Rookie Blue Finale Post Mortem: Andy and Sam's 'Normal,' Luke's Future, and More

[Warning: If you haven’t watched Thursday’s season finale of Rookie Blue yet — what’s wrong with you? — turn away now! Everyone else, forge ahead…]

ABC’s Rookie Blue wrapped up its second season this week with one very important question via Sam Swarek: “You want to try being normal together?”

After everything Andy has been through this season — getting suspended, a messy breakup and a very no-no hookup with her former training officer — she was right to respond, “How are we going do that?”

To find out the answer, TVLine spoke to executive producer Tassie Cameron, who teased what’s ahead for the pair and the rest of the 15th Division cops and detectives. She also weighed in on the possibility of the Canadian series getting a run during ABC’s traditional TV season.

ABC Renews Rookie Blue for Season 3

TVLINE | Let me pose back a question from the finale to you: What is normal for Sam and Andy?
[Laughs] I wish I knew…. We spent a lot of time discussing that in the development of Season 3. We sort of wrote ourselves into that corner, with a few ideas about what we were going to do in Season 3. But it really took a lot of debate [about] how we were going to start that up again. We’re going to try to explore what normal looks like for them in at least the first half of Season 3.

TVLINE | Are they entering a relationship then in the next season?
They are both suspended at the end of the season. Our consultants told us if two officers are suspended for conduct unbecoming, which is what they would have been suspended for, then probably the ground rules during their suspension would be that they’re not supposed to see each other. So that was an interesting place to start.

TVLINE | She wasn’t supposed to see him when he was undercover either, and that didn’t stop her.
I know, but maybe she’s learned her lesson. [Laughs] There’s only one thing she is as crazy about as she is about Sam Swarek, and it’s her job. So we were really trying to examine that. Like, it’s one thing to break the rules when you don’t know what the consequences are and you don’t care, because you’re overwhelmed by passion or whatever. But it’s another when you lose your job because of it. So we were really trying to examine what it would feel like for somebody like Andy to be suspended for breaking the rules when she’s a real rule-follower. It provided a nice tension. Sam Swarek or her job, on some level.

Exclusive: Rookie Blue Collars William Shatner for Season 3

TVLINE | Is Andy going to be struggling with balancing her ex, Luke, and this potential new relationship with Sam when they all work together?
Yeah. It’s a complicated thing, I’m sure, for somebody to be in that position…. We’re using Luke carefully in Season 3. We didn’t want it to be a graveyard of Andy’s ex-boyfriends or boyfriends or whatever, so we’re trying to use him in a new way. And it’s tricky. The funny thing is, for all the police officers we talk to, it sounds very true to their lives. They all date each other, perhaps not as much as we do on our show, but it does sound like their workplaces are full of messy complications.

TVLINE | With the episode where Sam and Andy first slept together, did you ever worry that maybe it was too soon for that?
Yep. [Laughs] Yes, I worried about it. We worried about it a lot. We talked about it a lot. You wouldn’t believe how many hours we spent debating how, when, why, we were going to make that leap for those characters.

TVLINE | What made you decide that now was the time? Not just the time for them to get together, but to have sex? They kind of skipped the relationship part and went right to the sex.
In terms of the second part of your question, I think that they do have a relationship. And we had already done the first kiss in the first season. So with these two characters, after two seasons together as friends, colleagues, it felt like the relationship was a deep one, even if it’s not a conventional love affair yet. So it seemed weird to be coy about them not fully going for it if they decide to do it. [Laughs] As for, “Why now?” You go back and forth. You worry that it’s going to be too soon, that people are going to be weirdly disappointed when they do hook up. And other viewers are yelling at you, “For Christ’s sake, please hook them up! I can’t stand it anymore.” Ultimately, I think what we do when in doubt on the show is we try and look at it from a place of realism. We try and forget the viewers and what people are saying and try to look at it realistically from these two characters’ perspectives and what would they or won’t they. And if we think they would, then we’re going to do it and put the audience expectations not aside, but try and look at them as people and deal with the repercussions afterwards. So we felt like it was time.

TVLINE | The Dov and Gail storyline this season was really interesting. Is that something you’ll be exploring more next season?
We’re going to do some stuff with Gail romantically in Season 3, but not pursue the Dov storyline. It will bubble away under the surface. But they’re really, really close friends, and they’re really interesting together as friends. Right now, we want to step away from that a little bit and put them both in different scenarios and see what happens. We want to see how that plays out with them going back to their strange chemistry as “frenemies.”

