NCIS Exclusive First Look: Tony and EJ's Explosive Reunion!

In the season premiere of CBS’ NCIS (airing Tuesday, Sept. 20, at 8/7c), Tony appears to have set his sights anew on EJ Barrett — just as someone else sets their gun sights on them. And TVLine has a pair of exclusive photos from the couple’s, um, intense reunion.

NCIS Scoop! Jamie Lee Curtis to Share ‘Sparks’ With Gibbs

To recap how Season 8 left off: In the wake of the Port-to-Port Killer’s reign of terror, EJ (played by Sarah Jane Morris) left her post at NCIS — but not before stealthily extracting a microchip from the arm of one of her dead teammates. As the finale wrapped, the new SECNAV handed Tony (Michael Weatherly) a classified assignment, to take down an agent who is selling top-secret information. Judging by Tony’s reaction to the photo, the target is somebody he knows.

Hmmm. Who here took math…? Or do “EJ” plus “mole” not add up to “mystery solved”?

“EJ taking the microchip significantly changed her relationship with Tony,” NCIS executive producer Gary Glasberg tells us. “From a storytelling perspective, the change was phenomenal, and added all kinds of complexity to their interaction.”

NCIS Exclusive: Scott Wolf G-Mans Up! Plus Scoop on the Season Premiere’s Big ‘Bang’

Speaking of complicated interactions, check out these pics of Tony meeting up with EJ — and how sparks start literally flying soon afterward! — upon the return of TV’s most watched scripted series.

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  1. Matthew says:

    That would be a cool twist if the niece of the former SECNAV was the one selling the secrets.

  2. Mel says:

    Um, now I’m totally confused. Is EJ bad or not? Either way, can’t wait to see the premiere, and thanks so much for the scoop and pictures. (And hoping this is EJ’s swan song).

  3. tejas says:

    YAY! Love EJ! I figure Cade’s the mole, and she was onto him. I hope we see EJ after this.

    • Nubie says:

      Sorry to disappoint, but 100% doubtful that Cade is the mole. Cade was pretty much a S8 casualty, IMO, and if you recall, is now relocated to Washington state, per Vance’s orders.

      The primary reason why E.J. Barrett is returning temporarily to the show is to wrap up the microchip brouhaha; a necessity indeed. Besides, based on the massively cold reception she received from NCIS fans across the board when they were polled about her, I don’t think TPTB would risk trying to keep her character around much after the microchip saga is over.

  4. Lexi says:

    I don’t like these pictures!!! I am sorry but EJ relly needs to get out of there!! Tony looks like he is going to tell her he loves her in the first one and in the second he looks like he is holding is shoulder like he just got shot or maybe just like fell idk but the point is get her out of there!!!!! Please make room to Tiva!!! :DD

    • Svenja says:

      I don’t know what pictures you’re looking at, but I’d rather say EJ looks stubborn in the first one and Tony looks like “come on JUST tell me what is going on”. This doesn’t look like an an “I love you”-situation. MW’s and GG’s statements also indicate that their relationship will be harmed for good.

    • as524 says:

      Like EJ…Like what we saw of her with Tony & the way she stood up to Gibbs. Their relationship really involved during Pyramid. While I do not want to see a romance between the two every week, would much rather see her pop in as a recurring (a la paula) then have any more highly STUPID tiva ship anvils tossed around.
      Hopefully those left when Brennan moved on.

  5. Pickle8182 says:

    Hope Tony pushes her in front and oops! Can’t stand her. When was the mole confirmed to be male?

    • Svenja says:

      Well, the person in the picture is male. Cote said it on that show with Mario Lopez. The episode hasn’t aired yet, but people were in the audience and so that information got to us pretty quickly.
      Anyway, maybe the person Tony is investigating is male, but that doesn’t rule EJ out…. she could still be very involved.

  6. alexm says:

    Lovely to see EJ back – I like her. I hope she’s not the mole and will be sad if she dies or turns out to be bad. I really don’t like the idea of Tony going through that either. No to Tiva, obviously – this show is about far more than a really crappy ship. I am really looking forward to this SP – the idea of Tony having a nice plotty stoy is good. Just hope there’s not too much romance involved – I much prefer really exciting, gripping storytelling to kissy stuff.

