Glee in Season 3: How Much of Dave Karofsky Do You Want to See?

The frantic and unexpected kiss that football-playing bully Dave Karofsky planted on Kurt Hummel was arguably the most startling moment of Glee‘s second season. But while Max Adler‘s performance as the homophobic bully with a conflicted core was undeniably powerful, there hasn’t been much advance intel about how big a role he’ll have on the show in Season 3. Which brings us to today’s poll question: If you had Ryan Murphy’s ear, what exactly would you ask him to do with Dave Karofsky? Be sure to vote below, then expand the brainstorming session down in the comments. And for all my Glee recaps and commentary — including additional “Glee in Season 3″ polls throughout the week — follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. AJ says:

    Karofsky is a great character. However, there is no way that Karofsky and Kurt would be boyfriends. Even if they were the only 2 gay guys in school. Even if Karofsky was out in school. No way. They’re too different. While I don’t necessarily see Karofsky and Blaine as compatible, they’re more compatible and I think it’d be a fun storyline to see Kurt and Karosfsky going after the same man.

    • JDHetherington says:

      To be fair though, opposites have been proven to atract on Glee. Granted the chances of them becoming boyfriends isn’t likely, it’s not unlikely. I like the idea of him continuing to struggle with the whole coming out thing. Maybe join New Directions. Then maybe come out, or accidentally get outed, and New Directions support him through it.

      • Sara says:

        Opposites attract isn’t the same thing as Kurt dating the guy who bullied, harrassed, assaulted, and threatened to kill him. Chris Colfer understands what a horrible message that would send, why can’t you Kurtofsky shippers? Just enjoy your fic and stop thinking that canon will ever, EVER go there. You’re sounding as delusional as the Kummers were last season.

        • ThereasonsY says:

          Finally common sense. Do you really think that sending a message that it is OK to fall in love with your abuser is OK? Dave threatened to kill him and was clearly capable of the act with his constant physical assaults on Kurt. Sorry but Kurt falling for Kurtofsky is akin to Chris Brown and Rhianna getting back together.

          • Sam says:

            I’m sorry, but I don’t follow your logic. That wouldn’t be the message if indeed Kurt and Dave got together. Considering the progress Dave made last season, including a sincere apology Kurt accepted, I can’t see any reason why over time they couldn’t build a friendship that would eventually lead into something more. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen, but let’s not exaggerate the facts and omit the key part of his storyline. Yes, what he did to Kurt was awful, but he showed repentance as early as the Super Bowl episode if you watch his expressions and reactions. Kurt falling for Dave would in theory be a story about forgiveness and breaking out of the boxes high school creates for people, which seems pretty in-tune with the message Glee sends. Not that Glee has ever appeared to be particularly concerned with the messages it sends, as shown by Sue’s treatment of others which she rarely has any comeuppance for (I’ve lost count of how many people she’s pushed down stairs).

          • Amy says:

            The thing is, the show’s writers went to the trouble to establish for us, the viewers, that the role of ‘abuser’ is not really who Dave Karofsky is. His very reasonable, soft-spoken father (who once sided with Kurt, no less) said that Dave was a good student, got good grades, was kind, a model citizen, a Cub scout, etc. and when Dave changed, his father said that he recognized that wasn’t the boy he’d raised.

            It’s true that it’s very hard (but not impossible) for someone to change their core personality and tendencies and have that change last, but then, that means that Dave would never have been able to hang on to his bully persona because that’s not who he really is, and the good guy inside will ultimately resurface.

          • Andrea says:

            While I dislike the idea of Kurtofsky being canon, Chris Colfer should watch his mouth. An actor is just a tool, an instrument of writer’s wishes and when he will express his OWN opinions about his roles like he does in this case, he will never get another TV show or movie role, because the producers will be scared that they maybe “hurt” him with their scripts.

          • Penny says:

            The thing is…regardless of getting into the touchy subject of what kind of “message” it would send and whether or not there are abusive implications, I just can’t see Kurt ever falling for Dave. I hope they’ll become friends and the writers will explore that, but there are just too many upsetting memories for a relationship to be feasible. And that’s definitely one of the saddest aspects of the show: Dave blew it irreversibly with Kurt. He deserves a chance for happiness…but not with the kid he threatened to kill. I think Kurt wholeheartedly forgives him, but I don’t think he’ll ever love him.

            A lot of people have said that the show loves “opposites attract” pairings like Bartie and Finchel–but the obstacle isn’t Kurt and Dave being different, it’s the things that happened between them that will never go away completely. Well, I don’t think Dave is Kurt’s “type,” either (contrast Finn, Sam, and Blaine), but that’s completely subjective.

            If anything happens between them, it’s going to be brief, emotionally charged, and confused, but it’s going to fall apart within minutes. And it might actually be cool to see Glee explore a relationship like that.

            (By the way, all I ship is Kurt/happiness. I do enjoy Klaine because Kurt is obviously on cloud 9 right now, and if someone comes along who’s healthy for Kurt and makes him even happier, I’ll adore that, too.)

          • Lauren says:

            Reading that Breezy/Rihanna parallel I literally went “Nailed it!” aloud.

          • Liv says:

            Yeah? and Klaine is boring. so.

            What TERRRRRRIBLE message would that send if they got together? the most Karofsky has done to Kurt is bully himm and shove into lockers. seriously does anyone really think that he wouldve ACTUALLY killed him?

            Plus, everybody seems to love Puck, but Puck bullied Kurt and others but we have yet to see a tearful apology from him.

            and besides the kurtofsky shippers can talk about Kurtofsky as much as we want, just like how the Klainers gush over Klaine all the time.

        • Haifa says:

          How about you ship enjoy your canon ship and let other people ship whatever the hell they want? God, you got your canon, why do you Klainers continue to harass shippers who DARE to think Kurt could and want him to date someone other than Blaine?

          • Sara says:

            I don’t actually ship Kurt/Blaine (the only Kurt ship I have is Kurt/fame) but thanks for proving how crazy Kurtofsky shippers are by jumping to that conclusion just because I bring a reality check to the table. I don’t actually care if Kurtofsky shippers love to write fic (I’ve read some great Kurtofsky fic!) or want to develop fanon/headcanon or whatever. It’s when you guys push for it to happen in canon that I have to roll my eyes. It’s just not going to happen. Deal with it.

          • Sara says:

            Forgot to add – I’d have no problems with Kurt dating someone other than Blaine. In fact, I’d welcome it because Darren, while a lovely person and talented singer/performer, is a terrible actor who cannot keep up with Chris. It’s just that that “someone else” should not and will not be Karofsky.

        • Lia says:

          Maybe the reason people thought you were a Klainer was because you had to bring ships into this by insulting Kurtofsky and Kum shippers.

          • mike says:

            oh 100% this. If this were the start of Season 2 if someone mentioned Bartie you’d probably be calling them delusional, but it ended up being canon. So unless you’re one of the writers for S3 stop telling people what to ship

          • Sara says:

            I mentioned those two ships because they are the ones where the fanbases have actually been crazy. Kum was never going to happen even before Chord left and Kurtofsky is never going to happen. Basically, Kummers & Kurtofsky shippers are the Harmonians of Glee fandom.

          • Jen says:

            You’re calling both ships crazy…you’re judging an entire group of people. As a multishipper the reason I like Kum isn’t because I thought it was going to be canon nor do I like Kurtofsky because I think it may become canon. I’m certainly not crazy and considering how riled you are about these Other shippers, Sara, you’re the one with issues.

            It’s a TV show; we all have different likes/dislikes/ideas and there’s no real point in going around calling people crazy or calling out shippers because you personally scoff at what they ship. ( We’re all Glee fans here so why should we segregate ourselves?) If you’ve read “great Kurtofosky fics” why are you calling Pirates or Kummers delusional?

            We’re people who for one reason or another enjoy that ship; we don’t have to answer to anyone or have to endure hate for it. No ship should have to endure hate and that branches out to Klaine and even St. Fabray. We like what we like, dislike what we dislike and the best thing to do is try to be polite if we just can’t keep our mouths shut.

            In conclusion, I just really want to see Karofsky’s storyline finished and, to do it justice, he’ll need alot more screentime. Though I am a Pirate, there’s not enough time to formulate a romantic relationship between the two so I voted Kurtofsky friendship with the hopes that they’ll atleast give him a major storyline. Karofsky’s a kid who’s scared; addressing that fear and the mistakes kids make because their closeted or afraid to be who they are could make all the difference in someone’s life.

            Sincerely, Jen

          • Coraline says:

            Well, in that logic than they could be a Kummer aswell.

