Glee in Season 3: What Should Be Puck's Next Move? Take Our Poll!

He’s done time in Juvie, he’s made a baby with Quinn, and he’s romanced Santana, Rachel, Mercedes, and Lauren — all in the course of two seasons. But there’s a twist in store for Noah Puckerman (Mark Salling) in Season 3 of Glee that will change his life inside the halls of William McKinley High School: My colleague Michael Ausiello reports [MAJOR SPOILER ALERT] that Puck’s steady girlfriend Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink) will unceremoniously dump him in the Season 3 opener. And that’s got me wondering: With Puck back on the prowl, who should get the benefit of his romantic attentions? Let’s review the possibilities:

Quinn | They’ve got history and chemistry for days, but this time around, they don’t have Puck’s bestie Finn turning their affair into a love triangle.

Rachel | Like Quinn, she’s got history and chemistry with Puck, but they also have Rachel’s renewed romance with Puck’s bestie Finn to complicate matters. And nobody wants to see that psychodrama revisited quite so quickly, do they?

Mercedes | We know her brief dalliance with Sam (Chord Overstreet) is doomed, since Trouty Mouth won’t be recurring in Season 3. And while word on the street is that Cougar Town‘s LaMarcus Tinker is joining the cast as her love interest, who says Mercedes isn’t woman enough to juggle two men for a spell?

Santana | Back in June, Ryan Murphy told TVLine that “Santana is now officially a lesbian.” But would Puck let a little complication like that stop him from pursuing his former cheerleader hookup?

Brittany | Hmmm. Puck, Artie, and Santana all fighting for the same sweet but dim-witted gal? Not out of the question, is it?

Sugar | American Dreams‘ Vanessa Lengies has been cast as this tone-deaf chick with money, and certainly the potential cute-couple monikers are intriguing: Puckar? Pugar? SuPu? Suck? (Okay, maybe not that last one.)

The Other New Girl (played by The Glee Project‘s Lindsay Pearce) | She’s already proven to be an effective on-camera kisser, so why not bring Lindsay on board as someone to help mop up the carnage of Puck’s shattered heart?

Terri Schuester | Like a horror-movie villain, you can never be too certain Terri won’t claw her way back to terrorize New Directions one more time. Not that I’m advocating this option, mind you.

Karofsky | What am I doing turning this blog item into a piece of slash fanfiction? I’m the worst!

Quick! Take our poll now and tell us who should be the new object of Puck’s affection, then hit the comments to justify your pick! And because we’ll be doing a series of “Glee in Season 3″ polls over the next week, do follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jenny says:

    Rachel!!! They’ve got the chemistry. Finn and Rachel suck!

    • Linda says:

      Couldn’t agree more! I’ll never give up on Puckleberry

    • Hannah says:

      Ew, no. I could never understand one’s obsession with Puckleberry (cool, name though) especially since they dated what—all of one episode? And to top that, Rachel only dated Puck to make Finn jealous. And once again used Puck to duet on Lady Antebellums ‘Need You Now’ to make Finn jealous, and cheated on Finn with Puck to make Finn jealous. Rachel’s whole MO during all of Glee is Finn. She sees no one else, no Puckleberry. Especially because I can’t stomach another filler love triangle.

      • Amy says:

        mte, not to mention puck dated rachel just to get back at quinn, and he joined glee club (and came back to it) just for the same reason, to be close to quinn, rachel herself said so

        • Anonymous says:

          There’s no indication at all that Quinn had anything to do with Puck dating Rachel. He dated Rachel because G-d told him to — at least at first. But it seemed by the end of it that he’d started to like her, and he was upset enough at her dumping him to storm off.

          • Amy says:

            Rachel: “You like her don’t you? I can see you staring at her when I’m staring at Finn. Is that why you joined glee, to be closer to her?”
            Puck: “Like I said, they’re never breaking up! God what’s the matter with me. I’m a stud and I can’t even hold onto a chick like you? No offense. Why don’t girls like me?”

            ta-da! congratulations, you’ve learned to read between the lines

          • gal says:

            Puck was crushing on Quinn all through the First 13. I rewatched it and Puck’s face in the football field when Finn and Quinn kissed was killing me.

      • Cody says:

        Rachel’s MO throughout Glee has not been Finn. It’s been becoming a star. I will never understand people’s obsession with this couple. They don’t work and never will. And that’s the problem with most shows. “Fans” become obsessed with one couple and never want anything else thus not allowing the writers to explore other avenues. “Meant to be couple” fans ruin every show.

        • Liz says:

          I don’t think couple fans necessarily ruin the show. It’s just nature to root for a team; the writer don’t have to listen. But your right about Rachel’s MO so she always is going to look for who best suits her artistic potential. I love Rachel and Finn but I think we need to change it up. Because we’ve seen Rachel pine for Finn for two season how about we see her get over him FOR REAL. I think Puckalberry are appealing for each other because of the fact she has never really wanted Puck.

        • murley says:

          while i agree obsessive fans of certain couples can sort of ruin the experience of enjoying a t.v. show, i have to disagree about rachel and finn. i love them together as a couple and given that their dynamic REALLY reminds me of mine with my husband (minus the silly teenager part) i have to say that they certainly do work!

          • sm says:

            I totally agree. They are my favorite couple since the second episode s1. They were and still are immature but growing. S1 they were figuring out what each wanted in a BF/GF and S2 they made serious mistakes all becuz of immatuity and selfishness. By the end of S2 they knew what they’ve wanted and that was each other but it still grows and so are they maturing. Finn helped Rachel be a better person S1 and into S2 Duets “You’re kind and open It makes me want to be a better person”. Finn has always felt popularity and being on top was more important but has found out that doesn’t make one happy. Now has decided to delve into being a person who does what is right and right for themselves “He’s better than all of them” You don’t have to become what someone else expects of you or wants of you to be happy. Believe in yourself which he hasn’t. He felt he was only Lima good. Now Rachel has drive and ambition Broadway which Finn doesn’t believe he can dream that big. S3 I feel is where they come to meet in the middle TOO big a dream (Rachel) and lesser of big dream(Finn).
            Now for Rachel pineing for Finn S2 the writing was way too Out of character for Rachel. The writing S2 tried to bring drama and angst but IMHO all it brought was chaos and upheaval to all characters. It seemed all couples had drama in just 22 episodes very tiring even on any couple fan.
            Now for Puck my next favorite character I hope he comes back with a vengeance but MY hopes aren’t for Quick becuz Quinn just ignored him all s2. Lauren I think changed him for the better in that he would think about the girl first not just himself and his own needs. Humbled him of sorts. It seemed by Valentines epi he was thinking out side of his box for once. Good I think. Character growth. I can’t imagine what the writers have in store for him this s3. I hope great storyline he deserves it.
            As for couple fans ex(Finchel Klaine Britanna)who are avid and vocal sometimes they are loud and strong but they show their support for them even when broken up. I for one will write my feelings for these couples for they are my favs (couples) and I won’t speak ill of anyone elses hopes for couples (hate this one or that one)becuz all it shows is discourse that is unhappy and rude. As I read others comments about a character or actor and the way they look act or sing or dance critique as it were I feel it steps over the line into being truely judgemental which is not the GLEE way. The glee way is why I watch the show. Believe in yourself and find what makes you happy. This is the reason why I’ll watch the show til it ends. S3 I’m hoping will culminate all the feelings of each one of the cast Senior year to be fulfilled with joy and contentment.
            Back to the subject of Puck I’m hoping a girl who will challenge him and be a force of their own. Think that will be a good match.

