True Blood Season Finale Recap: Did That Just Happen?! [Warning: Major Spoilers]

SPOILER ALERT: The following recap of the season finale of True Blood is full of… Well, the words “spoiler” and “alert” should’ve given you some clue, now shouldn’t they? Seriously, if you have yet to watch Sunday’s closer, hit the nearest emergency exit. Everyone else, onward and downward…

Anyway, whoa. Marnie-as-Lafayette fatally stabbed Jesus, Debbie tried to shoot Sookie but missed and blew out Tara’s brains instead, Sookie shot Debbie, and Eric and Bill took out that annoying Nan!

And that was just the tip of the iceberg!

Let me try to put this in some kind of order for you:

First Marnie-as-Lafayette — we’ll call him/her Marnayette — rewarded Jesus for making him/her breakfast by forking him and then knifing in order to steal his brujo magic. (If that hadn’t worked, clearly a vicious spooning was next.) Then, during Marnayette’s Bill/Eric cookout, wiccan waitress Holly, with the help of Sookie, Tara and the Gorton’s fisherman, summoned up a whole buncha dead people, including Gran and Antonia (who never seems to rest, much less in peace) to coax her into the great beyond.

Afterward, Sookie’s wrists engaged in a restorative kinda blood-sucking three-way with the medium-rare Bill and Eric, both of whom she then dumped. She may have been listening to her gut, or she may just not have been able to take how silly they looked in matching bathrobes. (In any case, coupled with the half fairy’s conversation with Alcide about how they should really follow their heads rather than their hearts, it’s pretty safe to assume there will be wolf hair clogging her shower drain next season.)

Elsewhere, Jason manned up and told Hoyt that he was shagging Jessica; Jessica womanned (?) up and told Jason – during sex, no less – that she didn’t want to be his girlfriend (though really, when aren’t they having sex?); the late Rene (back from the dead along with all the other ghosts) warned Arlene that guest star Scott Foley (as Terry’s old Army buddy) would be nothing but trouble; Rev. Newlin showed up at Jason’s with fangs; Debbie showed up at Sookie’s with a rifle; a wolf showed up at Sam’s; and Nan showed up at Bill’s to inform him and Eric that she’d quit/been fired and was joining a vampire revolt. Not that they cared. They were so offended that she called them “puppydogs” that they turned her into a pile of goo.

Oh, and did I mention that it looked like Russell had escaped from his concrete prison?

Because it did look that way.

So what did you think? Were you happy with the season? Unhappy? Were you surprised that Tara and Jesus were killed? Did you care that Debbie and Nan bit the dust? Would you have bumped off someone else instead? Sound off below. And feel free to eulogize your fallen favorites.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sivat says:

    If Tara is dead, Imma cut a bitch!!!

    • ikki s says:

      that bitch was getting too whiney and annoying the last few seasons ne way

      • Sivat says:

        Wrong. Tara is still a great character.

        • Auds says:

          Double wrong, Tara is the worst character they’ve ever had on that show AND she’s not supposed to be on it. In the books Lafayette dies in the beginning of the first book & Tara doesn’t even come in until the 2nd or 3rd and she doesn’t have much of a story line (thank God)!

          I was, however, devastated with Jesus’ death, as his character was so sweet & thoughtful AND made Lafayette’s character feel complete.

          As a side note, I have a funny feeling that Tara won’t be “gone” quite so easily, and next season will be Lafayette spending most of his time with ghosts…

          • Russ says:

            I kinda hope Tara get turned into a vampire. I think it would be a interesting turn for her character because has hated vampires for most of season 3 & 4, but i don’t think it will actually happen.

          • KevyB says:

            I’m with you. Tara was once a fun character but she’s been so annoying, especially with her 75 personalities. Yes, a vampire held her hostage and raped her, but it’s a little far-fetched to jump right into wanting them all dead, especially when she knows her alleged bestest friend in the whole wide world is boning one of them. And so soon after allegedly being happy finally. She can stay dead if it will finally mean Alcide can have a decent storyline.

      • Kristi says:

        It’s the Rita effect…by sesason 3 of Dexter everything outta Rit’a mouth made me wanna slap her around, but still I cried when they killed her off, because of the impact it had on the main character. Now for me Tara was nowhere near as annoying as Rita, but this season I HATED what they did with her character, but did I want her killed off….eh not so much.

        And she had her head blown open with a shotgun, no amount of V is gonna save her from that. I think everyone has overlooked the fact that Lafayette is a medium…Tara isn’t truly gone, we will still get to see her as a ghost.

        • Sivat says:

          OMFG you didn’t like Rita?? She was the best character on Dexter!

          • Ollie says:

            Rita was annoying whiny and needy. Glad she is gone. But i hate that Tara was killed!

          • Ana Muller says:

            Rita was SO annoying. And how could you possibly say she was the best character in Dexter? I mean… there’s Dexter! “Rita effect” I like that, that could be a TV thing like “the moonlighting curse” lol

      • Asha says:

        I don’t watch this show regularly but my roommate does and every episode I’ve ever watched with her the only thing I’ve ever come away with is how effing annoying Tara is. So I think that her death will probably improve the show.