          • Liv says:

            pshhhh! you call the kurtofsky shippers crazy? Klainers are the ones who have been sending out death threats to the new actor who will play Sebastian, we dont do that. and we dont shove it down everyones throats that our ship will be endgame, thats what Klainers do with their “OMG, Klaine is so gonna have klex and then they’ll be klendgame forever. haha! KLAINEBOWSSSSSSS” its annoying. so if ANY part of the fandom is crazy, its the klainers even other Klainers agree cuz some of them give them a bad name. -_-

        • Shana says:

          You don’t know if canon will go there or not. I personally hope they will. And you seem to forget that Chris Colfer LIKED the idea of Kurtofsky before the death threat. So now that Dave is redeeming himself, Chris might actually want Dave to be Kurt’s love interest.

          • Connie says:

            LOL! Chris Colfer has never liked the idea of Kurtofsky. That’s some crazy interpretation right there.

          • Lalaland says:

            When did Chris Colfer said he liked the idea of Kurtofsky?
            This is a legit question, because I only ever saw the interview where he said that a romantic relationship between Kurt and Karofsky would send the wrong message.

          • Lia says:

            He never said he liked the idea of Kurtofsky but he was certainly ok with it. After the kiss happened, he said in a few interviews that he thought the writers were going to go in a different direction and make Karofsky the boyfriend. And he didn’t say anything negative about the option, so he was ok with it after the kiss.

          • Shana says:

            What Lia said. He was okay with it. Maybe that’s not the same as liking, but it comese close. I’m not a native English speaker, so I’m not big on language nuances.

          • Jean says:

            Chris Colfer has NEVER said he was okay with it.

          • Sarah says:

            Correction – Chris Colfer said he wondered if the writers might go there with Kurtofsky post-kiss/pre-sexual harassment and death threat, describing it as ‘giving the viewers whiplash’ or words to that effect. Use of the term ‘whiplash’ would imply that, even before the unpleasantness in Furt and the Substitute, Colfer thought Kurtofsky would be shocking, unlikely, etc.

            He has never said anything to indicate that he likes or approves of Kurtofsky and has actually indicated that he thinks it would send a bad message.

            So … yeah.

          • Elle says:

            Assault is NEVER okay. Dave apologized. The abuse and torment can be forgiven but never forgotten. And Chris (and the writers/creators) is smart enough to know what a terrible idea a relationship between those two would be.

          • Kes says:

            Chris Colfer has actually said he wouldn’t want the relationship to go that way because it hits too close home, as he was bullied during high school because of his orientation.

            He has also implied that it would send the wrong message, as he doesn’t think he would be able to be friends with former bullies.

            Get your facts right.

          • Lily says:

            @Kes . Chris Colfer has never been bullied because of his orientation at high school because he was not out at that time. He was bullied because e.g. he had a high pitched voice. I remember an interview in which Chris was asked what he would put on his T-shirt (like in the Born this Way episode) and he said :”high pitched”.

        • Elle says:

          “Opposites attract isn’t the same thing as Kurt dating the guy who bullied, harrassed, assaulted, and threatened to kill him. Chris Colfer understands what a horrible message that would send, why can’t you Kurtofsky shippers?”

          Thank you SO MUCH for this comment. It sums up everything I feel about this.

          • corey says:

            I also agree with this. to try to claim that Chris Colfer, who is a victim of bullying himself, would advocate for this story is like 10 kinds of offensive. I guess people are desperate to project their fantasies onto actors (and the guy who plays Kurofsky seems to have no issues with it because he wants to raise his own profile I guess and he seems very ignorant about both lgbt issues and bullying issues) but I still think this is problematic.

          • Alora Pendrak says:

            Ok its just a tv show first of all second of all there are very few popular relationships on Glee that send a positive message. Brittany Santana for one. Santana treated Brittany like crap at the begining of second season. Which drove her to date Artie in the first place. Then Santana lies to Brittany and manipulates her into cheating on him just becuse Santana wants Brittany.But yet that relationship will become canon.Even though Artie with the exception of calling her stupid treated her better then Santana. And then there’s Rachel and Finn. Rachel is emotionaly abusive, manipulative and really selfish.Its always been about Rachel with her. I mean last week she asked Finn who he was going to vote class president.She tried to make him choose between her and Kurt. Is that really the kind of girl easily led guy like Finn should date? Probbly not but people love them. Plus there are a lot of shows out there that kind of point to Kurt/ Karofsky becomeing cannon. Buffy the vampire slayer did they put Buffy with Xander who has always had her back and is her best freind no. They stuck her with Spike the evil vampire who wanted to kill her. Are you seeing a pattern yet? Though i like Blaine and Kurt and as long as Blaine is nice to Kurt i’m ok with them as a couple. But if he for instance cheats on Kurt with Sebastion who is apperently like a male Santana. Then Maybe karofsky will turn out to be better for him and if not. At least we get to see Puck, Santana mercades, Finn beat the crap out of him.

        • Leo says:

          “Opposites attract isn’t the same thing as Kurt dating the guy who bullied, harrassed, assaulted, and threatened to kill him.”

          I think this is a brilliant comment that is worth reposting. Yes, Karofsky apologized. No, that doesn’t mean they’ll be running off into the sunset together. The writers are too smart to send a message that it’s ever okay to abuse people. I think a friendship with Kurt and Karofsky would be fine, showing that it does indeed get better, but a romance between them would be horrible on so many levels that a lot of Kurtofsky shippers are willing to overlook/neglect for the sake of their ship. No, this has nothing to do with Klaine. This is a separate argument altogether. Kurt is kind and forgiving, but he’s not going to open himself up emotionally and intimately to a person who treated him like Dave did, apology or not. Luckily, Chris Colfer seems to realize this, as well as the creators and writers.

    • Rock Golf says:

      My thought is that Alex from Glee will appear as an even more “out” student than Kurt. Kurt will be jealous that another guy at the school can not only out-gay him but sing rings around him. Then, in a tragic turn, Alex is killed in a gay-bashing incident. Not related to Karofsky.

      At the school memorial, Karofsky will come out in public. Pretty much end of story.

      • shellie says:


      • Rock Golf says:

        Sorry, that should have been Alex from “Glee Project”.

        • Lily says:

          Tragic turn: Alex’s character gay bashed ? or more Alex’s character trying to commit suicide and rescued by Karofsky… which makes Kurt have feelings for Karofsky… but he will not act on that… but it will influence his relationship with Blaine.

      • Taylor says:

        Nothing against Alex, but I would actually welcome such a theme. The darker themes on Glee seem to be the most powerful episodes. I understand that it’s a comedy, but the serious drama (like a gay bashing that leads to a death) is part of what makes this show unique. It’s not afraid to touch subjects that people are afraid to go near.
        I think a death at the hand of another would be incredibly dark, and could bring a somber feel to what is supposed to be a happy year. Seeing characters deal with the depression of the situation would show their diversity. Plus, this would give Karofsky the perfect chance to come out of the closet. Now I hope Kurt wins Class President so he could manage the memorial.
        The gears are turning :)

    • Michael says:

      “Too different” isn’t the issue. It’s not out-of-bounds for them to be friends, eventually, but what kind of a weak-willed person would go on to date his once tormentor? That’s all kinds of ridiculous. I’m sure that it’s happened in the past and will happen again in the future, but Kurt is not that type of human being. I don’t care if Karofsky grows up to be the greatest human being on the planet…they better not go the romantic route with Kurt.

      • Elle says:

        Exactly, Michael. Kurt isn’t weak or stupid enough to date someone who was so horrible to him, whether or not he apologized. Death threats are not okay, and it would send a terrible message. Lucky the actors, writers, and creators know this.

        • Benny says:

          One word: Finn
          Finn oversaw almost all the bullying/harassment Kurt went through before the show started (acting as the quarterback/team leader). Yet just because he showed a molecule of niceness to Kurt, Kurt followed him around like a disgustingly love-sick puppy. To me, Kurt seems the EXACT type to fall for his bully.

      • Paige says:

        I think you’re forgetting the Kurt’s the type of human being that will do whatever the hell he wants. He’ll do what he thinks will keep him safe and happy AND his family safe and happy.

    • JPpirateleprechaun says:

      Oh Kurtofsky,they are too different, so this is never happen. Just like Britanny and Artie… This happen but they two are totally equal… Yeah… So please if you don’t know what is on S3 Writers’ minds, just don’t say stupid things.

    • Leo says:

      “And that’s definitely one of the saddest aspects of the show: Dave blew it irreversibly with Kurt. He deserves a chance for happiness…but not with the kid he threatened to kill. I think Kurt wholeheartedly forgives him, but I don’t think he’ll ever love him.”

      Another great comment that I felt was worth a repost. Dave does deserve happiness, but not with Kurt. And Kurt deserves someone who didn’t treat him the way Dave did, regardless of whether or not he apologized.