    • Foedhrass says:

      100% agree to your post!
      I really hope she won’t be the mole, she won’t die, she’ll end Tiva once and for all, she’ll come back now and then, with not too much romance. So actually I should have just copied&pasted your post!

      • Svenja says:

        Sorry to disappoint you, but Michael already said that he does not believe they will go back to the love-dovey plot. Also GG’s comment rather indicates that their relationship will be harmed forever bc of the whole mircoship-mole- thing.

      • mrsrice says:

        If Tiva ends, it won’t because of EJ.

        MW and GG have both said so.

        don’t really want relationships on the show anyways, but her character made it even more so.

        Can’t wait to see her go.

  7. deanosdog says:

    GG says the relationship is drastically changed.

    And MW interview a few weeks ago said it was the end of their blinky blinky lovey dovey interaction. And a relationship down the road with Ziva might happen.

    So I am thinking this is good-bye to EJ (thankfully).

    I would rather have no relationships, but at least I like Ziva. EJ was unbearable.

  8. Andrea says:

    Yuck. I couldn’t stand the EJ character. I don’t like Tony when he is in a relationship. I much prefer storylines when they involve the whole team.

  9. KRS says:

    I don’t want EJ to get shot. I want Tony to send her packing.

    But, in all honesty – don’t care how she goes – as long as she goes.

    Glad Tony is getting a juicy story.

  10. Mia says:

    No offense, Matt, but how is this an “exclusive first look”?!? These are the official CBS promotional pictures for episode 9.01. They have been out for hours and everyone has been able since to check them out on the CBS site or SpoilerTV. Also the info in your article is… well, just hot air, really. You just did a recap and then decribed what can be seen in the pictures – something which, I am sure, we would have managed without your help. In other words: You have absolutely NOTHING, neither exclusive nor new.

    Credit where credit is due, but don’t use a label unless it fits!!!

    • Svenja says:

      You’re so damn right Mia. He has nothing but these two new pictures and a statement by GG that we were already familiar with.

    • Renee says:

      It’s my first look.

      • lauren says:

        Same here, and I’m not minding the Tony jeans shot! Smells like a Dark UFO troll, they get noisy on all the TV message boards this time of year.

        • Mia says:

          EXCUSE ME?!?! Learn some MANNERS, before you accuse others of things you have absolutely NO proof of, Lauren! I have been a fan of the show since day 1, long before the “masses” arrived. And I have no ties to SpoilerTV whatsoever. But everyone who uses RSS Feed knows that SpoilerTV makes the promo pictures available once they became public – which is a good thing, because us poor people who live outside the US cannot see them on CBSExpress for coypright reasons.

          And THAT makes me a troll? Or the fact that I am annoyed with journalists waving the “exclusive” and “first look” flag, when it is neither of the two? Do you also accuse people of being a thief, a murder, a rapist or a pedophile just because you THINK they could be?

          I am a journalist in my own country (English is not my first language). I get very pissed off when people don’t do their homework or when an article turns out to be nothing but hot, thin air.

          Next time, Lauren: THINK, before you WRITE. And dare I say: An appology is in order. That was incredibly rude of you!

  11. Blix says:

    Happy to see the whole mole story line will be wrapped up in the SP and not dragged out. Also THRILLED to see it will be a Tony-heavy episode with Tony being the competent Very Special Agent DiNozzo we know and love and have sorely missed since mid season 6. Also THRILLED to see it will have a focus on Gibbs and Tony and their fascinating chemistry and relationship. Hopefully, we’ll see some evolution in that regard with Tony continuing to prove why he’s Gibbs’ senior field agent and moving into a more equal footing.

    Will be happy to see how the EJ story line gets resolved. The introduction of her team in season 8 added a new and interesting dynamic to the show overall.

    Seems like a lot of the changes that occurred over at NCIS over the last year or so are going to put the show back on track and seemingly away from the dreaded “As the Bullpen Turns” schtick we were saddled with for the last 3 years. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Wonder if this season might see another episode directed by Michael Weatherly? His debut yielded fantastic results!

