Big Brother Finale Recap: We Have a Winner! And Some Issues!

Hours after Big Brother’s 13th season came to a glittery conclusion, I still feel like I’m standing on the gigantic butter churn, waiting alongside Rachel, Porsche and Adam both for strength and for the stench of gurgling dairy to fade. It’s rare that any BB ending feels perfect, but I think we arrived at a solution that (at the very least) seems appropriate. It’s just that it stinks, too. Like bubbling lactose. Spoiler immediately after the break.

Wave your Burgundy-by-Clairol flag in the air, because the winner of Big Brother is the boohooing, bleating, BRENNNANNNN-blaring, ultimately deserving Rachel! Oh, how she wept! And God too! And how Brendon pressed her against his pouting breastbone, offering congratulations and the assertion that she was the sweetest little Gorgon with the most darling little rattlesnake braids in alllll of Chenbot Manor. I have to agree. Shelly’s rattlesnake braids look like hanks of shed skin.

And so it is. I suppose a review is in order. Sigh: After Rachel handily won the butter-churn stunt and Porsche defeated Adam in an ensuing underwater maze game, Rachel and Porsche squared off in an “A or B” question medley for the final HOH. Not only did Rachel topple Porsche by correctly answering a total of two questions (Jeez, Porsche, can you please be one-eighth of the underdog I want you to be?), but she seized her HOH power and decided to keep Porsche in the final two anyway. This meant Adam took third place, which is poetic. He meandered through the game so senselessly that it’s like he forgot to die early. He finished in the most meaningless way possible, and with a meaningless monologue about how he would’ve won the game in a final two with Rachel. ““If I was in the final two, I would’ve won. I played an honest game…” he said. “I used my sense of humor to get to know people.” Downright existential, his plight and delusion. Read Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and come back with a five-paragraph Adam parallel, dear readers.

Rachel and Porsche delivered quasi-persuasive “Vote ME!” speeches to a boisterous jury, which included affable Shelly, livid Kalia, macho machoman Jeff, obsessive Porsche-denier Jordan, bubbly Brendon, scorned Adam, and the love of my life, Daniele. While Dani’s troubling father made good points about how she maneuvered too early in the game, she spat the best line of the night when she mocked Rachel during the final vote: “You’re lucky this isn’t a personality contest.” Boom! That right there? Is why you should’ve rooted for Daniele since day one. While Rachel gamely gamed and frantically congratulated herself on her own gameplay, it’s Daniele who delivered on the grounds of 1) reasonableness, 2) sneakiness, 3) antsy veteran hatred, and 4) the one-liners, darling! The one-liners! Big Brother is nothing but a patchwork of confessionals and Double Dare challenges, so I’ll look back on season 13 with a profound appreciation for Daniele’s ability to fill one half of that experience with salty quips. They dovetailed so elegantly with mine!

The final votes in the showdown between Rachel (Mike Tyson) and Porsche (Michael Spinks?) clocked in with alarming predictability. Daniele, Kalia, and Adam (whose ballot wasn’t revealed during the telecast) voted for Porsche. Jeff, Jordan, and Brendon jockeyed for Rachel. The swing vote belonged to the one character whose alliances always shifted and flipped: the beiger-than-ever Shelly. Which is also appropriate. She ultimately chose Rachel for her gameplay, and I can’t say I blame her. Rachel may be the most unsavory squealer on television, but her penchant for physical challenges and social command deserve a little recognition. She endured when plenty – including me – declared her too incendiary, too brash. She survived when all the other strategists didn’t. She’s a better player than Porsche and Adam, and she was honored as such. It’s just difficult to acknowledge her capabilities when her unhinged narcissism feels like one, unending shotgun blast. Do you know anyone who constantly updated his Facebook status with Rachel cheers? What do you think of that person? Does he use too many exclamation points? Right.

I can thank Rachel for this: After fan-favorite Jeff (booo) and Daniele exited the game, we nearly lost all hope of an intriguing finale. Whether you like or loathe Rachel, her endurance in Big Brother 13 — a season devoted to the demise of “game move” lovers – is spellbinding. Skeptics have argued that certain challenges were suited to Rachel’s strengths, but it’s quite likely that Rachel is just a more-than-competent combatant. I won’t take that away from her. But I’ll also glower like Daniele just the same.

What did you think of this season and finale of Big Brother? Disappointing, with an appropriate conclusion? Fantastic, secretly? Interesting? A good time? Leave it in the comments, follow me on Twitter at @louisvirtel, and thank you following along as I locked elbows with Daniele and skipped merrily through Zingbot Labatories.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. This season’s result disgusted me. Rachel, the squealing narcissist from Hell, the ultimate winner? Jeff, the self-absorbed homophobe, “America’s Favorite”? Please.

    • Heather says:

      I completely agree John!!!

    • jenna says:

      well this is the same America who voted Brendon back in so I can’t say i’m really surprised

    • Pete says:

      Couldn’t agree more with John from Jersey!

