House Exclusive First Look: Watch the New, Spoiler-Rich Promo

Warning: If you don’t want to know the answers to several key questions surrounding House’s Season 8 premiere on Oct. 3 — namely does Doc Crankypants regret driving his car through Cuddy’s house and what’s the meaning behind the opener’s title, “20 Vicodin” — steer clear of the new extended promo below.

Everyone else, watch the spoiler-packed clip and then hit the comments with your thoughts/theories.

House Exclusive: And The New Dean of Medicine is [Spoiler]

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dominic says:


  2. jaded says:

    Well that was a BIG let down!

    • Iris says:

      Because you believe in miracles? ;)

      • jaded says:

        No because they turned House into a psycho with no remorse and that new chick can’t act worth a Sh*@

        • David Shore says:

          House is the perfect male specimen, modeled after yours truly, and everyone should admire his level of sociopathy.

          • Hugh Laurie says:

            I think the actor who portrays him is truly brilliant and should get his salary doubled. That’s just my completely unbiased opinion.

          • Marchy says:

            Sweety, I have been watching House for years. Brilliant, yes, some people need to get a raise, yet it is missing something. You might want to get a panel perspective, or maybe hit a local writing class. Some people who never get exposure have some really good concepts. Who, knows, you might inspire someone’s career.

            Oh. personal side note, Omar Epps is still sexy. whooo!Old woman hot flash! ;-)

          • Marchy's writing teacher says:

            Careful dear, when you call people “sweety” it can come across as condescending. Either that or like you’re trying to be annoying, bless your heart.

          • tDizzle says:

            are you really david shore?

          • Hallie says:

            So House doesn’t regret ramming his car into her house, potentially killing all those innocent people (possibly her kid) and his best friend? And David Shore said he’s incapable of love, blah, blah. Nice. I’m not into this new House. He’s uninteresting, boring, creepy and crazy now, not the brilliant, nuanced, cool character I used to like. I’m so not watching next season. Ugh.

          • Michelle says:

            Love it! Can’t wait for new Season! House is Brilliant, David Shore is Brilliant.

        • Mika says:

          Seriously. She is pretty bad. The price was probably ok tho

    • huddyTroll says:

      I’m a huddy and just like jaded and iris and all the other LE fellows we said months ago we were done with the show and we weren’t going to watch it anymore. So that’s why we’re ready to jump anytime there’re news House related and bash the show with our multiple posts because, you know, we don’t care anymore. We huddytards rule! Huddy forever!

      • studionut says:

        Guess you care more than you want to admit since you look for chances to “jump”. I agree they are grasping at straws but I still love House. If you don’t want to watch any more then get a life and stop looking to “bash the show”

      • huddyArePathetic says:

        Lol, you’re so right, the huddytards are really tard. I bet they’ll keep spamming with their stupid posts while claiming they don’t care anymore, they don’t watch anymore, etc…

  3. bella says:

    one word: MORONIC!!!!

    • Mika says:

      Are they insulting the few viewers they have left? They must be happy House will be at 9 this season following Terra Nova. That´s the only way they can stay on air the whole season.

  4. Ainav says:

    Someone let me know when they find a clip that everyone can enjoy, overseas people too.

  5. Dionne says:

    I can’t view. not fair. :(

  6. John says:

    This is looks exactly like the season opener a few years ago with him in the mental hospital- which was also very disappointing.

    • JC says:

      At least House checking into the mental hospital was an admission that he’d screwed up and needed to make some changes (not that they lasted). This appears to be House going to jail and learning NOTHING, followed by the writers letting him off the hook by episode 3 and settling back to the same, stale routine.

      Just some moments of simple humility and introspection would do wonders for him and the show, but no. Instead we get a character that will not mature and evole, at the center of a show that has not matured or evolved, and the writers and the network are content to peddle the same old crap until the ratings completely tank.

      I thought I’d watch the premiere, then check out for good if there weren’t massive improvements; now, after seeing the promos, I think I’m just done.

      • Jeff says:

        Writing for characters who actually experience some character development is harder than having the same unchanging character throughout the show, plus a lot of fans don’t like change. It’s the curse of many shows – look at Temperance Brennan in “Bones”, or Tony Dinozzo in “NCIS”.

        • Whoever says:

          Well, even IF the character never “evolved or matured”, there has been way too MUCH change, if lack of change is actually a destination for the writers and producers. The supporting actors have to be good too, as a lot of House’s character comments and ideas are bounced off of the other actors. If the interaction and relationship with the other characters is there, the script is funny and intriguing. If not, all the possibility of “great” just goes out into space and echoes back from a black hole!

