True Blood Scoop: Rutina Wesley Will Be Back For Season 5... But In What Form?

And Rutina Wesley thought getting kidnapped and duct taped to a toilet by a crazed vampire sucked. In the closing minutes of Sunday’s True Blood finale, the actress’ seemingly cursed alter ego, Tara, jumped in front of a bullet intended for her BFF Sookie and got her brains blown out. Literally.

“I have to say it was actually kind of cool having my brains blown out,” confesses Wesley with a laugh. “All of the special effects and everything… It was cool.”

If she sounds surprisingly chipper for someone who just lost her job on one of TV’s most successful shows, it’s probably because well… she didn’t actually lose her job. In the following Q&A with TVLine, Wesley confirms that she will be back for True Blood‘s fifth season — but that’s only half the story.

TVLINE | When did you first find out Tara was getting shot in the head?
[Series creator] Alan Ball himself pulled me aside early on and told me that this was happening. And I was like, ‘OK, that’s cool.’ I know I’m coming back in some capacity, I just don’t know how I’m coming back. It’s scary as an actor to be in that position. Whatever they do, I think it’s the Golden Hour for Tara. But I don’t know how they’re going to revive me or if I’m dead. And that’s the big question: Can she be saved?

TVLINE | Has your contract option for Season 5 been officially picked up?
Yes. I know I’m coming back. I just don’t know in what capacity.

TVLINE | If she is brought back to life, it seems unlikely she’ll just be the same old Tara.
I like playing a human on the show. I like not having any powers. I like being the voice of reason. But it wouldn’t be a drama if we didn’t have a shift in things. Everything’s up in the air because half of my head is missing. [Laughs] I know Alan has big plans for me next season. But has he shared those plans with me? Not really.

TVLINE | Have you entertained the idea that she might become a vampire?
Not really. Some of my fans actually talked about that a couple years ago. They were like, “Wouldn’t it be great if Tara became a badass vampire? Wouldn’t that be amazing?” But as I said, I like being human. [Laughs] We don’t have that many on the show. And then I’d have to figure out how to talk with the fangs and all that crazy stuff. But with that kind of injury, even if I got the vampire blood could that really save me? I don’t know.

TVLINE | What did you think of Tara’s arc this season? She started out in a very happy place but as the season went on she reverted back to being somewhat of a victim.
I didn’t necessarily see her as the victim this season. I saw her as more of a survivor of the situation. And a fighter. We got to a point where she really had no choice. She got her hand burned on the door and at that moment she was like, “If I have to be here and fight with Marnie, then that’s what I have to do to survive.” What was great about this season for me is even though she did suffer, she suffered for a cause. And she was strong. And I really liked the humor in Tara that we got towards the end. It felt like Season 1 Tara with the one-liners. It was fun getting back to the sassy Tara. I just like to see her be strong and stable and not necessarily crying and whining. I like the more happy Tara but, you know, it’s a drama. Happiness only lasts for so long, as you can see.

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  1. AnnieM says:

    Sookie’s magic fairy tears or something like that will bring her back. ::shrug::

  2. Ashley says:

    I don’t like Tara’s point of view on everything, but I love her character. She doesn’t deserve to go out this way, and I hope to see her next season.

  3. marlena says:

    What about the preacher? This guy whose name i dont recall now showed up in Jason´s door with fangs!!! so, he is now an evil vampire? will he be in Season 5?

  4. Sarah says:

    I would love to see Tara come back as vampire! Even better if she was turned by Eric!

  5. damian says:

    WOW! Thanks a lot for the spoiler!! You could have been more subtle about it. I hadn’t read one word of the article and I know what happened dammit!

  6. Sam says:

    I love Rutina, and I like Tara, but I don’t want her to be brought back from the brink of death. Not because I don’t want Tara to be in the show, but because I want the threat of death to carry a little more weight, like it used to in the first season.

    It’s one thing for Jason to survive horrible burns across the half of his body and then be healed, but to be able to be pulled back to normal after a pretty damning shot to the head seems cheap to me.

    It’s the same way I don’t want them to find a way to bring Jesus back to the living. Though I was much more torn up about his death, he can come back as a spirit occasionally, and so can Tara, they’ve already enabled that with Lafayette. But death should be final.

