Glee in Season 3: How Much of Dave Karofsky Do You Want to See?

The frantic and unexpected kiss that football-playing bully Dave Karofsky planted on Kurt Hummel was arguably the most startling moment of Glee‘s second season. But while Max Adler‘s performance as the homophobic bully with a conflicted core was undeniably powerful, there hasn’t been much advance intel about how big a role he’ll have on the show in Season 3. Which brings us to today’s poll question: If you had Ryan Murphy’s ear, what exactly would you ask him to do with Dave Karofsky? Be sure to vote below, then expand the brainstorming session down in the comments. And for all my Glee recaps and commentary — including additional “Glee in Season 3″ polls throughout the week — follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Julia says:

    I don’t want to see Karofsky at all, I don’t think he’s a good character, and I am angry that they keep trying to make me feel sorry for him. I don’t. He’s a jerk, and Kurt would have to be crazy to ever try to date him. I understand Karofsky is going through a lot, but in this day and age, treating Kurt like that is just unacceptable. I live in Ohio, and that would not have happened here. Nobody here cares if you’re gay. They might not have been friends, but there’s no way the harassment Kurt endured would happen here in Ohio. So I would like to see Karofsky gone, his story’s done and over.

    • Kate says:

      It’s not Ohio itself, it’s Fox tv-show about Ohio lol
      Have you any future Broadway stars in your town? I don’t think so. But that don’t mean there are no future Broadway stars there in Ohio or in Minnesota or in Russia or in whatever place all over the world. And so are closeted scared teens.

  2. Welp says:

    Just so you know, Kurtofsky shippers are already mobbing on Tumblr to vote repeatedly and reply as different people to seem like there are a lot of them.
    It doesn’t matter, everyone know witch one is the biggest fanbase regarding Kurt-ships.

    • Jenna says:

      Of course they are. Because they think this poll will actually make a difference, but they’re wrong there. It looks to me like Dave is being written off the show, and I couldn’t be happier about that. His character brought the whole show down and then when they tried to manipulate the audience into caring for him, it only made it worse. Please never come back.

      • Kate says:

        Lemme guess, you ship Klaine, don’t you? So there’s a truth: it’s Blaine who brought the show down. Not even Darren. Blaine.

        • Jenna says:

          Actually no, I don’t ship Klaine and I could care less about Blaine. I don’t want to see Kurt in love with the mad who bullied him because I’m a Chris fan. But it doesn’t surprise me that shippers make everything about shipping. Guess what, there are more people that don’t want Dave around than just a rival ship.

          • Kate says:

            And many of Dave’s fans (oh I think you know him only by lastname, but you need to be educated) don’t ship Kurtofsky almost at all. They just want to see him on the shoe, to see him happy. And I just can’t understand where is all your hate coming from.

          • Jason says:

            Because you’re a Chris fan? What, do you think acting in love with Dave Karofsky would be too scarring for him to act? Or is it just because Chris doesn’t agree with the pairing?

    • Ally says:

      Oohh tell me witch one is the biggest fanbase? Witch one is it? Is it Klaine? You know that the Klaine shippers mob every Klaine related poll ever so that they win, right?
      Why can’t Kurtofsky shippers do the same?

    • Renata says:


      Why does everything has to turn out as US vs THEM. Why everything has to turn out in a fight in this fandom? If you don’t like Karofsky, good for you. Vote, leave your comment or whatever. But come here to provoke other ships… THAT’s petty and low and uncalled for.

      Of course Kurtofsky shippers are mobbing to come here and vote, they all support Max’s character and want to see more of him. Just like DCriss or CC fans mob to vote in those “who is hotter” poll or whatever. What did you expect? And you know what? There is nothing wrong with that. Period.


  3. Renata says:


    I don’t like any of these options.

    1. I find it hard to think Karofsky as a good friend to Kurt, but I can imagine them coexisting in the McKinley High universe without antagonizing each other.

    2. Love interest for Kurt? Hardly. This plot would have to be developed very thoroughly to be convincing – and I doubt Glee could handle that

    3. As a continued harasser for Kurt… it’s kind of improbable, given the fact that he apologized and seemed to accept Kurt’s empathy… This option would work only to create more confict… but that would mean reversing back to s02e08 again… it would get boring very quickly.

    4. As a love interest for Blaine… actually, this is the most interesting of the options. I just really don’t like the idea of Klaine breaking up. But i firmly believe that, from the possible storylines, one that Blaine sort of befriends Karofsky and helps him is the most plausible and interesting. The mentor Blaine should have been to Kurt? It could totally happen with Karofsky. After all, Blaine /does know/ a thing or two about looking straight (or attempts to look straight) from his history with his dad. Blaine also knows a thing or two about the how bad coming out can go… Not to downplay what Kurt goes through at McKinley, BUT… Kurt sort of lives in his own reality when it comes to gay issues. I understand why he does, but that means it could be harder for him to really empathize with what Karofsky goes through in the process of accepting himself. I believe Blaine’s experience with the Sadie Hawkins made him more down to earth when it comes to this issue (that and the fact that Blaine is WAY more approachable than Kurt). Kurt being utterly unapologetic about who he is and what he wants (she the kilt debacle) sort of creates some distance between his and Karofsky’s character (the stereotypes Kurt has about being gay also help).

    5. Infrequent appearances and No appearances – this shouldn’t be an option, as simple as that. Seriously, after they gave us a character like Karofsky they can’t just… urgh, the idea of him disappearing without a proper closure is just awful.

    • Julie says:

      I entirely agree with everything you said about Blaine. This is why I support the coupling of Blaine and Dave (Blave? Blainofsky? Daine? Hm…)

  4. linda says:

    WRITE KAROFSKY OFF THE SHOW. The storyline was triggering, offensive, a bad message for victims, and nearly destroyed Glee. Let Kurt be free.

