Scoop: Criminal Minds Season 7 Gets Personal, Bringing Back JJ's Baby Daddy and More

Once the dust that comes with pulling Prentiss “out of the grave” settles, CBS’ Criminal Minds will take a breath and use some of its seventh season to explore the more personal side of the hard-working BAU agents.

Fall TV Promo: The Criminal Minds Team Faces the Music

“Every time we can reveal another layer of one of our characters, all the better,” executive producer Erica Messer told TVLine Tuesday at a Paley Center event tributing the crime drama (which returns Sept. 21). “We study how everybody else ticks, how all the bad guys tick, and I want to be able to study our heroes, too. And this season, we’ve earned that. It’s seven years, so I think it’s time we get to do that.”

For one, A.J. Cook shared with us that the show will revisit William LaMontagne Jr., the onetime New Orleans detective whom viewers first met in Season 2, and in Season 4 emerged as the father of JJ’s baby. Third Watch‘s Josh Stewart will again reprise the role.

“We’re going to see her baby’s daddy and her baby again, which my actual real-life son will be playing,” said Cook. “So it’ll be fun. We’re definitely going to see into her personal life and what’s been happening there.”

Criminal Minds Season 7 Premiere Pics: Prentiss Returns!

Speaking of love interests, as first reported by TVLine, Homicide: Life on the Street‘s Isabella Hofmann will guest-star as Rossi’s first wife, in a two-week arc beginning with Episode 5.

“It’s going to be special in really bittersweet way,” Messer previews. What, no warm, fuzzy rekindling of an old romance? “It’s the Criminal Minds version of that,” notes the EP, “so it has to be a little bit darker, right?”

Joe Mantegna, who had been lobbying for any of Rossi’s three (!) exes to make a showing, says the storyline “exceeded my expectations,” adding: “When you’re on a show for seven years, I think the fans appreciate something that deals with the personal aspects of the characters.”

The Women of Criminal Minds Celebrate: The Band Is Back Together!

And then there’s Reid, whose past history of drug addiction will again be addressed. “It’s territory that we don’t want to go over again because we feel like he’s been there and done that,” Messer allows, “but it’s also defined who he is. So we have to explore that.”

In addition, Matthew Gray Gubler told us that his alter ego’s mysterious Season 6 headaches are “still lingering, as headaches are wont to do.” But as for his own wishes for Reid’s personal life, Gubler wants him to go back to school.

“I’d like to see him become like an adjunct professor at a community college,” says the actor, “and start teaching people something totally unrelated to criminology.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. udontget2getmeback says:

    I just hope that bringing back Will doesn’t mean that JJ and him are splitting up. The thing I like about her is that she is the ONLY member of that team who is able to do what she does for a living and still have her family intact with her.
    JJ and Will and Henry are great together. I hope the writers don’t mess up with that story-line.

  2. Sarah says:

    I get Josh Stewart back on my screen! YES!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Yes!! I’m always thrilled to hear more about the BAU teams’ personal lives outside of the office. It’s almost hard to believe there are only two more weeks until we get the whole team back on our screens!

  4. Anna says:

    I want some Prentiss and Reid scenes… Maybe his headaches will give us so good one… I love them

    • Carley says:

      YES meee tooo ! They are like the best scenes <3

    • Marinella says:

      I am glad the girls are back. This is the best tv team ever.

    • lolyncut says:

      I would like to see Reid ask Prentiss to the movie they missed out on last year. Maybe “Solaris” could be playing in one of the major cities they visit this year. I’m in the minority, but I would love to see some Emily/Spencer happenings, even if it’s background information.

  5. Robin says:

    I am so happy they are all back I am a loyal fan and I liked the line up of characters it fit perfictly

    • Alicia says:

      Agreed; the CM team is at it’s best and the cast is the greatest!
      Have people seen the music video (“Wheels Up”) they just made?? The “gangsta-ness” is just–had tears in my eyes from laughing XD

      • LDSK says:

        Just saw the video last night. Hilarious! Loved AJ and Paget trying to act all gangsta (and failing) ;-) Hotch being Hotch amid all the madness was perfect.

        • lolyncut says:

          On a side note, MGG just taped an episode of “Yo Gabba Gabba,” a children’s show. If you have a toddler between 1-4, you know the show. Anyway, it should be really good.

    • alex says:

      Exactly! I don’t even care. I’m just SO happy the team is back together! YAY

  6. kevin says:

    I tried to remember if AJ Cook had a baby in real life or is it?

    • Tritonequeen says:

      Yes she did :) Her real life son will player her son this season.