      • Kim says:

        This is real life. Some people, like Dr. House, take A LONG time to mature (evolve, heal). Some never do. Some are so sick or in so much pain they are incapable of remorse & humility. If they DO feel it, they can’t admit or show it. For some, there is no “rock bottom” – maybe just death or permanent incarceration. The people around the “sick one” (lovers, friends, family) get caught in their dysfunctional vortex, trying to fix, trying to keep loving, feeling guilty if they walk away, enabling – and getting hurt (physically &/or mentally) in the process. So the show, though perhaps not entertaining for you, is a fairly accurate portrait of the life of & with a person with alcoholism, drug addiction &/or mental illness. It also shows how systems meant to heal/protect (prisons, mental hospitals) can fail those desperately in need of help.

        • Dani says:

          It’s not real life though, nor is it bordering on anything approaching realist drama. I’ve seen both the ‘It’s only a TV show’ argument and the ‘This isn’t a fairytale’ one brought out to defend what’s going on with House at the moment. Both are neither adequate nor compatible. If you’re going to deal with serious issues like mental illness, drug addiction, chronic pain and now violent acts then do it properly and consistently, showing real consequences to actions such as the permanent damage Vicodin abuse would have done to House’s body over the years, or the fact that climbing on balconies and jumping off them just wouldn’t be possible with that much of your leg muscle missing. On the other hand if your focus is purely to entertain don’t dip your toe in such issues and then shrug it off when people get annoyed that you haven’t taken things seriously.

          In the ‘real world’ an individual like House would be in the situation where he either changes or he dies, or at the very least he’s left jobless. In reality genius doesn’t grant immunity from death or unemployment.

          • jj says:

            great assessment. for the most part, i agree. i DO think it’s possible to find a balance between the two (not one that will make everyne happy, of course, but still…). But this show has not been anywhere near where they need to be balance wise . Thus, you have more people disappointed than not.

          • SAZ says:

            Very good assessment… except for a very flawed assumption that Dr. House has to lie somewhere along the lines of average. All the points you raised would hold true ‘on average’ i.e. for most people. The uniqueness of the cases he handles are a testimony to that. The writers of House have created a one-in-a-million (or even rarer) character. Why this much fuss just because he didn’t experience life the way people on average are expected to do so?

          • Heather says:

            I agree with what all of you are saying on this thread: it was a really nice spin when House finally grew up a little bit, kicked the drug habit, went to therapy, got himself into a healthy relationship, and was actually moderately trustworthy for a while. I thought there was still plenty of potential left with that storyline, and I’m quite disappointed to see the complete fall back into the House we loved to hate. True, this is what happens in real life, and I understand the validity of it, but I’m not sure how many more seasons or even episodes of it I can tolerate.

            Then again, House is Holmes. Sherlock Homes. You all know this, right? Same address, both solving mysteries, both lifelong addicts without enduring relationships aside from the sidekick doctor who offers advice and an objective perspective. Somehow the writers seem to have felt a need to stay true to the Holmes persona, so that’s what we’ve returned to. I personally don’t like it, but I like House! Hopefully it will stay fresh somehow.

        • Karen says:

          I agree with everything you said. My husband doesn’t like to watch it anymore cause it is too real life, I like watching it because I am hoping something will change him. As a parent with a mentally Ill adult child, I am always hoping for the best out come as I do with HOUSE.

      • Karen says:

        This is an amazing show! What makes it is Dr House’s attitude, if he learned from his mistakes and made him humble it wouldn’t still be on the air. Truth be told there should be some real life Dr’s like him. It is amazing what hospital staff (nurses and Dr’s) have to put up with in reguard to their rediculous patients!

        • Elle says:

          Apparently you don’t work in healthcare. There are plenty of Drs like him…in personality at least. It might be fun to watch once a week, not so much fun in real life.