          • Kit says:

            soooooo your husband sits there while other people talk crap about you without standing up for you, constantly goes on about how you aren’t as hot as other women, tells you you’re annoying and selfish, then puts his own wants/needs above yours, and deliberately seeks to ruin things when you’re actually having fun without him…. sounds awesome! Finchel is toxic.

        • haley says:

          @Cody, it’s the writers who are giving us Finchel for two seasons. They had plenty of chances to explore these two with others, they had Jesse for Rachel and Quinn for Finn, but guess what? The writers made Finn and Rachel come back to each other. The fans don’t write the show. The writers do. Rachel started crushing on Finn the moment she laid eyes on him. Her MO was Finn and stardom.

          • Cody says:

            The writers only keep going back to that couple because of the fan backlash. Why does Rachel HAVE to end up with Finn? She’s still in high school. She has BIG plans which involve New York City. She’s going to meet so many new people that Finn will no longer fit in her life. And no her MO was never Finn. She liked Finn, but her heart will always belong to stardom. The point I was trying to make is fan backlash over couples does not allow the writer’s freedom because they believe it will lead to fans abandoning the show.

          • Hannah says:

            The writers keep going back to Finchel, because that is the couple THEY wan’t together for endgame. Rachel and Finn were obvious since The Pilot. No one says Rachel is going to end up with Finn, Season 3 hasn’t started yet. But its television, most “end game” couples end up together, The O.C, Friends, Friday Night Lights, Boy Meets World, Saved by the Bell, Family Matters, The Office, AND SO ON AND SO ON. That’s the one thing writers like to do, is end at least one couple that the fans like (Finchel is the most popular couple and fandom on the show, many online sources such as E! have reported this using various polls and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook) together. By Rachel’s MO, I meant relationship wise. She has only had eyes for Finn, Jesse was a filler, as Quinn was a filler for Finn, Finchel has and always will be end game. That has nothing to do with the fans.

          • Cody says:

            I just wanna say I mean no ill will towards anyone with anything I wrote. I love television, especially Glee. I just would like to see a show that once doesn’t revolve around a particular couple. Buffy didn’t end up with Angel or Spike, and I loved that. Don’t get me wrong, some couples are meant to be, Jim and Pam, but I just don’t think Rachel and Finn are. At least not where they are now in their lives. Maybe after they become who they meant to be, but not now. But thanks for the friendly debates!

          • Hannah says:

            Lol, ditto! But just to point out, the sometimes revolves around Finchel because Rachel is the main character. Glee’s not an ensemble cast. Buffy was really one in a million, and I don’t think anyone from Buffy or Angel ended up with the “right one”. Angel and Cordy never ended up together either. I think thats what the writers wanted all along. But I agree about Finn and Rachel should grow more before claiming soulmates for life. Thats why I hope she goes to New York and he stays in Lima.

        • Fizz says:

          I am very Anti-Finchel, but I would agree that Rachel’s MO does seem to be Finn. It SHOULD be becoming a star, but often it either isn’t or just isn’t clear enough, which is the writer’s fault. The obsession with Finchel (and Rachel’s sort of obsession with Finn and vice versa) are the things messing up the show.

      • veronique says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more! Rachel and Puck is just gross. They never even liked each other and were always only using each other.
        Puck and Quinn FTW!!!

      • Kerry says:

        Agreed! I like their friendship, but they have no romantic chemistry!

      • Jay says:

        Agree. Completely agree. The only other guy she was trying to get “all up on” was….. JESSE! Don’t we love him?

    • Taylor says:

      I’m sorry but Quinn and Puck has to be one of the worst pairings. She’s a bitch and I ship her with no one. #HATE ON ME HATERZ

      • Mai says:

        I have to agree in some points. Quinn and Puck aren’t good together – they do not bring their best together. Yes Quinn proved to be quite a bitch and bagstabber in s. 2 but she has good points too.

        I ship Puckleberry and will never change that.
        The reason why I love PR and think they’re the OTP of Glee is simple; They bring out the best in each other without trying to change themselves into a persona that they think would be better suited in the relationship.
        When they’re together they’re not Badass Puck, who loves to bring mayhem and destruction, while sexing up women as much as possible, they’re not Crazy Berry, who’s obsession with her future alienates everyone around her, even the first love that was supposed to love all of her.
        They’re Noah and Rachel, and they just get each other, warts and all.

        And finally I HATE Finn and how they made him behave in season two. I disliked him at times on s1 but grrr…

        I hope things will work out in the end:)

        • sm says:

          Yes writing s2 for Finn was to give him flaws to work out or thru but all it did was make him more shallow a sham of his former character s1. S1 he was popularity consumed but was looking for other fulfillment of happiness he found in Glee. He still had to fight the fight internal and external forces of status and it’s perks. Puck was and still is Puck no nonsense about popularity. Puck wished for Quinn and followed her to Glee S1 S2 they didn’t speak. He told Finn to ask Rachel out in New York epi. So I feel his desires for these girls are not anything but platonic brotherly in Rachel’s case. Who would be good for him IDK.

      • iamlordvoldy says:

        I completely agree 100%

    • rain says:

      PUCKLEBERRY!!! seriously, finchel has been ruined in season 2… besides it was pointed out in season 2 that finn had fireworks when he kissed quinn. that means he’s in love with her! just stop putting finn and rachel together. they don’t fit at all. finchel is boring already. while puck and rachel has a lot in common and rachel definitely needs a man who can dominate her sometimes and most of all protect her. finn is definitely not that someone. i all ship fuinn (finn & quinn).

      • Dav says:

        Fireworks doesn’t equal love…it equals hormones. And I think it’s pretty clear that he isn’t in love with Quinn because HE HAD HER and let her go. He’s the one who broke off the relationship with her.

