Glee in Season 3: How Much of Dave Karofsky Do You Want to See?

The frantic and unexpected kiss that football-playing bully Dave Karofsky planted on Kurt Hummel was arguably the most startling moment of Glee‘s second season. But while Max Adler‘s performance as the homophobic bully with a conflicted core was undeniably powerful, there hasn’t been much advance intel about how big a role he’ll have on the show in Season 3. Which brings us to today’s poll question: If you had Ryan Murphy’s ear, what exactly would you ask him to do with Dave Karofsky? Be sure to vote below, then expand the brainstorming session down in the comments. And for all my Glee recaps and commentary — including additional “Glee in Season 3″ polls throughout the week — follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Megan says:

    Kurt has forgiven him. Why can’t you? So basically you telling everyone that is like David that is scared and terrified and make horrible mistakes that they deserve to be unhappy. I think you got the wrong idea what this show is about.

  2. Sandra says:

    This post may be slightly off-topic, but I hate Max Adler’s behaviour when it comes to his role on Glee. Dave Karofsky is just supporting character and I don’t see any reason, why Adler needs to play his stupid twitter game and treating the fact if he is or isn’t back on the show as top secret of national security. The “moment of surprise” isn’t legit reason to openly humiliating his new colleague LaMarcus Tinker, just because he tweeted something he shouldn’t. And creators of Glee probably aren’t too much fond of him either, because he didn’t get (unlike Darren Criss) the regular status, even if he’s longer on the show.

    • Yana says:

      There is no big mystery, there is no shocker waiting to happen. that’s just what his fans are telling themselves so they won’t have to deal with the knowledge that he isn’t in the first four episodes (at least).

    • Melanie says:

      Why are you following him on twitter if you aren’t a fan? Because the “is he isn’t he” is a game he’s playing with fans… As to embarrassing LaMarcus, uh. No. He didn’t. His denial about having been on set and met him was made on #oppositeday (see Harry Shum Jr’s tweets of that same day). How do you know this isn’t all being done on RIB’s orders, anyhow? Crowther’s big spoiler last season was about Dave. Stands to reason they’d want to clamp down on news about the character in season 3.

      • Sandra says:

        I don’t follow him, I have read about the whole situation on very popular official Glee blog in my country. That’s right, his stupid behavior already catched the attention of journalists. He can continue, it won’t bother me if the whole world will make fun of him.

      • Mo says:

        Nicole Crowder’s big spoiler was about Kurt being Prom Queen, not Karofsky. Don’t fool yourself into thinking he’s that important.

    • Izza says:

      He doesn’t have a twitter game going on. He has witty and humorous fans coaxing him into saying he will be back for this season, but he’s been honest enough to say that he hasn’t been on the set yet. He did not openly humiliate LaMarcus, he was just telling the truth; that they haven’t met. SO automatically, Max is lying? What are the grounds for that? What if some misunderstanding got in the way and none of them intended to come off as lying or humiliating the other?

      I can assure you the creators of Glee are fond of him. He was asked to guest judge in TGP too, he was supposed to have just one line and not be a recurring guest actor and Robert Ulrich the casting director recently just asked him to give a speech in his behalf.

      • Denise says:

        Ashley was asked to judge in TGP too and she was on the Live Tour with rest of the cast and oh, wow, look what happened with her role, her appearance on the show was super-reduced. Karofsky’s character will meet the same fate. You Pirates should understand, that the world is besides tumblr too and the average viewer doesn’t like Karofsky at all (or doesn’t care, which is even worse). 90% of people who are watching Glee doesn’t even remember his name, he is the fat ugly bully for them. I have nothing against Max Adler but even if Karofsky was the most amazing guy in the whole world, the Glee audience is shallow and they would rather look at Klaine than Kurtofsky. And writers know this.

    • Erik says:

      LaMarcus made a mistake. He tweeted afterwards that he didn’t meet Max. Max likes to troll and tease, something lots of the actors and the writers have been guilty of at one time or another.

    • Hilary says:

      Okay, so I assume you don’t care that much about Dave’s character, so I understand why the way Max acts on twitter might seem conceited or self important from that perspective. The thing is though, that a lot of people are really freaking invested in that storyline, and are actually sitting on the edges of our seats waiting to find out when/if he’s coming back to set. And I think from that perspective the way he tweets seems completely reasonable. Also, I doubt his intent was to humiliate LaMarcus, who responded to a laundry list of questions with one answer (‘Are you doing football scenes with Dave, Beiste, Azimio, ect.’) He could have very easily just said yes to the question without clarifying because, I mean, it was ninety percent true. Probably just a simple misunderstanding.

  3. Jessica says:

    No more Karofsky, thankfully.

  4. Daniel Alves says:

    Before of any couple or love interest, Dave Karofsky needs to have his sexuality explored. A lot of closeted gays around the world can relate to his struggle and that is more importante than any couple combination. You remember the Prom Queen scene where he apologizes to Kurt? That one scene make Max Adler recieved tweets around the globe thanking him and his character for giving them the courage to came out to their family. This what Dave Karofsky is about. If he just saying sorry to Kurt made that, imagine for a while what we could have with him accepting his sexuality?

    For those who are bashing Dave Karofsky for bullying Kurt, let’s remember Season 1 for a second, please? Look what Puck used to do. He almost flipped Artie on a chemical toiled, slushied a lot of people, pushed a lot of people, INCLUDING KURT. Now look at him. Does any condeem him now? No. And I bet that he is one of the most beloved characters on the show. Why people forgave Puck, but not Dave? Because he gone further? Sue can almost kill Brittany and push people over stairs, and that’s okay and funny because of the background music. Kurt can be totally inapropriate on Finn and that’s okay, everybody still loves Kurt and victimizes him when Finn finally says ‘enough’. Brittany can use Artie, having sex with him, just for win a free dinner. Sorry, I don’t understand you.

