TVLine Items: Pompeo Game for More Grey's, Regis' Live Finale, GH Wedding Peek, and More

Grey’s Anatomy fans, take heart: Ellen Pompeo — whom you know well and love as Seattle Grace’s Meredith Grey — has revealed that Season 8 of the ABC medical drama will not necessarily not be her last.

Talking to TV Guide Magazine, Pompeo opened up about the possibility of continuing with Grey’s beyond her contract’s expiration at the end of the upcoming season, saying, “I would love the opportunity to discuss it. I would never turn up my nose at Grey’s. As long as the stories are honest and truthful, and Patrick [Dempsey] and I feel there is material for us to be passionate about, it still beats a 9-to-5 job any day.”

Adds the actress, “If I hear from the fans that they want us to keep going, then I would continue, because we owe them everything.”

There’s only one problem: “I was invited for eight years… and no one has asked me for a day more,” Pompeo explains. “I know [series boss] Shonda Rhimes has said the show will continue [beyond that], but I wouldn’t presume that they want to continue with me.”

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Daytime TV king Regis Philbin has announced that Friday, Nov. 18 will be his last day as host of Live With Regis & Kelly. Ever the charmer, Philbin revealed that while his replacement has yet to be found, “Kelly will be trying out new co-hosts, just like we did 11 years ago, when we found her!” Live‘s recently premiered new season will be devoted to Regis’ “favorite moments” from the past 28 years, including Ripa’s first appearance as a guest/All My Children ingenue, in a clip they shared on Monday.

General Hospital tough Jason Morgan (played by Steve Burton) and his longtime love Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) will finally tie the knot beginning Sept. 19; has your first look at the unconventional I Dos here.

• Greg Daniels is at it again! After (more than) successfully adapting Ricky Gervais’ British comedy The Office for NBC, the über-accomplished executive producer will try his hand at bringing U.K. hit Friday Night Dinner to the U.S. for none other than the Peacock network, per Deadline.

• The new Fox comedy New Girl is getting sneak peek treatment before its official debut on Sept. 28. Per Variety, the Zooey Deschanel vehicle will hit iTunes on Sept. 6, and then will appear on Hulu, and VOD beginning Sept. 13.

Kate del Castillo (aka Weeds‘ Pilar Zuzua) will appear in the fifth episode of CSI: Miami‘s upcoming season as a sheriff who assists Horatio Cane when the notorious Mala Noche gang resurfaces, CSI Files reports.

• Bachelor Pad fiends… rejoice? reports that the Sept. 12 season finale of the ABC reality show has been supersized to occupy a whopping three-hour block of time.

• Take note, Kindle owners: The pilot episode script of ABC’s promising fall drama Revenge (starring Emily VanCamp) can be downloaded from now until its Sept. 21 premiere date.

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Seriously? Three HOURS of Bachelor Pad?? Who decided that was something the world needed?!

  2. Tee says:

    Should mention that at the end of that Revenge script on Kindle (can use kindle for pc or app version as well) is a code to watch the pilot episode.

  3. Sivat says:

    So, after November 18, will the show be “Live with Kelly” with Kelly and a revolving series of guest co-hosts? That’s what they did when Kathie Lee left…it was “Live with Regis” for about six months while they auditioned potential co-hosts before picking Kelly and renaming the show “Live with Regis and Kelly”.

  4. Carly says:

    Thanks Tee. I had seen something about watching Revenge but didn’t know where to find the code. I really want to watch it!

    I can’t help but to laugh about Ellen Pompeo. How many interviews is she going to give saying she hasn’t been asked back? Its been a few months since the last time she said it so either she has the worst agents in the history of television (who cannot get ABC, EP’s employer, to respond to requests for months) or she’s lying and looking to be begged. Kinda sad.

    • Ana says:

      Ellen is not begging, as Patrick has said the same thing. Since contract negotiations tend to happen in January, Ellen’s interview doesn’t surprise me or strikes me as “begging”. I think that they’re honest in saying that they’re still in the dark. Plus frankly, Shonda Rhimes has done everything in her power to make sure that they are expendable. So, until then, don’t expect them to make official statements.

  5. Mal says:

    I literally just discovered Friday Night Dinner last week, and I LOVE it! I’ve downloaded all the eps from iTunes, and laughed out loud plenty of times! If you like The Inbetweeners, or if you’re one of the 5 Americans who’ve watched Green Wing on Hulu, I bet you’ll like Friday Night Dinner. The brothers remind me of the way my sister and I behave when we get together with our parents. It’s hilarious! I have faith that Greg Daniels will make a good Americanized version!

