Glee in Season 3: How Much of Dave Karofsky Do You Want to See?

The frantic and unexpected kiss that football-playing bully Dave Karofsky planted on Kurt Hummel was arguably the most startling moment of Glee‘s second season. But while Max Adler‘s performance as the homophobic bully with a conflicted core was undeniably powerful, there hasn’t been much advance intel about how big a role he’ll have on the show in Season 3. Which brings us to today’s poll question: If you had Ryan Murphy’s ear, what exactly would you ask him to do with Dave Karofsky? Be sure to vote below, then expand the brainstorming session down in the comments. And for all my Glee recaps and commentary — including additional “Glee in Season 3″ polls throughout the week — follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sylvie says:

    Barbara, regardless of the fact that you dislike a character or a couple or an actor, if you can’t behave yourself in discussions, please, do not post comments. This article was meant for more mature readers than you have on this tumblr or whatever site you come from.

    • Max says:

      That’s something everyone can agree on, regardless of their shipping preferences. You don’t have to like everyone on the show, but there’s absolutely no need to bash the actors who play them. I may not like or support a relationship with Kurt and Karofsky (for a very long list of good reasons that I’ve already mentioned on the comments), but I’m not going to insult or hate on Max. He’s just an actor, and Glee is just a tv show. People get way too up in arms over things and a lot of people get very nasty to others when they’re safe behind an internet screen name. If you wouldn’t say something to a person’s face, don’t say it on the net. Kindness counts.

    • Cheche says:

      Sorry, but you don’t have to generalizing. Tumblr is a great site for fans of different fandom (incl. Glee) and 99% are mature enough to post normal comments. Just because one of us acts like idiot and is spreading hate, it doesn’t mean we are all like this.

      • Jane says:

        Cheche, I’m not sure if the OP knows what tumblr is. It’s okay. She wasn’t attacking the site, she was making a point to one troll who’s been rather unpleasant on here. :) I’m on tumblr and I didn’t take it personally.

  2. Alex says:

    It’s kinda funny when someone is bashing Dave Karofsky for bullying Kurt and at the same time is bullying other people in anonymous internet discusions. I think Barbara maybe missed this point, but whatever.

    I would like to see Karofsky’s storyline about redemption and coming out, but if the writers aren’t planning do give this storyline enough time, they shouldn’t do it at all. Ryan Murphy can’t work with serious themes and if he plans for Karofsky storyline 2 episodes, he will ruin it for sure.
    I don’t want to see Dave in any love relationship, because he isn’t prepared yet. And when it comes to friendship, I think he has more common with Blaine than with Kurt.

    • Jake says:

      “I don’t want to see Dave in any love relationship, because he isn’t prepared yet. And when it comes to friendship, I think he has more common with Blaine than with Kurt.”

      I agree with all of this this, actually.

  3. Ban says:

    I love max, and I loved karofsky in season one. Season 2, no I didn’t like him at all. I am so sick of glee trying to make us feel sorry for him, and Kurt for that matter, and I love Kurt, but his storyline and karofskys pissed me off last year. You’re both gay. We get it. As someone has said before, these characters are not doing anything special. We have seen gay kids on t.v before. The whole jock being a bully because he is gay is so stupid. Almost as bad as Quinn tormenting people because she was once ugly, and fat. I won’t even go in on that. I really wish glee would stop trying to make me feel sort for him, Kurt, and even Quinn, and Santana so I can just watch the show and laugh. The fans need to stop taking it so seriously as well. I get being invested but really. If they can go any other route, then yes I want plenty of max. He is awesome. Just go away with the preachy after school special crap.

    • Jake says:

      Not supporting a romantic relationship with them doesn’t make someone a hater. I just think Ryan Murphy is too smart to send the message of “someone bullied you, assaulted you, threatened your life.. but he apologized, so it’s okay, now date him!” He’s not going to want to send that message to people who have been bullied themselves. I don’t hate Max or even Dave, but I’ve been bullied and I would never open myself up to an intimate relationship with someone who made me feel like a non-person.

      A friendship would be great, and I’d like to see Dave work towards coming out, but several people on here have given very compelling, articulate reasons for why a relationship wouldn’t be good. Don’t want to beat a dead horse, but I agree with them.

      Interested to see what “back” means – a few episodes, like he usually is featured on? I mean, he wasn’t bumped to series regular but we’ll see how big of an arc he gets.

      • Erik says:

        I’m not taliking about romantic relationships. I’m talking to the haters who want little to no appearances at all.

      • Juju says:

        Not supporting a romantic relationship with them doesn’t make someone a hater.
        There has been plenty of hate in these comments that were purely directed against the actor or doubting the importance of the character and his storyline. Those people are being addressed here. Apparently Ryan Murphy thinks Dave is important enough to stay on Glee and apparently Max isn’t playing any games on Twitter either, he just wasn’t allowed to say anything.

