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  1. I'm still just Castiel says:

    Aw yeah Supernatural season 7.

  2. ripleyaeryn says:

    FRINGE! Team Lincoln Lee! Where is Peter Bishop ?

  3. Misti says:

    Supernatural…if I have the Fridays off and access to cable? I like Fringe too but I’m a huge Sam & Dean fan! I can not wait to see how things play out with Castiel this 7th Season!!

  4. Kathryn says:

    Fringe!!!Its more mature,superior acting/writing/special effects/cinematography/music etc..that other show on that other “network” doesn’t compare sorry..its the truth,live with.

  5. Leslie says:

    Nope Kathryn just your opinion:)

    Watching Supernatural live in bring on season 7!!

  6. Amanda says:

    Totally watching Supernatural at its usual(US Central) air time.(I like quite a few other shows on there, and will give a few new ones a chance too! But Friday nights are SPN nights for me.) And that snarky comment about using bots needs to be directed at ALL the fans sadly. We bust our a**es voting just like the rest of you and it is downright rude to single us out, just because the creator of this poll/writers here dislike Supernatural. Whatever happened to treat others as you want to be treated? And we may or may not have book clubs but we also have conventions, which, you know, the actors choose to go to for us – the fans. But really whoever wins this, congrats! All us fans are voting till our wrists hurt for our beloved shows and its heartwarming to see. So good luck everyone!

  7. teammoose says:

    SUPERNATURAL. duh. cause it’s the only show worth watching. trolol.

  8. mishasminion says:


  9. isn’t it time they learnt that when supernatural is concerned, the fandom will always win.

  10. Ruth says:


  11. Annie says:

    Nikita!!! <3

  12. Victoria Smith says:

    I really wish Fringe and Supernatural weren’t on at the same time. They’re the only 2 shows listed that I actually watch and enjoy. But since I don’t have FOX and CTV doesn’t air Fringe anymore, I’ll be watching Supernatural.

  13. kerry says:


  14. Sheldon W. says:

    Live: 8-9: Chuck; 10-11: Fringe; 10-11: Sanctuary

    Record: 8-9: Nikita; 9-10: Grimm, Supernatural, 10-11: Boss

  15. spader says:

    I’ll be watching Fringe and Blue Bloods live because I can never wait to see each episode. May dvr Grimm.

  16. Joanne says:


  17. Quietkittycat says:

    SUPERNATURAL!! And nothing else.

  18. Jacquelyn says:

    Supernatural :-)

  19. Kyra says:

    SUPERBATURAL!!!! Freaking epic show!

  20. Sandy says:

    Well, I can only DVR two programs at once, and I DVR everything I watch, so that means A Gifted Man and Grimm are automatically cut out of any first run watching by me. So, Chuck and Nikita at 7pm. Fringe and SPN at 8pm. And Blue Bloods and Sanctuary at 9pm. Or I can record Sanctuary on its late night repeat. The shows I mainly care about are going to be Fringe and Supernatural. But Supernatural is simply my main love on television, so SPN will always come first with me. I cannot wait to see what they do with Sam’s memory integration next season. It is what has me most excited right now.

  21. gabi says:

    Supernatural of course!!! Friday isn’t Friday without it.

  22. Dahne says:

    Supernatural – no question. I caught up on all episodes of fringe this summer but nothing beats the Winchesters. Since I don’t own a DVR, I will watch Fringe on Fox when they post it.

  23. Melissa says:

    Supernatural is where I will be on Friday s

  24. Shanna says:


  25. Bruno says:


  26. abbott b. says:

    BOSS on starz is supposed to be insane. my boyfriend got to see first episode. he says its the best new show this fall. kelsey grammer nominated next year for emmy and golden globe.

  27. Dorothy says:

    Supernatural live, as always, DVR Fringe, which I am also addicted to (yes, there are many of us who are fans of both), and well, I’m not sure how I’ll watch Grimm. I get that Friday nights are becoming the refuge of genre shows, but they do get that some of us can only dvr two shows at the same time, right? I wish Grimm was on at ten so I could give it a chance, but there’s no way I’m not watching SPN and Fringe.

  28. Melanie says:

    That caveat is really condescending and disrespectful (although funny).

  29. ErikMarie says:

    Always “Supernatural.” Then at 10: “Supernatural” because I’ll Dvr it to watch again. “Fringe”‘ll have to wait because I got too far behind.