    • Bill says:

      You have to break out the caps for that?

      Protip: “trigger” doesn’t mean “stories I don’t like”.

      If you want to talk triggers, watch Criminal Minds, CSI, and so on. Murder and rape all the time. Bullying happens all the time in high school, this storyline taught kids what is too much and what should not be put up with, that parents and school authorities must be involved.

      If you don’t want to get triggered, watch My Little Pony.

    • Adam says:

      Sue pushed a teacher down the stairs and hospitalized him. My father did the same to me erego Sue should be written off the show. I am serious. The entire show is full of these instances and if everything in the show could possibly be a trigger for someone is eliminated, then there would be no show.

    • Tanya says:

      You want to talk about triggers? How about Puck putting drugs into cupcakes they sold to the whole school? How about when Mercedes stopped eating because she had to lose weight? How about the whole Glee club getting drunk in school? How about Rachel trying to make herself sick to be more skinny like Quinn, or nearly getting a nose job? If Glee wrote off a character every time they did something that could be considered ‘triggering’ there would be no characters left.

  5. RachelA says:

    First off, I’ll state upfront want as much Karofsky as possible in season 3. His storyline was by far my favorite from season 2 and arguably the most consistent of ANY character on Glee…ever. And it’s DEFINITELY not played out yet. Second, while I do *understand* people being put off by the idea of him being with Kurt romantically, I think a lot of the reasons for their resistance are misguided. The idea that Dave ever really hated Kurt or wanted to do him any genuine harm to me is completely anti-cannon. Though I recognize this is an interpretation, i feel like revealing that he is gay, and that that was the reason for his bullying, to a large extent absolves him. (Especially since he VERY sincerely apologized) All his past antipathy toward Kurt was CLEARLY misplaced SELF-hatred. People conflating that with with genuine bigotry or the desire to inflict serious harm are quite frankly ridiculous. Besides, being hostile/mean to someone you have romantic/sexual feelings for is a COMMON trope in TV and movies and OFTEN leads to romantic entanglement later down the line. I just can’t get on board with notion that their relationship was ever truly abusive. From the moment he kissed Kurt, his bullying was always in my eyes simply a sign of unrequited desire and self-hatred for having that desire. And let’s all please not forget that Finn and Puck used to be horribly abusive and mean to Kurt at the beginning of the first season and somehow they were both TOTALLY forgiven. And people completely bought that Kurt soon after developed a crush on Finn. So I don’t understand why Karofksy is any different. If anything he deserves MORE leeway in that regard, since his reasons for being mean were obviously much more deep-seated and sympathetic.

    • Melanie says:

      Dear RachelA: Thank you for having a great vocabulary and enormous good sense. Your interpretation of Dave’s motives for bullying Kurt in the first place is totally the way I saw it too, and from having talked with several “Former Daves”, it just rings true. I hope the writers have your maturity.

    • Julie says:

      You make quite a lot of sense… though in all honesty, I’m nowhere near having forgiven Finn. I have, however, forgiven Karofsky, so this supports your point… right?

    • Lauren says:

      “Though I recognize this is an interpretation, i feel like revealing that he is gay, and that that was the reason for his bullying, to a large extent absolves him.”

      Really? Because Dave’s gay it’s perfectly acceptable that he bullied Kurt to the point of him changing schools because he was so scared?

      No. It’s not okay if he did it because he was attracted to Kurt or he never was going to truly hurt him. It’s not okay because he threatened to kill a boy and said boy obviously believed him because he switched freaking schools he was so scared.

  6. Lauren says:

    I don’t really like any of these options. I just want them to keep doing what they were doing with his character. I think Dave, and Max, were one of the best things about this season.

  7. Sarah says:

    As little as possible please. The character is a mess of poor planning and melodramatic “acting” by Alder and this story was done with so much more heart by Santana. Bring him in a few times, give him closure, and get rid of him.

  8. Rowan says:

    Ugh, I would prefer that they leave the Karofsky character alone, do NOT want more of him in GLEE (and thank God he’s confirmed NOT to appear in at least the first two episodes). But if they really have to bring him back, I want him as far away from Kurt as possible. Let him have his coming-out moment or whatever AWAY from Kurt/Blaine/Klaine – they don’t need to deal with anymore of his crap after everything he put Kurt through last year. I want Kurt and Blaine to focus on their future together – let Dave Karofsky remain a vague memory from their Lima, Ohio past that they would reminisce about when they (and Rachel & Santana) are living in New York.

  9. Adam says:

    I find it sad that people say a Kurt/Dave relationship/friendship would send a bad message (of course, it’s not like Glee is full of them) because that tells me that my life is a bad message. I was a Kurt in high school who was bullied by the jocks only to have one of them end-up being my first boyfriend our senior year. That was a decade ago. We both learned a thing or to about forgiveness, understanding and also about not allowing your peers to define you and standing up for yourself and what is right. How is that not a good message for Glee?

    • Jessica says:

      Nice story, bro. Want to sell me a bridge while you’re at it? God, the Kurtofsky shippers and their multiple personalities…

    • Liz says:

      Speaking for myself, the bad message isn’t in the fact that these characters could come to terms with their experiences and eventually have a relationship. It is the things that have already been glossed over with these specific characters (Kurt’s genuine fear for his safety that was dismissed as soon as it was narratively convenient; Karofsky’s redemptive actions being motivated by Santana’s manipulations rather than his own agency). Context matters and I question the ability of the writers to give any such storyline the time and careful attention to develop it in a positive way.

  10. Erik says:

    What’s with all the hate? Karofsky had one of the best character development all season! He shows the minds of the kids who aren’t so secure about their sexuality and lash out because of it. Max has portrayed him flawlessly! Not every gay kid in school is a Kurt or a Blaine!