        And FYI, I have been bullied too and I’m not opposed to seeing a relationship develop between Kurt and Dave. Don’t go generalizing. :)

        • Jake says:

          I don’t think it was a top secret thing about Max coming back, he just wasn’t going to say something until he was actually filming. Some article did say that he would barely be in the first five episodes. But good to see he’s coming back, he did have a good storyline – it wasn’t the only storyline last season worth telling, as I’ve seen a small handful of people say, but it was interesting. :)

          And being bullied and having your life threatened are sometimes two very different things. When it gets to the extent that Kurt’s bullying did, that does make a romance highly unlikely. A friendship is quite another thing, though, and I think it could be healthy for both of them. But someone on the first page of comments made an amazing point:

          “That’s definitely one of the saddest aspects of the show: Dave blew it irreversibly with Kurt. He deserves a chance for happiness…but not with the kid he threatened to kill. I think Kurt wholeheartedly forgives him, but I don’t think he’ll ever love him.”

          Max did also say recently that he didn’t think Dave had a crush on Kurt, just that he was an obvious target/outlet because he was the only out kid at the school. That being said, I’m interesting in seeing him come back, and hope that he will work towards coming out – but it will be a long time coming, especially when someone is that deep into the closet and so full of self-loathing.

          • Wanda says:

            I personally think that their friendship would send much more powerful message than their love relationship. Because you can fall in love with anyone. There are so many couples in the world – and I’m talking about real people and not fictional characters – who aren’t supposed be together, but they are, because they just fell in love with each other, regardless of their past or current events or mutual views on their future. Love isn’t something you can influence with reasoning and sense.
            Friendship is something completely different, it’s a choice, it’s a conscious decision based on your compatibility. That’s why I’m rooting for their friendship.
            By the way, I’m glad Max is back. :)

  4. Leo says:

    I’m all for friendship, yes.

  5. H. says:

    This whole article is just an excuse for people to become typical hypocritical glee fans.

    Max is coming back. Dave is coming back. Just as annoying as Blaine-haters dislike the fact that he’s back, Dave-haters will dislike the fact that Dave’s back.

  6. Emma says:

    I agree that Glee is about acceptance, but it’s about accepting yourself and others for who they are and how they were born – I’m not so sure that extends to accepting Dave for his bullying. Accept him for who he is, great. Help him accept himself for who he is, fantastic. I just don’t think that it’s appropriate to have that acceptance translated into completely forgiving Dave’s actions and moving into a romantic relationship.

    I want Karofsky to be happy and I’d like to see his storyline continued but, as with last season, a little goes a long way. I don’t see why Dave’s acceptance has to come through Kurt, why not another character that’s closer to Dave? A Dave/Azimio acceptance/friendship story would be much more interesting IMO.

    I think Kurtofsky is great in fanfics, but hardcore Pirates need to understand that sometimes forgiveness isn’t the best message we can give.

    • Jake says:

      “I just don’t think that it’s appropriate to have that acceptance translated into completely forgiving Dave’s actions and moving into a romantic relationship.”

      Thank you for this. 100% accurate.

      And I completely agree, I think it would be more powerful to see Azimio, who has absolutely no ties to the gay community, accept Dave for who he is and support his friend. Kurt may have forgiven Karofsky, but they aren’t friends. They are acquaintances, so Dave shouldn’t be looking for acceptance solely from Kurt. He got an apology, and that was exactly what he needed from Kurt. Now they can both move past all the hurt and torment and suffering and get on with their own lives.

  7. Morgan says:

    I wonder what the people who hate Kurtofsky because Karofsky bullied Kurt think of Beauty and the Beast? The Beast locked Belle in a castle, would have killed her father, screamed at her, ordered her around, threatened to starve her and hurt her when he caught her somewhere she shouldn’t have been. But! He redeems himself in the end and they fall for each other. If Karofsky is given the chance to redeem himself, I really see no reason why he couldn’t end up in a relationship with Kurt. If Disney can do it, so can Glee.

    • Chris says:

      A cartoon is a bit different than a death threat that hit home with VERY many people. Belle wasn’t assaulted because of who she was. And I don’t hate Karofsky. But I was in a very similar situation and could not ever support a relationship that started off with mental, emotional, and physical abuse – whether or not he apologized.

      It doesn’t make the apology any less powerful or important, but one accepted apology doesn’t erase all the hurt. It paves the way for a friendship, but I think Kurt is savvy and too self-assured to open himself up to an intimate relationship to someone who once made him feel like a terrified non-person.

      • Morgan says:

        Idk, I consider the Beast threatening to starve her if she didn’t have dinner with him a death threat, but I guess because it’s a fairy tale everyone grew up with no one looks at it that way. Same with Twilight, Edward being completely obsessive and downright creepy over Bella, but everyone just accepts it and thinks it’s soooo romantic. I personally see a lot of unhealthy relationships on TV right now, and in movies.

        In this case, though, I think that if Dave really comes around, sticks with the bullywhips, comes out and shows how much he’s changed, there could be a chance for a really healthy relationship. He only bullied because he was scared. And I say that from experience because I was a Karofsky before I accepted myself and came out. I was scared to admit to what I really was, and I bullied people who were comfortable with themselves to overcompensate. Now? I’m one of the biggest LGBTQ supporters in my area and I want to go to school to be a civil rights attorney and protect the kids that are bullied in the best way that I can. People can change, and change very much for the better.

        • Chris says:

          Beast’s threaten to starve her seems much more like a frustrated parent giving up after arguing with a tricky toddler. “Fine, you can just starve!” It’s vastly different than saying “I will kill you.”

