Vampire Diaries (Awesome) Season 3 Premiere: Five Most Shocking Moments!

The Vampire Diaries‘ Season 3 premiere was Rated D…for Dayum! I’ve always been a big fan of The CW’s fangtastic (sorry) drama, but Thursday night’s hour was filled with so many jaw-dropping scenes and such all-purpose fabulousness that a suds-covered [SPOILERS AHEAD, so quit reading now if you haven’t watched yet] Damon sauntering out of his clawfoot bathtub might not even make my personal Top 10. I’m not even going to attempt to give you a minute-by-minute recap — seriously, you need to watch for yourself; it’s 60 minutes very well spent — but instead give you a countdown of the five most shocking moments from an episode filled with hardcore scares (Stefan, how could you!), major-league sexiness (Caroline, what took you so long?), and punch-in-the-gut drama (yes, I cried during the final scene):

5) Klaus and Stefan spend a full day torturing werewolf Ray Sutton (David Gallagher) for the whereabouts of his lair, only to force-feed him Klaus’ blood and snap his neck at episode’s end. | I guess our Big Bad is serious about creating an army of vampire-werewolf hybrids, but now I’m a little worried he’s got a reverse process that could put a little (wolf) hair on Stefan’s chest, too. He doesn’t right? I mean, the Stefan-Elena romance is already complicated enough.

4) Stefan casually kills a pair of Memphis co-eds. | That opening scene (“Kill this one quickly. Make that one suffer.”) was so full of menace I practically chugged my cabernet as a reflex response. Oh, and Damon’s full fledged CSI dialogue only added to the horror: “There’s a reason they call [Stefan] ‘The Ripper.’ Feeds so hard he blacks out, rips ’em apart. But when he’s done, he feels remorse. It’s the damndest thing: He puts the bodies back together.” Cue pretty, decomposing blonde head tumbling to the carpet. Yikes!

3) Caroline dances the horizontal mambo with Tyler — right before his mom guns her down with Vervain darts! | From the minute Tyler admitted that side-effects of Werewolfism included near-constant horniness, and Caroline revealed similar effects of Vampirism, you knew these two were about to put the quality of one of their headboards to the test. But dang the consummation was fast and furious — and pretty hot, too, if I’m being honest. But then as Caroline tried to do the walk of shame, Mrs. Lockwood went into vampire slayer mode, coated Caroline’s purse with Vervain, watched her son’s booty call flinch from its effects, then blasted several immobilizing darts into girlfriend’s back. I guess the woman really didn’t care for having to hear her son’s species-crossing sex through the walls of the upstairs bathroom, eh?

2) Stefan offs Damon’s newscaster girlfriend Andie! | We all kind of knew Andie was a disposable character (especially with Elena back on the market-ish), but I never thought we’d see her get dispatched by Stefan! The way he gleefully stalked her with a newsroom spotlight, compelled her to perch herself (terrified) on a ledge, then prevented Damon from saving her as she plunged to her death was a stunning and bone-chilling moment that punctuated just how far our former hero will go to alienate those he loves and protect them from Klaus.

1) THAT PHONE CALL! | You knew, I knew, and Klaus knew that deep down, Stefan was faking the joy of a cross-country killing spree. But watching him dial Elena — who knows it’s him, not Klaus, behind the trail of carnage — from an anonymous payphone, and begin to crumble as he silently listened to her words of encouragement, well, it left me shattered. Elena, take it away: “I love you, Stefan. Hold onto that. Never let that go.”

Like I said, Rated D for Dayum, right? And bonus points for whatever Steven R. McQueen did on his summer vacation, because Jeremy is looking particularly fit, eh?

What did you think of The Vampire Diaries‘ Season 3 premiere? Did I miss any of your favorite moments? Well, hit the comments and share! And for tons of scoop and spoilers on TVD’s upcoming season, follow TVLine on Twitter @TVLineNews!

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  1. Samantha says:

    I was shocked at Matts mom shooting Caroline but nothing else really. It was a good episode but nothing amazing.

  2. Corinne says:

    Was really hoping for some info on Elijah in this episode. Most enjoyable part of it was the death of Andie, who I was surprised to still see around. And is it just me or did Klaus get hotter over the summer.

