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Glee Season 3 Scoop: Who's Sweet on Sugar, the New Girl? Who Does She Make Sour?

When Fox’s Glee returns for its third season on Tuesday at 8/7c, onetime American Dreams girl Vanessa Lengies will play a “mean girl” named Sugar. “I think that people are going to really laugh, and love her,” Lengies told me at an Emmys weekend kickoff reception TVLine hosted at Levi’s Haus.

OK, well not everybody will love her, certainly not within the halls of McKinley High. In our video Q&A, Lengies goes on to confirm which New Directions member will not welcome Sugar into the fold, as well as reveal who from the chorus will identify with the well-heeled schoolmate’s “delusional” manner.

Glee Season 3 Poll: Who Should Brittany Date?

Lengies also shares how one close friend and Glee star got her “infatuated” with the musical dramedy before it even premiered three years ago.

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  1. kit says:

    Santana wants some Sugar.

  2. adam says:

    this girl doesn’t seem like the brightest in the box of glee crayons…i love the show, and hopefully she’s a better actress than, well, thinker…

    • Eli says:

      I’m sorry, but that’s just mean. She seemed nervous mostly, not stupid.

      • adam says:

        she doesn’t seem nervous at all during the interview at all, but quotes like “people are just going to love her” and thinking he meant adversary of her personally, and not her character is just ridiculous…

        • Michael says:

          I guess it’s a good thing that Hollywood, like the US Senate, doesn’t require a high IQ. They aren’t asking her to perform brain-surgery. I would love to put you under scrutiny and pick at your flaws.

    • jeremy says:

      she is a very good actress just watch American Dreams season 1 on dvd or watch Hawthorne seasons 1,2, and the movie stick it.

  3. iknow it! says:

    ok freud lips baby… sugartana will be on

  4. Sam says:

    I’m not as terribly against Glee as some of the other commenters on this site (I have a muted dispassion for it), but good Lord in heaven, TVLine has more coverage of the guest stars of this show than all of HBO and FX put together. Except maybe American Horror Story, which is, natch, created by Ryan Murphy.

  5. kate says:

    Vanessa Lengies totally just accidently shipped Brittana.

    I like you, Vanessa. Welcome.

  6. JDHetherington says:

    Nawww. Bless her she was so nervous :)I think she’ll be good :)

  7. Jon says:

    So is this Santana’s new girl?

  8. a says:

    thats the girl from stick it… not missy but.. the girl she doesnt get along with at first lol

  9. John Kenneth says:

    I’m a Vanessa Lengies fan I think she’ll do great on Glee I can’t wait until Tuesday

  10. M says:

    So excuted to see Sugar. Already hoping to see some sugartana :D

  11. Brooke says:

    I don’t watch Glee, but I loved American Dreams! Such a good show — sad it was cancelled after only 2 seasons.

    • Mandy says:

      It was cancelled after 3 and it is still sad. The cast LOVED and tried so hard to get a 4th season. I was honored to meet 3 of the cast members Vanessa Lengies, Brittany Snow and Sarah Ramos (currently on Parenthood).

  12. Puckleberry says:

    All these articles and news about the Glee new characters have done very little to arouse my interest. I am really excited about the new season, but not because of all these new additions (such as the glee project kids, the recently cast parents, etc). What whets my appetite is the idea of seeing the original gang getting real stories, of Tina getting more screen time, of Mercedes finally getting some love story (I so much wanted to see Samcedes develop), of seeing Rachel work towards her NYC dream…

  13. Hannah says:

    “It’s not called gymnicetics.”

  14. Maria says:

    I’m very excited to see her on the show, she seems very sweet and I’ve only read good things about her character so far. Also, I wouldn’t be opposed to the possibility of Santana/Sugar, but of course we still only know very little about her character.

  15. Santana says:

    YES! They’re totally setting up Sugar as Santana’s new love interest. And frankly I think it ROCKS. I can’t wait to see all the delusional Britana stans wank and cry for days because their dream will be shattered. Muhahahaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Pleasepuss says:

    I’m anxious for s3 to start and to see how Sugar character plays into the show. Im’ a Brittana fan but I’ll keep an open mind about Sugar and Santana. As for Vanessa I’ve seen her on Hawthorne and Stick It and she was really good. So go Glee. We’ll see her watching Puck do push ups.

  17. fiona says:

    Loved Vanessa from Popular Mechanics for Kids and Radio Active, 90s Canadian shows for the win =P

    She’s an overall awesome actress and can’t wait to see her character

  18. Roberto says:

    She’ll sing any song on the ep The Purple Piano Project?

  19. mikel says:

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  20. mercy says:

    Watch Glee Season 3, Episode 1 The Purple Piano Project Online Free In Mega Video Working Link 100%

    Here —->> http://tinyurl.com/3mub59b

  21. reallynow says:

    Seriously? Vanessa Lengies is a 26 year old playing what…a 16 or 17 year old? On HD, you can totally see that she even looks too old to be doing that. Not undermining her acting abilities, she was adorable in Stick It and Waiting – but she was also playing age-appropriate roles.

    Hey, Ryan Murphy – cast a little better, will ya??

  22. twstyles says:

    I loved Vanessa in Hawethorne, am not impressed with her at all in Glee. I don’t think it shows her best qualities. Since I am watching this on NetFlix I am glad I can fast forward past it. Hope she isn’t in the 4th season. I haven’t gotten that far yet.