  11. linda says:

    THIS. unless we get to see Kurt kicking ass and bringing his bully-who never faced ANY REPRCUSSIONS- to justice, he should stay far away. Glee sent a horrible message to victims b saying the onus is on them to change and forgive.

    • RachelA says:

      That is not at all the message I saw them sending. The message I saw was that trying to repress something like that is very dangerous, and we need to create a world in which people don’t become so afraid of being out that they have to hide and express their desires by misplaced antipathy. And the onus wasn’t on Kurt to forgive, he CHOSE to forgive AFTER Karofsky very sincerely apologized. Kurt has sympathy for the position Karofsky is in and to me that completely understandable and completely legitimate. And saying that Dave had no repercussions from what he did is ridiculous. Dave’s comuppance comes completely from the fact that he is so miserably self-loathing. His own internal misery is punishment enough in my mind.

    • Brittany says:

      This. So much word for this. The Karofsky story sent a terrible message and I hope the writers realize that and let it go.

  12. Melanie says:

    It’s too bad the poll has such a “shippy” slant, because I think a lot of people would like to see: “Frequent appearances — learns to accept himself and finds happiness.” Sure, if Dave finds romance this season, I have my preference. Mostly, though, I just want to see him articulate and work through his fears, come to terms with his sexuality, accept himself and find happiness, all the while proving that people can change their behaviour and lives for the better. That kind of arc for him in season 3 would be most in keeping with Glee’s overall message and would be a logical one given where he left off last season.

    A lot of people identify with Dave: seeing him find happiness and HOW could be so important. And the comments alone prove that Dave’s story gets people talking.

    Regarding many of these comments: may I just say that the hateful “don’t let him change/never forgive, never forget/get rid of him” attitude many Gleeks seem to have just reinforces the importance of his story, in my mind, because clearly Finn and Puck’s season 1 stories didn’t teach people the thing.

    People make mistakes. Behave badly. And sometimes, if they’re honest with themselves and strong enough to say sorry, they make amends. Change their behaviour. And become better people for it. Writing off a character or reducing his very important storyline owing to the strident, hysterical cries of some unforgiving teenagers would be a darker tragedy than anything that happened in season 2.

    • Adam says:

      Thank you. Apparently, one certain bullies can be reformed and deserve support. Ones like Finn and Puck.

      I personally don’t care if Dave and Kurt date. I would love a friendship, though. I just want a happy Dave (who sings at least once).

  13. Claire says:

    David’s story has been one that has evoked many feelings in a lot of people. There are people all over the world who are “Dave Karofsky’s” or have been. It’s good to show different sides of the experiences people have of coming out and dealing with who they are. Just because you don’t understand it or haven’t been there – I find it impossible if you can’t feel compassion for such a character. Has he made mistakes? Yes. Was he awful to Kurt? Yes. He can join the club with most of the characters on Glee not being perfect. There is so much potential to the character and Max Adler does a beyond phenomenal job of portraying the character. I want him back for various reasons, but mostly as a character in his own right.

  14. Greg says:

    Can they just out this creep I mean and maybe he attempts suicide and ends up brain damaged.

  15. Lois says:

    Now that we know Lauren is basically gone this season, I very much hope we hear the same for Karofsky next. He is one character I will not miss on my screen at all.

  16. Tae says:

    Bring David Karofsky back, and show the teens like him that they have a chance to turn things around rather than be trapped in that kind of hell.

    PS, Honestly I just feel sorry for people who are so bitter, cold, and angry that they can’t forgive a fictional character who was already forgiven by the other fictional character he bullied. Stop taking out your personal grudges on someone who doesn’t even exist and who, if he did exist, would deserve every chance at redemption.

  17. Anna says:

    Just to let you know: the Klainers are mobbing this thread to boicot Dave Karofsky because they see him as a potential “enemy” for their ship. I think this says it all.

    God, if only the children could be left without a computer till they grow up a brain!

    • Gord says:

      There certainly is a component of the “klaine” fanbase that has a mob like hate-filled lynch-em mentality towards anything that threatens their ship. In all my years watching TV, I have never seen such a spectacle of rampant bullying than the people who “ship” certain couples on Glee. It seems to demonstrate that the bulk of Glee fans seem to embody the opposite personal qualities than those espoused by the show (tolerance, acceptance). Instead the spew their hatred and venom towards fictional characters and the real actors who play them.
      Maybe what really needs to happen is that the whole show should be taken off the air because it is actually turning kids into venomous, rage-filled mobs. Then they might grow up and learn to act a little more civilized.

      • Anna says:

        So much truth in your words, Gord!!!

      • Tracy says:

        I don’t like Klaine. I think Darren is overrated and Blaine is annoying. And multiple Karofsky fans told me that they wished I would get beaten down so I could feel what real violence was like, because anything Kurt felt didn’t count enough to make the perpetrator of the crimes against him into a bad guy.

        I found these people to be absolutely awful examples of humanity. And yet I do not believe they reflect all Karofsky fans.

        It seems to me that fandom would in fact be a better place if we stopped hearing things like “all those Klainer twelves think X” in attempts to reduce an entire subset of a fandom to its most intolerable parts.

    • Ah says:

      Please stop generalizing and blaming everything on a particular fanbase. I’m a Klaine fan. That doesn’t mean I want Karofsky boycotted, nor do I see him as the “enemy.” I’m very interested in what happens with this character. His struggles were heartbreaking last season and I’d love for him to continue to develop. Do I want him with Kurt? No. But I do want to see him reach a level of self-acceptance and peace.

  18. falchuk says:

    karofsky is such an interesting character and his storyline (along with santana’s storyline [brittana shipper holla] and their santofsky beardship) was one of the best parts of season two. and max is such a great actor, i cried hard at the hallway scene where karofsky apologized to kurt.