      • guest says:

        YES! not the annoying part but she always sided with the wrong crowd. I was annoyed that she didn’t seem to learn anything.

    • Dave says:

      Tara getting her head blown off gave me that happy happy joy joy feeling. Could not stand her character. And Jesus was icing on the cake. My lord this season sucked ass. Desperately in need of a spectacular rebound to hold on to the non fanboys.

      • lorna says:

        i liked jesus, but the witch thing went on too long. the only villian i have liked was renee. sookie neds to be with alcide or eric, or both!!

        • Dr. Fake Name says:

          I hated jesus. I don’t get why so many people like him. I bet his magic wasn’t even real. there were probably already fish in those baskets and only one empty looking basket with a trick bottom. I bet he put like red powdered dye into white wine for that trick and the walk on water thing was probably just sand filled crates stacked up near the water’s surface. I am glad they crucified his dumb ass… wait, what are we talking about again?

          • Erin says:

            actually, I’m glad they crucified him too, cause he paid the price for my sins. Thank you Jesus for taking the punishment in my place. As far as true blood goes, I’m sad they killed off Tara. She was a little annoying, but she was Sookies best friend. Also, I’m sad they got rid of Jesus he was so sweet and good to Laffayette I’m thrilled that they killed off Nan and Debbie

        • faith says:

          mm..alcide is mad hot but so is eric shes gonna have alot of deciding but if she goes with both thats gonna be awsome..

      • Sivat says:

        Season 4 was actually the best season yet.

      • ihateannoyingbishes says:

        Afknmen , after the second season i was just waiting and hoping for the day when they killed off that annoying masculine looking face and body , tara, I understood when they showed her go lesbian, but i sure didnt want to see any more of her, thank god they killed her off and i hope they don’t bring her back,

    • Lisa says:

      Tara getting killed was the real shock of the night. I’m sure everyone knew Jesus, Nan, and Debbie, as supporting characters/love interests of the past couple seasons, were the most likely to bite the dust. But killing a main character that’s been a main character since season 1 is quite another thing!

      • Bronie says:

        I think killing Tara was too much. It just instantly cut me out of the episode. Seemed like a very bad move. Actually, the whole plot element of brigning Debie in with a shotgun was poor, it didn’t fit.

        I mean, again? It was epic the first time, the second time it just dosen’t fit the character development in my eyes. If might have been overlooked if nothing important happened out of it, but no, they turned that very poor plot element into something very meaningfull by killing Tara. Way to screw the ending.

        And I agree with lorna, the witch/magic thing dragged on too long.

        The finale was weak considering how much I liked season 4.

    • Corinne says:

      V ain’t gonna fix the hole in the back of her head. I was more upset by the death of Nan, she had some choice lines, where as Tara just kept getting more annoying.

      • Russ says:

        V isn’t going to fix it but if Eric or Bill comes along and gives tara a lot of there blood she will turn.

        • Dr. Fake Name says:

          I think by V he means a source of abundant vampire blood not like a vile of drugs. and i don’t think you can V someone back to life whens they gotz their brains spattered. Seeing Tara get tapped like that sent shivers into my loins. Its gotta make You Tube in some edit of her yelling about a bunch of whiny nonsense followed by CABLAMMO. oooh i get it. It was poetic that she hated the entire vampire race for the acts of a few vampires cause she was a black person. Its like in that planet of the apes sequel when they black guy is beating the ape and the ape tells him not too. I get it now… that is sooo clever…

          • Corinne says:

            That is what I meant. In order to become a vampire, you have to be able to ingest their blood, someone missing a large fraction of brain matter would probably lack the ability.

    • annette hewitt says:

      I love True Blood. I was upset with what happen to Jesus and Tara. How can Lafayette ever forget himself. They love each other so much. Lafayette is a medium, does that mean Jesus can possess his body at times? This long time friend of Terry, Its seem they were in a very close relationship if not a intimate one. All this well come to pass soon. Thank for your time

    • judy moore says:


    • faith says:

      she bad ass yeah but there is no reason to cut

  2. TJ says:

    Tara’s death was the single most shocking twist I’ve ever seen on TV. But if she’s not dead, I’ll be pissed. And if she’s dead…I’ll still be pissed.

    • Amanda says:

      It wasn’t that shocking. The minute she told Sookie that she hoped to be on that “porch” with her in their old age, you know she was a goner. The story will have much more impact if they leave her dead.

      • Kate says:

        I know i thought that as well as soon as anyone in any finale talks about being old on a porch they get killed at the end, but i still wasnt expecting that!

      • CynMG2 says:

        I thought so too Amanda! As soon as she said that I thought she had just jinxed herself! I was shocked though that I was right and how her brains were blown out!

    • Johnification says:

      I knew she was gonna die as soon as she and Sookie had that conversation about growing old with kids on the porch. I actually said, “aaaaand Tara is gonna die” out loud. It was the old cop’s “I’m gonna retire tomorrow!” speech.