        • John says:

          Fireworks DOES equal love. Tell me if you kiss someone, then doesn’t that mean that you love the person? If you give them the comfort that they need when they need it? The love between the Fuinn/Fabson is true, and probably the most realistic couple out of the entire show. If anything they will be the ones together after high school, and no don’t take the sinle one sided thing that Quinn is using him etc. etc.. Re-watch and analyze their relationship. S1 Quinn WAS using Finn for his status, but then later on she discovers that she is falling in lovve with him. (Hence when he gave Quinn his baby blanket, and eventually living with him until he found out the baby wasn’t his) S2 TIB took it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. They went as far to show that he’s still uncomfortable with everything that happened the previous year, and she even admits that it was a mistake. Finn showed her complete affection and knew about Lucy before Quinn, and he loved her for it. They fight, and then they make up. I’m sorry but Fuinn/Fabson is adorable and truly deserve a shot, but will probably never get it..
          But if they did happen (Since Ryan is one of the biggest trolls.. EVER so there is still hope) I would love to see Puckleberry happen. I analyzed them as well, and tbh they are meant to be a great couple if given the chance. Puck supports her in every way, vs. Finn that almost made fun of her and cared about his status. (It’s the truth, and no.. That’s not the reason why I ship Fuinn, it’s about chemestry) Puckleberry and Fuinn have potential to be some of the greatest couples on the show. Ever.

    • lola says:

      Sorry, Puck maybe hot but Mark Salling isn’t a good enough actor to carry the storylines. You can’t just show them making out. He is good at the one-liners but when he gets more than three lines his dilivery skills need work, and if it hasn’t improved for two years, it’s never going to improve.

      • Maria says:

        Your joking right? Seriously Mark was great with the romance of the baby storyline in season one and bourght the right amount of asshole Puck and sweet hearted Noah. And in S2 He knew the Zizes storyline was more comedic in nature and kept it lose and fun. Mark is a talented actor!

      • Beth says:

        Really??? Okay, I was ignoring all the comments on here but apparently i need to point out a few things. Only good for making out???
        Mashup – Sweet Caroline/R cleaning the sluhy off P/P choosing Glee aka R over FB
        Bad Reputation – P wanting to get back w/ R even though he was SUPPOSEDLY w/ Q/ P taking the Glist off of Rachel’s locker
        S. Education – the look of concern on P’s face when R finds out abouth Finntanna/the hallway scene which P is concerned for R./”That’s not true, I kinda like her” P sticking up for R when no one else was/being in R’s bed and stopping himself(not worrying about getting some)
        Superbowl Ep. – Duet (which he stares and smiles at HER the whole time) “Are you ready for this? let’s kick some ass!”
        BIO Alchohol – Piano scene (so much chem there) him helping her get ppl to stay at the party.
        Born this way – seeking her out in the bathroom and BARBARAVENTION.

        And hwo about all those things he did for Q in S2? Oh, right…he did nothing. He even helped Zizes humiliate her in BTW.

        • Iana says:

          Any competent actor could act those scenes. I’m not saying Puck is unwatchable, I grant you that he is good at the comedic one-liners. But as soon as he gets more than 2 or 3 lines, he starts to mumble and I can’t concentrate on what he is saying. He needs to work on it. Mark seems like a sweet guy but he has never been front and center of Glee publicity like Lea, Chris or Cory have been. He needs to work on his media skills too. Media exposure outside of the show is necessary to raise your profile as an actor.

        • Maria says:

          I couldn’t agree more. Puck and Rachel make sense.. He has been the only one to stick up for her when everyone else was making her feel inferior. Even Finn has put her through the ringer and stood by while others tried to make her feel bad about herself.
          Finn comes across as a dope and half the time he doesn’t understand Rachel and I think that Puck does.
          Finchel is BORING….and the make up/break up thing is getting OLD.
          I have always loved the potential in Puckleberry, it is too bad that the writers can’t take that story in a fun and interesting direction.

        • amee says:

          puck and rachel belong together. they really bring out the best in each other.
          i dont get the people who ship finchel. finn treat rachel like crap!

    • Dane says:

      ABSOLUTELY AGREE! Finn and Rachel are dull as dishwater together. Puck brings a spark to Rachel and almost makes her likeable to me. Same with Quinn and Finn.. they are more likeable together.

    • Puckleberry says:

      Right with you on this one, Jenny! Puck and Rachel have lots of chemistry. They look good together and their duets have been pretty good, actually.

    • Ann Katrin says:

      Rachel! Totally Rachel. Quinn and Puck seems to lead to nothing but painfull memories. And Puck and Rachel’s chemistry is the best part of the show. GO Puckelberry!

    • Ann Katrin says:

      It’s time for you to get over Quinn and Puck, she said he was stupid in s.1 when Puck was trying his charm on Mercedec. Rachel is the only one that’s truly nice to him. And he notices her and treats her better then Finn. So Puckelberry is the way to go! Please.

      • ann says:

        Its time for you to let to of Puchel then. They don’t have much of a chance either.
        Do not tell people who to ship when your own ship has no chance in hell.

    • daiana says:


    • Cathie says:

      I agree. Finn needs a kick of ambition. He bores me to death.

    • Barbara says:

      Puckleberry for the Fuinn!!
      or just St.Berry for me its fine!
      Anithing but stupid Finc*(I can’t even wrote their names)

    • Puckleberry says:

      Yup, lots of chemistry between Puck and Rachel. They make a cute couple. Their duets are more than good. And lots of us kept waiting for more Puckleberry as season 1 and 2 developed.

    • Jay says:

      Exactly! Puckleberry RULE!

    • momo says:

      agreed. fin and rachel are boring..

    • Lola says:

      Finn and Rachel don’t suk but i wants me some puckleberry 2.0..x

  2. Sam says:

    Quinn, without a doubt. They never got a real shot after being shafted for a season and a half. They’d be stupid to add another love interest to either his OR Quinn’s storyline, especially with both of them likely graduating.

    • Allison says:

      Couldn’t agree more. They deserve a real shot, especially with Finnchel being set in stone now. We need some Quick!

      • Cindy says:

        So agree…it is time for Quick….but not like season one….I want them to have romance and really explore their relationship as they had something within them in S1 but never let it out. I hope there will be moments like the Baking scene….seriously, it was the only time I saw Quinn really be happy and smile other than when she held Beth.

    • Lisa says:

      True, but I have a feeling that a love triangle or hookup may take place with Sugar and Puck. But with the whole Beth/Shelby thing, that could just be a theory. Its quite obvious that Quinn and Puck will be back together, and I liked them dating way more than the 1 episode him and Rachel “dated”.

  3. Anon says:

    OMG Karofsky. LMAO. Love the fact that just as many people have voted for Puck/Karofsky as have voted for Puck/Sugar. I see where your heads are at, fandom.

