Fall TV Preview

Jensen Ackles Teases Supernatural Season 7: Dean's Single Life, Surprise Reunion With Jo

As if Dean Winchester doesn’t have enough to deal with watching his brother Sam grappling with unwanted memories of his stint in Hell, he’ll also be traveling without a trusted companion and facing a blast from the past on the new season of Supernatural.

What’s more, a new enemy will leave the brothers on their own, without the tools they’ve always used to fight evil.

“We’re going to start taking things away from Sam and Dean that they’ve relied on in their hunter life,” Jensen Ackles tells TV Guide Magazine. “There’s no lore to help them out, and no book to tell them what to do.”

To evade the new Big Bad, the boys will have to abandon their old survival tricks — credit card fraud and gambling — because “those are ways for this evil to track them down.”

Dean could even be forced to sacrifice his most prized possession and honorary family member for the sake of safety. Yep, “at one point, they might even have to stash the Impala because it’s too recognizable,” says Ackles, adding that the Winchesters’ new way of life “poses a bit of a challenge for the boys. They throw everything they can at Sam and Dean, and they have to wriggle their way out.”

Speaking of impossible situations, Jo (Alona Tal) is back for an episode despite having died back in Season 5 after — finally! — sharing a kiss with Dean.

“She’s brought back as kind of a materialized blast from the past when Dean is put on trial by an ancient Egyptian god who calls a few witnesses to the stand,” explains Ackles. And what’s the reunion like between Jo and her last kiss? “It’s a heartwarming scene between the two of them.”

Single Dean will also be getting his groove back as he tries to put Lisa and Ben behind him. “In one episode, I do walk into a bar and hit on a waitress and say how it’s been a long time!” describes Ackles. But there’s not much time for fun and flirting when the world needs saving. Again. “I don’t know that there’s going to be a lot of room for that,” he adds with a laugh.

Supernatural returns Sept. 23 at 9/8c on The CW. Sound off in the comments about Ackles’ advance word.

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  1. AJ says:

    They can’t stash the Impala! I’ll go crazy without that car in the show! I do like the idea of Egyptian Gods though.

  2. SS says:

    Jensen Ackles…swoon.

  3. Ashley says:

    Thank god there is only two weeks left :)

  4. Sivat says:

    I love this show! And I am a real fan because I like the show for the relationship between the two brothers. I don’t prefer one brother over the other.

    • crg says:

      Erm…a real fan is anyone who watches the show regardless of who they like, it’s their choice.

      • Jenn says:

        Word. I can’t stand when people assume “real fans” must like exactly what the poster likes on the show, and no other variations. It’s juvenile and demonstrates a serious case of self-importance. You’re never going to have a fan base that agrees on everything.

  5. DeansRaven says:

    Good gods that look on his face just rips my heart out. I can’t imagine our boys without Dean’s Baby. They’ve lost so much already! I’d be willing to bet @JarPad at least won’t mind a break from the Impala and banging his head on the way in or out of it. *laugh* Some days I’m convinced the writers are trying to kill the fangirls by breaking our hearts. I hope they’re not without Baby for long!

  6. jannine says:

    Stash Metallicar? Are you crazy?! She’s our Baby for crying out loud! But everything else seems super exciting. Bring on season 7! :D

  7. Alex says:

    Yaaaaaay Jo will be back!! Dean/Jo time on screen!! Seriously, I think they need to bring her back for real. They can do that – they bring back “dead” characters all the time. I get the show is about the two brothers, so she wouldn’t need to be back permanently but I always thought she should be the one to end with Dean. No one else could possibly make sense with him, but her.

    • jana says:

      no god please no. especially not as a love interest.they seemed like siblings interacting

      • Jill says:

        It would kind of fit with this show in that Jo was always attracted to Dean and she looked like a young version of Mary. Freudian wise, which the show never seems to miss, in *that* way it makes sense! But yea, I love the Jo character and would like Dean to get as much action as Sam seems to get (and hes the one that started from jump, in mourning!) Either way, I love the show & likely will love what they come up with. I usually love the whole season, with maybe just a couple bumpy eps.

        • Oma Desala says:

          If that was true then Dean’s “type” would have looked like his mother, but in fact Dean’s “type” has always been shown to fall for dark haired girls, often with tan or olive skin(or in the case of Cassie, half African American).

          I don’t think there is any support for Dean having any “Freudian” issues with his mother of that sort. So I don’t think it actually makes any sense.