          I know people can change. I’ve seen people change. I’ve also been in almost exactly Kurt’s situation, and as someone who has been abused, I know that I personally would never consider a relationship with my abuser. Ask anyone who has been in the same situation and they’ll tell you the same. I’m not hating on Karofsky – I think his storyline is interesting, and much like Kurt and Blaine, he helps people. Different people, but that doesn’t make one or the other any less valid.

          I also don’t think, based on the actual show and reading interviews with Max, that Dave actually has any feelings for Kurt. He kissed Kurt because Kurt’s the only out gay student at the school. He’s a symbol, not a person he connects with on any level. Kurt represents something scary and dangerous. They don’t really know one another, they don’t share interests, they don’t connect on a human level. He kissed Kurt because he was scared and didn’t know how to express himself in another way when confronted, because saying “I’m gay” is too hard.

          Forgiveness is one thing, and they could potentially be friends one day, but insisting that their relationship is true love really bothers me and I think it’s an insult to Kurt’s strength.
          Kurt is capable of finding someone who loves him, who doesn’t fear him, who doesn’t resent him, and who hasn’t been shoving him into lockers for years. I feel for Dave. I’d like to see him work towards coming out. But just because Karofsky happens to be gay, it doesn’t make his actions romantic and forgivable. It makes him a coward who needs support, but not Kurt’s romantic love.

          • Amanda says:

            Actually, Karofsky hasn’t been pushing Kurt into lockers for years. In ‘Theatricality’ Azimio pushed Kurt and Dave pushed Tina. It wasn’t shown since ‘Never Been Kissed’ Dave shoving Kurt into a locker or picking him out of everyone, since his main target was usually Finn, until ‘Theatricality’ when he was with Azimio, and started with Kurt. That was the first time he bullied him.
            I just really wanted to just point that out. I know it’s not a big main part of what you were saying. It just bugs me when his main target was Finn and they keep saying he was screwing with Kurt for years. But yeah, I just wanted to say that. Not being mean in any way, just pointing it out. :)

          • Chris says:

            Semantics. :) We can say that was the first time he bullied Kurt, but it’s also just as likely that it’s been going on since kindergarten. That’s all background info that probably won’t be explained, so I choose to believe that it’s been ongoing. *shrug* Just my opinion! :)

        • Lia says:

          Have to say, I just read the Beauty and the Beast and Twilight comparisons to my girlfriend and she laughed out loud. It amazes me the extent to which Karofsky fans will go to rationalize a death threat and abuse. Seriously!

          Dave apologized. That in no way, shape, or form makes a romantic relationship between Kurt and Karofsky okay. I’m not anti-Max or anti-Karofsky, either. This isn’t even a thing about Klaine. But Kurt deserves someone who didn’t abuse him, and Dave needs to get comfortable with himself before getting into a relationship, and that could take quite some time. There’s also a limit to how much “opposites” attract. There has to be the spark of a mutual attraction there, and I just don’t see it with those two. Too much hurt and pain there on both sides to just forget.

          • Ka says:

            Lol, no. It has everything to do with Klaine, just FYI.

            Kurtofsky has potential, it could be one of the most wonderful stories (or love stories) Glee would ever have. It could contain angst, drama, romance – but this depends on a good script.
            There are countless stories similar to Kurtofsky – only, they’re all het – so the problem itself is, in fact, Klaine. Klaine has conquered crazed teen fans – and some fans who love gay couples no matter the non-existing back story to support the relationship – and it has become impossible to even talk to Glee fans or go to communities liking or shipping other relationships.
            Damn, Klaine is not that cute or “awesome”; it has become sickening sweet. And I’m talking about Kurtofsky but Kummers “suffered” a whole lot too because of this stupidity. I mean, really, what is the excuse for Sam/Kurt? With Kurtofsky I already knew it was the same old talk of personal experiences and “rape”, but with Kum?
            Face it, the reason this type of discussions start is all due to Klaine and love-sick fans trying to devalue other ships.

    • Sarah says:

      Honestly, I think Frollo/Esmeralda is a more apt analogy for Kurtofsky than Beast/Belle.

      • Lia says:

        Sarah, A+ reference. I agree. Though Max recently said that he didn’t think Dave had a crush on Kurt, more that he was just an obvious target/outlet because he was the only out kid at the school. But Frollo is probably closer the Beast.

  8. Roz says:

    This is my opinion,so don’t shoot me. I honestly think that klaine is the most boring, and dull couple in the history of tv couples. I don’t really ship anything, but man they are just snoozeroni. They seriously put me to sleep. I don’t think Chris and Darren have any chemistry whatsoever. NONE. I don’t even see it off screen. They are way too perfect, almost as perfect as quam was, and they are equally as boring. I do not think that Kurt, and Karofsky should be together at all, not in any way, but klaine is just blah. I get that people think they are both hot, because seriously they are, but darren IMO is not that great of an actor to fully pull this off and convince me. I’m not really even a huge fan of his voice. It’s very one deminsional. I would say the same for chris, whose voice I am not a huge fan of either, but at least he can do more with it. I don’t even think he is the great actor that most fans make him out to be. He is good, but he is far from breath taking. Karofsky should be very prominent this season, so we can wrap up his woe is me storyline. Hopefully they give him something better. I love all three actors, but none of their storylines really grab me at all. They are just too much. IMO

    • Mika says:

      We are clearly watching two different shows. I personally love Kurt and Blaine’s relationship – it’s endearing and one of the few where I actually feel like the characters care about each other. It’s doing such great things for so many people, and I love that the media and the majority of the fanbase love them so much. :) But at least you agree that Kurt and Karofsky should NOT be together, so for that I can’t fault you.

