Vampire Diaries (Awesome) Season 3 Premiere: Five Most Shocking Moments!

The Vampire Diaries‘ Season 3 premiere was Rated D…for Dayum! I’ve always been a big fan of The CW’s fangtastic (sorry) drama, but Thursday night’s hour was filled with so many jaw-dropping scenes and such all-purpose fabulousness that a suds-covered [SPOILERS AHEAD, so quit reading now if you haven’t watched yet] Damon sauntering out of his clawfoot bathtub might not even make my personal Top 10. I’m not even going to attempt to give you a minute-by-minute recap — seriously, you need to watch for yourself; it’s 60 minutes very well spent — but instead give you a countdown of the five most shocking moments from an episode filled with hardcore scares (Stefan, how could you!), major-league sexiness (Caroline, what took you so long?), and punch-in-the-gut drama (yes, I cried during the final scene):

5) Klaus and Stefan spend a full day torturing werewolf Ray Sutton (David Gallagher) for the whereabouts of his lair, only to force-feed him Klaus’ blood and snap his neck at episode’s end. | I guess our Big Bad is serious about creating an army of vampire-werewolf hybrids, but now I’m a little worried he’s got a reverse process that could put a little (wolf) hair on Stefan’s chest, too. He doesn’t right? I mean, the Stefan-Elena romance is already complicated enough.

4) Stefan casually kills a pair of Memphis co-eds. | That opening scene (“Kill this one quickly. Make that one suffer.”) was so full of menace I practically chugged my cabernet as a reflex response. Oh, and Damon’s full fledged CSI dialogue only added to the horror: “There’s a reason they call [Stefan] ‘The Ripper.’ Feeds so hard he blacks out, rips ’em apart. But when he’s done, he feels remorse. It’s the damndest thing: He puts the bodies back together.” Cue pretty, decomposing blonde head tumbling to the carpet. Yikes!

3) Caroline dances the horizontal mambo with Tyler — right before his mom guns her down with Vervain darts! | From the minute Tyler admitted that side-effects of Werewolfism included near-constant horniness, and Caroline revealed similar effects of Vampirism, you knew these two were about to put the quality of one of their headboards to the test. But dang the consummation was fast and furious — and pretty hot, too, if I’m being honest. But then as Caroline tried to do the walk of shame, Mrs. Lockwood went into vampire slayer mode, coated Caroline’s purse with Vervain, watched her son’s booty call flinch from its effects, then blasted several immobilizing darts into girlfriend’s back. I guess the woman really didn’t care for having to hear her son’s species-crossing sex through the walls of the upstairs bathroom, eh?

2) Stefan offs Damon’s newscaster girlfriend Andie! | We all kind of knew Andie was a disposable character (especially with Elena back on the market-ish), but I never thought we’d see her get dispatched by Stefan! The way he gleefully stalked her with a newsroom spotlight, compelled her to perch herself (terrified) on a ledge, then prevented Damon from saving her as she plunged to her death was a stunning and bone-chilling moment that punctuated just how far our former hero will go to alienate those he loves and protect them from Klaus.

1) THAT PHONE CALL! | You knew, I knew, and Klaus knew that deep down, Stefan was faking the joy of a cross-country killing spree. But watching him dial Elena — who knows it’s him, not Klaus, behind the trail of carnage — from an anonymous payphone, and begin to crumble as he silently listened to her words of encouragement, well, it left me shattered. Elena, take it away: “I love you, Stefan. Hold onto that. Never let that go.”

Like I said, Rated D for Dayum, right? And bonus points for whatever Steven R. McQueen did on his summer vacation, because Jeremy is looking particularly fit, eh?

What did you think of The Vampire Diaries‘ Season 3 premiere? Did I miss any of your favorite moments? Well, hit the comments and share! And for tons of scoop and spoilers on TVD’s upcoming season, follow TVLine on Twitter @TVLineNews!

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  1. aquarius1271 says:

    Having been a huge Vampire Diaries fan right back since the 1st episode, I am sad to say that this 3rd season premiere left me underwhelmed. Something was clearly off with the whole thing, I could not see the sparkle that made this series so successful up until now. Everything was a bit forced really, it was as if the writers ran out of all their ideas during the first two seasons and just decided to create some sensational storylines just for the sake of it.

    Add to that the strange physical changes in the cast members that had an alienation effect on me. Nina Dobrev appeared much too ethnical, I felt like I was watching Jessica Zsohr in her usual drab Vanessa look. Ian Somerhalder lost too much weight, he appearred to have almost a teenager’s body. And his haircut was horrible. All in all he looked a little bit too feminine compared to previous seasons. This is in no way a look that suits the Damon character in my opinion. The same with Paul Wesley; he appears to have only a head in most of the scenes. Joseph Morgan although looking hotter is now the spitting image of Chris Martin, leader of the rock band Coldplay. Only Steven R. McQueen appears have made some good use of the summer break. I think he will emerge as a majjor leading actor once this series wraps in the near future. (He had already displayed his charm in Piranha 3D.)

    In short, a disappointment for me. I actually was more satisfied with the premiere episode of the Secret Circle.

  2. Mark says:

    I have a question that no one has asked yet. On all the vampire shows, specifically Vampire Diaries and True Blood, if they’re dead, then they have no heart beat. If they have no heart beat, then they don’t have blood flowing through their veins. So, if that’s the case, then how is it that the male vampires can get erections hard enough to have sex?

