Rookie Blue Finale Post Mortem: Andy and Sam's 'Normal,' Luke's Future, and More

[Warning: If you haven’t watched Thursday’s season finale of Rookie Blue yet — what’s wrong with you? — turn away now! Everyone else, forge ahead…]

ABC’s Rookie Blue wrapped up its second season this week with one very important question via Sam Swarek: “You want to try being normal together?”

After everything Andy has been through this season — getting suspended, a messy breakup and a very no-no hookup with her former training officer — she was right to respond, “How are we going do that?”

To find out the answer, TVLine spoke to executive producer Tassie Cameron, who teased what’s ahead for the pair and the rest of the 15th Division cops and detectives. She also weighed in on the possibility of the Canadian series getting a run during ABC’s traditional TV season.

ABC Renews Rookie Blue for Season 3

TVLINE | Let me pose back a question from the finale to you: What is normal for Sam and Andy?
[Laughs] I wish I knew…. We spent a lot of time discussing that in the development of Season 3. We sort of wrote ourselves into that corner, with a few ideas about what we were going to do in Season 3. But it really took a lot of debate [about] how we were going to start that up again. We’re going to try to explore what normal looks like for them in at least the first half of Season 3.

TVLINE | Are they entering a relationship then in the next season?
They are both suspended at the end of the season. Our consultants told us if two officers are suspended for conduct unbecoming, which is what they would have been suspended for, then probably the ground rules during their suspension would be that they’re not supposed to see each other. So that was an interesting place to start.

TVLINE | She wasn’t supposed to see him when he was undercover either, and that didn’t stop her.
I know, but maybe she’s learned her lesson. [Laughs] There’s only one thing she is as crazy about as she is about Sam Swarek, and it’s her job. So we were really trying to examine that. Like, it’s one thing to break the rules when you don’t know what the consequences are and you don’t care, because you’re overwhelmed by passion or whatever. But it’s another when you lose your job because of it. So we were really trying to examine what it would feel like for somebody like Andy to be suspended for breaking the rules when she’s a real rule-follower. It provided a nice tension. Sam Swarek or her job, on some level.

Exclusive: Rookie Blue Collars William Shatner for Season 3

TVLINE | Is Andy going to be struggling with balancing her ex, Luke, and this potential new relationship with Sam when they all work together?
Yeah. It’s a complicated thing, I’m sure, for somebody to be in that position…. We’re using Luke carefully in Season 3. We didn’t want it to be a graveyard of Andy’s ex-boyfriends or boyfriends or whatever, so we’re trying to use him in a new way. And it’s tricky. The funny thing is, for all the police officers we talk to, it sounds very true to their lives. They all date each other, perhaps not as much as we do on our show, but it does sound like their workplaces are full of messy complications.

TVLINE | With the episode where Sam and Andy first slept together, did you ever worry that maybe it was too soon for that?
Yep. [Laughs] Yes, I worried about it. We worried about it a lot. We talked about it a lot. You wouldn’t believe how many hours we spent debating how, when, why, we were going to make that leap for those characters.

TVLINE | What made you decide that now was the time? Not just the time for them to get together, but to have sex? They kind of skipped the relationship part and went right to the sex.
In terms of the second part of your question, I think that they do have a relationship. And we had already done the first kiss in the first season. So with these two characters, after two seasons together as friends, colleagues, it felt like the relationship was a deep one, even if it’s not a conventional love affair yet. So it seemed weird to be coy about them not fully going for it if they decide to do it. [Laughs] As for, “Why now?” You go back and forth. You worry that it’s going to be too soon, that people are going to be weirdly disappointed when they do hook up. And other viewers are yelling at you, “For Christ’s sake, please hook them up! I can’t stand it anymore.” Ultimately, I think what we do when in doubt on the show is we try and look at it from a place of realism. We try and forget the viewers and what people are saying and try to look at it realistically from these two characters’ perspectives and what would they or won’t they. And if we think they would, then we’re going to do it and put the audience expectations not aside, but try and look at them as people and deal with the repercussions afterwards. So we felt like it was time.