    • Lily says:

      Kurt and Blaine too perfect ? Annoying, ambitious Kurt and clueless cautious Blaine ? Not perfect at all… They had their arguments, sometimes loud (coffeeshop about Blaine thinking that he is bi) or more subtle (kilt)… They had their boring moments…and cute moments (Prom Queen).

      Just wondering how they will be fighting over the lead role in a song or a musical in season 3… Competition and love, not really a good mix.

      • Lily says:

        And just FYI… I love the annoying ambitious Kurt !!

      • Mika says:

        I agree, Lily, they’ve never been “too perfect” to me. That’s why I find them interesting. They’re a fairly well-fleshed out character, compared to plenty we’ve seen on Glee.

        I think a little healthy competition is good for a couple. It’ll be interesting to see them work through it, and a lot more intriguing if they work it out together, without taking the easy and overused route of cheating or a love triangle. I think it would be a LOT more interesting to see a couple fight for something to last for once.

  9. Roz says:

    I get that people love them, and I don’t hate them or even dislike them. I do however find them so boring. And honestly to me, they are not inspirational at all. I think it comes from Blaine though. He is without a doubt the most boring character on the show. Take Quinn, I like her, but Dianna also puts me to sleep, but at least they give her punk Quinn, Lucy, which I absolutely hated. But they give her things. Hopefully they give give Darren something in this season so I can like him more. He is the main reason why klaine is my least favorite couple on tv. I see absolutle nothing between them. Kurt was more sincere in his I honestly love you to Finn than he was in his I love you to Blaine. I don’t like that. Make me believe it.

    • Jake says:

      I really can’t wait to see them develop Blaine even further – I’m really interested in finding out more about his relationship with his father, for instance, and I want to know more about what happened when he was gay-bashed. Darren plays him so subtly that a lot of people misinterpret that as “boring”, but I don’t think so. Watch his eyes, it’s all there.

      And I love how nuanced scenes are with Kurt and Blaine. There’s so much under the surface that a lot of people miss, and I am so excited to see their relationship develop further this season. So many people have latched onto them, which makes me happy, because they’re my favorite television couple. It’s refreshing to see a pairing on Glee who seem to genuinely care for each other. :)

      • Lily says:

        They do care about each other a lot… Love is still a different thing though… Passion and sacrifice… Will see how that goes in Season 3.

    • Lily says:

      Kurt’s “I love you” seemed not really sincere… Maybe it is because it was not expected so soon..
      But as someone pointed out on another website… That is not the whole clue… The clue is what Kurt said afterwards… He said that “Kurt Hummel had a pretty good year”…

      We all know that this is not true.. Kurt Hummel has been through a lot of bad things in Season 2, but just because Blaine said ” I love you”… Kurt felt so happy and forgot all about the bad things and only remember the good things in Season 2…

      • Jake says:

        I think Kurt’s belated “I love you” came from a combination of having a mouthful of hot coffee and shock at getting his first “I love you” from a non-family member. But that’s my opinion!

        And in spite of all the crap that happened to Kurt, obviously hearing such a heartfelt declaration was enough to help him get past all the bad stuff that happened that year.

        And now I’m even more excited for the premiere tonight. I’d flail a little if I weren’t at my desk at work.

        • Lily says:

          hhmm, your vocabulary is more to the point than mine… :-) Am still not so into Blaine… but his cover of the Tom Jones song sounds promising…

          • Jake says:

            Eh, I was an English major – I tend to overthink things and fall back into my “writing a paper” mode. ;) LOL.

            I’m really looking forward to the music tonight – I think the Tom Jones cover is pretty great, judging just from my download. It definitely makes me want to break into the Carlton dance from Fresh prince.

          • Lily says:

            No wonder… English is not my native language. I know who ‘Fresh Prince’ is, but had to U-tube Carlton… Must be funny if Darren would dance like Carlton.

          • Jake says:

            I think I would die laughing. Fingers crossed that he shakes his groove thing like that. ;)

          • Lily says:

            Reading from the internet recaps…I think you had a good time.

          • Jake says:

            Yes indeed. That performance was brilliant. :) As were, in fact, all the scenes with Kurt and Blaine and Kurt and Rachel!

          • Lily says:

            @Jake… Great to hear about Blaine !! …Love Kurchel …Will watch it one day when I buy the DVD…(sorry I am old fashioned).

  10. Roz says:

    And no, I don’t want Kurt and karofsky together, but he is more compelling to watch than Blaine is. No matter how much I hate that they keep trying to make me feel sorry for him. I would watch him over Darren anyday of the week.