  19. Gord says:

    Its pretty clear reading through these comments that many Glee fans are highly judgemental people who prefer TV which has fairy tale like simplicity. While the Dave Karofsky story did explore some pretty dark themes, it does show ONE SCENARIO that can explain some bullying behavior, and it also shows that bullying does not necessarily mean that the person is a monster, but is an indicator of internal issues that need to be resolved. The biggest problem with the Dave Karofsky storyline last season is that they used the character to create an excuse for Kurt to go to Dalton so they would have an excuse to cram all sorts of Warbler songs into Glee.
    They certainly should continue the storyline to show how Dave comes to terms with his sexuality. Despite its drawbacks, it was pretty much the only interesting storyline in Glee last season and the only thing that made the show worth watching for the most part.

    • Jessica says:

      If Karofsky has issues, he can resolve them in hell for all I care. Any further “character development” should have him crawl into a hole and die of shame there.

    • PK says:

      Completely agree. Watching Rachel and Finn is an exercise in puking.

      Karofsky (Not Kurt) is the only coherent storyine in the midst of the musical beds chaos…

  20. Melissa says:

    Dave Karofsky is the spokesperson for so many who ARE struggling with themselves, their sexuality or otherwise. He gives a voice to those that feel they aren’t able to speak for themselves, and if Glee can do it right, bring an oft forgotten side of their story to light. I would love to see them continue his storyline and possibly be friends with Kurt. Whether or not he gets a love interest this season, more than anything, I want him to accept and love himself.

  21. xel says:

    all i really have to say is i love dave and can relate to him SO SO much and hope to see plenty more of him as he’s the only thing keeping me around for season 3. i think max is the nicest guy in the world and i think most of the people commenting on this poll are idiots.

  22. Christine says:

    The thing is, the story has no heart. In a story like this we needed to be focusing on Karofsky and identifying with his pain, but Adler can’t hold a candle next to Colfer so what stands out in these scenes was Kurt. Kurt’s fear, Kurt’s terror, Kurt’s pain. And it’s hard to forget the look on Kurt’s face when Karofsky kissed him, or leered threateningly, or issued his death threat. More people are identifying with Kurt in this situation. Karofsky’s story is almost identical to Santana’s, but we feel more for Santana because (1) her bullying was never as severe or threatening as Karofsky, (2) she had been previously established as a sympathetic character, and (3) Rivera was at the center of that arc and her acting demands that we focus on and sympathize with her. She made Santana likable and villainous at the same time, a feat they didn’t manage with Karofsky, and I honestly think it’s a bit too late for a lot of people to be drawn into Karofsky’s story.

    I’m rambling here, but I think for some people this story clicked, but for more it didn’t. Karofsky should not, and likely wont, be written off, but he should remain a third tier character and not have too much of the main plot tied up in him. He should remain constant at his season 2 level of screentime.

    • Melanie says:

      “Adler can’t hold a candle next to Colfer”? Um. Gotta disagree there. I think the reason so many fans cannot forgive Dave is precisely BECAUSE his bullying was so very threatening: even before the kiss, you could tell there was something dark motivating his actions. And god bless Chris, Kurt’s fear was palpable. Max and Chris have been riveting together every time they’ve shared a scene. Turns out Dave’s dark motives were all about SELF-loathing. And whether Kurtsies and Klainers can see it or not (in all fairness, I don’t know if you’re either), the fact is that canonically, KURT sees it. In the hallway, he forgave Dave and urged him to *forgive himself*. That’s where the heart of the story is for me, and it’s beautiful. Kurt is a strong, strong character. This story shows that he has the strength to show compassion to someone who hurt him; the strength to allow him, even encourage him to change. As for Dave’s side of the story? That boy’s heart is battered, bruised and buried. He hates himself and it hurts to watch. In season 3, I hope he gets enough screen time to convincingly heal, accept himself and find happiness. Written well? That’s more screen time, please.

      • Christine says:

        I hate the term, but I think I would be considered a Kurtsie. It just has such a negative connotation in the fandom now thanks to the likes of Porcelain_fans and their complete inability to acknowledge and embrace Kurt’s flaws and their instistence in treating him like, well, fragile porcelain. I ship Klaine, but I almost exclusively ship canon and wouldn’t be too upset it ended tomorrow.

        I disagree completely on your estimation of Adler’s skill though. He was decent as a bully, and the “I’m sorry” scene was good, but he’s largely forgetable to me the rest of the time. Colfer and Rivera largely command any scene they’ve shared with him. Pre “the Kiss” Karofsky had no character and barely registered to me outside of Stock Bully #2. But, opinions and all that.

        To be honest, I could not care less about Karofsky. I have, and will continue, to argue for his continued presence on the show because I know that for some people it is a meaningful story, but I’d prefer as little of him as possible. But, this is Glee, I imagine RIB will find some awesome new way to piss of both Karofsky’s fans and his detractors.

        • Melanie says:

          Well, we agree on RIB, at least! I agree Rivera’s amazing too — but that wasn’t apparent to me until she was given some dramatic material. Before that, to me she was just stock bitch #1… It’s all very subjective. Regardless, I just hope *everyone* gets some quality material this season!

  23. Sabrina says:

    What the eff is this? American Idol? I have to vote for my favorite to be back? Fine. Frequent. As much as freaking possible. There.

  24. RC says:

    Ok, I’m a bisexual adult male. Please explain to me how Max Adler’s comments about David Karofsky wanting to be with someone who’d take care of him is supposed to be offensive to me. Because I’m not seeing it.

    • Jenna says:

      I think it was mostly the line about being the “guy” in the relationship that people found offensive. And rightly so.

      • Erik says:

        I don’t think Max meant anything by it. He was saying he thinks Dave would want someone who’s the complete opposite of a jock (i.e. someone who isn’t considered masculine.). He thinks he would want someone like Kurt. It was probably the wrong choice of words.