TVLINE | The Dov and Gail storyline this season was really interesting. Is that something you’ll be exploring more next season?
We’re going to do some stuff with Gail romantically in Season 3, but not pursue the Dov storyline. It will bubble away under the surface. But they’re really, really close friends, and they’re really interesting together as friends. Right now, we want to step away from that a little bit and put them both in different scenarios and see what happens. We want to see how that plays out with them going back to their strange chemistry as “frenemies.”

TVLINE | We learned a little bit about Dov’s family background this season with his brother. Are there plans to delve deeper into other characters’ backstories? Sam, in particular, is a real question mark.
It’s always tricky with characters like Sam Swarek because the fact that they’re so closed about their past is part of who they are as characters. You don’t necessarily want those characters to spill their person like, “Here’s who I am. And meet my mom.” It’s a delicate balance. I think we will learn more about Sam, for sure, and definitely learn more about Andy.… We didn’t see her dad this season. With any luck, if we can get the actor booked, we’ll see him in Season 3. We’ll also meet her mom.

TVLINE | Is Pete (played by Degrassi: TNG‘s Shannon Kook-Chun) going to be sticking around as a training officer? Are there going to be new cast members next season?
He’s a one-off guest star at least for now, although we loved him and would love to have him back if we do bring in more rookies. We do have a new rookie starting with the team [next] season. He comes from a military background and that didn’t seem to fit with the other the guy from the finale.

TVLINE | At the TCA Press Tour’s ABC exec session, one of the reporters asked about the possibility of the show airing here in the States during the regular season. Is that something you guys have discussed at all?
I heard about that, and we were absolutely thrilled that [ABC President] Paul Lee received that question warmly. It’s very nice to hear they would be open to it, and it’s always heartening. That said, I think we are all very happy with the summer slot. It works really well for us. I’m good with where we are. If something changed, I’m sure we’d figure it out. I’m sure it would be great on another whole bunch of levels, but I am also very very satisfied with thirteen episodes. You get to do a lot each episode. I’m happy with our slot. So anyway, it would be great either way.

What did you think of Rookie Blue‘s Season 2 finale? Tell us in Comments!

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  1. Juan says:

    Loved this season of Rookie Blue, and the finale was awesome, great show

  2. Vernell says:

    ..Sam is HOT! just saying…lol

  3. Paula says:

    A very big THANK YOU from Holland for this great show. Here, season 1 just ended, but thank god for internet :D. Couldn’t wait for the last apisodes of season 1 to air over here, so whatched them online and continued with season 2.
    I love it that Andy and Sam finally got together. Although I would love to see them as a couple next season, the tention between them is probably highest when they (are forced to) stay apart. But we’ll just have to wait an see what happens…
    Tracy and Jerry are also a great couple. Hope to see more of them next season. And as for Gail; is it just me or is she somewhat jealous of Andy. I mean, in season one she left the Penny with Sam when Andy was with Luke (looking straight back at Andy while leaving) and now she’s after Luke? Anyway, I’m very curious about what the writers have in store for the 15th division…
    By the way, does anyone know when season 3 will start? Like in an actual date? Thanks!

  4. Rookie says:

    Abrupt and unconvincing twist in storyline during the finale when we were given a preview of a Luke/Gail budding relationship. Instead of forcing this through the next season, it may be time to give Luke his own storyline and a character in his own right. Agree with everyone else that Dov/Gail is the way to go.

  5. NatashaM says:

    I totally agree with you, I love rookie blue season 1-2 I can’t wait till season 3, I think Sam and Andy is perfect togther and I was so happy they finally got together, even if the are suspened it won’t stop them, anyways I don’t think Gail and lucke have some feelings there

  6. 702clare says:

    I actually think Sam and Andy love each other more than their jobs, otherwise why did they carry on seeing each other secretly knowing it could get them in trouble?! I think being ‘normal’ for them will be hard because neither have ever been in a meaningful relationship- Sam always undercover and Andy protecting her heart by dating safe men. Her relationship with Luke was hardly normal- he was never around when she needed him. So I am optimistic that the writers will keep them together(otherwise what was the point!) but they will struggle being partners on both levels as they both have issues and have never given themselves fully to a person before. They will be scared and will make lots of mistakes, but the love should see them through.

    I hope Tassie and co are reading this! Lol!