    • jamie says:

      Wow Mark, YOU are a little scary. Can you tell the difference between fact and FICTION as in make believe or do you also believe???. Its a show made for tv entertainment. Don’t over think it, you ruin the fantasy dude!!!!!

      • Mark says:

        Listen here dumbo. I know it is fantasy. It was only a question. I am old enough to remember Dark Shadows when Barnabas Collins was introduce as the family vampire and Angelique as the family witch in the 1700s. So how old are YOU dumbass.

  3. Ashley D says:

    I thought episode was remarkable I also believe the underage drinking and drug use was very real as to what would happen at an actual 18th birthday party I am excited to see Ripper Stefan his character is more fun to watch also happy that Damon and Elena have more space to evolve their relationship I honestly believe their a better match Stefan is such a downer Damon can bring out another side to Elenas character.

  4. Nancy says:

    I’m really looking forward to the story line of the ‘Originals’. More hot vamps to look at no doubt. The way they handled Stephan’s absence was brilliant. Damon and Elena’s relationship has softened, which will work in their favour throughout the season. I do not like Bonnie at all, whether it is the actor or how they write for her, something needs to change. She is the weakest out of all the characters on the show and she needs more depth. Jer seems to be more at ease with himself and not so depressing all the time. Thank God he got out of that. It was getting too boring. The ghostly GF storyline will be exicting to say the least. He reminds me of his grandfather, the way he walks and some of his facial expressions. Huge fan of his grandfather, Steve McQueen, comes from a good gene pool. His dad was in the original Karate Kid movie, playing a bad boy. He looks a lot like his dad.
    Overall, I thought the season premiere was EXCELLENT!!! I love the gore and want to see more!!!!!!! Damon – Hot piece of soapy …..! Damn, Nina is a lucky girl to sleep with that man!!!!!! You know what they say about a man that can dance……. its true by the way!!!!!!!

  5. Martin Delgado says:

    I watch the show because of Damon! Now Jeremy has caught my eye too! These are some major studs! My gay fantasies have just gotten hotter! LOL Stefan is so 5 minutes ago though.

  6. Nely D says:

    O.k. soo after reading some of these comments .I have to say that I agree with most of you guys . This episode was by far one of my favorite episodes . What an amazing way to start the season. Everything about this episode was great , I do feel like the ghost thing is a lil ehh , and am hoping it develops into something good . But my all time favorite moment was definetly the the phone call .It just gave u that lil piece of hope that Stefan was still himself underneath that “ripper” thing he’s got going on . Love it ! & LOVED Elena and she encouraged him ! awww =*( this episode get a 10 out of 10 for me! = )

  7. mm says:

    When Elena and Stefan first came together, it worked for me because Stefan had reformed and given up evil, and his killing was so far in the past that it was clear that he was not going back to it. Now he has returned to being a serial killer, and it would take at least a century to put him back to the point he was at the beginning of Season 1 — even though his return to killing is to protect those he loves.

    This show can be viewed on two levels.

    First, there is from the outside looking in, in which both Stefan and Damon are damned for what they have done, and Elena is evil and twisted as well for loving Stefan after his return to his ripper ways, and for accepting Damon. (Elena’s first serious slip in terms of moral standing was when she saved Damon after he killed Lexie — that was a deed that deserved death.)

    But second is the view from within the framework set up by the series, putting ourselves in the shoes of the characters themselves. If we accept that *loyalty* to those one loves is the highest moral imperative, then Stefan has no choice in his actions; if he did other than what Klaus wanted, Klaus would have killed both Damon and Elena, and probably made a blood bath of the entire town of Mystic Falls. The fact that Stefan has not turned the switch completely, that he still understands the evil he is doing for what it is (even if only between episodes), makes it clear just how much of a living hell the life he is now living is, and how much he truly understands the gulf that now stands between him and Elena, and between him and any sort of return to a human lifestyle.

    It is very difficult to see how the writers will be able to resolve this season, and bring Stefan back to something resembling the way his life was before Klaus in any sort of believable way; it’s not as if we have a hundred years to work with here. Here’s just hoping that the story line doesn’t deteriorate in terms of the solution that they come up with being forced and less than true to the characters.

  8. robyn says:

    First off I hate they killed Andie off. I knew she was an expendable person, but as Damon told Stephen you should be glad she is here she saves me from going after what I really want. Maybe that was Stephens plan when he killed her was to have Damon and Elaine get together. Remember Klaus dont know that Elaine is alive. I was thinking maybe sense she didnt die that it will stop the curse that Klaus is trying to do on the other wolves. I cried when Stephen called Elaine and she was telling him to be strong and beleive she loved him. He couldnt say anything back or Klaus would have herd him.
    I love Ians longer hair. I think he is hot no matter what he does. He does look like has lost some weight, i just hope he isnt trying to do to much at once with the TVD and is orgination he just founded to save the animals, please he was doing some specails on the discovery channel i think. Stephen is doing all for Klaus to protect both Damon and Elaine you gotta respect and love him for that. Steve Mcqueen is hot this season and looks more and more like his gandfather every day it seems. All and all it was a good season opener.

  9. mikel says:

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  12. arta says:

    i have to say i dont know why but im reading this in like december and i gotta say in the phone call elena said i luv u…….never let that go. right? well as you all might know elena just let stefan go in the last scene of her she held damons face and said “well survive we always survive (we stands for d and e) and damon said ” im never getting him back you know that dont you?” and then elena said ” THEN WE’LL LET HIM GO, WE’LL HAVE TO LET HIM GO!!!!!” so yeah its like the most shocking moment of the vampire diaries season 3