Glee in Season 3: What Major Life Change Should Mr. Schue Undergo? Take Our Poll!

Will Schuester has spent two seasons of Glee guiding New Directions to show-choir excellence, battling Sue Sylvester for the title of alpha dog in the McKinley High teachers’ lounge, and extracting himself from a miserable marriage to high-school sweetheart Terri. But hopefully, the show’s upcoming season will allow the show’s main adult presence to spread his wings in, um, new directions. Take our poll below to choose which path you’d most like to see Mr. Schue take, then hit the comments to brainstorm further plot lines — as long as they don’t involve him sitting in his car alone, crying while he listens to music.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. ADC says:

    I think ‘Death’ would’ve been a popular choice amongst Glee fandom.

    • Nathan says:

      That is the first thing I thought too.

    • Anna (@westerberghey) says:

      When someone uses the term “fandom” I immediately know they are an idiot and anything they have to say is irrelevant. Same with the word “shipper.”

      • Laura says:

        Judgemental much?

        • alexandra says:

          I’d say honest much. Death wished on anyone is harsh. Even a fictional character. Especially when that person isn’t evil.

        • Emily says:

          Why are so many people who love a show called Glee filled with so much hatred? I love this show because it makes me happy and entertains me. Yes, Mr Schue is flawed but so is every other character on this show. But I enjoy them all regardless.

        • Anna (@westerberghey) says:

          It’s interesting I’m labeled judgmental when you have five or six comments right above mine from knuckle dragging, mouth breathing gashes who recommend “death” for a character. I’m sorry if I insulted anyone in the “fandom”. I’m sure they have all waddled off to the ‘fridge to drown the sting from my insult in an entire Sara Lee cake washed down with a Diet Coke. Then they will plug themselves back into their Tumblr account to talk to all their (probably only) friends in the “fandom” about how dreamy Darren Criss is and what douches the rest of the cast are because they don’t give up their screen time for him.
          Now THAT is me being judgmental.
          P.S. I think Mr Schue shouldn’t change a thing except sing and dance more. Cheers!

    • lacey says:

      I was thinking more of moving out of the country but death works

    • iamlordvoldy says:

      Yes please kill the man whore douchebag.

      • clara says:

        I’ve never quite gotten the whole “man whore” tag that Will has been saddled with. He’s slept with his wife (and then ex-wife), it was implied he did it with Holly Holiday, made out with Shelby and Emma.
        He’s a 32 year old man. He’s practically a monk! Are so many Glee fans such awkward, fugly teens and twentysomethings with no sexual experience that they think having sex with more than one person makes you a whore? Are you all a bunch of Mormons? What is the deal?

    • dan says:

      Death works, preferably at Sue’s hands, an insidious crime she gets away with that involves much torture and the shaving of his head. I would also take quits teaching forever.

    • Joey says:

      Haha, before reading the choices, THIS was my first answer, ADC.

    • airhead says:

      You definitely won’t find me arguing if that ever happens. Celebrating, maybe.

  2. booya says:

    how about in the first episode we find Mr. Schue on the roof, arms spread as he declares I CAN FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Then he takes his leap of faith and…

    … well, you can decide the rest. ;)

  3. Sick and tired says:

    Could you please tell me now if every character on the show is going to get one of these? Because I’ll stop coming for a few weeks until everyone can get this out of their system.

  4. Volcfom says:

    He needs another angry scene. Matthew Morrison’s cheesy acting makes my eyes roll, but when he finally confronted his wife about the baby, he had my full attention.
    Less cheese, please!

    • Princess Adora says:

      Agreed! Well, I don’t think it necessarily has to be angry, but that scene proved Mr Schue can be a compelling character. Every time I get bored with his plot line I remember that episode. Better writing please!!!

      • Matt says:

        ^THIS. Most of the attributes that Mr. Schue has now that people disdain him for can be attributed to bad writing.

        • ladyhelix says:

          This is a professionally perilous gig for ALL the actors right now, even (and maybe mostly) for Matthew & Jane Lynch. Actually it may already be too late for them.

          I just hope this season the continuity, plot, character arcs, and and writing tighten up. The writers room must be quite a circus right now with all the new talent. It will be interesting to see who leads (because what’s everybody’s job – is nobody’s job).

      • Renata says:

        Pretty much.

      • Lindy says:

        I agree. He was so good in that scene and I think the writers have kind of wasted a lot of potential last season. I did enjoy the Holly storyline though. The back and forth with Emma just isn’t enough of an arc for Will in my opinion.

    • Sez says:

      Can we have less cheese from EVERYone!!
      Puck hugging him like he was a freakin’ three year old (in the finale) was gag-worthy, Puck is supposed to be badass, he doesn’t hug his teacher with some cheesy grin on his face.

  5. Melanie says:

    I’d been thinking that with Shelby back, teaching at McKinley, it might be an opportunity for the writers to have Schue pursue Broadway once and for all. Write Matt out, write Idina in, permanently.

