Glee in Season 3: How Should Quinn Unleash Her Inner Bad Girl?

Season 2 of Glee allowed us glimpses of the vulnerable side of Quinn Fabray, but according to a recent Ask Ausiello column, the show choir-cheerleading squad double-threat will get back in touch with her inner bad girl when the show’s new season kicks off later this month. Obviously, there are plenty of ways a high-school alpha female can act out, so take our poll and tell us what story arc you’d most like to see for Quinn, then hit the comments to brainstorm other ideas.

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Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ashleigh says:

    Agree with all the choices, except for a reunion with Finn. The thought of seeing Fuinn again makes me want to barf and consider never watching Glee again. But considering Quinn quits New Directions in the first couple episodes and the fact that her bad girl routine only last a couple episodes one can only dream that all the things in the poll could happen EXCEPT for a reuinion with Finn (I think I said that already, lol).

    • yse_nj says:

      fuinn was weird, but i think they should stop giving so much storyline to quinn (season 1: finn, puck, baby, out and back of cheerious, no home, pregnancy; season 2: cheerious on and off again, finn, sam, lucy caboosey, prom queen) and she was awful all the time, she is a weak actress on her best day her usual is just boring to watch.
      they should give a chance to the others that didn’t have a lot going on last season or let the acting for the ones that can act and that is not her case.

  2. Jake says:

    Provided that the writers won’t turn her gay, I’m fine…

    • Alex says:

      I woul prefer Quinn to be gay, as opposed to Santana.

      • Jesse says:

        Well, Santana doesn’t even looked gay before, so it was a little forced.

        • Allison says:

          what the hell does “look gay” mean?

        • Captain says:

          What does appearance have to do with anything? Sexual orientation has nothing to do with appearance. Santana is pretty so she can’t be gay? There are lesbians that don’t crop their hair, wear suits or even play golf, if you can believe it.

        • Patty says:

          Santana being gay was totally out of nowhere. And then she decided she was gay gay instead of bisexual which would have been much more believable.

          • Nina says:

            Yeah, I agree

          • Tulip says:

            It wasn’t out of the blue. Santana had absolutely no emotional connection to the guys she slept with. She told Finn that she never felt anything during sex. That’s a pretty strong indicator that she’s a lesbian.
            And yes, a lot of lesbians do have sex with men, especially before they come out of the closet.
            At first, I thought it would have made more sense for Santana to be bisexual, now that I’ve thought about it, it fits perfectly. It has been building since the beginning that Santana is gay (except her crush on Puck, but that may have just been her trying to take away what Quinn wanted.)

          • Ka'lel says:

            Santana has been always straight, even during the first season when she was a secondary character with five or six lines per week. I also remember she was always hitting on dudes, she did it once on Emma’s boyfriend, she dated Puck and fought against Lauren because of him. The one who was a lesbian since the very beggining was Brittany.

          • Mori says:

            Santana said in SEXY she was attracted to boys, girls, even a bush vaguely shaped like a human. That is BISEXUAL. Just because she’s never felt anything for a guy doesn’t make her lesbian.

          • bobbobin says:

            It isn’t. Sectionals remember?

  3. Nordic says:

    Uh I HOPE they turn her gay for Berry! Would make Glee MustSeeTV

    • calmyourtits says:

      This. The one and only option on this poll should be , Get together with Rachel or go gay for Rachel. nothing else is good enough.

    • Steph M. says:

      Duh – given that Faberry is the biggest fan pairing on the internet, clearly she should be doing something with Rachel–and it shouldn’t be punching her out.

      • stop the fanasty world folks says:

        ick for everyone who thinks they should be a pair there are 10 who don’t. She was more a bully to Rachel then anyone. Plus Rachel only interest in Quinn is she wishes she was prettier. She doesn’t want Quinn in any way.

        • Let says:

          clearly you’ve been reading the wrong blogs.

        • Letlovein says:

          And she was sorry for it. If anything she has helped Rachel in little ways like getting glee club a year book photo that nobody else but Rachel wanted, asking Finn out to assure Rachel that he wasn’t going to get back which placed her in a vulnerable position, and telling Rachel that she was meant for bigger things (her intentions for writing a song with Rach might have been wrong but her feelings at that moment were raw and sincere).

      • duh says:

        You are delusional if you think Faberry is a big fandom. Come our from your own little shell.

        • Letlovein says:

          Faberry IS a big fandom. Check tumblr,fanfiction. And why the hell are we always the delusional ones ? Theres tons of us and we can see perfectly that faberry is not going to happen but it doesn’t mean that we can’t wish it would.

          • ddutchie88 says:

            Preach it sistah! (and I’m not even a faberry fan.. though I wouldn’t neccesary complain if it happened either)

        • Steph M. says:

 is the largest respository of fan fiction on the internet. Go there. You’ll discover that Glee is the second most-written-about show on the site. Start sorting stories by character pairs. You’ll quickly discover that Faberry is far and away the most popular pairing on the site.

          Or, just go to, search for the tab “Faberry” and watch your dashboard explode.

        • Fran says:

          Faberry is, the biggest fandom. You’re delusional if you think otherwise. Come out of your little fandom bubble and see the whole picture.

        • Breanna says:

          Puckleberry: 3,859 found
          Faberry: 3,503 found
          Finchel: 3,190 found
          Brittana: 2,715 found

          The most popular ships, I think. I got the results off of, although there is livejournal and tumblr…just remember, no ship wars, okay?