    • Lynnette says:

      AGREED!! ugh!

    • Lost In PA says:

      I agree! Rachel should not be allowed to win with behavior like hers. Every sentence she started allseason began with either, I played my heart out or everyone is against me. She is one of the most pathetic and annoying individuals to be on TV. She is like all that is bad about the Kardashian Klan wrapped up in one person.
      I think this was my last season to watch as CBS seemed determined to have one of the vets win the game from the start. They caught all the breaks and keeping Rachel meant controversy at every turn, but come on people someone should have cut the head off this beast.

      • MEKISHA HALE says:

        Agree that this season was just always in the bull-eye of the vets this year of “Big Brother 13”. There were people there who were just as worthy of getting the prize. Very disappointing season that was predictable and sad for the behavior of the people who on the vets acted like their god gift for the game.

    • TayMads says:

      I didn’t realize that big brother was a game that you won based purely on personality. This is not a personality contest. This isn’t about who is a “good” person. This is about a game. A game that Rachel played well. Adam and Porsche were floaters who did NOTHING significant in the game except take orders from other people. Therefore, they did not deserve to win. Rachel fought her butt off to get to the finals. This isn’t about whether or not you like her. This is about whether or not she played the game. And she did. Therefore she deserved to win. Big Brother has never been about who is nice and the best person. It’s about who did what they had to do to win. And Rachel did that. Not Porsche. Not Adam. Rachel.

      I also find it interesting that everyone seems to like Dani but hate Rachel. I know you didn’t say that but still. To me, Dani is just as bad as Rachel if not worse and the whole reason why everyone hates her is because of what the houseguests said about her and what you think you know beacuse you watched the live feeds or whatever.

      • E says:

        I completely agree with you. In the beginning, I could not stand Rachel and wanted her to get voted out. But as the game went on, I was rooting for her to win. She may have been annoying, she may have cried way too much, but she was the only real competitor left in the game. She was the only one in that house that deserved to win. Adam and Porsche didn’t do much of anything the entire time. The only reason they started winning was because the pool got smaller and their odds got bigger. Kudos to Rachel. And kudos to Shelly for putting aside her feelings for Rachel and voting strictly on gameplay. Did not see that one coming.

    • maggie says:

      Of course John felt that way he is from Jersey, Adam (the gamer/haha)
      is from Jersey. Look you don’t have to like Rachel but she pulled it out and deserved the win. I love Jeff and Jordan and by the end was warming up to Rachel.
      Maggie from FL

    • LINDA says:


      • MEKISHA HALE says:

        I totally agree with the disgust of this season what a totally waste. The only thing to me was interesting was the personality of the people. The only vet I enjoyed was “Danielle” she was the only vet of the past “Big Brothers” that really acted with proper way towards the game. Not act like a bunch of idiots like the rest of the vets this year.

    • woof says:

      the same america that voted for gw bush twice! and same america that made death threats to shelly. only in america!

      • JPNISOK says:

        America doesn’t vote for Big Brother winner, the jury does, you typical idiotic Lib, you have no idea what the facts are but you speak anyway.

    • sharon from canada says:

      well eh! Rachel deserved to win but then I thought Jeff deserved it more. Yes it is a game and Rachel played the operative word being PLAYED not floated not sitting on others coattails. Jeff certainly was a favorite and he did get backstabbed by Shelley who didnt even deserve to be competing – where does BB get these contestants from because they need to up their criteria – Kalia ugh what a joke and the most “evel” would have to be Danielle hands down. This girl has alot of bottled up issues and her backstabbing, evel, nasty self rode on her fathers back and I would take Evel Dick 150% over her darling daughter anyday and I know if Dick had been in the game it would have proven to be a much better season indeed. Go crawl back under your rock Danielle you are not nor have you ever been a BB player and that showed when your eviction! As far as the entire BB13 season out of 10 I would rate it a 6 not great but not bad either. Jeff and Jordan are the absolute best and I hope Jeff takes the $25,000 proposes to Jordan and they live happily ever after because they deserve each other and appear to really love and care about each other – congrats Jeff and take your lovely Jordan and leave reality tv forever PLEASE….Adam floater big time didnt deserve anything. I like Lawon very funny and sincere. Domenic please flex yourself over to Danielle what a joke and you fell for her thick coated black eyelashes dah! To BB14 here’s hoping the producers really really scrutinize the contestants. Maybe have BB14 be all the actual BB winners from past seasons and have them choose one previous player to complete = now that would be interesting.

  2. Emma says:

    I like how you think because this season I loved Dani for her cutting snark and supposed “mean girl” persona as well. She was sharp, played too hard, instigated chaos that resulted in a Je/Jo booting through her underdog alliance. She didn’t like taking orders from Jeff or Brendon so she broke off and cobbled her own alliance together, throwing a grenade that took all the great players out as well as her own game. It was fun while it lasted.