      • Akima says:

        The first thing I thought when Sookie said that, was “how are you gonna have kids with a vampire”?

        I don’t know if Tara is dead. Maybe Lafayette, now he has Jesus’ powers, can fix it?

      • Davad says:

        I got two days to retirement….I can’t believe I never even got wounded on the job…..aaaaiiiiieeeeeee.

      • Missy says:

        “I knew she was gonna die as soon as she and Sookie had that conversation about growing old with kids on the porch. I actually said, “aaaaand Tara is gonna die” out loud. It was the old cop’s “I’m gonna retire tomorrow!” speech.”

        LOL!!! Good call!

    • Dragen says:

      So this was your first ever episode of anything?

      • Dr. Matt says:

        You beat me to the punch on that one. I can think of several MAJOR twists in other shows that were more shocking that Tara getting killed off.

    • DL says:

      I think Tara’s gonna get turned into a vampire. Now I know True Blood and the book series have their own rules, but apparently in the Charlaine Harris novels a vamp can still be raised even a couple hours after death. My guess is Sookie’s emotion will bring Eric and Bill running, and a little bit of blood and one burial later, voila, vampire Tara.

      • the girl says:

        I have been feeling like this would happen since season 2. Especially since now she has such vitriol against vampires, with how she was treated in season 3. I hope they turn her into a vamp, and she finds herself butting heads with Pam… or they could butt other body parts too, I’d be okay with that.

    • SD says:

      I think she’s dead. I also think she’s going to be turned. By Eric at a guess. Sook’s two vamps would have felt her terror, and her begging someone to help, well, I think it’s pretty inevitable.

      Jesus is the death I’m bummed about. The two best relationships on the show were Hoyt/Jess and Jesus/Lafayette and now there both destroyed.

      • Erica says:

        I’m not sure if it will be the vamps that respond to her cry for help or the fairies. This may be a way to bring them back into the fold and I think they may be a major storyline next year. With the fornication with Sheriff Andy in the woods.

      • carole maram says:

        I agree, wouldnt the 2 vamps have heard her and been there in a flash, it was nite time.?????this episode was the most satisfying ever,the cliff hangers i can live with; the new guy, whatever and he was a favorite on “the unit” the shocker of newlin a with fangs and will he turn jason, what a hoot…i too will miss jesus,and the scene of sookie with the 2 vamps suckling, was too much, matching bath robes OMG.but what was the deal with andy in the woods with the fairy?

        • Davad says:

          Steve Newlin showing up at Jason’s door cracked me up. In a good way. The other oh crap moment for me was the hole in the concrete. I knew what that meant. My question is how long will Mississippi’s old king have to heal after that much damage. He’ll probably show up in the second scene next season with our luck.

    • Shaun says:

      I totally agree. As soon as I heard what Tara said in the beginning of the episode I realized that!

    • Dr. Fake Name says:

      Your post about being shocked is the most shockingly stupid thing i have ever read on the internet. Did you just start watching TV yesterday or just get your sight back or somthing?

  3. Carrie says:

    Just by the nature of the show, I’m not calling Tara truly dead until the first ep of next season.

    The rest though – lovin’ it. I am a very happy Trubie, even if those mataching robes were hilariously awful.

    • keely says:

      Im sad Tara was killed, she was one of my favorite characters and the fact she did it saving sookie was even more tragic. Debbie was one crazy B$%^h and when she killed tara, i was praying sookie didnt show her any mercy. jesus’ death made me sad as well, but at least he will be back. Poor lafayette though, he is tragically unlucky.

    • Fido says:

      ^I 2nd that re: Tara aint dead. It looks like the blast just clipped the side of her head. If the ptb had wanted to show he dead then a ‘shot’ at the end with 1/2 her face gone would have done that. So I fully expect a recovering Tara in the opening ep next season – hopefully with a return of that bob cut she gave herself at the end of the last season :)

      • Russ says:

        Did you NOT see the puddle of blood around her head!!!!????? that was more than being clipped.

      • Dr. Fake Name says:

        I just re-watched the scene and freeze framed it so i could make it my desktop background and the back of her head is defiantly shotgunned off. She is as dead as the majority of your brain-cells and no amount of V is gonna recover her or you.

  4. Michael says:

    I was hoping TVLine would have a post-mortem. I am in complete shock. Unlike the rest of the Internet, (SPOILER ALERT just in case you somehow didn’t watch the episode, steered on this post and decided to read the comments:) I actually like Tara and cannot believe they killed her off. I’m a little distraught.

  5. Smallville944 says:

    i know im probaly in the minority but i was really sad to see Nan go she will be missed i kinda liked her

  6. AndyLuvr says:

    Is Tara really dead? I thought she was just injured. She better not be dead.

    I was hoping against hope that Jesus would survive so his death really, really bums me out. Debbie’s swan song was expected as that’s what happened in “Dead to the World.” Nan’s was surprising though.

    Oh, and Sookie is not 1/2 fairy. It’s a smaller fraction than that but it hasn’t been set in stone yet on the show as to how Jason and Sookie became descendants of a faerie person.

