Glee in Season 3: Who Should Brittany Date?

Season 2 of Glee brought a lot of romantic turmoil for Brittany S. Pierce (Heather Morris). There was a relationship with Artie that abruptly ended when he called her “stupid” (plus his subsequent efforts to win her back). There was an ongoing dalliance with Santana that was left with an ambiguous, friendship-affirming encounter at their lockers. And heading into Season 3, it seems like anything is possible for the dimly hilarious cheerleader that pretty much everyone adores.

Take our poll below to tell us who should be the object of Brittany’s affection in the new season, then hit the comments to justify your vote and/or suggest additional possibilities. And for all my Glee recaps and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. frenchkiss says:

    Santana for Brittany… Only choice!

  2. Kate says:

    Santana, of course.

  3. Bully Whip says:

    As an official deputized member of the Bully Whips I feel it is my duty to break it down for all of you. Lets compare the two main options shall we? Santana first: They’ve been lovers for a while now, and best friends even longer. They love each other more than anyone else in their lives, and are in love with each other. Brittany is so open to love she doesn’t care about gender, but Santana has issues with being a lesbian. It’s scary for her to admit it even to herself, but she does because Brittany asks her to tell her how she feels. Brittany is the only person Santana is never mean to, and for San that’s a big deal. All I need to say on this subject is “Songbird”. Did you watch that? If you did and really paid attention you’d never ship anyone with Brittany other than Santana cause no one loves that girl like Santana does.
    Now onto Artie: Their relationship started on a lie. She told him she was “into him” even though they’ve never spoken to each other, and she was trying to make Santana jealous. He was still in love with Tina and yet gave her his virginity then turned around and blamed her for “stealing” it from him. Yes he was wronged by Brittany cheating on him, and I felt bad for him for about 10 seconds until he called her stupid. Calling Brittany stupid is the lowest blow to her. That would be like Brittany telling Artie she can’t be with him since he can’t walk and she’s tired of pushing him around the school. Using his handicap against him is the same as using her learning disability against her. See how horrible what he said is now? And last but not least Brittany isn’t as dumb as everyone seems to think. She says some of the most insightful things on the show so she knows she was cheating on him. Why would you want Artie to be with someone who’s obviously in love with someone else? Don’t you want better for him than that? Okay people there you go. Ponder on those things for a while before you say Santana doesn’t deserve Brittany again.

  4. Zee says:

    Brittany should date them alllllllll!
    And then end up with Santana.

  5. BrittanaIsLove says:

    Santana of course, they are soulmates and they love each other.

  6. Md says:

    SANTANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only.
    Brittana brittana brittana~

  7. Brittana says:

    I wonder if anyone of those people saying ‘I don’t understand why Brittany should be with Santana/Santana doesn’t deserve Brittany’ ever watched Glee. From the first time they appeared om screen they have been a two-shot. Santana has been the only one who never treated Brittany as if she was stupid (like Artie did, as well as it seems like he more or less treats her like a child at times). Santana always took her seriously and loved everything about her. Santana is a bitch to everyome except Brittany. She opens up to her and lets her in. She only ever said that she doesn’t want a relationship with Brittany because she’s scared. And please, who wouldn’t be. She’s the respected head-bitch in high school and all of a sudden she has to struggle with being different, coming out, facing criticism and being bullied. That’s a big step. But through all this time she struggled with it and continued FOR Brittany. She’s overcome her fears to tell her ‘I love you’ which has probably been one of the most sincere speeches/love declarments on Glee. And Brittany loves her back, because if she didn’t she’d not bother with it, she’d NOT say ‘I love you more than anything’ back. The conversation and eye-talking during ‘so you two are (…) soulmates so to speak?’, shows that neither is happy with the sitiation but neither knows how to handle it. But, they are soulmates.
    Bartie might be cute.
    But These little moments, touches, background loving from the very beginning, the likewise understanding of each other’s personalities and the love for each other and the will to fight – this is what makes it differ from any cute relationship. It goes deeper, is more sincere. They deserve each other when they finally overcome theire struggles. THIS is why I think Brittana should end up together.

  8. Artie Abrams says:

    Santana should be with Brittany because they are obviously in love with each other and Brittany only got with me to make her jealous anyway and it worked so now i think its a good time to stop being Brittany’s bread i already feel like Finn having lost my virginity to a lesbian

  9. Cat says:

    Def SANTANA!!!!! after watching the ‘hurt locker’ scene, ahh I can’t even..