    • Leslie says:

      I also agree that Kurt and Karfosky should never, ever date, they’re not compatible, but I don’t think Karfosky and BLAINE should date either. Klaine FOREVER!

  2. DL says:

    None of the above.

    I would like to see Karofsky make frequent appearances, but last season the story of him coming to terms with his sexuality clearly wasn’t finished. I think his relationship with Kurt should be complicated, perhaps friendly and reaching out for help and advice in private, but cold and distant in public. We should get to see him evolve in that respect, and maybe take one step closer to coming out (or shutting himself in completely).

  3. mia says:

    No appearances. And if he HAS to be there, keep him as far away from Kurt as possible.

    • Shanti says:

      this is how I feel, if they want to continue with the character I can’t stop them although I’d prefer otherwise, but I see only bad things coming from continuing to involve Kurt in his story because of how they made Kurt act in the prom episode, which was just really offensive to anyone who’s ever been through anything like that, nothing changed at all, this guy was blackmailed, but they had to make Kurt into some kind of martyr at the altar of Karovsky’s alleged redemption and it was just bad all around

  4. Jinx says:

    I agree with DL… I love the character of Karofsky, because there are so many kids that have to deal with that, and showing the situations that gay teenagers have to go through, from all points of view, is brilliant. It is a way to connect to the audience and show some kids that they are not alone and maybe it will start some conversations and start the straight kids who are jerks thinking. Putting it all out in the open is wonderful, even if Dave stays in the closet, addressing his reasons for his actions and seeing his struggle is a very good thing. I just want the writers and Max to do it justice, realistically that is…

  5. Maria says:

    As long as he is there to help pull forward the actual main characters stories (Santana, Kurt, etc.) and not for his own, then I’m down.

    • Shana says:

      His own story is very important to a lot of people all around the world.

      • James says:

        No, it isn’t. And you can repeat it over and over again as many times as you want, and it still won’t make it the truth. People don’t even know the name of his character in the GA, he’s the “bully”.

        • Molly says:

          Do you know why Karofsky fans post on here? They’re not paid or anything. They like him. The longer they see him, the more they like him. And you know what? One day, short one shots and guest appearances aren’t going to be enough. One day, we’ll see a new spin off about Dave Karofsky air on telly, and the Karofsky fans will be the ones who put it there.

        • Tazii says:

          You know, you can say that no one cares about Dave character. You can shove it down out throats as much as you like. But it will never change the fact that Max still gets mail telling him how his character effected them and gave them the strength to deal with his own issues. It wont change the fact people were once, are still or know a Karofsky. That Max plays the part so well that people either love or hate him. Everyone has an opinion on Dave which is a sign of a great actor. And, yes, Dave has a lot of haters but he has a lot of fans too. No, it isn’t important to people around the world? Tell that to the people effected by his role.

        • Rachel says:

          That’s a pretty bold claim to make considering you don’t know any background information. Just because his character isn’t important to YOU, doesn’t mean he isn’t important to a lot of people. I know people who have gotten a lot from Dave’s story line, and to try to nullify that fact is ignorant and just plain rude.

        • Miguel says:

          Of all the narrow-minded things that can be said about Karofsky, this is the most absurd: Both the character and the actor have fans. Period. Many people in the world doesn’t remember the name of the characters, much less the actors. All the other theories about wrong message, as people who commented the “Bartie” or the “Puckauren” twists argue, can be evolved with good storytelling. Oh, and personally I’m not a Kurtofskier, just a Karofskier, but have my mind open to any storyline well developed.

  6. Tom says:

    Infrequent appearances — a little Karofsky goes a long way

  7. Marcus says:

    I definitely want to see more of him on the show. The character is a representation of a lot of kids’ real experiences, and Max Adler is a great actor. However, I don’t want to see him and Kurt get together. Not because I like Blaine (I don’t) but because it would, frankly, disgust me. Sure, let him be redeemed, come to terms with himself, become a nicer person, and they can be friends. (His story definitely was not finished, as someone else said.) I think Kurt’s a forgiving enough character for that to be realistic. But as someone who was terrorized and threatened, I don’t want to see someone in a relationship with someone who formerly treated them in that manner.

  8. Tee says:

    As long as they don’t turn Karofsky into the new/yet another Sue – aka bipolar storyline switches between touching character revelations and back to the same old same old “villain” – don’t really care one way or another.

  9. Sam says:

    What I want to see is Karofsky’s story play out realistically. Him dating Blaine or Kurt is ridiculous but I want them to actually do something with the character as I find him a much more interesting character than most on Glee despite his obvious flaws. Unfortunately I suspect it’s going to play out horribly as Karofsky comes way way out or leaves to reinvent himself offscreen.

  10. mawhi says:

    Glee makes some interesting story choices, but having Kurt fall for someone who once threatened his life would be too much. Please don’t even entertain that as a possibility.

    • Marisol says:

      Yes, I agree with this–frankly it was bad enough to watch Kurt have to be escorted by Karofsky and have those conversations with him, etc., and I don’t even want to see more friendship or mentoring. A romance would make me quit the show.

  11. nem says:

    I’m all for more Dave appearances. He’s proven to be a great character with or without Kurt, for the short amount of screentime he received.

    If he ends up dating Kurt, Blaine or even Rory (hehe), I don’t care anymore I just want Dave.

  12. Emily says:

    No matter what they decide to do with his relationship with Kurt, it’s very important that they continue to show David’s storyline. Especially since they left him on such a cliffhanger last season. Running out of prom? You can’t end a story like that. Glee is about the under dog, being different, and Dave encompasses all of that. I think a lot of people could learn from watching his struggle. It’s one of the most important storylines glee has tackled, and it would be a waste to drop it.

  13. Stefanie says:

    I hope he doesn’t appear at all. Max Adler puts me off with his cries for attention on his Twitter and his offensive comments when asked about what kind of person Karofsky would date (newsflash, Max, they’re both “guys” in the relationship!).

    Regardless, I also think the story is played out, and Glee didn’t handle it the best way, either. Way to handwave the creepy things Karofsky did! I’d rather they just scratch the whole thing and give Karofsky the Matt Rutherford treatment.

    • Renata says:

      What? What did Max say about kind of person Karofsky would date?

      • Stefanie says:

        “I’d say that Dave is attracted to someone who’s more compassionate and tender. How do I put this? Dave would probably be the ‘guy’ in the relationship between him and another guy. He would want a guy with a more effeminate, motherly quality.”

        This guy needs to shut his mouth, frankly.

        • Renata says:

          In my opinion… just because it’s ignorant, it doesn’t mean it’s offensive.

          From what I talked to him, Max doesn’t strike me as an homophobe. He certainly has some preconceived notions about homosexuality, but what straight person doesn’t? (Darren Criss doesn’t count) Actually, even LGBT people have the same preconceived notions and live by them…

          It’s my opinion that he is very open and is working his best to comprehend what it means to be gay, or at least, to play a gay character, in this world u.u

        • Gord says:

          First of all, I can’t believe that there are so many women who seem to think that they are authorities on gay male sexuality. Secondly, there is nothing really wrong with what Max said, aside from his assumption that gay relationships are always composed of people playing guy/top/active and girl/bottom/passive roles. But people like Stephanie (a girl who obviously has no experience in a gay male relationship), make too much out of one comment that reflects what straight people may assume about gay relationships. Max is a nice guy and is a loving and tolerant person. Chris Colfer is also a sweet person and plays a sympathetic role, but he doesn’t in any way represent how I would view myself or my story like Max has in his portrayal of Dave karofsky. (And I was never a bully, but I did see some of that sort of bully and still do)

          • Stefanie says:

            Gord, you need to stop making assumptions about people’s sexualities and genders based on their name, and I’ll just leave it at that. And ANYONE can call out what is an incredibly offensive statement, but you keep thinking you’re a special snowflake.

          • Wynn says:

            No one is making too much out of a comment except the people who can’t see it for what it is. But, yeah, let’s condone Max acting like there’s a “woman” and “guy” in every relationship, even one between two men.

          • Travis says:

            Stefanie. I’m really glad you can speak for the entire gay population on what is offensive to every gay male, but I don’t remember electing you queen..

            My relationships always have a clear gender role because that is our preference. Max’s perception isn’t offensive as much as it is specific to the type of relationship he is envisioning.

        • Lizzy says:

          Expecting someone (who’s straight) to understands the ins and outs of gay life is like expecting a guy to know what it’s like the be a girl. You can guess, but you never actually know. And even if you attempt to you’ll still make errors, and probably come off as offensive.

          • Wynn says:

            Just stop. Implying that there is a “guy” and a “woman” in a relationship between two men is nothing but offensive.