  4. JJovana says:

    Puck’s chemistry with Quinn is SCORCHING HOT!

    She’s the mother of his child too! I wish they can be given a real chance as a couple :)

  5. TIm says:

    Nice gratuitous shirtless shot, mr. slezak.

  6. Ben says:

    Rachel, but sadly it’s not going to happen, would like to see more of their friendship though. Quinn will be the next best thing, hopefully with Shelby become back they can finally remember they had a baby together.

  7. Anon says:

    I ship Puck and fire.

  8. Naomi says:

    Please, have the Glee writers revisit Quick!! The dynamic between Quinn and Puck is SO incredible, and they have such history and chemistry, and the story could be so beautiful. Please, please PLEASE bring them back!! Quick all the way!!

    • Marissa says:

      “the story could be so beautiful” Omg, totally!!! Can you just imagine Puck telling it to their kids like 15 years from now?
      “You see, your ma dated my best friend and she was soo smoking hot kid that I really wanted a piece of that for myself too you know? She didn’t really like me at all but one day I came over with some wine coolers and BAM, pregnant. Is your daddy the man or not? Give me fivies.” “And then I was born daddy?” “What? Oh no, son, we gave that baby away. You see, even though we were only sixteen I really felt the need to raise a child but your ma? Wouldn’t go for it. So yeah she send that little package away. We spent a year without talking to each other and then one day, when I broke up with my fat girlfriend who was there? Yup, and she had some pink strays on her hair too, you momma had gone WIIILD son, drove me crazy. So I got her to be with me and two years later we got hitched and bought this trailer where you still live in to this day. Ain’t it romantic son?”

  9. Savannah says:

    He should definitely get back together with Quinn. They had a child together and hardly interacted at all during season two. Puck has matured a little since having a child, going to juvie, and dating a girl who was the boss in the relationship. Plus, Quinn was looking pretty BA during the promos I saw. I feel like they’ll rekindle the romance.

    • Chen says:

      They didn’t “have a child together”, Puck got Quinn pregnant and she regretted it. Saying they had a child together makes it sound like it was planned.

      • Maya says:

        lol what? ….im pretty sure they had a child together…thats the dumbest thing i have ever heard…

        • amee says:

          this is not the secret life. just becouse they had a kid together does not me they belong together people need to stop saying that that.

      • N. says:

        Exactly. The fact of having a child together doesn’t mean anything about their feelings for each other and I’m sorry but that should be very very very clear to you guys. CONCEPTION DOES NOT PARENTING.

  10. sam says:

    considering quinn has never necessarily given a crap about puck (let’s be perfectly honest people she didn’t. it was all about wanting finn to be the daddy and THEN it was about convenience because she could stay at his house. and even then she encouraged him to date mercedes. she doesn’t even like him.) i’d rather them not revisit that unhealthy mock of a relationship considering they ignored it for a whole season. let’s leave it that way.

    i would love it if they gave puck/rachel a true chance but that will sadly not happen from the looks of it. let puck be single and concentrate on other stuff. like his daddy issues. or potentially becoming a more viable male lead in New Directions. doesn’t have to be about relationships people.

    • Sam says:

      Quinn lost her virginity to Puck, and I don’t think you can ignore what that means for her character. She had Finn, the perfect boyfriend, the future husband, everything that made her happy supposedly, and yet she gave something she cherished and clung to with everything she had to Puck. She wanted to be with him. She gave him a chance, she’s (iirc) the only one that has ever called him special, but neither of them were ready at that time to be in a relationship with each other. Quinn was too naive about the process of being a teen parent and Puck still screwed everything that moved. Now they’ve both grown up. All Rachel has ever done with Puck is use him in order to get back at Finn. That’s not caring about someone either.

      • Cheryl says:

        She lost her virginity to him…and then said, repeatedly that it was a mistake (including again in Season 2) because he’s a “Lima loser” and an “idiot” and spent months pretending his baby was someone else’s. Not the stuff dreams are made of.

        • Quicker says:

          “I should’ve never called you a Lima Loser. You’re not. YOU’RE SPECIAL AND ROMANTIC.”

          • Cheryl says:

            …And then she wheeled away with Finn and continued to pretend that Puck’s baby was Finn’s, and continued to plan to give Puck’s baby away because she “didn’t want to do this with him,” and repeated that sleeping with him was a mistake and called him an “idiot” when she was handing him off to Mercedes, and said that it was a mistake again to Finn when she was making out with him in Season 2.

        • Sam says:

          She apologized for the Lima loser comment and then HE was the one that screwed things up for them. We don’t know what happened between them after season one anyways, since the writers inexplicably dropped them off the face of the earth. Season two Quinn was clearly messed up as well, so I don’t think it’s any stretch of the imagination to say that Quinn was bitter about him being happy with Lauren and Finn being happy with Rachel. Her two men found happiness in other women, of course she was bitter and angry.

        • m says:

          Did you miss the part where she said he wasn’t a Lima loser and she was wrong about him and then called him “special and romantic”?

          • Maria says:

            And then in season 2 reminded him after he got out of juvie that she “couldn’t believe she ever let him go”. Yah real chemistry.

        • anonymous says:

          puckleberry!!! lea michele and mark salling definitely have chemistry. the writers should see that!

      • sam says:

        “I made a mistake with Puck. It should have been you.”-pretty sure Quinn said something to this effect to Finn in season 2. she may have given puck her virginity but she certainly regrets it.

        this is the thing. i’m tired of people using the fact that 1. she lost her virginity to him and 2. they had a baby together as reasons that the two of them are “omg meant to be OTP”. no. it just means they were really stupid and should have listened in sex ed. It was a terribly unhealthy “relationship” in which puck felt he had to prove himself the entire time and never became good enough for quinn. otherwise they would have been together in season 2 don’t you think? there was no valid reason for them not to be together. quinn being with sam isn’t even an excuse. they could addressed their past at any point for those 22 episodes but they didn’t.

        I just don’t think she cares about him the way he cared about her. And even then i think he cared more about the baby. if he REALLY wanted quinn he wouldn’t have sexted santana behind her back, tried to kiss rachel while they were supposedly together, and dated mercedes. From what i’ve seen Puck is a man of purpose. If he REALLY wanted quinn in that way his focus would have been on that. he did that with rachel, mercedes, AND lauren.

        basically they’re just NOT that into each other. i stand by that.

        • Sam says:

          I actually don’t think them having a baby together means they’re meant to be together at all, and honestly I’m tired of people thinking that’s the only reason people ship them. But whoever said it down below had it right. Quit taking things out of context and look at the motivations. I don’t agree with you at all. I don’t think they’ve ever cared about anyone else.