  3. Lisa says:

    Me and my sister were thinking the same thing about a possible ‘reversal’ in the hybrid creation ! :)

    • Aura Lee says:

      Me too! We were talking about it and traditionally a wolf bite creates a wolf but in the lore of TVD they are born not made correct? Maybe draining the blood of a wolf would somehow change you? Who KNOWS! And yes Jeremy, damn. He doesn’t just double his hotneses over the summer he like quadruples it, every year. Bonnie is so lucky.

  4. Captain says:

    That phone call solidified it, I’m Team Stefan/Elena all the way.

    • Lou21 says:

      Me too. I’ve always been more inclined to them, but now they’re apart and broken about it, it’s more emotional.

    • silly says:

      me toooooo… I was really mad that he didn’t show up (understandably) for the birthday but the phonecall was soooooooooooooooooooooooo sad!!! Stefan & Elena forever… :)

    • Jamie says:

      Eh, I didn’t think it was all that amazing actually. It just solidified even more on Team Damon/Elena. I can’t take Stefan’s crying anymore.

    • Lynnette says:

      Same here!! Always will be! The whole ep. was awesome, but that call was amazing!! I was in tears:-(

  5. Lauri says:

    Stefan killing Andie was the best moment of the episode! I love Ripper Stefan but I have to admit the call with Elena made me tear up.

    • Stephanie says:

      I have to agree, Damon looked like a hot mess but hes still hot and wtf happend to Jermey? Their must be something growing in Atlanta for him to bulk up so much. Hes looking good. The Stefan calling Elena thing did tear me up.

  6. Amy says:

    Could someone please cut and style Damon’s hair better. It was a hot mess!

    • Lauren says:

      Seriously. It was horrible. At least Jeremy finally cut his hair though. And buffed up!
      But I looooooved the episode. Fantastic. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed it until I started watching it. I loved the ending. So good. And Caroline/Tyler were so hot. I’m so glad Andie is dead, she always bugged me. And Evil!Stefan is hot as.

    • lauren says:

      YES! damon’s hair was horrible! i found myself saying a few times ‘oh hey jeremy’ seriously he must have bulked up & the haircut mmmhmm.

    • kat says:

      Good lord, I was thinking the same thing. There is no reason for that hair.

    • Lisa London says:

      Agreed! But Alaric’s hair was way worse: I expected him to be all rugged and uncaring about his looks after the trauma of Jenna’s death and there he comes in looking like a Korean pop singer. URGH, bad bad bad.

  7. Matt says:

    This whole saving-my-brother’s-life-excuses-anything meme that the CW has going on is getting a bit old. Especially since the brother is 160 years old and a murdering vampire who should have died lang ago, anyway.

    • Daniel Gonzales says:

      It’s called a TV show, it’s ENTERTAINMENT, take your morality out of a show about vampires and werewolves.

    • silly says:

      saving your family never gets old… If you love someone it doesn’t matter what he is but what he means to you!

    • Jamie says:

      It’s not real life, get over it. Not to mention the fact that it seems Ripper Stefan is actually worse than Damon ever was, so the whole ‘murdering vampire who should have died long ago’ excuse doesn’t work. Nice try, though.

  8. Sivat says:

    Kevin Williamson sure has a thing for girls named Andie. So sad they got rid of her–she was fun!

    • Liz says:

      LOL poor Andie’s never stand a chance against “True Love”(wink,wink). Plus we all know what happens 3rd season on Kevin Williamson shows if you catch my drift ;D

      • maria says:

        Ew. Let me tell ou something – Damon and Elena are NOT Pacey and Joey, not even close! On TVD Stefan really is the better option. Thugh neither D oe S are ultimately good choices for E.

      • I Heart Damon Salvatore (and Chuck Bass) says:

        Here’s hoping! I was Team Pacey and now Team Damon. Let’s hope Damon gets the girl, just like Pacey did.

        • Vissy says:

          Cheers to that! :)

        • Jamie says:

          Agreed. I was Team Pacey as well and I’ve always been Team Damon. Both of them deserved the girl far more than Dawson and Stefan.

        • silly says:

          I was team pacey and now i’m team Stefan! And just because of this stupid delena fans who just ruin my damon fun! I can’t stand him because of his stupid fans !