  10. Mimy says:

    I love both Brittana and Bartie…I don’t think Santana loves Brittany more than Artie or viceversa…i don’t knooooow. Maybe the unicorn.

  11. Jess says:

    I like Brittany. She’s hilarious, but I’m okay with her going back to being just a background character without any major storyline. I really like Artie too, but not with Brittany. But if I had to choose between her dating Santana or Artie, I’d have to say Artie only because I just love Santana so much and really want her to shine this season. I think Naya Rivera is the most underrated actor on the show and should be paired up with someone who can keep up with her. The chemistry between Santana and Brittany is undeniable and really incomparable to any other couple, and Brittana has potential to be great, and maybe it’s my growing dislike for Heather Morris, but I don’t think brittana (as we’ve seen it) is good enough for Naya Rivera.

  12. Anna says:

    Maybe we can lay off with the “Brittana is endgame” reasoning and the soul mate card? We’re starting to sound like the FInchel shippers, guys. And I think that’s the reason why people are getting pissed at us right now. I think, instead of typing down long replies that won’t be of any help to winning this poll at all, we should just keeping ticking that little circle next to Santana’s name, vote, refresh the page, and do it all over again.

  13. Cami says:

    Wait a minute… Puck is single??? :O then I want my Quick back!!!! come on!!!!!!!!!!! give me my Quick back RIB!!!!!!

    About the poll… Brittana FTW!!!

  14. Kia says:

    Do I even have to answer…..Santana. Why is this even a question? Why does this poll even exist? I think this poll was made to make the Glee fandom look crazy while we all argue over the characters we ship. And by the comments listed on here they have accomplished their goal.

  15. Volcfom says:

    Didn’t Brittany forgive Artie in the prom episode? They had their picture taken together and I assumed it was a nonchalant way of saying that they were back together. I’m guessing I’m wrong because no one seems to think this way too, but it’s what I’m hoping for.

    • Lauren says:

      I took it as their way of saying Brittany forgave Artie for calling her stupid and they’re on friendship grounds. They would have showed them kiss if that was what they wanted people to think. I’m hoping for Tina & Artie. Have a feeling they’re gonna make a comeback. If not early in the season then definitely later on.

      Also, Santana for Brittany of course.

  16. Lord Tubbington says:

    Meow, Santana shares her smokes with me. I like her. Brittany should date her so I can get my smokes again. Meow.

  17. megslin says:

    Let’s be honest people. Both artie and santana are bad choices for brittany…because it’s high school. argue all you want, “no santana only used her as a FRIEND…she totally is different in couple/shes just SCARED.” man how many times have I said that about a guy I really wanted my friends to like?

    Or with artie, “oh he didnt MEAN to call her stupid, he totally was just upset and wanted to push her trigger.” again, way to gloss over the facts.

    Bottom line is…it’s high school. Kids experiment by dating within their own gender, or outside of it, by dating outside of their circle of friends, by dating IN their own circle of friends. It’s a wonderful time. But, at least in my experience, very very few people, no matter how cute they “could be” together, end up as “soulmates…” I

    realize this is just a tv show, but since most of you seem to only want to use realism as a defense for your own opinions….

    Bottom line though, I think both girls are just sexually curious, and while I prefer artie, I don’t really think in the “real world” brittany, who is probably going to be sticking around high school a year or two longer than artie, will end up together either.

    Sorry to burst multiple bubbles.

  18. PT999 says:

    Santana, no doubt. Brittany and Santana belong together, end of story. Artie only lets Brittany become even dumber, and not in a good way. The only one that Brittany is perfect for is Santana. Brittany is also the only one that Santana is not paranoid with. No other Brittany or Santana ship is more perfect that Brittany and Santana, and most of the fanbase knows it!

  19. Lord_Tubbs says:

    Brittana! they are end game.