  30. Kiona says:

    Who run the world? GIRLS
    Who run the polls? SUPERNATURAL FANDOM <3

  31. Oggy says:

    Fringe and Blue Bloods.xD

  32. The only show I watch on Fridays, since Smallville is a thing of the past, would be Supernatural. I’m not in to the stories out there on Friday. Before Supernatural moved to Fridays, I had not watched tv on Friday nights since 2008. I watched Ghost Whisperer, Moonlight, and Numbers. There again, the only one I never missed was Moonlight.

  33. Gayle says:

    I will also tape “Fringe” and “Sanctuary”. We love those SYFI shows!!!

  34. Hannah says:

    Well, if the Supernatural fandom is always winning polls is because we are a lot of people who stay awake all night VOTING. We don’t need to cheat. We love our show, that’s all.

  35. Clara says:

    FRINGE Always LIVE! Friday is Fringe night,I stopped watching Supernatural after the 3rd season because it changed too much after that all about angels and demons and the devil,and nothing else,Love Fringe have watched sense the first season never miss a show, and this season may be its best yet with the wheres Peter thing happening,it changes everything,its going to be fun to see how different everyone is without Peter there, the other show I watch is Sanctuary I love Amanda Tapping sense she was in Stargate SG 1 as Sam Carter.

    And as long as Anna Torv is on Fringe I will always watch it over anything on TV,lol!

  36. Kat says:

    Nikita and Fringe!

  37. morgan says:

    Supernatual fans don’t robo-vote, we’re just highly motivated, obsessive, and have a robust fandom communication network. Also, if I thought I’d get a visit out of Jared, Jensen (or Misha) out of this poll, it would NOT be an invite to my book club.

    • Janice says:

      LOL, Morgan!! So true! I’m still annoyed at the “caveat” though…ESPECIALLY when this was a one vote per IP poll, so it was REALLY pointless except to be snarky to the SPN fans.

  38. Dave D says:


  39. Drakan says:

    Fringe and Blue Bloods. I wouldn’t miss Fringe for the world–or the other worlds, too. (;

    • Drakan says:

      Forgot to add that I am a fan of Supernatural as well, it just can not replace Fringe in my weekly TV viewership — it doesn’t even come close! No other show gripped me like Fringe did/does, and probably never, ever will. I seriously love the show too much to miss it, rerun or no, and I ALWAYS watch it live, which I can say is extremely rare for any show. Only two other shows are like this to me: Community, and harry’s Law. (different nights, I know.- Don’t get me wrong, I adore SPN, but I’m not attached to it like I am to Fringe, that’s all!

      If SPN moved to a better time slot (i.e: not conflicting with Fringe-, OR aired a repeat of that episode later in the week, I’d watch it like I do Fringe/Community/harry’s Law. But, between the two, Fringe wins me over quicker than a heartbeat.

  40. Gabriel Bryant says:

    Fringe and Supernatural. Why can’t I watch both of them at the same time?

  41. Ginny says:

    My DVR is going to get a workout big time. I will be recording Fringe, Supernatural,Grimm,Bluebloods and Sanctuary. Can’t stand the idiotic commercials every 5minutes. Will watch at “my” leisure.

  42. Gail says:

    Friday we will definitely be watching Supernatural!!!

  43. Karret says:

    Supernatural~ C:


  44. Syb3rStrife says:

    SUPERNATURAL!!!!!! Can’t wait till Friday! I miss Dean Sam and Cas.

  45. cindy says:

    “Organizing a robo-vote for a certain show will not get Jared and Jensen to drop by your book club.” What an obvious and deliberate stab at the Supernatural fans! So, because Supernatural tends to win most of the online polls its in it means the fans are cheating? Really? Or maybe it means that we are just a dedicated bunch doing what we can, within the confines of the RULES, to get our show the recognition it so much deserves. Next time, don’t be so blatant about where you’re aiming your accusations! Oh, and on a more important note: If Supernatural is on, no other show stands a chance to be watched in my household. GO SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!!!

  46. coffee438 says:

    I watch the Cw on Thursday and Friday 8pm to 10pm then I’m on Supernatural facebook after the show

  47. Kathy says:

    We DVR everything (including Yankee games) — we have three dual-input DVRs, so we have just about everything covered. Neither my husband nor I have any patience for commercials.

  48. spss says:

    What a really amazing article!!