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HIMYM: Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders Preview Barney and Robin's New Love Square

When How I Met Your Mother returns on Sept. 19, unrequited love will be in the air.

Remember Season 4 of the CBS sitcom, when Barney was crushing hard on Robin? Well, flip it around and you’ve got the new season. After staring longingly at Barney as he and old flame Nora reconnected in last season’s finale, Robin will come to realize she’s still got feelings for the one that got away.

“There’s some pining for Barney happening at the moment,” says Cobie Smulders. “It’s all about her being really depressed and not quite knowing how to tell him how she feels.” Or if she should even tell him at all. “It’s a hard thing of knowing how she feels, but not knowing if it’s quite right to pursue,” she continues. “He seems like he’s really happy with Nora. He’s finally in a relationship that he’s seemingly very committed to seeing through.”

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Robin may be respectful of the fact that her ex is getting serious about another girl, but that doesn’t mean she has to be happy about it. “She doesn’t like it,” says Smulders. “She doesn’t like it one bit.” So what’s a girl to do? Step back and admit defeat? Throw herself at the guy? “She’s figuring that out,” replies Smulders. “She’s been quite aggressive at the moment with letting Barney know without actually saying it. I think, eventually, she’ll do what she thinks is right.”

She might get her window of opportunity to spill the beans if Neil Patrick Harris’ theory about his character’s new romance is correct. “I think Barney’s infatuation with Nora revolves less around a specific attribute about her and more probably about timing,” he explains. That’s not to say Barney doesn’t have feelings for Nora – “He genuinely likes her,” says Harris – but “this whole Season 7 is a lot about timing. And she appeared at a time when he was emotionally available to fall for someone.”

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Plus, Barney’s not a completely changed man. He’ll be back in “player mode” in the season premiere. “Barney’s growth in Season 6 was more emotional and his growth in Season 7 will be more…” Harris trails off before finally adding with a smile, “genital.” He’s kidding. We think.

In the meantime, the awkward love triangle will make things even more complicated for Robin in another arena of her life. “Robin works with Nora, so there’s a lot of work-related frustration about that,” teases Smulders.

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With all that the gal’s dealing with, it’s hard to fault her for getting violent. “It has to do with Barney,” is all Smulders says of the incident that lands her character in court-mandated therapy with new shrink/love interest Kal Penn. “There is something to having a man who forces you to talk about the sh—y things in your life,” says the actress with a laugh. “He’s doing that for her, and she’s never been confronted with that before.”

As for Barney and Robin’s future prospects, Harris knows TV is all about postponing the inevitable and drawing out the romantic tension. “[Barney and Robin are] a good match,” he says. “So I think there might be some long-distance pining for a little while on the show. I don’t think they’re going to end up back together — at least anytime soon.”

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  1. Katy says:

    Awwww nooooo! I want Barney and Robin together! They’re so good together!

  2. Danny says:

    Sry, but I hope that Barney and Robin don’t end up together. They really dont’t work for me as a couple.

    But in the end, they probably will end up together…

  3. Alberto says:

    Robin and Barney belong together… They are PERFECT for each other… And even if I like Nora, Barney must end up with Robin!

  4. Kita says:

    Awww I love Barney and Robin together!! I would hate for them not to at least admit they still have feelings for each other this season.

  5. eddie says:

    i cant stand when barney and robin are going after eachother! i hate that they became a couple in season five…. they should have just left it at robin and barney having sex in season three, and just have barney tease her about the fact that hes seen her naked….

  6. Mikaylah says:

    I love Barney and Robin, and would love to see them end up together.

  7. Wendy says:

    Barney and Robin were awesome (Barney approves this word) together DESPITE the writers’ lack of imagination and near ruination in S5. Now that the writing team has (hopefully) committed to exploring them, I think they could be even better with actual writing/support behind them. Sorry, but I hate Nora. I think it has to do with the actress as I hated her character on General Hospital when I once watched that, too.

    • Vaughn says:

      I agree! Nora is a distraction and “filler,” and Barney would have to change too much to be with her. Robin already loves him as him–despite how S5 messed it up.

  8. Cath says:

    I love that we’re finally getting some Robin POV on the whole Barney/Robin dynamic. And yeah, I’m all for a drawn out reunion, as long as said reunion does happen in the end and that they don’t have Barney marry someone else. Barney & Robin were always a great match: they just had some growing up to do before they could substain a relationship with one another. I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds.