  5. abc says:

    Seeing Karofsky near Kurt is absolutely triggering to me. And the idea that the victim needs to be the benevolent and empathetic rehabilitater for their bully is ALL KINDS OF WRONG.

    Cut your losses with the character, Glee. He’s tonally jarring with the rest of the show.

    • Erik says:

      It’s called forgiveness! You should try it sometime.

      • James says:

        And here is a typical Kurtofsky and Max Adler fan – yes, do tell a victim how they should act.

        • RachelA says:

          This is not about telling victims how they should act. But if victims WANT to forgive, and if they feel they have good reason to, they should be allowed to do so without the accusation that it is unrealistic, masochistic or the result of false consciousness. If a victim believes that the aggressor is genuinely sorry for their actions and WANTS to forgive them on that basis, that is all to the good for both the victim and the harasser. And by the way, there have been many people on this thread who are/were victims and are Karofsky supporters. Stop trying to speak for all victims. Nothing gives you the right.

          • katz says:

            but you also want to understand that not everyone wants to forgive their bullies everything, something like this is not easy to forgive. And Kurts case was like worst ever, I would stay far away from karofsky.

          • Lily says:

            I even wonder whether Chris Colfer has forgiven his real life bullies.

    • Ellie says:

      How is it all kinds of wrong for someone to be able to ge over what happened in the past and want to make a change in a person in order for them to be well-adjusted in life?

    • Sidhcelegam says:

      Sweetie, what you’re advocating there is called censorship. We don’t do that in a free society. That said, I’m sorry if you feel badly about the character and I’m sorry for what ever happened to you. However, there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of David Karofskys all over the world who might benefit from seeing his story given a happy ending, even if it’s not with Kurt/any established character on the show.
      I don’t mean to cause any offense to you though and I apologize in advance if I do offend you.

      • No says:

        “Sweetie,” you don’t actually know what censorship is, because that sure as heck isn’t an example of it.

      • Sarah says:

        Lol. Censorship. I don’t think that word means what you think it means “sweetie.”

      • I AM ANGRY HULK SMASH says:

        That’s not censorship. That is a person not wanting to feel mental AGONY when they are watching a TV show.

        Like, are you trying to guilt trip them? I don’t see what your getting at.

  6. Jonathan says:

    This discussion shows some children (and I mean Karofsky’s fans and oponents equally) shouldn’t have TV and internet at all. Please, kids, read books or go to gym, because what you are doing right now right here is terrible. Hating each other over FICTIONAL characters? What is wrong with this world?

  7. Chris says:

    First of all – DAVE KAROFSKY IS my favorite character !!!!!
    2ND – MAX ADLER is such a GOOD actor !!! and not only a good actor, but such an AMAZING person !!!!! He’s real ! We NEED more DAVE , we need our Karofsky. We need more Max Adler on television !!!!!

  8. Izza says:

    The more people say he shouldn’t be back, the more I think he will be. It proves that the message is not getting across. People still hate the big bad bully just trying to become better than slushie throwing and locker checking, onto protecting people and becoming the guy his parents are proud of.

  9. Locky says:

    For a writer, the ultimate desire (that is extremely hard to fulfill) is to transform the most hated character into the most loved and sympathetic one, using their talent and imagination. I wonder, if RIB are up for the challenge?

  10. Marco says:

    This character needs to be on the show as a regular. The actor is great, both on and off the camera, and David deserves a story of his own, if only to offset the utter dullness or complete idiocy-bar-wrongness of most other storylines (Klaine is the most ridiculously unbelievable wish-fulfillment relationship (seriously, Bland is nothing more than a ‘thing’ Kurt owns), I’m bored to death by Finchel drama-lama, the Brittana relationship became seriously unhealthy in s2 (seriously, whoever manipulates someone to have sex with her with the excuse ‘it’s not cheating, since the plumbing is different’ shamelessly is horrible, yet people support this and vilify Kurtofsky, which happens to be a perfectly healthy relationship compared to Brittana post-s2), Sue stopped becoming funny and became terrible, I don’t hold out much hope for a Quinn storyline in s3, the way they effed her up in s2, and what was up with Will & Emma? Why did they get so psycho?). He doesn’t have to have a relationship with Kurt, but I hope they keep them as friends. I also wish for Santofsky to become an actual friendship, instead of just a convenience agreement.

    And to the trolls who scream about Karofsky being abusive, violent and a bully 1) did you miss the arc he had in s2 about realizing that what he did was wrong, and 2) ever taken a good look in the mirror?

  11. Michelle says:

    I’ve been watching Glee for awhile, but nothing about it reeled me in and made me a fan until Dave came along. His storyline and character development is both extremely compelling and necessary, as he alone is addressing a whole group of people that before had little to no representation whatsoever. His is such a unique, poignant and thought provoking story that I truly believe needs to be told and heard (even for those resistant to hear it). I really feel like I’ve found a gem of storyline, the sort that most television writers have to be lucky to stumble on and brave to play out. I hope RIB will prove to be the latter of these things, as this could truly be the opus of the entire show, but only if they treat it right.

  12. DAREU2BME says:

    Dave needs to come back! He needs more time to play out the rest of his story!

  13. Laura says:

    Personally, I’d love to see Dave interact more with Santana. I loved their scenes together. I’d also love to see him interact with Bieste and maybe have her become a sympathetic ear for Dave. As far as Kurt and Blaine go, I think having them become uneasy allies is the best solution to a sticky problem.

  14. amanda says:

    Bring Dave back! His storyline is important and would be so compelling on television.

