she is on hiatus due to a film. Lisa Epstein’s contract ran out at the end of Season 7 and SHE decided not to return. I think it will be interesting and really the show is based around House, I always thought that the other characters were interchangeable. I guess we shall see this season; can’t wait!

  21. Alex says:

    Hard to imagine it feeling the same without Cuddy. I hope she’s somehow covered in the stroy arc at least and appears at some stage.

  22. Colleen says:

    I wish Thirteen were here :(

  23. angela says:

    gona miss cuddy and 13 but as long as house is there am still glued!!

  24. whitney says:

    Cuddy gone???? Thirteen gone??? They made the show exciting!! I don’t know if I wanna continue watching it…..oh well as long as Wilson is still on :)

  25. Ivy says:

    This is really depressing :(

  26. RealQuentin says:

    I don’t want these women.
    I want the old ones.

  27. rlybgfn says:

    I hope they can stay focused on the medicine and not ruin the show with so much drama and love affairs.
    I don’t turn it on to watch a soap opera!

    • Peter says:

      You’re right too much soap opera not enough medical misteries, they are getting off the original show, the ones that made it worth watching, with 13 gone and Cuddy gone I dont think I’ll be watching too much, buy I will give it a chance…

    • lindsay says:

      Errrh it is a drama, if you want fact perhaps the discovery channel would be more the mark??

  28. El Rico Vazquez says:

    Love the show, have every season on DVD or Blue-ray, but what is going to happen without Cuddy, come on, why o why my Cuddy, but hey let’s see what happens.
    Will miss you Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Morrison and Lisa Edelstein.
    Hopefully the show will go on more seasons.
    Hopefully we get to see Olivia Wilde on more movies, she is so beautiful.

  29. Dunno says:

    Noooo way i do not like the new people!
    i’ll watch and see how it is tho T___T

  30. Jackie says:

    Where is Cuddy?

  31. Alicia says:

    Damn, this is some tacky photoshop. It doesn’t even look like Jesse was there for the photo. They totally super-imposed him over the chick with the bowl cut and that shadow isn’t fooling anyone. Also, pretty sure that’s a stock photo of RSL, I’ve seen it like 20 times before. You’d think with all the money they’re “saving” they could produce some good promo art.

  32. Jeffrey says:

    Olivia Wilde will be in some episodes this season! Just not enough the be a series regular.

  33. soren121 says:

    I wish Masters had stayed on; she’s still my favorite female doctor on House.

    I haven’t heard anything about Yi’s character, though I suspect they’ll typecast her as the smart, nerdy doctor.

  34. Chase Ritter says:

    FEAR NOT!!! 13 IS RETURNING THIS SEASON!!! I just read an interview with her on another website.

  35. Cassie says:

    Well i don’t like that they change some of the people but atleast most of the case is the same hopefully the new twist will give it excitement again. It was starting to get old. love the show. Hate that house and cuddy did not stay together. That was my favorite part.

  36. Shauna says:

    I like how they made House look like an X-ray. Hopefully the writing is as inventive this year also.

  37. Lisa says:

    I will REALLY miss HOUSE. If Hugh Laurie thinks music will last or be more sucessful than this show, I’m sorry to say, he’s fooling himself. I know his first passion is music, but financially and long term, HOUSE would prosper.

    • Brit says:

      The big difference here is that Hugh’s success as a musician is self-achieved, but on House, Darth Shore controls the puppet strings; so in essence, the show is screwed. (BYW, Let Them Talk is #1 on the Billboard Blues Album Chart & #16 on Billboard 200- and IMHO, a blast to listen to!) :)

  38. autumn says:

    I don’t know how well I’m going to like this 8th season without Lisa Edelstein and Olivia Wilde. Both were such great characters on the show and without them it’s going to seem strange!
    (I really haven’t missed Cameron or Kutner much, but Cuddy and 13 were amazing!)

  39. Vero says:

    Wow! This photo is looking great! I can hardly wait until season 8 begins. I’ve got that feeling that season 8 will be great. And after season 8, I would like to have season 9, because I love the show House MD.
    I hope that Hugh Laurie will finally win an Emmy next Sunday. It’s long overdue!
    By the way, this show is about the life of Dr. Gregory House and not about Huddy, Cuddy or the Lisa Edelstein Show!

  40. kathy says:

    I love house he looks like my husband. I will miss cuddy, what happened

  41. TigerNightmare says:

    I find it surprising that people are actually missing 13. Why? Lisa Edelstein, I get.

    • Alicia says:

      Because she actually grew on people? She was there long enough, and at this point it’d be nice if the show would stop treating actresses like trading cards. ANY stability in the female cast would be welcomed. Cuddy and Cam are my favs, but 13 was good enough, yet we don’t have any of them.

      • maggie says:

        13 won’t be in many episodes because Olivia Wilde has a lot of movie roles lined up. It’s her choice to not be on the show.

      • TigerNightmare says:

        13 just leaves me feeling cold. I’m not attached to the character and I didn’t miss her when she was gone. Martha Masters, on the other hand, she wasn’t only an interesting new character, she brought a much needed new dynamic to the group. I can’t tell you what 13 brings to the show, other than eye candy.

  42. sonny blackman says:

    you should have found a way to keep the girls and get rid of talb.ive seen this guy in other shows like law and order and i didnt like him then either.couldnt even tell you his real name.

  43. deka9 says:

    Of course Hugh Laurie makes up for it but some would say that there’s a huge void with three basic cast members out of the picture…is this you telling us that House is over???

  44. will says:

    I’m interpreting Foreman sitting down with his arms crossed as a hint that he’s the new Dean of medicine.

    Also, regarding the newbies. Odette Annable looks good and Charlyne Yi is completely unrecognizable, which I guess is a good thing.

  45. alfredo says:

    soy fan de la serie desde el 1er capitulo, house es el mejor, sin duda, me duele que no estè lisa porque deseaba que terminaran juntos, pero buèno lisa si leès esto, tomamos un cafè?

    • AthenaNY says:

      Que lastima que no hay Lisa,13 y la otra mujer(no recuerdo su nombre)!Me encanta mucho House!!!Yo no puedo esperar verlo!!

  46. CM says:

    WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? It looks so bad. House is totally dead. I hope season 8 is the last season, it was already unbearable to watch season 7, I stopped watching before the middle.

    • Amy says:

      We get rid of boring Cuddy, there’s still hope for this show!

    • sara says:

      You stopped watching before the middle of season seven, I totally understand, but then David Shore took control again and Kaboom he blew the boring right out of the show. Out of the Chute was amazing. And not seeing Cuddy in this photo just reaffirms the soap opera is over and House is back in the house.

  47. Bile Gran Vieira Correa says:

    Congratulations!!! I like the new image

  48. Sarah Parker says:

    whoa whoa whoa WAIT a second… where is olivia wilde and lisa edelstein??? they were great on the show! what about the ‘House and Cuddy’ thing?? ohh goodness i totally agree with the person that said “the photo has that ‘it’s our final season’ feeling.” woooow i cant express my disappiontment :( i used to love this show