  11. Lily says:

    Yeah, there is this certain tension between Kurt and Karofsky… Unfortunately based on assault and trauma.
    Kurt and Blaine did not have this tension yet… I am sure that “same or different ambitions”, “different backgrounds”, ” different values” will cause tension as well. If Blaine moves to Kurt’s school, he will become the outsider… and surely will suffer some “post power syndrome” and this can be a source of tension as well.
    Hope after all that tension they will kiss and make up… before Karofsky comes back and stirr the waters.

    • Jane says:

      I don’t think Karofsky will be a threat to Kurt and Blaine, in my opinion. Kurt isn’t attracted to him and Max said that he didn’t think Dave had a crush, but I think even without those two statements Dave is a LOOOONG way away from being ready for any kind of relationship. Now, a friendship with Kurt, maybe even Kurt and Blaine, would be a great thing for him to move towards coming out.. :-)

      • Lily says:

        Blaine would not really appreciate Kurt’s friendship with Karofsky. He was “friendly” towards Karofsky when he hardly knew Kurt… but after “Klaine” became an item, Blaine has shoved Karofsky when they met in the hallways.

        • Elle says:

          He shoved him once, but that was only because Karofsky was being mean to his boyfriend. It was a chivalric gesture! :) Besides, Blaine is nothing if not extremely caring/helpful.. I’m sure now that he and Kurt have been together for 6 months and are quite solid, according to all sources, Blaine might be very willing to help Dave. Blaine’s a nice guy like that, as long as no one is awful to his Kurt. But I can’t see him having a big problem with who Kurt is friendly with – they don’t have a jealous, petty sort of relationship.

  12. Lily says:

    Someone said that Blaine’s song “It’s not unusual” is actually sung by a jealous person… Would love that too, “jealous Blaine”… that would create tension.

  13. A formerly quiet observer. says:

    I think the moral of the story is that people have very strong opinions regarding Karofsky and his storyline. Some people argue their points eloquently, some stoop to insulting characters – on both sides. Can’t we all just agree to disagree and look forward to the season premiere tonight instead? Fandom wank gets old fast.

    As far as the poll goes, I know it’s probably too much to ask people to just stop voting, since these polls don’t seem to expire. But could people (on both sides, but I’ve seen it a lot more on one of the sides) stop ship-warring via poll and stop trying to cheat the system? I’ve seen several posts on tumblr with instructions on how to cheat. That’s not fair, and also – WTF do you think rigging one online poll is going to do? Not much. But the numbers have been steadily climbing since I saw tumblr instructions, and that’s just immature and uncool, people! It’s just a tv show – don’t try to sway things to make it look like the majority of people want one options, when reading the comments illustrates that the majority of people want a different choice!

    Live and let live. You ship your thing, I’ll ship mine, and I’ll stick to my one allotted vote (which is, incidentally, the first option for “good friends.” That’s how most people I know feel!)

    • Elle says:

      Totes agreed. Thank you! Let’s just call a cease-fire on both sides and move on with our lives. It’s been going on for 8 days. Regardless of which side you ship, don’t you have anything more productive to do with your time? :) It’s just a few hours till the premiere. I’m excited. Everyone who calls themselves a Gleek should be excited. Can we all just stop and enjoy the fandom without picking fights, squabbling, and whatnot?

    • Juju says:

      Dude, the pirates care about Dave and Kurt being together or being friends at least, so they obviously keep voting when everybody else doesn’t even think about this poll anymore. I really don’t think there’s (much) cheating going on here, only Dave/Max/Kurtofsky fans still voting once per day. Simple. They’re always a few who are going to cheat on polls but it’s not such a significant number really, even if they got 5 browsers or however this works.

      • Elle says:

        Well, most people aren’t thinking about the poll anymore, because it’s an online poll. It’s not going to change things, so to go to the lengths of keeping up with it over a week after the fact or cheating (yes, some people are) just seems silly – especially when the outcome they are trying for doesn’t reflect public opinion.

        • Juju says:

          You complaining about some fans still caring is just as silly.
          Also, you need to make up your mind: is it just a stupid online poll that nobody cares about or is it a poll that should “reflect public opinion”? This ain’t the presidential elections, this is about characters on a tv show.

          • Elle says:

            I didn’t say online polls were stupid, I just said they don’t affect what happens on tv shows. That being said, I still don’t think it’s right to make it look like the entire fandom wants something when opinions are wildly varied according to all 900+ comments here. Obviously neither of us are going to change our minds, but I have just as much right as anyone to share my opinions.

          • Juju says:

            Of course you have a right to express your opinion but when you call a whole group of people “silly”, then you’re going to get a response. Kurtofsky fans are just as enthusiastic about their ship as other shippers about theirs, and an online poll is an opportunity to do show that. The rules of this poll (one vote per day) are hardly anyone’s fault. :)

          • Elle says:

            Can I call all shipping wars silly, at least? The more I think about it, the sillier they are. :D

  14. Lily says:

    To end on a light note… from Youtube entitled “Rachel from Glee wants a man”
    ITN’s interview with Chris Colfer (Kurt) and Lea Michele (Rachel)…

    Lea got fed up that Rachel always seems to have the 3 same love-interests… She said something like she wants another man as a love interest … She even said :”put Kurt in the mix”… Chris got back at Lea, saying that it is already done… And then he mouthed the name of the new man: ” Karofsky”… Look at Lea’s face after that statement.