    • Nc says:

      Wow- I also can’t believe this author. Jeff has his problems BUT Danielle can’t even get along with her own father….she thinks with the wrong body part, also. I’m sure Dominic and whoever the pretty boy was in her season probably don’t appreciate her like the author of this article.

      Danielle was a terrible game player in this season and her other one. ED carried her through then —and this season she aligned with a bunch of people who followed her bad moves like zombies.

      I didn’t really like Rachel in about one and half seasons but Danielle shouldn’t really say anything about Rachel’s personality….she should probably look in the mirror. (maybe Rachel and Danielle were twins separated at birth.)

      Yes, Jeff is still America’s favorite and rightly so.

      • Lorenzo says:

        I couldnt agree more!!! The looks on Danielle’s face was priceless. She played her game and she lost…get over it. I just loved how she would buddy up to all the newbies knowing that they were like butter in her hands and when she would use them up she would just toss them aside and buddy up to another. Please….GOODBYE…maybe kalia and porshe will visit over the holidays. Hey and maybe porshe will share her 50g’s with you for letting her in on the TEACHINGS OF DANI!!!!

        • dan says:

          The same could be said for Jeff. He STILL can’t get over the fact that he was voted out early and didn’t win this season (although he got the viewers’ vote). He STILL thinks that he outplayed houseguests that lasted longer in the house. He STILL thinks he pulled floaters along even though those floaters made it to the top 4. He STILL thinks Shelley did him (and Jordan) wrong because she made a big move in the game. Hey Jeff, that is how the game is played and you got played. Get over it and get over yourself. A little humble pie would’ve been nice by at least acknowledging that the very people he criticized made it longer in the game than he did so they must’ve been doing something right.

          • court says:

            Dan I couldnt agree with you more. I like Jeff in his season but this one he drove me crazy. He walked around that house being a bully and a straight up asshole. Its big brother I get it that the game and thats how people are but he felt entitled for no reason, he honestly wasnt very good at competitions and still acted like he was the best player in the game. The only reason America likes him is because he is good looking. He got booted and STILLL holds a grudge against all those who “did him wrong” aka played the game on a different side than he was. Seriously?? Get over yourself Jeff

          • colin says:

            disagree completely…. Jeff isn’t mad because he was voted out… Jeff was mad because he was voted out by someone he trusted! someone who he was willing to bring to at least the final 4 even though she really did nothing for him game wise, other than be another vote on his side. Dani on the other hand was voted out by people she had alienated earlier on in the season.. Jeff was voted out by a “friend” whereas Dani was voted out by her enemies… VERY DIFFERENT!

    • YES. i just plain love dani!!!

  3. Taylor says:

    Seriously, how much money did Jeff win this season? My friend was pulling for Rachel, but I was holding out for Porsche’s very under the radar gameplay. The most shocking moment had to have been Shelly’s vote.
    Daniele’s line was huhlaaaaarious (in best Rachel impersonation). I found myself laughing hysterically at Porsche. “I’m stuck in the butter.”

  4. AJ says:

    Adam’s vote was revealed after the commercial break. The key was given to Porche

  5. kassy says:

    This season had a great start but went way downhill when America voted Brendon back into the house. I kept watching because I have a BB addiction, not because I was entertained or enjoying it.

  6. JD says:

    A horrible person always wins Big Brother. I didn’t watch the last two seasons, and I shouldn’t have started watching this one. I think I’ve learned from my mistakes and won’t watch BB ever again because the final result is always so disappointing.

    • Katie says:

      Agree that a horrible person always wins. But I watch it every year. I did like Jordan winning her original season, but about halfway thru this season I absolutely loathed Jeff and Jordan! Porsche could have won if her speeches were a little better. But we have seen all season that does not communicate verbally that well!

  7. leo. says:

    if daniele had that personality contest thing and voted for rachel, it would have been a good line. but because she didnt, it just looks catty. it went against her whole point, and just made it look like she voted for personal reasons.

    • michael says:

      I think she already knew where the votes were going. Shelly indicated in the pow-wow that Porsche had done absolutely nothing, so the comment was a little mean but I knew that one of those swing votes was going Rachel’s way. Danielle is a mean girl. She’s probably very intelligent, which make her mean-girl status even scarier.

      I’m not a Rachel fan, but I didn’t like anyone in the jury house or the final two. My favorites, Cassie and Dom, were booted too soon. They could have made some noise and changed the dynamics of the game. Oh well.

    • JD says:

      i agree…when she said it, i assumed she was voting for Rachel to win. i thought it meant “i’m voting for you, but it’s because of your gameplay and NOT your personality, which i loathe.” instead it meant “you have a horrible personality, and even though you deserve to beat Porsche, i’m voting against you SO THERE!” it kind of made her look like a child. i thought all alone that Daniele was a big enough person to separate her personal feelings from the game, but i guess not.