    And making Tara a vampire? First off, I don’t understand why they’d even have to do that – V seems to take care of blood loss, too – but more importantly, I miss when supernaturals were the minority.

  7. B. Williams says:

    One interesting thought they could do IF Tara was to become a vampire was make her have massive brain loss but then NEW brain regrows but without memory. She could actually get that reboot she was looking for at the end of Season 3. They could play her with so many new people. she could go on without having Tara’s issues from life weighing her down so much. Plus it would be interesting to take this character we know and love (some way less than others judging by commets lol) and flip her personality 180 and have an actually valid excuse as to why she act differently. Would be something I might like to see. I myself am hoping that lafayette will call antonia (powerful spirit) to save human tara or use the demon he got from jesus to perfom SOME spell lol. cause yeah lets not forget that lafayette took the demon in and not marnie. He has alot of magic in his body/soul.

  8. Nomore TARA says:

    Please Please Please go AWAY ! No More TARA FFS !!!

  9. mbb says:

    i’m so happy to knkow that tara will be back in season 5. again, as i’ve done many times before, i’d like to ask the writers to look at the lovely storylines you’ve written and spread some of the wealth. i’m so confused as to why we have to ask.

  10. Swine says:

    Another shout for less spoilery article titles please, I don’t think it’s that unreasonable.

    As an international reader, I hadn’t the chance to see the episode yet, but like to follow general TV casting news and whatnot. TVLine is usually pretty careful for sticking spoilers in article titles, regardless of whether the episode has aired or not.

  11. Anthony Olson says:

    Why can’t Tara die already? She is super annoying and can’t stop yelling. She is constantly having some major problem. Every time she is on screen it drags the show down. Alan Ball, please kill this character off!

  12. ayo says:

    Oh man, yes.

    I was prepared to not watch anymore.

  13. Renee says:

    I’ve always liked Tara as a good contrast to Sookie. Someone to say out loud just how stupid Sookie’s choices can be. So I was sad that she died at the end. My best guess for her coming back to “life” next year is by fairy power. Vampire blood only works if the person can drink – aka, is still alive.

    But I actually found myself much more upset about Jesus’ death. Tears and everything! He was sweet and caring, and cute, and I really liked him and Lafayette together. Please find a way to bring him back!!!!!! Nothing is too outrageous with True Blood.

  14. Lee says:

    Rutina is awesome. In the first episodes she was the reason I watched. She’s funny as hell, annoying or not. Sookie is annoying.

  15. Darcy says:

    Really not happy with Rutina’s character this season first the turn her to a lesbian and then they kill her off…so? Whatever. I know there a Tara haters but there are also Rutina lovers who want her to continue as Tara…I don’t get the haters its like they have to target someone…

  16. Alexandre Leal says:

    Ausiello, i understand it wasn’t a spoiler and all, once it had already aired. But com’on! Was that photo really necessary? Couldn’t you wait till at least some days after sunday to put on stuff like that?
    I mean, I garantee you everyone who watched the show live would’ve understood what the article was about if you had only hinted it was about Tara’s future in the next season.
    People who watched she being murdered would’ve be interested in it.
    And people who hadn’t yet seen the finale wouldn’t be mad at you.

    Just a thought.

  17. Clark says:

    This truely made me laugh, scooby doo scream

  18. kimi says:

    I’m very happy Tara isn’t leavin (yet), but I was really upset bout Jesus dyin!.. I’m wonderin if he might be a reaccurin role, since lafayette is a medium..what if Tara does die but stays as a ghost too..both bein kinda like lafayette’s own crew of ghostly fighters of evil..*sigh*..idk..I’m jus wishin my life away for season 5 now! ;)

  19. jennifer says:

    I was REALLY hoping this would be the end of Tara. She’s an annoying waste of space on the show.

  20. alex Z says:

    Am I really the only one that was happy when tara got shot and now disappointed that she’ll be back????? -.-

  21. ace says:

    I heard they are looking for a new actress to play as a lead vampire in season 5. Maybe its just me, but I would love it if an actress like Rose Mgowan can join, she would make such an awesome vampire!!!