    • Nikki S. says:

      ive always wanted to know how jason came out completely normal human? lol

      • Kristi says:

        In on of the books Sookies great grandfather (who is fae) summed it up as the fairy part of Jason is his ability to attract women so easy, they just find him irresistable :)

        • AndyLuvr says:

          Both MEN and women are attracted to Jason both because of his physical appeal and the manifestation of the faerie blood in him.

          In the books, it’s canon that Sookie is 1/8 faerie but that has not been addressed on the TV show.

      • Hector says:

        what if? Jason is a fairy and his powers are to charm women? look at all the girl that he been with!

        • CynMG2 says:

          Exactly Hector. AndyLuvr has it right from what the books say. Sookie is apealing too, but has the whole mind reading thing to get in the way. If you read the books that’s explained in the newest Dead Reckoning. Loved Jason’s comment to Jess about all the women he’s been with.

    • Hillary says:

      Especially bummed about Jesus because I loved him as Nate on Southland and he left that show in order to play Jesus this season. And Nate is dead so there is no going back.

      • Megan says:

        He died on Ugly Betty too! He dies on everything I love him in! :(

        • Bobbi_1025 says:

          He was also briefly on Sonsof Anarchy but he got killed off that too

          • ruandvin says:

            THAT’S where I’d seen him before…..really like him on TB. Sorry to see him go. Also sorry to see Nan go because she was hilariously funny – although pretty dang annoying at the same time. If Tara is really dead than freakin than thank you writers cause I don’t think I could stand another season of her whining and lip quivering!!!

      • Anzie says:

        I’m not 100% sure, but didn’t he die in Burn Notice as well?

      • davad says:

        Well I did see an article that the actor was up for a major role on one of the Law and Orders? (might be a different show). That usually signals bad news for any current character they are playing. There was already hints of a major bloodbath towards the end of this season, and on True Blood, anyone but Sookie could be up for grabs. Ball doesn’t follow the books, so I could see any other character getting offed in the future. I imagine, Jason, Eric, Bill, Sam, & Jessica are fairly safe. Pam, Lafayette, Andy, Terry, and Arlene would be a step less safe. By less safe, I mean I keep expecting them to explode at any second there is a calm moment of character development.

  7. xav says:

    I knew that Jesus and Tara would die. They’re queer and ethnic minorities, so television dictates they must die. I’m still disappointed though and I don’t think anything will make me tune in next year.

    • Hixeyanne says:

      Regardless of ethnicity… Tara was the worst. Although I have a feeling Bill and/or Eric will show up and have her drink some blood bringing her back.

    • Kristi says:

      But you forget Lafayette falls into both those catagoriest and still lives ;)

    • Amie says:

      What a pathetic statement..Lafayette is “queer” and died in the books but was kept in the TV series because he was so well liked. Ugh.

    • Michele says:

      Ummm…. you do know that the Executive producer of the show is gay right? You’re going to play the gays always die card with a gay EP? REALLY??!!!!

      I thought the finale was well handled and ended much stronger then last season. Lots of chess pieces on the board and lots of stakes being raised. And I am also not 100% they will kill Tara until the season starts back up. Vampire blood in a gal who has her strong feelings about vampires might be a very interesting route to take. It would certainly potentially turn things on it’s ears much more then killing her.

      Although I can’t say I was that surprised by her death considering the over dramatic heart to heart at the kitchen table with Sookie crying her eyes out.

      • sarah says:

        Unfortunately, gay showrunners tend to have the most racist and problematic shows out there.

      • Davad says:


        I agree with you about Tara. I’m pretty sure she’s only around as a ghost, but the only arc I could see her taking from where she had ended up was dead OR somehow getting turned and having to deal with all the self-loathing but unable to off herself line. By unable I mean, of course, just not being able to kill herself on purpose mentally. Naturally, she could just take a jog in the afternoon if she wanted.

  8. BabyBird says:

    SO UNBELIEVABLY upset about Jesus.. Really liked the guy & their love story.. Tara, she was getting irritating sometimes but it foreshadowed something happening in the beginning when she was sitting with Sookie at the table.. Wow tho.. Crazy finale..

  9. Terry says:

    I’m actually really kinda mad they *maybe* killed off Tara. It’s like they just threw in the towel with the character and then just decided to kill her off in shocking and heroic fashion. Lame.

    Maybe aka I’m hoping, they just turn her into a vampire next season.

  10. Sivat says:

    So is Rutina Wesley gone? Is she done? Was she fired? Did she quit? I don’t see how Tara’ll survive this unless she’s vamped.

    Disappointed that Nan was killed because I loved her.

    Upset about Jesus too but I expect him to make ghostly appearances in the future. I thought he was going to possess Lafayette and share his body so they could be together forever.

    Debbie was trouble but in a fun way.

    Excited to see Steve back and as a vamp no less! They’ve been teasing his mysterious disappearance all season.

    Surprised the fairies didn’t return…I guess the civil war will continue into next season.

  11. Maxime says:

    Killing Tara is real bad! I wish they could have used her much better instead.