          • marcy says:

            I agree that the “real world” there are plenty of doctors with the personality of House (sort of). The difference is that the doctors who ARE intelligent (not many of them are, actually) AND so arrogant that they think they c**pped their own brains,don’t give a damn about their patient OR finding what’s REALLY wrong with them. House may not “care” about a patient, but he is like a hungry dog with a bone, the personal “need to know” driving him crazy to find cause and cure. I don’t go to a doctor to find a friend, but I’d GLADLY take one that had the mental capacity and drive to push themselves to find out what’s really going on with a patient until they found the problem and FIXED it..and it wouldn’t matter to me that it was purely for his own curiosity, as long as I was the beneficiary of that drive and curiosity! In real life, I’ve never seen doctors with such dogged determination…even diagnosticians, who you would assume CHOSE their specialty BECAUSE of their inquisitive natures. We all WANT a doctor like House, but that’s where the show marries fiction and reality. THAT’S (imo) what made HOUSE stand out. Now? Ehh, we’ll see! Hugh Laurie deserves better than what he’s been getting to work with lately. Maybe he’ll just get fed up and go on with his music!

      • SAZ says:

        “simple humility and introspection would do wonders for him and the show” … what is this, Sunday school? This is prime-time drama; evolving and maturing is what tanks ratings and drives away fans. If you’re a real House fan, or if you have ever been, you liked House for what it is, not for what it will be. I for one would hate for House to change—either Gregory House or the show itself.

      • pc says:

        I agree. When House first came on I wouldn’t miss it, now it is the same ole’ tired show. It is off my list(to record in case I missed it) this year. Who would want a Dr. as messed up as House to work on them?

      • Vivica says:

        House IS evolving, but not in the direction that we as “happy-ending loving” viewers prefer. He is truly a genious with numerous mental problems that many people do not want to deal with or even believe exist.
        This show is brilliant. Yes, there will always be that one person with the mystery illness, thats the point of the show, but the subtle nuances of the interpersonal relationships between characters and House’s struggle with his own humanity are the real substance. You need to see the raw elements here, a man who wants to be happy, but has it taken away everytime, either because of his own internal fight with insanity or someone else altogether. I relate with his character on a primal level. We all can in some way or another. Things dont always go the way we plan, people dont behave the way we all hope. Its real. I love this show.

    • Bullseye says:

      ¿What are you talking about? The double episode season opener with House in the mental institution is one of the best episodes ever! I can’t watch the promo neither (Argentina).

    • sandra says:

      what? the mental hospital epi was awesome.

  7. Andrea says:

    I’m in Canada too and I cannot view it. I can Never view videos posted to TVLine.

  8. Bronzia88 says:

    Look Michael I love TVLine. Probably my favorite truth be told. But come on, you should know by now you have fans abroad. How long are we going to continue with this? SERIOUSLY!!! Frustrating and annoying.

  9. susela says:

    This show was once great, but alas, it is now unwatchable. It’s off my DVR list for good.

  10. Swisskev78 says:

    Can’t view it from Europe either… somebody please post a link we can see… :-)

  11. Nisha says:

    looks good to me, can’t wait ^_^

    • David Shore says:

      Premiere looks AMAZING, this season is gonna be GREAT, looking forward to the show’s return, can’t wait, setting my DVR, shaking and crying, hyperventilating, yada-yada, etc

  12. Danyelle says:

    I have a good amount of sympathy for foreign fans of US television, but people do realize that the networks that make the videos are the ones who control over what countries they can play in, right?

    • Freddie says:

      Of course, we realize that networks control copyrights, not TV Line. But we also think TV Line could throw its international fans (and clearly there’s a fair amount of us) a bone and add some sort of description of the information divulged.

  13. xxMoooOxx says:

    Can’t view it from France. Very frustrating. Can someone tell us what happens in the clip…

  14. Hazelious says:

    I am so looking forward to this season.

  15. Midori says:

    I was hoping House would change being it’s most likely the last season…


    So once again we will just go back to the same old House after a week in jail, just like the rehab storyline.

  16. Sam says:

    Heh, no subtlety at all, DS. Right there in the promo, House isn’t sorry about what he did.
    Prison charade be damned, Shore will not admit defeat!

    • amelia says:

      i hate the storylines that house has had recently, but did you really expect house to admit that he was sorry. house has never been one to share his emotions and loves to mess with authority…id be upset if he did say he was sorry.

    • Amy says:

      You cannot assume that House isn’t sorry for what he did from one line in a promo- ever heard of creative editing?

      • aloper says:

        why should he be sorry? she promised him she knew who/what he was
        and she would live with/help him. then one little slip and she shuts him out. breaks his heart and betrays him. he showed her just how
        angry and betrayed he felt with actions. she had all the power and
        was moving on and not giving him any options.this was very human
        and extremely insiteful writing. i am a huge fan of Hugh Laurie.
        now that is an actor.