TVLINE | We learned a little bit about Dov’s family background this season with his brother. Are there plans to delve deeper into other characters’ backstories? Sam, in particular, is a real question mark.
It’s always tricky with characters like Sam Swarek because the fact that they’re so closed about their past is part of who they are as characters. You don’t necessarily want those characters to spill their person like, “Here’s who I am. And meet my mom.” It’s a delicate balance. I think we will learn more about Sam, for sure, and definitely learn more about Andy.… We didn’t see her dad this season. With any luck, if we can get the actor booked, we’ll see him in Season 3. We’ll also meet her mom.

TVLINE | Is Pete (played by Degrassi: TNG‘s Shannon Kook-Chun) going to be sticking around as a training officer? Are there going to be new cast members next season?
He’s a one-off guest star at least for now, although we loved him and would love to have him back if we do bring in more rookies. We do have a new rookie starting with the team [next] season. He comes from a military background and that didn’t seem to fit with the other the guy from the finale.

TVLINE | At the TCA Press Tour’s ABC exec session, one of the reporters asked about the possibility of the show airing here in the States during the regular season. Is that something you guys have discussed at all?
I heard about that, and we were absolutely thrilled that [ABC President] Paul Lee received that question warmly. It’s very nice to hear they would be open to it, and it’s always heartening. That said, I think we are all very happy with the summer slot. It works really well for us. I’m good with where we are. If something changed, I’m sure we’d figure it out. I’m sure it would be great on another whole bunch of levels, but I am also very very satisfied with thirteen episodes. You get to do a lot each episode. I’m happy with our slot. So anyway, it would be great either way.

What did you think of Rookie Blue‘s Season 2 finale? Tell us in Comments!

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  1. Natasha says:

    The finale was incredible. I’m completely addicted to this show and especially Sam and Andy. I definitely don’t think it was too soon for them to be together (i may have been one of the viewers screaming for them to hook up…). Their scenes are literally always perfect but the last few episodes have been out of this world amazing with the ‘Sandy’ scenes. Keep up the amazing work, rookie blue team!

    • Lee says:

      I agree! I feel addicted to this show too — Sam and Andy’s scenes are always great!!

    • Donna Baker says:

      Love, love, love RB!! Please keep Sam and Andy together…they are awesome as a couple! I like Luke, but not with Andy; and please don’t go back and forth with Andy wanting Sam, then having feelings for Luke…please!! Just let Andy and Sam be a stable, happy couple who can balance their personal, love relationship with their work as police officers.

      • William says:

        I agree. Sam is and has been a stand-up guy, good to his word, and to his profession. He needs to stand by Andy, and when they come back, they need to be the mentors and Cops that their peers look up
        to. All the Cops watching this show need to have some stand-up peers that show that this profession is a difficult one, but is
        able to have leaders who do the right thing. Cops love their job and
        want to be proud.
        Keep Andy and Sam together and true to their love for each other.
        That’s what everyone has been waiting for and hoping for.
        You have plenty of other Cops in 15 that you can write about and get into their work lives and personal lives.
        If you split Andy and Sam up with more drama, then it will become like too many other shows with no satisfaction and frustation with the character change. The Cop stories are great that you write about.

      • Sue says:

        I also am addicted to this show. I set the dvr so I could watch last
        2 episodes together non stop. This show should be on one of the big Networks soon. Please. I can’t wait until next summer that’s for sure.


    • Angelica says:

      I agree!!! I think the timing was absolutely perfect for Sam and Andy to get together. How they did was exactly how it was ment to be because of their “2 year relationship”. Love the dialogues and the interaction of the whole cast of RB!!

    • AvidRookieBlueFan says:

      RB is the best! Please make Sam and Andy couple of the year for season 3. The chemistry between Luke and Andy was really fake! However, Andy and Sam are steaming hot! Their scenes are so believeable. Both Andy and Sam keeps the viewers wanting more. He is so sauve and she is a great actress. Together they are the interesting, power couple. Let them be a solid couple for season 3 with Andy helping Sam work through deeper issues such as meeting his dad for the first time at a prison visit. I like Oliver’s character. He is funny. Nash and Andy are great friends. Jerry and Traci are also a great couple. A baby for Frank and Noelle could also be interesting. Speck and Luke deserves each other.

    • Cheryl says:

      It is a drag when there is sexual tension and it never goes anywhere. Love the show. Unlike other police shows, real down to earth characters. Hope it stays on.