  12. Paige says:

    The best, BY FAR, season of True Blood yet. Every episode ended with a huge WTF moment. WAITING SUCKS… until June, I’ll be thirsty for more!

  13. Kat says:

    Tara BETTER not be dead!! She’s one of the best characters on the show!

  14. JennBat says:

    I thought it was good. I figured Russell would escape. Tara isn’t dead, she just looks that way. I’m glad Debbie had her brains splattered. I would have expected that a long time ago. The Rev. Newlin thing was awesome, wasn’t expecting that. I like Jason and Jessica together. Hopefully, there will be another love interest next season other than Alcide, although I love Alcide.

    Loved it…keeps us guessing what Alan Ball will do next!

    • lorna says:

      i wish theyd kill off jessica, i used to love her now she just bugs me.

    • CS says:

      I don’t think she’s dead either – Debbie was super dead! But they made it super obvious that while Tara was shot in the head, she was hit on the side in more of a glancing blow. I mean, she’s still shot in the head, but it’s still left kinda ambiguous. I wouldn’t be surprised if they either turned her into a vampire or gave her some sort of disability or something that gave her something to focus on aside from what she’s been doing.

      I think the “we’ll grow old together” thing is a red herring, but that might be giving them too much credit. heh.

      • Dr. Fake Name says:

        If they made her Tara the now-even-more-annoying disabled character I would fly down to Bon Temps and shoot her again myself. and my fly i mean with my blurry wooshing vampire powers

  15. Rhonda says:

    Why the HELL did they have Rene speak his fake cajun accent?! That bugged me more than anything!

    • Corinne says:

      I questioned that as well. Apparently the new staff forgot that he wasn’t really cajun.

    • bhm1304 says:

      Thank you for pointing out this clear misstep by this show’s “getting worse each year” writing staff. That was a huge hiccup.

      • Dr. Fake Name says:

        The writing staff may have misspelt the words in cajun but they didn’t direct him to talk that way or choose the say the lines that way after having preformed scenes not being cajun. so the fault goes to everyone. Or maybe that is just a ghost accent..

  16. Nicole says:

    Liked how everything ended up. Really excited about Russell being out of his concrete prison!

  17. jenn says:

    while, i’m glad debbie is gone, i just wish she got a little bit of a longer send off

  18. Lolly says:

    Honestly, I was more sad about Jesus’s exit than Tara’s…

    …and I hope they DO explore the whole Sookie/Alcide relationship in the future, because that is something that I always thoght was really a big problem with the books. Of course, now there is the whole Debbie death thing, so that will complicate Alcide’s thoughts IF Sookie tells him.

    And I’m glad I read this because I totally forgot the whole “burying Russell in the concrete” until I read this.

    • Dr. Fake Name says:

      You forgot the end of the last season? It must be fun to have your flaky brain. like you must get excited every time you look into a mirror “who is that? oh yeah…” By the next season you will be asking “Where is that jesus guy and why is Sookie having beastial intercourse with a dog who then morphed into a large sexy man?”

  19. Joanna says:

    Wow! Can’t wait until June for next season!

  20. Anthony Newhall says:

    Tara will be Pam’s progeny. You have my word.

    • Sivat says:

      I think that’s possible. Only being turned into a vampire can save her now.

      Unless Arlene and Terry’s costumes were foreshadowing and she’ll be back as a zombie.

      • Kristi says:

        That made me giggle…just what Bon Temps needs…Zombies..

        • Jonathan says:

          “Zombies are the new vampires, don’t you know?”

          The thought did occur to me that this comment was a foreshadowing … And then Terry’s army pal shows up when he was presumed dead? We’ve got vampires, telepaths, faeries, werewolves, witches, mediums … I’ve never read the books but the TV series does its own thing anyway, so who knows, maybe there is room for one more beastie hehe!

    • kelly says:

      YOU my friend.. are genius. Tara HAS to come back. All the naysayers are wrongggggg she is part of the shows awesomeness. so happy debbie got her comeuppance. nan sucked too. kinda messy not to show the faery.. she f’d andy and disappeared?! and i am just dyinggggggg to know what is UP with terry’s old.. friend. ahhhh JUNE!!!

    • Gia says:

      I never thought about Pam becoming Tara’s maker. But that would make perfect sense as far as how their storyline was going. Pam wanted revenge on Tara. And turning her into what Tara hates most, a vampire, would be the ultimate revenge. Good thinking Anthony Newhall. This would be great because I don’t want Tara to die.

      • Sandi says:

        What Andrew and Gia said. Brilliant. Since Pam now hates Sookie, what wonderful revenge. Tara, without any feeling at all for her fairy best friend, will be hell on wheels,and both of them could ally themselves with Mr. Edgington.