          • maria says:

            Ditto. I was tem Pacey and i’m team Srefan on TVD. Dawson wasn’t a good choice because he was too self righteous and judgemental. Stefan otoh respects Elena completely, which Damon doesn’t. I never bought Damon/Elena. He looks too old for a high school girl and he’s done things she’ll never get past. No matter how dark Stefan gets, he would never force his blood on Elena and kill her brother. He’s also honest with her which Damon isn’t.

  9. Katie says:

    Poor Damon, the writers are never ever gonna let him build any meaningful relations with any girls besides Elena. They always bite the dust. Jeremy looks good now,so i was a bit disappointed that Bonnie wasn’t really featured at all in tonight’s episode. They make the cutest couple. Stefan’s phone call was heartbreaking but enough with Elena, I want to see him go all out ripper mode.

    • marissa says:

      I know what you mean about Damon not finding any meaningful relatioship with any girl other than Elena. Even though I am totally for delena, I feel as if it is neccessary for him to experience some kind deeper feelings even if just for a little bit. But if you have read the books, and I’m sorry if you haven’t cause this is kind of a spoiler, I have a sneaking suspicion that one season on this show they will start to bring in the story line of bonnie and damon, even though I would absolutely HATE it, jsut because of how big of a fan base they have.

      • Jamie says:

        Just because the books explored Bonnie and Damon (which they really didn’t even have a relationship in the book series, it was mostly her having a crush and I did not see any sort of ‘deeper feelings’ or ‘connection’ with them in the books either), it doesn’t mean the show will. The show has deviated so far from the book series and if they ever went down that route, I’d seriously be DONE with this show for good.

    • E says:

      That’s what I’m afraid of. It seems like they’ll never give Damon a relationship with anyone other than Elena, and I hate it. Every one of them he’s had so far has blown up in his face. It looked like he was really going somewhere with Rose, but then they killed her. I would love to see him find a girl that he can establish a real bond with. But, unfortunately, as soon as they bring in a new love interest for him, half the fandom will be plotting her death. I like Delena, but I want Damon to be happy more than anything. He should be able to have someone that wants him, and only him.

      • Musica1 says:

        Damon is by far the better choice for Elena (or anyone else.) Stefan is the bad guy who always pretends to be good. But he’s boring as heck. Damon is the fun-loving guy with the good heart.

        • jamie says:

          I agree with you musica1. Damons character as developed on the show is witty, sarcastic and hides a huge heart behind his anger. Let’s not forget it was Stefan who turned Damon. I too feel Stefan acts like the good guy who does bad stuff, he is far more conflicted, predictable and like milk toast. I fail to see the passion in this guy and he has a really big head!!!! That outta piss off his fans!.

    • lorna says:

      I loved the lack of Bonnie, I hope Kat Graham leaves the show, can’t stand her character.

  10. Samantha says:

    This episode wasn’t amazing or anything but this show is so constantly good it doesn’t really matter!

    • Maya says:

      I agree. It was no “The return”. Also it wasn’t very cohese, I hope the writers don’t turn TVD into the mess that is True Blood.

      • silly says:

        taht won’t happen… Vampire Diaries has excellent writers and true blood… well… doesn’t :P

        • Stacey says:

          One writer has an Academy Award, Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Emmy, the other wrote Scream. You are ridiculous.

        • Samantha says:

          You gotta give it to those writers though because all of the supporting cast isn’t really in the books so they have to put them in somehow. My biggest issue with this past season was Jesus and Kevin Alejandros awful acting. Other than that it was an okay season. But yeah, that show is pretty silly.

  11. Brad says:

    I thought it was verbane? As in verbena. I’ve never heard it referenced as vervain.

    • Angel says:

      The herb is called vervain on Vampire Diaries – vervain is considered to be any plant in the genus Verbana, I believe. It makes a great addition to teas.

    • Tarc says:

      Vervain is an herb that is available in the US (originally from Switzerland, I think), primarily in the New England states. It’s used in teas, and commercial tinctures are available. In short, it’s a real thing – though unlikely to have any vampire repelling benefits.

  12. Jennifer says:

    I loved this episode! I must say that I definitely prefer ripper Stephen to brooding Stephen! I also feel really bad for Rick but I hope he sticks around because he’s sort of the only parental figure Elena and Jeremy have left :( Great episode though!!

    • Joanne says:

      I feel like Rick acted like a big baby. He is the only adult those kids have and he ran away, they have had enough people leave them. Everything else was really good.