  6. Ryan says:

    New Girl on VOD on September 13? It’s already been there a few days. I watched it yesterday.

    It was great!

  7. Amanda says:

    I like Ellen Pompeo and am so glad she’s generally on the fans side regarding poor storytelling but she has to stop with the “nobody has asked me back” stuff. Contract negotiations won’t start until after they see if Grey’s Anatomy ratings are even worth their high salaries anymore and she knows this! “The opportunity to discuss it” won’t happen until after Christmas at the earliest.

    Also the New Girl has been on Time Warner’s Primetime on Demand since at least last Friday.

    • Danielle H. says:

      Yeah, I actually see what all this GA nonsense is really about now. The whole time the media has been spinning it like Patrick and her wanted out, but in reality they haven’t been asked back yet because it may not even be worth paying them for a show that will in all reality probably still go on without them because people will be dumb enough to watch something that is 25% of the quality that it used to be.

  8. Babygate says:

    It’s very big of Ellen Pompeo to acknowledge her fans, NOW. Just a couple of years ago she was adamant about leaving when her contact was up, talking about moving to Italy. When negotiating her contract beyond S8, she should realize that Grey’s may be the best and only thing to put her name on the map. After this, she may become another has been. Often, stars get too demanding and end up getting the boot. And she should stop with the innuendos. She keeps saying the same thing: “no one is asking me back”. She’s beginning to sound like Katie Heigl. Don’t antagonize the bosses Ellen…

    • bob says:

      i don’t think she is even remotely “antagonizing” the bosses. she’s being diplomatic about a tricky situation. it’s fairly obvious that abc is testing the waters with its new fall shows, and once everything has premiered and the numbers are in, they’ll decide what to do with a few of their flagship titles. they’ve already given desperate housewives the boot, so it seems reasonable they’ll be at least giving grey’s some consideration to stick around. it may not be cost effective to keep some of the bigger salaries around (pompeo, oh, dempsey) if they can keep the same audience with supporting actors (namely chyler leigh, who, as everyone has pointed out, also has the last name grey, a la grey’s anatomy). the gist is that pompeo can’t say she’s coming back, because she really doesn’t know.

    • Robin says:

      I think Rhimes was putting out feelers about how accepting the viewers would be of Lexie being the Grey in Grey’s anatomy when they started asking Ellen a full two years before her contract was up if she would be staying. She made some comments but nothing definitely. Who asks this question two years before the contract is up unless they were just trying to stir the pot? They didn’t ask any of the other originals this question until much later. So I have no issue with Ellen changing her mind but I don’t think she did. She wasn’t adamant about leaving. A lot can happen in two years including financially, personally, health wise, career, etc. She’s always been very appreciate and gracious of the fans in every single interview. It’s not her fault that reporters keep asking her the same question and she responds with honesty and candor. Asked and answered repeatedly.

  9. Alice says:

    I don’t know what the writers of grey’s are thinking. Ellen is the story. Without her there is no Grey’s. The storylines have gone steadly downhill, this past season improved slightly over the previous poorly scripted one. Seriously, how many ways can they tell the lesbians love life? I will not watch!

  10. Kim says:

    “New Girl” is on Comcast/Xfinity on demand right now. I’m watching it as I type… Not that awesome.

  11. Jessica says:

    I am so looking forward to Jason and Sam’s wedding!! Its about time!!

  12. Mayra says:

    Pompeo, they better want you back, if you’re willing to come back.
    Cause we want yoou!You’re our Mer and we love u <3

    • Rax says:

      Totally agree! I cant imagine Grey’s Anatomy without THE grey herself! also not without Alex or Yang even… Yang for sure …!

  13. Amanda says:

    I’m sorry and again, I’m a fan of Ellen but she knows what she’s doing. She’s trying to stir up an outcry about them not asking her back to put her in a better position to negotiate. SHE knows why they haven’t asked her back yet (its pretty standard not to start any talk until January) but she also knows that the majority of tv viewers do not know that’s how it works.

    • Sarah says:

      Agreed Amanda, Ellen is trying to rile fans in order to get more money. If she didn’t say the same thing months back I probably wouldn’t be thinking that. To keep stating how they didn’t ask her over and over makes her look ridiculous.

  14. Stacey says:

    Oh please, of course Ellen Pompeo is trying to bring fans into her negotiations with her “if the fans want me” statements. Kudos to Sandra Oh for remaining a class act and negotiating as many other professional actors do – behind the scenes and not involving fans.