      • Dr. Fake Name says:

        YEAH pam will just happen to come over in the following moments cause she is bringing muffins or something. Sook will invite her in and then Pam will be like “Here I am nice now so i brough you some blueberry… what happened to this bitch on the floor here?” and then she will resist licking up the pool of brains and will turn Tara into a vampire. And then Tara will be back to self-hating Tara instead of just annoying/plot device Tara

        • Jonathan says:

          I just have to tell you that your line “Here I am nice now so i brough you some blueberry… what happened to this bitch on the floor here?” seriously cracked me up. I could just see Pam saying it in her deadpan manner and it was hilarious. Thank you for a much needed laugh :)

    • mia says:

      I love this idea…I can just her Pam and Tara bitching each other out every day of eternity. lol

  21. Andi says:

    The most upsetting thing was Jesus getting killed. Kevin Alejandro has to win some sort of award for an actor being killed on the most series within the last 5 years! It’s awful! He’s such a great actor.

    I was shocked by Tara but I’m not that upset. She’s not a very important character in the books. I loved a lot of the one liners tonight! Especially what Bill and Eric said after killing Nan. Hilarious.

    Great season finale!

    • Sivat says:

      Doesn’t really matter what characters are like in the books. This is the tv series, it’s a totally different thing.

      • SororSalsa says:

        Exactly…Lafayette was killed in the first book, so his whole storyline after Season 1 has been Alan Ball’s vision. I hate to see Jesus die…I liked him with Lafayette. And it’s a shame, because he was killed on Southland last season. I assumed he left that show because he was going to be on TB for a few seasons.

        • Mick says:

          Kevin Alejandro signed on for Southland during the Season 1 when it was NBC when it got cancelled he went to find a new job i.e on True Blood finally TNT picked up Southland but he had already committed to True Blood as a series regular for this season, so they killed him off Southland. It kinda pissing me off TB only used him for one season because I liked him on Southland.

    • Amanda says:

      TOTALLY agree about Kevin Alejandro. LOVE him so much, but when he showed up last season, I literally said to my friend watching with me, “Just wait. He’ll end up dead. His character’s NEVER make it.”

  22. Samantha says:

    Poor Lafayette, he can’t lose his boyfriend and cousin. Tara should be turned into a vampire! she’s dead but not really you know :P Come on AB let Eric turn Tara! There were so many cliffhangers and its going to so suck to wait almost a year to see what happens next. And I’m all for Sookie/Eric but I’d rather she be alone too if that means no her and Beel.

  23. Evie says:

    i was really really satisfied with this season from beginning to end! The season finale was by far the best of the entire series!! I had a feeling that the good Rev was coming back and was going to be a vamp…i have a feeling that he was the one that got Russell out of his “grave”..I had a feeling that Tara was going to die..she was just an afterthought this whole season..i wasn’t surprised by her death nor Jesus’ nor Debbie..couldn’t stand her in the books or the series…good riddance to bad rubbish.
    Man i can’t WAIT till the next season..bring on Quinn babies!!! only 9 months to go!!!

    • lorna says:

      Quinn was a HUGE mistake in the books and i despised him, they better NOT Bring him in. Dullsville, hellllll no Alan Ball. I’d prefer they kept Tara instead of bringing Quinn, if it came to it.

  24. Matt Fallmann says:

    I wouldn’t call Tara’s death so “shocking” as the episode gave subtle hints to her demise throughout the episode. But none the less, I gasped, covered my mouth and sat there for minutes after it happened. EPIC season, EPIC finale!

  25. CW says:

    I truly hope Tara is gone, I really can’t stand her. But I’m sure she’ll be back… *sigh* Other than that, great episode!

  26. mary says:

    I think the fae will be involved with bringing back Tara at a price. That’s my feeling.

  27. Jenny says:

    Never been a fan of it’s interesting that they finally made HER interesting. I wonder if she’s truly dead. I was thinking they may turn her into a vampire so she can come back. But can you really come back from a blow to the head like that?! Idk..but that was shocking.

    Won’t miss Nan and Debbie. I find the new “bromance” between Eric and Bill rather weird. Eric has always been and acted better than Bill. All of a sudden they’re equals?! Also, what’s up with Sookie denying both of them. Is she stupid?! Bill and Eric shouldn’t have to stand for that!

    I really dislike Jessica. Hate what they’ve done to their storyline.

    As for Russell not gonna like, excited to see him again! Wonder who dug him out! And Steve Newlin! HA! He’s back as a vampire, the thing he hates the most!!

    Crazy finale, but I loved it, now to wait another 9 months for the new season. HBO, you suck. :)

  28. Jessica Oliver says:

    I can’t believe you left out the fact that PAM CRIED!

  29. lc says:

    About time they killed off some title characters.
    Been a long time coming, cast was getting ridiculously over-inflated and the show suffered for it.

    Everybody talks about how FB kills off loads of people. Sorry guys but this is the first time they have killed off PROPER characters (sookies grandma had hardly ANY screen time AND we’ve heard from her since..).

    Sorry to say it but TVD has left it in the dust, have killed off main, recurring and guest stars, even fan-faves. Then characters that weren’t permanently killed. Almost every main character has been killed or almost killed… And realistically.
    Even though four characters were killed off I wasn’t shocked or surprised and it took half an hour for anything to really happen..

    However season 5 of TB has serious potential know (four slowly improved but three was a MESS).