          Dean and Jo always seemed more sibling like at their best. Besides I’m tired of them bringing characters back from the dead. What’s dead should stay dead(god I wish they had kept with that line of thought)/

    • Van says:

      Um, sorry, but Jo was never more tha a little sister character to the boys. The one kiss they did share was not really even romantic, almost a farewell kind of thing. I have noticed a propensity of girls in this fandom to make more of Dean/Jo than is actually canon. A large wish fullfillment thing there, since Jo was not exactly an attractive girl. A guy who looks like Dean would never pause for a hook-nosed skiza like Jo. Sorry, but it’s just the truth. According to the show’s own mythology, the only girl Dean ever professed his true love for was Cassie, from “Route 666.” But since most of you girls don’t care for the idea of Deano with a woman of color, I can see why you ignore that little fact.

  8. Dryden says:

    This show feels like it is out of gas. I hope I’m wrong.

    • ErixN says:

      I don’t know how I feel about it either. I hope it surprises me like it has in the past. There were a few missteps last season, so my faith in the show is waning.

    • Ruby says:

      Evidently they don’t feel like it is considering not only are they working on Season 7, but they have plans for a Season 8 and are all very optimistic about it. Just because you may not like what you hear, doesn’t mean that they’re out of ideas or “out of gas” as you like to put it. Why don’t you actually trying watching the new season once it begins before you go making judgments?

      • Jenn says:

        Um… shows can coast downhill for quite some time after they run out of gas. There are many shows on the air that ran out of good ideas a long time ago, or never had any. Just because they have plans, doesn’t mean they’ll be good ones. I’m keeping my expectations low after last season, but hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised. You are allowed to make judgments based on previous writing and acting quality.

      • Tinman says:

        Have to agree with you, Ruby. I’ve read the spoilers and I like the writers ideas for season 7. IMO fans will be happy.

    • AnnMarie says:

      I was thinking the same thing, after the last couple of episodes,
      i think they woke up an realized you can only go so far out there,
      to make it believeable.

  9. Kay says:

    It’s good to get an interview from Jensen and find out something about Dean. At times from the PR, it seems he’s no longer a part of Supernatural! Season 7 seems more and more like a repeat of Season 2. I wish the showrunners could come up with something fresh.

    • Kat says:

      Um, what did we find out about Dean? A scene with Jo isn’t a storyline. He’s single again – yeah, that was pretty much his entire S6 storyline. So Dean loses someone else again and the guys hiding from the big bad. We know Sam’s fighting his inner demons, battling his hell memories, and we got Dean having a scene with Jo….

  10. melisa says:

    NOOO! not the impala!

  11. jax fan says:

    Ackles – only reason left to watch the show.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Ditto. He’s been the only reason I have been watching this show for the past 6 years.

    • Cindy says:

      I agree, but I wish they would try giving him a good and juicy myth-arc storyline that doesn’t turn out to be just about supporting Sam yet again, at the end of it. He more than deserves that for all the hard work and effort he’s put into his role as our Dean, and for all he’s done for and given to the show, over the seasons.

    • Oma Desala says:

      +1, he’s the only reasons I’ve been watching this show for the last 4 seasons.

      So long as Sera Gamble is running that show nothing interesting or good, no growth or development is going to happen for Dean, none of his supernaturally related storylines which were sumarily dropped will be explored further is going to happen. He’ll continue to be a guy with the screen time of a lead character and the storyline of a 2nd string supporting character.

  12. Lisa says:

    This feels a bit like damage control. There had been a lot of concern that Dean had no storyarc of his own and suddenly there’s a flurry of Jensen press. Hope S7 is better than S6 and we have a balance between the 2 main characters again.

    • Brooke says:

      Anyone who thinks that either brother didn’t have their own story arc in any season is just delusional. The show is ABOUT the two brothers.

    • Ruby says:

      Wow… you finally get some info and spoilers from Jensen about Dean, and you still find a reason to bitch. Does NOTHING ever satisfy you people?

      • Lex says:

        All this fandom do is Bitch, but so do TVD, House and gossip girl.
        You can’t please everybody these days I guess.

      • miss scarlet says:

        I’ve never seen a fandom hate its own canon as much as Supernatural’s fandom does.

        • Oma Desala says:

          Fandom doesn’t hate canon, the writers hate their own canon which is why they always conveniently forget or retcon their own canon, especially if by doing so they can support their own view of Dean’s insignificance as an individual.

