Fall TV Poll: What Will You Watch on Mondays?

The Fall TV season is right around the corner folks, so some tough viewing choices are coming. Let’s get thinking about them, shall we?

Each day this week — during “the calm before the storm” — we’ll show you the grid for that night’s fall line-up, including the broadcast nets’ wares and select cable listings. You then vote for what you plan to watch LIVE during each time slot (since live/live-ish viewership is still the creme de la creme when it comes to ratings, whether we like it or not).

One last caveat before we get to the polls: This is not a popularity contest. Organizing a robo-vote for a certain show will not get Mark Salling to take you to the Homecoming Dance. So have faith in the merit of your individual choices, then watch to see how many others legitimately line up aside you.

NOTES ABOUT THE MONDAY GRID: Grids represent the face-offs taking place for the bulk, or at least six weeks, of the fall TV season; for example, Syfy’s Eureka/Warehouse 13/Alphas trifecta was not included since those shows will be ending their seasons Sept. 19, Oct. 3 and Sept. 26, respectively. Details on the new shows (indicated by an *) can be found at these links: 2 Broke Girls, The Playboy Club, Hart of Dixie, Terra Nova, Enlightened.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mary says:

    House, Castle & DVR Hawaii 5-0.

  2. Jessica says:

    I am hoping that CBS or the CW add more programming to their OnDemand set up. Right now, through my cable provider, The CW doesn’t have any, and CBS is limited. Here’s hoping I don’t have to watch a ton of tv online again this year.

  3. Brandy says:

    Gossip girl,Hart of Dixie,Lying Game

  4. nlc6868 says:

    I have 3 DVR’s in the same room and do not watch any TV shows live any more. This gives me the freedom to watch what I want when I want. I’m sure I am an advertisers worst nightmare as I never have to sit through commercials, ever. It’s great that on the cable channels there are multiple showing that don’t conflict with broadcast channels a TV viewer with my options maximizes TV viewing time.

  5. Melody says:

    My Mondays aren’t so harsh, there are much busier nights of the week for me and TV. I’ll be watching Mike and Molly and Hawaii 5-0 over on CBS and checking out Hart of Dixie.

  6. Christa says:

    Heart of dixi and castle that is it for Monday

  7. Anne says:

    Pretty much Castle, nothing else on the list really appeals to me.

  8. N.M. says:

    Castle baby all the way. The only thing good about Mondays.

  9. Marisa says:

    I’ll dvr Gossip Girl and HIMYM. I’ll watch GG live but around 8:30 I’ll flip over to DwtS during commercial breaks. Any dances I miss I’ll just look for on YouTube.

  10. Juan says:

    The Sing-Off and Castle live

  11. Maureen says:

    My family will be watching live every Monday night:

    How I Met Your Mother
    Two Broke Girls
    Two and A Half Men
    Mike and Molly
    Hawaii Five-0

  12. Renee says:

    I will be watching Football and will DVR Terra Nova and Castle.

  13. Emma says:

    The Lying Game @ 8pm it sounds like it is going to be like Ringer
    I can’t wait for Castle to come back @ 10 the season finale was so very intense and surprisng did not expect the ending.

  14. Marc says:

    For all timeslots, baseball or stuff I’ve previously recorded. No scripted shows are worth viewing live with all those ads.

  15. joterri says:


  16. Jack S says:

    Will watch Terra Nova live and give the new T&AHM a go, but far from being the best night of TV really.

  17. ljb says:

    Hawaii 5-0 is the only show I care to watch on Monday! As long as they don’t change it too much this season with all the new characters. Love my Danno and Steven!

  18. Gillian says:

    CASTLE !!!!!!!!
    I will check out Terra Nova and TPBC.

  19. Tee says:

    Castle’s the only one I’ll watch for sure really. Wow, our dvr used to seem so busy on Mondays! I’ll probably give Hart of Dixie a chance at least, though wasn’t overwhelmed by that extended preview.

  20. Hanna says:

    After the amazing Finale , no doubt , Castle !!!
    I will dvr The Playboy Club. Looks good.

  21. Barb says:

    The funny thing is the one time I have a conflict… Castle v. Hawaii 5-0, I DVR the one I can’t bear to miss (Castle) and watch the other live IFF I’m home.

  22. Christina says:

    Live Terra Nova, Hart of Dixie, Hawaii 5-0
    DVR- 2 Broke Girls, House, The Playboy Club

    Terra Nova and The Playboy Club might not make my season pass list though.

  23. Robin Jane Bridges says:

    Monday Night Football and Hawaii Five-0

  24. Kaiulani says:

    Love Castle but I am the only one in the house who does, so it will be DVR’d.