    • Cheryl says:

      It is a drag when there is sexual tension and it never goes anywhere. Love the show. Unlike other police shows, real down to earth characters. Hope it stays on.
      So many shows on that are great and on stay awhile thanks

    • Taylor Marie says:

      i completely agree with you on the addiction to this show!!! i think they took to long to hook them up…i was all for it in season 1 when they almost hooked up. i was also one of those characters to be screaming for those two to hook up! when luke was shot i was like die die die!! but now im glad he didnt cause now he can see Sandy together and realized he lost a great woman, to a man he doesn’t seem fond of lol…karma is a witch:)

      • Carolyn says:

        Now from what I hear they are not going to let Sam and Andy be together because they were suspended for conduct unbecoming and they think that should carry over in their personal life. I worked in law enforcement for 38 years and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them being together in their personal life, They can so be NORMAL together. I can not believe they are going to start playing games with us about Sam and Andy. Their relationship makes the show.

    • Heather Sutter says:

      How do i go about watching online Season 3, Episode 1 of Rookie Blue.
      I live in Sydney Australia and god alone knows when it will air here.

  2. Pia says:

    Love love love this show!!! Super sad that I have to wait till next summer ;( can u guys reveal which rookie is getting a promotion next season ;)

    • Louise says:

      possiby traci as in episode 2 she asked about being a detective but jerry never really took thequestion seriously and thought she was just making small talk…???

  3. Lizz says:

    I love this whole season, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in season three. I would love to see some deeper storylines involving Sam and Andy’s personal lives. for instance did Sam’s story about his dad being in prison have any ring of truth to it? I can’t wait to see…

  4. Kara says:

    The 2hr finale was riveting, intense and very well done. I have enjoyed the series for the most part, but I have also found weaknesses in some of the episodes (mostly in season 1) and on occassion in Season 2, but the finale was its finest hours, it made me glad to stick with the series.

  5. Rachel says:

    Please show rookie blue at an ABC time slot/season!!!, I cant wait for next summer!! Its too long!!!!!!!!! :(

    • Avi says:

      After the first season I thought that I would rather have it in the fall too because the summer seemed so far away, but if you have it during the regular season you have to deal with repeats (and the ratings have to be much better to get more seasons). I like it in the summer because you get an uninterrupted run.

  6. Captain says:

    No more Gail/Dov?! They’re the best part of this show!

  7. Kim R says:

    Loved the finale. NOT too soon for Andy & Sam at all. I’m so glad we don’t have to live through a “will they/won’t they” scenario any longer. And they did have a relationship prior to the “hook-up”. I thought Gail & Luke had a bit of chemistry in the finale and wonder if that will be a direction in Season 3. I wish they had 2 seasons a year because next summer seems too far away. This is a great show! :)

  8. mike says:

    “We’re going to do some stuff with Gail romantically in Season 3, but not pursue the Dov storyline.”

    NO, no no noOO!!!!! Dov basically confessed his love for her and shared his true feelings under the hard exterior and they are going to just IGNORE that whole thing and make them friends again?? They are just never going to mention that elephant in the room?? Thats higly innconsistant and sloppy. What? I thought Gail and Dov had some excellent chemistry. They are just going to throw all that out stick Gail with Luke because they dont know what to do with Luke’s character. And Gail, knowing that he cheated on Andy, is just going to start a relationship with her? wow so many screwed up stuff going on here.. I only complain because I care about the show so hopefully they will fix those issues.

    • jennie sullevan says:

      Oh no! I too liked where Peckstein and Gail was going. :(

    • Agnele says:

      I agree with how things are going with Dov and Gail. She still has feelings for Diaz and that’s big for her. She feels betrayed by Diaz and based on her character, she would not pursue Dov after the sting of rejection from Diaz. Dov would not pursue her because he wants everything to go back to status quo (as is his personality) and get his friend back. I think they both realize how complicated their relationship could be… there’s a big difference between wanting to be with someone and actually taking that that step. So I think it’s right that they go their own way for a while… and these things can fizzle out and get very hot… like Sam and Andy.

    • Russ says:

      As much as I loved Dov and Gail, I think it was right for the characters to not pursue anything right after Gail and Chris broke up. Even if Gail was for it I think Dov would choose Chris over the possibility of having Gail as a girlfriend.

      As for Gail and Luke, I hope he falls in love with her and then she cheats on him… with Dov maybe :)

    • Jacqueline C. says:

      I found the break-up between Gail and Dov quite abrupt. There were a few episodes of Dov being upset with Gail. Dov explained they were not right for each other and then…BOOM, Gail isn’t interested in Dov anymore and is back to being frenemies. She seems to have moved her attention to Luke.

      Is this realistic? Shouldn’t Luke and Gail need some more time to “lick their wounds?”

