Glee in Season 3: Who Should Brittany Date?

Season 2 of Glee brought a lot of romantic turmoil for Brittany S. Pierce (Heather Morris). There was a relationship with Artie that abruptly ended when he called her “stupid” (plus his subsequent efforts to win her back). There was an ongoing dalliance with Santana that was left with an ambiguous, friendship-affirming encounter at their lockers. And heading into Season 3, it seems like anything is possible for the dimly hilarious cheerleader that pretty much everyone adores.

Take our poll below to tell us who should be the object of Brittany’s affection in the new season, then hit the comments to justify your vote and/or suggest additional possibilities. And for all my Glee recaps and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Rainy says:

    Obviously Santana. There is legit no other option.

    • Talea says:

      seriously.. why does this even exist?

      • Charlie says:

        I know right? Such a pointless poll considering there is obviously only one way in which Brittany can go (assuming one season can flow into another with continuity)….oh wait this is Glee….I guess the answer would obviously be Puck duh! /sarcasm – of course it’s god damn Santana, obvious plot is obvious.

  2. MC says:

    Santana. If for no other reason that Naya Rivera is a good enough actress to keep the series typically shoddy writing afloat in these sort of scenes. Putting Kevin McHale (a terrible actor) and Heather Morris (average at best as an actress, much more valuable as a dancer/comic relief) into romantic scenes is a recipe for disaster.

    • vale says:

      ‘santana, If for no other reason that Naya Rivera is a good enough actress to keep the series typically shoddy writing afloat in these sort of scenes” best saying ever, heather is a weak actress she is just not worse than dianna agron, because seriously nobody can be worse than dianna agron that would be impossible.

      • Sam says:

        Not sure if troll or just stupid

      • TheLakeScene says:

        SHUT YOUR F**KING MOUTH YOU WH*RE. Agh i’m so pissed. PUT*
        ¬¬ you don’t know what you’re saying. Stu*id girl.

        • E.R. says:

          Oh, what, so the chemistry between Brittany and the unicorn means nothing to you A-holes???? Jesus, makes me so frickin MAD. You know, if you guys would do me the favor of taking yourselves back to high school for a god damn second, maybe you’d consider the attempted reality of the show. Ever heard of internal, natural, incomprehensible chemistry? Are you idiots BLIND?!?
          Stu*ids -.-.

    • Lisa says:

      Oh I agree with all of this. Heather’s acting is great when she works in tandem with Naya though, and she’s better than a lot of the others when it comes to serious scenes (like Kevin, Amber and Harry who can all fall a bit flat). Heather and Naya kill all of their scenes, be they funny or dramatic. They’d be stupid to keep these two apart this season, it really was a travesty they were pulled apart in season 2 – during which were some of the worst episodes of glee to date.

  3. brandy says:

    I must be in the minority, but I don’t like Brittany and Santana together as a couple. Brittany and Artie are adorable.

    • Captain says:

      I like Brittany/Santana but I love Brittany/Artie. I’d be happy with either but I’m rooting for Brittany and Artie.

    • a troll says:

      HeMo is that you?

    • Laure says:

      I think Brittany deserves better than Santana. Not sure Artie deserves her either so I vote for someone new.

      • marlie says:

        I’m not sure about Artie ever,but we have seen Brittany and Artie in a relationship,and if she gets with puck who knows he might get her pregnant too,we haven’t seen Brittany and Santana in a relationship yet.i think Brittany could show people the real side of Santana the sensitive side instead of the bitchie side.

    • Jo says:

      Yes, I agree. Brittany and Artie are so cute together. I don’t understand why people want her with Santana.

      • BRITTANA. says:

        Yeah, they’re cute, but people want her with Santana because they’re soulmates.

      • marlie says:

        Santana was there for Brittany when people called her stupid Santana knows how smart Brittany really come on Artie found a comb in a trashcan and told her it was magic and made feel bad about losing should be Santana.

    • Ben says:

      Brittany has never really matched Santana. Brittany & Artie is great and the way I feel it should go, even though I really was frustrated by Glee at the way it treated Artie & Tina. It would be nice to see Glee have some stickability in some relationships – not all teenagers break up every 5 minutes.

    • Deanna says:


      Not a Brittana fan. Santana doesn’t deserve Brittany.