  30. Jeff says:


  31. 14a says:

    I hope they keep Tara dead. She’s a surplus character and has had nothing to do but mope and be useless since the end of season one. Either get her back to her lesbian and out of Bon Temps or keep her dead. Let the character rest a bit.

    I’m super excited about Russel coming back, the whole Debbie Pelt death being close enough to her book death (if you tilt your head and squint) , and freaking Scott “Noel” Foley!

    I’m all sad faced over poor abandoned Pam, Rene telling Arlene to be wary of Terry, and oh no… Lafayette… poor, poor Lafayette.

  32. Slizabeth says:

    I’m not counting Tara out… YET. Mainly because if a vamp were to show up RIGHT. THAT. SECOND. She could potentially be saved. Likely? No. But maybe she will. Tara’s storylines were getting tired this season, with her being so drastically anti-vamp and then running to save their lives. If she sticks around, hopefully her life will have (another) reboot and she’ll be the snarky Tara I used to like. I hope the writers will help Lafayette move on past Jesus. True Blood without Lafayette yelling “Beeetches” and “Hookah” won’t be the same.

    • Slizabeth says:

      ALSO, even though this season made me extremely pro Sookie/Eric, I was almost resigned to Sookie picking Bill in this episode!! Couldn’t believe it, actually. Lots of good tension from the actors. Loved it.

  33. Danielle H. says:

    Tara is really dead folks. She had her brains blown out with a nasty shotgun. And really, it’s not a surprise and kind of welcome since her character has gone down hill since season 1.

    Biggest WTF moment was Newlin w/ fangs!!!!!! That was the most epic part of it all and really the only part I didn’t see coming. Wasn’t an amazing finale by any measure though; everything except the last 5 minutes was a snooze. I also don’t really know if I’d call this the biggest cliffhanger ever; we know that the people in Sookie’s life are going to come find her and help her clean this mess up.

    What I want to know more is: WTF is up w/ Newlin (and his wife), when Russell is going to pop back in (ep 3 of s 5 I’m calling it), and I guess (even though I forgot about it w/ all the other crap going on) who the wolf is who confronted Sam.

    • Ally says:

      THANK YOU! Did anyone see Tara’s head?! The whole side was blown off! No way she survived that! I never liked her character, so I’m not sad to have seen her go. Plus, Sookie killed Debbie because of it so I see it as a win-win. I was, however, devastated that Jesus died. And now I’m even more sad for Lafayette because Tara’s gone and he has nobody. I’m wondering if maybe Jesus will take over Tara’s body. Can he do that? Hmm.

      I am so Team Bill/Eric ruling the world, it’s not even funny. Both these men are MUCH BETTER without Sookie. I immensely dislike who they become when they’re fawning all over her, plus I much prefer Alcide and Sookie together. Alcide seems to be the only man who can keep his personality unchanged when Sookie is around, plus he’d treat her right. I’m hoping next season, we’ll get to see them explored FINALLY.

      Rev. Newlin is back!? AS A VAMPIRE! Lawd how did that happen!? Who turned him? Russell? Next season with that is gonna be pretty awesome.

      Jason and Jessica… I’m so pleased to see them. I hope that Jessica will come through this with real feelings for him and he will commit to her. I love Hoyt, but Jason and Jess have SUCH SMOKIN’ CHEMISTRY, it’s hard for me not to love it.

      Please let Sam be okay. I wonder what wolf is after him now. Marcus’ friends? I hope not. I just want Sam to live happily ever after with Luna and her daughter. LOVING their relationship.

      • Adrian says:

        I think the wolf that we saw behind Sam is Marcus, after all it was said that the dead return on halloween so what’s to stop marcus from returning?

    • Lisa says:

      This is a show about supernaturals. Do you really think the same rules that apply our world apply in the True Blood universe? If the writers want Tara to come back, she will come back. Alan Ball said when talking about the possiblity of Tara and Sam getting back together that nothing is ever really over on True Blood. So, don’t be surprised if you see a vampire hater like Tara turned into a vampire next year.

      • Jonathan says:

        True, but isn’t the turned-into-what-you-hate-most what they did with Newlin? Admittedly, I want to see vampire Tara more than vampire Newlin, but the writers already played out that card now (to pretty damn good effect too, I’d say! Man, when he dropped those fangs I jumped out of my seat with glee because I just wasn’t expecting that). They *could* go that same route with Tara, but I think it would be lazy writing.

  34. Samantha says:

    Oh come on I know there are a lot of Tara haters but she’s had some great scenes with Lafayette, Sam and Sookie. She’s been a great friend to Sookie as well and there are already not that many women on the show. I say turn her! I thought she should have been turned last season with Franklin. I say keep Tara and pair her back with Sam or Pam lol

  35. Shellie says:

    Omg. Tara?! Noooooooo!!!!

  36. Danielle says:

    RIP Tara. You will not be missed. Jesus, can’t wait to see you in your next project!

    • dan says:

      The only thing that would have been better is if they had killed Tara with fire.

    • JO says:

      I liked the smart-ass Tara from season 1. I think she could be that way again if she was a vamp instead of a scared human victim. Ever since that “eggs” asshole was killed by Jason, she has been annoying and whiny as fug.