    • brennyyyboo says:

      sorry I just REALLY can’t picture that…there’s already Santana, Brittany, Kurt, and Blaine gay, I think making Quinn and Rachel gay would be way too much. Quinn is annoying and a brat, she shouldn’t get such big storylines.

  4. Mary says:

    A fist fight with Rachel after she pushes Rachel off the cafeteria table and steals the solo for We Got The Beat. She has the 80’s hair.

    • Keith says:

      God no, that would mean her singing. The audience doesn’t deserve that wasn’t It’s a Man World and Time of out Lives punishment enough.

      • sm says:

        LMAO Sooooooo true

        • pria says:

          I think she has a lovely voice. It’s just more singer/songwreiter than note belter. She was perfect in Lucky and Pretty/Unpretty.

          • sm says:

            One’s taste in music or vocal music is like beauty it’s in the eyes and ears of the beholder. For me I like Steven Tyler Michael Buble Adele Beyonce Rachel Santana Finn Kurt Blaine Tina Mercedes Puck Britanny Artie. Maroon 5 Train Tony Bennett Frank Sinatra Dean Martin Fleetwood Mac Aretha Franklin Michael Jackson Jesse J Lady Gaga etc. Not in any order of my preference. My taste varies in style genre and old world or contempory. Lea whose voice is like an angel’s made that song beautiful to me. Dianna was ok. Having a good message it was very good and moving. Lucky was good but Chord was the strong vocals on it. She has good background vocals and blends in well.

          • Pete says:

            I agree she has a good voice. I prefer the deeper tone to the high register which is capable of hitting higher notes but it isn’t as pleasant to me. Like, I don’t like Chris Colfer’s voice in many songs, it’s way too high for my taste. Amber and Lea have amazing voices but Dianna has the nicest tone imo. I wish she’d sing more.

          • Blah says:

            First she was weak in Lucky. Second they didn’t some major work to get pretty to work for her. Keep me holding on, It s a mans world and Time of our lives are probably in the top five of worse songs. So basically she has had one good song and ti had to be a duet with the strongest duet partner out there.

        • Laura says:

          Honestly she doesn’t need Lea’s voice because her stellar looks make up for it.

  5. RoSe says:

    Pair her up with Mike Chang!!! That would be unlikely and totally unexpected. :)

  6. Hellsyeah says:


  7. Rebecca Parker says:

    I think the best and most rebellious thing she could do is become friends with Rachel. I love the scenes with just the two of them, and I think there is a lot of depth and potential there.

    • sm says:

      No I think the antagonism and friction that lies between them gives the show more spunk and drama that when the comedy comes into a scene the friction gives the show balance. Similar to Karofsky and Kurt. Not the same of course. The scenes with her and Rachel in Born this Way had lots of friction just as in Prom Queen post slp in the restroom. I just don’t feel it or the need for it.

      • sm says:

        Friendship that is. I don’t feel it or the need for it in the show. It is anticlimatic and would not be satisfying or realistic. Quinn needs a major dose of maturity when it comes to relationships and sincerity IMO.

    • kelly says:

      The only non-boring Quinn scene are with Rachel. Sadly Dianna seems to only act well and sing well if paired with Lea. The ony reason there are so many delusional fans out there.

  8. sm says:

    She had her shot with Finn and he chose not her so glad that’s over. It better be. The writers dropped the ball with her and Puck at the start of s2 IMO that was their shot. Now she’s depressed and broken and feels out of any hope. A good storyline IKO we’ll have to see where the writers take us. For a Quick reunion NO they didn’t even speak s2 except for her making fun of him when he came back from juvie. Puck’s going with Lauren was a stretch to be had a little bit much for me. I missed the sex shark and all of his sexist remarks. You have to love Puck so cute and lovable. As for Quinn she needs to find a college guy who’ll coo over her and make her feel special again. I know I’ll get some flack for what I’m going to say but Quinn has not been the nicest person or even friendly or giving to many characters so her character is one of my least favorite. Pretty close to the bottom I have to say. Her character s1 was given a lot of storyline with popularity hound teen pregnancy thrown out of her home judged and chastized by her teen peers then started a dedemption if you will toward the end of s1. Interesting and uplifting. s2 she is lost in the writing. Popularity hound again no Mercedes friendship fights to get back on top then seems to attempt to seduce Finn back and gets him. Then loses him to fall again. Quinn is not the character of s1 who IMO was the most interesting then and quite frankly My interest lies in other characters and their hopes and interests. Hope for the Quinn character that other fans who do care for her will be redeemed s3. But for me I don’t care for the air time on her. I’d rather see others get storylines. Mercedes Tina Britanny Santana Emma anyone but her.

  9. sash fan says:

    I am so done with Finn and Quinn. Can they date someone NOT in the Glee club?

  10. Sez says:

    “Unleash her INNER bad girl”?? She’s been an utter *itch since the pilot, how was she ever the good girl?!!
    She’s a bully, rude to EVERYone, got pregnant, cheated, been violent to Rachel…I could go on.
    Just because she’s in celibacy club and claims to be religious (Mercedes is the religious one, she has morals and lives her life by them) does not and has never made her a ‘good girl’ especially when none of it has come into play in her behaviour towards her peers.
    I’d rather she grow up and become her own person, stop acting like a martyr cos she thinks there’s nothing more to herself than her looks and not continue being such an utter *itch.
    She’s LONG overdue a dose of maturity (it should have come after the first season).