    • TayMads says:

      Nope. I agree. I don’t want Brittany and Santana together. I don’t think they are soulmates and I don’t think they would be good together. Just because you are best friends with someone doesn’t make them your soulmate. I think that is why most people want them to be together. I just don’t see it. I love Brittany and Artie together but I would also like to see her with someone new. But I think us Brittany and Artie fans will have to get used to Brittana bandwagon since like Finchel they are more than likely endgame.

      • Jassen says:

        But since when is being soulmates a requirement to be high school sweethearts?

        Also, I think the only acceptable answer to this question is EVERYONE. AT THE SAME TIME.

        • TayMads says:

          I wasn’t saying being soulmates is required. I am only said that because several of the posts say they are soulmates which is something I disagree with. That’s all

          • megslin says:

            I agree. I don’t see soulmates. I don’t buy their relationship. I’d like to see NEW characters who can represent the LGBT community instead. I get the whole, “we’re so close and we’re kids and we’re confused with our sexuality” line, especially because a TON of kids seem to go through that…but the idea of “soulmates” is kind of far-fetched. They both clearly enjoy hooking up with guys. I think at the end of the day, they need to end their “faux-lationship” and get on with dating new people.

          • LovesLove says:

            Lol I wish people would just accept that Santana is a lesbian, shes NOT Bi. I dont get what is so hard to understand. She hooked up with guys to become popular. What I want is for her to find someone else to “cut her teeth on” and then go back to brit when she deserves her (is brave enough to claim her)Also people need to stop complaining about the number of gay characters on the show…there are 3 (and a half) Not even a quarter of the cast…Its 2011 almost 2012 get over it -.-

    • kelly says:

      Yup. I’m 100% Team Bartie!

    • Natalie says:

      You’re not the only one brandy. I don’t like Brittany/Santana together either. I’m a HUGE Brittany/Artie fan. I thought they were just down right adorable together…I thought the pairing of the super popular slutty cheerleader with the geeky smart glee boy worked really well. Their characters compliment each other.

  4. michael says:

    So is Ryan Murphy paying you guys to do these polls everyday, since he pretty much lets the fans write the show?

  5. ggny says:

    guess im one of the few that thought Artie and Brittany where adorable up till the point Santana messed it up…Come on when she carried him to the bed that was a great scene if people werent blind by wanting Santana and Brittany together they would have notice Artie and Brittany where great together

  6. Mike says:

    It’s got to be Artie, I heard the writers may go this direction in Season 3 one can only hope.

    • Olivia says:

      To be honest, I really doubt that they would continue with Artie and Brittany, it seems a little pointless now. There would be more point in carrying on with Santana and Brittany it could easily mix with Santana’s sexuality storyline.

      • Mike says:

        I don’t see why Santana and Brittnay make more sense, Artie seems to care for her more

        • Desni says:

          Did we watch the same show?

        • Kay says:

          Meh, he only wanted to show her off because she’s hot and only sang to her songs about her appearance (and one song about a baby). He didn’t give me the impression that he really cared about her once. It’s not even comparable.

        • Sid says:

          Brittany said she loved Santana more than anyone else in the World. Those two said “I love you” to each other more than any other couple on the show.
          Artie called Brittany stupid and treated her like a freakin’ toddler!

          You do the math.

          • Drew says:

            I’ve watched the season finale enough times to get the impression that when Britney told Santana she loved her more than anyone else, she meant in a friends connotation and overall as a person. And really, I’m sure Britneys stupidity can get on anyones nerves, and at the time she was acting STUPID. Also, remember when Britney ran away crying she said “you were the only person in the school that hsd never called me that”, that statement means Santana has probably called Britney stupid before.

          • Toni says:

            @Drew How am I supposed to take you seriously if you don’t even know how BRITTANY’s name is spelled?

          • Drew says:

            @Tony, because my point is valid. “Sorry”, I don’t know how to spell Britney’s name correctly, unfortunely Britney is one of those names such as Briana, Kaitlin, Ashley, that can be spelled multiple ways. Nice try though.

          • DJ says:

            people seem to forget that santana and brittany were FRIENDS before they became something more. I don’t know about you, but i can call my friends “stupid” or a “bitch” (jokingly, of course) without really implying that they are.

          • Toni says:

            Ok Draf. You’re point is still invalid. God Draf, why are you so stupid?