  20. Brittana is endgame. They are soulmates.. Ain’t no doubt about it.
    But I don’t understand some of the comments on Naya Rivera or Heather Morris.. Naya Rivera is one of the biggest supporters of Brittana and it makes me smile knowing that. But I think that they are definitely going to explore Santana’s sexuality and for a while she’s going to be with someone else. But that’s only while she truly comes to terms with herself. And yeah, Heather Morris has said a few things about Bartie, but she’s also supported Brittana, especially in a recent interview.
    People argue about how Santana doesn’t deserve Brittany. And I don’t see it. They deserve each other so equally. Santana is as sweet as she can possibly be when she’s with Brittany. And Brittany shows how smart she truly is whenever she’s with Santana. They complement each other in so many ways.
    I could never see Barfie, sorry, hand slipped, Bartie as anything but a mistake. He treats her like she’s five. And then the whole magic comb thing and calling her stupid.. Ugh.. Brittany and Santana have both admitted that they LOVE each other and I don’t think the Great on Tour Brittana Stage Kiss would have ever happened if there wasn’t some hint in that.

  21. Ella says:

    I just wanna start with saying I’m a huge fan of Naya And Hemo.
    And ofcourse I would like Santana and brittany to hook up, I think they make the best scenes toegether, Cause Brittany can act only next to Santana, I don’t know why, But only in those scenes she shines!
    But As much as I know, RM is a man of surprises, and nothing is really logic in Glee haha, so probably we won’t see them toegether.
    My only hope, that santanas New girl will be Good to her, she really desereves it!

  22. Channen says:

    Youd be Blind if you dont see the Love in Brittana !!!

  23. gabylm says:

    Brittana FTW. I don’t like Bartie because Artie called Brittany stupid,he could call her a whore and I think it’d be better. He called her the worst thing he could ever say to her, something she knows she is, and she hates that about herself. It was humiliating, he, as her boyfriend, was suppose to treat her the best. Santana, on the other hand, would never call her stupid! Ok, she manipulated her, but because she was afraid of what people would say about them together. She didn’t wanna face what she is, she loves Brittany. Again, Brittana FTW

  24. Pyscho says:

    All these comments are useless because they are not going to influence the writers. Do I want Brittana? No. Do I want Bartie? No. I want both girls happy and satisfied. HeMo has said so far Brittany wants Artie and there might something with Rory..get real. Why would they say this if it wasnt a possibility? Whatever happens..this is a fictional show.

  25. Nick says:

    Even though it isn’t politically correct, or whatever, enough of the Brittany/Santana thing. There is enough of an emphasis on gay relationships on this show without adding more.

    • Gongo says:

      Have you seen any picture of them together?
      Heather was trolling, she is obviously not going back with Artie

    • Gongo says:

      This wasn’t for you, sorry…
      But still, many people want Brittany and Santana together

    • Whatthebuckisgoingon? says:

      Thats so stupid…”Enough of an emphasis” There arent that many gay characters to begin with (3) out of how many? I really hope people just get over it.

  26. Claire Villacanas says:

    i want BARTIE back…. well, Heather Morris has stated that in the beginning of Season 3 Brittany wants Artie back.

  27. C says:

    This is so stupid. Obviously santana, but I am so sick and tired of everyone going on and on about how brittana and klaine is helping thousands and thousands of people. This is why the show was so bad in season 2. They started taking it too serious, and so did the fans. There are other gay characters on tv. Brittany, Santana, Kurt, and Blaine are not doing anything special. Stop pretending that they are and just enjoy the show. This is why I dislike pretty much every ship on the show, But especially brittana. They were as random as Bartie. Stop trying to make it something it is not.

    • Gongo says:

      Well, Brittana storyline REALLY has helped a lot of young girls, most of lesbian, bisexual or confused girls, think that they have a problem, well, it’s not normal, and maybe it is, but most of them DO have feelings fot their very best friend, and it’s the thing that make them live in their little fort, hidden behind their walls; they truly FEEL like Santana, they are in love of their best friend, but are afraid of what people will say about them, and if the other girl will feel the same way.
      Personally, I think that they HAVE helped a lot of girls, so… think better before make those kind of comments

    • jooop says:

      Not only is Brittana (and Klaine) vital as rolemodels for young bi/lesbian/gays, but a lot of people don’t realize the importance of LGBTQ visability in the media. Just from them BEING there together is actually helping people become more accustomed to seeing gay people and become more open to it. This is the way to working towards equality…. visibilty.

  28. Gongo says:

    Have you seen any picture of them together?
    Heather was trolling, she is obviously not going back with Artie, it’s more probably that she will go with that Rory guy before Artie, but I’d rather see her alone

  29. swirly squirrels says:

    She should be with Santana. To all those hating on Santana and saying she’s not good enough, I want to clear up some things.