          • Alli says:

            Personally, without actually knowing that there’s more than one way for a gay relationship to work, yeah they may assume there’s a woman and man role. They aren’t trying to be offensive, but that’s the best they can to try and make it make sense, if you’re straight that how you see it, a man and woman. In fact, I wouldn’t have known unless I educated myself.
            As I said, it isn’t offensive it’s just a little ignorant. It doesn’t make him homophobic either. So calm down.

          • Wynn says:

            You keep policing the thoughts of people who are actually gay and male, Alli. And, yes, things that are ignorant are still offensive.

        • Jake says:

          “I’d say that Dave is attracted to someone who’s more compassionate and tender. How do I put this? Dave would probably be the ‘guy’ in the relationship between him and another guy. He would want a guy with a more effeminate, motherly quality.”

          Wow. That’s really offensive. And anyone who excuses it or Dave’s behavior on the show are.. no. I can’t even.

        • benny says:

          Considering the interviewer was gay, I think his response to Max’s answer was worse:

          Interviewer: Out of all the Glee boys, who do you think is Karofsky’s type?
          Max: Oh, man. This is a horrible question. [Laughs] I don’t know. I don’t know if he has a type, but it’s probably not a jock. I’d say that Dave is attracted to someone who’s more compassionate and tender. How do I put this? Dave would probably be the “guy” in the relationship between him and another guy. He would want a guy with a more effeminate, motherly quality.

          Interviewer: Got it. We have words for that, Max. Karofsky’s a top.
          Max: [Laughs] I did not say that!

    • Shana says:

      Max Adler is one of the sweetest guys ever. His comments aren’t offensive. And Dave’s storyline is far from being played out. He hasn’t even come out of the closet yet, and they left him at a point that committing suicide or seriously harming himself could be a possibility. It’s horrible if you think that’s a played out storyline. Everybody seems to forget that he’s only 17 too. Geeze, is it too much asked to have a little compassion for him?

      • Stefanie says:

        Max Adler’s comments are offensive, but keep handwaving them just because you think the guy is hot.

        • Jo says:

          Keep making a bigger deal out of his comments than you should because you think he’s unattractive.

        • Amy says:

          Some people may be personally, offended by those remarks while others may not. I have at least one gay friend who identified 100% with what Max said and didn’t find it at all offensive, because it pretty much described his own relationship to a ‘T’. I’m not saying that all gay men shouldn’t take offense just because my friend didn’t – I’m just saying that his comments were NOT universally offensive.

          I think it’s more important to look at the bigger picture to figure out whether someone’s comments are ‘offensive’ or not. Max Adler is a supporter of gay rights and has cared enough to make an ‘It Gets Better’ message. If he makes a misstep in his wording when his heart is in the right place, does that make him a bad, offensive person?

          • Wynn says:

            He cared enough about making a It Gets Better message because he’s a fame whore who knows this storyline gets him attention. Tell me, has he ever said boo about supporting gay rights before his character was made gay? NO. The guy is a leech.

            The teens all over this post are so disgusting.

        • Shana says:

          I said he’s sweet. That’s the biggest reason why I love Max. He’s an incredibly sweet and kind guy. You should take an example from him.

          And yes, I do think he’s hot too. Boohoo. But that’s not why I am defending him.

      • Jean says:

        There has never been a hint of Karofsky hurting or killing himself on the show. The only place that idea has popped up is in Max Adler’s attention-whoring interviews. Want to be realistic? Guess what – many guys never come out in high school. That’s what should happen with Dave. The end.

        • Sid says:

          I’m sorry, but I just have to laugh at the few posts referring to Max Adler as a “famewhore” or “attention-whore”. If HE’S either of those things, what on Earth do you call Darren Criss?

          Now, I’ll follow that by saying that any actor who doesn’t make an effort to garner press may just be waiting tables in the near future, and I have absolutely no issue with Darren’s press tour(s).

          I’m just saying…it’s funny to see the anti-fans point to interviews and twitters as evidence of something unsavory.

          • QueenPristine says:

            Doing press doesn’t make an actor a fame-whore. That’s part of an actor’s job–they do interviews to promote the product they’re working on. When people call Max Adler a fame-whore, they’re not saying it because he does press, they’re saying it because of the things he says while doing press.

            I think “fame-whore” is a dumb way to put it, but the majority of Max Adler’s interviews haven’t been about promoting the show, they’ve been about maximizing the importance of his role on the show. They’ve been making his own role on the show out to be more important than it actually is, and attempting to garner interest in Karofsky dating Kurt or joining Glee club, because that would gain him more screentime. I don’t *necessarily* think he’s only doing it to gain more screentime, because he plays Karofsky so of course he sees him as important, and he’s had plenty of people contact him to tell him how important Karofsky is to them, but it’s still pretty tacky. The guy who plays Jacob Ben Israel and the woman who plays Terri have done the same thing in other interviews, and it’s pretty tacky when they do it, too.

      • Brian says:

        I love you!!! As a gay man I have Identified more with Dave than I ever have with Kurt. His struggle is So important and to hear these people tear him down is horrible and Max Adler is an amazing actor and a beautiful human being. I would love to see him and Kurt in a relationship…as friends or more. Plus Hello don’t you think it would be nice to have someone else who was actually in Glee Club to be in the Glee Club on the show besides Tina. He was first chair All State for crying out loud.

    • nono says:

      you’re bitter. Haha stop finding reasons to hate Max. Karofsky isn’t the same person.

    • glee_fan says:

      Handwaving is a mild way to describe what the Glee writers did this year. I still can’t believe how creepy the story got and then they just swept it all under the rug, making Kurt and Burt of all people the ones to do it, the story was disturbing but okay until they started to manipulate the audience in the super bowl episode and then again at the end.

      Also, I don’t see why the actor gets a pass for some of the stuff that he says like about this example of there being a guy and a girl in the relationship. Any other straight actor playing gay or bisexual would get destroyed and raked over the coals for making those kinds of comments. It’s a responsibility that people like Naya Rivera and Darren Criss take very seriously.

      • Kaly says:

        About Naya and Darren – you aren’t right. Naya is known for almost unhealthy pushing of Brittana (and her fans used to sent awful messages to Heather Morris because of this, when she said, he likes Bartie more) and it’s public secret that Darren was scolded when he made fun of his “gayness” in interviews and he doesn’t do this anymore.

        • Georgie says:

          Since when has Darren ever made fun of his “gayness” and been scolded? Do you have a specific article or video you are referring to? Because everything I’ve read or seen with him, he has been nothing but supportive of the LGBT community.

  14. Wella says:

    The first thing I want Dave to have is at least one true friend, so I’d love it if that friend was Kurt.
    But I’d also adore Glee to show the teach a Kurt+Karofsky romantic relationship would give. It’s all about how they handle it, it could be the greatest relationship on tv, or else the worst and unhealthiest relationship ever.
    I actually root for them, for reasons. I strongly disagree with those who don’t want him to be there AT ALL. His storyline is important, whether you like him or not, and gay teenagers really seem to relate to him quite a lot.
    Not to mention cutting his character off would be such a waste of potential storyline, and don’t forget he has supporters too, that would be left really disappointed.
    So yes, as a Karofsky stan, I’m totally for a full storyline. Besides, Max Adler is a GREAT actor and portrays him perfectly. This one reason could stand alone by itself.

  15. Matt says:

    Honestly, no appearances. The closeted homophobic bully storyline was too cliche. I guess people just can’t be mean, like in the real world. Same reason why they made Santana a lesbian out of the blue.

    Though I will say, some of Karofsky’s scenes in Season 2 were my favorites. I just dragging it on would turn Glee into more of an after-school special and lose it’s roots as a comedy. (which is what Season 2 was.. overly preachy and not funny)

    • Rob says:

      I would just like to say, as someone who was a bully in High School because of my repressed sexuality, I identify with Dave’s stuggles and why he does the things he does. I’m sorry, but your desperate attempt to grasp at straws by calling his storyline cliched is ridiculous.

      Things like this happen all the time in the real world. If you think otherwise, you’ve not been paying enough attention. People like Dave exist. Trust me, I lived it. I went through the same things he’s going through on the show and I identify more with him than any other character on the show, and I think taking that storyline away completely does a huge disservice to the show and to the thousands of young people out there who are afraid to come out or think that their being gay is wrong, when it’s not.

      • Matt says:

        No offense, but I am not desperately attempting to grasp at straws. There were a lot of issues with that storyline amongst the fan base and one was that it was cliche to a lot of people. I am not alone in thinking that.

        I have no problems with them addressing issues of acceptance. Just don’t get preachy. I miss the biting humor of the show that seemed to be thrown out in favor of winning GLAAD awards instead of Emmy’s.