    • sm says:

      Thank you WELL SAID! I just couldn’t be that blunt about it. BUT HECK YEAH! Quinn was never a good girl. I just can’t understand where people think she was a good girl. Sue Santana Quinn Azimio Karofsky Puck Hockey guys All were and are bullies. Quinn was the first to be seen as a bully by the girls. She even bullied her boyfriend. Quinn watched Rachel’s My Space and told her she should be dead in so many words. No I don’t feel sorry for her. Or care for her.

      • Sez says:

        And she and her friends said Rachel should be sterilized (on myspace)!
        She doesn’t need to be saccharine-ly redeemed and become as cheesy as Puck (oh how I miss badass Puck before he hugged teachers like a toddler) but just a little less self-professed martyrdom would be appreciated. She suffered real grief at her old school and the at WMH she has always be topdog and used that power to mistreat what she views as her inferiors (such as Rachel and Lauren). It was so nice to see her brought down a peg when her pregnancy was revealed and some character growth (such as when she bonded with Mercedes in season 1), only for her to revert back (to what she was in the pilot) come season 2. If she must stay a *itch let her become a slightly more mature one. Currently I could care less about the character, any sympathy I have for her vanishes very quickly as she’s so unpleasant the next minute.

        • sm says:

          @SEZ you and I FEEL the same about miss Quinn it’s unreal. She has her moments of so called niceness that goes into the trashcan then she is complete you know what. Those moments of nice Quinn are lost to those when she is a complete utter ******

          • Tulip says:

            Grammar Nazi time… sm, have you ever heard of a little thing called a “comma”? It’ll help you out immensely. Please use them in the future.

      • Sam says:

        Yes! To be honest even in S1, I never cared for Quinn or Diana’s acting. I can barely understand what Quinn says half the time because she’s always whispering or talking low and it grates me. I found it to be realistic when Quinn went back to her b*itch ways in S2 because that is what most girls (at her age and maturity level) would do, people don’t change just because they had a bun in the oven for nine months. Its funny because most people (including myself) love Santana (a meaner person that Quinn IMO) but I find myself not connecting to Quinn. I think the writers wanted her to be a likeable ‘b*itch’ like Santana but it backfired. I also hated the Lucy Cabosey story because if Quinn knew what it was like to be teased and feel so insecure about herself and her physical appearance why would she stoot so low to make Rachel feel like that. I know Lauren exposed her secret but I hated how Quinn didn’t apologize to Lauren either, remember when Lauren was putting up the posters of her campaing and Quinn was implying no one would vote for her because of her weight and her physical appearance. Quinn is my least favorite character overrall, and the writers using every chance they get to call Dianna beautiful is annoying. No one is blind, we see how she looks. .like the rest of the cast. Hop.Off.It.

        • sm says:

          @Sam Hell to the YEAH Every word you said plus. The Lucy Caboosey storyline was an absolute abomination. What were the writers smokin that day. A bong. Quinn is beautiful and why can’t nature been given any credit. That does not give her an excuse to be hateful to others no matter what fandom feels is a logical reason for anything. Glee tries to show to the kids of Glee and the viewers to find to be happy with who you are. Even Finn found it and sung ” I’ve gotta be me”. Quinn can’t see that. And hurting others won’t make you feel better about yourself. She’s done that since the pilot long before Rachel showed her interest in Finn.

          • weak says:

            The Lucy Caboosey made me dislike Quinn more. She knows how it feels yet she is like the number one bully after the fact. And yes the weak acting doesn’t help the character at all.

          • Sez says:

            What made me laugh most about the Lucy Caboosy storyline (other than that they really believed we’d be sympathetic to Quinn after the way she’s treated Rachel and others since the pilot even though she says she went throught the same at her old school) was Lauren didn’t know her nickname (Quinn had to tell her) and then seconds later Lauren has told her to check the noticeboard and somehow managed to print posters with the nickname she wasn’t aware of seconds earlier *lol*. Sloppy writing.

        • Jorden says:

          With Quinn, I think the writers are trying to show someone so artificial and moulded by peer pressure that they don’t even know themselves. Quinn is not a nice person, I’ll agree. That’s probably why she was written into the story. She is the stereotypical icon of an emotionally repressed teenage girl that ‘messed up’ once and got pregnant. With the whole Lucy Caboosey thing, I think they’re trying to show a root of a lot of teenage insecurity. Because, if you think about it, Quinn is the most insecure character in the entire series. She has issues with relationships, frienships, and her family. She drives everyone away because she’s a bitch, basically, but a lot of teenagers are like that because they feel if they let anyone in that they’ll be seen as weak.

          Now, I’m not saying that Quinn is a ‘misunderstood, angsty teenager who deserves a heapload of pity’ but the underlying social issues and emotional unavailability is something that a lot of teenagers struggle with.

          Thus, I end my rant.

    • Deanna says:

      I am always amazed by people who talk about how “bad” Quinn is. XD

      Oooh yeah, let’s forget all about Finn and Rachel making googly eyes at each other in front of Quinn every day and oh yeah, their making out in the auditorium and going on dates to the bowling alley and focus only on how horrible Quinn was to want some attention after being blown off by Finn for Rachel and the glee club. God forbid the girl, who a mere year earlier was struggling to deal with self esteem issues – to the point of starving herself, dying her hair, and getting a nose job at age 14 – want to actually spend some time with a guy who made her feel like she was attractive.

      Even Rachel herself ran to Puck when the whole “Finn slept with Santana” secret came out and she felt bad about herself. Yet does Rachel get any crap for that? Of course not. Because Rachel can do no wrong. Quinn was /pregnant/ with a child that everyone – Rachel included – believed was Finn’s and yet Rachel /still/ was hellbent on stealing him from Quinn. And yet Quinn is the b*tch while Rachel is the poor little victim.