      • Ray says:

        Exactly. He said he’s not sorry but he didn’t mean it, it’s typical House style, duh.

  17. dave1311 says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMz5SAxqh2c for other country… I’m Italian

  18. James says:

    lol looks good to me. I don’t understand what all the hate is about. House is a doctor. He committed a crime. He deserves to be in prison, and he likes puzzles so he helps an inmate. Seems reasonable to me? How else would you guys like the show to be? The show has been quite steady since its pilot, but now there isn’t any love drama, which imo is great.

    I think it comes down to this. People are dumb. Nuff said.

  19. cds says:

    It´s time for some new shows.

  20. VideoProf says:

    I get it–House goes to The Big House. Now they can go all musical with it, too, cuz we know Hugh Laurie’s the Piano Man. Jailhouse Rock. Folsom Prison Blues. Chain Gang. I Fought the Law.

  21. kristy says:

    what’s the point of putting him in prison if he shows neither remorses nor regrets? jailtime will do nothing to him. he won’t even feel it as a punishment or an evidence that he’s done something wrong.
    what a joke! stick with it Shore. you thought locking him up would appease the fans of the House Hugh Laurie has been selling as a human being but you don’t want to give us anything beside your version of jerky homicidal House.
    I’ll give this episode a chance but I’m not thrilled.

    • Sam says:

      But this way David Shore “wins,” you see? He could never have House be remorseful because that would require him to admit he/the writers messed up.

    • amberjj says:

      house would never admit any form of remorse to a judge. have you ever watched the show?? shore has screwed a lot of things up, but house is house.

    • D says:

      1) You don’t know when that scene comes up. So you can’t really say he has no remorses or regrets until you watch it.
      2) People don’t change. They adapt and learn how to be better at being who they are, but they do not change.

      I don’t see how people can say House is so unrealistic, but then ask for completely unrealistic things to happen.

  22. Andre says:

    in other world (country)

  23. Sally says:

    Looks great to me! House is House and will stay House, why should he ever change. Looking forward to the new season!

  24. Elaine says:

    I HATE these fracking “can’t view iin your country” messages. We get the damn show, we pay for cable so we can, so freaking networks, let us watch the damn previews and such. Jeez (do I sound a bit pissed?) LOL

  25. Laura says:

    I can’t see it in my country but judging by the bitter huddy/LE fangirls comments the premiere is going to be great!

  26. Elaine says:

    Thank you Dave 1311 for posting that link. Would be nice if tvline did that right off the top (tho maybe they HAVE to use the netowrk’s link?)

    I’ll watch the prison episodes, but once he’s back to the hospital, I can’t imagine what they could possibly do to maintain my interest. Love Hugh Laurie.

    That whole drive-car-through-house finale (but he KNEW no one would in the room at that exact second for sure) finale was ridiculous. Trying to explain the unexplainable was simply ridiculous.

  27. cindy says:

    I don`t know what is the problem here. It looks good for me. WHat did you expect that he cries like a baby in front of lawyers? House knows the reasons for what he did and bears the consequences. Watch the full hour first before you bail against the show!!

  28. Tom says:

    I was able to view the promo, but I still have no intention of watching House. This is basically the same story like from last season with a prison substituted for an asylum. Yawn. Make that a double yawn. I’m putting House on the DNR (do not record) list.

  29. John Chill says:

    OK, i’m sick of all you people complaining over and over again about how unhappy you are for this season. As Sally said, HOUSE is HOUSE, and he will ALWAYS get away with pretty much anything he wants. This is not about House showing remorse, it’s about showing everyone that he rules, and if he feels any remorse, he will do it in his own way! LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! That’s HOUSE, always been, always will be… hey kristy, don’t even bother, if you are looking for more realistic characters, look for E.R. reruns!

    • OneHappyAtheist says:

      I agree, but also disagree. (Hah.) What I mean is that House is who he is (and thus agree with you), but I disagree that House isn’t a very realistic character.

      How many people make changes in their lives and within themselves? Change is extremely difficult, and while many people find they can change, especially when they fall to a very low space, some don’t. People that complain House isn’t realistic have an unrealistic view of life. Granted, it’s a TV show, and I’d like to think that doctors who behaved as he does, no matter how brilliant, wouldn’t be practicing anymore, there isn’t anything saying that it couldn’t happen, and nothing saying that everyone changes. Even if it’s destructive, not changing is the path of least resistance.