    • Mad says:

      Well put. It will indeed be interesting to see the Robin pining for Barney this new season, when just two seasons ago, it was the exact opposite scenario. Even when they became a couple for a short while in Season 5, something seemed missing, since we never really got to see the extent of Robin’s love (?) for Barney. Aha! This is exciting news!!

    • becca says:

      i totally agree. it doesnt matter how great they try to make quinn, shes no scherbatsky.

  9. Raksha says:

    This is amazing. Barney/Robin belong together! They are adorable! I dont hate Nora, and I definitely dont mind Kal Penn, but I am so hoping that when Barney’s bride is revealed, it is Robin. They are adorbs together.

    Oh man. I just said Adorbs. That is how much I like Barnman and Robin!

  10. SK says:

    This pretty much sounds like Robin and Barney will be getting back together eventually. There would be no reason to re-introduce a “one of them pining after the other” plot-line unless it were going to go somewhere!

  11. Mike says:

    The mother is secondary for me its all about Bar Man and Robin

    • Asha says:

      Agreed. 100% I really don’t care about the stupid mother. I don’t know her and frankly don’t feel a need to know her. The other character are interesting enough on their own. Team Swarkles! And as a PS I’m really concerned about Lily being pregnant. I hate emotional Lily and I feel like we’re in for a season of Lily being crazy.

  12. Simi says:

    This makes me happy

  13. Beate says:

    I am not that excited about the news. Barney and Robin don’t seem to work as a couple in the long run, and it is a bit of an over-used plot to put two people who are not into this “let’s stay together for the rest of our lifes”-thing together and let them live happily ever after. I liked the group dynamics in the beginning: the madly in love couple, the playboy, the independent girl and the guy looking for his true love. I know that the characters need to change to keep a show alive, and with HIMYM they did some great developments, but Barney and Robin seems a bit forced. And what will become of the show if they end up together? A lot of potentially great stories involving Barney or Robin as individuals might be left untold. I know that most people want to see the two of them as a couple, but I am really worried that this would ruin the whole show. I want to see Ted’s love story with all it’s twists and interludes, but at times it feels as if he tells his kids how Uncle Barney and Aunt Robin finally got together, and that wasn’t the initial plan.

  14. Jake says:

    If this shows WANTS to make sense at all, they have to bring Barney & Robin together – she has to be the bride.

    This show isn’t called How I Met Your Mother for no reason: in the first episode Ted met Robin, he fell for her. We already know that he meets his future wife @ Barney & Ms. X’s wedding. So the whole setup of the show is that we see the struggle of Robin pairing up with Barney and finally marrying her in the final episode, where Ted meets his wife. Why else would Robin have been introduced in the first episode?

    It HAS to be Robin, otherwise this show makes no sense.

    • Dash says:

      I concur. I have always believed that Robin was the key. Why else would the story have started with her introduction? Barney has to marry Robin. It has to be her, it just has to be! They are so perfect for each other. I hope they do them justice this time though and not destroy them like they did last time.

    • SK says:

      Agreed! Having Barney and Robin get married, and having Ted meet the mother at their wedding, seems like the only way to tie the show together. (And that ties it together pretty nicely.)

      Besides, as comments have shown above, more people are invested in Barney and Robin as a potential couple than in any other aspect of the show.

  15. July says:

    Norah is boring.. Barney and Robin is the perfect couble

  16. Charles Anchorage says:

    Honestly by this point I just want them to tell us who the mother is. Am I the only person who thinks this show is running out of steam quickly?

  17. Emma says:

    I totally agree with you!! It just makes sense to bring them together again. It’s their wedding!! How CAN anyone want it to be Nora? We don’t know her. And why is she so special suddenly? When Barney slept with her the first time his heart didn’t “skip a beat” or something. Plus, if Barney and Robin wouldn’t marry, the had to introduce 3 new main characters instead of just one (the mother). If they ever stop filming (hopefully not soon, but it seems like we’re getting to an end (please dear CBS guys and writers pleaase produce more than 8 seasons)), EVERY main character needs a happy ending. I was so pissed off when I saw the last season of Friends, because Joey was left alone.
    So I think it’s Barneys and Robins wedding. I want it so much! I really want it to be Barney and Robin in the end!! There are quite some things they would have to sort out if they get THAT close, but that would be great stuff to deal with in the next season(s)…
    Gosh, they’re my favourite TV couple, I don’t really care about the mother either, I’m looking for Barney/Robin moments in every episode…
    Barney and Robin!!!

  18. jaded says:

    It’s so wrong. But Bobin have such chemistry! But it’s so wrong.

    So is Death by Chocolate cake. Yummy but many regrets later.