    • Cindy says:

      I don’t care how it comes about, I’d just like to see a more substantial myth-arc role for Dean that doesn’t end up just being about supporting Sam in HIS myth-arc role again. We almost got that in S4. Come on writers, try again, please.
      And this is the first interview I’ve read that actually made me feel like S7 will be worth DVRing. I’d watch live again, if they would just deliver on a better Dean storyline this season.

  13. cindra says:

    Thanks for posting this! The trial episode sounds kind of cool and boo about the Impala. At least this is more than we knew before but still, why so few Dean spoilers this season?

  14. Mattie says:

    Pity the “traveling without a trusted companion” didn’t mean getting the angel off his back. Would rather see Castiel gone than Baby any day. :(

  15. sweetbabynrs says:

    sounds like another epic failure on the part of the writers. we don’t want to see sam and dean have even LESS help and have to work even harder just to survive. hasn’t it been hard enough? havent they died, sold their souls, lost everything, and sacrificed their own lives enough?? what the writers need to do is come full circle with the show, bring back John to fight for his boys AND Jo (the only one who was truly right for dean). Sounds like they’re going in a “bold new direction” again. FAIL.

    • Phoenix Ento says:

      Yeah, I just want it to go back to them “killing evil sons-of-b*****”. What happened to it just being two brothers on the road with classic rock, killing the monster of the week. As for the whole Dean angst thing, what happened to “No chick-flick moments”?

    • Leeann says:

      This is an old comment but I agree with you when you say that they need to bring back John and Jo! I was and still am a HUGE Dean/Jo shipper and I personally never felt the brother/sister vibe that some fans felt but thats just MO.

      Hasn’t Dean lost enough already? Does he REALLY need to lose his baby now to?! I’m hoping someone is keeping it safe somewhere and that it comes back because that red thing just does not cut it! Sorry writers but stashing the Impala was a major FAIL on your part!

  16. casammy says:

    A Greek god this one judging the life of dean and Jo is a witness so probably it is only a spirit, I believe that actually she does not return to the life

  17. casammy says:

    ” Trip without a confidence companion ” does not refer to cas, is for sammy for whom dean they have to take care of him for which not evidently not this one in emotional conditions then that the wall was demolished for castiel and it brings over of the sure Impala that goes to be hidden only by a time in the yardstick of the uncle bobby

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for this interview. Like many Dean fans, I was wondering if Dean was even going to be in the new season. I still don’t see a story line for Dean himself, but maybe a couple of episodes will be just about Dean. Like the trial one. I hope it’s related to Dean and not to Sam. I’m tired of Dean’s stories always having to do with Sam. The trial one would really help a lot in allowing this fan to feel that Dean is still an important character in the show, and not just window dressing.

  19. Snake says:

    I’ve missed Jo like crazy so I’ll definitely check any episode she appears in. Beyond that I can’t make promises

  20. Laurie says:

    Thanks for posting this interview with Jensen. It’s about time we heard from Jensen, and plenty of spoilers that catch my attention. It makes me hungry for this season to start!

  21. Nancy says:

    Oh how I wish they would bring RICHARD SPEIGHT JR back to SPN.!!!

  22. Carrie says:

    I can’t wait for the new season to start. I’m dying to see what happens. The Egyptian god storyline sounds awesome. It’ll be nice to see Jo again.

  23. mia says:

    Jo was one of the most hated characters, thank god she is only back for a guest appearance!1

    • guess says:

      I’m not one of those viewers who think about the Winchester as their personal boyfriends so I never had an issue with Jo Haervelle as character.

      • Autumn says:

        Jo is actually quite popular with a good portion of the fanbase. And besides those who want Dean as their boyfriend, then there’s the whole Wincest and Dean/Castiel thing (neither of which I will ever understand since incest is disgusting and Dean is straight). I didn’t really watch much of last season but I will definitely tune in for this! I love Jo.

        • Jenn says:

          I liked Jo. She was young, and supposed to be immature. It’s a shame that right after she grew up, they killer her off. That said, I don’t think she’s a good love interest. She’s too young. I could be biased, because I hate romances in TV shows (they’re always the same, unoriginal crap storylines that are completely unrealistic escapist fantasies – they’re boring). That said, I’m of the opinion that sexuality is fluid, and even a self-identified heterosexual might meet that one person of the same sex that just hits all those buttons. And that’s for characters who actually know who they are – not to mention characters who don’t and who have identified themselves externally by other people and other people’s expectations (a brother’s protector, a father’s ideal soldier, the “ideal” apple-pie life). I wouldn’t have a problem if Dean/Cas was canon, but I still don’t want to the see the romance played out on camera, especially on a show whose romances are written like bad pr0n.