  9. Studley says:

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    RB should remain on Thursdays during the Summer. It draws extremely well because nothing else that is First-Run is on then. What ABC should do is promote it more, particularly during High-Profile Sporting Events like the Indy 500 (and in the case of the last few weeks, College or Preseason NFL Football).

    Furthermore, just as in the Episodes, waiting for next Summer increases our desire even more to watch the show when it returns.

    Tassie and her team have done a wonderful job at producing the highest-quality Episodes I’ve seen on any show in a long time. The challenge going forward is to keep them fresh and not to stray too much from the formula that has won them Renewal of the next Season by the Third Episode of each previous Season. With so much growth for development of all of the characters, I don’t really see it as a problem.

  10. Gina s. says:

    Do not want Luke/Gail. Lets not have everyone sleeping with everyone by the end of the show. This isn’t “friends”

    • SsvenjaE says:

      Thats what i thought through the whole finale episode: Please don`t let Gail hook up with Luke!

    • Sue says:

      Don’t think Luke and Gail will hook up. RB has announced there is a new recruit (Peter Mooney). Check out CBC’s series Camelot, he plays Arthur’s brother, Kay.

  11. Lucy says:

    I’m so glad the writers went there with Sam & Andy!!!!! Anyone that has watched RB from the beginning understands that it wasn’t just a hook-up; they have had a genuine love & respect for eath other for a long time. Thank God the writers had the courage not to string it out like some other shows! The finale was perfect! Can’t wait for season 3!!!!

    • Julie says:

      I agree!! It was time for them to get together — love Sam and Andy! Great finale! Please let Sam and Andy stay together.

      • Melisa says:

        I agree keep them together. We’ve waited this long don’t break them up. Sam is loyal to her and will always be there for her. Plus he would never make her choose. Normal for them would working together and then going home he’d cook for her and all that stuff. I don’t think they would break the rules again, especially since sam and Andy are in love plus sam hates boyd right now so he’s probably not going undercover for him for a good while.

      • Laverne Puckett says:

        No ultimatums for Sam and Andy. They can have both because of the love they have for each other. They can also work together if they are married (which would make the fans happy). He can take over Gangs and Guns, she can work undercover which would be another strong story line. I would think that the Boyd guy should get punished and lose his job for what he did. Sam and Andy are really good actors…so professonal. If Ben Bass ever got a good movie, he is so talented he could win an Oscar. Sam & Andy have the interest of RB followers from 20 to 80…there’s a broad scope of people who watch this show. Andy and Sam bring back memories to their followers of that kind of love and devotion that most of us have felt in our lives. It would not go over well if either would chose their job over their love that they have for each other. Promote them both and have them be an example and move on with your other characters too who also will make the show interesting. HATE that it’s off the air until next summer…just have to keep watching the DVR’s for a fix. Thanks for approaching Sam and Andy’s love for each other in a deep way that everyone can relate to….keep them together. It’s the show!!

        • Mary Jo Jenkins says:

          Great ending for all! The soundtrack from Andy Brown’s “Ashes” was phenomenal to the love scenes between Andy & Sam! Sam is the greatest actor since George Clooney left ER.

          • Marjorie (London, UK) 31 December 06.27) says:

            Agree with your comments and the many before. I think Sam is brilliant in the character he plays. It would be great if he got the break Clooney got – he wasn’t accepted until he cut he cut cur;y hair short, then wham, it all seem to change for him – he is a talented actor, and I would love to see the same for Bass and would love if the writers/producers keep his role strong and challenging. I would love to see more emphasis of Dov and Chris’s private side – and Jerry too. I actually the air of mystery and how you give us just a snippet of each of the characters emotions, fears and ambitions that they had when they were younger and how they are affecting them now – as joining the Police force – its a character building (or breaking!)career and I love the pursuit of success. I’m enjoying the mix, please don’t make it it about them finally getting into bed with each other – please find other ways to captivate us for future finales. I’m in London and currently get double episodes, happy – as I can’t for next day for the next double episode, but would love if the Channel could give us a whole 24 hour day or more of just Rookie Blue. Pleaaaaasssssse lol. Thank you – You are doing a Sterling job.

        • Linda Painter says:

          I agree with this comment 100%. That is exactly what I would love to see in the following season. Sam and Andy togeter. They are so good together, they can keep the show hot for along time to come. I have bought season one and two and watch them over and over. My husband loves the show also.

  12. tkart says:

    I love this show! Thirteen episodes once a year just isn’t enough and to wait for summer for it is agony! Sam/Andy all the way; they are just way too HOT! I hated when Andy was with Luke, he deserves someone like Gail that will ‘challenge’ him. I always felt that Dov & Gail were more like brother & sister anyways! Great finale team Rookie Blue.