    • E says:

      I feel they wrote Ric very OOC in this episode. The writers just want to see Elena and Jeremy standing on their own, but, honestly, getting him out of the house is disconcerting. Alaric has acted like a parental figure since the minute he got there. Having him just walk out on Elena and Jeremy is not like him at all.

      • Dom says:

        Honestly, I thought it was very much like Alaric to be so consumed by his grief that he can’t really focus on much else. When he first appeared on TVD his entire focus was on trying to find out what happened to his wife. His interest in Jeremy didn’t start until he began to suspect he might know something about vampires (remember the old journals?). It was Jenna that changed him and allowed him to focus on something other than vampires and his missing/dead wife. In his own way, he was doing what he thought was the right thing. He doesn’t feel strong enough right now to get himself together and be the guardian/role-model those kids need so he’s leaving rather than make things worse. Besides, let’s face it, Elena has been making the big decisions for herself and trying to for everyone else for the last 2 seasons. She can handle it!

    • Jamie says:

      I definitely prefer Ripper Stefan to brooding Stefan, who is just boring, whiny and constantly crying.

  13. Ashley says:

    How is Klaus going to turn Stefan into a hybrid? Werewolves are born, not made. That’s why Klaus has to hunt down werewolves and turn them. Also we know werewolf bites kill vampires, and if you’re cured you stay a vampire. So, unless the show throws us a curveball (which happens all the time), Stefan’s staying a vampire.

    • shaun says:

      Who mentioned that it was possible?

      • Ashley says:

        Michael, in the article right up there.

        • Jeremy says:

          Maybe there’s something about Stefan that Klaus knows that even Stefan didn’t know about himself and that is the possibility of him of having the werewolf gene in him. So that may be a reason why Klaus has always had plans for Stefan. Now I know you’re gonna ask me how Stefan could have the werewolf gene…I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say that his mom had an affair with someone else who happened to be a werewolf and that person could be George Lockwood’s father. I know you’re gonna say well why hasn’t he turned into a werewolf yet because he’s killed lots of people already over the years. That’s true but he didn’t kill anyone before he died and became a vampire first so that has kept his werewolf ability from manifesting. I’m not saying that I’m right about all this…this is just all possible theory/speculation.

          • Ashley says:

            Who knows. Maybe that will be the case. Just thought it was odd of Michael to throw that out without a little more discussion. It would take a big twist for it to happen.

    • Whatever says:

      Who knew Klaus blood could heal a Were bite given to a vampire before the end of last season.
      Anything is possible on TVD.

      The lure of the “Hybrids” and what exactly they can and cannot do is something ONLY Klaus knows.
      Klaus could hold the threat of turning Stephen over him and it may or may not be possible. Only he would know…

  14. Russ says:

    Why is Bonnie always missing from episodes? She is the only character to randomly leave or be gone for a reason. Why is that? Plus Damon needs to cut his hair, and wtf Mayor Lockwood? B”tch needs to die.

    Who else thought slutty sophie was gonna die?

    • Tv fan says:

      Because, believe it or not, after two girlfriends, a boyfriend and “the hate”, Delenas still “feel” threaten that Boonie would steal Damon from Elena: This show is THAT lame!

  15. Drew says:

    Y’know, when Angel went evil and killed people, it wasn’t actually Angel, it was Angelus who was a soulless demon. Both brothers on TVD kill people and it’s actually them doing it. Their decision. So, why would anyone see either one of them as a good guy? Because they brood and feel bad about it? I don’t get the logic that they’re working with here. Shouldn’t the good guys on the show be trying to kill them both? (this sort of writing is why the show is filler fluff and not a show that I’d consider good or high quality)

    • Octavia says:

      Agreed. With all the death they’ve caused, Elena and Alaric should be trying to killing. Elena is condoning now aparently.

    • Michael says:

      There’s no good guy (except maybe Elena, who’s the most good person on the show) and there’s no bad guy. There are protagonists and antagonist — and that’s what makes any story a good story.

    • shaun says:

      Well…I think Stefan is working towards freeing the brothers and sisters of Klaus.Otherwise Klaus will just go kill Damon and maybe Elena.

    • Daniel Gonzales says:

      Seriously Drew, turn the channel then. I think its a very good show, obviously you haven’t lived through the 90’s or early 2000’s. TV has gotten way better and higher quality than it used to be. People don’t appreciate good writing or special effects. Go play with your GI Joes.