  7. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much writers and producers what an amazing last episode I had my fingers covering my eyes what an intense episode . This has become my.favorite show I haven’t liked a show this much since NYPD and ER . Yes I am Sam and Andy fan too,its there chemistry that makes me watch they make me want more, I agree I would love to see them as a couple to give people hope that against everything love does exist and yes relationships r work everyday but its worth it . I love all the.characters Shaw is so funny he makes me smile, Tracy and jerry are too cute , its a wonderful show never missed a episode. Yes Sam and Andy is my new favorite couple on tv thanks for a great job :)

  8. Karen says:

    LOVE IT!!! Why couldn’t this be a mid season pick up? Seems to me it’s a big hit, and it could be running during rerun season. ABC has another HOMERUN!!

  9. Lisa says:


    I Just don’t understand one thing , if Dov and Gail will be just friends..Why this whole mess with Chris ‘-‘ OH God they were so cute…and I really hope that she and Luke just be friends ! I refuse to ship Gail/Luke !
    Lets not have everyone sleeping with everyone by the end of the show(2) Everyone hooking up isn’t cool !
    I Loved Gail and Chris, he is an amazing boyfriend!
    And I love Gail , she’s my favorite character in this show
    She deserves to be happy <3

  10. golfer7 says:

    Very well written show, especially the finale. Loved the impersonations-these were too funny! Hope to see some more of these in S3. Really hope to see more of Sam and Andy, the main reason I watch the show!! If their relationship goes sour, then I will just have find something else to watch!!

  11. renee says:

    Love this show! It’s has alot of real personnal situations. Working in law enforcement myself its true we do date within because no one understands our job like someone whos in it. I think Sam and Andy should stay together. I dated and married someone from my squad and now he’s my sargent. I can say it makes for very interesting situations! There are alot of storylines you can do with them. I hope they give them a chance to make it work. Can’t wait for next summer!!

  12. Emily says:

    NOTHING about Traci Nash? She is a character right? I hate how they always forget about her. So stupid.

  13. Mandy says:

    I adore Shannon Kook-Chun. He is super hot! And I was really excited to see him on the show. I liked his character because he didn’t really fit in and it was interesting to see everyone as mentors, instead of mentees. I would love to see him back next season.
    Hooray for Sam and Andy getting together!
    Loved the complicated Dov and Gail storyline. Would like to see more of that oddness.

  14. Grisel says:

    I agree that Sam And Andy stay together. Acording to the story, Andy have 2 years like a rookie. She no need more time to demostrate your love to Sam. He cares and love her since 1 season. The can stay together with a balance in your job. I know some police that confront this situation and with care work with this and are happy in yOur live without lost your love. Is a common situation in this type of job. Sam and Andy together.

  15. Kat says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep Andy and Sam together :)

  16. bm says:

    Sam swarek in these last few episodes has been very sexy!

  17. bm says:

    dont brake sam and andy up i have been waiting all season for this and it finally happened you cant take it away now!!!

  18. Danielle says:

    While I like all the characters, I LOVE Sam and Andy. I loved their chemistry before they got together but after they got together it amplified and I love them even more now!! If that is even possible! lol

    I really hope the writers don’t fall into the common rut of bring our favourite couple (Sam and Andy) together only to tear them apart, then do it all over again. So many shows do this and I find it extremely irritating, and slightly insulting. I don’t need you to yank my chain occasionally to keep my attention…I am fully capably of staying focused and interested in a stable couple. They say they want to stay true to reality, well in reality people don’t break up and get back together a million times so please remember that when writing for this awesome couple. So many show have done so and for me personally it ruins a show and I lose interest with this game. There are lots of ways to keep them together and interesting…so be the creative writers you are and take the path less taken.

    I would love to see them come back in Jan with 13 eps and then kick off the 2012 fall season with a full ep lineup. Summer is too far away! Good Job and excellent finale.

  19. Thomas says:

    I think regarding Sam and Andy: I think the dept will be ok with them having a relationship on a couple of grounds.

    1. It wasn’t really Andy that blew Sam’s undercover. The guy found it out from the name of the boat. Sam said that, not Andy.

    2. Sam has to agree not to go undercover again. There is just too many risks if that happens. It doesn’t matter that Andy didn’t cause the problem. What matters is that she could as well as Sam.