    • Berlady says:

      I agree, Dani’s comment made her look dumb and catty. Danni is way more of a mean girl and has way more of a toxic personality than Rachel.

    • Lorenzo says:

      Leo you and everyone else including myself knew for a fact that in no way was kalia and dani voting for rachel. Dani had the name because of her father and Kalia thinks she was the greatest player ever to enter the house. Nothing was more satisfying and hysterical as when they showed Kalia’s face drop when adam said he wasnt using veto and she knew she was a goner. As for Dani being catty….shocker. Goodbye to her!!

  8. leo. says:

    if daniele had *said* that personality contest thing and voted for rachel, it would have been a good line. but because she didnt, it just looks catty. it went against her whole point, and just made it look like she voted for personal reasons.

    • Riz says:

      I completely agree. The comment actually made no sense, because Dani actually did NOT vote for Rachel because of her personality.

  9. Nessa says:

    I completely agree Rachel deserved to win. However, I don’t glower like you and Dani. I think Dani is a bit of a hypocrite, she wasn’t exactly nice to anyone either, just made her comments in the privacy of the DR. Once her Dad left she was done and she knew it. He did all the work including dirty work in their first run in the house. I liked her in that season, but not this one. I can now see why she and her Dad don’t get along.

    • Jen says:

      Thank you for your comment. I am not a devoted fan of big brother, I just for some reason got sucked into it this season and did enjoy it. At first I though Rachel was a bit to much, “like oh my god” to much. But the girl prevailed, she can be one tough chick. That Dani, the sight and sounds of her, make me angry and disgusted and I don’t know why. I just got a hatred strain for her, her vibe was black and intentions very transparent.

      • ty says:

        I actually don’t mind Brendon or Rachel when they are playing by themselves. However, when they are both in the house I find them very annoying.

    • E says:

      I could not stand Daniele. I don’t know why they say Rachel is narcissistic, when Daniele was, bar none, the most narcissistic person this season. She was always so smug and full of herself, thinking she was the puppet master. Daniele thought every move she made was a stroke of genius. She is not the best gameplayer. But, I guess, making it to the final 2 makes you an expert on Big Brother gameplay. The only reason she got that far was because Evel Dick was there to keep her in line. He wasn’t there this season to do that. She got too involved with Dom and wasn’t thinking objectively, which was the beginning of the end for her.
      The moment she got kicked out was my favorite of the entire season.

  10. Ham says:

    Oh Daniele & other jury house members, I’ve read you on the live feeds blogs and you said just as many nasty non-strategic things about people, but you had to do it behind their backs. I’m glad you lost and I’m glad you didn’t get America’s favorite. You obviously are not either.

  11. rachelishot says:

    Odd how I predicted the winner after the first episode! These damn shows are so scripted its not funny!

    • Sam says:

      Yes, I’m sure out of the 5 million people that watched each episode, you were the only person to predict Rachel would win. You’re so amazing!

      • NoDak4Rachel says:

        I was going for Rachel from last season. Even though she was one of the strongest competitors and can’t come up with a speech without repeating the same words (target, competitions, etc.) over and over, this entire season she was an underdog. My heart always goes for the underdogs.

        Congratulations Rachel, well deserved!

  12. Kp says:

    I think from the beginning the newbies didn’t have a chance. When you bring in people who have played the game before and put them in the same house as someone who hasn’t, the newbies don’t stand a chance (in the sense that America loved the vets anyway.)It would have been great if the newbies stuck together, but that obviously didn’t work. I hope that scenario is never replayed (vets/newbies.)

  13. kungfuwomn says:

    First of all Rachel is now one of the shows greatest winners she has won almost as many comps as Janelle and more then the bitter,egotisitcal dani who called rachel a floater in the backyard interviewers.Rachel is the sweetest person in the house and she never lied and backstabbed like the rest of the boring, floating newbies this season.Rachel deserves more then the lame review you gave her and Dani needs to not be called a great BB gameplayer since she never on the show and played the worse game of the season.Rachel deserves the big win and everything she can from a show that gave her one of the worst tv edits in Big Brother History.Rachel is all star winner of BB with a heart of GolD.

    • Karen MT says:

      Whoa whoa whoa, WAIT. Are we talking about the same person here? Rachel, despite her awesomeness at challenges (and I will give her that) is one of the ugliest spirited person I’ve seen. She screams, she yells, she hurls insults like popcorn at the television screen, she sobs over the slightest butt-hurt (oh boo hoo, I lost a challenge, MY LIFE IS OVER! EVERYONE HATES ME!) and gloats over the slightest win.

      Jordan, her complete opposite, was the sweetest person in the house. If only she could actually compete in challenges.

    • Jen says:

      I agree kungfuwomn! I didn’t at first, but the girl won my heart. She does deserve it, she was always a target, back stabbed and back talked the whole season.