    • BobtheMan says:

      That’s why they wrote the whole JJ getting pregnant story in the first place. Because AJ Cook was really pregnant and they didn’t want to have to hide it on the show.

  7. Kate says:

    While JJ wasn’t my favorite character (although that’s more related to poor storyline developments in regards to the character) I’m psyched to have any JJ storyline because it means the team is back together!!! PLUS, I love Will so I’m excited about that too :)

  8. racbec says:

    I hope we get a really good Reid episode this season. I think he is the most fascinating character on this show.

  9. MDEP says:

    Holt McLaren!!! Love him.

  10. MARSHA ELLIS says:

    Great show. I can’t wait for the new seaso

  11. IRP says:

    I am so glad the producers corrected the error they made when they let Prentiss and JJ go. I applaud you.

  12. Megan says:

    This! I love him! Why does it seem like every time I’ve seen him lately hes been a villain?

  13. Megan says:

    And by this I mean Josh Stewart. That was supposed to be a reply but for some reason didn’t post right

  14. popsie says:

    I would love to see Jane Lynch back to the show.

  15. phofperson says:

    As long as you keep Morgan and Penelope and characters, you are my favorite show. their chemistry is amazing.

  16. mandy says:

    Wow I wasn’t the only Dirt fan :)

  17. Tammy says:

    I love watching Criminal Minds. It is a great show. I’m glad they will be bringing A.J. back. I don’t like the part where Hotches wife was killed. All cast members work really well together.

  18. Renee says:

    Awww. I loved JJ’s baby daddy and AJ’s real son playing her son.
    That really makes me awww.

  19. judy says:

    They have finally gotten things back the way they were, I knew it was a mistake to break up the best BAU Team ever. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to mess with perfection. I can’t wait to see what is in store for all my Friends at Quantico this Season. My favorite show!

  20. SnazzyO says:

    Where’s Kevin! I need to see he and Penelope again!

  21. Michelle says:

    I would not have come across this article if not for Criminal Minds RT (@criminalmindsrt) so thank you both. Lots of activity in the CM space at the moment and speaking as an addicted CM fan this is all great, so looking forward to the new season and having the best cast on TV back together. Cheers to the best Cast & Crew and show on TV.

  22. Mandy says:

    Can’t wait to see more Reid stuff. It is good for continuosness to keep the characters backstories popping up.
    Also excited for more of JJ’s family. I liked her husband and how they got together. So cute.

    • Alicia says:

      Will isn’t her husband!! I kind of think they bringing him back to break them up because it says a lot about their relationship, that she decided to not marry him!

      • Ace says:

        Maybe they’re bringing him back so that she CAN marry him. (Oh please, please let it be a wedding and not a breakup.)

      • Jax says:

        Actually Alicia, there are plenty of folks these days who are in a committed relationship but choose not to get married. My Aunt lived with a guy for 15 years and finally married him only because they were both retiring and it was cheaper to carry him on her insurance. I don’t think it means anything that she didn’t marry him. Having said that, however, it doesn’t mean that the writers won’t break them up if only to create some drama. I hope not.

      • Kiane says:

        That’s right Alicia! They are not married. They’re only boyfriend and girlfriend. JJ would have told the team, her best friends, they are married. I think he’s back to distance him and JJ, because of her new demanding career as a profiler which is eons different from her old position, and she doesn’t spend enough time with him. Even AJ Cook hinted their scenes will be dramatic.

        • JohAnna says:

          Will announced their engagement at the same time JJ announced the baby, so they could and probably are married. Most fans seem to think otherwise.

  23. MamaCath says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing what word was seared into Emily’s flesh. (My bet—“Lauren”.)How much has her time away from the team, & the horrors she endured, changed her? If 1/2 of the troops returning from war have PTSD symptoms, isn’t it likely that 1/2 the BAU team also struggles w/ PTSD? Might be interesting to explore this w/ Prentiss, Reed, & Hotch, especially…

  24. April says:

    I love catching glimpses of their personal lives I just hope they don’t overdo it and turn it into a big soap opera. I love the characters but what I love best is watching the characters catch serial killers.

  25. Ashley says:

    I can’t wait for this season to start! The story arcs haven’t really addressed the characters’ personal lives since season 5 (Prentiss’ backstory doesn’t count, as it was just created so they could find a way of writing her off while leaving the door open for her to come back), and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to get to know these seven characters better.

  26. Ele says:

    Criminal Minds have the most amazing cast!!!!! Just watch the music video they made WHEELS UP!!!!!! Love them!

  27. Dominique says:

    Yay! I love the JJ/Will relationship, they’re so real and pure together. I’m glad we’ll see Josh again!

  28. Cheryl says:

    Very happy to see Josh back. I love Will and JJ together.

