Exclusive Fringe Season 4 Video Sneak Peek: 'Much Has Changed'

For the past week, Fox’s Fringe has been treating fans faithful and new to a series of online videos — titled “Past + Present + Future” — that cleverly recap the series’ narrative in chronological order, starting with the 1985 death of Peter Prime.

Now, TVLine has obtained an exclusive first look at the final two installments of the series — the last of which ends with a snippet of new footage from Season 4.

Fringe Exclusive: John Noble Teases a ‘Wonderful’ Reunion With Joshua Jackson

The playlist of 10 previous “Past + Present + Future” videos can be found here. Installment No. 11, embedded below and titled “The Future Is Now,” picks up with Peter’s season-ending trip 15 years into the future, where he witnesses the doomsday that his union with the Machine will cause.

Installment No. 12, “A Different Choice,” begins with Walternate killing Future Olivia, then goes on to show Walter’s realization that Peter can prevent doomsday, though at an unforeseen cost. Closing out the video is a small yet surely ripe-for-analysis taste of the much anticipated Season 4, which premieres a week from today, on Friday, Sept. 23, at 9/8c.

Exclusive First Look Poster: The Fringe World Is Shattered!

Press PLAY below for the John Noble-narrated recaps, then share your thoughts in comments!

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  1. davoor says:

    FRINGEEEE!!!!!!!!! After friends and HIMYM the best show on TV!!!!

  2. br says:

    Olivia looks really happy, good for her! It looks like Peter’s absence has done her a world of good. But are those Observers invisible? They were standing right there and she didn’t notice them.

    • aj says:

      I think she went under the tape and said excuse me to the Observers. So they’re not invisible but man, oh man what does it all mean? Can’t wait for Fringe!!!

      • hockeygirl7289 says:

        i’ll have to check my facts, but was it Peter who noticed the Observers initially? if not, then at the very least he must have played a significant role in their discovery, such that in his absence they never caught on to the Observer phenomenon. olivia walks by TWO! and thinks nothing of it! GREAT TEASE. simple but great.

        • Susan T says:

          You have a great point. Perhaps Peter, also, is still around, BUT no one recognizes him. Perhaps he was ported thru time to somewhere else?
          I agree great tease. I just hope they do not spend half of the first show recappping the past shows. i want a lot of NEW stuff. :)

          • Thomas says:

            They also said that time will play a very big role this season… there was a remark about the observes where they see time from the outside… and the part of how the machine got there millions of years ago is still missing…

    • Aimee says:

      I guess you didn’t see the promo where she said that she’s “had a hole in her life” for as long as she could remember. She’s definitely not happy in a world without Peter.

    • Laura says:

      She said excuse me to them, she saw them but did not know who they were

    • coverbird@gmail.com says:

      The observers said “Much has changed.” They aren’t invisible, Olivia just simply doesn’t recognize them like she doesn’t know Peter. Or they are just working together now.

  3. Ellen says:

    Olivia doesn’t look happy – she just looks busy.

  4. Luis says:

    “Much has changed”.. that line is a give away.

    Observers are not noticed in that timeline. They showed themselves more since they were observing Peter in the past. NO PETER = less observers were noticed.

    That is why Olivia past them and not knowing them, I believe.

  5. guest says:

    Olivia looks very confident, strong and much more relaxed and happier then season 3.
    She does see the observers, just not that interested in them like we are used to, so may be they are more visible in that timeline.
    And the tall one who seems interested in Olivia looks like the one she is talking to in an earlier clip.
    May I say that I feel sorry for Anna Torv that the network has now forced her to present an award at the Emmy; they organize it so they have to deliver part of the presenters and you cannot refuse, not towards the network, nor the producers WB(although they did nothing to promote Anna for the Emmy),but this is so ignoring the fact that really Anna Torv should at least have been nominated and for me she should have been the Emmy winner.
    I hope someone will give Anna Torv the recognition and highest respect to her for doing it, to promote Fringe.

    • John says:

      Agree with Ellen, Olivia just looks busy. She doesn’t even recognise the observers, hence my guess she has no idea who they are.

      Not everybody gets to present at the Emmys. The fact that she gets to do that, is recognition in itself. It’s promotion for the show and for her. Why feel sorry for her and I doubt very much she would even think about it being negative, to have that sort of gig.

      • Cortexifan says:

        I agree with you as well.
        It is an honor I’m sure to present. She’s done it before in 2009. And because of what I know of Anna, she will do a good job and she won’t think anything of it. But still…

    • Cortexifan says:

      Can’t wait for next week!
      I agree with you on the Emmy. What a slap in the face. She should at least have been nominated :(

  6. Amanda says:

    Its hard to tell with Observers but I dont think they are happy with the change.

    • Kelsey says:

      I agree that the observers don’t seem happy about all the changes. They seem more surprised than anything about how things have progressed w/o Peter.

  7. Kaz says:


  8. J says:

    I love this show, but I really can’t get involved in these videos. It’s too much and makes almost zero sense to me. I think I’ll wait to just watch the show as it happens.

  9. Michael Sacal says:

    Olivia knows who the Observers are, so the fact that she didn’t acknowledge them indicates that the timeline has been changed to the point that she never met them OR that the Olivia in the video – despite being a blonde – is actually Bolivia.

    • Michael Sacal says:

      Oh yeah. Another possibility is that the scene in question is set in the past. It could be that the Observers are are showing us what changed, how things are different because Peter wasn’t there, so this Olivia could be from a moment in time before she met the Observers.