        • Sarah says:

          This is one of those moments where Adler genuinely meant no harm but definitely put his foot in it for a lot of people. I think the larger issue was that you couldn’t call Adler out on his mistake without getting labeled a hater or other shippery nonsense. I remember Criss once joked about having to “come out as straight” and the fandom shut him down hard on that one, as they should have. The pushback against admitting that Adler made a mistake was astounding.

      • Melanie says:

        Re-read the interview: it was the (gay) reporter who introduced the discussion about “types” and labelled Dave a “top”. It’s a most amazing thing, but the gay community is actually (gasp) diverse! Some people are fine with labels and types (yes, even referring to guy and girl roles in a gay relationship) and some people are not. It was an interesting, free-flowing interview, but the reporter was undeniably provocative.

        • Wynn says:

          Max Adler is not a member of the gay community and thus has no say in the decision of what is offensive or how we refer to ourselves. The fact is he has repeatedly said offensive things and has chosen to ignore it when there’s push back.

    • mike says:

      it probably isn’t, it just people interpreting the post as offensive so they can justify their hate for it.

      • Lola says:

        You know what, there’s simply no way Karofsky would ever become a romantic interest for Kurt. Not in any way that is reciprocated. Anyone believing otherwise is deluding themselves and will be sorely disappointed and frustrated by the coming season, so far be it from me to get in their way.

    • Wynn says:

      …the part where he said Dave would be the “guy” in the relationship, as if there could be only one. In a relationship between two men, they are BOTH guys.

    • Renata says:

      Stefanie took offense because he stereotyped a gay relationship. I tried to defend him (uh), because stereotyping is ignorance… I didn’t mean to offend Max. I was trying to say that he still has a lot to learn (who hasn’t?) and he is doing his best. I don’t even care, I’m sure he would agree with me.

  25. Jessica says:

    As of now, we know Max Adler hasn’t been on the set. They’re shooting episode 4 as we speak. May he continue to be absent.

    • Sidhcelegam says:

      @Jessica. Why? Please explain to me, in detail, why a gifted actor, who obviously brings a lot of emotions out in fans or you people wouldn’t even be here commenting, shouldn’t be on the show? His presence would only serve to lift the quality of the show, wouldn’t it?

      Also, on average, a high-school romance lasts between 2 to 6 months, so who’s to say that Klaine will still be together at the end of the season?

      • Mo says:

        Gifted? There is nothing special about Max Adler at all. Not his acting or his looks or the character. I don’t ship Blaine/Kurt, in fact Kurt isn’t even in my top 3 characters, so my not wanting to see Karofsky has nothing to do with him. The bullying storyline was not written well since it ignored all other bullying (or played for laughs) besides what was done to Kurt. It was really dragging the show down. Karofsky certainly didn’t help. The character isn’t funny, he’s not inspiring and he bored me when he was on screen.

  26. Andrea says:

    Speaking as a real life Karofsky. I think there’s a huge possibility that he could become Kurt’s love interest. I’ve dealt with the same thing Dave Karofsky has and both the person(I use to push around for being who she was)and I really love each other at the moment, so no one should consider Karofsky’s storyline unneeded and unrealistic. I know many people have said that Karofsky and Kurt together, would not be such a great idea, due to Dave being a “Rapist”, “abuser”, and yada-yada. A whole lot of shenanigans. Most only want to see what they want to see, and I have no problem with that. Sure, Yes, I agree that Karofsky should not have done the things he should have done, and no I wont give you an example as to “how you feel if you were in his position?” because apparently you are better than him. Which most are, but speaking as a person who has been IN Karofsky’s position, and trust me when I say, I’m pretty ashamed of those things I’ve done. And yes, we are to partly blame, but there is also society, schools, friends, and even family, they have that grip of influence upon us. After NBK, I could no longer see Karofsky as just a big mean bully, I saw him as a tortured soul, he’s been having to deal with this all by himself, and scared now the only openly out gay guy is in on his secret. Point is that Kurt has come to forgive Karofsky for the things he has done to him, and now there is a lot of things they can work on. We’ve yet to see Karofsky’s true hpersonality and thoughts, every thing he has been so far was created under fear and shame. And I think Karofsky is not that much of a bad guy(anymore), he’s come to apology(faster than I ever could), he’s been protecting Kurt as a Bullywhip. So there is a lot of things we’ve yet to learn(besides that he is taking Calculus as Junior) from Karofsky. As that being said, I think there is a possibility Karofsky and Kurt would make a good and inspiring couple.

    Plus, Kurt always mentioned he wanted a jock.

    • Kate says:

      Yeah, just as that – Kurtofsky could happen IRL, Klaine – never.
      Thank you very much for the post.

      • Jenna says:

        OMG, the amount of shipper goggles in this comment section is astounding.

        I’m also loving how apparently everyone here is either a former bully or a former victim of bullying, and they all fell in love with their counterpart. It’s just so realistic and believable, y’know.

        • Kate says:

          Shippers are everywhere, and they are shipping ships, get over it :)

        • Jason says:

          Maybe that’s because, as former bullies or bully victims, we actually identify with the characters’ experiences, and therefore want the storylines to continue? People like storylines they can identify with, so naturally, people who’ve experienced bullying/have been bullied are going to latch on to a character like Karofsky.
          Furthermore, calling a person’s real life experiences unrealistic (I’m going to assume that’s sarcasm there) is both small-minded and mean. These things happen, obviously more often than you were aware.

          • Jenna says:

            Yes, that is the most logical conclusion clearly. That bullies and their victims fall in love daily, and have all flocked to this thread to share their stories. That makes much better sense than it just being shippers trying to lend some credence to their ship.