          • Guess says:

            Its just my personal impression that half of the audience “hated” Jo because the Dean character responded to her in a “sexually traditional” manner and half of the audience because they expected the character would hook up with one of the boys. Either way, I’m glad she’s back because the character was intersted, not because I would want a Winchester for a boyfriend.

        • Ida No says:

          No she wasn’t, only in your dreams years later was Jo popular with a good portion of the fanbase. Dean and Jo always had more of a sibling vibe, Alona Tal herself even said that at a recent convention(which I would assume was around the time she’d have been filming or at least gotten her script so she’d know what she was talking about.

          Jo was badly written and badly placed, that is why she was hated. You noticed lots of people loved her mother Ellen? Why because Ellen was mature enough to be believable as someone who would interact with the brothers and she was a great character in her own right, not just “token supposedly kick ass love interest”.

          Dean’d just lost his father, is worried about his brother and the weight of the secret his father left him with, and they bring in this character supposedly as a potential love interest who is supposed to be 21(thus already about 6 years younger in physical age but seems decades younger in emotional age) but acts more like a 15 year old, who has almost no experience hunting, who has little real life experience beyond some basic teenage rebellion, least of all to deal with Dean’s massively low self worth issues and at that point suicidal tendencies.

          Episode “No Exit” said it all, she liked to view herself as “twisted” but the girl didn’t know from “twisted”, Dean knew the real thing, it would have eaten her up and spit her out – through little fault of Dean’s own, it’s just what he has to deal with. The idea of them as a couple wasn’t just ridiculous, it felt like putting a 40 year old with a teenager. Dean wasn’t that old chronologically but we’re talking about someone who’d felt the weight of adult responsibility on his shoulders since he was about 6 years old. He seemed a better match with Jo’s mom than with Jo.

          As for Dean’s sexuality – even Jensen has suggested that perhaps Dean might have taken part in activities that were not entirely “straight”(though I believe he suggested that perhaps a young Dean, left alone to care for his brother, might have used it when he really needed money).

          Dean might not swing that way as a preference but Dean has also always said he’ll try anything once.

          (Not to mention that “sensual hatred” as Jensen described it with Dean’s torturer, the demon Alastair;))

        • Guest says:

          Thank you! Yes I’m a few years behind on this article, but I agree with everything you said here. Cheers!

      • miss scarlet says:

        I never thought of the Winchesters as my personal boyfriends and I hate Jo. Crummy character to start with, and the forced sexual tension between Tal and Ackles was SO bad. If they’d gone with her as a friend, it’d have been way better. I thought her interaction with Sam was more compelling because it wasn’t so forced.

        • Jenn says:

          She’d be good for Sam. She might make Same more interesting. I could get behind that. But, yeah – the chemistry between Alona and Jensen never really felt mutually romantic.

  24. dj says:

    I wanted Alona Tal to be back for more then one episode. But still it will be great to see her again.

    • Autumn says:

      Maybe she will. This is just info on one episode. Perhaps they have secret plans for another appearance later on and they just want to remind the audience of Jo? I hope she is in more than one episode but I’m thrilled she’s in at least one episode.

  25. ja says:

    bring lisa back instead, and please leave dead characters in peace

    • debs hanley says:

      i agree with ja i think they should bring lisa back at some stage and even though i quite like jo i dont want her to be a replacement love for dean i always thought she was more like a kid sister to sam and dean and could nt really see them as an item i carnt really see the point in having lisa and ben in more or less all season 6 and then just getting rid of them didnt like the way that was done the writers do just seem to be going over old ground like putting dean back out on the pull after we saw him grow up a lot last year i love supernatural and will watch till the end but i am not keen on sera gamble s way of doing the series wish kripke would take over again and get it back like it was in the earlier seasons still looking forward to sept 23rd though.

    • Kyle Andrews says:

      I love Jo and would love to see her back often (Ellen too!) but I have to say that I really hope that they keep Lisa and Ben in play. Dean needs to work his way toward merging the two sides of his life and they are part of his family. I do not for one second believe that Dean would walk away from them. The mind wipe was out of character and was hopefully just a speed bump along the overall plot.
      Two years… A year that he lived with them and the year that he spent on the road with them as part of his life after… you don’t just erase two years of a character’s life and pretend that it never happened.

      • Guess says:

        I liked Lisa a Ben as a concept but, as characters, I feel like they fulfilled their purpose, maybe Dean could check on them when he has already been replaced into their lives or someting but I don’t see them as big players anymore.