    • Eu says:

      She was responding to the question of if she would consider more time in GA, what’s wrong with that statement? What was she supposed to say? She clearly cares. Unlike the showrunner.
      It’s a matter of personalities, not manipulation. SO has rarely spoken to the press about GA, so IMO, her not speaking doesn’t make her a class act but rather a normal attitude of hers. Ellen does speak and most likely, this was her answer to the question. If Sandra would’ve answered the same thing…(and most likely she would have), would it make a difference of class act?

  15. Sammi says:

    It comes across as Pompeo trying to convince people her character would be worth watching without Dempsey and Oh around. Good luck with that. Her fan girls would run crying if there was no more Meredith and Derek.

    • Anna Maria says:

      I too wonder how many of the so called Meredith fans would stick around if Derek were gone. It seems like the fanbase is always threatening to stop watching so I have a hard time believing they would watch to support Ellen or care about just the Meredith character. I can’t say I would be surprised when they all bail. Its been Patrick that was the star from day 1 regardless of the title.

    • Nara says:

      I agree. Personally, I would actually like to see Meredith on her own again, facing new challenges and all. I think Derek and Meredith are limiting each other at this point because the writers clearly are out of ideas for them, but they don’t have the guts to split them up for good either. But I agree that a lot of Meredith fans are actually really mostly MerDer fangirls.

  16. Sari says:

    I don’t believe she’s begging for fans to want her back. First, she honestly has no idea whether she’ll be renewing her contract or not, so she has to choose her words carefully in answering questions regarding whether she’ll be back. Second, her one or two statements have clearly been published throughout media all over the place.

    In my opinion, if all goes well, ABC’s fall dramas will have potential and GA will then be booted off air either this year or the next. The show is less than half the quality it used to be – ABC is clearly keeping it for safety as it already has an established group of viewers. It’s lost its Emmy and Golden Globe worth. I believe both Sandra and Ellen could go a lot farther than GA.

  17. Juan says:

    I love Ellen Pompeo and hope she sticks around for awhile but if not at least to do movies and everything cause I love her as an actress.

    Also its awesome that Kate De Castillo is gonna be in CSI, not that I watch that but she is awesome and was amazing in La Reina Del Sur

  18. greysfan says:

    Best news i have heard all day. If she wants to continue then the producers should sign her up pronto. The show just wouldn’t be the same without her. She is the lead and a great one at that. I mean if Patrick was to leave but Pompeo was to stay i would be ok with that but Greys just wouldn’t be Greys without Meredith. I know the show will go on regardless but yeah thats my 2 cents.

  19. Felix says:

    Wanna put my two cents in too, in case Rhimes or Pompeo are reading this. The show is called GREY’s anatomy.. Meredith has been the heart and soul of the show from day 1, to me. So I don’t care how much they have to pay her, if Ellen is willing to continue with the show, they HAVE TO keep her. Please. Please.

  20. ANDY says:

    Ellen Pompeo. What can I say: you are magnificent.

    You managed to portray one of the most complicated, dysfunctional amazing character ever written for TV in such a wonderful, graceful, meaningful and heart felt way. Capturing the hearts and souls of millions around the world. With your gorgeous looks, your beautiful eyes, your close to the heart smile and your brilliant acting. Simply spectacular. You deserve to be rewarded heavily for the past 8 years of bringing Meredith Grey to life in this one of a kind way.

    You are truly very talented. And to add to all this greatness you are obviously one of the sweetest, most down to earth celebrity out there. With a beautiful sense of appreciation and respect for your fans and all these opportunities that come your way. And you show it, which makes you even more humble, respectful and loved by all.

    Anyone who meets you raves about how amazing and wonderful you are. And all your fans who never met you never stop bragging how talented and how much they love you.
    A most beautiful person inside out.

    No one in this world is perfect, and we are distinguished and special through our flaws, you showed us that through Meredith Grey. Through Grey’s Anatomy.

    You are by far, with no doubt or comparison: The heart and soul of this amazing show. You are it’s voice, it’s center and it’s life. You are Grey’s Anatomy.

    The day you leave is the day this show will end. no sane person will doubt that.
    So if you feel that Grey’s can still bring us amazing story lines through your heart felt one of a kind acting, then please do sign on for more years and greatness to come. If not, i will be sad, very sad. but I will look forward to see in greater bigger roles on my big screen. You are Oscar material actress. Many will agree.

    Ellen Pompeo, thank you. we truly love you.

  21. D.S. says:

    Ellen Pompeo is classy in so many ways. and she is honest and i think this was amazing for her to say for her fans specially.
    bravo Ellen. well done. Im sure ABC will have your contract ready when negotiations start soon.