  22. Rikki-Leigh says:

    Well they said that when you become a vampire, your emotions are heightened! So if Tara becomes a vampire, she will become like, Super Bitch! LOL Although she’s been really whiny and bitchy lately, I still love all the original characters, they make the show, so I hope she comes back, but as a real physical person….not a ghost :)

  23. Rikki-Leigh says:

    I Love Rose Mgowan, that would be awsome! I really loved Evan Rachael Wood who played the Lesbian Queen Vampire! I wish she played a different character so she didn’t have to die :(

  24. says:

    Please don’t take Tara away she is a strong and ride or die friend. Sookie need this bond,she would lose her connection. Every girl has a good friend and this a perfect pair.These two would die for each other and I love it.

  25. jody_c says:

    well at first i thought i hated tara in every season but when she got shot i was mad because they were going to take her off the show and her character was at her best in season 4. now that she has clarified that she will be back for season 5 i’m excited.

  26. NOLafefe26 says:

    Omg my mouth was open when sookie shot Debbie. I was like. Thank you for growing some balls Sookie.but more for seeing Tara on the floor Dying. I Love the Show! But iI was confuessed when theme babydoll was evil that seen have went deeper. Like Them trying to see if that man was still alive.IDK its far fetched I know nut its a show.As for spoiling the show.if you were a real True would have found the time to watch it.try HBO to go.on your Smart Phone.
    I’m Felicia Moran Washington and I approve this message. :-)

  27. True Blood Fan says:

    To all the HATERS,if you don’t like it don’t watch it.There are times that I don’t like what’s going on but I stick it out and it gets better.I seriously can’t think of any of the characters that I don’t like.How many of the haters have a good paying acting job?

  28. Tammy says:

    Hoping that sookie looks within herself and use her fairy power to heal tara.

  29. steffen says:

    dont mean to bring color into it, but all of the black pple have died at the end of every season….and now tara to…omg. really TB? i like lafayette, but he cant the only person of color left on the show. id e pissed off..!!

  30. marsglow says:

    I love Tara- and she is absolutely beautiful. I do not want her to leave the show. I think Pam turns her. Then she and Pam can have a relationship where we see flashbacks of Pam. They would be great together.

  31. Amy says:

    I found pics, from season 5, of sookie and lafayette digging a hole in the ground in sookie’s back yard. Some could say that they are looking for a way to hide debbie’s body. OR…some could say that they are burying Tara’s body in the backyard with the intentions of her literally “rising” from the dead. Think about it for a second…in the newest trailer/teaser on HBO on demand, we see Sookie and Lafayette sitting at Sookie’s kitchen table. Alcide stops by to try and convince Sookie that she needs to leave her house and come stay with him due to the fact that Russell Etchington is back on the loose and likely looking for her. We know that Alcide wants to be with Sookie, at least he did before he finds out that she killed Debbie, so his reasoning for Sookie to come stay with him could be exaggerated. The important part of the clip to think about here is that Sooke and Lafayette are acting very strange about the supernatural. Have they both reached their breaking points? Or are they up to something really dark and deep? Like using Jesus’s help with magic to bring Tara back? Or Holly’s help? I also heard mentioning of a new kind of supernaturual being introduced to the series. Perhaps it will be Tara? After all, we just ended a season about necromancy (controlling the dead, right?).

  32. jodigirl says:

    I love Tara Thornton! Rutina Wesley’s not so bad either. :). I’m glad she’s going to be back for season 5, I was devastated when half her head was all over the wall! I haven’t read the books, so I don’t know who Bubba is. Someone posted that they hope she’s not the female Bubba. I’m sure Alan will suprise me, again. I’m so excited, they’re right, waiting sucks!

  33. Missy says:

    I don’t think Tara will become a vampire. Even if she did, her brain wouldn’t grow back. Aren’t you stuck the way you are when you are turned? Isn’t that why Jessica is a virgin forever? There is no way she lives through a blow to the head like that. I think they will introduce a new supe and it will be what Tara becomes.

  34. tic says:

    I think season 1 was the best it had the mysterious murderer,the intro of Bill,and the three crazy vamps livin with him . The intro of all the cast solid story.

  35. Fred says:

    I personally wish that Tara had been killed off in Season One. The character she plays is the most annoying and abrasive I’ve seen to date. She has nothing but contempt
    for any of the season’s characters and drives people away
    In droves!!! Begone you horrendous creature!!’