    • Sam says:

      Loving these pictures! Can’t wait for the Tony (and Gibbs) centric premiere as MW and MH never fail to knock it out the park.
      I agree with you Blix. I hope we see more evolution from Tony over the season and see him moving up more alongside Gibbs. It would make sense to where he is in his career at this stage considering he has about 10-12 years on Ziva and McGee.

      • Blix says:


        Precisely! Tony has 10 years on at NCIS. I’m hoping, with both GG and MW seemingly in favor of moving Tony back to the competent agent he was back before the season 7 start of rampant idiot!Tony, we can actually see some real evolution in his character and how he interacts with Vance and Gibbs (and SecNav.)

    • Andrea says:

      @ Blix: Is that your new alias from now on, NavyResGirl? Interesting… ;)

      • Joni says:

        Sorry to disappoint, Andrea. I’m NRG on IMDb and I’m Joni when I post here. I don’t hide my views or comments.

        I actually feel honored that you know who NavyResGirl is – I assume you read and/or post to IMDb under a different name.

        There is no way I can prove it and no way that you’d believe me anyway but Blix deserves credit for his or her own post.

        Anyway. Huge Gibbs/Tony fan that I am, I AM happy with what I’m reading about the Season premiere. And after following along with the Live Chat last night I’m looking forward to what Mr Glasberg and his team of writers have in store for us in the months to come.

        • Andrea says:

          now it is my turn to disappoint you. :) I do not post on IMDB or any other board. Yes, I like the show, I read a few posts here and there, but that is all I have time for (life is a you-know-what). Life, job, travel and family keep me on my toes. I mostly check IMDB for the information that Lyan (sp?) graciously posts and I occasionally catch a discussion or two. And since you have voiced your opinions over the years and on many occasions I know what your POV is, that is all.
          The reason I thought Blix was you was because that post sounded just like you. The part about “As the bullpen turns” rang a bell, I clearly remember someone on IMDB saying that. I just did not know which of you ladies did. I was 95 % certain it was you because you made a soap reference like that on several occasions. Also, the rest of the post is something you might have said (now you HAVE to agree with that :D): the Tony-Gibbs chemistry, Tony episode for premiere, MW directing, competent Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo etc. All things you have said time and again during recent months. So can you blame me for thinking it was you? ;)

          sorry to you as well, I meant no offense. But ladies you need to stop smelling a rat or see a ghost at every corner and be so aggressive and paranoid about other people. Not every living being on this planet is a hater from whatever camp or camps there are these days, I lost count before I even started counting them, to be honest. Not everyone in this universe is out to get you. There are still fans like me who like all of the characters equally, who just enjoy the show and who could not care less about any camps. For me it is just a show and that is it. I honestly meant no harm by what I said. I just thought that given all the childish back and forth between “camps” (which, truth be told, has put me off the show in a way – I hate it when people fight, who should simply enjoy a good show) Navy might have taken an alias. Considering she took quite a bit of heat in the past it would have been a smart choice in order to post her opinion without having “the troops storm the blockhouse”, you have to admit that. Hence the “interesting” part of my post.

          P.S.: I have nothing to hide, either. Andrea is MY real name and I have a passport to prove it. Just to clear that up.

          • Andrea says:

            P.S. (not directed at Joni and Blix, but at people in general)

            After posting this I had time to read the latest comments. It sadens me to see so much hatred on all ends of the spectrum. I am certain this is not what the cast and crew of NCIS work so hard for every do. I do not know any of you in person, but: Looking at all those remarks it seems to me that it has long since stopped being about the show for many here. It is about camps, dislikes, hate and hypocricy, winning. The thing is: Hate is never about winning, guys.

            WHEN YOU HATE… YOU LOSE.

            So before the show starts again may I be so bold as to ask you all a favour?
            Take a step back.
            Let it all go.
            The hate. The oppinons.
            The need to be right.
            The urge to fight.
            Remember why you all fell in love with the show.
            Remember what drew you in.
            Take a breath.
            Remember why watching NCIS was FUN once.
            Remember why talking to other FANS was FUN once.
            Rediscover that feeling.
            Rediscover the JOY.
            A new season.
            A chance to get rid of the baggage.
            Let it all go.
            Start fresh.
            Remember what it was like when NCIS was the underdog and fans ALL suported – as someone (cough, cough) once said in her signature line ;) – “the little show that could”? Please let us all go back to that time and place.