      • dan says:

        I agree that Rachel deserved to win (and no way would Adam have won if he was in the final two), but to say that she was the sweetest person in the house is stretching the truth a bit. She was as mean, hateful and hurtful as Dani. To give credit where it is due, Brendon tried to be the nice guy of the couple, but even he couldn’t reign Rachel’s big mouth in (and he admitted as much to Julie when he was booted…both times). I don’t have a problem with Rachel winning, but I do have a problem with her allegedly having a glowing reputation. Just not true.

  14. The WB Frog says:

    Why is this guy allowed to write such bias?

    The worst season of BB is finally over! Dick nailed it! If he had stayed in, I almost guarantee he would have been in the final two again. Sadly, we had Porsche as Rachel’s pick for chair no. 2. Glad Jeff won America’s Choice. Just goes to show you have to be nice to get anywhere in this world.

  15. Sami says:

    Dani’s a bitter bitch she says she’s the ultimate bb game play but she votes for porsche and she calls RACHEL (most comp wins in a season) a floater?

    • Dave says:

      Agreed. Daniele’s behavior last night was just plain bitter and ridiculous.

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      Agreed. Daniele’s attitude the entire season was that of a spoiled child. Rachel became a fan favorite as the season wore on and I think that was at least 50% because people hated Dani and wanted to pull for Dani’s enemy. I’ve always thought some of the things Evil Dick has reportedly said about his daughter were in really poor taste, but after watching her this season, I agree with him. I started watching this season hating Rachel and with Dani as my favorite. That switched faster than Shelly switched alliances.

  16. ShowISfixed says:

    there were SO many points this season where it appeared the show was scripted and/or fixed to help Rachel win:

    – Suddenly Lawon asks to be voted out? really?
    – America did NOT vote Brendan back in; so obvious producers did
    – When Rachel was likely to go out, they suddenly roll out Pandora’s Box and Porsche can’t even act well — so scripted when she opened that — keeping Rachel in game

    Show just FELT SO SCRIPTED this year. FAKE.
    I thought game show fixes went out in the 1960s.
    Looks like they’re back.

    • ty says:

      The Lawon thing I totally agree with. That made no sense unless he was told he was guaranteed to come back and have some special power in the game.

      Brendon being voted back in is a little suspect. However, he was getting votes from any Brendon and Rachel fans and also Jeff and Jordan fans (which there are a lot of). Keith got no votes and Cassi and Dom split votes. Not saying Brendon definitely won the vote, but it is possible.

      I agree the timing of the Pandora’s box was an obvious way to help out the vets. However, Rachel won the POV so she would have been safe anyway and Jordan would have been voted it out. It would have made Rachel’s road a bit tougher, but she would have still been in the game. Of course, if Porsche had stuck with the plan of not opening up Pandora’s box then it would not have mattered.

      Remember though, that Dani also had a lot of help from production. She had two friends on the production staff that would try to help her in the game. They set up a meeting between her and Rachel to try and convince Rachel to save Dani. Dani also seemed to know what competitions were coming up which she used to coach Kalia. The “script” was for more than just Rachel.

  17. Karen MT says:

    I decided on a BB drinking game last night, which should have been played all season. Every time Rachel says she was the biggest target, take a shot. Every time Rachel congratulates herself on her game play, take a shot. Every time Rachel bursts into tears, take a shot. You’ll be drunk by the end of each episode.

  18. Tony says:

    So America’s favorite is a racist homophobe bigot? How lovely. What a sad commentary on the people who watch this show — probably a bunch of silly females who think a bigot is “cute.” Shame on CBS for giving this pig an outlet for his hatred.

    • The WB Frog says:

      Interesting that one man’s opinion about homosexuals is considered bigotry, but when a Christian is bashed, it is considered an opinion.

      • 7down says:

        So calling gay people fa***ts and pedophiles is just an innocent opinion?

        • The WB Frog says:

          Name calling is unfortunate and not very nice. I wouldn’t do it and I don’t care for people who do this sort of thing. But, calling someone a bigot because he called someone a fa**ot isn’t right either.

        • Colin says:

          Also interesting how you are able to judge a person based on 2 months of their lives… unless you know Jeff personally? otherwise, this comment is somewhat prejudice. you are Pre-judging someone based on a handful of conversations without really even knowing them!

          • 7down says:

            Wow, a lot of time is spent defending this guy. And God forbid we judge anyone who uses offensive slurs against others. If I’m walking down the street and someone yells out fa***t or uses the n word, I don’t think, well gee, maybe I should get to know him a little more before I judge….I think, there goes a bigot.

  19. Hilary says:

    I am absolutely thrilled Rachel won! I didn’t like her in the slightest last year, but this season she completely redeemed herself. It was clear to me she fought the hardest and even had a decent social game after Brendon left because hey, she did make it to the end afterall! Very pleased w the results!