  15. Lily says:

    Finn’s development towards Kurt : bully – unrequited love interest – understanding stepbrother.
    Karofsky development towards Kurt : bully – sexual harasser – (trying to be understanding) ally.
    I think Karofsky’s role towards Kurt is almost complete.. Would love to see a couple of scenes of Kurt and Karofsky in their PFlag-activities, that may save a kid (Alex’s character ?) from suicide…

  16. Laura says:

    Dave Karofsky’s storyline has the most potential of all the stories Glee has presented, and the fact that the comments on this poll swing wildly from loathing to love only serves to underscore this point. David’s story is echoed within the lives of many, many people, and also contributes to disarming the stereotype that all gay males are flambouyant and love Broadway. His story is seen all over the world because of mindless condemnation and hate (much like what is seen in the comments here) directed toward closeted teenagers, a large part of the gay community that is simply never addressed. The story itself is dramatic, sympathetic, and compelling, whether Dave is a love interest of Kurt’s or not. At this point, there is nothing stopping it from become a romantic storyline, and, given time, it could develop in to something very meaningful. Whether Dave’s story is given this chance or not, it remains a powerful, important part of Glee that should be pursued at all costs, if only for the sake of so many teenagers like David Karofsky.

    • Laura says:

      Another Laura here. I’m curious: what kind of message do you think a love story between Kurt and Dave would send to the Kurts of the world?

      • Lily says:

        The first Laura was talking about “love-interest” which does not necessarily means love story.

      • Laura says:

        I think that it has the most potential of any romantic storylines presented on Glee, to be quite frank. It’s a bit of Beauty and the Beast, really: learning who someone is underneath an abrasive and mean (or even cruel, although not in this case) exterior. I’m not advocating abuse, but we’ve seen, from what little RIB’s done with Dave, that Karofsky is different to David. Given time, I think that it can send a message of forgiveness, second chances, and sincere affection vs affection for the sake of convenience (which is all too common).

        • James says:

          Sure it can … if you have issues. There is a reason why victims are counselled AGAINST engaging in relationships with their abusers. You know, in the real world.

          • Laura says:

            Welp, good thing Dave and Kurt’s interactions don’t fit that, then!

          • James says:

            @Laura There is no romantic story line on Glee between Karofsky and Kurt. I’d rewatch season 2. Uh, you’re worse than Kummers. And in need of therapy.

      • Melanie says:

        Not speaking for anyone but myself, but I see a potential romance between Kurt and Dave showing that (1) when it comes to love, anything is possible; (2) real forgiveness has no strings attached; (3) couples don’t have to be like each other, sometimes complementing and supporting each other works just as well or better.

    • James says:

      There is such a thing as the real world though and that is luckily what counts. People in the GA don’t even know his name and his role is that of a bully and a sexual predator. I’d think a bit what kind of message a love story between a victim and his abuser would send. If you think that is a good thing, well …

      • Molly says:

        Lol Dave Karofsky’s as much of a ~*~sexual predator~*~ as I am, and I’m asexual.

        • James says:

          He was. The culmination was the cake topper scene. It was the creepiest scene ever filmed on Glee. They quickly retconned his character later on, to make him more sympathetic because they realised they pushed it too far and they did not want to deal with it all apart from the lazy way that we saw in BTW but bad writing was the hallmark of the second season. Still doesn’t change all that happened before.

          • Molly says:

            Mmm no, that doesn’t make him a sexual predator. I’m not denying it was creepy, but it was one incident. Which he later apologised for. If you choose to be belligerent and view the character through your own issues, that’s your prerogative, but it’s inaccurate. Throwing inapplicable labels around doesn’t really help your case, either.

          • James says:

            Oh yes, he apologised for it. Well, that must make it all right! I mean who cares what he did before right? Poor poor woobie. No repercussions at all for everything that he did, great message that in Glee. And yes, he was exhibiting classical sex. predator characteristics. Whether you like it or not.

          • Lily says:

            The cake topper scene was really ugh.

          • Lily says:

            Even though I hated the cake topper scene, Lauren Zizes did something similar to Puck … but he liked it.

          • Tracy says:

            That cake topper scene was legitimately horrifying. As in, I can’t watch it without being terrified, and I can’t even see Karofsky’s face without feeling that same fear. (I just have to skip over everything else with him on the DVR.) Deliberately overriding someone’s denial of consent to touch them, making them very aware of how much bigger and stronger you are and thus that you can do whatever you want to them, and then slowly dragging your hand toward their groin?

            Anyone who would deliberately induce that much sexualized terror in someone in order to control them deserves nothing more than to be plastered across the side of a bus.

          • chris says:

            oooooooh I LOVED that cake topper scene !!!! Karofsky looked sooo hot ! I really wish someone can look deep into my eyes like that. It gives my chills :)

  17. CC says:

    If Karofsky comes back, it should be in a limited role. He should just show up in locker room scenes, football scenes, etc. There is a rather large regular cast who needs to be focused on this year and their storylines expanded, not someone with guest star status. I think the tone of this year will be different, with the seniors looking at what they’ll be doing when they graduate so they don’t need to re-visit the bullying storyline which has pretty much been played out at this point.

    • Lily says:

      The bullyline will be revisited but in another way… Whether we like it or not, the Prom Queen episode has shown that “Kurt” is not really accepted by a part of the students. And I think this will also show when Kurt and Brittany both want to become the head of the class.

      • Susanna says:

        As much I find the class president storyline interesting, Kurt running as one of the candidates is really unrealistic. He never had (neither had Brittany) leader skills – and I don’t think he has any – and doing this just for purpose of being accepted by whole school is rather pathetic attempt.

        • Lily says:

          Kurt feels superior towards the others and I think that is one of the reasons why he would love to be the head of the class. And as the head of the class, his status will be improved and hopefully he will become more popular and more accepted… but I guess this is all wishful thinking.