            Thank you for listening, I will shut up now. :)


      • Blix says:


        I’m not NavyResGirl. So, whatever you think is *interesting* about that, you’re mistaken…

  12. Bella says:

    I couldn’t stand EJ from the beginning – she was rude and arrogant. I left room for her character to grow on me, though, because sometimes that happens, but not this time. I hope her stay on the show is short, like one episode. What I’m really looking forward to is seeing the romance between Ducky and Cheryl Ladd!

    • Svenja says:

      I actually liked her character in “OLS”.
      Stern wrote her as an likable character, but when the P2P case launched her behaviour changed and my love for the character vanished.
      I was really sad that I ended up disliking the character because I just love SJM to death and think she is one of the most beautiful women on TV.

    • Becky says:

      I agree! I just rewatched season 8 on DVD, and I tried very hard not to take my previous opinions about her into it. Forget TIVA, you are right! Rude and arrogant. She just seeemed to have her panties in a bunch the entire time and would not listen to anyone! I have no patience for people like that.

      • Blix says:

        Funny… all this hate for EJ, when in “OLS” she was introduced as a strong woman who simply didn’t bow down to Gibbs just because he was Gibbs…. rather like both Kate AND Ziva (both of whom were “arrogant” as h*ll when they first appeared)… and yet there is so much hate for this character.

        Of course… she went downhill quickly when portrayed as a girl put into her position via nepotism… sad commentary on how the writers changed her character.

  13. Matt says:

    Maybe we can get Jeanne Benoit back into the mix. How the show finished that arc was very unsatisfying.

    • Svenja says:

      Oh noooooooo
      Her arc was wrapped up satisfying. I doubt they’ll bring her back. They will bring back that Wendy b. , who left Tony at the altar. I already hate that woman for doing this to him.

  14. I hope EJ gets it between the eyes early on this season, she’s a total buzzkill to the show and stinks of “bad news”. I am a Tony, Ziva shipper so lets get to that already. Looking forward to the kick off of Season 9. We’ll be blogging all of the action On My DVR!

    • Svenja says:

      I do not hope she’ll die. Enough with the dead female agent. She should just leave or get arrested.

    • no tiva says:

      honestly would rather see the show cancelled then have a T/Z romance go canon. Ziva definitely qualifies as tops on my most hated character of all time list.

  15. Justin says:

    I actually like EJ. While I doubt she’ll be around for the long haul, its a breath of fresh air from the Tiva nonsesne. Tony and Ziva shouldn’t happen and never will happen people! Let it go! They’re so much better as co-workers than lovers.

    • Krissy says:

      Sorry, to disappoint you, but MW just said in an interview last week that Tony might be headed for a future relationship with Ziva after he works thru some of his stuff (whatever that may be).

      May not happen this season, but the possibility is there, so you cant say it will NEVER happen.

      • Justin says:

        Wow, that’s a huge surprise! I would not hook those two up. It just seems so wrong. If they do, best of luck to them, but I think its a mistake.

      • tejas says:

        Actually he said “maybe” in the same way parents say “maybe”, meaning “never”. Gary Glasberg has more sense than to throw the show away on a bad ship.

        • tonyfan says:

          then why would he even address it in that comment? He could have said the relationship with EJ is over and then stopped. End of remark. But he went on to address that Tony “might” have a relationship with Ziva at some point in the undefined future.

          And don’t say it was to pacify the Tiva shippers. They would have been happy with just the end of the EJ fling. He didn’t need to go there and yet he did.

      • Blix says:

        You also can’t say that it WILL happen.

        The keyword here is “MAYBE,” which is what he actually said… as in, “don’t hold your breath.” Both GG and MW are firm believers in the “Moonlighting” curse.

        With luck, GG won’t keep us on that dreaded “As The Bullpen Turns” ship and it will go away, buried like the Shannon/Kelly/Mexico arc, as it richly deserves.