      And I’m sorry, are we watching the same show? None of her religious beliefs have “come into play in her behavior toward her peers”? The hospital bed-side praying for Kurt’s father? The telling Mercedes that she’s beautiful and doesn’t need to let Sylvester take away her self esteem? Her helping Sam out when he was homeless?

      I guess those who are intent on hating on Quinn love to forget all of the good things she has done for the other members and the reasons behind her “b*tchy actions” just because she harbors a dislike for the girl who stole her boyfriend.

      • sm says:

        In the pilot Quinn and others treated the losers of WMHS terrible all before Rachel showed any interest in Finn. Sorry Don’t agree with your assessment of poor Quinn.

      • Please says:

        Oh please Rachel get vilified more than Quinn ever thought about. Quinn lied and was ready to potentially ruin Finn’s life, Pucks life, Mr Shue life, Finn and Puck families life. She has yet to apologize for that.

        She was awful to Rachel before Finn was even in the picture. She made the glist, she told on Santana. She cheated on Sam.

        She has done what two good things? Please she lies and manipulate and cheats more that she has helped.

      • Sez says:

        The fact is her good deeds are vastly outnumbered by her bad ones, that is fact. She’s been very inconsistently written so she jumps all over the place, being nice for a minute and as soon as the audience finally warm to her she jumps back to being nasty again.
        Any good things she might have done are immediately moot when compared to the bad things. She was vile to Rachel for goodness knows how long before Rachel even spoke to Finn in the pilot (what reason did she have for that?!). She treated Finn like absolute crap from the get go, and cheated on him and got pregnant by someone else and threw his whole world up in the air (she hurt his mother as well by lying, we’ve never heard that she apologised to Carol). Rachel never ‘stole’ Finn, he saw through Quinn and didn’t want to be with her (changed his mind again but then he always has been a bit dim). It wasn’t a matter of Rachel trying to steal him from her when pregnant, Finn clearly was just being there for the baby and really was interested in Rachel. With Quinn behaving as she was can anyone blame him (berating him when he didn’t make money for her medical costs etc.)?
        She treated Puck like crap when he tried to step up (albeit he was misguided but she hardly encouraged him to be better).
        She was willing to help lie and wreck Mr Schue and Terri’s marriage (yeah it was doomed anyway but she was hardly helping).
        She was willing to destroy NDs chances in NY et.c cos she was jealous (even though when she has Finn she doesn’t seem to care about him at all, she just doesn’t want Rachel to have him).
        All she cares about is popularity. Yeah she supported Sam and Mercedes and Kurt, she also broke Sam’s heart and used him, and showed no further interest in Kurt and Mercedes after those initial kind acts.
        Like I said, I hope she grows up. At least be a b*tch for a reason (like Santana, who I’ve only slightly thawed to), Quinn’s only reason seems to be that she knows she lives a shallow and vacuous existence and it won’t get her far after school.
        Having a child should have made her grow up.

      • carmichael says:

        I mostly agree with you, I take Quinn’s side over Rachel’s. The straw for souring me against Rachel was sending what’sherface to the crack house because she didn’t want anyone stealing the spotlight from her. How come everybody seems to have forgotten that?

        • sm says:

          I’m not saying Rachel hasn’t any major flaws becuz she does. That one the topper. She doesn’t know boundaries, selfishness expontially, bossy, overbearing, etc. etc. etc. Noone on the show is a saint. But Rachel was good to Quinn s1 to convince her to come back to Glee when Quinn said she would be aweful to her if the situation was reversed. She is the leader of Glee and has always taken responsibility on her shoulders for it. Original Song was the epi that showed she had changed alot for the better personality wise. More willing to accept a role as a member of Glee not to be the Glee. A huge change for her. But she had covered up her insecurities with her obnoxiousness, trying to mask her pain when the populars would defame or ridicule her. She associates her inadequacies to her heritage (nose)and lack of beauty which Quinn signifies and Quinn and others throwing it in her face all the time. So to boost her self confidence (facade) was to ignore and throw her only atributes she feels she possesses out there in a cocky hold her chin up way. S2 was a character growth for Rachel in a big way. Thankfully for I was tired of her too. Rachel would sit in the choir room and be berated all the time by her so called peers. That would be a huge kick in the pants for any teenager in today’s world with teen suicide and all. Her whole being was aggressively vilified by Quinn and the cheerleaders and the rest of the populars. Bathroom wall trash about her. And I’m sure it went on and on. Not on camera. But s2 she changed others have seen the change and are slowly aShe is slowly accepting them. example Santana and Quinn fierce enemies. Puck is almost putty in Rachel’s hands anymore. He was the only one to defend her at Sectionals. Now Finn has had a huge revelation of being “tethered” to Rachel. A big change in Finn to accept his place in her life and her in his.
          Noone’s perfect. People change. Quinn has begun to change. Too drastically IMO shows her psychological problem she needs to address. But to go into another relationship would make her recovery slower and be detrimental to her own self discovery.
          Quinn has kept everthing bottled up inside she will explode. She has self loathing issues that her image transformation didn’t touch. Thusly making her more aggressive like Rachel only masking her insecuritues with viciousness and hatefullness with a mix of nice here and there. There is no excuse anywhere that should allow her and others bullying the losers til they succumb to self hatred. That is why Glee approached that topic in a single way Kurt. But Sue Santana Quinn Lauren are all the female top bullies of the school. McKinley looks the other way. Principle Figgins hadn’t done anything til Kurt was threatened physically. Rachel all losers were threatened by pushing shoving and on camera slushied and dumpster dumped.
          The point of the show is that in any typical high school there should be regulations and consequences to bad actions. Not are applied at McKinley as of now. It’s like there is a cast system that only the populars are allowed to manipulate the masses and the authorities.