    • Lia says:

      LOL, Karofsky and Rachel? Nah. Rachel hates Karofsky – the majority of ND does! I think he’s teasing her.

      • Erik says:

        I think Rachel would befriend Dave when he reveals to her he’s gay.

        • Jake says:

          I don’t think it’s safe to say how any of the ND would react if Dave told them. Regardless of his apology or forced actions from Santana with the Bully Whips, their allegiance is still to Kurt, and Dave was horrible to him. I doubt they (or Burt) would be that forgiving, definitely not for a while, no matter whether or not Kurt accepted his apology. *shrug* If someone treated my friend or family that way, it would take me a hell of a long time to trust them – no matter the circumstances!

          • Erik says:

            Kurt seem to be okay with him now, and i like to think that they all trust Kurt’s judgement. If he say Dave’s cool, they’ll all grudgunly follow suit.

          • Jake says:

            Being okay with him isn’t the same as wanting to be friends or anything like that, though. You can be ambivalent to a person and wish them no ill will, but that doesn’t mean Kurt wants to be besties. And I don’t think Burt would grudgingly follow suit – he cares about his son far too much for that and he obvious does not think highly of Dave, whether he’s gay or straight.. he still threatened his child’s life, and an apology doesn’t change that. Let’s just agree to disagree.

  15. Lily says:

    Just read a spoiler about Karofsky coming back to Glee… and I can only give one reaction : O-M-G !!!

    • Maks says:

      I think I read the same spoiler. Wonder if Ausiello is trolling, because that premise seems highly unlikely, based on ages and other things!

      • Lily says:

        I hope not :-) … the Glee universe can be pretty unrealistic… look at that PFLAG-chapter… no trace…

        • Maks says:

          Yeah, but PFLAG is within a believable realm of Glee and what high-schoolers do. The other spoiler is not even remotely something I would buy! Maybe if it was Glee: The College Years. But I tried to sneak into many a ____ in my youth and it never worked.

          • Lily says:

            True… Hey, maybe that should be the scenario… “They” (whoever they are) tried to sneak in… but failed and end up bumping into each other on the way out…

          • Maks says:

            If it’s true spoiler (sometimes they aren’t, so you never know, lol) it would be funny if it was, like, an after-hours field trip/adventure for the gays of New Directions, and they all saw Karofsky. I just can’t picture Kurt going alone!

          • Lily says:

            By the way, Rachel and Kurt sneaking into the theater of “Wicked” in New York is also not very realistic…

          • Maks says:

            No, but it was terribly charming and more believable, in my opinion. ;) And actually seemed liked something the characters would do. I definitely don’t think Kurt will be going alone, if the spoiler is right – he’ll have Rachel or Blaine with him.

          • Lily says:

            Rachel ? LOL .. Blaine and Santana dragging a reluctant Kurt along ? Hilarious.

          • Maks says:

            You never know, Rachel could instigate it if she knew about the club because of her gay dads. But I would love to see Blaine and Santana dragging Kurt out – you know he’d be reluctant, because he just.. doesn’t seem the clubbing, bar-going kind at all.

  16. Ref says:

    OMG Can everyone stop squabbling about a guest star? Seriously. The only reason this post has an astronomical amount of comments is because people on both sides won’t just drop it and they’ve been arguing for over a week. Neither side is going to convince anyone else they are right, so just enjoy the characters you want to and leave it be. The creators and writers will do whatever they want to with their characters. We don’t own the characters, we just get to choose whether or not to watch the show. I’m going back to flailing over how good The Purple Piano Project was now.

  17. Mark says:

    I think Kurt and David should get together, and more generally, Kurt and Blaine should break up ’cause the level of obsession some people is reaching with that couple, it’s not even remotely sane.

    • Max says:

      A level of obsession means that people care about the pairing. That’s a good thing. I like Kurt and Blaine together, but I’m neither a teenager or a girl. I think they’re endearing. And as far as Kurt and Dave being together, that’s a big no from the majority of the fandom. A friendship is one thing, and eventually might be good for them, but not a relationship for the reasons everyone has eloquently said in these comments over the last few weeks.

    • Elle says:

      Nope. I completely disagree. And also, why do you think Kurt and Blaine breaking up would lessen the level of obsession? That would make it fifty times worse. I love them together, and I am interested by Dave’s story line, but he’s a guest star. He’ll probably come back this season to tie up his storyline, but the writers seem to realize that he’s a character best used sparingly since he’s SO polarizing.

      • Mark says:

        SO polarizing: that’s how I would define Klaine. All the show is revolving around them now, Blaine just got 2 solos in 2 episodes and the audience is sick already (-30% on season premiere!) so they better break them up so we can be back to our old beloved show.
        I don’t care if the 12 years old will be desperate, they don’t represent the whole audience of the show.
        I read some comment like “I will be happy forever alone with my cats if Klaine stay together”: is it sane? I don’t think. This is OBSESSION not shipping or else. Breaking them up will make some kid cry for some month and then they will come back to their real life.

