Exclusive: Rookie Blue Collars William Shatner

Phasers on stun!

William Shatner is returning to his cop roots with a guest stint on ABC’s Rookie Blue, TVLine has learned exclusively.

The former T.J. Hooker star will play “a very drunk driver” in the Season 3 premiere, reveals executive producer Tassie Cameron. The role “starts comic and ends dramatic, so we’re hoping it gives him a chance to do what he does so well,” she adds. “He’s got such great range.”

The character should fit like a glove since it was written with Shatner — who, like the show, hails from Canada — in mind. “We’re all really excited that he said yes,” says Cameron, adding that one Blue regular is especially giddy about the casting coup. “Gregory Smith, I think, is more excited about this than he is about any actor he’s ever worked with.”

Rookie Blue wraps up its second season this Thursday at 9/8c on ABC. Production on Season 3 is currently underway in Toronto, Canada.

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  1. Erika Herzog says:

    yay, ROOKIE BLUE news. i’m obsessed with this show and it seems to get little love or recognition in the U.S. most enjoyable show of recent past. i even joined Hulu+ to rewatch the first season — and i don’t ever rewatch stuff… thanks for posting this.

  2. Asha says:

    I was really happy to see this because it means that Rookie Blue is getting a third season. Is there any way it will be incorporated into the regular TV season instead of summer?

  3. Sarah says:

    Well I am from the US and want to give the show some love. I watch it every week. I am so excited about season 3. I just wish I didn’t have to wait 9 months for it though.

    • spikesgrl says:

      Ditto. I am from the US, watch it every week, am excited about season 3 pick up and wish it wasn’t another 9 months til the next season. I also wish they would change this to a regular fall schedule so we could get more episodes and not have to wait so long in between seasons.

      • C. says:

        From the US too, spend my Thursday nites w/my glass of wine and Rookie Blues. Really addicted to the show. The story line is great and actors/actresses seem so fitting for the characters they are playing. Don’t mind waiting till the summer if it means they keep getting a new season. Use to the schedule as I’ve watched Grey’s since the beginning season. Also, agree not sure why there is not much marketing in the US for this show. Keep up the good work writers/cast looking forward to season 3…

  4. Rita says:

    Really like this program! Wish it were on in the fall, so there could be more episodes before hiatus.

  5. Fernanda says:

    The Brazilians love Rookie Blue, suffer waiting each chapter, but please we want Andy and Sam together. You can not imagine the crowd that the couple has in Brazil. We cried and we were anxious to see this novel. We expect the continuation of the couple in the next season. hugs

  6. Loren Gerber says:

    I live in South Africa and i love it!!!!

  7. blessing says:

    jus started watchin rookie blue nd i love it

  8. JH says:

    I LOVE Rookie Blue. Please please please do NOT make William Shatner a regular member or the cast. I seriously dislike him in ANY role.

    • AF says:

      I totally agree with you!! Don’t ruin a GREAT show like Rookie Blue with William Shatner.

    • Heather J. McLaughlin says:

      I agree that this is one of the best shows on T.V. Love the storyline between Andy and Sam and yes please keep them together. I like that this is a Canadian show filmed in Toronto. So happy to see that it is coming back for a third season. I agree with the comment made by JH please, please do not make William Shatner a regular on the show. I know he is Canadian but I seriously dislike him in any show even commericals. All the actors play their characters so well. I can hardly wait until next season.

  9. cherry says:

    Why would they want to ruin a great show with the guest appearance of William Shatner.
    The cast is strong enough and I am sure there are plenty of actors/actress that would welcome a chance to be a guest, that have less trouble around them.

  10. Crystal says:

    Yay,Rookie Blue is coming back for another season :)

  11. Kerstin says:

    I love ROOKIE!!! I am from Austria and I must wait until friday to see the next episode :( ! I saw the last episode (02/11) a several times!!! IT WAS HEAVENLEY!!

  12. Sue says:

    I thought tonight’s finale episode was a 2 parter, starting at 9 PM. That’s what my DVR is set for.

  13. Melanie says:

    3rd season is currently being filmed in Toronto until the end of January :)

  14. Barbara says:


  15. SamsGirl6114 says:

    Thank you for recognizing this show and us fans that LOVE it! Keep the scoops coming! :)

  16. Larisa says:

    Also from Australia and LOVING this show. Hoping it gets beter recognition so that I can at least get the DVD in our format. Looking forward to seeing what William Shatner brings, sure to be really zany. Go team McSwarek.

  17. Marie says:

    So is william shatner still going to guess star on psych as well, I sure I hope he he still does.

  18. Juan says:

    Love Rookie Blue

  19. Erin says:

    The BEST part about Rookie Blue is that they film in Toronto and then don’t try and pretend they aren’t in Toronto. I love seeing the buildings and hearing the street names in the show!

  20. Christina says:

    Also from Australia and I am absolutely addicted. I watch it everyday and don’t know how I will last until season 3 starts. McSwarek all the way…

  21. Linda Smith says:

    I love Rookie Blue as well, but if it was shown in the regular season. It may not have made the cut. I like being able to watch non-reruns in the Summer. But they can release the DVD/Bluerays sooner.

  22. debbie eisenberg says:

    I’m from th U.S. and love Rookie Blue. Liked season 2 better because you finally put Sam and Andy together. She and Luke didn’t fit. Love the stories of the street cops learning from their mistakes and even outsmarting a few detectives. Every cast member is perfect for their role. Best drama on T.V. Even better than Hawaii 5 0. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Ry says:

    This Texas girl LOVES Rookie Blue! My husband is a cop, guess I could pretend he’s Swarek! LOL j/k

  24. sabrina says:

    Sam and Andy should be married!!!! The show is great otherwise.

  25. lina says:

    I’m so sad Rookie Blue is over already :(….But i’m uber happy Andy and Sam finally got together. They’ve had such amazing chemistry on the show. ugh, he’s so sexy. Does anyone know when the third season will air? I know they’re just shooting it right now..ooh and anywhere specific in toronto? I would love to get some autographs lol

  26. JAMES says:


  27. Dee Mc says:

    from Ireland and i love this programme cant wait for season 3

  28. iris says:

    I love this show – am in the US, and I wish we didn’t have to wait so long for it though. I love sam and Mcnally together. They need to market the show better people will love it!

  29. Em says:

    Love this show! This season went by too quick and can’t wait for the next season to start! I want to see Andy pregnant next season with Luke’s baby! That would be interesting to see the conclusion of that!!