          • JL says:

            I totally agree with you! Artie treats Brittany like a 3 yr old. Santana actually respects Brittany and treats her like an equal unlike how everybody else treats her. I think they bring out the best out of each other. Instead of being bitchy Santana is caring and protective when she is with Brittany. (Although she was a total bitch to Brittany when Brittany asked her to sing “come to my window” with her, I understand her fear and her panic.) On the other hand, when Brittany is with Santana, she is insightful simply because she understands Santana and that Santana doesn’t treat her in a condescending way. I also think that Brittany is the only person who gets the real Santana. I think they belong together.

            Also, Brittany told Santana: “I love you Santana. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone else in this world.” So Brittany should be with Santana.

        • noelia says:

          ARE YOU KIDDING ME! brittany and santana are soulmates and they understand each other more than anyone else can, they love each other and santana is just a bitch about it cuz she’s scared, but she just needs time! artie and brittany will never have the deepness that brittan and santana have

      • Angie says:

        I actually suspect Brittany/Santana won’t be endgame. Santana is going to graduate and Brittany isn’t. Naya has done a lot of hinting around about how Santana should find love “even if it isn’t Brittany” and Heather tells anyone who will listen that she prefers Brittany/Artie and thinks they are made for each other. I’m guessing Santana and Sugar will be a couple. Plus you know Ryan Murphy couldn’t resist a “sugar and spice” joke.

        • Amanda says:

          The cast of glee does a lot of wishful thinking regarding their characters, but, in the end, they don’t write the show. The writers care a lot more about what THEY ( and sometimes the fans ) want to see.

  7. J says:

    Santana. Period.

  8. blueashke says:

    Let’s look at the options – misogynistic exboyfriend who called her stupid, best friend who loves her dearly, the manwhore who got her other friend pregnant, freshman exchange student, or a stuffed animal.

    Yeah, Santana. Always. Duh.

    • Captain says:

      (I’m going to start this by saying Santana is my favourite BUT…) Come on, how biased is that list. First of all, he accidentally called her stupid (which is…come on) after she cheated on him multiple times. Second of all, Santana may care for Brittany, but she uses her and manipulates her more than anyone on the show. I wouldn’t exactly call it true love.

      • Britney says:

        I won’t argue that she didn’t manipulate Brittany before, but I don’t think that somehow makes her love for her not ‘true’. It’s Santana’s character to do that, it’s the first thing she jumps to to get what she wants – and that was all BEFORE she realized/admitted her feelings for Brittany. After she realized she loved her like that, she didn’t manipulate her at all.

      • JL says:

        I don’t understand why people think Santana ever manipulated Brittany. Can someone explain it? Thank you!!

        I think Santana obviously cares a lot about Britt.

  9. Britney says:

    Santana. Personally preference and shipping aside, it’s where the story should go, IMO. She already told Santana she loves her more than anyone else in the world, and she wasn’t talking just friendship love, so any other option doesn’t make sense (not that Glee ever makes sense).

  10. Meggie says:

    Artie and Brittany were such a weird couple, he acted like he was her dad or something but still had sex with her (gross).

    I want Santana and Brittany, they are so awesome and cute together. Yes, they both messed up a couple of times but come on, would you rather have someone that truly loves you, sings the most beautiful love songs to you and also is your best friend, or someone that makes you believe in magic combs, calls you stupid and treats you like dirt (breadstix scene in never been kissed)?

  11. Larry says:

    I voted for Artie. I’ve never seen Santana and Brittany as a romantic couple. Brittany has put conditions on their relationship and Santana has “used” Brittany in the past. So they are hardly a couple that inspires true romance. I want the producers to bring a new girl in for Santana so she CAN have that happy relationship. They can be best friends -but I don’t see them as a couple.

    • Amanda says:

      But what is true romance? That sounds a little utopian. Brittany and Santana have had their fair share of mess-ups in the past but Brittany and Artie first happened because she USED him to make Santana jealous. How is that any more inspirational? Seriously, all couples on this show are dysfunctional in their own ways.

  12. Chris says:

    Brittany’s character works best with either Santana and/or Lord Tubbington to play off of.

    • Captain says:

      LORD TUBBINGTON! That is Brittany’s true love!