  13. Patty says:

    Sooooo happy Sam and Andy are still together, but HATE that we have to wait til next summer to see them again – ugh!!

  14. Vivian says:

    Love this show!! Thanks for the interview tvline! I feel like no one else ever talks about this great show. Sam and Andy are great together! They have the best chemistry I have seen on a show in a long time. I hope they don’t break up!

  15. Nancy says:

    I want to know why Sam and Andy can’t be together outside of the undercover….. It seems to be working for Frank and Noelle and she reports directly to him. That should be the relationship that is wrong in my opinion.

    • Jenny says:

      That is exactly what I thought when I read the interview — why is it okay for Frank and Noelle but not Sam and Andy?? Please don’t keep Sam and Andy apart! They sizzle!

  16. Mishka L. says:

    What an AMAZING show, I have been in USA over 7 years and this is the best show I have seen on american TV. Its thrilling, smart, police stuff educational with perfect twist of relationships, love and all that things what life brings. I have missed whole first season, somehow I did not know about the show but after I have seen the commercial on tv and the fact that Missy Pelegrym is the main character, I have started to watch immidiately on regular weekly basis. So I had to purchase dvd of season first and I am watching the episodes 3-4 in one time because I can not stop watching…I Can not wait for season 3, just wish it would start sooner. Sam and Andy have a beautiful chemistry and I am hoping to see more from them, they are perfect for each other!!! Keep doing the great and excellent work with the show.

  17. Denise says:

    They can be together – just not undercover. They broke the no-contact rules so they both got suspended for it and Sam almost got killed.
    I agree with you on Frank and Noelle… although I like them as a couple – that relationship is very inappropriate!

    • Chrissy says:

      Well at least we know it wasn’t Andy that broke his cover, I think Brennan thought Candace was just getting caught up with an undercover cop without knowing. It was Boyd who jacked that whole thing up (which was awesome because that character has always been a d0uche).

      I can’t wait until next summer!

      • Jo says:

        I think Sam blew his cover when he said the name of the boat which was after Andy had been dropped off. I think there was a real concern for Andy or Candice being involved with a guy like JD…Brennan did not want her killed like his family. He also may have been clean as nothing ever said he was in that line of work…JD was tempting him. I think it was all that name of the boat that Sam used and then the football comment may have tipped him off. Sam needed to make up a name of a boat but picked one from a past case that Brennan happened to know…oops. I think he was ashamed when he came out and saw Andy which is why they did not hug…he messed up his cover.

        • Candy says:

          Just wanted to clarify that Sam did NOT mess his cover up…the football inconsitency between “Candice” and JD tipped Brennen off but it was BOYD who gave him that boat. It wasn’t something he made up but rather part of the cover story that was given to him by Boyd, which is why he was so pissed at Boyd and Boyd’s fake concern when he got back. It built tension in the story for them to not hug not because Sam felt ashamed. They aren’t supposed to be together, which led to the final scene of the season (which was FANTASTIC!!!!)

          LOVE LOVE LOVE Sam and Andy…but I am concerned with the comment of trying to see “normal” only through half of season 3!!! Does that mean they are going to break them up!!!???

        • Carolyn says:

          Sam did not mess up his cover, Boyd did. He gave him the Boat “God’s Good Grace” Sam didn’t have the option of changing the name of the boat.

  18. Carla says:

    I love this show – have watched since the very beginning – and I thought last night was awesome. When Sam came out of the house and stopped in front of Andy, that look he gave made my heart stop, I think! I had to rewind and watch it again. Can’t wait for it to come back.

  19. Sara says:

    I LOVED the season finale! I loved that they appeared to be together now at the end of the show and they want to be “normal” together. But are these two characters really “normal”? As Tassie Cameron said, Andy is as crazy about her job as she is Sam (FINALLY!) and I believe Sam is the same way. If the grounds of a suspension are that they can’t see each other or get fired, I think both will choose their jobs over their love and THAT is what I think we’ll be seeing in Season 3.

  20. Jodi says:

    Phenomenal finale! This show just keeps getting better and better!

  21. Jack says:

    This is such a bad, bad, BAD show. Horribly written, badly acted, and atrociously directed. The fact that only girls seem to be squealing about it here pretty much confirms it — only vacuous little girls think this show is in any way shape or form “good”.

    • rookiebluefan says:

      Oh get a life.