    Too all those who are angry about Santana saying Brittany was gullible:

    Santana saying that she thinks Brittany is gullible just shows how highly she thinks of her.
    She sees her as an innocent soul with an open heart and a trusting nature. The blonde isn’t stupid, backwards or slow, she is simply too trusting. I think that in her eyes she has manipulated Brittany several times. But there’s always two sides to every story and when it comes to their relationship I honestly do see Brittany as a willing participant and active agent rather than a doormat. The blonde gladly accepted and allowed the “manipulation” because it was something she wanted just as much.

    And if we are to be perfectly honest I think Brittany is actually a lot better at manipulating Santana than the other way around. Still Santana is insecure enough to not trust that Brittany wants her as much as she does and therefore assumed that it was her words that are the reason why Brittany found her way back into her bed. Meaning Brittany comes across as gullible to her.

    Too all those who say Santana was manipulating Brittany:

    It’s only manipulation if the other person is unaware of it. But, Brittany is totally aware that what she was doing with Santana was cheating. After Santana finished singing Songbird Brittany says ““Why can’t you sing that to me in front of everyone? Now that Artie and I aren’t together.”

    she understood that the kind of relationship she wants with Santana and that Santana wants with her could never work while she was still with Artie. She knew that what they had went beyond talking with their tongues super close. Because if she understands that that kind of song can only be sung when they were in an actual relationship, then she also understands they were cheating. If not Santana could just as well have sung that song to her while she was with Artie, but no, she herself makes the distinction.

    I know this is really long but these are EXTREMELY valid reasons to show that Santana isn’t always the bad guy. Yes everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but I think Santana inadvertently comes across as the bad guy because she’s got a bitchy temperament with everyone else – that doesn’t mean it’s that way with Brittany. It takes to to tango, and I don’t think brittany is as dumb as she comes across. She’s Santana smart. ;)


  30. C says:

    Haha, and you just proved my point gongo. Taking it way too seriously. I don’t understand why people don’t understand that this is why so many people hate glee. It has gotten way over the top with the preaching of it all. OMG, gay bullying is not ok, but every other kind is ok. I am a B word because I am gay, I am a bully because I am gay, I am picked on because I am gay, or I torture people because Ugh, it is so annoying. It is not changing the world people.

    • Gongo says:

      For me, Brittana is the best in the show, I actually don’t care about any other couple, just them, but I agree with you in one thing, people is taking this too seriously, but just that, I think that your comment is ofensive in some kind of way

    • jooop says:

      Brittana is not only a preachy lesson, they are an adorable, fun, hot preachy lesson. Whether it’s changing the world or not, it sure is fun to watch.

  31. Britanna4life says:

    Team bartie? Artie is a jerk to his girlfriends, Santana is sweet to Britt, she really loves her. And yes, brittany and Santana are soulmates, even those little things that not many people notice, like the fact that they have matching phones or backpacks. Santana is finding herself, and i understand it if the writters want her to do that by herself but i hope , gosh, i pray, that we will have some brittana in the end. They are supper sweet as besties, but they would be freaking adorale as a couple. I mean they cant create something as big as britanna like they did on season 3 and then simply not explore it a bit more. So im 101% team britanna , im not even a lesbian lol i just think their sweet and adorable

  32. Love says:

    Brittany and Santana are meant for each other. Period.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I don’t curr about the negative things you say about Santana.. I still love and ship Brittana till the end..

  34. katherine says:

    It got to be Santana. Brittany already dated Artie, and I didn’t see any chemistry at all, they are better as friends.
    Brittany makes Santana a better person and is one of those relationships that need to happen, we still dont know if they are going to be soul mates because we haven’t seen them involve as lovers, but I think Brittany would be the perfect person to be with Santana, it would be her first serious relationship (a meaningful). Maybe after a while they can start dating some other people, but I think the writers need to finish what they started.

  35. Ribbitt says:

    Definitely Rory, she thinks he’s magic… period.

  36. E.R. says:

    The Unicorn.

  37. Fused says:

    As much as I want Santana to get her, I don’t think they’re endgame. I sensed that Brittany is still not sure what her sexuality really is. Sure, she loves Santana more than everyone else, but that doesn’t mean they could be together. There is still a lot of confusion in Brittany’s case, in my opinion. I think that Brittany was just a device for Santana to realize that she’s a lesbian. It’s high school after all. Right now, Santana’s still longing for Brittany but I bet that’ll change. Something might happen that will make her realize that Brittany and her could never be more than just best friends. I don’t know. I hope I’m wrong though.