    • Tiffany says:

      Lord Tubbington, Santana, and Brittany should explore the seas together looking for Atlantis with a few stops to buy some more cigars for Santana and Lord Tubbington. No one tell Brittany about Lord Tubbington’s addiction kicking back up.

  13. LC says:

    Brittany: “I love you Santana. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone else in this world.”

    Santana: “Still, I have to accept that I love you. I love you, and I don’t want to be with Sam, or Finn, or any of those other guys. I just want you.”

    Brittana. That is all.

  14. Lauren says:

    Obviously Santana. No other viable option. :)

  15. JJ says:

    oh please, like this is even a question. santana all the way.

  16. Pepper says:

    I hope she dies or something. I can’t believe that the writers do such a poor job giving her one funny line. I know she’s supposed to be stupid but she’s just not funny. And there have been dozens of characters on TV who are stupid so it shouldn’t be that hard. She makes me cringe.
    So I hope she just disappears.

  17. Sounds Legit. says:


  18. ObviousAnswer says:

    Santana. They are clearly soulmates who deserve to continue their love story. Artie is a horrible boyfriend to every girl he dates, only caring about how hot they are and throwing money at them like they’re hookers.

    Brittana is what true, real love looks like.

  19. Blerg says:

    Nobody. I find Brittany too problematic as a character to be in a serious relationship with anybody.

  20. Kay says:

    I like Brittany and Santana together, honestly. I heard that one of the writers said that they were supposed to be like a joke couple or something, but their scenes together come off as more genuine than the other “real” couples to me. I love their relationship on the show and I wish that there had been a couple like them on tv when I was younger. I’d actually be really sad if they never got a chance.

    • Jackie says:

      I am in university now. I wish I had characters such as Brittany and Santana on TV when I was in high school as well and I think this ship might have a very positive influence (depending on how the authors handle the characters of course). I totally understand Santana’s panic.

  21. Cindy says:

    Santana. The two of them are honestly more entertaining playing off of each other than anyone else. Brittany and Artie were awkward and lacked any kind of chemistry so they got boring pretty quickly for me.

    And I really do not care for any of these reality show winners.

    And, Rainbow Dash should obviously join Lord Tubbington in some Fondue for Two episodes.

  22. Sam says:

    Definitely Santana. If it were any other couple, they’d be together already on the show. They just need to be together already, especially after all that has happened last year with Songbird and their love declarations to each other. No other person on that poll besides Santana is even worth Brittany’s time.

  23. Eleah says:

    Not even a question. Santana all the way

  24. Nacol says:

    LOL Brittany and Santana are in love with each other and both want to be with each other. I’m not making anything up, they’ve expressed it themselves on the show. Plus they have one of the deepest connections on this show. Brittany understands Santana like no other, and Santana also understands Brittany, she knows she’s not stupid, and listens to her advice, because believe it or not Brittany has said some of the smartest things on the show, so really if you think she didn’t know what she was doing with Santana, I don’t think you’ve paid that much attention to Brittany.It made Santana feel better to think that having sex with a girl on a regular basis didn’t mean anything, she didn’t have to face the fact she was gay, and it made Brittany feel better too. They both wanted to believe that. Also it proves that even while dating Artie, Brittany couldn’t not be with Santana. I don’t get why you wouldn’t want them together after that. And worse why you would want her and Artie together when she clearly loves Santana more.

    • noelia says:


    • marlie says:

      yeah, i mean when i saw Brittany and Artie together its was gross it was very awkward. Santana and Brittany are awesome togetheri mean obviously Brittany didn’t love Artie that much if she was making lady love with Santana.i would cry if Brittana don’t get a chance to be together.

  25. Lily says:

    I like continuity and logical writing. Brittany and Santana have said ‘I love you’ to each other more than any other couple on the show and I think the answer is pretty obvious to this poll because of that. And if that wasn’t clear enough, her saying ‘I love you more than anything else in the world’ to Santana pretty much confirms that even the feelings she had for Artie never compared to the ones she had for Santana.

    It’s disappointing to still not have them as a couple yet after all the love confessions while every other pairing can get together out of nowhere like Artie/Brittany, Santana/Sam, Mercedes/Sam, Rachel/Jesse (season 1).