          • Allen says:

            I so agree! I hate when people bring up the fact that Quinn told Finn he was suppose to be her first. She was using him for Prom all along. Thats the only consistent motivation the Glee writers gave her. People seem to forget that Quinn was going to stop her “romance” with Finn and chose Sam over Finn (all because he did some stupid Justin Beiber impression) how shallow, btw. Quinn also didn’t want to even persue Finn again until he won the big game (and Sam was no longer quaterback, and the rising star) and she realized her chance for Prom Queen. I always felt like Quinn and Finn were settling for each other. I agree, Quinn and Puck are all about motives.

          • anonymous says:

            puckleberry is the best fit ever. for two whole season and just one episode they have gathered so many shippers. although they interact with each other its so obvious that puck has feelings for rachel. while some people ship quinn and puck, this ship obviously happened because they had a baby (which quinn doesnt want because its not finn’s). they don’t have that chemistry. you know, the ZING and the POW of people having chemistry. PUCK and RACHEL has that! rachel is the only person that can make puck see his worth and have ambition of his own. rachel can pull him up. nobody else.

          • sm says:

            @Allen and @Sam I cannot agree anymore to words that are so fitting and true to the Puck/Quinn and Finn/Quinn relationships. Especially Finn/Quinn. In the Funeral episode where Finn breaks up with Quinn. He realizes happiness is not in popularity Prom Q/K as Quinn was so obsessed with. He wanted to be happy and that was not with her. He found his Glee in other things in life that did not include status and being on top. Quinn has yet to learn this about life. So Finn and Quinn will never be or are meant to be. Puck and Quinn were never on the same page in their desires cares or true feelings for each other. To Quinn their was no relationship with Puck just a mistake and she has many regrets. Thusly making fun of Puck S2 and putting him down and disassociating from him. To me he deserves better. She has yet to learn to not judge people for she was judged and chastized once. She wants to be loved but is unable to truely give of her heart freely Finn told Rachel Quinn was guarded did not show emotions. How can she love or be loved til that barrier is broken.

        • Chen says:

          Except Finn was the only one Quinn ever said she loved. Constantly.
          If it was just about popularity, she could have dated Puck, or Mike, who are just as popular. Or someone who isn’t in Glee club and doesn’t get constantly slushied.

      • PuckluvsRachel says:

        and the guy I lost my virginity too married someone else and has two kids. I don’t know how young some Quick shippers are, but the person you lose your virginity too isn’t necassarily your soulmate…

    • Jess says:

      Rachel told Finn that Puck didn’t mean anything to her either. Lets use the same logic for everything. Maybe a PR friendship, but they will never be anything more. So don’t romanticize it.

  11. Michelle says:

    We need to have Puck and Quinn back. Their chemistry was incredible together. I could really go on and on about them, they were my favorite couple and not seeing them in Season 2 made me miss them more than anything.

  12. Stacey says:

    Rachel of course. they have great chemestry and and make a great couple. again.

  13. Aoife says:

    Quinn, definitely.

    Quinn and Puck never got any kind of closure, we went straight from “Did you love me?” “Yes, especially now.” to them not talking to each other at all with absolutely no explanation as to what happened. Quinn and Puck need to figure out how they feel about each other and if that leads to a relationship I’ll be very happy. But at the very least they need closure of some sort.

  14. Jess says:

    Quinn!! Puck has never been serious about any of the other girls. And besides we know he loves Quinn he said so!!!!

    • anonymous says:

      pretty sure he was serious about lauren. don’t think he was serious about quinn all the time considering he was sexting santana while trying to prove to quinn “they could be a family”

      • ty says:

        he was serious about quinn, as the whole “did you love me?” “yes, especially now” thing that happened. that sexting thing was when both of them were really young and stupid and immature. he’s grown up now. that’s what him being with lauren was about. him growing up and being able to be serious.

      • Jess says:

        Pretty sure Lauren isnt a option anymore. Thats why i didnt list her.

    • Rae says:

      I’m sorry but you guys need to let S1 go. He loveD her. He has stated that he was in love with Lauren more than once last season. If Quick happens again this season, that’s fine but I just hope they don’t get together BECAUSE of their history, because their history is really really awful.

  15. Cheryl says:

    Revisiting Puck/Quinn after they had no interaction for a year just seems bizarre. If they weren’t interested in each other while she was pregnant with his child and living at his house, why on earth would they work now after they’ve given up the baby? The “history” between them is messed up, not sweet, and Glee should not be romanticising teen pregnancy.

    The writers seriously dropped the ball by never giving Puck and Rachel a fair shot. If they’d done a Finn/Rachel/Puck triangle, the buzz and fan frenzy would have been insane.

  16. Em says:

    Quinn is the only logical choice. He told her he loved her in the season one finale. And they were going to continue their romance in season two (I saw all the deleted scenes where Quinn admitted she liked him a lot). But Sam turned out not to be gay, so Ryan paired her with him because he saw ~chemistry.

    And how can we not root for Quinn and Puck when you’re even promoting us to vote for ‘Quick!’ ;)

  17. Quinn says:

    Anyone but Rachel.

    Puckleberry’s great, but Finchel is better–and after all they’ve been through, I want my happily ever after. :)

    • puck says:

      puckleberry. finn is dumb. he will take rachel down with him. not cool.

      • bill says:

        And Puck is a Nobel laureate? Hahaha

        • Rae says:

          He won’t exactly take Rachel down, but Rachel sees herself as a “the worst person” in the relationship and puts Finn in a pedestal. (And we have the whole last season as prove that that is absolutely not true.) And that is absolutely awful and unhealthy in any relationship, it’s really alarming no one sees that, least of all the writers.

    • Beth says:

      Puck has shown growth and maturity while Finn has not. He broke up with Rachel for kissing Puck yet gets back with Quinn (encouraging her to cheat on Sam) and then he decides he wants Rachel when Jesse comes back….he’s wants what he can’t have…

  18. melanie says:

    isn’t lindsay pearce only there for 2 episodes… so why would she even be included. I pick Quinn ALL the way they have some unfinished buisness

  19. Ann says:

    Lol! Rachel just used puck to make Finn jealous. Haha. And Puck never seriously liked her he was humliated by there ship name. How delusional. Puchel will never happen.

    • Ana says:

      Puckleberry already happened. And sure he said the name was was humiliating… whatever, he also called Quinn fat when she was pregnant. And how much interaction has Quick had in Season 2? Remind me again? Because just this season he has 1) stood up for Rachel when no one else would 2) helped her make Finn jealous by singing the duet, when there was absolutely nothing in it for him, at all 3) accomplished to convince her to not get a nose job just because he felt it was the wrong thing for her to do. Maybe they don’t LOVE each other, but they could and he clearly cares about her, you people need to get over that.