        Real life is full of Dave Karofskys, I want him to get more screen time and an happy ending ’cause many people (gay people, like me, not 12 years old slashers) feel really linked with him because he’s real and not some cute looking guy dressed like a moron with tons of stereotypes sewed on.

        • Max says:

          Real life is just as full of Karofskys as it is of Kurts and Blaines. I’m 32, gay, and have been with my partner for 7 years. I love Kurt and Blaine. Most of the people who I know like them and their role on the show, and I’m not friends with any teenage girls. But way to make a sweeping generalization, dude.
          People will obsess over what they want. That’s what fandom is all about. The show isn’t just for one certain type of person or another. It isn’t for you to dictate how into a show or the characters someone can be.

  18. Martha says:

    Can we get rid of the same 5 Klainers who doesn’t have nothing to do and are spending their time here inventing identities and replying to every bloody comment?

    • Lia says:

      Conspiracy theorist much? People could easily say the same of the rampant Karofsky stans or anyone else in the fandom.

      • Martha says:

        You can’t cheat on the poll, but you can cheat on comments… take a look.

        • Lia says:

          I don’t see how expressing opinions could be considered “cheating”, personally.. that just goes against every feeling I have about free speech. Even if it’s under an assumed name (some people use those online, right?) that doesn’t make the opinion any less valid. #soapbox

          • Martha says:

            Yes, but if you have 10 different names and you spam with comments, you’re forcing your opinion on others and that’s not relevant about the final result of the poll.

  19. w says:

    It is ridiculous to insist that people who acted out when they were 16 must remain miserable and unchanged forever, it is ridiculous to call a close-mouthed 2 second kiss that was an obvious cry for help from someone who desisted immediately sexual abuse, and it is impossible to ignore the chemistry between the two actors.

    • Elle says:

      Having chemistry on screen doesn’t mean the characters should date. Chris & Lea have the best chemistry on the show, but a pairing between them would also not happen.

      And whether or not the kiss was a cry for help, it was still uninvited and unwanted from the person on the receiving end of the kiss. That, coupled with death threats and mental torture and physical abuse, is why I can’t ship them.

  20. Ka says:

    I want to see him every week TBH.

  21. Heather says:

    As much as RIB can get past the FCC’s decency standards. Don’t ship it?

  22. J says:

    why is the website dedicated to Glee…?

  23. Shana says:

    I have responded on some comments before, but now I want to give my own comment and reasons why I think that Dave should get frequent appearances.
    First of all; Dave Karofsky is 17, guys. He’s still a kid. He made mistakes, yes, but should he be judged on that? No. All those people saying that his story doesn’t mean anything or that he should just disappear, are immature. There are people just like him all over the world, are you going to say “Hey, you made a mistake, go kill yourself or disappear. Nobody cares!”? No, and if you do then you’re an awful person. I am studying to become a teacher, in fact, I’m in my senior year of those studies right now, and thanks to seeing Dave, Kurt and yes even Blaine going through bad stuff because of their sexuality, it really opened my eyes. If I see someone getting bullied later, I will stop it. If I see someone struggling like Dave does, I will try to help the best I can.
    A lot of people here are whining that Dave and Kurt getting together would be unrealistic. Glee in total is pretty unrealistic, if you’d ask me… The teachers, don’t even get me started on them. They let bullying slide as if it’s nothing. Normally, the teachers should have found out about Dave already. Maybe not know that he’s gay, but that he’s struggling with something. Good teachers would at least. Most of the time there’s a reason behind bullying, especially the violent kind that keeps continueing and is centred on only one or a few persons. So the whole “David’s bullying is because of ignorance” Schue was spouting… No way a real teacher would have seen it like that. Not with the level of things that Dave did.
    And Sue Sylvester… she’d be in a mad house in real life, seriously. Pushing people down the stairs? Wanting to shoot a girl from a cannon? … Yeah… totally realistic.

    And the other thing; that Dave shouldn’t be forgiven for what he did. Hmm… who was it that threw pee balloons at Kurt? Oh, right, Finn and Puck. And who threw him in dumpsters? Puck and possibly Finn too, but we don’t know that for sure. I’d rather be shoved in a locker than thrown in a dumpster, just saying. And guess what, Puck and Finn were forgiven, just like that. And yes, they didn’t kiss and threaten him, but seriously, how many people say “Do that and I’ll kill you!” without really meaning it. And how many people end up getting kissed unexpectedly? A lot do. Okay, the kiss was unwanted. But did Dave force a second kiss on Kurt? Nope.
    Then the wedding topper, that was creepy, I admit, but you could see that Dave was miserable, and was probably using the only outlet he knew he had. Maybe he was going nuts thinking that Kurt would tell someone his secret. He was scared. People do bad things when they’re scared. Sometimes without even realising it.

    Kurt’s past all that. He may not have forgiven Dave for everything, but he did acknowledge his apology and you can see that he wanted to help Dave. I have no doubt that they will become friends. Maybe not lovers, but friends for sure.

    I would like Dave and Kurt to be together, but I can live with them being friends. I’ll still think my OTP is awesome either way :) Because it is. Kurtofsky is a story about forgiveness, redemption and love… what is more beautiful than that?