    • Laura says:

      Yeah, it seems like Glee is going back to the dark humor/crackiness of season 1 so I’m not sure how a story about Dave and Kurt fit into that.

      • Lily says:

        Kurt may develop feelings for Karofsky because of his “passionate violence” as opposed to the more tepid lovestory with Blaine… but in the end Kurt will realize that violence cannot have a place in a relationship. ( this reminds me of the song “Bad Romance” from Lady Gaga).

        • Molly says:

          I’m sorry, are we watching the same show? If Dave were exhibiting ‘passionate violence’, Kurt never would have agreed to come back to McKinley in the first place. There has been no violence on the part of Dave Karofsky since, to date, The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle, at least.

          • Lily says:

            Maybe I am thinking too far…Just like people who were held hostage, sometimes develop sympathy for their tourmentors, maybe Kurt might have sympathy for Karofsky…even though only for a moment.

  18. James says:

    No more Karofsky! Not only do we not need him on our screen, anywhere near Kurt after the wonderful behaviour of a sexual predator and the threat to kill him would be vomit inducing, not to mention triggering.

    As for Max Adler, I don’t remember the last time I saw someone so ignorant trying to milk something that is a huge actual, serious problem in real life for the sake of a TV role. He could not get more pathetic with his Twitter even if he tried so hopefully, if they have to return that twit to our TV they’ll wrap it up in one episode and enough.

    • Sid says:

      I’m confused by the term “triggering” that I’m seeing bandied about by the anti-Karofsky types (or, in your case, it seems to be more anti-Max Adler, which strikes me as a bit odd given the fact that I just sought out his Twitter and found it fairly unassuming). Are you suggesting that television programs should avoid any storylines that could be potentially triggering for anyone in the viewing audience? Because, frankly, that’s absurd.

      Glee is not required viewing.

      On a personal note, which I am somewhat comfortable with since this is an anonymous venue, I will share that I was raped in my teens (oddly enough, by someone who had sexually harassed me for a couple of years). However, I do not propose that storylines involving harassment, rape or the like, be banished from my television.

      I have a remote control. If something gets too difficult for me to watch, I have options.

  19. Maria says:

    Oh can we please be essentially done with this character for a while? I mean, I know we had to do the bullying thing–who wasn’t last year? But there are enough characters in the glee club to give the writers something to work with. Yes? Please! Okay, we can see him when they have football practice or something. He can keep his slushy appearances. But no more coming out angst. And, dear Lord, no more walking around on patrol with Santana.

    • Lassandra says:

      Dave being Part of the Bullie Whips and apolagizing in front of Kurt for what he did means that he will not be the bad boy anymore the Hockey Team will have the “slushie appereance” and Im pretty sure Dave will be back and will have his Coming Out Story :) Together with Santana.

      • Lily says:

        They will both come out… after graduation day…

      • Tracy says:

        Being forced into acting like a barely-decent person, further forcing your victim to spend time with you, and then putting an expectation of forgiveness upon them is not stopping being “the bad boy.” It is the MO of an abuser, though: get away with everything you can, and then try to wipe away all your misdeeds with one tearful apology that your victim is expected to take. Otherwise, it becomes a problem with them.
        If he really felt an ounce of remorse for what he did, he would have demonstrated it in the Superbowl episode. Instead, what happened? He had a chance to choose his path and at the end of the episode and he chose acting like a terrorizing bully once more. When Kurt showed up months later at the school, well after hours, Karofsky made a point to try to go intimidate him again. He had to be pushed every step of the way toward even play-acting at being a decent person, and then, like many of his ilk, he expected that one moment from him would make up for the enduring agony he inflicted on his innocent victim.
        You want someone who’s genuinely fumbling their way through life and trying to improve themselves? Go look at Noah Puckerman. And I didn’t expect to see it at all, but starting from Grilled Cheesus he’s been finding his own way toward kindness and maturity. Not perfectly, and he has some backsliding, but believably. He’s done it on his own. Karofsky was a rabid dog who got abruptly leashed as a plot conceit to get Chris Colfer back with the main cast, nothing more.

  20. Jack says:

    I tried reading through the comments, but I couldn’t anymore on the second page. It seems like one of the main reasons people don’t want Dave back on the show is because he bullied Kurt, stole a kiss and threathened to kill him. You can say all you want about what Dave did and why he did it. You can have whatever opinion you want about his apology. I don’t care.
    But one thing I absolutely hate is that so many people who hate Dave because of what he did bully the people who do like him. Sometimes I laugh at the irony, but now it just makes me very upset.
    That being said, I do hope Dave returns in S3. I personally would love to see him get together with Kurt, but I would be fine with just a friendship between the two. Dave’s storyline is important to so many people out there.
    What he did to Kurt was bad, I agree. But we all make mistakes, and don’t forget he wasn’t the only character who bullied Kurt. Yes, he did take it a step further than most, but he wasn’t the only one. Puck and Finn bullied Kurt, and they have been so easily forgiven. We haven’t once seen them sincerely apologize for everything they’ve done. Dave has apologized and Kurt has forgiven him. Why can’t you?

    • Laura says:

      But can’t you forgive someone without becoming their friend?

    • katz says:

      OMG whats with these karofsky fans KURT NEVER FORGIVED HIM OK? HE ONLY SAID THAT HE UNDERSTANDS WHAT KAROFSKY IS GOING THOUGH, ARGHH, you karofsky stans dont care about Kurts feeling at all=/ I suppose if he could have raped kurt you still think that everything is ok now when karofsky apologized.

      • Kate says:

        I suppose when Kurt will be saying sincere ‘Iloveyou’ to Dave, you still be thinking that he is just so scared of Karofsky so he trying to escape him and saing this us just the way to confuse him and then to run away safe.

    • katz says:

      Puck and Kurt had lots of humor in it cant be compared with Karofsky storyline.