      • ann says:

        HAHA. Your bitterness cracks me up.
        I never said anything about Quick…i think you are threatened by them, since you ONLY used Quick for your argument.
        And yes, PR happened..they where USING each other. Accept it. You cant pretend they have a great romance, or even friendship…well i guess you can pretend, but it wont make it come true….Puchel will never ever happen seriously. Because it sucks.

        • Holly says:

          Reposting for ur intelligence from another comment that hit the nail on the head….HOPE U DON’T MIND BETH.

          Really??? Okay, I was ignoring all the comments on here but apparently i need to point out a few things. Only good for making out???
          Mashup – Sweet Caroline/R cleaning the sluhy off P/P choosing Glee aka R over FB
          Bad Reputation – P wanting to get back w/ R even though he was SUPPOSEDLY w/ Q/ P taking the Glist off of Rachel’s locker
          S. Education – the look of concern on P’s face when R finds out abouth Finntanna/the hallway scene which P is concerned for R./”That’s not true, I kinda like her” P sticking up for R when no one else was/being in R’s bed and stopping himself(not worrying about getting some)
          Superbowl Ep. – Duet (which he stares and smiles at HER the whole time) “Are you ready for this? let’s kick some ass!”
          BIO Alchohol – Piano scene (so much chem there) him helping her get ppl to stay at the party.
          Born this way – seeking her out in the bathroom and BARBARAVENTION.

          And hwo about all those things he did for Q in S2? Oh, right…he did nothing. He even helped Zizes humiliate her in BTW.

          • ann says:

            What? You need to calm down. Seriously, its just a show. Puck and Rachel are not really people, you know that right?
            PR had friendship. But nothing SERIOUS romance wise.
            No need to throw around insults. Way to represent yourself PR fandom.
            And i NEVER MENTIONED I LIKE QUICK. I DON’T LIKE QUICK. So you are making yourself look really stupid trying to use them in a argument against me.

            And maybe you should come up with your own arguments, instead of re posting other peoples.

  20. Paul says:

    Well with Idiana coming back I think its the perfect segway back to Quinn and Puck. It really doesn’t have to be a relationship either, they could just finally talk about the Beth situation after ignoring it for over a year.

  21. Ainav says:

    None of the above isn’t an option right?

  22. ed salvesen says:

    It’s already been written, I’m guessing, so I’ll go with the arc that Puck was doing more than pool cleaning, this summer, and the Big Z found out!
    If Puck goes badass, anybody will become his prey, but a rebounding Puck (as many men) might seek the comfort of their baby mommy, especially one who is also on the rebound. Puck and Quinn are both seniors, so they would make a good couple as they approach the sunset – and with Ms. Menzel handy, they ought to feel the parental tugging when they next see Beth. No?

  23. rik says:

    QUINN!!!!! quick for the win!!

  24. Tiffany says:

    Terri all the way!!!

  25. Carol says:

    We need Puck/Quinn! They’re the best couple of glee!

  26. Yas says:

    Quinn… ’cause:

    Puck: This isn’t just another hook up to me.

    Puck:I could get us a house, some stuff, furniture…we could be a family.

    Quinn: I’m sorry. I never should have called you a “Lima Loser”. You’re not. You’re special and romantic.

    Quinn: Did you love me?
    Puck: Yes. Especially now.

    ENDGAME, just sayin’!!!!

    • T says:

      I think i love you! hahaha awwww so many memories :’)

    • Anonymous says:

      You know what baffles me about this quote usage? The first one. That’s not a proper defense for the Quinn and Puck relationship whatsoever.

      Let’s examine this quote of:
      “This isn’t just another hook up for me”

      What timeframe did this occur in? Episode 1.22, as a flashback. The night of conceiving Beth, correct? Thus, this places this at the start of the series, roughly between 1.2-1.4-ish, for sure. I need an explanation of how this wasn’t just another hook up for him. Because that is quite in fact what it was; another hook-up. We can paint Quick into this pretty little picture of what we think they are but the fact of the matter is, had she not become pregnant, she didn’t plan to talk about that night and he continued to hook up with cougars, Santana, Rachel, etc. The only fact they even bothered to mention this night was because the stick came up positive and not negative. Heck, even when it came up positive and she knew it wasn’t a chance in hades that it was Finn’s baby, she went OUT of her way to deny that it was his baby.

      I’m not going to go there with any of the other quotes because I just don’t find them debatable but that first quote is not in any way, shape, or form positive for Quick and used when you are trying to say they are endgame. -Shrugs-

  27. rae says:

    Puckleberry!!! So sick of Finn and Rachel!

    • Amy says:

      lol i guess it sucks to be you considering everyone in the cast and crew loves finchel

      • Anonymous says:

        Just like everyone on the cast and crew have shown a liking to Puckleberry (I refuse to say love because the cast/crew love their JOBS; not a fictional couple). I mean, what does it say about Finn and Rachel if Lea had to BEG to work with Mark? Cause that’s where the writers got the idea from. Lea. They thought it was going to flop and fans wouldn’t love it because they thought everyone would love Rachel would Finn. They were solely mistaken and had to bring them back in the back 9 because the first 13 were already filmed.

        • stella says:

          When did Lea BEG to work with Mark??? She’s always going on and on about how great it is to work with Cory, how she likes pretending that Cory is her boyfriend and etc etc. LOL

          • Ollie says:

            Lea was the one that suggested the Puckleberry storyline. She says so it herself on the AOL Interview between Cory, Dianna, Lea and Mark. Look it up!

      • Kristen says:

        did u know that LEA ALSO SHIPS PUCKLEBERRY?!?! and so does mark, and heather, and harry…. and basically ian is the puckleberry shipper… he’s the one who wrote the episodes with puckleberry moments… SO YEA, ALL THE CAST AND CREW ships finchel :P

  28. Rob says:

    Ok, I’m a Max Adler fan, but the Puckofsky votes are cracking me up. Puck needs to rebound with Bad Quinn.

    • Hannah says:

      I admit to voting for Puckofsky! Honestly, I don’t know who to pair him with. Puck and Karofsky together never crossed my mind but seeing the option made me laugh, so I couldn’t not vote for them!

  29. Amanda says:

    It baffles me that some of you are taking the facts out of context in reference to Puck and Quinn. You can’t just say she did this, he did that, they did this, without looking at the motivations behind them.

    • Deanna says:

      Same goes for Puckleberry (or Luck) as well. ;)

      • Amanda says:

        I don’t think many people have been :) Luck was around so Puck could grow up as a character. He really cared about her. My opinion on Puckleberry is almost entirely taking the context behind them. Where Rachel used Puck to hurt Finn and Puck just tried to get in Rachel’s pants. That’s what they are.