    • E says:

      You do have to take into account, though, that the Buffyverse and the TVDverse are very different. They have different mythology, and that really effects the way that the characters are shaped and how they interact with each other.

    • Dom says:

      The fact that TVD shows how vampires have both the ability to be good and evil is one of the things I love about it. It really puts into perspective that they used to be human and still have human qualities, just on an exaggerated scale. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Buffyverse and BtVS is my all-time favorite show, but I always hated how Joss made Angel’s soul seem like the only human part of him. Even Joss himself started showing a more human side of vampires with Spike. Besides, Stefan’s idea of being a “good guy” has always been to protect those he cares about by any means possible. As long as he’s with Klaus, he knows Elena, Damon and Mystic Falls are safe. He may be doing horrible things, but for the right reasons.

    • Drew says:

      Okay, The Vampire Diaries is not good writing. Sorry. It’s light and fun, but it’s not a deep and thoughtful series. It’s not like Supernatural, which actually explores folklore and mythology in ways that are intelligent and well thought out. Whether they’re killing people or not, it’s just not a top level series.

      The Vampire Diaries makes a fatal mistake in writing. They write expendable characters… people who can die without anyone caring, including the audience. They go out and kill people in horribly, brutal ways because the writers want to go dark for a while. The second they want Stefan or Damian to be good again, they just write them with doe eyes and everything is kosher. It’s bull.

      Dexter explores the mind of a serial killer. It does not make his killing into a good thing or a minor character quirk that will be overlooked in a year. Supernatural has had its share of characters go down dark paths, but they don’t make light of that or forget it later on. You could argue that they kill demons, which means they’re killing people… This is true, and that’s been touched on in the show itself. But you could also say that that was war, and things got brutal and ugly. They didn’t do it for fun. They didn’t do it lightly. It’s not something that the writers wanted us to overlook.

      Sorry. I’m not buying the show’s writing when they have the character struggle for so long to stay clean, only to have him fall of the wagon and rip a person apart… and then they have Elana telling him that it’ll be okay? SERIOUSLY?! The problem is, they have the characters bounce between good and evil without anyone seeming to care. Stefan is bad this week, but are they going to try to kill him for the horrible murders that he’s committing? No. Elana stands by her man.

      It’s messed up. There’s no weight to the way they’re writing it. There’s no exploration of the darkness… it’s being handled like his murdering people is a small bump in the road to Elana’s happiness. She just discovered the trail of bodies in Stefan’s wake and she’s cool with that?

    • Kate says:

      When Angel became Angelus and killed people it was because he had that perfect moment of happiness and lost his soul. Angel’s curse (and gift) was that he had a soul. I’m pretty sure both Damon and Stefan are without souls. I remember Stefan saying this to Elena in Season 1 I think. He mentioned something about “you don’t deserve to be with someone without a soul.” So I guess you could say they can’t fully be called bad guys if they have nothing holding them back. However, as much as I love Stefan and Elena together, I do have to admit that before when Damon was crazy evil, he did stop for Elena and Stefan. Stefan is not stopping for either of them. Yes, I know Damon made her drink his blood, but that was because he loved her so much that he didn’t want her to leave him.

    • janie says:

      i disagree with you… Angelus was Angel.. he was just angel without a soul….

      Well in that respect, you know how in the TVD they talka bout “turning it off” where the vampires can turn off their feelings and go totally evil? I think essentially that is the same as what happened to angel.. the difference is TVD vampires hve the choice, where Angel was cursed where only if he found true bliss that would happen to him.

  16. Emilee says:

    I have to say the Season 3 premiere was amazing. So many good moments.
    Glad to see the end of Andie (I was actually surprised to see her back).
    Totally loved the Tyler and Caroline moments. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of them this season.
    Was pretty shocked about the end. Definitely one of those jaw-dropping moments. Can’t wait to see what Tyler has to say about his mother turning wannabe vampire slayer. I personally think she should be the next one to go.
    The moment with Stefan and Elena was pretty teary despite the fact I’m Team Delena all the way.
    Have to agree with everyone who says Damon needs a haircut and Jeremy got hotter over the break.
    Cannot wait until next week. :D

