Cougar Town Name 'Not Around Much Longer' - What Would You Title the Show?

Cougar Town cocreator Bill Lawrence has news for fans of the ABC comedy: “Those that loved the title…. [It’s] not around for much longer.”

Lawrence floated that likelihood on Twitter Thursday night, reigniting a dialogue that has dogged the show since Episode 1.

Although at the start Courteney Cox’s divorcée found herself romping with younger guys, that conceit was dropped early into the show’s freshman run, allowing the well-cast comedy to change course, find new footing and emerge as a very strong ensemble effort.

UPDATE: More pragmatically, Lawrence says that ABC research shows there are a “high number of men that will NEVER sample show called [Cougar Town], even those that liked it once they screened an epsiode.” Also problematic is the “incredibly high rate of fans who will not/or can’t get friends to watch due to the title.”

Cougar Town Season 3 Scoop: Baby Talk, Title Change (?), and [Spoiler] In a Wedding Dress (?!)

I broke the news about Lawrence pondering a Cougar Town name-change — to better court potential viewers who were likely turned off by the provocative, sexual predator concept — back in January 2010, for TV Guide Magazine, if that gives you an idea of how long this issue has been banging around. But with Season 3 being held for a midseason berth (it will air Tuesdays at 9/8c, once Dancing With the Stars exits the primetime dance floor), there apparently is still time to cage the Cougar in deference to something better.

ABC’s Fall Premiere Schedule: Cougar Town Corked Until Winter

These days, Lawrence seems to be entertaining Sunshine State (previously off-the-table, because Mr. Sunshine aired on ABC), Friends With Beverages and The Drinking Age as possible titles. Use this poll to throw your weight behind any of the oft-mentioned candidates, or propose one of your own.

TVLine’s Fall TV Survival Guide: News, Scoops, Premiere Calendar and More

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  1. Racky Lou says:

    The Cul-de-Sac?

  2. V says:

    “Happy Hour”

  3. Bob says:

    How about “Modern Family Lite” or, to distance themselves a bit, “Not Modern Family”? “Family Town”? “Modern Town”?

  4. Amanda says:

    I haven’t watched the show but I can attest to the fact that the title does affect some people’s inclination to watch.

    After seeing the horrible movie version, I was the biggest snob about Buffy the Vampire Slayer on tv. It turned out to be a very smartly written sci-fi/fantasy show.

    From what I understand, the show started out a bit gimicky, with Courtney “romping with younger guys” but evolved into a show with real stories. Too bad it’s on Wednesday nights opposite my favorite show.

  5. anonymous says:

    Prime Real Estate

    A word play on her job and her being a desirable person?

  6. Chris says:

    The title should be ‘Abed’s Favorite Show’.

  7. David says:

    It should be titled Cul-De-Sac Crew. That is what they are afterall.

  8. Kevin says:

    Something that at-least-sort-of-rhymes with Cougar Town, so there’s an association?

    Cooler Town?

    Have them all move to a Newer Town?

    When they dance they’re Getting Down?

  9. Adria says:

    I think they should do an episode about how the local high school changes their mascot from a cougar to a tiger, and then change the name of the show to Tiger Town!

  10. Deb says:

    On life support or last ditch effort? This show is still on air because of its lead in and it is still dog paddling. Network show? No. Cable hit? Maybe. I watched a few episodes every season but it never caught on with me. A name change at this point? Those that love it will still watch and those that don’t won’t. I can’t see anyone new checking in because of a name change. Nail in the coffin for me? The cast appeared on Food Network Star and it was horrific. The most intriguing person was the creator not any of the cast! Some of the cast is very talented so I’m confused as to what doesn’t click for a lot of people including me. Call time of death and let the talented ones move on.

  11. ty says:

    WTF? you either watch the show or you don’t. I don’t have a fetish for cougars but I LOVE the show.

  12. ThatBob says:

    Sorry, but it’s too late for anything cutsie or punny or too clever for its own good — we’ve seen the show already. If a show is any good it doesn’t need a title that tries too hard: is Friends a clever title? What about Scrubs? Frasier? Cheers? Modern Family? Nope. Stupid titles just cry out that the show will be just as stupid, too. Just be descriptive. “The Courtney Cox Show.” Done. Now they can stop worrying about a title and try writing better scripts, which is what the show really needs.

  13. pax says:

    I don’t like any of the above. The best option would be ‘Friends & Neighbors’ but I’m not fond of it…
    After all BETTER WITH AGE is a nice option. There’s the reference to wine, but it’s not explicit (people who don’t know the show wouldn’t take it the wrong way, since they don’t know what it refers to!).
    I also like FAMILY JULES very much, but I understand that the pun with ‘family jewels’ might be counterproductive…
    At this point I prefer FRIENDS WITHOUT BOUNDARIES (but without the Friends reference).

  14. Kirsty says:

    How about ‘Corked’ , not keen on ‘ the cul de sac crew’, but a fantastic show and I agree that if you don’t watch because of the name then you’re missing out.

  15. KevyB says:

    I’m sure the new name will rocket the show into the Top 10! Whatever, focus group people.

  16. Billy Boy says:

    How about “Thought it was cancelled cause I was looking for Cougar Town”?
    Really! I thought it was.

  17. Jeff says:

    They won’t change it. Ridiculous to think they would after all this time. They want to GAIN viewers…how about the ones they will lose when the DVR stops picking up Cougar Town. I’m in no hurry to search for it under its new name.

    This article did what the “name change controversy” does EVERY year: bring publicity to a show that gets little attention and publicity.