  26. Lindsay says:

    Honestly, I just find Brittany’s character works best with Santana. Yes, she’s always supposed to be dim, but the way they wrote her with Artie was ridiculous. And that relationship is the only reason I can see for why they turned her from dim to a toddler for most of S2, since as soon as they finally gave her scenes with Santana against, she showed that she does have some intelligence, and understands things and isn’t actually an overgrown child. Brittany was the dim, funny, Brittany I loved in S1, during the last half of the season, when her storyline was more with Santana, so Santana gets my vote.

  27. RM says:

    wow! the lesbians are really dedicated!

    • Elliot says:

      I think that’s rude.

      • Ben says:

        Why it is the truth

        • Iya says:

          Oops I’m not a lesbian, should I stop shipping Brittana?

          • Amanda says:

            I’m not a lesbian either. But I’ve stopped shipping Brittana -once Santana told Brittany that because their plumbing is different it’s not cheating. I always found that as Santana using Brittany. And when Brittany gave Santana an ultimatum to come on her “Fondue for Two” and come out in order for them to be together was putting undue pressure on Santana. I would rather Santana strike up a new relationship with someone like Marissa from The Glee Project.

        • kera says:

          because that implies that everyone that likes them is a lesbian, when there are plenty bisexual and heterosexual people that do as well. and it implies that all lesbians like brittana when that is simply not the case.

        • lolque says:

          yes because only lesbians like Brittana and everyone who likes Brittana is a lesbian….except for all the people who ship brittana because they’re the most earnest and genuine “couple” on the show. And sexuality has nothing to do with it.

  28. mistral says:

    Stupid question SANTANA!!!

  29. Rachel Berry says:

    In my humble opinion I think it would be throughly appreciated if we would to include some sapphic humor in our very diverse and talented club and I for one would not oppose if the epic romance between Santana and Brittany would be explored and also made public at our final year at McKinley High. I would wish all my fellow friends in Glee to experience a love story such as mine and Finn’s. I have also taken upon myself to create a list of possible coming out songs for Santana to sing when she chooses to do so. Also angels.
    (Please visit my myspace page or

  30. Jen says:

    Brittanan Sucks, and I think RM knows this

    • Hannah says:

      Bartie sucks, and I think the world knows this.

      • Olivia says:

        LOL. amen to you hannah.

      • Jackie says:

        LOL, you are lovely. Totally agree with you. I think people who states that Brittana sucks without being able to give legitimate reasons are simply homophobes, so we don’t need to bother with them.

        People should seriously stop bashing Brittana. They are meant to be! I truly believe that they bring the best out of each other. Santana is protective and caring when she is with Brittany. Although what Santana said to Brittany when Britt asked her to sing a love song with her in public was truly horrible, I think I understand her fear. She was scared of what would happen to her and she was probably scared of what would happen to Britt as well when people find out about them (especially considering how protective Santana is of Britt normally, this is a likely hypothesis). She and/or Britt might be physically assaulted or disowned by their families as consequences of them coming out. Ever the rational one, Santana panicked. This doesn’t mean that Santana is selfish or is incapable of loving Brittany. I truly believe that they love each other wholeheartedly.

  31. Stephanie says:


  32. Lissa says:

    Santana. They’re perfect for each other, and that’s that.

  33. Raycho says:

    This is legit just stupid. Brittany and Santana are freaking soulmates. Even if I didn’t ship them hard core I would still have the eyes, ears and common sense to see that they are meant to be together. Everyone knows that the best relationship you can have is one where you are also best friends. And they are best friends, but they also love each other so so much(they have both said so multiple times)
    Im not denying that Brittany and Artie loved each other…I am not delusional. BUT their love compared to Brittana’s love is like almost non existent. They were a high school couple. Brittana are a couple that I could easily see moving to New York together and getting married then having lady babies together!!!
    And so that is why Santana is THE ONLY option for Brittany. They are soulmates and in love. End of.

    • Jen says:

      that your opinion not fact

      • Raycho says:

        Which part is my opinion? That they are soulmates? Yes. That they love each other? No.
        I know that most of what I said was my opinion…I never said it was factual. But they do love each other…that much is a fact. They have said so many times. And if we want a show with continuity then Brittana would be the logical way to go(also a fact)

        • jen says:

          also opinion we could also get continuntity with Artie they seems to be not over and they said they love each other as well.