        • mike says:

          hi, as someone who IS a former victim of bullying, who is struggling with himself and someone who managed to resolve some of that struggle by forgiving his bullies (and becoming friends with them no less), yes this can happen in real life.

        • Andrea says:

          What might you need to believe these such things actually happen? hmmm… Maybe a a couple of episodes on a TV show? Of course, no one believes these sorta things happen because they aren’t exposed to actually stories like that. No they get feed these cute little glittery storylines that everything happened naturally with just a few little ups and downs.
          Things like these happen, may not a lot, maybe not to anyone you know. But they do. There are probably a lot of people who have gone through this, but that we dont know of yet, because they didn’t sucked into a show like this, because many know that their stories wont ever get played out.
          I got pulled into the glee show because of Karofsky and his storyline and what they could do with his storyline, because he’s mainly the only character I can relate to. And I don’t need to prove or to explain to you how things happen. All you need to know is, these things do happen.

  27. Vince says:

    I don’t see why you are all hating on Max Adler, and just to let you know, hating Max/Dave won’t make him stay off the show, you have all the time in the world yet here you are hating on a fictional character, and you have absolutely no say in the matter if he comes back or not, you aren’t a Glee writer and you probably won’t be, so why don’t you go and do something productive instead of sit here wasting your life and go out and play.

  28. Julie says:

    I’d like to see a friendship with Kurt or a romance with Blaine.

    My problems with ‘Kurtofsky’ are not the past bullying or any such thing- it’s that they seem incompatible as people.

    1. They have nothing in common. Dave loves football, Kurt loves fashion, each appears to resent the other’s main interest. There’s nothing that would connect them. (Similarly to Finn and Rachel- but I’m not even going to get into that.)

    2. I already dislike how Kurt is pressuring Dave to come out. Dave is obviously not ready, and Kurt doesn’t understand that. These problems would only escalate if they were in an actual romance. Kurt is too shiny, flamboyant, and obvious for Dave. Kurt constantly feels the need to express exactly who he is to the world, and would be very disappointed if Dave didn’t do the same.

    Now, these reasons both support why Blaine and Dave would be a better match. Firstly, Blaine likes football (a small point, but it’s something) and he would not be disappointed if Dave didn’t share all his interests to the extent Kurt would. Kurt has a tendency to abrasively force people to listen to his opinions, whether they like it or not, and doesn’t really pay attention so much to others’ points of view. (Keep in mind, I love Kurt. He’s actually my second-favorite character. I’m not trying to bash, but he does have flaws.) Blaine is much more easygoing and accepting of what others want to do.

    Also, the issue of outing. Blaine is, we’ve seen, a lot less of a ‘Let your freak flag fly’ person than Kurt is. He’ll stand up for who he is if he needs to, but doesn’t feel the need to yell “I’M GAY!” from the rooftops. Blaine would definitely respect Dave’s not coming out until he was ready, and wouldn’t force him to be more obvious than he’s comfortable with. Yet at the point where Dave was ready, Blaine would be there.

    Also, Blaine/Dave would be a lot more realistic than Kurt/Dave. I know that Kurt forgave him, and the past between Kurt and Dave isn’t in itself enough reason for me to not support the pairing, but it just wouldn’t, in real life, be likely for them to date. Blaine/Dave, however, would have the same redemption theme, with the ‘formerly bullied dates former bully’, but without the same personal history.

    I get the feeling that with his dad and all, not to mention how easily he questioned it in Blame It On the Alchohol, Blaine struggled with his sexuality a bit longer than Kurt did. He’d be a heck of a lot more understanding with any struggles Dave might have.

    So, to recap, I would prefer a Kurt/Dave friendship or a Blaine/Dave romance. Best-case scenario, both.

    • Renata says:

      Pretty much.

    • MgAwsmEstevan says:

      You know I’ve never actually thought of a relationship between Blaine/Dave until your post. XD As a Klaine shipper I’ve been opposed to the idea of Dave and Kurt romantically. Mainly because I feel that it isn’t going to last, I’m all for a friendship with Karofsky though, just like you. But Dave has never showed an interest in musical theater, so there are no chances of him going to New York with Kurt next year. Granted I think Blaine and Kurt will break up sometimes this year because that’s RIB’s way of making a storyline interesting. But I think they’re both too driven for success, that I don’t see them being together forever, plus it would be unrealistic that they would stay together after high school. No offense to Ohio, but if Klaine both go to New York I’m sure they’ll find a better selection of guys to fawn over. Plus Chris Colfer said something similar in an interview about that.

      As for Blaine and Dave, I would like to see more interaction between them first before I think of it any further. So far they’ve only been confrontational once, but I would like to see them speak to each other calmly at least in season 3. Especially since Blaine actually came and talked to him at McKinley and didn’t even know him, but didn’t out him like Kurt sort of did on that stairwell. When you know someone’s in the closet, you don’t say, “You kissed me.” in a crowded stairwell.

    • PK says:

      I agree that there is a lot for Kurt to learn and change…

      Rachel and Kurt are so hung up on their Broadway dreams that I dont know if they would take any personal relationships seriously. Both have been on relationship merry-go-rounds…

      The way Kurt looked at Dave when he was announced as Prom King shows he is not very different in this respect, from Santana or Quinn for that matter.

      Kurt bullies Blaine all the time esp. when he wants to sing a duet leaving aside all the others who have been around much longer. And after the Warblers lose, no one says a word???

      Hullo! we are talking about teenagers esp. artistic, ambitious teenagers who would have a fair no. of Divas and Drama Queens among them right?

      Dave is open-minded but not a doormat. When Kurt tells him about the PFLAG thing, he doesn’t say “Yes, Darling!” like Blaine. He says, “Oh man, just kill me now!”

      He understands high school dynamics much better than Kurt when he tells him that “…he is dreaming..” when Kurt expects a happy ending for himself or at least no more harassment.