  24. Jake says:

    The thing that makes it all different from his other bullying: death threat. That was a game-changer. That doesn’t mean they can’t ever be friends, but that was the relationship plausibility game-changer for Kurt (and Chris).

  25. john says:

    I don’t feel that if kurt and dave got together it would nesscerily send the message that it is ok to love your abuser. A persons body goes through many changes in their teenage years and, as a gay man I can relate to dave. I was so scared of who i was that i lashed out at everyone, including other people i knew were gay. He is struggling to deal with and come to terms with who he is. He is scared of what will happen if anyone finds out. I do think he cares for kurt. It’s just easier for him to bully then accept who he is. I would love to see the show deal with this conflict and his coming out story. Even if kurt and dave don’t get together, i think it would be a great oppertunity to show another side of gay teens that is rarely mentioned or talked about. Don’t get me wrong bullying in any form is wrong. I would just like a chance to see a new side of dave.

    • Max says:

      I would like to see what happens to Dave (apparently from some of the spoilers I’ve seen they’re not really going much into his self-acceptance storyline, but it’s always hard to make sense of spoilers until they are in the context of the show.). I agree with Max Adler, though, because he recently said that he didn’t think Karofsky had a crush on Kurt – just that he acted out/targeted him because he was the only out kid at the school.
      And while I feel for Karofsky and his situation, because it’s hard for him and I think he’s got issues to work through (didn’t we all at that age), he kissed Kurt because Kurt’s the only out gay student at the school. He’s a symbol, not a person he connects with on any level. Kurt represents something scary and dangerous. They don’t really know one another, they don’t share interests, they don’t connect on a human level. He kissed Kurt because he was scared and didn’t know how to express himself in another way when confronted, because saying “I’m gay” is too hard.

      • HK says:

        I’m going to have to disagree with you on this point. saying he doesn’t have feelings and kissed Kurt for a political, symbolic reason just seems to dehumanize him to me. Just because Santana’s lesbian doesn’t mean she runs after other lesbian girls, or any girls for that matter. It doesn’t make her love for Brittany any less.

        And just because Kurt is gay doesn’t mean Karofsky kissed him without feelings. You don’t just kiss anyone, you know? I think that’s the main defining point between Kurt and Karofsky. You don’t just kiss anyone.

        Now with Blaine, he was drunk so he doesn’t count. But sober and scared and too close to someone you’ve been too close to for the past few weeks? There SHOULD be something there, because this is what makes Karofsky human and NOT a plot device.

        Violence is a very intimate thing. Obviously intimacy doesn’t have to be romantic. At all. But violence brings you into someone’s personal space in ways just plain talking to someone doesn’t bring about. I think Karofsky’s utter fear and the pulling on pigtails thing is what started this, and then it just escalated from here.

        But everyone deserves a second chance. Especially someone who’s still a kid, and stuck trying to deal with a problem a lot of adults can’t handle, all by himself. That breaks my heart.

  26. gary says:

    I want him to come out this season of course and then become friends with everyone in new directions and hopefully join and get a love interest of his own you know a happy ending for him I would love him to join ND max adler can sing hes an amazing actor as well so I think it would be great

  27. HK says:

    Karofsky’s redemption storyline is too precious to throw away. Even though I love Karofsky, I don’t think Kurt should get together with him – that does send a very awkward abusive relationship message.

    Karofsky’s unrequited love for Kurt being the main motivation for him to get his ass out of Narnia? perfect. I want him to go through the 7 circles of Hell to redeem himself and go back to being a good person, before he realized something of himself that society hated. -sniff-

    Karofsky and GLEE music. That’s all I’m watching the show for now. (And Lea Michele and Emma and Santana’s sass, but those are just little extras)I’m tired of the love triangles, the extended mid-life crisis of Mr. Schue [which seems to be over now, thank god], the terrible Mercedes drama that made me lose hope in her so many times…

    I agree with Kurt. I don’t see the cruel bully in Karofsky anymore, I just see the scared kid in all that pain. Everyone, everyone, deserves a second chance. Honestly? If the writers can make it right, I want Kurtofsky. But only if they can do it right.

  28. Baja says:

    it was originally the idea that max adler was supposed to be playing the role of a future boyfriend of kurt’s. obviously, it isn’t clear whether or not it’s still going in that direction. but i think people have to think of the other side. if kurtofsky did happen, it wouldn’t just be that the bullied falls for the bully. it’d be that the bully is finally getting over the insecurity he feels in being gay, and that his getting a boyfriend (especially someone he’s always wanted) is a victory and a serious milestone in his life.

    negativity has never been a good thing, people need to be openminded.

  29. Taylor says:

    Apparently there is supposed to be a new student, whether it be one of the glee project boys or what, that wants to break Klaine apart to have Blaine to himself. I’d want to see Kurofsky come back and help Kurt, not DATE…maybe even possibly make Blaine jealous..;)

  30. MaMy says:

    Please, Ryan… you’re trying to make all happy, with your show… give us Kurtofsky and make us happy too! :(

  31. Andrew says:

    Dave is why I still watch the show. He’s the hottest guy on the show and I think that opposites often do complement each other. Max and Kurt could end up a real(hmmmm real, genuine) on screen couple. The kind that spend their lives together. Anyway, that’s my take on things. Great show. Thanks.