      Better still – go watch CSI and Law & Order. There’s some reality for you. The rest of us are happy enough to like cop shows that don’t make you go “Ewwww” or “Dear God, that was awful!” Some of us have enough reality in our lives THANK YOU VERY MUCH without needing it in our spare entertainment moments. Personally I agree that there’s some occasional holes in the cop procedures or storyline but who cares? I watch because its nice to connect with the characters without having to watch gore and suffering too much. I watched CSI through several seasons until I got nightmares.

      Just leave all us girls alone dude to our squeals of delight and watch Law & Order SVU.

    • McSwarekFan says:

      Haters will always Hate. Its people like you that ruin TV for others. Always feeling the need to analyze instead of just watching the show and enjoying it. I like it because its entertaining. It has people in there with emotions and relationsips. Sorry if this isn’t your favorite show but nobody forced you to come in here and comment. You probably are those people wo want TV to resemble your life. Cold, empty and emotionless. While the cases are an interesting aspect if i wanted only them i would go watch Law and Order the thousands of CSI. I’m pretty sure alot of guys watch it too. RB rocks!!

    • jocksmemate says:

      “Vacuous little girls”???? Hate to burst your bubble but I happen to be a retired professional academic who believes this is one of the best shows on tv in the last two decades!

      • excuseme? says:

        I too am a prodessional academic and I am certainly not considered ‘vacuous’. I like being entertainedand RB does that.

        • McSwarek Fan in Virginia says:

          Let me be the next…I too am a profesional with two degrees…not a lovesick, foggy eyed woman, but a proud woman who is articulate, intelligent and appreciates good writing and drama!!! This show is excellent!!!! It shows an original and in the television genre, often unseen reality of what life is like as a rookie, as well as seasoned cop. Case in point: In the last episode where Andy describes to the rookie (Pete) step by step what will happen as they raided the old house to find Sam…it was riveting and very realistic. Ben Bass is a great actor along with Enuka Obuma, Miss Peregrym and the rest who do a wonderful job of giving us quality entertainment each week.

      • Scuds says:

        Amen to that! I, too am retired, live in the UK, and it’s nearer3 decades here!

    • Jackie says:

      Interesting comment, I know for a fact that my friend’s boyfriend watches this show when it is on. FYI – he is a police officer.

    • Scuds says:

      If you don’t like it, don’t watch it! Simple!!Presumeably you have a remote or an ‘off’ button. Newsflash…. we all have different opinions. What makes you think yours is more valid.

  22. Mel says:

    I love this show!! As much as I would like to see it during the regular ABC schedule, I do agree with the other comments that the current time slot and schedule actually benefit the series. The lack of new programming during summer allows the series to shine! I LOVE Sam and Andy together. Amazing chemistry and I really hope that they allow them to remain together. Can’t wait for next summer!

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Ugh. Please NO Gail & Luke.

    I love this show but I have issues with the way certain storylines were handled. I don’t watch the show for Andy & Sam so finally getting them together doesn’t wash away my annoyance with some things.

  24. Lynda says:

    LOVED IT! By far my favorite show. Can’t get enough of it. Hoping to see it during the regular ABC schedule.

  25. daNurse42 says:

    Absolutely the best series of the summer. Can’t wait for season 3. Thank you ABC

  26. Lisa says:

    My question about Dov is, since that’s a Hebrew name (it means “bear”), that suggests that either his parents are Israeli, or Orthodox Jews (or both). Dov, on the other hand, is obviously not religious. So I’d be interested in seeing what that’s all about. If his parents are happy with him being a cop, not being religious, etc.

  27. joan says:

    I think Gail will get with Andys ex. Didn’t you see her outside waiting.

  28. Andy&Sam4ever! :) says:

    Loved the finale! Just rewatched all of season 1 and will be watching season 2 on itunes this fall again. I love this show! Please, please, please keep Andy and Sam together. They are awesome together and the reason that I keep watching every week. Plus they deserve some happiness and the fans don’t want to be led on like my other favorite show – Castle (ARGH!). I hope Gail and Luke don’t hook up, I think Luke needs to wallow for a while after what he did to Andy. And Gail and Dov should end up together, after Diaz cools down and the dust settles on their break-up.
    Can’t wait for next summer!!! Season 3 can’t come soon enough! :)

  29. Ele says:

    Dov, Nash & Luke are my favorites. I also like Diaz & Jerry.
    Even though the writers decided to assassinate Luke, I still like him. If they make another bad choice in hooking him up with Gail all while just dropping the Dov & Gail stuff, I might have to take this off my schedule & watch Suits live instead. It pains me since there are people I love on this show… But the writers have to come up with better material for several characters.