        • Lia says:

          No, I agree with Matt. I love Dave and I hope he stays on the show but I don’t think Matt was grasping at straws. Not everyone who dislikes the way this storyline is ridiculous.
          I too hope that Glee goes back to the feel of Season 1, and doesn’t get too preachy. But that being said, I want Karofsky back!

        • Lizzy says:

          Not sure if you know this, but surprise surprise! Most story lines ARE cliche. They’re made up to look different, but you can’t tell me that almost every other story line on Glee hasn’t been played out before. That isn’t an appropriate argument, at all.

      • @shy says:

        Rob, thank you for your honest and non biased opinions on the subject of bullying. I was bullied all through high school;in fact, I even became a bully just to conform to the (at the time), norm of things, just to fit in. I wish there had been a show like GLEE back then, because it would of made those scary (at the time) important things in my life make more sense. I, would of made more sense. The Glee message would of been a life-line to me. I even attempted sucicide I had so much self hate back then. Although being a teenager is hard enough with all of the hormonal shifts, and bodily changes going on, piling self disgust on top of it all is even more of a demoralization.
        No, I am not a male, and no, I do not even try to imagine what being a male (gay, bi, straight, transgendered, or even transexual would feel like. However, I have been fortunate enough to of been (and in some cases still are) very close friends with males that are. One of my pet peeves about females is this saying, “OMG! Too bad he is (fill in the (gay, etc.) blank) coz he is HAWT!” Ladies, HOW do you think that makes someone feel? Do you ever wonder? Well, I DO know, because I have asked. Therefore, in Max Adlers defense, Gay sex is just that. Gay. SEX. There is no right, or wrong way to do it. It is as easy to figure out as Kurts shirt, “LIKE’S BOYS.” Therefore, who is the pitcher, who is the catcher…The top, the bottom, the, fem, the butch, really? wow, Who REALLY cares? For me, gay sex is this: A gay man or woman’s way of expressing their:feelings; individualism; and freedom to LOVE to just…be… So, please, Let it be. Please, please, PLEASE, stop bad mouthing the Actor Max Adler and the character he brilliantly displays and potrays, the seventeen year old teenager, Dave Karofsky.
        Those of you so hell-bent to burn (both the Actor AND the character) him at the stake, can’t you see that self-acceptance is hard if you are filled with self-hate? Please, before you reply, think, THINK about WHO is reading what you wrote. What if, what you write shoves some one back into their own self-hate? Do your personal bias’s mean more than helping others find their self acceptance?
        Rob, I feel you are point-on in your observations about how much the Dave Karofsky story arc means to many closted and former bullies all over the world. Max Adler, the Actor has done and is continuing to do an amazing job of bringing these (behind closed door myths) and blowing the doors off of the hinges for those of us that can relate to his story arc. His “It Get’s Better” psa for the Trevor Project was touching and real. In relation to the show however, I feel Dave’s story is not finished as there is no true closure. Although as far as the unrealistic views of those concerning the what, how and whys of gay sex debating from out of and alledged context that the ACTOR Max Adler may or may not of stated in his interviews, unlike others on here that are full of UN-deserving hate for a very deserving actor,
        I just wish that, IF any of the cast, or even Ryan himself reads what we have written in response to the above questions, I am hoping they take away from this lengthy post that Glee is a much talked about cultural phenomenon of epic stratispheric porpotions. Time will only tell this tale of how one “little show that did”, DID indeed change the world and it was powered by amazingly talented young and brave actors that were deternined to make a difference in Television, and they did. They really did. (They STILL are!) Therefore, just the fact that people are talking about it, brings a face to it, and the lessons that are waiting to be learned from it. Glee has given a human face to a lot of never-before discussed taboos on TV.
        Homosexuality, however, is NOT a taboo. It is a way of life just as being straight is a way of life.
        How these ways of life inter-mingle and co-exist is just the tip of the former bias’s carved in an iceburg of societies norm.
        Glee and the many talented actors (of which Max Adler is a part of), are helping pave the way for change in attitudes of society by crashing that iceburg to the ground. That former ideaism of “If it ain’t straight, then HATE!” I for one, am happy to be alive to watch it be changed. Harvey Milk comes to mind, and I feel he would of loved this show and all that it stands for.

  16. Anna says:

    I would like to see a lot of Dave Karofsky in season 3… all this lack of news about his character made me so unwilling to watch season 3 that I’m not looking forward to it at all…
    I would like to see him as a love interest for Kurt… that’s what I’m waiting for since season 2! But anything about him keep growing up and coming out would be good as long as I can see more of him…

  17. Sheryl says:

    I want to see more of Dave. Max Adler is a wonderful actor and he brings so much to his character, despite the limited screentime he gets. His scenes with Chris Colfer are amazing.

    For those who keep harping about Karofsky’s past crimes against Kurt (the bullying, harassment and death threat), Dave has apologized sincerely to Kurt for what he did and Kurt has accepted his apology. I wish the fandom could be as forgiving and understanding as Kurt.

    It would be nice to see him and Kurt grow closer as friends. Kurt suggesting that they both start the PFLAG chapter in McKinley is something that can be a starting point for them. :)

    • Sara says:

      Accepting an apology or forgiving someone is not the same as wanting to date them or even be their friend.

      • Sheryl says:

        Why not? Is it so inconceivable that you could become friends with someone who has apologized for hurting you? I don’t think so. Look at how Kurt has forgiven Puck and Finn for bullying him (before Glee club started). It’s not an impossibility for Kurt and Dave to become friends.

        • Katie says:

          Yes, but what I think Sara was trying to say was that their is a difference between becoming friends with someone and forgiving them, then being attracted to someone/want to start dating them. It’s not impossible, but it would be very difficult for them to start dating. A friendship is realistic, but a romance is not. It’s a lot to work through, and probably not going to happen considering how the show left of on such a high note for Klaine and by all rumors are staying strong.

          • Benny says:

            Kurt desperately wanted to date Finn even WHILE the bullying was continuing. He fell in love with Finn the first time he met him (before the show started) and continued to obsess over him throughout most the first season.

  18. Brandon says:

    Uhm I don’t care about Karofsky

  19. Tiffany says:

    I think breaking up Kurt and Blaine so one of them can date Karofsky is a bad idea. Blaine already told Burt that he wished he had the same relationship with his dad that him and Kurt have. I think Blaine needs Kurt to help him work on his relationship with his dad. Both Kurt and Blaine could help Karofsky get comfortable with his sexuality and eventually he’ll come out of the closet near the end of the season. I believe all 3 of them need each other to face some of the issues they still have about their homosexuality (ie Acceptance, relationships, bullying, coming out…)

  20. Jason says:

    I didn’t mind the Karofsky character but found him to be so poorly written (and unbelievabely cliche) that it frustrated the hell out of me. But then again, the second season of Glee was poorly written and frustrated the hell out of me.

    If they are going to use the character, they need to better define who he is.

  21. Mimy says:

    “Kurt falling for Dave would in theory be a story about forgiveness and breaking out of the boxes high school creates for people, which seems pretty in-tune with the message Glee sends.”
    [Comment by Sam – September 12, 2011 05:58 AM PDT]


    I’d LOVE to see Kurt and Dave togheter, but what I care the most is his redemption. I want Dave to be loved and forgiven by fans, glee club and maybe Kurt. They didn’t forgive him. They still don’t.

  22. Hannah says:

    he needs to be back, and in my eyes a regular!
    there is so much of Dave’s storyline that is yet to be resolved or covered.
    we where just starting to see a glimmer of hope from Dave in born this way and the scene where he apoligised to Kurt literally broke my heart. he really is sorry for what he’s done and it breaks my heart that people can’t see that.
    then we get to the Prom Queen episode, all i want to know is, where did Dave go?! i can’t get that image and the sound of Dave saying “I can’t” to Kurt then just running out. for the rest of the episode i was hoping and praying we would see where he went, i just needed to know he was safe, if not happy, because we know he’s not, i just wanted to know that he wasn’t just sat crying down some alley way with no one to turn to.
    in the long run. i just need Dave back. i need dave to come out. i would love for romance between kurt and dave but as much as it pains me to say i can’t see RIB doing it. :( but most of all, i need Dave to be happy! his story is way off of being closed!

  23. Sivat says:

    Infrequent appearances—a little bit goes a long way.

  24. absinthfairy says:

    Love interest or not, Dave is a character who deserves a solid story line. It’s something that hasn’t really been explored on television before, and it’s important. A lot of people actually identify with Dave.
    Haters can live in the past if they want, but the fact is there is no more bullying, there has been a heartfelt apology scene and the acceptance of said apology. He is a frightened young man, but I’m looking forward to seeing him on his journey towards redemption and self-acceptance.