  19. fiftysix says:

    YES PINING ROBIN PLEASE. I feel that if Barney is going to marry Robin, I want to see that Robin loves him as much as he does/did to her.

    that said, I want the bride to be Nora. She’s just too precious.

  20. fiftysix says:

    judging from the other comments, yes, you are.

  21. kunal says:

    no way!!
    barney shud never get committed/married…he’s sooo awesome when he’s single :-D

  22. andruil says:

    Barney and Robin have to end up together! Why are the writers doing this to us?!? They went out just for 7 episodes! They were so awesome together! They HAVE TO end up together! If not, what’s the point? When they said that neither of the two ( Nora and Robin ) wont be the bride, I assume that he will run away from the wedding and be with Robin. He will realise that she is the one he truly loves. *sigh* I really hope so! And I want them to hook up… FAST!

  23. Niaz says:

    I love robin and barney , but they not a good couple ! i like that barney was in love with robin because it shows that hes growing up a little but when they start being a couple …

    i think Nora will be a perfect match for barney , just like Kevin for robin ;)

  24. Sunny says:

    I seriously hope Robin doesn’t actually date her therapist. If they do go there, I hope the show doesn’t try to frame it as if it’s totally OK. A therapist having a romantic relationship with one of his/her patients is predatory behavior.

  25. tepek says:

    one thing – NEW IS ALWAYS BETTER :)

    They’re kidding, right? If Robin and Barney don’t end up together they’re killing the hopes of more than half their fans.
    I really hope that was a curveball to make us think it wasn’t Robin, because if it’s not I’m not sure I’m going to continue watching :(

  27. logsss says:

    Barney n robin made a really bad couple..dats cos they didnt know how to handle a relationship…but i guess they have started to learn…nd once the completely do…robin n barney will be back together…let it take all d time :) and also i want to see ted get his girl..who is that woman who changes his life forever…nd yes how can lily blame ted…ted has been a grt friend..!!

  28. Ashley says:

    I love Barney and Robin together–a relationship between the two of them makes so much more sense than Barney with Nora. Nora’s character is okay, but it also seems like the writers aren’t that invested in having the audience get to know Nora. It seems like her purpose as a character is simply to help Barney grow up, and get ready for his real relationship with Robin. And then Kevin has been an easy way for the writers to slow the Barney/Robin relationship progression.

    I really hope they end up together, but who knows if the writers won’t screw with us some more. They have obviously been building up to this for more than a season now though. Barney and Robin spending tons of time together, doing silly things (running around the museum, the Halloween costumes, etc.), sharing secrets (Barney’s dad), and so on. Robin brings a side of Barney out that no one else does. Like when he lets Robin win the race. Clearly, we have seen Barney slowly shifting into a less selfish person through his friendship with Robin.

    As most other people have said, they are the main reason I watch the show now. I have a hard time believing that the writers can live up to their own hype at this point with the mother. What actress can they bring in and what character can they possibly create that the audience will really care about?

    Robin and Barney, all the way!

  29. Swarley and Sparkles Lover says:

    Cobie is pregnant in real life so there you go ! She’s definitely preggo. And also tht doctor she saw, she was like the worst pregnancy doctor ever ! She said that lily could nave cheetos and alcohol and all that stuff your not supposed to have when your pregnant. She probs messed up the test she doesn’t even know how to run them. She’s cheap. I rest my case, but there’s more. Barney and robin both hate marriage and they both expected tone Eric get married. And if people think that barney and robin went their separate ways, their wrong, so if robin got married, Barney would be there, if Barney got married, robin would be there. They are perfect for each other! If Ted didn’t meet robin well then he would have never met the mother. And now I finally rest my case.

  30. Swarley and Sparkles Lover says:

    Btw this is alike copy of the other comment but with no mistakes.

    Cobie is pregnant in real life so there you go ! She’s definitely preggo. And also tht doctor she saw, she was like the worst pregnancy doctor ever ! She said that lily could have cheetos and alcohol and all that stuff your not supposed to have when your pregnant. She probs messed up the test she doesn’t even know how to run them. She’s cheap. I rest my case, but there’s more. Barney and robin both hate marriage and they both expected to not get married. And if people think that barney and robin went their separate ways, their wrong, so if robin got married, Barney would be there, if Barney got married, robin would be there. They are perfect for each other! If Ted didn’t meet robin well then he would have never met the mother. And now I finally rest my case.
    Comment by Swarley and Sparkles Lover – December 27, 2011 01:54 AM PST  REPLY TO THIS POST