    3. It’s obvious they love each other.

    Regarding Luke and Gail

    I think it makes sense. I also like Luke more now that he isn’t with Andy. I would really like to see Gail get back together with Chris. I think Chris needs to know the truth about his mother that Gail found out.

    Regarding Dov

    Dov and Sue are good together. That just needs to remain and we saw in the beginning of the finale that they were still together. Dov I also think is gonna get more into the undercover work, kind of taking Sam’s spot. Dov just seems to like the undercover work. He will learn what he needs to learn from Sam and then just go with it.

    Donovan Boyd

    I think Donovan Boyd got fired but I don’t think we have seen the last of him.

    Frank and Noelle

    I like that relationship. It was odd at first but I think it is nice.

    Oliver Shaw

    I think every parent, or every person that one day wants to be a parent connects with him.

    Jerry Barber

    He has his moments and is liked. He is not a person to toy with. The way he handled the druggie when Dov got himself trapped was really interesting.


    I like her as a character and with Jerry. She obviously likes Jerry more than her ex as she should and I don’t know whether or not Jerry has actually met Leo yet.

    Those are my thoughts on Season 3.

  20. jen says:

    they seem to be going towards a gail/luke relationship. not sure how i feel about that. this was such a great finale. and im so happy that sam and andy are finally together!! and noel is having a baby!!!

  21. Janine says:

    I really loved all of season 2 and especially the last four episodes! I definitely think the RB team got it spot on with the timing of Sam and Andy and portrayed beautifully how at ease they are with each other – I’ve watched those scenes so many times now I know them line for line lol – I would love to see the dynamic of them as a couple now and how they deal with their feelings and their jobs ( Sam should get relationship advice from Oliver and Jerry) Luke is far more interesting as a character with someone as sarcastic as Jo and Gail fits that description, she would certainly keep him on his toes!! Hope we see more Sam and Oliver scenes in season 3

  22. Denise says:

    I agree… the writers can come up with clever ways to keep them together even through all the obsticles. All relationship are hard and not every relationship ends when the going gets tough.
    I also hate shows that do that “dance” for their main characters all too long. It’s more of a challenge to find ways to keep them together and I think most writers want to take the easy way. Rookie Blue writers fight the odds and keep Sam/Andy together. It’s obvious they are meant to be together.

  23. Ann says:

    Please let Sam and Andy stay together. Hopefully we don’t get the endless back and forth like between the main characters in Grey’s Anatomy for too long.
    It would be interesting to see new type of interactions between the two characters when they are together.
    Luck and Gail might be interesting for a while but probably not long term.

  24. Michelle says:

    Loved, loved the finale! One thing im wondering is why theyre so hesitant to put Sam and Andy together. Clearly they’re the fan favourite (by a large majority) and they are still just going to try them out fot half the season. There was no hesitation with Luke and Andy, who nobody wanted, but theyre being way to hesitant with it.
    I read somewhere that Andy might get a new love interest, which is just too much, she either needs to be with Sam or by herself. anyways, action packed finale, totally loved it! just wished there was a Sandy kiss at the end lol

  25. Lori says:

    Thank you to the creators for Rookie Blue and also ABC for airing it. Finally a GREAT show that I can look forward to watching every week. Thank you also for Sam. I love this man!

  26. Lola Von says:

    I caught a few episodes this summer. The pilot and the a random out of place episode. But I got hooked! I watched complete season 1 and 2. I think there is a lot of rom to expand on their stories and I am looking forward to seeing where that goes. I love Sam with Andy! Well I just love them as individual characters but they make a HOT couple who is bound to face serious challenges! I’d like to see Luke grow as a person because he is a solid character who you want to see succeed.
    I’d also like to see Noel Willams and Frank Best grow as a couple. Their developing relationship has is on a completly different level then fly by night relationships of younger characters. They have both been married and burned.
    Jerry and Tracy….I Love!!!! Great anchoring couple. Love them. Love them. Tracy is a great catalyist character.
    Overall Love the show!