    • Carly says:

      where is a “like” button when you need it? :)

      I pretty much agree with everything you said here. his story is long from finished, it needs to be told as much as Kurts and/or Blaines and Max Adler is good enough actor to pull of something as heavy as this. though to see him do some lighter stuff would be great as well

      also, how about his relatiosnhip with Santana? they dropped the ball on that one IMHO, there was a lot fo potential and hopefuly it will be explored in S3

      though I agree with the sentiment that what Dave needs right now is a good friend. I nominate Finn, Rachel or Santana for the role

      and my dream that woudl probably never come true in canon is for Kurt to maybe learn a thing or three from Dave as well while developing a friendship. cause that boy needs to be educated too. this way the relationship owuld be benefitial for both

  25. Jenna says:

    If at all possible, I’d rather he didn’t come back at all. If he has to come back, I’d hope to see very little of him, only enough to wrap the story. The tone of his whole arc with Kurt last season was far too dark and brought the whole show down. It wasn’t “Glee” anymore, it was “Law and Order – special victims unit”. I don’t want to see him woobified and I don’t want to feel manipulated into rooting for him (like they attempted to do in the Superbowl episode). He’s not a sympathetic character to me, and this show has too many characters to devote the amount of time needed for his storyline to get the proper treatment.

    Better to let him go, I say.

    • jamila says:

      I agree with this completely. It’s like the ultimate example of where Glee has gone wrong, and on something so extreme, too…….it’s just a mess and I want the whole show to move on.

  26. Amy says:

    If I had Ryan Murphy’s ear? I would definitely try to convince him to continue to redeem Karofsky and to work up to a romantic relationship between Dave and Kurt.

    I love Blaine (and D. Criss), and I see his relationship with Kurt as being very sweet, but in the long-term, platonic. They started as friends and they seem like the sort of guys who, because of common interests and personality similarities, will always stay friends; Dave and Kurt started on a passionate note (not a romantic passion, no, but fear-driven conflict is still passionate in a sense) and now they seem to be connecting in a more constructive way, which could lead right into a romance. There are definitely STRONG feelings there.

    I just think Dave is, ultimately, more Kurt’s ‘type’ (a jock, like his S1 crush, Finn). And they say girls fall for boys like their fathers? Seems like maybe a gay boy with a father who’s loving and a super-positive male role model, might fall for a guy like dear old dad, and Dave is a lot more like Burt than Blaine is.

    But whatever Ryan Murphy decides, I just hope I see a LOT more of Max Adler on Glee this season. :)

    • Anna says:

      This! A million times! ^^^^

    • absinthfairy says:

      I wholeheartedly agree.

    • MaryQ says:

      I’m sorry but I beg to desagree.
      First – I don’t think that Kurt and Blaine’s relationship would be platonic in long-term. The couples that I know that are together the longer started off as friends, sharing commong interested and their feeling grew in the romantic sense along the way.
      Second – Even though Kurt have forgiven Karofsky he doesn’t seem the kind of person who would develop romantic feelings for someone who mistreeted him. You can see clearly in season 1 how much he changet the way he looked at Finn after the things he sain in Theatricality.
      Third – Kurt said clearly that Karofsky was NOT his type in the locker room scene. Just because he was attracted to a Jock it doesn’t mean he will be attracted only for jocks.
      Fourth – Kurt is not a girl.
      I don’t mean to be rude, I like Karofsky and I want to see more of him, but I don’t think that a relationshi is what he needs. He needs to learn to accept himself, and he needs friend that would be there for him, and I think that Kurt and Blaine would do the job.
      -sorry about the spelling and grammar mistakes-

    • mia says:

      You just said like a million offensive things.

    • Sara says:

      Oh my GOD, what is this offensive garbage? D:

    • eta says:

      This comment creeps me out so much. Being scared out of your mind by having a perpetual bully plant one on you is not passion. Bodice ripper romance novels aren’t quite the model real life should follow. Given that Kurt also had a crush on Blaine before they did get together, I’d say Kurt’s type isn’t quite just limited to jocks like Finn.

      Also, Karofsky is nothing like Burt. Burt: loving, supportive, positive role model; Karofsky: Physically bullied Kurt for years, forced a kiss on him, threatened to kill him and behaved extremely creepily with the wedding topper incident and wink. Yeah, they’re so similar. Being burly and interested in sports isn’t quite the be all and end all of similarities.

      • Amy says:

        I wasn’t talking about ‘passion’ in the bodice-ripper romance novel sense (thought I clarified that by saying “not a romantic passion, no”) but rather in the definition of passion (strong and barely controllable emotion; a state or outburst of such emotion.) That kind of passion makes for compelling viewing. Blaine’s relationship with Kurt is adorable and sweet, but it’s not compelling viewing. Too much of it and I would be so bored that I would want to see their storyline take a total backseat to everything else, and I don’t want that to happen because Kurt is my favorite character on the show and honestly, I’d like him front and center.

        And I think Karofsky IS more like Burt than you think. Football playing jock who has made offensive, homophobic remarks out of ignorance (and in his case, fear)? Burt has admitted that he used to call people derogatory names, like ‘fag’ as well. I just think it’s too soon to say WHO Karofsky really is; that’s up to the creators/writers of ths show, but right now, it’s wide open and could go either way. I just know that they’ve given us enough background on Dave (good student, kind, good citizen, Cub scout) so that if they make him a great guy in S3, it won’t be an illogical, out-of-the-blue characterization.

        • eta says:

          Lol, that kind of passion doesn’t make for compelling viewing, it makes for an SVU episode. I don’t care for too much focus on romance either, I want Kurt to have a lot of screentime that’s just his, but that’s neither here nor there.

          What you’re missing is that Burt never did any of those things to Kurt. Burt might have been a serial killer when he was younger, but as far as his relationship with Kurt is concerned, he has always been loving and supportive whereas Karofsky and Kurt’s interactions have been horrible as far as Karofsky’s treatment of Kurt is concerned.

          Also, yeah, he’s such a good citizen, he’s bullied every single person in the Glee club :/ That said, Karofsky is not irredeemable, however, you don’t get into relationships with someone who treated you that badly. That Karofksy was afraid is really no excuse. It’s not that hard to not threaten to kill people and terrorize them so much they fear for their lives. I hope he finds his own peace, but it should not be with Kurt.

          • Amy says:

            A lot of people DO find SVU compelling viewing. ;) (Not that I think for a minute that what Dave did is actually anything like what a perpetrator on SVU does.)

            Again, who knows where the writers are going with Dave’s storyline? I just know that they’ve set the stage for the ~possibility~ of total redemption. Whatever they come up with, I’m along for the ride and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, but my own personal preference is to see a LOT of Karofsky in S3 and a continuance of his peace-making with Kurt.

      • Jenn says:

        I really want to know where “years” of bullying came from. We’ve only seen Dave picking on Kurt, what seemed to be, after he joined the football team. Before that he’d come up once as a hockey player to slushy Finn, where we found out he’d been on the other end of the bullying since grade school. I’m getting really tired of constantly seeing these comments about Dave’s billing for years and how he can’t possibly be good in the long run because of it. There’s nothing canon to say he’s been part of the bullying for year and with that logic, we need to start criticizing half the boys in Glee Club, considering the football team (which Dave was not a part of because he was a hockey player) nailed Kurt’s furniture to his roof and threw him in dumpsters on a regular basis for years.
        Bullying that happened for a few months that, most likely, had a lot more to do with internalized hate a homophobia than actual hate towards Kurt, in no way equates to years.

        • Lu says:

          He said himself in his “apology” to the Glee Club in Born this Way that he had pretty much slushied all of them. I’m getting a bit sick of everyone acting like Karofsky’s bullying doesn’t count because he’s scared and in the closet. Even if he only bullied Kurt (which he didn’t), he doesn’t have the right to bully others and being gay doesn’t give him an excuse. There are plenty of people who are in the closet and deal with it in other ways that doesn’t involve bullying anyone. That’s before even considering the fact that Kurt has stated he is not at all attracted to Karofsky, but yeah, who cares about Kurt’s feelings in all this. Also as someone who works in an area where I’m able to see the affects of abuse on victims, whether emotional, physical or sexual, it would be a really triggering and awful storyline for a lot of people to see Kurt start dating Dave, but hey, as long as some of you get to watch compelling TV, who cares what kind of bad messages it could send to victims of abuse.

    • beth says:

      OK, this is phenomenally stupid and offensive. Not that I expect any different from a Karofsky apologist, but congratulations, you’re in a special class of your own.