  21. Tammy says:

    Personally, the very first episode of Glee I ever watched was Never Been Kissed. And the only reason that I ever watched another episode of Glee was because of the locker room kiss. (And then later became… a frequent viewer. *coughobsessedcough*)

    Say what you want about that scene, but it was very powerful. I think that Max in particular did a fantastic job bringing to life the confusion and frustration that his character would have been feeling. That moment when he hit the lockers and kind of whimpered? Sold the show for me.

    I think that, if really planned and executed with care, Dave could become one of the most lovable and real characters of the show. (Everyone loves redemption stories. Everyone loves the underdog.) They have already taken the first steps toward this. To not take the opportunity this story line has given them would be an absolute waste.


  22. lila says:

    I adore the kurtofsky and klainers here trying to protect their paring by insulting Blaine or Karofsky.

    But nothing brings me more laughs than karofskys’ fans that say he’s the biggest victim (LMAO)

    Victim? yes of course -(probably society or his own ignorance)
    Biggest victim? Ah!

    I’m a big kurtofsky fan but y’all need to calm down

  23. Karen says:

    I sincerely think Max Adler is a mediocre actor at best and is over-hyped by well, himself and the fandom. Though that being said, I still want Karofsky to find peace with himself as far away from Kurt as possible. Kurt is not to held responsible for Karofsky’s actions nor obligated to help him through or even forgive him nor be treated as a prize for Karofsky’s redemption. Personally, Karofsky’s storyline is quite triggering for me and Max Adler does nothing for me acting-wise so little of him on my screen is my pick.

  24. Georgina says:

    You know, regardless of your feelings towards Dave Karofsky, regardless of the fact that you like him or hate him or don’t care for him, it’s actually pretty interesting that a minor guest character caused discusion with almost 350 comments, which is a rare thing on…If you ever wanted to give RIB the proof they write Glee characters well, you did it now.

  25. Sónia says:

    The character of Dave is back in season 3 as much as possible for people to realize that being gay is only a man like another man and nothing else, has nothing to do with the way you dress, how you speak, if you like football or not, if you like fashion or not.

    But the message is more inportant that everyone makes mistakes, ask forgiveness and forgive. That’s part of being human to err, no one is perfect.

    What I liked about Glee in season 1 was that all the characters cometião errors, were not perfect, had defects.
    In the second season lost the joke because they tried to make the characters were perfect, who makes no mistakes. That’s why I like Dave (and Santana), he reminds me of the characters of season 1 and did not think a joke to Blaine (character, I love Darren Criss – A Very Potter Musical always) who never misses is too perfect.

    I liked the Kurt and Dave were a couple, but only at the end before both have to grow, and’d learn that the world is not perfect and we’re not the center of the world, there are more people who have different tastes and ideas . I think Kurt will not grow in relation to Blaine, because they are too similar for me are best friends than lovers. But that’s my opinion.

    Sorry for my English. I am Portuguese


    Eeeegh he makes me sort of uncomfortable(because of reasons)but I do know that there are a lot of kids like him out there, so I guess that he should stay on.
    But if Glee were made to be exclusively relevant to my interests, I would cut him out of the show like yeah. Or just have him not act like a creeper in the first place.

    And fellow survivors of sexual harassment/assault, CAN’T WE JUST ALL GET ALONG. We will always be comfortable with different levels of (former)abuser/victim-interactions, AND IT’S OKAY. It really is. Some people want to see Karofsky redeemed(sometimes in a relationship with Kurt), Some people don’t want to see him at all. Some people are somewhere in the middle etc. IT’S OKAY.
    No-one owes anyone forgiveness. No-one has the right to tell someone what that person has or hasn’t been through because of a CHARACTER that that person likes. Stop contributing to a culture that only hurts us.

    also can people stop bashing other fans it’s getting really embarrassing i’m serious. rude klainers, stop it, rude pirates, stop it play nice or don’t play at all~~

  27. kbo says:

    I think it’s pointless to compare what different characters have done and gone through, because there’s no comparison. They are different personalities and journeys. There may be similarities, but that’s it. It’s more fair to judge something based on its own merits and fails.

    That aside, if they’re to continue Karofsky’s storyline, I’d like to see him getting help from someone who really knows how to help his issues (ideally someone professional) and getting better for himself. I’d also like to see Azimio accepting him and continuing that friendship. I do think there’s potential with Karofsky, Blaine, and Santana interacting together. Personally, I thought the most interesting and curious part was the antagonistic Puck and Karofsky dynamic.

    That said, I’m still mostly, with a few exceptions, disappointed in how they handled this last season, so I hope it goes better this time if they’re continuing it. There was potential at first, but they started it out one way and ended it up another, and just rushed it, which did a disservice. They should’ve developed it more overtime, and properly so. It’s clear they changed their minds about it midway, so it made for jarring and sometimes unbelievable (in an unrealistic sense) development. But what’s done is done, and I hope this season is better all-around.

  28. Moo says:

    As the only character that was written with consistency in Season II, I fully support more Karofsky.

  29. GossipNinja says:

    Kurtofsky is a storyline which is accessible for a gay man. Klaine is a romance for straight, teenage girls. Teenage fangirls, I might add. I think it’s more important to make the show relatable. Dave represents a large number of people who are afraid to come out, whilst Blaine, I feel, is an annoying waste of lines.
    Furthermore, I think Max Adler is a more talented actor than Darren Criss.
    Oh, and if we’re gonna get rid of everyone who’s ever bullied Kurt on this show, then why is Puck still here? And why is no-one addressing the real enemy, Finn.
    Peace out.

    • Jenna says:

      “Klaine is a romance for straight, teenage girls.”