  20. DeNiro says:

    “Adam (whose ballot wasn’t revealed during the telecast)”

    I don’t think you were watching the telecast very closely. Adam’s vote was revealed to be for Porche.

  21. Tony says:

    Jeff is nice? So you think bigots are nice? How pathetic and sad.

  22. Anastacia says:

    It’s sad that they rewarded her terrible behavior. I don’t care if she played a better physical game her personality and the way she acted and treated people was outrageous and should not have been rewarded in the end.

  23. liberty says:

    love her or hate her rachel out of all the final 3 deserved to win this game. she won the most competitions and always had a target on her back from day one and had to fight her way to the top.
    i think that danielle messed up this game when she went against the vets i just think about how different all this will be if she stucked with the vets and it was vets verses vets at the final 5 ( given that the newbies would have won something) that would have been the best episodes with alot of entertainment and real crazy drama. danielle is so annoying and her one liners are just proof that she is a bitter loser. which is crazy cause she caused her owm dimise!!!

  24. Todd says:

    Adam’s vote was revealed right before they announced America’s Player. He voted for Porsche. I thought Adam’s line about him being an all star was funnier.

    • doug says:

      What a biased pathetic article. Any fan could have written this piece of crap.

    • JD says:

      i agree…and he probably should have thought before he used his Floater line in his final speech…because he himself was the biggest floater in the game. rachel might look stupid, but she is definitely not that. she obviously knew he was floating the entire time…especially at the end when Porsche won HOH and he completely abandoned rachel and jordan. adam’s delusional.

  25. Scott says:

    Wow. Guess What? Rachel deserved to win :) Thrilled that she won :) :)

  26. Fan says:

    The show was rigged for the Donatos. Daniele played a bad game. Even her loser dad could see that. Daniele repeatedly bragged about her connections in production. Daniele is bitter that Jeff, Jordon and Rachel were better players than she. If she truly respected the game then she would have voted for Rachel.

    • John P says:

      That is a good observation, Dani went on a rant about respect for the game, yet, she voted for Porsche, who had no game at all. Dani is a hypocrite and really just mean, and hateful. Rachel outplayed everyone and deserved to win.

      I obviously don’t know Dani, but clearly she was jealous of the relationships that Jeff and Jordan have, and Rachel and Brendon have.

      Dani was a good physical competitor, but her game play and strategy was weak from the start, making moves that made no sense in regards to furthering herself in the game.

      • timshel says:

        Most accurate comment so far. I liked Daniele in her previous season and at the start of this season, but she quickly lost my interest when it became clear that she’s just a stuck up, egotistical bitch, who according to those who watch the feeds, was down right horrible to others in the house, in particular, Rachel. Her attitude at the finale was so terrible and her voting for Porsche proved that she’s full of crap. Rachel was clearly the better competitor and deserved the win. Obviously, contrary to her snide comment while voting, she voted as if it were a personality contest. She will never live down her legacy as daddy’s coat tail rider, especially not after her dismal game play this season. Glad that Rachel won, she won me over by the end of the season. And Jeff winning America’s vote was the cherry on top. Don’t condone the comments I’m aware of but don’t believe that he is a bigot, racist, or homophobic. Ignorant and uninformed on homosexuality, for sure. He’s not the only one to make terrible remarks, yet somehow is the only one who is vilified.

  27. Brady says:

    It’s weird how in the beginning I loathed Rachel, then by the end of the game she was the only player to root for.

    In response to people being surprised about a “bigoted homophobe” winning America’s Player – CBS didn’t air the Dumbledore rants in an episode. That all occurred apart from the telecast. The only people who knew were dumb obsessives like those of us who comment on Big Brother recaps of an episode we already saw… My family and friends who watch this show but don’t follow it online to this day have no idea Jeff ever said any of those things and I’m sure each of them voted for him as a lovable, straightforward, Jordan-loving player of the game.

    Congrats Rachel?

  28. berlady says:

    I think Rachel derserved to win, she played her heart out in every comp and always prevailed when the cards were stacked against her. Her social game was a bit off at first, but can you blame her for coming in so defensive after last year?? She did restructure her whole social game and attitude through the course of the game. Dani always says she “loves the game” and is a “game player” and thinks jury should vote on gameplay yet she voted personally, which is evident by her catty remark. She was a brat her season with her dad and a brat this season. While Rachel worked hard and changed herself and became better, Dani stayed the same brat.

    • kelly says:

      But Rachel stayed in the game those times not by her own merit or strategy. Lawon and Kalia were idiots, Brendon came back, Shelly flipped on Jeff, and producers gave her a life vest in the form of Pandora’s Box. Rachel did nothing to create those situations for herself. She was shocked when she was saved all those times — she never worked for them. Rachel was lucky. Period. I think Dani recognized that.