  17. Michael says:

    I’m so glad TVD is back on my TV!!! I always wonder if I’m deluding myself during the summer, thinking TVD is better than TB — but then the premiere comes and it’s just as good as ever. And they could have made this disastrous. Obviously, not a fast-paced, crazy episode (like season 2’s penultimate) but even when it’s just people talking for an hour, it’s still great (not that that’s what we got with this hour). The best thing about TVD is they never reset; it’s always just moving forward. Stefan killing Damon’s girlfriend: done. Alaric moving out. Done. Caroline and Tyler? Boom. (Also, as an added bonus, I’m glad they’re not color correcting the video into that awful yellow hue they usually do. *And* Paul Wesley is fantastic at crying.)

    • Dom says:

      This is the first summer I’ve really watched TB in real-time (I spent May-June watching from the beginning) and I was a little afraid TVD just wouldn’t be shocking enough anymore. You’re right though. In some ways, it is better, and even without all the excitement we became accustomed to at the end of season 2, it was still great. I agree with the reset thing too. They never take things back or try to explain it away, it just is what it is and they move on.

  18. LoveBug says:

    Did I miss something? When did Matt and Caroline’s mother become all on board with the idea that she is a vampire? I was so confused. I thought she compelled him – but he had Vervain so it didn’t work, but she didn’t know that. Did they ever show him coming to grips with it?

    Poor Caroline- the punching torture bag of Mystic FAlls. Lucky she got some hot sex first!

    I downloaded Ron Pope’s “A Drop in the Ocean” the montage song…so good! I’m going to put it on repeat!

    • shaun says:

      Did you not see the finale?Matts mom is not in town(played by Melinda Clarke I believe).

      • E says:

        She’s talking about Matt and Liz. They weren’t accepting of Caroline being a vampire. Although, in the finale it seemed like Liz was coming around to the idea. LoveBug does raise a good question, how did Matt come to terms with that?

    • Kate says:

      I don’t think they ever showed him coming to grips with it. I think they just want us to assume that over the summer he thought about it. I remember him helping them track down Tyler, so he clearly still cared for Caroline even though he knew she was a vampire.

  19. E says:

    I was so afraid at the end there that Elena was gonna miss Stefan’s call. Heartbreaking scene.
    And am I the only one who is upset that Stefan killed Andie? Why can’t Damon just ever have a girlfriend without them leaving/dying?

    • Pash says:

      All of Damon’s girlfriends die because they are just cannon fodder. Obstacles to get in the way of the inevitable Damon/Elena awesomeness that I’m sure will be here this season.

    • silly says:

      he killed her to save damon… otherwise klaus would have killed damon! Stefan just wants to save his brother (and elena) and that is the price he has to pay!

  20. M says:

    Tyler and Caroline <3 Perfectly developed! Can't wait to see what happens with them! :)

  21. Bad Wolf says:

    Your shocking moments list is accurate. But my FAVE moment was Damon giving Elena the birthday present. Very sweet. BTW, I have no sympathy at all for Stefan. None, zero, zip, nada. Unfair, I know but there it is.

    • Jamie says:

      That was my favorite scene as well! And yeah, I don’t have any sympathy for Stefan either. I do love seeing him in Ripper mode, though. He’s infinitely more interesting as a character.

  22. DJ says:

    I loved the premiere of TVD tonight but what was with the commercials every 5 minutes of show.

  23. mandy says:

    Awesome Episode….. How much hotness can one show have though! I mean so many guys to choose from! And yes Jeremy was looking extra good this year!

  24. qeeee says:

    Although im loving RIPPER STEFAN, The Phone Call was amazing. I admit i cried.
    and when Stefan killed Andie. I was like Damon thats what you get for killing off LEXIE.


  25. michelle says:

    I completely agree with you! I was a Pacey and Joey fan, but Damon and Elena are not the same.

  26. michelle says:

    Omg your comment is spot on! I wasn’t thinking but your right, its kind of pay back for killing Lexie! And Stefan and Elena’s phone call… Wasn’t thinking we would get that moment tonight, but I was happy we did!

  27. Melody says:

    It was a great way to start a fun season! I loved every minute of it, except when Alaric moved out. I thought he should just move upstairs, but I understood why. Stephan’s gone darkside and I think it works for him. I liked Stephan before, but there is just something about bad boys…hmmm. Damon looks as good as ever, actually better because I liked the longer hair. Elena got slightly annoying up to the phone call at the end. The big WTF moment for me was Mrs. Lockwood shooting Caroline…WOAH!! I figured she’d find out about everybody sooner or later, but this was way sooner than expected.