  6. Mimsy says:

    His doctor says if he sing again, he will die.

    Brazilian Blowout

  7. Jon says:

    A brief flirtation with same sex love when he’s hit on by Cheyenne Jackson’s character. Okay, not too brief.

  8. Lily says:

    He comes out of the closet? Yeah?

  9. M. Slezak's missing brain says:

    Mike, I think the only reason you wrote this was to see how many assholes like yourself can declare their undying hate towards Will.

    Get over yourselves. He’s the lead. He’s awesome and you’re still all just losers. Fact.

    • Renata says:

      But yeah, I guess QUITTING could work too.

      I used to like Will… but after all the drama we had to put up for him on season 1, he came back even more awful on season 2? Get out of the show. Get us a real teacher if you want us to keep watching after the main cast has left.

      Will is an embarrassment to people who teach to help the kids and try to make this world better.

      Oh, whatever

  10. Renata says:


  11. helen says:

    Where’s “death?”

  12. Joanna says:

    It’d be nice if he said something else than “Wow, I’m so disappointed with you guys”

  13. nathália says:

    i hate emma, i really do. holly is gone, so i was hoping for terri to come back to make will’s life a living hell HAHAHAHA just sayin’. even though i love them both :)

  14. Candy Corn says:

    Awww, you guys are too hard on Mr. Schue. I think he’s cute. Why can’t we just adore Glee in all it’s glory? Oh, I know, some people have so little going on in their lives they feel they must pick apart every little thing ad nauseam. And, these polls are a waste of time. I prefer some scoopage please!

  15. Melissa says:

    Pedobear Will… I mean, everyone knows he is

    • Tina says:

      Were you molested when you were a kid? It seems like everyone I’ve encountered on-line who uses some variation of the term pedo-bear or pedoWill has been harmed in this way. If this is the case, I’m sorry. Maybe you should try therapy instead of going to the internet for solace.

  16. Kellita says:

    Haha. I said the same thing when I read the title of the article. It was perfect when I scrolled down and saw this as the first comment.

  17. the girl says:

    I think a great storyline would be for Idina’s character to question why Mr. Schue is the default director for the Glee Club. At this point it wouldn’t be hard to argue that a new director might boost their chances at Regionals and Nationals. I’d like to see the two of them duke it out for the spot, in song of course.

  18. murley says:

    i want him to become a little more badass.

  19. O'Brien says:

    Can I vote, “Go back to Broadway where your talents are appropriate and unwasted”? Matthew Morrison is a wonderful singer/dancer/actor. But I don’t think he’s a TV guy. He’s a Broadway guy. And he’s mostly been rendered irrelevant in the past season. Sad to see.

  20. marky says:

    In the early episodes, Will Schue was an interesting, three-dimensional character, but like everyone else on the series, his character’s personality now changes from week to week. I just wish Ryan Murphy would step back and let someone look at GLEE from an objective point-of-view and rewatch those early episodes and then recapture the magic and pleasures of those episodes. If GLEE’s third season is anything like its second one – or worse – it might not make it back for a fourth. Not since HEROES has a series wasted so much potential!

  21. Mr Rational says:

    Dude… you people need to chill… it’s a TV show…

  22. marky says:

    Uh, Dude, this is a website about television and TV series are discussed on it…

  23. Mr Rational says:

    @marky Yeah, I relize that, but, people get too worked up on this kind of stuff. I think we can all agree season 2 wasn’t the best season, but why not just enjoy the show, if you don’t enjoy it, then why spend time degrading it, why not just spend time on stuff you like. I don’t think Mr. Schue is the most interesting character, but I think people are getting too caught up in it by saying that he shohuld die. He’s a character! My point is that, yes I agree with you, we should discuss it, but people need to chill. It is just a TV show. No need to get so worked and say he should die.

  24. china blue says:

    I was hoping for a botched chin reduction surgery or a sex change operation. ah well.

  25. Sara says:

    I’ll never understand the Will hate in the Internet fandom, but at least he seems relatively well-liked outside of it. I think the fandom just take the show WAAY too seriously at times.

  26. Sivat says:

    I want him to get back together with Terri. Terri deserves to win her man in the end.

  27. kimmy says:

    an affair with Shelby, that’d be awesome

  28. J says:

    Just don’t understand the Schue hate. Is it the character or the actor?

  29. Janet says:

    These bitches are going to have to get used to the fact that Will is going to be here till the end of the show, so just deal with it.

    As far as what I want to go through, engagement to Emma sounds awesome or pregnancy.

  30. Mike says:

    Will is awesome and a great teacher and he needs to rap again this season, the haters got their way last season so let Schue rap this season/

  31. Mafalda says:

    ok I was gooing for the pregnancy thing cause i love will and emma but then i saw the sexting scandal and i couldn’t resist, i love gwineth paltrow and just the mention of miss holliday makes me laugh :D

  32. Dallas says:


  33. K says:

    Just please no love triangles between Will, Emma, and Shelby. After the Rachel/Finn/Quinn mess last season, I never want to see another love triangle on Glee again. I’d like to see some real development between Will and Emma. Maybe show them date, Emma deal with her intimacy issues, and then end the season with them getting engaged or married.