          • B. says:

            They never said they love to each other’s face, though. Artie said he “loved” Brittany while he was drunk and treating her like a stripper. Brittany said that he loved him to Santana, but its meaning is debatable. Brittany and Santana told each other “I love you” countless times, face to face. Not comparable at all.

          • Raycho says:

            That is not an opinion. It is fact that they love each other and it is fact that as far as continuity goes, a Brittana relationship would make sense. That is fact, whether you ship them or not.
            Bartie are finished. She broke up with him. He asked her out again and she said no. Yes they said they loved each other(I accepted this before) but their relationship has ran it’s course. Though, knowing RIB they probably will get back together cause they don’t have any idea how to write a good love story or any story really.

          • Daphne Greengrass says:

            Like B, the only time I recall Artie telling Brittany he loved her was when she was stripping and they were both drunk. Not so sure that counts. Personally, I wouldn’t take that love declaration to heart if they were tossing dollar bills my way. Just sayin.

    • Drew says:

      If Britney loved Santana as much as Santana loves Britney, Britney would have dumped Artie when Santana confessed her love. Britney didn’t and infact implyed if her and Artie broke up, she would date Santana. REJECTED. Santana is playing second fiddle, and had Artie not called Britnry stupid its a chance that they’d still be together. Britney and Santana are not soulmates, I’m sure the only couple that holds that “title” is Finchel. Santana should have a new love interest.

      • CK says:

        Brittany only dated Artie to make Santana jealous after Santana rejected her in Duets because of gay panic. Santana was her first choice all along. After Artie and Brittany broke up, it took her little time to ask Santana out to Prom and wanting to come out as a couple. Bartie has always been a joke and plot device for Brittana.

        • Drew says:

          I see your point, but Britana is a joke. Britney and Santana were always fooling around even when Santana was sleeping with Puck. I never got the romance feeling from them ever, they always seemed to just be sexually curious girls. I like Santana and Britney as bestfriends and not everyone who has feelings HAS to date, Santana needs a fresh start. Britney and Santana are not endgame.

      • Iya says:

        Brittany started dating Artie in Duets to make Santana jealous. Rewatch this episode with an open mind and you’ll see it
        She didn’t dump Artie right after Santana said she loved her because she’s a good person and didn’t want to hurt Artie. She was also probably scared that Santana would gay panic again (like in Duets).
        Brittany is the one who wanted to sing a duet with Santana in DUETS, right after her and Artie broke up, she asked Santana out to prom.
        And I’m sorry but: ” I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone else in this world” clearly means she loves Santana more than Artie.

        • Drew says:

          Lol, I’ve seen Duets and I’m aware of why Artie and Britney hooked up. Britney said she loved Artie and THAT is why she didn’t break up with him, until he called her stupid. It was never implied that Britney was scared of having a relationship with Santana and her “gay panic”. RIGHT AFTER, her and Artie broke up Britney asked Santana to Prom, after they were done. Britney DID NOT choose Santana over Artie, things just played out. And in the finale, Britney meant that in a friends way, and Santana replied with “your’re the best friend I ever had”. That halfway closes that door.

          • your argument is invalid. says:

            It was always implied that Brittany didn’t want to date Santana until the gay panic stops. Did you not watch Rumours? Brittany says, ‘Okay, so why couldn’t you sing that to me in front of everyone?’ She was always waiting until Santana was ready to be open because she didn’t want to be a secret. That’s why she asked her to prom, that’s why she was devastated when she didn’t turn up to Fondue for Two and that’s why we saw how hurt she was when Santana started ‘dating’ Karofsky. She did not mean in a friends way in the finale, hence the whole build up and her telling her she loves her more than anyone in the world. They are soulmates and the cast is very open about that.

          • Iya says:

            WRONG. Santana said : “You’re my best friend”.
            And I don’t see how them being best friends closes the door. Closes the door for what? They’re still in love with each other. It doesn’t change that.
            Brittany didn’t decide to not break up with Artie because she loves him more. She said “I love him TOO.” Not I love him more than you. she then said ” I can’t break up with him… THATS NOT RIGHT” ==> she wanted to do what was right. “I don’t want to hurt him” ==> she didn’t want to hut him. But she didn’t chose Artie over Santana either.Let’s imagine… If Artie would have confessed his feelings for her while she was dating Santana, she wouldn’t have broken up with Santana either.
            And don’t you think that she would have said yes when he asked her out to prom and apologized for calling her stupid if she really wanted to be with him and that the only reason they broke up was because he called her stupid?