    • Amy Leigh says:

      I’m so glad to know I’m not alone in hating the fact that the writers assassinated Luke’s character. Although it didn’t make me like him any less since it was painfully obvious what they were doing. It seems like they’re kind of dropping Luke saying that he was going to try and get Andy back. There’s plenty for Luke to do without having him romantically involved with Gail. As for Dov/Gail, after the demise of Luke/Andy that is THE one storyline that was excited about and to hear that they’re just going to let it “simmer” next season just frustrates me.

  30. Lindsey says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I wish it would replace some of the other crap that is on tv during the regular fall season! ABC and the Rookie Blue writers and producers have done a great job with this show… It’s like the cop version of Grey’s Anatomy with a pretty smokin hot couple to watch every week. I will be very sad to see it go off the air all the way until next summer :( Please someone at ABC bring it to the regular fall schedule!!! Great job with the Sam and Andy dynamic too by the way, they are what make me tune in and watch the show religiously every thursday night!

  31. Kim Rodriguez says:

    Please keep Andy and Sam together. They are a perfect couple. The finale was perfect please hurry and bring us season 3!!

  32. Jocksmemate says:

    Absolutely love this show! Congratulations to the writers, producers, directors, actors – everyone involved – awesome job! Finally there is a show worth watching on tv again! Love each of the characters – they are so rich and the potential to write volumes of stories on each of them is just so amazing. I won’t pretend to give you ideas, suggestions or critiques of what you’ve done so far – obviously you know what you are doing with this show – all I can say is KEEP IT UP! LOVE IT!!!!

  33. bristow3269 says:

    I just read the interview sometimes its really hard to interpret some of her comments but what I read it sounds like by her comment explore what normal means for Sam & Andy, I hope that means they are only apart a short while and together the rest of the season. I am glad they are using Luke differently maybe show he is finally moving on from his relationship with Andy. I can’t believe after all that strum & drama with Dove, Chris & Gail, they are just dropping it.

    I am cautiously optimistic when it comes to season three.

  34. Deb says:

    Loved the 2 hour finale. Awesome! Please don’t let Andy and Sam stay apart too long in season 3. That’s what keeps us viewers hooked; their story line, and it was wonderful. They both love their job but can also love eachother and that probably happens in real life too.

  35. Jade says:

    This show is so amazing!! I just love it, and now that season 2 is over I’m feeling a little blue that we have to wait until next summer to see what’s next! I love all of the characters…. yes Andy and Sam are my favourite, and I am so excited to see what is next for them. I hope they get together and that it lasts throughout the season, I think they are definitely a great match. The chemistry between them is just electrifying! I also wouldn’t mind seeing more of a story between Jerry and Tracy too. I think they should move in together. Most importantly, I would love to see this show on during the regular season, it definitely deserves more than 13 episodes, I can’t say enough good things about it and how much it made my week to sit and watch it thursday night. I hope that Rookie Blue continues for many more seasons to come :)

  36. Jill Smith says:

    I would like to applaud the writers here for treating us like smart humans and not putting us through a prolonged love triangle and moving the relationships along. Like real humans behave. I stopped watching so many other shows due to ridiculous love triangles and prolonged “will they get together or won’t they” aka “Bones”. I find it insulting the “old tried and true TV formulas”. You know what worked for my parents gets applied to so many shows but they fail to realize that maybe I find these formulas boring and annoying. I personally met my spouse at work, which is a boys club (there where ~30 women total to hundreds of men) and we dated for 5 years before anyone but our closest friends knew. You can keep it professional at work, even have disagreements (not fights) about work, related issues at work, but managed to date and even then get married eventually. Oh – still married 10 years later. There is actually a lot of interesting stuff that happens when you are in a relationship and do not want others to know or want to remain professional. (Aside: Lot’s of couples meet at work). You don’t lie you just avoid a lot of questions. Honestly several people were surprised when we got married since they didn’t even know we liked each other. I personally think the writers can be very creative here and keep it interesting. I think keeping the characters apart is annoying. I mean really? I personally would like to see them develop and try to figure out as you all say – how to be normal. Andy and Sam both probably have enough baggage to make it interesting and they can drive fast and draw a gun. I couldn’t do that. Also, I hate Grey’s Anatomy so please do not go there. Keep the humor, keep the other characters moving forward and developing and it will be a great season 3.

  37. Chitra says:

    Loved the finale. I agree with an earlier post that the finale was awesome. The writing excelled especially. Everything played out nicely. The only thing that bugged me was the scene where Sam walks out of the house all bruised up and walks by Andy. That scene felt awkward to me. I liked the part when Andy was describing to the rookie how cops check houses or whatever. I also really liked the chemistry between Luke and Gail – I wonder if they will play on that more in Season 3.