  22. a fan says:

    ELLEN POMPEO is the heart and soul of Grey’s Anatomy no Ellen means no Greys its simply.
    A major poll was done and its in magazine today, over 80% said they WILL NOT watch Grey’s if Ellen leaves. its very clear she is the lead and the star of the show and the strongest link. no Ellen means no Greys. ABC knows it they said it, Shonda knows it and she said it too.

    Ellen needs majot appreciation. after that poll went public Ellen has a right to hold her head way up high and demand what she wants. instead shes being humble and honest and appreciating her fans. LOVE THIS WOMAN

  23. Mary P. says:

    We are all asking for but Meredith Grey! We want and we ask! And as Ellen and Patrick want great stories for MerDer, and so them feel encouraged to stay. How insulting is the innocence of people who underestimate things. ABC knows very well what the lack of Meredith Grey to Grey’s Anatomy can make with Grey’s Anatomy. You have no idea how are the negotiations between them. Ellen Pompeo is not trying to put fans in the negotiations. It’s just an answer for us fans who want Patrick and Ellen in S9! Ellen Pompeo does not need that fans make the negotiations and you do not know what happens between the actors and ABC. I do not know and you too! So keep quiet! I love Ellen Pompeo! I love Grey’s Anatomy and only with her.

  24. Rina says:

    If Ellen Pompeo is so concerned about not being asked back then she should have her managers/lawyers get in touch with the ABC execs and get the negotiation ball rolling. There is no need for her to repetitively speak about her contract publicly unless her goal is to make the negotiations public. If asked, she could simply say “No comment”, “negotiations in progress”, “I won’t know until later in the season” and all the other phrases others use to avoid speaking publicly about their contracts.

  25. anna j. says:

    Ellen Pompeo is one amazing actress and so great with her fans.
    I love she syas what she says cause shes telling it as it is. no lies now games. Contract negotiations will begin soon for ABC. this is very smart move for Ellen. well done I say. She is the heart and soul and Grey’s. She is the lead. If Ellen goes, all the fans leave with her and MerDer. She is the heart and voice and pulse of this great amazing show.

  26. Paul says:

    It won’t matter if Pompeo stays or goes. The show will die when Dempsey leaves.

  27. Sam says:

    It would seem to me that preliminary contract talks would have already started for the cast whose contracts expire after the current season. Maybe ABC is waiting to see how the ratings are before deciding whether or not to continue for a ninth season (and also see if they have any break out new shows to replace it.) I hope tptb at least give the show runner enough time to wrap up story lines and give the actors enough notice to make professional and personal commitments should they not sign on. I respect Dempsey’s and Pompeo’s candor when repeatedly asked if they are coming back. They don’t know and don’t presume. They have both, since the beginning of the series, been extremely grateful for the fans and are always acknowledging them. While the show has survived with the loss of other major characters I think the loss of Dempsey, Oh and especially Pompeo would be DOA for this show. I’d like to see a comment on this from ABC.

  28. Steph says:

    I want more Grey’s! If I could only pick one show to watch, it would be that one! I’ve been with it since the beginning and would love to see it go past 8 seasons!

  29. D.S. says:

    Ellen Pompeo is the heart soul voice spirit life of Grey’s Anatomy shes the only one that if she leaves the show will end the show can survive with anyone else leaving but not Ellen.

  30. lisa says:

    Ellen greys anthomy.if she leaves i feel that the show-off will lose fans aswell rateings will go way down.

  31. bostonangel says:

    Ellen pompeno is the show,the voice,she has brought the show to life!she and patrick dempsy are why fans watch every week….i feel if they both leave the show will end.

  32. Alli says:

    If Ellen goes I stop watching. Period. As will my friends, she is the name sake of the show, you know GREYS Anatomy = Meredith Grey! Not Lexie Grey, she is not an important enough of a character nor strong enough to carry the show onward. Ellen has made the show what it is through her character Meredith and thats one of the only reasons I watchs Greys, the secondary characters are a plus but I honestly want to know about what goes on in the life of Meredith Grey. Burke, Izzie, and George were enough to lose and I refuse to watch it if Ellen goes. I could go on for hours with this but I think I have made my point.

  33. Laura says:

    Of course they haven’t asked her of anyone else as no contracts will be negotiated until early next year. Ellen has been talking about leaving after this season forever but she really has no other career on the horizon other than a part in Jennifer Aniston’s “The Goree Girls” which will star JA and Ellen & SO will be two of the eight members of the women prisoners band. She must have changed her mind about moving to Italy etc. This show has bee a mess for years and if Patrick leaves, so will the PD and Mer/Der fans. The rating have been falling because of the dreck SR has been delivering. The cast has been over expanded and few are going to watch if PD and SO leave. Ellen may be willing to stay but ABC knows she can’t carry the show and will likely cancel it.