    • Jay says:

      I agree about Damon’s hair! I love it long on him. (yes, i’m a woman, despite the name you see!) I’m getting so sick of all the short hair these men wear. Cut down to nothing. Someday when they start losing hair, they’re going to wish they had long hair. I think Damon is the most gorgeous man i’ve ever seen. God, he’s sexy (even tho i’m old enough to be his mother!! lol It was a great episode. Even tho i’m 52 & this is pretty young people, it still is pretty much written intelligently & not at all teen-oriented totally. I missed Moonlight when they canceled it (why i’ll never understand, guess we can’t have adult vamps!) But anyhow, i think TVD is one of the best shows on & i can’t wait to see how it pans out this year.

  28. Corinne says:

    Great Episode of TVD! Though I was really sad to see Stefan kill Andie…I did like her character. The Caroline/Tyler action was awesome and damn didn’t see Mrs. Lockwood coming on that one!

    But wow that phone call at the end….oh Team Stelena All the way!
    That was heartbreaking to watch, they are still awesome together, and I loved the glimpse of the Stefan I love….

    Keep it coming TVD!

  29. em says:

    Even I felt my eyes water at Stefan’s call, and I’m a Delena fan. The Forwood sex was awesome, and Caroline crumbling to the ground afterwards was a real surprise. IMO, Andie’s death was one of the best on TVD just because Ripper Stefan (remorseful or not) is pretty cool to watch.

  30. ryan says:

    Honestly it seemed like a completely different show the first 45 minutes….it was missing the old spark.

    UNTIL…the phone call. that was the best part. and tyler’s mom shooting caroline.

    Stefan is going to go really dark, i am not sure if i will like the show anymore sad to say.

    i miss catherine too!

  31. Tia says:

    Stefans phone call had me bawling. Jeremy is looking hotter than ever. Alaric looks amazing with the scruff. Stefan’s face during the phone call was adorable.

  32. Smurftibo says:

    I thought the episode was prediactable from beginning to the end. Especially Stefan killing Andie and a schmopy S/E scene. Ripper Stefan is lame as hell, yet he gets four mentions in this? Wow.

    • Jamie says:

      OMG, the cheesy SE scene was so predictable. I saw it coming before it even happened and couldn’t help rolling my eyes. I just can’t take Stefan’s crying anymore.

  33. Reward says:

    Carol Lookwood;: YOU MUST DIE!
    Poor Caroline. Why, in every season premiere, something must happen to her?

  34. Reward says:

    And i want Katherine back! :'(
    I miss her!

  35. Reward says:

    *comes back. Sorry!

  36. Amalie says:

    i so want stefan and elena to be together always that phone call made me burst into tears it was so sad stefan has to come back soon or i will die!!

  37. dsfasdf says:

    i thoght the episode was kinda borinb!

  38. Ray says:

    Stephan has hit the point of no return. No way can he be a nice guy anymore no matter what happens. Go Damon and Elena! Caroline is the hottest gal on the program.

    • shaun says:

      He was never a perfect guy,he’s done this stuff before.But now he kinda can’t leave until he beats Klaus or finds someone who can help.

    • Jamie says:

      Totally agreed on Damon and Elena. They are 1000x better than boring Stefan and Elena.

      • Jay says:

        Is it true that i heard in real life Ian & Nina are a couple? They’re both such good looking young people! It must be hard to play Stefan’s GF if it is true! I don’t know how Nina can keep her eyes off Ian if it’s true! lol Even tho Paul is a good looking man too, but there’s something about Ian’s eyes…..what a gorgeous man!!

    • AD says:

      Damon has already hit the point of no return, though. He sexually assaulted Elena and then murdered her brother right in front of her eyes to punish her. That’s infinitely more cruel.

  39. Shannika says:

    Even just thinking of that phone call between Elena and Stefan, makes me cry. I love Damon but that scene made me love Stefan/Elena even more. And jeremy, looking gud <3

  40. Chris says:

    A-MA-ZING!! I had just said toca friend “eh” not that excited about Vampire Diaries, and they definiately reeled me back in.