  29. Lauren Reynolds (is dead) says:

    Hey Matt, thanks for the great CM scoop (as always)! This is really good news. I can’t wait for the new season to begin.

  30. Max says:

    If I recall correctly I read an article on another entertainment site (sorry TV Line) that said the writters were going to focus some on the Hotch and JJ relationship this year. And no…I don’t mean THAT kind of relationship. I guess they formed a real bond being the only two who knew Prentiss was alive. Plus, I always saw them as the “Mom and Dad” of the office anyway so it kind of makes sense. I’m interested to see how the writers portray all the relationships this year since they have been through so much.

  31. Sean Johnson says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but sometimes it kinda weirds me out to see Josh playing such a nice guy on “Criminal Minds” considering he played such a villain on “No Ordinary Family”. I keep waiting for him to snap. lol

    I guess, on some level, that just proves how great of an actor Josh is at playing a villain. I used to solely identify him as Officer Brendan Finney of the 55th Precinct on “Third Watch”, but, after seeing him play such an evil role on another show, it’s funny to see him playing such a nice guy again. :-D

  32. Irene says:

    I don’t mind seeing part of peoples personal lives, it makes them more human but please, I am begging. Don’t make it into a soap opera. That is what kills off most shows.

    Make sure the personal lives are the asides.

  33. John F. Mollard says:

    I want to see Reid’s apartment – his den of geekdom. See what makes him tick.

  34. steve says:

    kinda meh on these storylines.

  35. Beate says:

    I’m so happy they will show more of the team member’s personal life. Although my belief in the character development was rattled by season 6, I KNOW that they can do this without turning the show into a soap opera – they have proven it in the earlier seasons. It’s great to see something about Reid’s adiction – after all, it’s a struggle that lasts for a lifetime, and just because he has been there doesn’t mean that everything’s fine now; with this story arc, there are so many possibilities. As for JJ and Will: I love them together, but it would be totally normal if they had a little strain in their relationship once in a while. If that’s why Will comes back (and we don’t know why he returns, right?) I am totally okay with that as long as they don’t break up. I am just so happy that this season will be about the characters and that everyone is back!!!

    • Ann says:

      I am not really into any romantic storylines for the CM characters either. That is not why I tune in! One of the things I like best about the show is that they do not have those type of scenes–at least not for the main characters.

      I agree it is great to see something about Reid’s drug addiction! It’s been pointed out and I concur that you don’t just get cured from a drug addiction. You are either using or in recovery but there is always the possibility of a relapse. Reid would be dealing with this for the rest of his life. It’s why he needs to go to support group meetings. It’s understandable that he could be facing a setback after learning that half of his team–Hotch, JJ, Prentiss–lied to him. That type of betrayal, and I think he would see it as such, would be enough to make him at least be tempted to use again to forget, escape, be in denial that they did this to him…So I disagree with EM when she says they’ve already been there and done that with Reid. The addiction is a part of his life now and each day would be a struggle. Some days would be worse than others but it would always be there. I don’t want some comment in passing to be the writer’s way of saying the issue was addressed. That would be very unsatisfactory. I don’t know about the legal issues end of things if Reid were to be found out but certainly the fact that he has a problem should not be swept under the rug. It shouldn’t be a sentence along the lines of “Oh, I had a problem but that’s over now.” That won’t cut it and it would be a huge disservice to the character. Plus viewers like myself are really invested in Reid and that includes his history!

  36. hotchfan says:

    I would love to see a little romance between prentiss & hotch. They have good chemistry & look great together. She could bring out a less serious side to him. I want to see my Hotch have some fun.

    • Jason says:

      AGREED! Their chemistry was always there and their characters truly compliment each other. If the makers are going to be looking at the personal dimension of the characters – while I don’t want them to overdo it – this is definitely an angle worth doing.

    • Hayley says:

      They don’t have any chemistry. I hope they never do this storyline.

    • Lena says:

      I too find they’ve an unique chemistry on screen – hopefully, the writers take a look at this angle. And I’m so glad AJ and Paget are back!

    • Kiane says:

      ZZZZZZZZZ. Hotch and Prentiss have no spark, nothing going between them. And they look like siblings.

    • TwistAndShout says:

      LOL this is the one ship I have never understood in this fandom. Prentiss has more chemistry with Reid, Morgan and Rossi than she does with Hotch.

      My favorite relationship on the show is Morgan and Garcia. The flirting and witty banter is enjoyable even though you know it’s not going anywhere. If they’re gonna do that with some of the other characters, I hope it’s only on the fringes and the show is still focused on the cases.