      EVERY pairing on Glee is created for straight, teenage girls. They are the best, most payable audience. Except for Brittana. Brittana is for straight, teenage boys.

    • Laura says:

      Did I miss some memo that all gay men are like Dave now and no gay men are like Kurt or Blaine anymore?

    • Lily says:

      I also had the feeling that Finn had more homophobic feelings compared to all the other males in New Directions. Finn had his good and bad moments…In the “Lady Gaga” episode (Season 1) he stood up for Kurt against his bullies, but he did not do that in the “Wedding episode” (Season 2). But he did not sexually harras Kurt…

    • James says:

      Story accessible for a gay man? What, all gay men turn bullies when they are conflicted? Really? Please. Spare us that bs. He had no excuse for being the bully that he was and too bad he never got to face the music for it as he should have. So many gay man toil through it and never assault anyone. God forbid that an open gay teen is anyone’s role model right? And Max Adler needs to shut his mouth a little bit and stop showing the world what a giant uneducated jerk he is with his heteronormative bull about the man and the woman in a gay relationship.

      • J Ryan says:

        I am a gay man and I have heard many other gay men refer to each other as “girl” or “girlfriend”. I have seen personal ads in which men seek other “straight acting” men so for Max to say what he did is not an insult IMO. Men are seen as the protectors and women the nurturers so I took his statement as on that he saw his character one way and that he would look for his opposite(a nurturer).

    • Quentin says:

      It’s a good thing I, and every other gay man out there, have you to tell me what story I should relate to. Stop trying to place value on queer representation to try and justify your ship. Blaine is important and represents a large number of people, and he’ll continue to do so regardless of your opinion. Just like my distaste of Karofsky doesn’t change the fact that he is important to a lot of people.

    • Tracy says:

      Gee, and here I’m friends with four adult gay men who were all bullied in high school. They think Blaine is a condescending blowhard… but they also think that Karofsky is vile, needs to be publicly humiliated and expelled, and is and exactly the kind of monsters who hurt them because they were more vulnerable than them. I loathe Karofsky, but they take my feelings and crank the volume way, way up.

      So they prefer Blaine as the lesser of two evils, yes, but none of them like either pairing. One wants Kurt to find someone new in NYC, two want Mike to come out because he’s nice and cute, and one just wants Kurt off his screen entirely.

  30. george says:

    Enough of the bit players.

  31. bridget says:

    Where’s the choice for a friendship with Santana?

    Ever since the episode after the super bowl I’ve wanted Dave to join the glee club, and then I saw a video of Max Adler singing, and now I need it.

  32. carol says:

    So much hate on this site for a character that clearly doesn’t deserve it. People here tend to forget that ALL OF the main characters of Glee are ALL BULLIES, even Kurt. Fin and Puck were horrible to Kurt, Kurt uses his words to hurt people even when he doesn’t “mean it”. Come on the guy even told Rachel that her clothes were horrible and remember when he did it so he can get “FIN” to fall for him, that’s mean. Glee is also a show that is full of appalling behavior. Never have I disliked a character as much as I dislike Mr.Schulster. This teacher is inappropriate and a danger to his students. Sue sylvester is not only dangerous but downright crazy, yet we think this behavior is “Hilarious” as well. Their principal? Man should be fired and never hired. Point is, while most of you have forgotten or forgiven these characters, here you are asking for Dave Karosfky to be seen as little as possible or worse yet killed off as some of you have written.

    Never mind, that here Glee has an actual opportunity to do something great for the GLBT community. I believe in redemption and I believe that Karosfky is a character deserving of such redemption. And I personally have known bullies who have go on to fall in love with their victims and have their love returned.


    lol I’m bi teenage grrl and a klainer what does it meaaan

    There was actually a thaaang going around tumblr for a while that proved that there actually are a lot of queer peeps who ship it. Also nice misogyny thar when you say that straight grrl can’t possibly be interested queer relationships for anything other than ~le sexayness~. I will admit that there are probably a number of douche-y klainers who are only in it for the ~smex~(uuuugh that term makes me cringe) but they are not the majority.

    “Oh, and if we’re gonna get rid of everyone who’s ever bullied Kurt on this show, then why is Puck still here? And why is no-one addressing the real enemy, Finn.”

    Idk, I never saw their bullying as severe as Karofsky’s bullying of Kurt, so I don’t really think that you can compare them. But fair point.

    Like, the reasons why I’m so uncomfortable with Karofsky is the sexual harassment-thing and the death threat-thing, which neither Finn or Puck submitted Kurt too. I don’t know if my opinion is a popular opinion, tho?

  34. Zachary says:

    I believe Karofsky should receive slightly more screentime than in Season 2, but not much. The reason I am even a fan of the character is the fact that the writers decided to give his story consistency and develop him slowly from the bully into someone Kurt can forgive. However, after Season 2, I don’t trust the writers with any character (Quinn is always my favorite example of character butchering) especially if they have more screentime. Let his character appear occasionally and have consistent growth and I will be far more pleased than if his character is destroyed by either too much screentime or none at all.

  35. Daly says:

    I’d love to see Kurt helping Karofsky with his struggling with acceptance! But no way for him to be Kurt’s love interest! Besides,R.Murphy already said that Klaine is endgame.

    • Lily says:

      Endgame but when ? Anything can happen in one schoolyear.

    • Sarah says:

      Well, R.Murphy never said Klaine is endgame, he just said he won’t break-up any pairing in Season 3, but it was already confirmed that Lauren will abruptly break-up with Puck in the first episode. So much to believability of Murphy’s words :)

  36. Puckleberry says:

    As compelling as Max Adler performance as conflicted Dave Karofsky was, I am not that interested in his story. For me, his role is secondary. A little Karofsky is fine with me. Season 3 should focus on the New Directions kids. Everything else, in my book, is just peripheral.