          • sm says:

            I apologize for any ranting but people forget there is a bigger picture. The one and biggest reason for my loving this show; conflicts issues that teens face everyday. Teen pregnancy s1. Bullying s2 a major issue in today’s world. Self deprevation issues. The biggest canvas that Glee has painted s2 was bullying that covered all ages backgrounds beliefs and more than I can count or name. The reason why I cannot and will not take Quinn’s side is becuz she has lived thru torment when young giving her no room to place any judgement or punishment on anyone else. Thusly causing her to be shallow, self righteous, a hollow heart, to have no remorse. Being in Glee having had all the issues she has endured s1 should have shown her there is another side and she’s known it but ignores it. Until she makes a vigorous stride to change and accept her fault in her actions and shows remorse I will feel this way. Until then Rachel will get my vote becuz she has a heart and shows it even when broken and tormented.

          • Sez says:

            Figgins made the most idiotic decision to reveal Kurt had been voted prom queen (what teacher would do that?! Not even Schue would do that!) in front of everyone.
            Rachel has been beaten down so much by all the various bullies in her life the only thing she’s sure of in herself is her talent so of course she will defend it viciously, when it’s the only thing you have and should rightfully be proud of you want to protect it, that was why she was so stupid with Sunshine. Quinn has no excuse, she had a chance at a better life after leaving ‘Lucy Caboosey’ behind but instead she choose to become ‘Quinn: Queen bitch’, all her own choices have put her where she is, she needs to grow up. I hope the pink hair etc. are her way of accepting herself and telling everyone else she’ll be whatever she wants to be and not what others expect, that will show a huge level of maturity even if she remains bitchy. Just let the messed up girl have an epiphany that there is more to life than popularity and getting exactly what she wants.

        • Sez says:

          Being annoyed with Rachel for one nasty thing she’s done is completely different to her relationship with Quinn. Rachel’s stupidity with Sunshine was an idiotic one off, she made up with Sunshine eventually (personally I think they should have done it sooner than the finale) but Quinn has been consistently nasty since the pilot.
          Rachel learned from what she did, Quinn continues to make the same mistakes over and over, seemingly having learnt nothing (I really hope they tackle to aftermath of her giving away her baby in S3, it’s long overdue).

        • sm says:

          In New York Rachel atoned her actions sending Sunshine to a crack house and Sunshine forgave her. That made Rachel a better person in my book. Quinn needs to atone for ALL her transgressions by afflicting others verbally cyberbullying and physically. And I can’t see where she has any right to judge anyone when she is a so called practicing Catholic. She tops the heep with the most vile things done IMO. Some she has atoned for but she has yet to come to that place of self contentment to atone totally for all transgressions. She is lagging.

  11. wilhameania says:

    Why is “getting her mack on with Rachel” not an option?

  12. Rachel says:

    The fact that it says “toxic romantic reunion with Puck” says a lot about their relationship.

    • f says:

      the fact that you’re still going by the name rachel says a lot about your life.

      • Jane says:

        That’s the worst comeback ever. Quinn and Puck are over, trying to make that work this season would be stupid. Rachel and Quinn being friends is what I want and not just because I ship Faberry but because the most honest Quinn has EVER been is when she is talking to Rachel. For example, When Rachel tells her to come back to Glee in Season 1, When Rachel talks to Quinn after everyone finds out Puck is the father and more recently when Quinn slaps Rachel in the bathroom at Prom.

        At the end of the day, Quinns lack of character development is because of RIB making her a plot device. First she was someone to be the reason Finn and Rachel couldn’t be together in season 1 then she became the exact same thing in season 2. Her potential for season 2 could have been amazing. A story line following a teen who got pregnant at 16 then gave the baby up and going through the emotions of what that would be like could have been amazing, except she got pretty much proposed to by a boy who knew her for all of 5 minuets who was also suppose to be gay if I remember correctly and then she became another reason to keep finchel apart. I want her whole bad girl imagine this season to be about Beth and part of her breakdown which should have happened in season 2. Also pink haired Quinn is hot.

      • Rachel says:

        That was absolutely terrible. It’s my NAME, thank you very much.

  13. Debra says:

    I wonder where TV Line got a ‘steamy secret reunion with Finn’ from. Because what we saw last year was as far from steamy as you could get. Quinn became so pathetic by the time he broke up with her. There were so many things he did that showed he still loved Rachel from the time they got back together until their breakup that would have made me dump him so fast his head would have spun Even when he broke up with her, she still wouldn’t accept that it was over.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing her make real changes to her life instead of embracing her inner bad girl. It is just more avoidance, which Quinn seems to be very good at, on her part.

    • Ash says:

      I know! The incident at Prom between Jesse and Finn should’ve been the straw that broke the camel’s back, the complete last straw. I would’ve been pleased if Quinn followed Finn (when he got kicked out by coach Sue) outside and broke up with him. It wouldn’t have made her character seem so pathetic.

    • Mary says:

      And there were so many things she do to prove she only cared about getting her popularity back, she never actually loved him, she never did anything nice for him. All she ever did was verbally abuse him.