    • Jenn says:

      No, no, no. God, no. Not Lisa and Ben. That whole bit was so Harlequin-craptastic that I couldn’t believe I was seeing it outside of a teenage girl’s fanfiction. Also, the actress who played Lisa was good in the first episode she was in, but they demanded too much of her range in Season 6. I hope they’re gone permanently. I just wish they’d had the guts to kill them off instead of making Dean a horrible person by mind-wiping them. Think about it – demons still know they mean a lot to Dean. Just, now, they don’t know what to do or who to call when trouble hits. Genius move. Joss Whedon handled people’s dislike of Connor in Angel much better.

      • Nalco says:

        It wasn’t the actress that made me not like Lisa, but the fact that she made Dean choose between her and Sam. In the first episode, I actually liked her, because she didn’t try to change Dean. But in season six, she just got on my nerves. Mainly because I hate it when people break up just because they’ll be apart for a while. In fact, one of the only romantic lines I actually like is “I married him, because the time spent together, was worth the time spent apart.” (The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett)

  26. Bryan says:

    I really just want to know where they’re taking Castiel’s character from how S6 ended. Any other thing is a side-dish.

  27. Kat says:

    Thanks for the interview! It takes a lot of talent to write a piece that reveals nothing concerning an ongoing arc for the one the piece is about! lol A scene with Jo is not a storyline. But I’m glad it appears SPN isn’t totally unaware there are two brothers, and any picture of Jensen is always welcome! :)

  28. Cheryl says:

    The law is after both brothers and both brothers are up against a new big bad (maybe they are one in the same) and Dean is keeping some secret, and according to an interview with Jensen he’s questioning why he is hunter and embracing it again and and he’s worried about Sam with the wall having been knocked down because he loves his brother,he is the most important person in his life and vice versa. The brother’s relationship is what this show is all about,the love between them being there for each other. Dean looking out for his little brother like big brothers do these are the bigger stories the ones worth telling and if anyone doesn’t see this they have missed the whole point of the show. How anyone can say Dean has no storyline is beyond me there is no show without Dean or Sam they are two halves of the same soul and without either one of them there is not that uncredited third character the brotherly relationship which is the heart of this show and what drives it
    Contrary to what has been said Jensen has done quite a few interviews and he seems happy the show is getting back to itself. Quoting Jensen word for word…..”I feel the relationship is squared away. Sam is obviously battling some demons internally so I think Dean is kind of keeping a watchful eye out for his brother not in a “are you going to turn on me but in a I’m don’t want to let you fall.” So you know it’s that brother supporting a brother thing and I think that’s a big part of this show and I’m glad we’re back to that this year.”

  29. kat says:

    Thank you for a spoiler that doesn’t involve Castiel! Let me know when he’s killed off so I can enjoy the show again.

  30. Oggy says:

    The show will start! Maybe!:x

  31. Ella says:

    Ugh, I loathed Jo. I wish either Jensen or Jared would actually talk about how the brothers are going to feel about losing Castiel their FRIEND rather than about facing the big bad he’s allegedly become. Given his loyalty and the fact that they treated him like crap and continue to do so, I don’t blame him for going darkside. I miss Misha already :(

  32. Jenn says:

    I’d like to finally see a strong female character on this show who doesn’t get killed off (and isn’t evil). I know the show’s about the brothers’ relationship at its core, but I think the absence of strong female characters has always been a weak point of the show.

    • Tinman says:

      I would also like to see strong female characters so I was glad to hear that Sheriff Mills is returning as well as Marcy- Bobby’s neighbor. She has to be curious to say the least about that creature that invaded her home and ended up being shoved into her wood chipper in “Week end At Bobby’s”.

  33. anonymous says:

    awww…i thought they’ll put Jo back for Dean. I really like them.

  34. Nsw says:

    The show would’ve lasted one season!

  35. debs hanley says:

    i still think they should bring back lisa and ben otherwise dean is just going to revert back to his old ways of drink and women i think i prefer the more mature dean now not just that but him being in a serious relationship brought something to the show it needs more now than just demon hunting to keep it interseting otherwise it just seems to be going over old ground the brothers could have family and still be good at there job the ladies dont have to be in it all the time which would keep the people out there happy that dont want that but new characters and new situations add to the show makes it more realistic and watchable i am really looking forward to the rest of season 7 lets see how it goes think sera gamble has some wrongs to right though if she s hoping for a season 8.

  36. riezky says:

    you live where the dean i like you

  37. Kate Satorre says:

    I love Dean and J0💑💝💖💟💚👌