      Though I do see JJ and Hotch getting close since they’ve had to share the burden of keeping Emily being alive a secret from the team. And now that JJ is a profiler, I wonder if any of them distrust her for lying to them?

      • bklyngirl says:

        Yeah, because they got top billing on the cast. Hell, Hotch and Rossi have more chem together, you want to be blunt. I have witnessed no sparks flying between H & P, nor any looks between them that convey a message underneath.

        TwistShout, I heard Reid will be distant with JJ and Prentiss because he’s angry with them, and Morgan he gets a temper.

  37. Jason says:

    I absolutely love this show but it sounds a lot like this may be the FINAL SEASON. After 6 seasons of case-by-case episodes focusing on a personal lives will be quite a turner, sort of like they’re trying to wrap things up. As well, if what Matthew Gray Gubler wants for his alter ego actually happens then I can’t, with my limited imagination, imagine the BAU team staying together. (I think it’s important for shows to know when to finish otherwise the entire series is overkilled. Shows like The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, and now In Plain Sight have pulled it off nicely and they go out with a bang.)
    That being said, I really hope the show continues. Because they’re different to other crime shows they can still make a few more seasons. And like I mentioned before I love the show and am not ready to let go yet!

    • Kayla says:

      I doubt that this wil be the last episodes as Cm as alot of views nearly 15 million. Cbs wouldn’t cancel it with so much viewers besides A.J Cooks contract was renewed for season 7 and 8.

  38. julie says:

    just becuz they are bring will on the show doesnt mean that they are spilting up. they just want to show that there is more to them then just working all the time that they do have lives outside of the bau

  39. Michael says:

    Reid going back to school would be cool maybe he quits the BAU when his headach get real bad

  40. Sandra Val d'Or Québec says:

    I hope that Reid doesen’t leave, He’s the genious of the show. I hope that nobody leaves bcause they are all unique and hold the show 2gether in there own way. I will stop watcing the show if they loose anybody. I am 53 and have never loved a show as much as this show. My daughter and I use to watch this show all the time together and unfortunately she passed 18 months ago and I don’t know why but this show actually helps me with my grieving so pls pls keep it on the air I really need it in my life.

  41. yoyobeara says:

    I like everybody on the show except the girl that came after jj left

  42. note4u says:

    I did not see any mention of Derek Morgan, or Penelope Garcia. Please say they will be back too.

  43. karla thompson says:

    I’m so glad to hear that the team is back. It would’t be the same without Prentiss & JJ I absolutrly love Reed & would love to see more of a storie line about his personal life!

  44. Jorge says:

    Personally, Reid is my favorite character….how someone so young can hold 3 PhDs and 3 BAs is just fascinating….I wish I had an eidetic memory…..though I hope i could see more of the insights of profiling and more o how it is done

  45. Nancy Frederick says:

    Personally I think they should get rid of Kevin, he and Garcia have no electricity between them at all. They don’t seem real. I think they should put Morgan and Garcia together for real. It would bring a real good handsome man together with a cute, a little plump, sexy woman. I think Garcia is a little unsure of her self with men like Morgan and in real life men don’t always fall for women who aren’t size 6. They look for something more and I think story line would be great. They are great now with all their wit, and they love each other as very good friends. It would be wonderful to watch that love blossom into a real love match and maybe them getting married in the future. I think they are good for each other.
    I am also glad they are bringing A.J. and Prentiss back. There is good charisma between all the rest of the team.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Liz says:

      I agree about Garcia and Morgan – I would love to see a romantic relationship between them. Although, if you think about it, if they do have a romance and then it goes sour, they would lose their very special friendship. So……???
      I’m SO glad the team is back together, and hope they stay together.
      However, I’m NOT happy about Will’s coming back into the story. I don’t like his fake Southern ‘accent,’ and I haven’t seen any real chemistry between him and JJ.
      Even though I’d like to see a more romantic relationship between some of the other characters, I think it/they would get in the way of the team’s doing their jobs effectively.
      LUV CM!!!

  46. court says:

    Mmm. Can’t wait for shemar moore!!!

  47. Tonya says:

    When does crimminal minds come on tv in ga thanks

  48. Debbi says:

    My absolute most favorite show on TV….Josh Stewart and JJ are a great couple, please dont split them up!! They are both realists and so down to earth. Our DC fan club is having a get together tomorrow night to celebrate the return of one of the best shows on TV in the last few years. I’m even addicted to the reruns on ION TV.

  49. Ronda says:

    What about Morgan and Garcia?

  50. Vet says:

    CM is the best show EVER. So glad they brought JJ and Prentiss back. The cast is now back to being perfect. Can’t wait for tonights premier.