      • Quinn is a bitch says:

        Quinn has been horrible to all her boyfriend. Finn she lied too and called him stupid. Puck she made him lie gave him no say in the baby and called him a loser. Sam she cheated on him just like she did Finn. Andy why would Rachel want to be friend with her, she cyber bullied her, calls he names, tires to embarrassed her with the glist, slaps her. Rachel hasn’t been great to Quinn either but that have almost always only been becasue of Finn, never even close to what Quinn has done to her.. And Quinn was even a jerk to Santana telling Sue about her boob job so she could get back on the Cherrios.
        Quinn is a bitch, let her be alone.

  14. blah says:

    Transfer to another school so we don’t have to see the bad acting or the horrible singing.

    • sm says:

      Now I will be the first to acknowledge my discontent and unhappiness with a character but it is hard for me to say too much about an actor and the way they portray a character. All I can say is that I have favorite characters and actors on Glee having preferences with their acting singing and dancing prowess. My favorites are: Rachel Kurt Finn Santana Puck Britanny. As I’ve said in prior posts that Quinn is 1 of my least favorites in fact the least.

      • Sez says:

        It’s a shame cos Dianna seems really lovely in interviews etc. I just think she always comes across as very bored in the show (watch her face, she always looks like she’s mid-sigh or would rather be elsewhere, she gives away very little emotion which makes her hard to relate to). Her dialogue delivery isn’t great either (and it’s not how she talks in real life cos in interviews she sounds so much more natural) and very wooden, she always seems to be rushing through her lines and slurring a little. All that adds to Quinn being quite unlikeable, unlike Dianna who comes across as sweet (maybe she’s just not as good an actress as some of the others).

        • sm says:

          Yep Sez you said it all. Dianna is charming and verbally enunciates well in person a far cry from an on screen characterization.

        • Karin says:

          of course she gets bored when she gets nothing to work with….this season she was nothing more than Sam’s and Finn’s boyfriend or being used to make people like Rachel
          I think she does a great job with the little material RIB gives with her.

          • Sez says:

            While I agree she should be miffed by the terrible writing of her character in the last season, she was looking bored in season 1 too.

    • Heyblah says:

      I’ll second that!

      • Heyblah says:

        I meant to second Blah’s comment on the transfer! That would spare us some bland performance and some pretty bad writing by the Glee writers.

  15. Kim says:

    How about nothing Quinn is a bore or maybe it is just the actress.

  16. bad says:

    How about take time off to go to acting lessons….

  17. Jen says:

    Quinn’s not gay and she won’t become gay Faberry fans need to focus on fanfiction that the only place it happening.

  18. Amy says:

    I would like to see her become addicted to some type of pill … whether it’s caffiene, or something else, and have some type of breakdown while singing – Jessie Spano style!

  19. wb says:

    I’m curious to see where this new image of her goes, but what I’d really like to see her do is focus on getting herself better, and she won’t be able to do that unless she stops jumping from relationship to relationship and faces all her issues, which are plenty. She needs some good and productive alone time this season to figure things out, and also some good friends (I would love her and Mercedes to reconcile their friendship). Mostly, she probably needs to learn to love who she’s still inside, i.e. Lucy, not “Quinn”, and no one can do that for her. It’s why all her relationships end up failing, in my opinion. Hard to really love others or accept their love if you can’t even love yourself. I’d really love to see a happy, fierce, and independent Quinn in the end and being able to get out of Lima like she wants to.

    heh, I may be over-thinking “Glee” here, though. Fun to discuss anyway. Cheers.

    • sm says:

      This is what Born this Way was about accepting all with whom you are. The thing that Mr Shue wanted to teach the glee kids was to be happy with whom they were. This is what Quinn has not learned yet. So how can one love anyone else when one cannot love themself first. An awesome and wonderful adage to live by.

    • Sez says:

      Wholeheartedly agree with this /\

  20. Gleek says:

    Faberry! NO QUICK

  21. Quinnftw says:

    As always we all know RIB only cares about Lea/Rachel, Cory/Finn, Chris/Kurt, Darren/Blaine and the zzzzzz that is Finchel/Klaine

    so this SL will only last one episode anyway and will end with more making Rachel look like a better person.

  22. John says:

    She kills every other main character and the show ends after the first episode of season three?! :D

  23. Jack says:

    Lesbian scene with Brit.

  24. C says:

    I would’ve picked the reunion with Puck, but I don’t want it to be toxic.

  25. Veritas says:

    She should hook up with Santana. Period. Make it happen xD

  26. Matt says:

    I love Quinn and she needs to be with Puck again! I really hope her storyline improves and makes me love Quinn again!

  27. Abi says:

    I really love Quinn!! She’s my favorite character on Glee. On Season 3, she should be back to Puck. After she meets Shelby and her daughter, Beth, I hope she can turn into a good girl and date Puck <3

  28. Freija says:

    She’ll get back togheter with puck… Lauren and Puck are going to brake up and Rachels mom an Beth will be back for season 3. So a Puck and Quin storyline is reasolable :) I hope so!

  29. michelle says:

    lol some of you guys are kind of mean. I think Quinn’s story is fascinating, and I think Dianna does a great job with it.

  30. Octavia345 says:

    I just want her to sing to her baby girl in a park bench tbh.

  31. Jo says:

    Anything but Finn. I don’t want them to ever even talk to each other again!!!

  32. Jay says:

    * Stumbles out of the janitor’s closet, licking her lips and straightening her clothes. Five minutes later, Rachel leaves the premise, her hair disheveled.
    (Besides there is nothing ‘steamy’ about her ‘reunion’ with Finn, unless steamy now means gross)
    or, you know, seeing her on a motorcycle is good enough for me.