    • Randi says:

      YES!! that’s what I was thinking…
      Plus, no one is making anyone watch the show, if all you people have such a dislike for it now, uh I don’t know, change the channel maybe? This is House, he’s not going to sit and beg for forgiveness, which he probably doesn’t even want. He does what he wants and that’s it…so either watch it and love House because he’s still House, or stop watching the show. Either way, GET OVER IT!

  30. N says:

    Not sure how to feel about this. It looks good, but It’s like “Broken” all over again. but we’ll see – I hope the story is going to be more creative than this.
    Hugh looks great through.

  31. Huddytards says:

    I love the bitter and rabid LE fangirls, their spamming is so fun

  32. Anna says:

    Why I can’t see??

  33. Franco says:

    Gracias, antes que nada por el cartel de advertencia al comienzo de la nota, prefiero quedarme con la intriga. Soy muy seguidor de la serie.

    Saludos desde Argentina, Córdoba (Capital).

  34. Judy says:

    OMG….cannot fricking wait. Don’t bring you down, House.

  35. Teresa says:

    Can’t wait ……till October 3rd….Love me some house..

  36. pnp says:

    Bloody writers! Die you incompetent morons!

  37. Cherry says:

    They could put house on the moon and I’d STILL watch! One of my fav shows EVER. I think it could be interesting having House in prison for a few episodes trying to treat people with limited resources.

  38. Bangkay says:

    for those who can’t view it.

  39. Sara says:

    Love it and can’t wait for the new season. House is House – why would DS change who the character is? He HAS developed a great character over the years – why should the character show change just to show development? Seriously…haven’t you ever met a person who just won’t grow up? That’s the point and why it’s great TV. Love you, DS!

  40. Ogre says:

    here in wonderland we cant see it ,could u please do something about that…

  41. titti says:

    house una serie fantastica :) ti adoro

  42. Nina says:

    Awesome. BRING. IT. ON. \o/

  43. Kim says:

    I loved House when it first came on but like most shows, it became stale after about 5 years. I guess you could say they have jumped the shark but as long as enough people will watch, the show will go on.

  44. Kelli says:

    I am excited for the new season! For all of you saying you are upset because he shows no remorse………how many people that go to prison show remorse? Most only get out because their time is served. House is House and I love him for it! He doesn’t care what others think and he is himself, no matter how screwed up he may be. He has been the same way since the beginning. You can’t change him to much or the whole series is wasted, that is why people love him!

  45. Kendall says:

    This doesn’t answer the question about House feeling regret AT ALL.

    I’m not sure if I want him to feel regret or not, though I imagine he will to some degree. That’s just not a question that will be definitively answered at a parole board hearing.

    • Connor says:

      This doesn’t answer the question about House feeling regret AT ALL.

      I agree with you,he even admitted he was saying this to annoy them. It seems his cellmate might have come to his rescue for hurting House by punching the guy on the floor,so he hasn’t alienated everyone.

  46. sophia says:

    i like to see house ,they did say there was anew house ,bit there is only they ols ones again .they are greath but ones you have seen them ,you want to moove on .

  47. Shawn says:

    OMG Cant wait for thsi to air. I Love to watch this show. My husband and I are true House fans. Hugh Laurie is one of the finest actors I have seen In a long time.

  48. Adrian says:

    Here it is :


  49. Antonia says:

    Blah blah blah… So much negativity. So many of you are pretty quick to write off a great show based on 30 seconds of teaser that frankly, I thought fit very well with what I expected.

    How did you think things were going to play out? House was gonna walk on down the beach, Cuddy would run into his arms and he’d say he was oh so sorry and they could live happily ever after? Now THAT would have been crap. This on the other hand, is House. Exactly as we’ve come to expect him.

    Someone up above said, “No because they turned House into a psycho with no remorse and that new chick can’t act worth a Sh*@”

    I just gotta ask… what show have YOU been watching? House has ALWAYS been a psycho with no remorse! It’s been that way since season one. House believes in one, and only one guiding principle that sets morality and any question of right, wrong, or regret to a zero sum equation. Simply, is it logical? If the answer is yes, then he has nothing to regret.

    I really shouldn’t even bother trying to enlighten you nay sayers though, since most of you are probably just trolls, trying to stir up animosity anyway, and come October 3rd, you’re gonna be exactly where the rest of us are –parked in front of a TV, glued to House.

  50. Rod aguilar says:

    I can’t see this video
    I’m fron of Guatemala City.