        • Anonymous says:

          Puck wasn’t trying to get into Rachel’s pants when he rushed off to beat up Jesse for egging her, or stood up for her in the green room at Sectionals when no one else would, or did the duet with her (he knew what it was for, and did it anyway even though there was nothing in it for him), or made sure she was “ready for this” on the football field, or saved her party from being a disaster, or went out of his way to convince her not to get a nose job…Puck showed far more concern and care for Rachel in Season 2 than for Quinn who he didn’t interact with at all. He wasn’t jealous of Sam dating Quinn, seemed amused when Quinn had a hickey, and basically hasn’t spoken to her at all in a year.

          • Amanda says:

            Which is a direct result of the writer’s neglect for, at the very least, tying up a loose storyline. Yes, Puck has stood up for Rachel, but he’s done that because he’s grown up. Whenever they’ve had a “romantic” moment, it’s both of them using each other. I think all of their interaction otherwise means they’d be absolutely fantastic friends, which I’m really hoping to see more of. But loving each other romantically? Nope.

          • sm says:

            YES!!!!!!!! That’s my point. S1 and S2 were totally different animals of prose regarding Quick. S2 actually cancelled out the positives of s1. Where Puck turns to jelly with Rachel. He truely cares for her. Stands up for her. Tries to convince her to not have a nose job that she is hot. Saves her extraveganza party from embarrassment Showed true concern for her are you ready for this on the football field. He knew she was the instigator to help the boys in their dilemma. He was the one to get the boys to fight for her when Jesse egged her. He has shown many times over he cares for Rachel. But he told Finn to ask Rachel on a date in New York and was not jealous about it. Brotherly love for his friends (Finn and Rachel) This side of Puck is what Finn and Rachel see. Not the bad ass.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know what baffles me? Your assumption that everyone reaches the same conclusion on scenes because it’s how you or another Quicker views it. That’s not how it works and never will work out that way. You will probably remain baffled for the rest of your television viewership if you remain baffled in the sense that you are because someone else interprets a scene/season the way they did.

      Personally, for me, Quick’s motivations were about Beth. Period. No anecdote, quote, someone else’s interpretation of a scene, etc. is going to make me believe otherwise. It’s the conclusion I reached between the characters and their ‘relationship’. In S1, they interacted all the time because she was pregnant with Beth, he wanted to be a father, and there was some sort of feelings between them (I’m not convinced it was love). They ultimately made the adult decision to give her up because they knew they were not equipped to raise her in that very moment in their lives. Once Beth was born, adopted by Shelby and out of their lives, S2 had rolled around. There were no hints of Quick and by the time S2 rolled out, there was no Quick interaction that amounted to anything on the same level as S1. There were 22 episodes to give them a chance. They never took it. They never even took a bite at it, matter of fact.

      You can debate the BTS actions with RIB, the deleted scenes, Chord’s arrival, Ashley/Lauren, etc. all you want but keep in mind that at VARIOUS points in the season 2; they could have went the Puck/Quinn route and it would have made sense given their history and background. However, they didn’t and the motivations with the characters are clean cut in S2. You don’t have to like them but you should respect them in respect to the character’s history and background.

      In S3, I expect Puck and Quinn to come back. Why the writers want to go back down that route, I won’t know until the season starts and we’ve seen what the characters are up to and have been doing over the summer. Personally, I think it’s going to be weird to go from no interaction to maybe a relationship but it is what it is.

  30. K says:

    I love how Rachel, Sugar, the “new girl played by Lindsay Pearce,” and Karofsky are neck in neck.

  31. Lee says:

    Puckleberry till the end, gotta stick with my jews…

  32. stef says:

    Puckleberry always!

  33. Deanna says:

    Quinn by farrr! Wooo! A quick reunion needs to happen pronto!

  34. Jennifer says:

    I voted for Puck/Rachel even though i doubt the writers will give it to us. I just hope we can at least get a friendship out of it.

  35. i can't says:

    and here we go with the delusional puckleberry fandom…

  36. Alexa says:

    Puckleberry forever and always.

  37. Quickly says:


    Quinn was the only one who was ever with him because she had actual feelings for him. And vice-versa. Rachel only used him to either get back at Finn, or make Finn jealous. Santana and Brittany used him for sex, I can only assume. And Lauren treated him like dirt the entire time they dated.

    If Quinn decided to only be with him “because of the baby”, she would have dumped Finn in the first place to be with him and saved herself the drama.

    Yes, she called him an idiot. Yes, she said it was a mistake. But she was referring to cheating on her “prom king material” boyfriend. If she really loved him like she said she did, then she wouldn’t have cheated on him. Same with Sam. But no one can deny that she wasn’t the best of herself with Puck. She never cheated when she was with him. Pregnant Quinn from the 2nd half of season 1 was the nicest, most genuine Quinn, as opposed to the ice queen we got back in season 2.

    Quick is endgame.

    • Romy says:

      ‘She never cheated when she was with him.’ I’m sorry, but the girl was pregnant when she was with Puck. Not a lot of cheating opportunity

    • Lea says:

      They weren’t technically in a relationship in the second half of season one. He wanted to be, but she said she needed to “do this on my own” (or something like that), and even though we saw them holding hands after the Run Joey Run debacle, she was ok with him romancing Mercedes, and then she moved out of his house to live with Mercedes,and they’re weren’t any indications they were a couple.

  38. The voice of the reason says:

    ok fandom get over it!

    ENDGAME AKA: Finchel, Quick, Brittana, Wemma, Mercedes+Tots, Tike, Artigar and Sue+Sue.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because everyone finds their true love in High School.

    • Amy says:

      the fact that you consider mercedes/tots a ship is slightly offensive, why not artcedes anyway? imagine the fierce duets! but i’m fine with the rest

    • sammsssit says:

      Umm Klaine? The most endgame of all endgame couples?? HELLO?

      Also, who is Artigar? Artie and Sugar?

    • Anonymous says:

      So because those are endgame, I’m suppose to love them and not venture out and see others as being better suits for them? Thanks but no thanks. I’ll root for what I want, how I want, how long I want even if RIB disagrees with me.

  39. Anonymous says:

    The fact that so many people are still stuck on a “couple” from two seasons ago that was based on an unplanned teen pregnancy in which they were cheating on her boyfriend and his best friend, and which ended with them GIVING UP THEIR BABY is baffling to me. The fact that the writers probably will go there because it’s the easiest, laziest thing they can do is downright disturbing. They were stupid kids who made a stupid mistake, and they gave the baby up for a REASON — and that reason was not for the baby to be on some layaway plan where they could get her back when they were 18 and start a family. They’re still way too young to settle down and they both need to move on.