  33. Alice says:

    Gay for Rachel…. Just Rachel.. I want her to be nice and cool and sing more soongsss

  34. molly says:

    I dont know if faberry fans realize this but the idea of randomly making Quinn gay,they barely even have enough evidence, is really offensive to the people who actually are gay.

  35. Miriasha says:

    Rachel should just like, get so turned on in the hallway that Quinn HAS to notice and then sexytimes can commence!

  36. Big D says:

    A seduction of Mr. Shue that doesn’t work .. then she slips him a roofie and sleeps with him while recording the whole thing.

  37. Iris says:

    I get so annoyed when people want everybody to be gay. It was bad enough when they turned Santana gay out of the blue, now they want Quinn to be gay too? GUESS WHAT PEOPLE, QUINN ISN’T GAY! IT’S OKAY TO BE HETEROSEXUAL AND STAY THAT WAY.

    • Sez says:

      I know, that’s what fanfiction is for. There has never been any proof that either Rachel or Quinn could possibly be gay, yet some people are so stuck in their ideals they become deluded. It’s not going to happen, and it’s not as if the gay community is under-represented on the show either and it’s a matter of diversity. If you want to enjoy fictional gay relationships on the show that’s what the well established gay characters are there for, not everybody Lima has to be gay though (that’s what your imagination is for, not what Ryan Murphy et al are paid for).

      • Lourdes21 says:

        Yeah. I don’t get why fandom is so gay obsessed. They turn every character gay in fanfiction and then expect the show to turn the characters gay for real as well. I know being gay is cool right now but if people want gays to be accepted they should accept characters who are hetero as well. Forcing characters to be gay is as bad as forcing characters to be straight. Like, accept them for who they are.

        • Sez says:

          @Lourdes21 “if people want gays to be accepted they should accept characters who are hetero as well. Forcing characters to be gay is as bad as forcing characters to be straight.”

          Couldn’t have put it better myself. Other than unusual fetishes (maybe Wemma will have some that involve rubber gloves and cleaning fluid or something *lol*) all the sexual preferences are represented and most importantly RESPECTED , there’s no need to make the entire cast gay to pander to people whose imaginations aren’t enough for them.

        • Letlovein says:

          Yeah but that’s the thing about characters, they don’t remain the same. I mean who would have thought Santana was a lesbian? And we are not forcing anyone to be gay, we just think Quinn likes Rachel more than she lets on. It’s not mainly about characters being gay because like Sez said they are well represented in Glee. And being gay is cool? Come on people get a lot of crap for being who they are and you think its because they want to be cool?
          Its ok to be heterosexual and stay that way? yeah it is, much easier in fact but these are characters, they are open to interpretations and typing Quinn isnt gay in capslock will not change that.

          • Sez says:

            It’s unnecessary to ‘turn’ Rachel and Quinn, neither has ever revealed ANYthing to suggest they like girls that way, let alone each other.
            By all means enjoy your slash-fic but seriously stop trying to act like it’s a feasible prospect for the actual show.
            Of course the characters should grow and show that growth but changing sexual orientation isn’t necessary to prove character development.
            Personally I enjoy Puckleberry but know it’s not going to happen anytime soon as Rachel always uses him to get to Finn and Puck is just a big slut when it comes to stuff like that anyway, neither feels that deeply. I accept it’s highly unlikely to ever happen again but I can still wish it would (cos I can’t stand Finn) without keeping going on and on like it’s feasible, one day.
            You’ve got to accept what is cannon for the show and be able to separate it from your imagination of what you WISH would happen.
            Quinn might like Rachel more than she lets on (that rude picture she drew of Rachel with love hearts around it could be interpreted as her liking her, it could also however be she thinks Rachel is constantly lovesick etc.) but that doesn’t mean she’s gay, it could be she’s just fighting with her conscience that Rachel is in a similar position to what she was at her old school and that her tormenting of her is wrong, that actually Rachel has been kind to her at some very awful points in her life when perhaps she didn’t deserve it and she feels guilty as power is more important to her.
            I just don’t understand why people keeping pushing this issue so much.

  38. sm says:

    To the grammar police, I’m sorry but I’m tone deaf to punctuation. Not my long suit. Commas and I don’t speak. All you’re going to get is a period.

  39. fizzywizzy says:

    I think the only way Quinn could be a bigger bitch is getting her baby back! Wrecking rachel’s mum’s life and de railing the entire glee club.

    • Sez says:

      Oh that would be hideous, I hope Shelby keeps baby Beth (sorry Quick fans). How cruel would that be to Shelby losing Rachel and then Beth too. I hope Quinn comes to terms with what happened but doesn’t do anything cruel.

  40. aims says:

    Well, they got one thing right. A relationship with Puck would be absolutely toxic.

  41. Kim says:

    Dianna can’t act or sing don’t give her anything.

  42. Puckleberry says:

    I think Dianna Agron as Quinn Fabray had her moment back in season 1. Personally, I find Agron’s acting and singing just passable at best. And the writing was simply awful. RIB gave her all these lines that came to nothing. Remember when they had her threatening to do something in NY? Nothing happened. I think, her character should take a back seat and let others take the spotlight. And I am not a bit interested in seeing her hooking up with Puck again, or Finn, or anybody else, for that matter. And I’m not a Quinn-Dianna hater.

    • Tanya says:

      Well you sure sound like you are, and I think her acting ability is fine. It also doesn’t sound like Quinn will be taking a backseat this season considering her baby will be coming back and that’s already a MAJOR storyline, not to mention that they can’t just put her in the background it wouldn’t make any sense, she still has things to deal with and it’s her last year. And I don’t really want Quinn to “hook up” with Puck i just want to see the beautiful relationship they once had together in season 1. We know its still there because of the way they still look at each other so it would make sense to continue with that.