        • krissy says:

          ADAM: Let’s let Michael Weatherly offer his take. “There’s a new wrinkle in [Tony and E.J.’s] relationship, and I would say it is somewhat troubling,” he says. “I think Tony questions a lot of things about her, and I don’t think there’s any going back to their initial blinky-blinky, lovey-dovey plot.” But before your little ‘shipper heart explodes, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee loads of Tony-Ziva goodness. “Tony ultimately has to lean on himself. He has to figure some of his own stuff out,” Weatherly says. “That might make him more able down the road to approach a relationship with Ziva.”

          well there’s the exact quote. He said “might” not “maybe”. That comment didn’t need to be added to the already good news that EJ was over. Who knows it may be years in the future – but this just goes to show that possibility Tiva is not over – no matter how much you wish it was. And yes, he did say “might” but you have to admit that this the first time that they even hinted that the possiblity was real.

          • Bobbie says:

            Micheal has always been a double talker!I would love to see Aussie Paul Leyden to come on as Ziva secret husband.They could make a wonderful story and I think their dynamic would be awesome!That would put Tiva to bed so to speak!Ziva needs a man alot more than timid Ray.

          • Bobbie says:

            Do not get to excited there are a lot of Tiva fans believe me. Even though there are some that are not! They have to try to keep them all happy. They have 20 million viewers to think that your view represents everyone would be foolish on Pro Tiva and Anti-Tiva! Reading interviews Micheal Weatherly does not really want it,Mark Harmon says he hopes it will never happen and Cote even said she wants her character to be more than Tony.Honestly Tony is looking old to me.Sure Michael a handsome man but his age is showing! I was really shocked when I read that Cote is 32,Sean is 34,Pauly is 43,Micheal is 43 Mark Harmon is 60,Ducky is 78.There will have to be some changes to the cast soon. After Tony got with the “Shower Tramp” that sealed her fate with the public.

    • Blix says:


      Your keyboard to TPTB’s ears! the Tiva nonsense is just painful to watch.

  16. stinko says:

    Has it been confirmed that the mole is a male, or just that the agent Tony’s investigating is a male? Because the target might not turn out to be the mole.

  17. Ashley says:

    Maybe the dead teammate (the guy she took the microchip out of) was the mole and EJ took the chip to cover up her own involvement or else go rouge to clean up the mess someone she was in charge of made. Either way, they need to either (1) make EJ’s visit a quick one; or (2) develop her character more and lower the animosity level between her and Gibbs so she’s more of a character and less of a plot development.

  18. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Yeah, I could really care less about EJ, and I HATE her relationship with Tony. I just hope this is the end of her arc so Tony can finally get together with Ziva. Death to EJ!

  19. KimBrady says:

    I detest ej so much and I agree that her appearance has been a buzzkill for me and many many more who love NCIS.
    However, I am confident that the showrunner has been made aware of her effect on the majority who dislike her – like 86% – and this will finally and thankfully be her LAST appearance. Fingers crossed

  20. Kiki says:

    So many guest characters… EJ, Cheryl Ladd, Scott Wolf, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ziva’s boyfriend (who probably will come back at some point), not to mention the new SecNav. It’s exciting, I guess, to bring these new people. But, sometimes, I just wish they’d stick to what they’ve got. NCIS has always been special to me because of the chemistry and friendship/partnership between the main cast. I’m not really dying to see Tony with a love interest for that matter – sometimes it’s too much. They should do more of those flashback episodes. It felt a little like LOST, and I just loved the vintage Dinozzo (and Gibbs).

  21. Lupe says:

    Thanks for the pics! Can’t wait for the premiere!

  22. malinda says:

    I can’t stand her character at all. It’s like nails on a chalk board. Hope Ziva puts a bullet in her head. Down with EJ.

  23. Becky says:

    What if the mole is her Uncle, the former SecNav?! That would explain why she’s involved, the mole being male and NCIS agent, and why Tony is struggling to take him out.

  24. ultimate troll says:

    A warning on the DiNozzo crotch shot pic would have been nice.
    Jes sayin.

  25. SS says:

    Really, they kept her and got rid of Muse? Why would they do that? Honestly, I think her acting lacked something, I felt like I was watching a community player’s group. Nothing to do with Tiva (not a fan of that either), but I can’t stand the woman who plays EJ, and I think this could make them jump the shark.

    I found myself, for the first time ever, allowing myself to channel surf when she was on, and didn’t feel the need to re-watch the episodes.