  37. Darth Pablo says:

    I had a feeling that Steve Newlin or Russel was coming back for the finale, but both? Awesome! Newlin as a vampire? Perhaps he’s the one that dug up Russell, on Pam’s command, that turned him, to get back at Eric for being in love with Sookie. Thats why we learn about the back story on how Eric turned Pam next season?

  38. Mike says:

    I am in the minority here and probably gonna get crucified for sayin this but THANK GOD THEY KILLED OFF TARA!!! She has been the biggest waste of space character the whole season she was always for herself and ironically the only time she did anything to help another she got killed for it…totally awesome!!!

    • darklady65 says:

      hell no i support you in this man….that freaking Tara needed to go man and thank god they finally went and did it….i’m totally enjoying the hell out of that LOL =)

  39. Floyd says:

    Yawn. Time for Boardwalk Empire yet?

  40. Cheek says:

    Debbie freed Russell after all Alcide helped with the burial and she’s a hateful bitch. Rene warned Arlene about Terry not his buddy and I think his buddy was also a ghost.

    • kelsweee says:

      OMG youre so right! his friend is probably a ghost!!! I dont think Tara is dead but good riddens if she is. Bad things were always happening to her and it was just getting sad to watch

      • Yoho says:

        Except Scott foley will be a regular next season, and seeing as it won’t be Halloween anymore, I think most ghosts are going to be taking a nap next season…

    • Ruthie says:

      If Terry’s friend IS a ghost then how is it that Arlene can see him?

  41. darklady65 says:

    yes let that stupid ass bitch Tara be DEAD LONG GONE FROM THE SHOW….GOD IT WAS ABOUT DAMN TIME THEY GOT RID OF HER -_- …. she has been freaking annoying since way back in season 1 …. looks like wolfy boy will get his turn next season to sample The Sookie LOL not that i’m surprised at this LOL …. and a big wooohhhhoooo for Marnie getting her freaking just deserts stupid ass witch -_- …. this sure was one interesting season to say the least =)

  42. Cheek says:

    You will be so sad when Tara comes back next season if Jason can come back after that bomb blast Tara can come back from a bullet.

    • D. Marie says:

      Ugh. My husband just said the same thing. I so want Tara to die. The only loophole is that everyone else who was saved (Jason, Sookie), was saved because they were still alive enough (if only barely) to drink vampire blood. Tara looks super dead. Capital D. Brains-blown-out-dead. Here’s to hoping it stays that way.

    • JO says:

      AGREED! If Tara were to get vamped, I’d make her the new progeny of Russel Edgington. I don’t want her to be the victim/good guy/runaway Tara anymore. Who would you choose to turn her into a vamp?

  43. Samantha says:

    Tara’s all for herself? really? I seem to remember plenty of times she was there for Sookie and helped her. She was more of a friend than Sookie was to her.

  44. truebie24 says:

    Is Tara really dead?? I hope not. Season finale was eventful not loving the deaths, but all things happen for a reason intrigued to see what they come up with for next season!

  45. GoodWitchPA says:

    Alan Ball couldn’t hire one genuine witch (or use the internet) to find the correct pronunciation of Samhain? REALLY? Jackass.

  46. Rose K says:

    All i know is EVERYONE needs to stay away from sookie’s kitchen- nothing but trouble there!

  47. Tammy says:

    Anyway Eric and/or Bill will come to Sookie’s distress call and save Tara or was too much brain lost? I will miss Tara!

  48. Kaitlin says:

    I can’t believe there wasn’t a single mention of Pam in this article. She had the best scene of the entire finale!

  49. Nichole says:

    I thought the finale was lame. It seems like last week’s eppy was the season finale and this was nothing more than housecleaning. I do like the Jessica and Jason romance. That looks good. I think it’s stupid Sookie chose no one. I think she should have gotten with Bill. Even though Tara started off the season boring she shaped up. I loved her in Season 3 then the whole I hate vamps turned me off. but by the end I liked her again. I hope she gets vamped. I kinda liked Nan. She was a thorne in Bill’s and Eric’s side. lol Can’t wait for season 5.

    • JO says:

      All or nothing. Sookie was “using her head” just like Alcid asked her to. She hasn’t had anything but trouble since she started dating vampires. She made the right move. If she chose one of them, the other would be jealous. That was a no win situation. Now, the only way she’s gonna hook up with Alcid is if Tara lives. Sookie wouldn’t want to date the guy whose girlfriend killed Tara.

  50. iowaguy says:

    This season was so epic. Couldn’t believe my eyes tonight. Best season thus far.

    • Sivat says:

      Total agreement!!!

    • JO says:

      I wouldn’t go that far. Last season’s cliffhanger with Sookie disappearing was good. Problem is that with only 12 episodes, they just try to end story lines too quickly. Feels rushed. Trying to do anything worthwhile with all those characters in 12 episodes is ridiculous. Sheriff Bellefleur, Hoyt, Jessica and Jason need to be either less stupid or dead.