  37. Lassandra says:

    Ok this is my Opinion you can hate on it but it will never change anything :)

    First I am a Kurtofsky Shiper, Max Adler Fan, a Proud Pirate and that will never change.

    For me Dave is the only Reason why I actally love Glee so much is because of Dave and his amazing Storyline. He chaged from the 2 Sentence Bullie in Season 1 to the closet Gay Guy in Season 2 to someone who finally apolagized in front of Kurt under tears (something what Puck never did for Kurt) and Kurt don’t hate him thats a Fact get over it!

    I want Dave to be happy to be out and to finally be who he want to be and not what some other people want him to be.

    He is the perfect example of so many Guys on every school worldwide who are actually like him. Its not his Father its the Society who made him like he is, its not an excuse for what he did but Glee is about forgiveness and being who you are because this is what makes you special :)

    Also about Max, I just adore him in a very platonic way I am a Fangirl and yeah I tweet him very much and sometimes he answered me , he is a tease but we love him because of that, he is so near to his Pirates its just cute he mentioned us in Interviews or Videos he knows who we are he is proud to be a part f Glee and we are proud about him being a part of it :). He is also very supportive for charity like MDA or Trevor Project which is for me nothing about “searching for attention” also his teasing is just fun we love it it just shows how much he likes his Fans that he answers some Question even if its only teasing :).

    Like I said only my Opinion, haters to the left :)

    Sry for my Bad English Im from Germany :)


    • Janette says:

      If Karofsky and Max Adler are the only reasons you love Glee, then you never were a true fan of Glee and you should be ashamed of yourself. There are so many interesting storylines which needs to be explored in season 3 and if you think coming-out storyline of some bully is more important than storyline of young mother who gave up her child for adoption and now she will deal with consequences, you are even more stupid than twelve years old Klaine fans.

      • I AM ANGRY HULK SMASH says:

        Oh god stop it with the fandom policing already. If that is the only storyline ze’s interested in, ze’s allowed to feel that way. What’s it to you, anyways?

      • Lassandra says:

        Hm I never was rude and I say Its my Opnion so why are you rude to me? Only because I adore Max as an Actor more then the other Cast members, which means not that I dont adore them to, also yeah his SL means a lot to me I also love Santanas SL and the other ND Members and if they get there Storys I will be happy about it but putting me together with some stupid little Kids is just rude and now you are not better then this People. I have my Opinion you have your Opinion :) And Dave is not some bullie for me he is a Character who needs to have his SL too like every other Cast Member I also want to see more from Tina and Mike because they never had any Storyline in this Show also Mercedes I really adore every single Char but Dave has a Special Place in my Heart.


      • Tammy says:

        LOL at your fandom elitism right now. Is there some kind of “true fan” quiz I’m not aware of? I sincerely hope that you don’t actually mean she should be ashamed. This is a TV show.

        Also, she never said anything about it being the most important story line. She said that it is the reason SHE watches Glee. It’s her opinion, yo.

        I was very disappointed in the way that they dismissed the Beth story line, and I hope that this season we can see the effects it had on everyone involved.

        • Lassandra says:

          Thanks Tammy :) also I want Beth to have a lot of nice scenes with Quinn it was such a great SL in Season 1 :) Im so happy that she is back.

      • Lily says:

        It is a coincidence that I only started to follow Glee in Season 2 and a few random episodes at the end of Season 1 that just happened to be Kurt centered. So I was not aware of Quinn and her pregnancy problems for a while.

  38. Barbara says:

    Oh my God…this character has been written off the show. How much more hints do you need. 5 episodes..5!!! and the actor is not even sure he is back on the show. The funny thing is the 5 Kurtofsy fans are the same ones posting and reposting.. lassandra, erik, anna, freddie and co.

    Michael only post this here to get hits. Do you really think Ryan reads this site?

    • Lassandra says:

      That was after on replie my First Post on this Side Girl ;) Just for your Information also Im pretty sure he will be back why should they not tell it if he would not be Back :) and now just let it be that there People who actually have another Opinion then your own.

      • Barbara says:

        I swear to God if I see karofsky on Glee for more than a total of 5 minutes ill buy you guys a house. Its not going to happen. I repeat..HE. HAS. NOT. BEEN. ON. SET. One needs to be on set before anything can happen. No one cares. RIB certainly do not. They have been bleating they want to return to season 1 Glee with less drama nd more music and comedy. If Ashley that dated Mark’s character, went on tour and all that can be cut, then who the heck is Max Adler. Only the oldest looking teenager since Grampa Mark. You Karofsky fans need to let it go…its getting pathetic now but all so entertaining.

        • Lassandra says:

          Sry It would be funny if it would be not so sad, do you have a real life? We dont know if he was on Set Last Week or this Week and if it means to wait 4 or 5 or 6 Episodes I dont care because its not new to us :) and stop bashing on Max its just boring and stupid and kind of amusing …….interesting that we discuss about this Character who is hated by “everyone” like this I mean he is absolutly not interesting in any way ;)

          So and now over and out

        • PK says:

          “Never been kissed” was episode 6 of season 2.

          I had checked the future episodes of Glee on wikipedia to ensure that Max Adler was mentioned; otherwise, I would have given up Glee as a bad job!

          Am planning the same for this season. RIB – No Karofsky, no Watchee!

    • Anna says:

      There are at least 2 Annas because I didn’t write more than 3 posts here.

  39. mage says:

    Dave needs to come out of the closet and join Glee Club!!! Let the boy sing!!!!

  40. What a joke says:

    The only romantic pairing I ship Karofsky with is him and the side of a bus. Or possibly with a meteor.

  41. Rachel says:

    I just have to throw in my two cents here.