    • Jenna says:

      It turns my stomach to see Kurtofsky shippers disregard all the terrible thing Karofsky did to Kurt and use words like “passion” to whitewash the true meaning of abuse and assault. This is exactly why I don’t want Karofsky back and redeemed. This is so offensives, I can’t…

      • Shana says:

        Well, it turns my stomach that all you people aren’t capable of forgiveness and redemption. Yes, Dave did bad things, but what he did wasn’t the end of the world. A lot of worse things happen daily. I’ve been assaulted when I was 13, for months. THAT was unforgivable. To hear someone call what Dave did abuse or assault is really offensive. It’s bullying, sure, it’s not good either, but he apologised! I’ve been bullied too in elementary school and high school. They shoved me to the ground or tripped me up on the stairs. Some girls even beat me up after gym. But they were kids, I forgave them. Everybody does things they regret. Should they really be judged for that?

        Puck and Finn bullied Kurt too, but oh, no one says anything about that of course. You think that being tossed into a dumpster isn’t painful? You think that getting thrown pee balloons at you isn’t humiliating and offending? I’d rather be shoved into lockers or given an unexpected kiss.

        • J Ryan says:

          Agree 100%. Has anyone questioned Rachel for dating Finn and Puck when both have slushied and bullied her in the past? Puck and Finn bullied every one of the original members of New Directions.

    • Carly says:

      beside the factt hat I do not like Blaine at all I completly hundred percently agree with this. thank you

    • Elise says:

      Everything she said!

    • sabrine says:


  27. julia says:

    Dave needs to return for Season 3, his character and story is so important to many kids – because not every gay kid can identify himself with Kurt or Blaine – there are many kids who are just as afraid as coming out as Dave is, so showing him, coming to terms with his sexuality, finding the courage to come out and be himself would be a great storyline, especially with an actor as talented as Max. I also want them to become boyfriends in the end after they’ve fully overcome their problems from the past and Dave has completely redeemed himself.

  28. eta says:

    I would like for Karofsky to be Mr. Not Appearing In This Season At All. The character is an awful one and after his death threat and creepy behavior, I have no wish to see any more of that botched story line. Mr. Adler’s weird and misguided comments about his character have not helped either.

  29. Laura says:

    Karofsky’s haters clearly don’t understand the value of forgiveness.
    Yes, Dave bullied Kurt, yes he was guilty, but he sincerely apologized to Kurt and Kurt forgiven Dave.
    What kind of message do you want to give to people? That it doesn’t count how many times you are apologizing, you have not the chance to redeem yourself for a single error you did because you were hating yourself and so hating the world around you? Well people grow up, listen to one person who was bullied and who fogiven her bullies. I feel better and way more mature than everyone who cannot get rid of their rancor and grief! And yes, I could see Kurtofsky happens because forgiveness leads to understanding and understanding can lead to complicity… you already know what comes after complicity.
    Before eveyone goes mad at me screaming that I’m a Kurtosfky shipper: I’m not and do you know what? I HATE Glee because it’s awfully written. So deal with it!

  30. HP says:

    Bring Dave Karofsky back! :)

  31. P says:

    Since the show has no logic characters that stay consistent I’d recast him as a qadafi look-a-like, give him a unicorn and a sword, turn him straight for an episode or two and have him get a serious medical condition where he uncontrollably craps gold coins whenever someone sings a katty perry song.

  32. Shinystar says:

    Why say people that they forgave Dave but they don’t want Kurt with him ’cause “You can’t fall in love with who bullied you”? If you don’t want Kurt with Dave because of it, it just means you didn’t forgive him. I could understand other reasons, but not this.
    If you REALLY forgive someone, love and friendship are both possible.

  33. jess says:

    I hope the writers realize what an awful, unfocused mess they made of the entire bullying storyline and just cut their losses with the Karofsky character. He’s not a funny, endearing, or sympathetic character at all, and the attempts to humanize him have been laughably awkward and not believeable in the least.

    I fully expect him to appear in some capacity in s3 eventually, but I hope they don’t make the same mistake of involving him in another major storyline.

  34. HazyJayne says:

    Because of course someone who sexually assaulted you would make a great love interest :/ What kind of message does that send out?

    All for Karofsky to continue the storyline, but not as a love interest for anyone for the moment, and certainly never with Kurt (who hasn’t even forgiven Karofsky yet).

    He needs to figure himself out first before he has a relationship with anyone.

    • jo_jimbo says:

      Thank you. I can’t even believe some of the comments I’m reading here. They already screwed up by fast-forwarding through too much of Karofsky’s story last season. We need to see him face repercussions, make amends, get counseling, etc. The idea that the victim of his abuse should be in a relationship with him is frankly appalling to me personally.

  35. Philipp says:

    I want frequent appearances (once every two or three episodes), but not as a good friend or harasser of Kurt and definitely not as a love interest for Kurt or Blaine!
    I like the character and I want to see how he deals with his homosexuality, he can be an acquaintance of Kurt, not a friend or enemy, just a guy he acknowledges and talks to when necessary.

    Most of his scenes can be Santana, they are each other’s beards after all and he is on the football team, so it would be easy to integrate him into scenes with Finn, Puck, Mike or Beiste. Not all the time and not as a good friend, but he should be there and not be forgotten.

  36. Beatrice says:

    Dave definitely needs more airtime in S3. What with his last appearance in S2, it’s obvious that there’s a lot more to be resolved for this character. The writers simply can’t leave his storyline hanging, not when his is an arc that holds an important message and actually reaches out to those who’re in the same situation. To simply write him out of the show could be devastating and, in my opinion, is unacceptable.

  37. Fido says:

    Can I have the option of more of him but less of Kurt ????

  38. Josh says:

    I’d love to see Kurt and Dave as a couple. It falls in line with so many of my favorite television relationships; Logan/Veronica, Spike/Buffy, even ships like Pacey/Joey, Rory/Jess, and Brian Justin to an extent. I think they’d be a good couple because of the balance they’d bring to one another.
    However, Dave’s redemptive arc is far more important than a relationship, as much as I’d like to see one. There is always going to be a Dave Karofsky somewhere, and we never know what that person is going through, or how alone they actually are. I know this because I was that guy for a period of time. I bullied peers, I was homophobic, but none of it came from a place of genuine hate. It was all born out of fear. Fear of not being accepted, going unloved, being alone… I was about Dave’s age when I finally decided to love and accept myself, and to be a better person. Dave would not be without his regrets, just as I am not without mine. It’s all about what you do with those regrets that matters. It isn’t easy, but nothing worthwhile is. Acceptance and redemption are two of the most important character arcs in storytelling. They’re also paramount to the message of Glee.
    So yes, I voted that I’d like to see a lot of Dave, and as a love interest for Kurt, but the importance of that pales in comparison to the character’s redemption, his self-acceptance, and ultimately, his own happiness and what he does with that. Those are the things that truly matter.

    • Amy says:

      Beautifully stated and I completely agree. Also, your 1st paragraph does a much better job of saying what I was trying to say myself elsewhere about what sort of dynamic makes for compelling TV viewing. (Another Spike/Buffy fan here who gets it, btw.)

    • Elise says:

      Everything you said is perfect and goes to show how important this storyline is.

  39. Chloe says:

    Dave Karofsky is genuinely one of my favorite characters. Yes, his bullying of Kurt was screwed up. I won’t deny that. But I believe his arc shows that characters can grow and develop and become better people. I like the idea of a romantic relationship with Kurt (or even just a really good friendship) because I think they can help each other grow even more.

    • chris says:

      i agree with this. it would be good to see dave still strugle with his character but in the back of his mind come to terms with his homophobia and become friends with kurt

  40. Stephanie says:

    Frequent appearances as a friend/love interest. Or just more frequent appearances period. I enjoy that they are telling a storyline from the POV of Dave. And although it’s not the first closeted storyline ever told on TV, I still feel like his story is a refreshing spin on things.

  41. Sam Lochead says:

    Oh, you want to talk about the message of Glee?


    Sue Sylvester can push people down stairs and harass students without consequence because she’s a successful coach.

    If you choose abstinence over other methods of protection, you’re probably an idiot who doesn’t know what the expression, “afternoon delight” means.

    Will Schuester is a good teacher because he cares about the kids he teaches, so much so he offered to buy them alcohol if they won at nationals.

    Who needs to resolve the issues of giving up your child at birth when you can just adopt a new one sixteen years later?

    It’s perfectly acceptable and romantic to have a framed school photo of a boy in your locker after one conversation with them.

    It’s possible for school kids to find an abandoned warehouse and build scaffolding in it for the purpose of a musical number and a foam party, all without any explanation.

    Schoolwork and lessons are only for those who don’t have extra-curricular activity, likewise it’s perfectly possible to make a two hour journey during school hours to see a friend.

    Serenading a guy in public with a song referencing sex toys is not harassment, nor is it a sign that the person responsible has issues with appropriateness that need to be dealt with.