  25. sheilar88 says:

    I’ll be watching:

    -Terra Nova
    -Hart of Dixie
    -The Playboy Club

    I’ll be watching Two Broke Girls online.

  26. Cara says:

    Hawaii Five-0 live every Monday night, and also DVR it to re-watch.
    HIMYM, Two Broke Girls, Two and A half Men and Mike & Molly – all live!

  27. Courtney says:

    CASTLE. So excited for season 4

  28. Alex says:

    terra nova live
    DWTS will be dvr’d and watched until over
    Castle will be watched until we make it to live tv timing.

  29. Julia says:

    Terra Nova—House—Castle!
    Castle is a MUST wacth show for me . After the “I love you Kate” :(

  30. Nadia says:

    I only used to watch Two and a Half Man and Castle on Mondays nights, with Charlie Sheen gone I will not watch Two and a half man anymore.
    So now, it is only me & Nathan Fillion on Mondays.
    I will dvr TPBC, it mabe interesting.

  31. Claire says:

    Castle, Castle and Castle

  32. CC says:

    It’s ALL about Castle at 10pm….don’t really watch much before that.

  33. Mark S says:

    I will watch The Sing-Off live, but I am afraid it is going to get crushed by the competition.

  34. Jamie says:

    Hawaii 5-0 live! Got bored with Castle :(!

  35. Judy Tankoos says:

    Monday night will, in all likelihood, CBS all the way. Hopefully HIMYM will be better than last season. I’ll give 2 Broke Girls a chance. If they both suck, I’ll go looking for NCIS reruns on USA from 8-9. 9 will be the all new and (hopefully) improved 2-1/2 Men, followed by Mike and Molly at 9:30. And last, but never even close to least, Hawaii 5-0 at 10 pm!

  36. Sparky says:

    I’m sure I will check out a couple of episodes of Two and a Half Men. But for the most part HIMYM, 2 Broke Girls, Hart of Dixie and Castle is going to be my Monday line up. Next…

  37. Joe says:

    Monday Night Raw

  38. Justin says:

    Will be watching Terra Nova and The Real Housewives of Bev HIlls. DVRing Hart of Dixie.

  39. tahina says:

    Terra Nova one of most awaited new shows, hope it doesnt tank; House-never was fond of House and Cuddy getting together-, season 7 was horribly written, with some elements gone, and show possible last season, am all in. Castle, am so in love with this show its getting an obsession now, its one of the best written shows, I think. Sept 19 cant come soon enough! :)

  40. Erin says:

    I will watch Hawaii Five 0 but if that Lauren German is constantly on I will switch to Castle.

  41. Percysowner says:

    I’ll watch How I Met Your Mother and start DVRing The Sing Off. When HIMYM is over I will watch the DVR of The Sing Off until I catch up and then I will watch it live. I may tape Heart of Dixie once to give it a try, but I’m not expecting much. I usually love genre shows, but Terra Nova sounds like it will never be able to keep itself together, so I’ll skip it. If it get great reviews and manages to hold on, I’ll get a hold of the DVD’s and give it a try that way.

  42. Jimmy says:

    So i’m confused about the 12% watching the first half of gossip girl and the 17% watching the second half.

  43. Sally Amelotti says:

    The only show I’m looking forward to is Hawaii Five=0. Lots of great action good back stories on the characters. It’s set in paradise. I agree should not have to much love interest for McGarrett. Kat was perfect. Hopefully his sister will be back too. If it becomes to much of all romance and soap opera that would be bad. Don’t fix something that isn’t broke. Love it the way it is but with the team back together.

  44. Rob says:

    Terra Nova

    Hart of Dixie looks like crap

    • Rob says:

      I’ll also DVR Two and a Half Men, just to try the new format out, try Mike & Molly, Hawaii Five-0, and try The Playboy Club

  45. Andrea says:

    Castle LIVE H50 TiVo

  46. Will says:

    Watch Hawaii Five-0 live and DVR! My family will also watch the other comedies on CBS, which are great! H50, H50!

  47. Jesse says:

    Castle’s the only guarantee for me on this night at this point. Gossip Girl has to be pretty good (better than it’s been in a while) in its first few weeks to keep my interest. If it sputters out, I’m all about How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls. Terra Nova and Hart of Dixie look like solid bets to me; not sure about Playboy Club, but I’ll give it a spin. I never watched Two and a Half Men when Charlie Sheen was on, and Ashton Kutcher’s not much more appealing to me, so that’s a giant unqualified no.

  48. Jared says:

    How I Met Your Mother and Gossip Girl

  49. Jackie says:

    Castle and How I Met Your Mother :)

  50. Fernando says:

    I will watch Hart Of Dixie and then PlayBoy Club