  18. Jeff says:

    And btw…I’ve been in focus groups. That execs listen to what those morons have to say constantly amazes me. I’ve watched horrible, horrible shows and idiots in the discussion group talk about how amazing and funny it was. I just sit there quietly and count the minutes til I can collect my cash and get out of there.

  19. Penny Can Champion says:

    How about this – instead of re-naming the show, take the show back to the original premise of Jules dating younger guys. Plus, anyone who hates the show or doesn’t think it’s funny, it’s because everyone on the show is happy and my God, who wants to see that?

  20. Star Foreman says:

    The Untitled Bill Lawrence Project

    that is my vote for new show title

  21. Abner says:

    I like the culdesac crew personally I think it fits perfectly :)

  22. Tripp says:

    Don’t change the title….. it will confuse people. Hell, it could be that they live in Cougar, Florida.

  23. K says:

    I think “The Show Formerly Known As Cougar Town” would be spot-on.

  24. silversurfersgp says:


    (to be changed again to “50-Something” if the show continues for a few more years!)

    “The Dating Age”

    “The Dating Scene”

    “Single Again”

    “Still Single”

    “The Single Scene”


    “Singles Corner”

    “Single ‘hood”

  25. Robin Becker says:

    PennyCan Tales!

  26. Mandy says:

    Ack, I don’t like any of those names. “Drinking Age” sounds like a college show.
    I agree with other posters who have mentioned Community, Scrubs and Desperate Housewives. Those kinds of titles make you curious what the show is about. When I hear “Friends Without Benefits”, I know (assume) exactly what the show will be. I honestly can’t think of a name that better fits the show other than Cougar Town (or “Cougars”), but I understand why they want to change it.

  27. shellbell says:

    The In-betweeners


    Getting Better with Age

  28. AW says:

    Want to get more male viewers? Have more Busy Phillips in bikinis. Simple.

  29. louietheanimated says:

    You people that won’t watch a show because of the title are silly!

    If that were the case, I never would’ve watched show’s like Desperate Housewives (middle aged women who are desperate?), or Modern Family (I’m more interested in an unconventional family…), or The Closer (what would she need to close?), Weeds (a gardening show?) or Grey’s Anatomy (so not interested in finding out about this woman’s insides!), or Gossip Girl (I hate gossipy girls), or Lost (which, I’m still kinda lost…)…

    Yeah, shows that I love are shows that I watch, regardless of their title… =)

  30. Adolfo says:

    “Laugh! Along with the Cul-De-Sac Crew”

  31. Lisa says:

    Either Wine Time or Cul-de-Sac crew. The options provided were HORRIBLE.

  32. GIGI says:

    I never was able to figure out WHY the program was called Cougartown in the first place. I AM A COUGAR…and certainly Courtney Cox was never a cougar. Maybe when she gets into her 50’s or 60’s and goes out with 20-30 year old Cubs. THAT is a Cougar. I never watched the program very much because it never made sense to see a very lovely young looking woman (she looks in her 30’s)going out with 30 year old guys. NEVER MADE SENSE.

    I think that if you are going to call it COUGARTOWN, you should get an OLDER woman, like Kathy Bates, to play the part of the Cougar. She’d probably do a better job at that part, than at Harry’s Law.

    If you are just going to rename this series, call it Friends in the Cul de Sac….Lame!!

  33. Laugh says:

    1. Laugh
    2. All Growed Up?

    Or something with cul de sac in it

  34. Lozzie says:

    I really like Family Jules! It fits well for those of us that watch it already and if I had never seen it before I would wonder what it was and tune in.

  35. cougartownaddict says:

    Change the name to ‘Neighbors’ I’ll watch the show, no matter what it is called.

  36. Rick says:

    My choice for the new title is ….. “Pounding Grape”!!!!! Also, an inside joke to a dead topic, but I’m so tired of truly great entertainment being cancelled by ABC! I’m 43 my wife 44 she viewed her 1st episode on a flight she was on and it was all she spoke of for TV for a few nights. I went to BestBuy and purchased the season 1 DVDs and I was sold from the get go. I can honestly say title had nothing to do with it PERIOD
    My 2 pennies in a dam can! Heck Yes

    Richard Stands

  37. apc says:

    My wife came up with the one word title “Grapes”…the characters are like grapes on the vine of life…different in some ways, but also quite similar…and it always ends ih huge glasses of wine filled to the Brim…Cheers!

  38. Michelle says:

    (Living by) Jules’ Rules or simply “Jules.”

  39. Sharon says:

    How about ‘The Cul de Sac Clan’–it gets at the ‘friends as family’ theme…

  40. Buddy says:

    They kept saying “Crazy Town” on the show a while back. It made me think they secretly wanted to change the title to that and were fishing for fan reaction to the phrase. That would keep the title similar enough (vague enough not to offend anyone) and, of course, take the “Cougar” away.

  41. Lulu Vanstroff says:

    How about Jules Town or Town Jules?….. but I personally love Cougar Town.

  42. Happy says:

    I say penny can,.. make people wonder, ask why, what is penny can? make the new people that watch the show go back and watch all the shows in the past…

  43. Bob M. says:

    What’s the name Jules calls her big wine glass? Could that work as a name?

  44. cobbified says:

    “jules of rules” (maybe not)
    “Booze Buds” ( now i am just being crazy)

  45. salim says:

    id call if friends and midlifecrisis cos she loves her friends and is constantly have midlife crisises- if thats a word lol

  46. Desiree says:

    I think cougar town is stupid. There is nothing funny about it. I can’t stand Courtney Cox she can not act. I didn’t like her in friends either. On the show all they do is drink wine. Stupid.