          • Frank says:

            I’d be all aboard the Brittany loved Artie train IF she hadn’t been sleeping with Santana the WHOLE TIME she was dating Artie. If Brittany was in love with Artie as you say, she would not have been with Santana.

            And the Brittany didn’t know she was cheating invalid. She didn’t do anything she didn’t want to. She wanted to be with Santana and she was. If we hadn’t found out Britt had been hooking up with Santana the whole time then I would agree with Brittany was in love with Artie statement.

          • Drew says:

            @Your point is invalid, the irony in your name is beautiful. How in the world did Britney’s response in Rumours after Santana sang ‘Songbird’ validate the fact that Britney was scared to date Santana because of her gay panic? That was never ever implied while Britney was with Artie, she asked Santana why she didn’t sing that infront of everyone because she couldn’t understand her reasons for wanting to be private about their “feelings”.

            @Iya, Santana saying that Britney is her bestfriend closes the door for any romantic relationship, for now. The fact is Britney loves/loved Artie too, she didn’t feel the as strong as Santana felt which is why she didn’t break up with Artie. You don’t want to hurt someone you love. Personally, Britney turning down Artie’s prom proposal was sloppy writing, it was to cold for Britney’s character.

          • BrittanaIsOn says:

            You obviously don’t know much about the show anyway, since you can’t even spell Brittany’s name right. She didn’t say she loved Artie until “Sexy”, when Santana tells her that she loves her. Artie and Brittany only got together in the first place, cuz she wanted a duet partner and Santana wouldn’t be her’s.

      • Ashley says:

        You’re still spelling Brittany wrong.

        • Drew says:

          -_______- Tomato, Tamato. Britney,Brittany, Brittney, its all the same. I can spell your name Ashleigh and mines as Dru. Can be spelled wrong, made a mistake. Hop.Off.It.

          • Ashley says:

            No one spells tomato, as tamato..

          • Daphne Greengrass says:

            See the only problem with your logic regarding spelling, Drew, is that all you had to do was scroll to the top of the screen and you’d know how to spell her name.

          • Hime says:

            Not to mention, who under the age of 10 says “mines” for that matter?
            Oh wait that’s right, only people under the age of 10 or those with the mentality of a grade-schooler actually like Brittany/Artie. No one else could like such a poorly written, throw away “pairing.”

      • Jackie says:

        Hello Drew, Britt and Santana had sex (probably countless times). Even when Britney and Artie were dating, Britney kept having sex with Santana, so they are clearly attracted each other (this probably means that Britney never loved Artie that much). Also, Britt told Santana that if Artie and she were ever to break up she would proudly be Santana’s, that means Britney loves Santana in a way that is beyond friendship. So when Britt told Santana that she loves Santana more than she has ever loved anyone else in the world, Britt probably meant it!

        I also don’t think Santana has ever manipulated Britney. Artie was just jealous and he didn’t know Santana. Santana is clearly hotter than Artie and considering that Santana’s dad is a doctor, Santana is probably very smart as well (genetics). I think when Britt told Artie that what she and Santana did was not cheating because Santana said so (cuz the plumbing is different), she was just attempting to avoid conflict. She probably knew that it wasn’t the right thing to do since she knew that dumping Artie wouldn’t be right. I also think that the reason Britt didn’t dump Artie right away is not because she doesn’t love Santana but because Santana has denied their relationship for so long and Britt was probably scared of what would actually happen to them (she might want to wait till Santana becomes comfortable with her own sexuality to trust Santana with this commitment thing). Also if Britt truly loved Artie, she wouldn’t just dump him because he called her stupid for once (especially after she cheated on him with Santana) and she wouldn’t happily and eagerly ask Santana to prom right after she broke up with Artie.

        Britney is the only person who understands who Santana truly is and she is the only person who has ever come to Santana’s defense and said Santana is not a bad person.

  34. jon says:

    If there is no Brittana the fans will riot because to them its a personal injustice

    • Meg says:

      That’s capital idea.