      He has walked down to dance with Kurt; but he walks away when Kurt nags (no other word possible here)him to come out at the Prom.


  29. Ellen says:

    My wish regarding Dave Karofsky is a well-handled coming out storyline. At this point, I can’t imagine him having boyfriend, he has troubles with himself and not even with some other person. To Kurt-Dave love relationship: I personally think, what Puck did to Quinn was even worse (he gave her alcohol and when she was drunk, he had sex with her, which is pretty much borderline rape). And yet, there is massive amount of people who ship Quick. Just my opinion.

    • Andrea says:

      You’re absolutely right, I agree with you. But a lot of things can be worked out in Season 3, especially between Dave and Kurt. It doesn’t matter if they don’t fall in love(but it they did it would be inspiring for a lot of other people), I just want them to learn from each other.

  30. Rob says:

    While I think Adler’s right and Dave isn’t ready for a relationship just yet, I would like Dave back on the scene as far as the Bullywhips go and also just becoming friends with Kurt and also Finn. There were some definite good moments between Dave and Finn, and while I don’t think Dave has to join New Directions or anything, I would like to see more of Max Adler. His acting is excellent, and actually gave the story more weight between him and Chris. Oh, and Kurt REALLY needs to apologize his flip flop as far as “you don’t have to come out tomorrow” to “come out now!”

  31. Chloe says:

    I see no reason for why he and Kurt can’t be friends, when Kurt is living with a guy who used to bully him in a similar manner. Indeed, it may not have been as extreme, but Finn threw pee balloons at Kurt, he threw him in dumpsters every morning, he was a part of the group that made Kurt so afraid that he couldn’t even sing Defying Gravity at a competition for fear of the results. That’s not even to mention the current friendship between Puck and Artie, who was bullied so badly by Puck that when Puck went to speak with him in the hallway, Artie immediately assumed he was going to push him – a boy in a wheelchair – down the stairs. To say that Karofsky shouldn’t have a chance at redemption and a friendship with Kurt, in my opinion, goes against everything Glee has ever stood for. Why do you think they decided to have Karofsky apologize in the first place?

  32. James says:

    You know, reading these comments and how people insult and degrade the character of Karofsky because of his past actions is incredibly disheartening for someone who has actually been there and lived through something like what Kurt has. Are you saying that me forgiving, and yes, becoming very good friends with people that used to bully me is completely unrealistic? Having been in Kurt’s position, threatened and harassed, I understand why it would be hard to forgive someone like Karofsky, and whilst I support him and Blaine, I still think that there should be a chance for redemption for Karofsky. I know that if I hadn’t chosen to forgive my bully, I would have missed the opportunity for a great friend.

  33. Jessica says:

    I can’t wait for the s*** storm the Kurtofsky fans will create when the story comes out that much like Lauren, Dave has also been demoted to a background character for season 3. *grabs popcorn*

    • Lucas says:

      Do you know that you’re very bad persom, Jessica?

    • Shana says:

      I can’t wait for the moment you will choke on that popcorn If/when Dave appears on screen and gets a bigger role than anyone is expecting. Better put a glass of water next to you in advance.

      • Jessica says:

        First, Max actually has to be on the set and film something. Let’s see how that goes. I’ll sit and wait for him to tweet something like his fans do. *this might take a while*

        • Erik says:

          You have to be the most annoying Kurtsie/Klainer of all time! You give Klainers and kurtsies a bad name. If you don’t like a character or a ship that’s fine. Just go on with your life! Don’t hate on Max, he’s ACTING and he’s portraying the character flawlessly!

          • Jessica says:

            I’m a Kurtsie, not a Klainer, and that means I care about Kurt. And caring about Kurt means I don’t want him near the person who bullied him. I guess that’s too hard to grasp for some people. I don’t hate on Max, I hate on his character. Learn to make that distinction please.

        • Izza says:

          Actually, I’m a Kurtsie myself, since season one and I am a Kurtofsky shipper. For one, Max can actually tackle a proper scene with him. Others usually drown or fade in the background in a dramatic scene with him, just like Darren. Also, I ship Kurt with Dave because Kurt could learn a lot from Dave. He could push Dave to become a better version of himself and in the process be able to learn that gays aren’t stereotypical.

        • Arielle says:

          You could learn a thing or two from Chris/Kurt.

          Chris is good friends with Max, while Kurt sees past Dave’s made-up exterior and has forgiven him.

          Hatred never bears a good fruit.

      • Erik says:

        Well now that we have that cleared up! @Jessica, Kurt WANTS to help Dave. For someone who supports Kurt, you seem to hate the fact he’s kind enough to forgive his FORMER bully. Kurt and Dave are tied to eachother’s storylines which garunteed interaction.

        • Jessica says:

          Not unless Max gets an invite to the set sometime in the near future… Let’s wait and see, shall we? Something tells me that if the writers felt no need to bring him back in the first four episodes, there won’t suddenly be some urgent need to do it afterwards…

          • Raya says:

            You seem to personally hate Max. Have you even bothered getting to know the guy? His MDA cause work and his years of dedicated pursuit in the acting industry?

    • Sheryl says:

      I hope your popcorn comes in crow flavor. :)

      • Jessica says:

        It’s actually deliciously buttery, and I’m enjoying it very much. Thank you!

        *runs off to check twitter again because Max must have tweeted about being on the set while I was answering*

  34. Lois says:

    Going to take an educated guess that all of these comments (+poll votes) are coming from probably no more than 10 superfans and maybe 2-3 haters, just sparring back and forth.

  35. Ruby says:

    I honestly don’t get everyone’s hard on for this character.

    • Lois says:

      What “everyone”? Most people could care less. This place has been overrun by people who ship this character with Kurt. If anyone thinks this is a correct representation of anything besides shippers mentality, think again.