  27. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE this show! The finale was exceptional. It was a bit more gritty than past shows which I liked. I LOVE Sam/Andy together. They really showed some of her feelings for Sam when she had to be carried out by Jerry kicking and screaming Sams name when he disappeared. Brilliant! Their Careers didn’t really come first when Sam was undercover..So will that change? I hope NOT!
    I would like them to expand on the Boyd storyline next seaon. It will make for some great tension between all of the characters. He is afterall the person who screwed up the operation! Did Boyd even care about catching Brennen or was he just trying to keep his biker informant safe and used Sam as collateral damage? And what great irony – If Andy hadn’t been with Sam when Brennen showed up she would have never known about his family or the accident, which ultimately led them to find Sam.. Again brilliant writing!
    Wouldn’t it be great if they slipped in a few episodes of RB instead of running repeats of other shows in the fall/winter months.

  28. Marcia says:

    I really enjoy Rookie Blue every week. Pleave give us more story lines involving Dov, played by Gregory Smith. He is a fantastic actor I enjoyed on Everwood and his character on this show is very interesting. I would like to see more family background for him and more story lines involving a girlfriend. Way to go, writers! I am so hooked!

  29. Rosey says:

    I can finally breathe again I love the show my hubby is retired cop who should be on the set as a consultant.As I watch Sam & Andy my heart jumps.Smart move now my husband says now if only the officers can learn to hold there guns right he gives the show a 100%.That’s a (FTO) for ya.

  30. c says:

    Although the show is great, I agree it should be kept in the same time slot. Wouldn’t want it to become to much and no one would tune in. Also, agree that it would be a mistake to send Andy/Sam off in different directions. I think the writers are creative enough to come up with a way to keep Sam (with his stand offish, yet you know he loves her way) and Andy (with her follow the rule mentality/yet deep love for him) still interesting enough and tied together to keep us all going. Can’t wait for Season 3111

  31. zephyr says:

    S3 potential story lines.
    Donovan Boyd character is demoted to constable after he’s investigated/questioned about what went wrong in the UC operation. Sam and Andy together figure out how Brennan made Sam causing Boyd’s demotion. Boyd is assigned to Div 15 as a uniform cop. He has to work with the rookies and Sam/Oliver/Noelle.

    Dov’s drug dealer that he stole money from, managed to tracks him to his ex Edie, threatens her to give him Dov’s address, she’s forced to call Dov to warn him of this new threat.He doesn’t know Dov’s a cop yet.

    Sam and Andy – if they’re forbidden from seeing each other officially, decide to get away on a dirty weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake. While there Andy takes Sam on a romantic horseback riding trail adventure(Andy loves horses). While riding the Niagara Escarpment trails, they accidentally find a large pot field. As they ride into the field to check it out, they trip a booby trap. OPP helicopter called in. Bad guys track them back to the Pillar & Post Inn where they’re relaxing in the hot tub grotto gorgeous spot. Bad guys fight Sam and Andy in the hot tub. Lots of splashing white water action. Could happen, sigh.

    Roy Dupuis as a QPP or RCMP officer who once worked with Andy’s Dad on a huge biker homicide case visits Div15. He brings new info on Bergen and Landry biker gang that he gives to Andy. Might have had a brief fling with her last time he visited TO, but he’s still got the hots for Andy. After work they visit the Black Penny when Sam comes in while they’re having enjoying each other’s company. Could get complicated.

    The actors and creative writers on Rookie Blue rock so hard! You’re so awesome.

  32. Rachel says:

    I love this show, I love other shows…but I just want to re-watch these episodes!! I am like the others I wish we could do fall or a promotional like start in November run for two months then the summer like other shows have done and are doing on USA as an example because of the popularity!! Love this show!! Love Sam and Andy, you cannot end that!!! Love them and Love everything else including the Finale!! :) Keep them coming! Florida Girl!

  33. Loki says:

    Am I the only person that wants to see more of Shannon Kook-Chun, I mean as someone who grew up watching Degrassi and loves the show still, I was extatic to see my favorite character from Degrassi, have another role. I would love love LOVE to see more of him! I hope they bring in a few new rookies and Pete being one of them!!

  34. connie says:

    Andy and Sam are great together.. Please have the guts to let them be together, give them a fighting chance. THE TENTION between them makes it so real . There are so many storylines you can persue, just let them be together

  35. HeroN says:

    The whole reason why I started watching RB was of Dov and then they hooked me with the Gail/Dov storyline, and now they just forgot about it all that’s bull.