      And when Dani was in the game, Rachel was vicious and had awful social game. She honestly only got better after Jeff left. So from what Dani witnessed, Rachel absolutely did not deserve to win just because she was good at competitions. Porsche won competitions too and had way better social game. Plus, Porsche was actually in Dani’s alliance. I see no problem with the way Dani voted.

  29. Anthony says:

    Well your summary and assertions you make about Rachael if I did not know you were not Danielle I would have thought came from her mouth. Your praise Danielle WAY too much. Danny is a degected little girl who played the game in her fathers showdow and with about as much integrety as fly.So she came up with a one-liner in the end..Oh so clever she is. (hope she like being poor)..hehhe. Evil Dick is not a nice man and treated his daughter unfairly in his comments but he was on the ball.

    Rachael love her or hate her(and many seem too) deserved this win. 4 HOH’s and Two POV’s is an extremely big thing in this gane. I think it is cruel to hate someone for their laugh, looks or how they cry. Brendon and Rachael love each other and express it how they wish and yet people were so cruel with their comments about them even last year. Was Racheal nasty yes and I at times would cringe when she opened her mouth. But I see this more of an insecurity thing with her. How would you be when all people did was pick on you and put you down from the start.She has a big heart. Last year her and Regan went at it hard and now they are great friends and Regan says she is the biggest sweetheart.

    Anyway get over that sassy Danielle and simply be big enough to congat Rachael and bring the popcorn for their wedding on CBS..


  30. matt says:

    Rachel only won because of producer interference in the idiotic Pandora s Box twist. And Jeff only one cuz BB /CBS loves him and constantly gives him a great edit. had viewers gotten a chance to see his idiotic homophobic comments on the live feeds, he may not have that knight in shining armor image. I think of all the contestants Dani deserved the 25K – she played the game and gave us the viewers great comments and TV moments

    • janilover says:

      Danielle deserved a swift kick in the ass! she accused Rachel of being everything she proved she herself was. catty, whinny, jealous to name a few. she proved she could not survive without her dad. Rachel is not alot of things but she is the winner so snap!

    • timshel says:

      I don’t watch the live feeds, but was well aware that Jeff had made some comments that people were upset about. Most of that stuff gets put YouTube so it’s available for those who want to see more than the TV version we get of the house guests. I seem to recall Cassi also said something offensive as well, and that Kalia laughed about throwing her dog against a wall, and that a friend’s dog died after having a bowl dropped on it’s head. Lots of awful things are said in that house, most of which get edited out for the regular viewer. Perhaps if the live feeds were free, more viewers would be watching and would have a more rounded few of each person in the house.

    • ty says:

      Not saying that Jeff didn’t get a good edit, but Dani’s edit was just as good. She is just a miserable, catty person and did not deserve the $25k which is evident by the outcome.

  31. Bill Worrall says:

    If I see even ONE veteran return to the next season, it will be the last one I will watch.

  32. Taryn says:

    Dani’s one-liners don’t make her any better at this game. As far as I’m concerned, her 2nd place finish was a gift from Evel Dick. She’s terrible at the social game (no better than Rachel) and couldn’t convince any but the most weak-minded to do what she wanted.

  33. Matt says:

    I’m just glad the “recapper” (used loosely) had to recap the episode with Rachel winning! It’s obvious he hated her all season…no surprise, but he is from the same “mean girl” school as Danielle. Anyway, it was a solid season, but it drug towards the end. They either need to do all-stars or new people, but stop mixing them…Survivor as well…

  34. Sandy Memphis says:

    I’ll bet you like Michael Moore, too.

  35. Sandy77 says:

    Dani sucked at the game and was a bitter bitch til the end… PERIOD!! She clearly voted on personel reason(Hating rachel) Dani has some serious issues and her comment about personailty made dani look like a Fool!! and the sore loser she is. I can hear the shaking in Dani voice she hate the fact that rachel won. And I was loving every minute of. Oh Dani since you were only there to make friends you should have stayed at grandma house. Sounds like the person that wrote this article has a (boner) for dani. Anyway Talk about taking this game personally what a vindictive loser tonight, she just lost my every ounce of respect left for her! Dani is such a hater! Personality contest, how dare she can think about it! Goodbye, Dani!

    Shelly did win my respect tonight. Congrats!!! Rachel I’m so Proud of you BB brother Winner!! season 13 RACHEL!!!!

  36. Tim says:

    Kalia might not have been Dani’s “slave” in the house but she certainly was her “b**ch.”

  37. sugarfreemom says:

    Daniele got what she deserved.. Absolutely Nothing.. Oh wait she did win a VETO TICKET… Ha Ha Ha !!!!!

  38. Mimi says:

    Rachel is a deserving winner for her tenacity and competitiveness. Except, it is fact that some folks got to bring loved ones into the game and others did not. If Porsche’s bf/fiancee/husband/father were there Rachel may not have won. Not all contestants stood on equal footing to play BB13. And, no more Has-Beens. Please. Ever.