    • Matt says:

      HAHAHAAHA!!!! Though I will add on to one of yours:

      It’s possible for school kids to find an abandoned warehouse and build scaffolding in it for the purpose of a musical number and a foam party, all without any explanation… and inviting school girls to said abandoned warehouse doesn’t give off any odd creeper vibe

    • Carly says:

      this is the funniest and saddest thing I read here.

      funniest because well, it is funny

      saddest, well, because its true. and a reason why I only watch Glee after it has been pre-viewd by several other people

    • LOL says:

      Two thumbs up at this post! LOL

    • Elise says:

      THIS. ALL THIS. ^

    • Lily says:

      Quote “It’s perfectly acceptable and romantic to have a framed school photo of a boy in your locker after one conversation with them.”Unquote.
      How about all those kids who have a picture of any of the Glee actors in their locker..even though they have never had a conversation with those actors ?
      I think they just want to show how Kurt has put Blaine on a pedestal.

      • Matt says:

        Not just that they have any picture, but that it is their promo picture for that season.. like the whole prom king/queen campaign. Lazy!

  42. Anna says:

    I think there definitely needs to be more Dave. A lot of people misunderstand where he’s coming from and even though he’s begun to take the steps to fix things and make things right, people still vehemently detest him. I think having more Dave, more of his journey, should be a must for the show because such a powerful story of redemption and self-acceptance seems like it would tie nicely into the framework of what the show’s supposed to be about; the underdogs, the outcasts, the kids who are different and Dave does fall into that category. I’d love nothing more than to see him too get the chance to open himself up to joy and also what impact that would have on the viewers who relate to him or who have already flocked to Max himself and let him know how much this character means to them. Whether or not he gets a boyfriend or who that might be isn’t as big of a concern to me right now. I just want to see him truly, genuinely okay and happy.

  43. Kate says:

    I want A LOT of Dave this season. I want to see his storyline, all the way from prom to comming out and getting together with Kurt. I’m sure that being with him will be great for Kurt. Of course, Blaine makes him happy and stuff – but I feel like Kurt is a lot more than than. I feel like makin’ a big difference for someone as Dave will be very important to him. And with Blaine – he will never make something big (I hope you get what I mean).

    And Dave Karofsky is like the part of my soul now. If RIB will dump him and his storyline and will start to make poor storyline for their precious Blaine (I love Darren Criss very much, I just hate his character) – I am not even sure I can live knowing that such potential wasn’t realised.

    • Amy says:

      You said: And with Blaine – he will never make something big (I hope you get what I mean).

      I do get what you mean. :) Blaine has been sort of a mentor to Kurt, and I know Kurt appreciates it, but now I’d like to see Kurt ‘pay it forward’ so to speak. I think Kurt is strong enough and caring enough to do that for Karofsky and frankly, I really want to see him in that role. I really, really hope the writers won’t forget the PFLAG mention and that we get to see Dave and Kurt starting a PFLAG group at McKinley together.

    • DR says:

      Lol. Yes, I’m sure Kurt cares a lot more about “making a difference” than about being happy with the guy he loves.

      • Kate says:

        Lol I have an ophinion for it too. I don’t think that Kurt loves Blaine. I think that Kurt loves the idea of being in love and having a boyfriend. And Blaine is kinda hot, so

      • Lily says:

        Kurt doesn’t care about “making a difference” ? what about the Prom Queen episode ? And the fact that he wants to run for class president in Season 3 ?

      • Lily says:

        Kurt is a bit like Rachel… He prefers ambition over love… Even though Blaine said that both of them won (because they have a love relationship), Kurt still kept on complaining that they lost at the competition.

        • Alora Pendrak says:

          Kurt dosn’t choose ambition over love at all. In the defying gravity episode kurt gave up his solo for his Father. Then Kurt slushied himself for Finn even though kurt loves his chlothes and hair. kurt was happy for blaine when he got the part of Toney in west side story he even brought him flowers.

    • James says:

      Then get prepared to die, I mean if you cannot live without it. Cause you are not getting it. With TGP winners, more adult story lines, setting up of a spin off for the core four or three, am not sure which way Cory will go, there is not time for Karofsky at all. They’ll wrap him up in one episode and that’ll be that. As it should be.

  44. Mara says:

    It’ll be nice to see Karofsky deal with his fears for coming out. However, I wouldn’t like to see a romantic relationship happen between him and Kurt. Sure, Kurt forgave him, and that could be a nice start for Karofsky’s change. But why does he need to have a romantic relationship to come out though? Or just for the sake of having a storyline? I think it would be better if the change will come from his own realization (and not because he has to so he can be with someone) and come out to his homophobic friends. Maybe he can make his friends see that being gay isn’t wrong at all. That would be a better storyline. Also, it hasn’t been done yet.

  45. Elise says:

    I think Karofsky’s storyline is extremely important and Max does a great job portraying the closeted jock. His story needs to be concluded as it helps so many teenagers throughout the world. I’d love to see him in a romantic relationship with Kurt, for I’m sure they would suit each other very well, but as I’d be fine with just friendship as well. I just want Dave to be happy and to be able to love himself.

  46. Liz says:

    Glee missed a huge opportunity to create a compelling and sympathetic storyline with Dave Karofsky. The supposed “redemption arc” was forced and hollow and completely short-changed Kurt’s experiences, while relieving Karofsky of any responsibility for his actions.

    I have a hard time imagining the writing for the character would improve if they brought him back. I hope they cut their losses or bring him back in very small increments to show him coming to terms with his sexuality from a distance very far away from Kurt.

    At the end of the day, Glee is (supposedly) a comedy with 1200 different characters to write for. There is no way they could do the work necessary to make any relationship beyond grudging tolerance and vague solidarity between Kurt, Karofsky, and Blaine work in a way the didn’t send a problematic message.

    • Rose says:

      I have been reading all of the entries before writing my thoughts but I couldn’t put it better than you already have. Bravo!

    • Kim says:

      Thank you for this. The writers of Glee are too sloppy and have way too much to deal with to ever even begin to properly address this story. I think they should cut their losses and tell us that Karofsky is in pschiatric therapy, offscreen.

  47. Jessica says:

    Congrats, now the Kurtofsky shippers will post multiple replies and vote repeatedly in the poll in an attempt to make it look like many want Karofsky as Kurt’s love interest, when in reality, I think the general audience wouldn’t even notice if the character never comes back.

    Personally, I hope he’s gone for good.

    • Anna says:

      Do you know, girl? You can only vote once. If you Klainers have the habit to fake at polls, not everybody is as much immature.

      • Anna says:

        CHEAT, obviously I meant cheat!

      • RoseMarie says:

        There are Kurtofsky shippers on Tumblr right now saying how they are voting “every day and on every sever [they] can get to.” So, yes. They are doing just that. Just like every other fandom does when a poll happens.

      • Kathryn says:

        I’m sorry but since when did Jessica state that she was a Klainer? That was a rude jab.

        Just assuming that she’s a Klainer just because you don’t like us very much is a bit offensive.
        You’re entitled to your own opinion but please don’t generalize.

    • Lia says:

      Honestly, what is your problem, you bitter person??

  48. Sidhcelegam says:

    I for one would like to see more of Dave Karofsky, based on the fact that they didn’t finish his storyline and there is a lot of good that can be done with a redemption story for him. Glee started out as a show with ambitions to tackle difficult topics (Aprils alcoholism/underage drinking in Biota, closeted youth (Santana, Dave, Kurt in the beginning of s1), teenage pregnancy and mental illness) and I don’t think it would be beneficial for the show to completely disregard the good they could do. Granted, it’s a comedy, but the show does reach a lot of kids and I think has a responsibility to at least broach subjects that could potentially affect them.
    As for Dave Karofsky himself, well I think Max Adler, along with Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer, is one of the most talented actors on the show and that Glee should harness that talent. I don’t care if he’s a recurring character or even a guest star, but talent like that shouldn’t be wasted. And before you say that he isn’t talented.. Well, he wouldn’t have been in the running for a nom for the Emmy if he wasn’t and that award is voted for by the industry itself :D

  49. Erik says:

    Defenitly more Karofsky!

  50. Carissa says:

    A lot of people hate Dave, and even the actor, Max, for no other reason than that he’s fat and not as ~*~unreal~*~ as Kurt. Blaine is slim, all right, and charming, but he has kind of a lumpy face.

    • Jake says:

      I find this comment hilarious!

    • Bill says:

      Max/Dave is a bear. If Kurt grows up a little, and Dave grows into it, that could become interesting.

    • Lily says:

      Sometimes I also wonder what would happen if roles were reversed: Karofsky is played by Darren Criss and Blaine is played by Max Adler.
      Then again, I once read a post of a girl who felt a bit uncomfortable watching the last Klaine skit of the Glee Live Tour, because before the Klaine kiss, “Blaine” was holding “Kurt’s” face in a similar way Karofsky did during the locker room scene…