      • Mimy says:

        “This place has been overrun by people who ship this character with Kurt.”
        Yeah, that’s why ‘Frequent appearances — as a good friend of Kurt’ has more votes of ‘as a love interest for Kurt’, right?
        And I read a lot of comments of people that want the friendship.

        Please don’t lie.

  36. Ash says:

    I absolutely love the Dave Karofsky storyline and really want to see more of him in season 3. I think Max Adler’s wonderful acting has really brought him to life and whether you are a Dave hater or lover, there is definitely a need for a character like him in television today. I personally would love to see a friendship develop between Kurt and Dave, and maybe even something more.

    However, deep down, all I want to see is Dave Karofsky accept himself and be happy. Leaving him with the last lines of ‘I can’t’ would be a massive injustice to his character.

  37. Sarah says:

    Rather see as little as possible of him, to be honest. If they want, they can do the emotional self-acceptance and coming-out storyline with Santana, who has the benefit of being a well-developed regular character who is actually part of the Glee Club (the main conceit of the show) and hasn’t crossed the moral event horizon the way Karofsky did with his treatment of Kurt in Furt (rewatches of which still turn my stomach).

    I haven’t forgiven the character, I am not even remotely interested in doing so, I do not want him anywhere near Kurt and I would only like to see him back on my screen if he’s getting some karmic payback for everything he got away with last season.

  38. Freddie says:

    More Karofsky. In fact enough to make all the haters spontaneously combust. God knows they’re close enough as it is!

  39. Petra says:

    This is actually a very hard decision. While I really dislike Dave Karofsky, I think the acting of Max Adler and his portraying of this character is just amazing and I would like the see more of him on the screen. This probably doesn’t make sense at all.

  40. Mellie says:

    Max Adler is one of the better actors on Glee, so I hope he gets frequent appearences, I would be soooo happy.

  41. Alexander says:

    I want frewuent appearences! Max is a talented actor and Karofsky had one of the interesting storylines all of season 2. Him along with Puck, Kurt, Santana, and Brittany had the best character development. After hearing Max’s singing voice, i want him to join ND!

  42. mmmm says:

    Dip him in honey and throw him to the bears.

  43. Janet says:

    People easily forget this is Glee, a tv show with no continuity at all. Like someone mentioned, Puck “raped” Quinn, but still, they are an item. Santana misused Brittany’s stupidity and with her lies pursued her into cheating on Artie. She also used to throw her oponents into the lockers (Lauren, Quinn) and she literally said to Quinn she will punch her until he doesn’t get pregnant again. Blaine is repeatedly unsensible to others: he dumped Rachel in worst possible way, he outed in public place the guy he had crush on, he made fun of Kurt’s sexy faces. Sue kicked the chief of some rival glee club from stairs – twice and she punched the juror at Regionals in the face. Will Schuester slept with more women than Puck. And I could continue. What I will say is everyone in Glee is messed up. Actually the whole show is messed up and that’s why we like it so much, right?

  44. Kim says:

    Dave should have been a senior and jsut let him fade away. The story is over time to move on.

  45. Vanessa says:


  46. jj says:

    I definitely don’t want to see more Karofsky. I really hope there won’t be more of him this season.

  47. Eric says:

    I just want Dave to be happy, his character is relatable to so many people it wouldn’t be right just to cut him out of the show completely. I think that either Kurt or Blaine ( or both it doesn’t matter) should help Dave become more comfortable with himself and that in the process he will find someone near the end like around graduation so he can finally be happy at McKinley ( if he comes out that would be great but I don’t think it would be likely). Also I think that PFLAG should have a story line at some point as a catalyst to Dave’s improvement and self acceptance.

  48. A. says:

    Max Adler did an amazing job making Dave memorable. So why do we continue to hear NOTHING about his stance in Season 3? It’s ridiculous. I, for one, would like to see him accept himself and have his acceptance wake Kurt up to the fact that he has options. I enjoy Kurt and Blaine together as much as the next guy, but the world is a BIG place, and Dave obviously represents a different sect of people. How wonderful would it be to see him come to terms with himself, perhaps even with Kurt’s help, and then have something develop between them to add spice to the perfect Blaine-Kurt dynamic? If GLEE wants to get back to a sense of the underdog, to say nothing of relationship reality, this would be a way to go.

  49. Izza says:

    There is no sense for him to be not back on Glee. His storyline was not closed properly. Being that he won Prom King for Junior prom means he still has a year to go. Also, Max’s exceptional portrayal of Dave tugs my heartstrings. I think that Dave Karofsky has been the best representation of an underdog in the LGBT community- misunderstood, hated, and unforgiven by many. He should come back to show all those kids who are afraid of revealing their true identities because of the fear of unacceptance that it indeed does get better. After all, don’t we all know someone who’s tried to change to be a better person but is still halfway?

    PS: Where are the PFLAG meetings?!

  50. Firith says:

    I personally love Dave Karofsky and his story line is so important. The love I have for this character and the love for the talented and handsome Max Adler has opened me up to so many wonderful individuals online whom I consider my close friends now.

    I mean what better story line is there than a character that is seeking redemption. I know a lot of people want him with Kurt and there is probably a lot more out there that do not, but love interests aside. Dave represents a group that didn’t have a voice. Not all gay men are into Broadway and fashion and you can be gay and ‘manly’. It also shows that bullying is usually from insecurties and pain. They are not all gay, only a few are. And although what they are doing isn’t right doesn’t mean they are devils or monsters.

    They are human and the forgiveness and compassion that Kurt has shown Dave is truly inspiring. I wish there was a lot more people as brave and forgiving as Kurt in the world and I wish there were more characters like David.

    I hope that RIB have enough sense not to let this character disappear. He means so much to me and so many others. I want to see him all the time! Every episode if possible. I want to see him smile and sing. I just want to see him happy!