    I also really want them to go to the regular season but I have feeling the ratings will not be so high and the show may get cancelled because of the other shows that it will be competing against. Right now it only competes against Suits on USA which also shows on Thursdays at 10 pm. So it fairs better in my opinion.

    • Carolyn says:

      I agree Chitra, the scene where he walked out of the house and looked at Andy would have gone a lot better if he had just reached up and touched her cheek lovingly and moved on, something other than just a look.

  38. Rijkes says:

    One of my favorite TV series of all time! I was on the edge of my seat for the finale. Love Andy and Sam together. I just hope the writers don’t try to torture us again in season 3 by keeping them apart. Kudos to ABC. My only wish is that they’d pick up my other favorite show of all time that got cancelled (LIE TO ME). Sigh….if only. Tim Roth u rock!

  39. Rookie Blue Fan says:

    This has to be one of my all time most favorite TV series ever. The writers and producers plus the actors are superb. My thoughts are to keep Andy and Sam together as a couple because they both have a wonderful chemistry and make-up to their relationship. The appeal is they have a deep mutual respect and love and compassion for one another despite their profession. I can’t wait to see Season 3 next summer! I would love this show to be on during prime time on ABC. There is too much reality TV shows that I can do without. The finale for Season 2 was everything I had hoped for and more. Keep it going……

    Rookie Blue Fan

  40. Lindsay says:

    I absolutely love this show and these characters. I really appreciate that they try to think about what the characters would do as people (not that I’m surprised–Tassie and Co. are BRILLIANT). I just hope they don’t turn out to be the kind of people who sabotage their own happiness.

  41. Lindsay says:

    Completely and totally agree.

  42. Chrissy says:

    That’s the name of the boat that Boyd told him to use. Boyd was the reason it was fumbled an he knew it, I hope he’s gone now.

    • Scuds says:

      It wasn’t just dropping Sam in it with the boat he was provided with that Boyd is guilty of. He also was responsible for coverin up the murder of Brennan’s wife and child. Surely that is a criminal offence?

  43. chris says:


  44. Shelly says:

    That finale was spectacular! I have to give kudos to the writers for wrapping up the Sam-Andy storyline and not making us wait until next year to find out if he was rescued. This show is so phenomenal that they don’t need seasonal cliffhangers to get the addicted viewers (count me in!) to come back next season. Huge round of applause to an extremely talented, engaging cast – and I mean all of them. I enjoy every character so much. I can’t wait for next summer.

  45. Mara says:

    I loved the Finale it kept me on edge. I wish they would return during the Fall/Winter months instead of waiting for the Summer. I wish ABC would consider airing them soon rather than the Summer.

  46. Sarah says:

    I absolutely LOVE this show! And I find it completely ridiculous that I’ve been smiley today just because Sam & Andy finally got together! It’s been a long time since I’ve found a show on TV that I enjoy so much. (I even got my husband addicted to it! He bought me the first season on DVD, but really, it was so he could watch it..ha)… Besides Sam & Andy, I love Nash’s character and Shaw always makes me smile. GREAT writers! GREAT characters! And I love the fact that I don’t always know what’s going to happen in each episode. I feel like the writers do a great job of keeping us guessing. Thanks so much for the finale! I’ve already watched it 3 times : ) <— Total Rookie Blue Nerd

  47. Samirah says:

    I love LOVE love!!!!!!! this show, watch it every week, RB has romance,comedy,action and suspense,and i just cant get enough. I’ve been watching from season 1 the very first episode and loved the show since then.i can hardly wait for season 3 but when it starts ill be watching mt favorite show ROOKIE BLUE!!!!!!

  48. steph says:

    SAD SAD SAD SAD ! That Shannon (Pete) wont be returning, i really loved him and i love Shannon. So this makes me upset.

  49. Emily says:

    I thought that this season finale was my favorite episode by far! I was on the edge of my seat then whole time! Poor Sam being tortured like that and poor andy feeling guilty! My mom and I got hooked on this show at the beginning of the 2nd season so we watched the first season on Netflix and we love it! we were going back and forth between seasons so we knew that Luke and Jo hooked up while watching the first season, my mom kept saying “oh Andy go for Sam! Luke’s gonna be a jerk!” haha I hope that Sam and Andy have a good relationship in this next season. Sucks we have to wait til next summer. (personally, it’s too far away)

  50. Sarah says:

    AMAZING!!!!! Completely love the show and can not get enough!! I love the Rockie Blue Season and I can’t get enough!!!!!