    I will not be buying the iTunes Season Pass, and likely won’t buy next year’s DVDs either. I think the writers made a HUGE mistake bringing her back.

  26. Neecy says:

    I really hope it is EJ that is the mole. I would love to see Tony take her down. I do not like her.

  27. Blix says:

    Wow… so much vitriolic hatred for EJ… it rather boggles the mind. Pretty sure some of the most vociferous of those calling for EJ’s death were also a lot of the voices chanting “enough of the dead female agents” before the season-ender last year, too…. my, my, my… the hypocrisy.

    • SS says:


      For the record, I never said anything about the female agents. And, perhaps if they’d have brought in a better actress I wouldn’t feel this way not sure. It has nothing to do with her and Tony, her and Gibbs, or anything else. It simply is because her character never fit in, and I felt like she was reciting lines.

  28. ncisfanpgh says:

    Most of you probably already have marked your calendars, but on Sept. 19 at 8pm and 9pm USAnetwork is snowing Kill Ari 1 and 2. These two key episodes aren’t often repeated, so catch them if you haven’t seen them before.

  29. emeli says:

    Espero que EJ sea el topo. Que Tony abra los ojos y se dé cuenta el daño que ella ha causado con su incompetencia. Es una novata que tardó meses en descubrir a P2P y murieron dos agentes !!! Además es arrogante y soberbia !! Que tony vuelva con Ziva !!

  30. Rach says:

    wow! lot of Tiva-haters on here.
    Sorry folks, but i’m a Tiva fan. Not for a full-out relationship, really…what i picture is a kiss, them deciding to stay friends, and life going on as it normally does.
    the whole Tiva-family idea should be left to Fanfiction.
    moving on, I’m not a fan of EJ. This is mostly not because of Tiva. Yeah, she annoys me because she interrupts some great moments between them, but that’s not the reason i want her gone…I just don’t like the character. I don’t like her attitude, and I’m questioning her loyalty to NCIS. Even if the mole is a male (still havn’t seen or heard that besides here), she can still be deeply involved, and i think she is in some way. I don’t necessarily want her to be killed, but I do want her to leave.

    I understand if you don’t agree with Tiva shippers, but there’s no reason to put them down. Also, Tiva shippers don’t have the right to put non-Tiva-lovers down. Can’t we just be nice to each other on here?

  31. Michael says:

    I can not see Tony with a Old woman(Ziva) she look older then my grandmother

  32. Michael says:

    I would like to point out Ziva Kill Kate Did not take order from Tony as team leader and laugh her ass off when Tony got shipaway

  33. Linda says:

    can’t stand EJ, either and am hoping her stay on the show is very short-lived—if she becomes a regular, I will probably become “missing in action”! as for a romance between Tony and Ziva or any of the main characters, it was pointed out in an episode, a long time ago, that dating co-workers is against Gibb’s rules and that’s the way it should stay—how would they keep working together, once the romance was ended? it would ruin the show.
    as for who the mole is—from the look on Tony’s face, at the end of last season, you know it has to be one of the team—as much as I love Ducky, it would make sense for him to be the suspect, since he is the medical examiner and he would be the likely suspect for removing the micro-ship and that would make Tony second guess his assignment. it wouldn’t make sense for the mole to be Gibbs and it’s too obvious for it to be EJ, but am thinking she was involved in the selling of secrets and she knew her co-worker was also involved—just hope it isn’t a long-drawn out story-line, cause that might cause boredom.

  34. Melissa says:

    I hope it is her and no one else. I really dislike her and made me dislike her more and more as the season came to an end. It be a crazy thought too daughter of SECNAV back stabs everyone be right up the drama which we all love when NCIS is drama filled!!

  35. Lauri says:

    Wish Tony and Ziva would get together. Sparks fly between them. The tension makes it hot and unpredictable.

  36. SuSu808 says:

    Just dropped in to see if this was a spot where I could have fun discussing NCIS but after reading through the comments, I’ll just move on to another site. Some of you are like children on a playground – can’t play nice with anyone who has different opinions. If you get this rude & disrespectful over a TV SHOW, how do you get along in the real world? Maybe I just caught you at a bad time – before season premiere – so I’ll come back later.

  37. SuSu808 says:

    BTW, any possibility the mole is FBI Agent Fornell?