  39. Tara says:

    What is this terrible review? An ode to Dani? Give me a break. She’s nothing special and a whole lot of bitter as evidenced last night.

  40. Crystal says:

    I’m very happy Rachel won well with who was left!! I didnlt like Porshe at all!!! Still love Jeff glad he won the 25’s again!!! :-) I have to admit Rachel played very hard & was the best player of BB this yr, so she deserved to win!!!! Even if people don’t like her get over it she played a great game & won! I truly think Rachel is a sweet girl! She just does & says things in that house that drove people crazy. I don’t think she’s that way outside of the house!!

  41. crystal says:

    AMEN TO THAT!!! Everyone thinks Dani is all that she’s not!! OMG can’t they all see how she played the game with OUT HER DAD?! Dani’s pissed because the ONE person she hatest the most in the house BEAT HER & WON BB THIS YR!!! LOVE IT!!! :-)

  42. rachel says:

    Clutch those pearls, author. Dani is just a bitter bitch, though yes she has some funny sarcastic one-liners, so does Jeff, equally, but I don’t see you mentioning that. Dont bother writing reviews if its so one sided. You’re about as deluded as she was and still is.

  43. Laurel says:

    Now I understand why Evil Dick DOESN’T get along with his daughter.
    Rachel played the best game of BB this season she should of been the winner.

    Watching Kali,Dani and Porsche all summer was like watching a nasty bunch of mean girls.
    Why hide all the chess pieces so no one can play ALL summer ?
    Why hide other HG’s possessions?
    It’s just nasty,mean and childish.

    The funniest moment of the night was when Kalia told Evil Dick in her backyard interview “that she didn’t eat all summer” LOL

  44. CMOORE says:

    I could not stand Rachel the first half of the season, she cried too much, and whined. She changed after Jeff left. She was the first person to comfort Jordan, – even though she was on the block with Jeff. She truly felt bad for her and cried with her. I saw a different side of Rachel and I am glad she won. I love Jeff and Jordan and he did deserve to win the 25K. He is a smart palyer.

  45. Crystal says:

    U R SOOOO FULL OF IT CBS HAS NOTHING TO DO WOTH WHO WON BB!!! RACHEL WON THE COMPS FOOL!! SHE WON 4 HOH’S, & 2 POV’S. She played her very hard. Rachel has a target on her back from day one & fought all the way!! If anyone in bb was better this yr, than they should have taken her out!! BUT THEY DIDN’T & COULDN’T!!! Get over it she won fair & square!!

  46. Bill W says:

    I find it hysterical that the girl who was ready to pack up and leave after her fiance got tossed out talked about how hard she fought to stay in the game. Competitor? Right.

  47. JD says:

    can someone explain to me how Rachel only won because of the Pandora’s Box twist? even if they weren’t playing as couples, Rachel won the POV that week, so she would have come off the block and either Jordan or Shelley would have gone home. those two were pretty much interchangable. all the twist guaranteed was that Shelley went home instead of Jordan that week. Once Daniele and Jeff were gone, a Rachel/Porsche finale was pretty much in the guaranteed – they were the only two that could win challenges (and spare me the “well adam won that HOH” nonsense. please. of course he won that HOH, it is the only meaningless HOH of the season.)

  48. Eliza says:

    Dani showed how classy and ‘above’ Rachel she is with that comment. I thought it was just a game, Daniele? Yet she felt the need to say that; with Rachel’s family sitting right there no less.

    And Dani’s one to talk about personality. Dick was awful to everyone in the house S8 but the majority of the HGs disliked her more. Hmm wonder why? Her winning personality? lol And she was just a whiny, bratty & bitchy this season. So much for growth & maturity!

    Dani is bitter & delusional. She’s in need of a major reality check & some self-awareness. Rachel’s no saint but neither is Daniele.

    So happy Rachel got the last laugh in winning the game. While Dani can go back to her ‘cool kids’ BB alumni group where they will continue to lie to her & tell her how amazing she is.

  49. lara says:

    Daniele sux.

  50. King says:

    Hahah lots of losers here.

    Rachel deserves to win period! So hwat if she’s annoying? ANd seriously, what did Rachel do that made you think she was not deserving? The squeals? The cries? Give me a break. She had a great game play. She won competitions. She made friends (not with everyone, so what)

    • D says:

      “So what if she’s annoying?”

      Uhm, part of this game is interacting with people. You do realize these folks spend days with each other, and only compete a few times a week, right? You’re not allowed to bring iPods or some such; there’s nothing to do but work out, sleep, or talk to someone. And — shocker — if you piss someone off, they’re going to play personal and come after you. If you’re anti-social or just not likeable in any way, bitter evictees will throw that back at you if you go to final two. “Why didn’t you ever talk to me? You’re not playing the game, you b!tch!”
      Rachel has awful social game and terrific competitive skills. She’s the ideal houseguest to make sure you evict, and everyone failed, give or take some possible fixing from producers.