    • Matt says:

      When Olivia was captured in the red world last year, only her love for Peter allowed her to regain her memories and escape back to the blue world. It could be that at the start of this season Fauxlivia is still ensconced as Olivia.

      But even if it is Fauxlivia, she should have had time to be exposed to the blue world’s knowledge regarding the Observers. So, it appears that the Observers are still an unknown factor in the S4’s Peterless world. That they did not have to expose themselves to Walter and others to fix the mistake of distracting Walternate when he discovered the formula to cure red Peter. (if there even is/was a red Peter)

  10. Real1 says:

    Is that the young observer which Olivia did save in “Inner child” ? , well it will make sense ! , Olivia is not knowing the observer any more so she didn’t react to them … I can’t wait to see what will happen .

    Definitely Anna Torv is a brilliant actress , always bringing something new to present her characters .

  11. Kay says:

    New Observer! It seems like the Observers can no longer anticipate what’s happening in this new reality, they can only observe events as they are happening.

    Olivia looks focussed on work, like she used to be in Season 1 and early season 2.

    In reply to “guest”, I think it’s great that Anna Torv is presenting at the Emmys. It brings her more recognition, for one.

  12. boo says:

    Love love love FRINGE! CAN-NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! The only show that can make me feel smart and stupid at the same time.

  13. TinCan says:

    Matt, I don’t want to go frame by frame looking for the easter egg, please give a hint…

    • Ellen says:

      There’s no Easter egg. The new scene is at the end of the 2nd video.

      • Anthony Carroll says:

        I just want to see what’s actually is happening to Olivia after she was shot in the head, at the Fringe seasonal final episode.

        I had also noticed that she had some type of power to prevent a box with some fragle instruments from being damaged, this was when it was falling to the floor.

        I know that there were two Olivia’s, will there still be a daughter born in the future? I can’t wait to see all of the new episodes.

  14. Hemo_jr says:

    Looks like the Observers are an unknown factor again — at least until Peter re-appears.

  15. Mike says:

    I’m pumped. Bring it on!!!!!!

  16. Jennifer says:

    Cannot wait for the new episodes!!!

    Random question…what happened to William Bell from the Other Side? I don’t remember them mentioning that. Everyone has a double except him.

    • Touskite says:

      “It seems that William Bell on this side was killed in a car accident as a young man.” – William Bell to Walter in Over there part.2 (season 2 finale)

      • Jennifer says:

        Oh thanks :( I know Leonard N. is retiring but would have loved for there to be a door open for another William Bell appearance somehow (and not just in cartoon form lol)

    • davey says:

      I’m pretty sure we haven’t met Nina’s doppleganger yet either though, have we?

      • Jennifer says:

        Good point! Although I was curious that maybe we DID see Nina’s double when they focused on her mechanical-type arm in that one episode. I think that clue might have been purposely put there for the viewers. Hmmm

  17. mr.blue says:

    Olivia looks sad and confident at the same time but there’s definitely something missing. *DUH*

  18. mims says:

    Really psyched about s4. I’ve started watching s3 again in anticipation, and it feels exactly like cramming for finals!

  19. Linda Schlicher says:

    I can’t wait any longer. I’m dying here from Fringe withdrawal. I want to know what happens next. I want Peter back. It just goes to show how one person can affect so many other people and events. And I really miss Walter.

  20. John says:

    That Observer on the right in the clip kinda looks like Joshua Jackson.. or am I imagining things?

  21. Chris says:

    Here’s my issue–If Peter Bishop ceased to exist, then there would be no rift in the universes because Walter only ever crossed over to save Peter! So there’s nothing to heal, nothing for Walter and Walternate to be upset about, etc. Is this bugging anyone else, or does someone have an answer for me?

    • Laura says:

      got an idea. Both Walters were working on the machine at the same time right? but Peter changed the outcome. changed the future. Peter might still be in this future but as to how, not sure. I have to say, these are brilliant people writing this show! I have never been so hooked on a show before! I hope I’m not disappointed!

    • JB says:

      Walter probably found some other excuse to cross. After all, Bell did remove pieces of his brain because of what he was becoming, what lines he was willing to cross. Without Peter in his life to positively influence the compassionate and caring side to his nature, he might have found it easier to push boundaries and bury himself in cold science.

  22. Kirstin says:

    Those were awesome! I SO can not wait.

  23. Trish says:

    The only show I watch without multitasking, it’s so filled with goodness! Here’s hoping Fox continues to support this high quality, mini-movie feature of a show.

  24. Emily says:

    Is the new observer Peter? It’s hard to tell with no eyebrows and hair. I know they had Jackson wearing an observer hat at Comic Con…

    • Matt says:

      Actually, he looks a bit like the kid they found in the secret basement in the episode, “Inner Child,” in S1. Since the room had been sealed for at least 70 years, it could be he was a small Observer and just needed to be fed well to grow to the size this new, tall Observer.

  25. Terriana says:

    Does anyone know when Fringe Season 4 will be coming the UK

  26. David says:

    I can’t wait! Good job Fox for renewing Fringe! It Rocks!

  27. hobbes says:


    Straight from the horses mouth:-

    “Fringe Season 4 will air Wednesdays at 10pm from 28th September”


    (click onto page 2\29)

  28. Sandro Cutajar says:

    The end part of the second clip opens up new possibilities for this fantastic show: Peter could be working with the Observers to ‘modify’ both universes, Peter could be one of the Observers imparting orders to all to tweak certain events seen in past seasons (how come he was never seen speaking to them?). Or Peter could also assist Walter in discovering his true mission for the two Universes!
    Great show and excellent actors…

  29. DAVE says:



  30. shirley says:

    don’t you just love this show!!!