  38. amber says:

    if Santana and Brittany have confessed their love for each other why does this question exist? Brittana is meant to be. In a relationship your girlfriend/boyfriend is supposed to be your best friend and they have that. Plus their cute looks, understanding, and support for each other makes them. They definitely have the best chemistry out of any couple. To me Bartie was just awkward.

  39. yang says:

    I love Artie and Brittany team up.They just seemed the PERFECT couple :)

  40. KayleeAnn says:

    Brittany and Artie. I know Santana and Brit are a sweet couple, and they have a deep emotional thing, but come ON people. Santana CONSTANTLY used her, even when Puck was in juvy, she said how she just needed something to makeout with. I know she cried all the time and said how much she loved Brittany, but remember how Brit said to Artie “you were the only person in this school who never called me that”? Santana goes to that school too guys. Artitney all the way. I miss them together so much.

    • =) says:

      I understand that Artie had all the rights to yell at Britt when he found out Britt was cheating on him the whole time. But the biggest problem I have with Bartie is how he had always treated Brittany like a toddler. Come on, magic comb? That was bull crap. Also, he told everyone in glee club that the only reason that Brittany was invited to join the Brainiacs was because that she was the only one who was willing to join. So he may not said that Brittany was stupid before that locker scene but he sure thought Brittany was stupid.

      I think there are 2 ways to think about Brittany’s declaration: 1. Santana may be Britt’s exception, she’s not just anyone at the school, she’s her best friend. So when Britt said to Artie “you are the only one in this school who has never called me stupid”, Britt might not even counted Santana in this statement. 2. If Santana ever called Britt stupid, I am quite she she never meant it because Santana has openly expressed how she felt about Britt multiple times (e.g. special, smart, a genius, and a unicorn). On the other hand, Artie never used such terms to describe Brittany. I think what Artie had for Brittany was very superficial.

      Also the whole “puck in juvie and she’s a lizard” speech was made by Santana because Santana was having a hardcore gay panic. She literally ran away from Brittany’s bedroom after Brittany asked Santana to sing a love song with her in public. What Santana said was horrible but I understand where she was coming from. Coming out might bring devastating consequences to both of them(e.g. get bullied daily, get kicked out from her own home, etc.). However, Santana’s character evolved a lot throughout the seasons, she evolved from having this self-loathing homophobia to being able to confess her love for her best friend and to being able to admit her own sexuality (lebanese shirt) to finally being able to not freak out when Quinn implied Santana’s sexuality and when Mercedes hinted Santana’s attraction to Brittany. I think when Santana becomes comfortable enough with her sexuality, she would make a great girlfriend.

  41. heather says:

    “You were the only person in this school who never called me that” ..I might be mistaken, but I think Santana goes to that school? Stop hating on Artie, he was mad, not even at Brittany but at santana, she just cheated on him, cut him some slack

  42. Jackie says:

    Artie: “God, Brittany, why are you so stupid?”; the whole magic comb crap;

    Santana: “Leave Brittany alone (Santana defended Brittany when Kurt was accusing Brittany)””When did you get so smart (S02E22)?” “The campaign is brilliant. If he doesn’t get it, then he doesn’t deserve to have you as his campaign manager. There’s no one like you. You’re a genius Brittany; you are the unicorn (S03E02).” In the “Asian F” episode, Santana was again standing up for Britt when Mercedes was mocking Britt for running for senior class president.

    Still having trouble to know which to ship?

  43. Allie says:

    Soooo I would like to state that it’s santana. I’m gay and I know how hard it is to first come out about loving your best friend. Santana loves Brittany and it’s funny because in one episode artie states “god Brittany why are you so stupid.” and santana at the end of the saeson goes “since when did you get so smart.” clearly shows that santana sees inside Brittany and understands her. Yes Brit and artie were cute but you can obviously see Brittany second guesses her self all the time with santana. So britana needs a chance. Because it’s best to take a chance rather then second guessing yourself about something. And now that Brit is single she can work on her relationship with santana.

  44. Beth says:

    I don’t like santana. Artie and Brit made the best couple ever!

  45. Eb says:

    Britany and Artie please get back together!!