    • La la la says:

      Why is it such a bad thing that people like a couple that gave up their baby? I thought that giving Beth up for adoption was a very mature decision. I think people who dislike Quinn/Puck get too stuck on the baby, when most people who ship them do so because they like who the two individuals are together.

      • Anonymous says:

        Giving up the baby was not a bad thing at all — it’s the people who ship them who focus on “they had a baby together!” like it means something (which it doesn’t since they gave the baby up) and are all thrilled about Shelby/Beth returning because being reminded of the baby they gave up should somehow bring them back together even though they haven’t spoken in a year and have retained no connection since then.

        • anonymous says:

          its true. giving the baby up is not at all a problem… its an obvious reason that that ship is not at all okay for each other. they never loved each other and they don’t even talk to each other without arguing. besides, quinn is a bitch and a bitch will never tame a womanizer. they will just ruin each others lives.

          • La la la says:

            What are you talking about, they never loved each other? Puck told Quinn he loved her. You can argue about it until you’re blue in the face but it just makes you look delusional. I’m sure if you asked Mark Salling or RIB themselves they’d tell you Puck loved Quinn. And just because a teenage couple puts their child up for adoption does not mean they’re not okay for each other. That’s a ridiculous statement to make.

      • anon says:

        I agree, PQ giving up the baby was a mature thing to do. Which is why it’s so baffling when people want PQ to have scenes together to talk about Beth (saying what?) and say they “had a baby together” and went through so much together and should be together.

    • Deanna says:

      So they can be obsessed with a couple from two seasons ago, but these Puckleberry fans can be obsessed with a couple that never really was a couple? Besides all the “little things” Rachel and Puck had, when it comes down to it THEY NEVER WERE IN LOVE. THEY NEVER WERE SERIOUS ABOUT EACH OTHER. Rachel just used him to get Finn jealous, and Puck may like her as a friend but that sure as hell mean’s nothing. It’s about as endgame as Finn & Brittany.
      SO DROP IT.

      • Cheryl says:

        It’s true that Rachel and Puck have never been a legit couple. But the basis for a real relationship is there even if the writers will never explore it. Having a past relationship is not the main criteria for a future one. Puck and Rachel are themselves with each other. Rachel does not put Puck on a pedestal, but she has shown pride in him, and she tries to relate to him. Puck has shown that he cares about Rachel and has her back when she needs it and has been there to support her and help her multiple times. They have a very nice friendship of equals between them. And they are attracted to each other — Puck has called Rachel “hot” and tried to make out with her multiple times, and Rachel admitted in her own words that she is “ironically turned on by his bad boy image” and almost made out with him even when she was with Jesse. All of the elements for a great relationship are there, except the interest of the writers. It’s a shame.

        • kelly says:

          It’s all in your mind. And also the fact that Mark Salling is a terrible dramatic actor.

          • Lo says:

            Everything’s in our heads, anon. Our perspective of things are never the exact same as other people. It doesn’t mean they’re wrong. It’s FICTION, ENTERTAINMENT, not science. Grow up and get over it.
            And Mark Salling’s just fine as a dramatic actor, I actually like him better in drama than with the whole comic relief, he’s dating a fat rude girl haha it’s so funny, agenda.

      • anon says:

        Puck and Quinn were never really a couple either…. And Quinn never said she loved Puck or gave any indication of it.

        • Gretta says:

          lol so i guess staring at him constantly very lovingly is “no indication,” this is one of the many things that keeps our ship going

  40. Rachel says:


  41. Kait says:

    No matter what they actually write on the show, I’ll always believe in Puckleberry. If they choose to waste the potential this couple has, that’s too bad.

  42. Puckerman says:

    Rachel, man. We’re two smokin’ hot Jews. I would go to Sabbath with her every day. I’d butter her challah bread, if you know what I mean.

  43. Jess says:

    Hell no to the new people. Stop with the new people getting storyline.

    Quinn or Rachel only options for Puck.

  44. Debra says:

    Quinn. They were ignored last season because Ryan Murphy saw ‘chemistry’ between Chord and Dianna and then moved Quinn back into another triangle with Finn and Rachel. One that made her look worse as a character and ruined any progress she had made in the back nine of season one or the first part of season 2. She was used as a plot device to serve as conflict for Finchel and the character deserved better than that. I wouldn’t mind seeing them explore Quick again and with Shelby and Beth coming back, I can see that happening. I don’t see them ignoring each other when the baby they had together and gave up for adoption is now back in their lives.

    • me says:

      the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen on Glee
      Chord and Dianna “chemistry”
      lord… i can’t

      • Debra says:

        I know, right. If he saw all of this chemistry, why did he break them up less than ten episodes after getting them together and then put her back with Finn, with whom she has even less chemistry than she did with Sam. Puck is the only person that Quinn has been involved with that I have liked her with because he doesn’t give into her when she becomes ‘Scary Quinn’.

        • Amanda says:

          Because Ryan can be bipolar when it comes to storylines. I’m sorry but they actually did have chemistry. RIB could have continued with Quick last season like they were going to, and could’ve added Sam to the mix. Instead we got another Quinn/Finn/Rachel love triangle. -_-

          Remember when Sam said to Finn Puckerman would beat his ass when he got out of Juvie for trying to kiss Quinn? That could of started a great storyline for Puck, Quinn and Sam and plus it would’ve made a lot more sense since the S1 finale ended with Quick.

          • Debra says:

            I agree, I would have rather seen a Sam/Quinn/Puck triangle rather than the mess that took place during the second half of season 2, where it was obvious from the beginning that Quinn was going to come out the losing end of that triangle.

  45. Livvy says:

    I have always and will always ship Puckleberry but I voted for Lindsay because it doesn’t seem like Puckleberry is happening anytime soon! </3 I also HATE Finchel…well, actually just Finn…

  46. Susan says:

    Kurt + Puck = Purt

  47. Carrie says:

    Rachel! It’s no that I don’t like Finn and Rachel together, I really just want to see Puck sing more “love songs” that are his personal tribute to a musical Jewish icon.

  48. Kristin says:

    I want quinn/puck to get their chance

  49. Amy says:

    Anyone but Quinn. Teens show cheat and have a baby don’t work and Glee shouldn’t romanticize that.

    • anon says:

      uh, i know a lot of situations where people have had kids during hs and made it. don’t generalize.

      • nona says:

        But there are WAY more that don’t work. Where the parents, or at least the mother, is doomed to not go to college and constantly be living around the poverty line. It’s NOT something that “works” for the vast majority of kids that find themselves in that situation. So Amy, go ahead and generalize.

    • m says:

      lol too late

    • R says:

      I’m sorry, but Rachel ceating on Finn with Puck, on Finn with Jesse, on Jesse with Finn, is okay then?