    • tweedledumb says:

      That’s because it is. Because when a show’s writers have promised to do justice to a storyline that affects so many people, people tend to get personal about it. For young lesbians, seeing characters and storylines they can relate to is important in coming to terms with something that’s hard to deal with in a world where people are being hurt and killed for loving who they love. And for others of the straight variety, seeing a storyline about falling in love with your best friend is relate-able, not to mention the fact that it helps bridge the divide between the lgbt community and people who don’t understand it.

  35. Katie says:

    Excuse me whilst I just keep refreshing the page and voting for the only person who truly loves her for everything that she is and will be.
    Her soulmate… Miss Santana Lopez :)

  36. feelslike says:

    Why you so stupid!?Of course it’s Santana

  37. D says:

    Is this really a question though? Brittany and Santana are meant to be. Thats all there is to it. It’s been dragged long enough, they diserve their happy ending already and to be with each other like it should have been long ago.

  38. Lucy says:

    I don’t think that Brittany’s stuffed Pegasus will appreciate some new unicorn horning in on its cuddling territory. So I pick Santana.

  39. E says:

    I voted for Santana. What’s so great about Brittany and Artie? I’m straight, but i think that Santana and Brittany’s relationship have so much more depth than Brittany/Artie’s ever did. Just because two people look adorable together, doesn’t mean they should be together.

    • Lily says:

      I agree and I am straight too. I already made a post about this. And while Santana asked Brittany for advice, Artie treated Brittany like a toddler (I don’t ever want to see that magic comb scene again).
      If Glee wont make them official soon I will be laughing at their double standard and preaching about equality and yet basically the only people who haven’t kissed onscreen yet Are Brittany and Santana even though they were shown kissing like every guy on the show and we know they are having sex with each other.
      I think that’s sad.

    • marlie says:

      yeah brittany and Artie where adorable.brittany and santan are meant for eachother.The constant stares they shared holding pinkies it was the only way they could really hold hands without people judging and when they smile it always leads to a hug.The only thing brittany did for artie was losing arties v-card and wheeling him around everywhere brittana are perfect

  40. Brendon says:

    Santana obviously. This poll’s a joke, the unicorn, a character we’ve never met and Puck whom Brittany’s never spoken too? Artie is the only realistic other option, but that relationship failed miserably. Not to mention Brittany and Santana have great chemistry, they were practically the only decent storyline last season.

  41. Nikko says:

    Obviously Santana.

    @RM (how appropriate). You’d be surprised at how many straight people ship Brittana. And yes, that includes men too.

  42. Maryanne Rafka says:

    Why is there even a poll. Clearly, Brittany should be with Santana. They’re the best couple on the show.

  43. HeMolicious says:

    Is it me or people are idiots ?? Brittany and Artie really ?? The only time he said ” I love you ” to Brittany she was stripping and he was drunk. Please re-watch episode 2×19 ” Rumours “, obviously you have to understand that Artie is glad to be with someone like Brittany, because she’s hot and stuff and stuff ( See the scene when he called her stupid) , when Santana on the other hand is happy TO BE WITH Brittany, that’s the big difference !! And you can hate on Santana’s behaviour towards her all the time you want, you clearly don’t know what is it to be in the closet, in a Cowtown like Lima, Ohio !! We don’t know yet, her motives when she rejected Brittany. We need some Santana backstory before lashing on her and on the fact that she manipulated Brittany. We need to know how it is to be in the life of Santana Lopez, everyday, at home, at school, that’s what I’m waiting in season 3. Artie is the worst boyfriend ever, he was with Tina and screwed up by himself, he was with Brittany, and instead of telling her that it was insecure about her relationship with Santana and telling her that he loved her, he called her stupid.
    Think a little bit more before voting.

  44. Fritters says:

    I think Finn should be a choice. I would much prefer Brittany/Finn over Rachel/Finn.

  45. Amy says:


    Artie and Brittany were nice but they already had their chance and I’d rather not watch the same thing again. Santana and Brittany becoming a couple would bring something completely new to the show and open up lots of possible stories :)

  46. Laris says:

    SANTANA OF COURSE! they’re perfect for each other

  47. Sue says:

    Santana, they’ve already declared their love for eahother, they CANNOT change the story line.

  48. Lea says:

    LOL at the ridiculousness of this poll, like there’s any other option at this point than Santana. They’re great together, as last season proved. I can’t wait till the new season starts to see whats in store for this pair. <3