  41. jazz says:

    I miss Bonnie sorely in this episode. This episode was mediocre minus Stephan and Klaus.

  42. Scorpo says:

    A very welcome return to the BEST show on network TV!

  43. Will says:

    I really enjoyed Andie and Damon’s “relationship”. I was sad she got killed off. Although we didn’t see what happened to her body. Maybe Stefan gave her some vampire blood before he made her kill herself?

  44. Rebecca says:

    Can someone refresh my memory, how did Tyler’s mom find out about Caroline? And does she know about all of the vampires in Mystic Falls? I remember her, I think it was the first season, being all hot and bothered over Damon, so does she now know he’s a vamp too? Or is it just Caroline? And does she know Tyler is a werewolf? I am assuming that she found out in last season’s finale, but I can’t remember for sure. Thanks!

  45. NeverEnding says:

    Thank god for the interweb ’cause I don’t think I could have waited for IT2 to catch up with the US.
    The episode was crazy awesome and I am thoroughly satisfied and trembling with excitement for the next episode. Is it just me or does Klaus have a slight lisp?
    Damon needs to find his true love because it just kills me watching him pine after Elena and I sometimes feel she takes advantage of Damon’s willingness to do whatever the hell she asks, even if it appears she has no idea she’s doing.
    I’m a bit of a control freak and it creeps me out to think of Elena swapping to Damon, I truly believe that Stefan and Elena are meant to be.
    Damon needs someone who’s as badass as him.

  46. Lori says:

    Loved everything (esp the Forwood sex wow) except Elena leading Damon on, she needs to wake up and realise what she’s doing, as if Damon isn’t screwed up enough lol

  47. Mikey says:

    Was I the only one who was a bit put-off by all the drinking going on at Elena’s 18th birthday party?? With the exception of Alaric, none of the other human cast is 21, therefore no one should have been drinking (or smoking pot!) Considering the demographics for this show, it was extremely irresponsible of the writers to include drinking (and we’re not talking beer…it was hard liquor).
    Other than that, I loved the show and so glad to see it back on the air w/the new season!

    • AT says:

      I didn’t like it either. Or the drugs.

    • KatyB says:

      It may not set a good example but it is pretty true to teen life unfortunately. Plus they already had Jeremy doing drugs in the first season so that was no surprise.

    • Drew says:

      The drinking, the drugs, Stefan killing people horribly, Damon compelling a woman to be his sex slave for a year before Stefan finally killed her… Yeah, they’re not trying to set any sort of good example.

  48. AT says:

    It was a decent episode. A little underwhelming, but certainly it had great moments. I’m not a huge fan of the Jeremy and Matt doing drugs or the quick Tyler/Caroline hook up. I prefer build up. The drug thing reminds me of what LJ Smith said her worst nightmare was: her characters doing drugs. Jeremy, a made up character is one thing. But Matt? He’s such a stand up, solid guy in the books and in the series so far. So I don’t like this creative choice. I also felt the whole party set up was kind of irresponsible on the writers’ part. That said, I enjoyed Damon and Alaric in the episode. I love them as a team. They should work with them together more often. Klaus and Stefan were interesting. I liked the final phone scene, though I thought Elena was a tad too whiny with Damon on the whole “secrets” issue. But overall a good episode. But not amazing. And please, no immature responses to me about why my opinion is stupid for not enjoying every aspect of the new episode. I’ve already seen that directed toward other posters and I think that’s entitled, immature behavior.

  49. KatyB says:

    Jeremy and Klaus looking way hotter after the summer break.
    Damon needs his hair cut, but still the hottest!
    Loved the Tyler-Caroline hook-up. Matt’s whining is getting on my nerves, I liked him better before he knew.
    I’m hoping Jeremy will see Aunt Jenna and relay messages to Alaric, whom we love and want to stay a major part of the team.

  50. Kyle says:

    I loved the moment in the TV studio when Damon said, “Stefan.” And Stefan replied, “Hello Brother.” Just like in episode 1, but a role reversal! Fantastic!

    • Danielle H. says:

      Wow, good catch! Great episode, can tell this is going to be a stellar season. The writing is awesome.
      Caroline and Tyler were beyond hot!
      I just wish Elena would move on from Stefan and go to Damon!!
      Not really loving the ghost storyline though; hope it plays out to something decently interesting..