    I support a Karofsky/Kurt storyline for a multitude of reasons: the drama, the potential for a positive storyline, the fact that Dave is an incredibly complex and multi-faceted character. Max Adler is an incredible actor and the way he portrays Dave Karofsky makes me believe there is a lot of untapped potential in the character. A redemption storyline between him and Kurt would be a beautiful addition to Glee.

    We know Karofsky is not a bad guy. He’s a scared little boy. Please don’t drop him so quickly. I care more about him than I care about any other character on the show. I think the writers had the right idea bringing in this new part to him, and I would love to see some expansion on that. Even if there is no romance between Kurt and Karofsky, it would still mean a lot to many fans to just have them be friends.

  42. Cassie says:

    Ryan Murphy said he loves Max and he loves his character and he wants sort of happy ending for him. Karofsky doesn’t need appear in every episode to get coming-out storyline. Kurt was struggling, closeted teenager too and it took him only four episodes to come-out, why should be Karofsky’s case different? He probably gets 3-4 episode arc in middle of season. That’s enough. End of the story.

    • Lily says:

      Yeah, maybe with the character of Alex (Glee project).

      • Barbara says:

        LOLOLOLOLOL….I wouldnt waste Alex on Grampa Karofsky. Seriously though the dude looks like Kurt’s dad’s agemate. No wonder the bullying had some creepy pedo vibes. Get rid of the fat old bully and bring bac Azimio…we want Azimio!! At least he was funny.

  43. Russ says:

    Dave Karofsky’s storyline has helped save lives, both figuratively and literally. If you don’t think that’s important, then you’re a douchebag.

    • Barbara says:

      Wah wah wah!!!!! It saved lives, wah wah!!

      Get the bully of the show and it saves my life! How bout that?! Do it for me and my emotions..(OH CREYS!)

      • Lassandra says:

        Ohm you know you are pretty entertaining? ;) btw we are speaking about Max are we? I mean Max Adler? Did you actually see him on some Pictures? This Guy is handsome everyone has a type if he is not your type ok but Granpa? XD Seriously he is a 25 Years old very handsome guy and what I actually call a man but in Glee he looks like a 17 Years old Boy :)

      • anon says:

        OMG, duttybarb? You are here? Nice to see you, I didn’t know you read!!! Guess, how I found out, who you are! Next time be more careful :D

    • Lassandra says:

      And I agree 100 % Russ :)

  44. Scilla says:

    Looks like you learned a lot from Glee, especially about acceptance, right? Do you know how is it called, making fun of someone on internet because of his physical traits (old, fat)? Cyber-BULLYING. Congratulations, you just proved you aren’t different from characters like Karofsky. :(

  45. I can do with a little Dave next season. However, I think it’s criminal that every character on Glee can have love interests and triangles and tons of discussion expect for Mercedes. As soon as she gets a guy, after two full seasons of nothing, he’s off the show.

    Yes, the gay storyline is major but Mercedes is a main character who gets no love. What does that say? Black girls are only deserving of love if they look like Beyonce? She’s beautiful, talented and alone. Instead of focuses on Dave, how about focusing on a major character that’s been there since day one?

    • Lily says:

      There are lots of single girls in high school, so Mercedes can represent them. A love relationship is not a must for high school happiness.

  46. Zane says:

    Seeing a redemption for Karofsky’s character would be far more interesting than any kind of boyklisses. The way Kurt and Blaine got together was not properly developed and boring and they’ve managed to be even more lackluster since then, even though I find Kurt one of the best characters on the show.
    I personally wouldn’t feel that comfortable with a romantic Kurtofsky relationship, but I’d be really interested in seeing their friendship develop. Max Adler is a wonderful actor and it’d be a waste to see him go.

  47. Lily says:

    What if the bully was goodlooking ? Oh but we already had Finn, Puck, Quinn and Santana…

    • Sarah says:

      Yes, Max Adler not being good-looking is why people don’t like Karofsky. A+ logic.

      • Lily says:

        It’s just like quinn said (Born this Way):
        “Being a hot seventeen year old you can get away with or do pretty much anything you want.”… And I guess Karofsky is not “a hot seventeen year old”.

        • Sarah says:

          Except Quinn is loathed by a large portion of the audience, so clearly Diana’s beauty isn’t helping. Darren is largely thought to be a good looking man and he’s hated by many as well. I think there’s a bit more at play here than Max’s below average appearance.

  48. Barbara says:

    wah wah wah wah wah…God this is the reason why I want Kacreysky of the show…

  49. Barbara says:

    Since you people came here too. I love messing with you Karofskians, it literally makes me feel better. Its like a big whole tumblr reunion…

  50. Aki says:

    Huge fan over here. I think he’s a beautiful, complex character who got far too little attention and should have gotten the boost over Ashley (as much as I adore her). I’d love to see him in most of the episodes, if not all, and I truly think having him around, especially with Kurt, might finally show some of the vehemently opposed that he’s not an absive bully. He’s a scared teenager who did stupid things who’s been wonderfully set up for a powerful arc in this upcoming season. And he may have threatened Kurt but the people crying assault need to get over it. Kurt, at most, only ever felt intimidated by Dave, but never assaulted. And if you’re not going to let him off, might as well hold Kurt forever accountable for stalking and sexually harassing Finn, or Burt physically assaulting Dave. People need to let go of their ridiculous double standards. Dave is a perfectly viable romantic option for Kurt, sorry if that’s displeasing for you, but this is Glee, anything is possible. If you don’t like that possibility, stop watching the show and leave us “crazy” people alone.

    • Lassandra says:

      Awww Aki let me love you :) yeah we are crazy sometimes…..but we are crazy together ;)

      • Aki says:

        Hate on me hater, now or later~ Seriously, the more they hate, the stronger my convictions towards Max/Dave/Kurtofsky become. Glee needs this story. Dave’s not the only one who needs educating around here.