  36. Mickie says:

    Awesome !!!! Can’t wait for next summer :( Love Sam & Andy,They need to be the couple that the show revolves around , not a lot of un-necessary drama (action yes )for them. I think Luke really cared about Andy but realised it after he screwed up. I think Luke is a great guy and should not be with Peck, Maybe someone new She is a snob, she would not treat Luke like he should be treated, He should have never left the ring around for Andy to find, she knew the lockbox combo and left it there , his fault he should have been honest when she found the ring. They were never great together. They need a story line for Luke where he is fiesty and Hot. Andy and Sam have what people wait for there whole lives. They should be like Derek and Meradith the core couple.

  37. Shashorna says:

    I luv andy and sam i have been watching this show from the fist season and they r great together i could not wait for them to hook up please do not break them up i love RB

  38. HeroN says:

    I would really like to see dov getting more involved into guns and gangs and goes undercover like Sam did for obout 6 months or longer.

  39. Samantha says:

    I agree that it was not too soon for Andy and Sam to hook up. Too many shows these days drag out the romance for years and end the show when they finally acknowledge the flame. This is refreshing. I think Luke needs to be a little more miserable though. He kinda deserves it but makes viewers feel sorry for him. I absolutely love this show. Andy and Sam’s passion in their first sex scene was so intense that it gave me butterflies. Its the forbidden love that most people feel once in their lives. Sam is hot in the bad boy way. I love him. He’s my fav character!

  40. Luss says:

    Andi and Luke look fine together but let’s face it Andi and Sam are pure dynamite. I would like to see them in domestic scene and working because together are really smart and funny. Bring them back (fast:D) …I don’t know maybe with a old case (with McNally’s father involved) or with Jamie guy (drog dealer from the last episode) which wants to confess undercovers officers. I really like Dove and Sue…Noelle and Frank, and Chris & Gail. And maybe we will see Oliver’s family (I really like this character).

    Greetings from Germany

  41. Sommer says:

    Love Rookie Blue! Can’t wait for the next season. Love Andy and Sam together!

  42. bethany says:

    i cant wait for season 3 i watch rookie blue like every day the same sex sence everyday i love sam he is so hot i want to kiss him

  43. Elkay says:

    They make the best “couple” on screen , Andy and Sam . When you see them together , the chemistry strikes and the longing for each other is very clear. I watched the finale online , it was nice but then you tend to wonder what will happen next , how is it going to be normal for them.PLease do not break this couple up . Sam is a very gentle and loving man , the love he has for Andy is clearly shown in his eyes. Hoping Season 3 , will keep us glued with Sam and Andy’s romance . Thats the only thing we viewers look forward to watching.

  44. Laura says:

    I love this show! I swear I am so screwed for my exams now been watching the whole thing back to back these last few days. INCREDIBLE. That’s some fantastic TV. Absolutely cant wait for next season!!!

  45. Omolara says:

    Andy and Sam got me hooked the whole season2. Am glad they got together. Hope u do not keep them apart in season 3…

  46. monica says:

    I am so glad u decided to skip to the Sam and Andy part I just couldn’t wait any longer….. Rookie Blue is one of the best shows I have ever followed!!!!! Ps please let Gail/Luke hook up, they will be so perfect !!!!!!

  47. Margaret liddy says:

    I just watched the finale season two in Australia loved it this is the best cop show in decades Sam and Andy sizzles maybe Gail should pair up with Luke the writing on this show is fantastic and believable can,t wait for season three Margie xx

  48. Rookiegal101 says:

    I really am not interested in the cop work an rookie blue. I only watch it for the romance…….and boy does that rock

  49. Theresa says:

    I’m SO glad Rookie Blue aired on ABC ! It’s my favorite show and it wouldn’t be possible because I live in the U.S. and that,s the only channel it’s on here. Another show I enjoy watching is Degrassi and I’m very pleased that they have characters from that show as well !!! (Samantha Munro, Shannon Kook-Chun, Jordan Todosy)

  50. lisa says:

    I’m absolutely loving RB and finally Andy & Sam getting it together (been shouting at the tv for this to happen since season 1!) We have another 2 episodes of season 2 to air here in the UK and I can’t wait for season 3 to start :)