  43. anna says:

    A TOXIC romantic relationship with Puck is winning? Wow, the fans really love this characters, don’t they? They want them to have an awful relationship and hurt themself even worse than they already have. Lovely. Just, lovely.
    I can’t even with this fandom. That’s what you want to keep showing to the teens and young adults? Than a toxic relationship is the best we can get? Ok, then.. keep it going.

  44. Joseph says:

    I don’t understand why Glee keeps revealing all of these spoilers. Emma’s parents, Damian McGinty’s role, romantic break-ups and make-ups, . . . No other show reveals so much. Heck, Glee even releases its musical numbers prior to the show on iTunes, as well as some videos online. Why can’t they just shut up and let some things be a pleasant surprise?

  45. Rachel Barbra Berry * says:

    This poll is actually irrelevant, I had actually experienced first-hand this inner bad side of one Quinn Fabray during the summer and I am telling you that it doesn’t apply into any of the choices above specially the fist fight with me. That inner bad side of her is actually something I didn’t expect but now as i recount those times I have seen that so-called “bad girl” Quinn, I regret nothing coz it’s actually good, no not just good but GREAT! She is definitely a bad girl in bed and I regret nothing. :)

  46. Letlovein says:

    Faberry IS a big fandom. Check tumblr,fanfiction. And why the hell are we always the delusional ones ? Theres tons of us and we can see perfectly that faberry is not going to happen but it doesn’t mean that we can’t wish it would.

    • Sez says:

      It’s not delusional to enjoy that ship, but it’s delusional to think it’ll ever realistically be a storyline on the show.
      You at least sound like you understand that, some other Faberry shippers seem to think there’s a real possibility it could feature on the show if pushed enough.

      • same says:

        I do think it would be a huge stretch for it to even happen in the show and the most achievable is probably a friendship. But sometimes people say things even though it’s impossible just for the fun of it. I think most of us know that and people usually take them seriously hence the delusional and they are straight comment.

      • Nadine says:

        Actually even though faberry shippers know it won’t end up on the show, the writers thought about making Quinn gay; prior to writing Kurts character and then before deciding to keep Karofsky’s character they were planning to put the gay related bullying between Quinn and Rachel. Quinn has many things that could link her to having romantic feelings for the girl and she has never seemed sexually invested in any of her relationships.

        Dianna Agron herself has been quoted to say “Quinn could go gay” and I’m sure myself and hundreds of other shippers could link you the screencaps/quotes/videos that could lead you to believe in faberry. Most of the fandom isn’t even pushing for it to happen, we want it and see the possibilities; but only a select few have ever said we NEED it on the show or wrote it will.

        I do believe Santana is gay, and I believe that Brittany is bisexual; but because their are already LGBT member on the show that doesn’t mean there can’t be more. Statistics show that the majority of members in a show choir are gay. I can accept that Quinn is straight on the show, but people saying that their fine as long as she isn’t gay is just pointless. What if they wrote a fitting plot and it was an intriguing story.

        • emily says:

          See the problem with the faberry fandom is that most of them don’t really pick up on Quinn’s real story line. Quinn is one of the most complex characters on the show and she has a lot of the problems and she has been through so much. She got pregnant at 16, she was kicked out of her house, and gave up her baby for adoption, and after this the only reason her mother comes back to her is because she had caught her father cheating and kicked him out. At the beginning of the season she appears to have rejoined the cheerios so she can be at the top again. Quinn’s main issue is her parents and how they view the world, “if you don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist,” she takes this whole heartedly and reverts back to her old ways while forgetting about her past and moving on. Has anyone noticed how she doesn’t even talk to Mercedes anymore? Not to mention the father of her child. As we get further into the season we see more scenes of Quinn acting up and while we don’t know the actual reason for this it’s most likely about how fu**** up her life is, she’s not happy with herself, her boyfriend is constantly obsessing over Rachel while dating her, and she doesn’t even have a any friends anymore. The reason there is an existence of faberry is because they are both completely insecure, just in different ways, but they are not gay, just because Lea and Dianna are seemingly questionable doesn’t mean Quinn/Rachel are (they aren’t the same people). This doesn’t mean that you can’t ship them its just extremely annoying when people only ship them because they can’t really figure out a better reason for Quinn’s confusing storyline.

          • Sez says:

            I was totally with you till you got to Lea/Dianna being ‘questionable’. *lol* Both have had publicised heterosexual relationships, just because they may not have outright said they are absolutely not gay (and I’m pretty sure Dianna did on her blog during her ‘likes boys’ t’shirt wearing incident on tour) shouldn’t leave way for speculation into their sexual orientation or that it’s a possible real life ship either. Seriously, what is wrong with using your imagination but acknowledging some realism? I’m all for keeping an open mind in case circumstances change and new information is divulged but sometimes it’s okay to also acknowledge things as they seem to be.


  48. Rini says:

    I can’t say any of these options sound particularly great… I guess the last one would be the best option XD, so long as it’s not a reunion with Puck… I mean seriously what? o-O’.

  49. Alexis says:

    Why not? They obviously had feelings for each other

  50. Grace says:

    I personally love Finn and Quinn together!!! So much!!! I dont want her to be punk the whole season though!!! I liked her last season and season 1!!!!! I love Quinn!!! Her and Finn are My favorites!!!! I REALLY REALLY DONT WANT HER PUNK THE WHOLE ENTIRE SEASON!!!!