  34. John Chill says:


  35. Nick says:

    Glee is one of the worst written shows on television. But for some reason people flock it it like rats with free garbage. The first six episodes of season one were fantastic when the show was ABOUT Mr. Shue, not about all twenty-eight-thousand kids who fluctuate in and out of the frickin’ glee-club.

    The moment they started ignoring the adults as a viable storyline, the show began to dip down. If they are literally not sure what to do with him, then kill the character or write him off, but half of the stuff he does is not because Morrison is a bad actor. It’s the lousy writing. Hopefully Season 3 we’ll see the Glee that premiered back in season 1.

  36. Lizzie says:

    This is my call plus its already been confirmed Shelby won’t have anything to do with Wemma.

  37. Elizabeth says:

    After being subjected to his massive real-life douchery this summer when he opened for NKOTBSB, I could care less: that ego turned me off the show completely!

  38. Pen says:

    A steamy affair with hopefully by then 18-year old Finn. It’s obvious that both these character’s female loves are just beards. ;)

    If not, something to do with bringing Terri back into the fold. Their “horrible” marriage was just written briskly, and she deserves way better character development.

    • Ursula says:

      When will you dumbasses get over the fact that Terri was useless and she is gone. She was irrelevant to the show in every which way.

      A stupid annoying character and I am glad she is gone.

  39. Sara says:

    How was he a douche this summer?Was it just a vibe you got from his performances?

    Either way the actor is NOT the character. I think people should learn to separate the two.

  40. Soyli says:

    I know one thing Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) should return to the show … the characters Jesse and Rachel has an amazing chemistry are a beautiful couple.

  41. Jenna says:

    I honestly cannot believe some of the things you all are saying. DEATH? REALLY? Telling him to grow up? I think you people are the ones that need to grow up.

    What I want for Will in season 3 is for him to be HAPPY. He deserves it with all the crap he’s been put through!

    • kbooga says:

      I don’t really care what the other people are saying but I do… CONCURE!!!!! He does need to be happy! Everyone deserves that…even the make believe!

  42. ruby says:

    he should come out as a gay man i mean he is obviously in the closet, especially in season 2 it is as bright as day

  43. ddutchie88 says:

    Give him a friendship with coach Beiste! One without any sexual tension (or pity kisses). This show needs more friendships and stop all the love pentagons. Plus, the only episode I liked Mr Shue in season 2 was Blame it on the Alcohol. E
    verybody loves the Beiste, so I think she (in combination with a storyline for Will where he just keeps it in his pants) could redeem Schuester. He has a long way to go though..

  44. O says:

    I’d be okay if he just stopped saying ‘guys’. It’s so annoying. In one sentence he says at least twice and it drives me crazy!

  45. Linda Dowell says:

    Emma would never have sex with anyone without a full body condom – what a horrific experience sex with her would be.


  46. 1humbleopinion says:

    It’s no mystery that the writing has done the character of Will Schuester no favors. But frankly Matthew Morrison’s acting hasn’t done the character many favors either. He’s most effective in reaction shots responding to the singing of other characters (I’m serious about that). But as written, Will Schuester is one of the worst examples of a teacher ever presented on television. He’s constantly making bad decisions in his own self interest, at the expense of the kids. He illogically participated in the bullying of a fellow teacher. He frequently has angry outbursts at the students, shouting them down. He’s totally patronizing of Emma Pilsbury lecturing her about dealing with her “problems” when he clearly has some issues to deal with himself. There’s is a rich opportunity to have this character become a more mature, effective teacher and role model (with better writing). And I’d love to see Emma begin to get a handle on her personal issues, change roles with Will Schuester, and start counseling him to work on himself.

    • Sara says:

      One the things I actually LIKE about Will is the fact that he’s sometimes learning lessons along with his students. He’s far from perfect, but he loves those kids and has a good heart. Yes he screws up, but that’s what makes him seem human.

      Also, he isn’t constantly yelling at the students and shouting them down. He’s only done that a few times. I also didn’t really have a problem with him pushing Emma. He KNEW that her issues were keeping her from enjoying her life, so his heart was in the right place. He has problems just like everyone else in the world, but they’re not mental illnesses the way Emma’s are.

  47. kmb says:

    How about be keeps manipulating and sexualizing the students just so he can get into the guidance counselor’s pants? All in the name of the arts, of course.

  48. Bob says:

    He He… butt chin.

    Oh yeah and it’s funny when he raps…

  49. Sez says:

    Matthew should leave the show (don’t care how, Will should have gone to Broadway over the Summer, sloppy writing that he didn’t there was no reason why he couldn’t as he said before he changed his mind he’d be back by Fall) and let Sean Hayes replace him as NDs coach.