The Talk Officially Ousts Holly Robinson Peete

No shock here: Holly Robinson Peete will not return to The Talk this fall.

The actress-turned-daytime host took to her blog to put to rest — and confirm — what has widely been rumored in recent weeks: that CBS has not asked her to rejoin the roundtable dissussion in Season 2.

“After weeks in limbo, I was finally ‘officially’ given word from CBS today that I have not been picked up for the 2nd season of The Talk,” she wrote. “While I am relieved to have this closure, it doesn’t diminish my disappointment one bit about not continuing with a show I worked very hard to launch and love dearly. But I’ve been around long enough to know that while you cannot control certain situations you CAN control how you respond to them.”

Peete, clearly taking the high road, went on to thank CBS “for a tremendous opportunity to realize a long held dream of mine to host a daytime talk show,” adding, “I learned SO much and will cherish and build upon my experience. Best of all I made some friends for life.”

“I want to thank the viewers and those who supported and rallied around me and expressed appreciation for the humor and heart I attempted to bring to the table,” she continued. “You lifted me!”

Positive outlook aside, Peete (who has a son that lives with autism) expressed that the one thing she will miss about The Talk is “the amazing platform” to advocate for families affected by special needs. “Just know that I will never stop speaking for you and sharing your stories. EVER.”

In late August, Talk co-host Leah Remini announced her own exit, all the while rallying behind the soon-to-be ousted Peete. “Holly, I have LOVED working with you,” she wrote. “You are the real deal.”

Season 2 of The Talk debuts this fall with returning hosts Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert, as well as temporary additions Kris Jenner, Molly Shannon, and Sheryl Underwood.

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  1. Helen says:

    Cbs you need to step it up. I will not be watching The talk.Holly and Leah, the made the show.

  2. yvette says:

    I miss Leah and Holly so much. I know I will NOT watch the talk again. Boring. What was CBS thinking to let go the two best ladies.

  3. Deborah says:

    I will not DVR “The Talk” anymore! Wow what a low blow by the president of CBS. I feel Julie Chen betrayed her friends. This show was to represent women friends…not a good example. Did Les get his feelings hurt by something said on the show? This show is not the same and I do not enjoy the new hosts. I would like Kris Jenner as a sub host though…she seems spontaneous.

  4. Karen M. says:

    Good bye, fair well, I won’t watch you again! There they go again, big time exec’s “thinking” to much and making “the cuts” to successful players on teams like “The Talk”. Sharon Osbourne is fabulous, funny, so were Leah and Holly. Stuff shirt Chen, yuk! Why didn’t you take her off and just leave the other two? Now, now you tempararily replace the “good-bye girls” with Cris Jenner. OMG, I am so SICK of the Kardashians I could throw-up…..Who REALLY cares how much money the last princesses wedding cost? I’m mean, really!!! How about donating the cost of one of the Kardashians weddings towards restoring a inner city, helping the poor, improving the world. Sure, throw your money around in the face of the poor! Just what WE REALLY, don’t want! Dear exec’s, I’m sure you wouldn’t lower yourselves to even read these blogs, we’re to low on the food chain for you, but I’ll tell ya, YOU”RE ALL STUPID! You lost me as a Talk show viewer when you let the two girls go, now that dame matriarchy dim witt, giggly, I’m so cool, I’m so rich, Cris will be on replacing my fav’s, I for sure will not be a viewer. Karen M.

  5. Rose says:

    I’m thinking that Les Moonvries wouldn’t know a hit show if he tripped over it!!

  6. Elle says:

    The Talk was good the first year with all the ladies! It is sad to see that Holly & Leah were not even spoken of or acknowledged on the show when they were no longer on it. That is so horrible and so selfish like the ultimate betrayal of the Talk co-hosts. Now I see the show and it is truly not the same. Holly & Leah were wonderful in every way, very witty, charming, interesting, funny and I adored them!! Now the show is terrible, boring, dull, stupid so I can no longer watch it. I predict it will get cancelled soon unless you bring back the best co-hosts on that show which was Holly & Leah!! I am now going back to watching the View, sorry Talk you should change your name to The Boring Talk!!!

  7. carrell says:

    To all that made there committ, remember rene syler, Julie Chen. I believe was behind her getting the boot. Julie u are trash. One day u will get ur day.

  8. Larelle says:

    So sorry to see my favorites, Holly and Leah, go. Big mistake CBS. I will no longer be watching.

  9. Alwyn L. Gray says:

    Just went to “google” and found out what was really up with “The Talk”. Sad that they let the two best go. Oh well! Just one more show that won’t last very long…..

  10. jaclyn says:

    I will not be watching the show anymore. I am angry what happen to these two ladies. CBS I will not be watching two in half men this year either

  11. Dotsy says:

    WHATTTT????? and boring julie is staying ????? HATE the hosts…..someone should create a show for Sharon, Holly and Leah……!!! “The Talk”, just became “The Mundane Chatter” Does anyone really care what Julie Chen thinks….she isn`t funny, interesting or talented, in any way, that i can see……Oh! there is that married to the boss, thingy !!

  12. helen merceri says:

    Finally decided to figure out where leah and holly were-to my surprise-gone! To read some of the comments after the fact by viewers I was shocked!!!! I love the show and cast-past and present. I think the table they sit at signifies that they all had/have something to bring to it. As for what happened amongst the cast-I cannot speculate-nor should fans say the HORRIBLE things about people they in fact do not even know!!!!!!!! Let’s all grow up and not go out of our way to ruin someone’s day! To the current cast-keep talking and nice those bitchy viewers to DEATH!! :-) YOU GO GIRLS! To leah and holly-I miss you. Good luck! Helen. Merceri. Lake Forest Park WA.

  13. Linda says:

    When I was working I taped on my vcr The Talk every day and watched it at night. I am so disappointed now that I am retired
    and can watch the show every day at 2 pm I will not be you watching it! Holly & Leah made my day for 1 hour. I also hope they get their own show some day!

  14. Jay says:

    CBS what are you thinking Leah & Holly made the show funny and compassionate. I don’t know what the issues are as to why these two ladies are no longer on the show, but I’m not watching ANY MORE

  15. Lynsu says:

    The Talk is done! What were you thinking! Holly and Leah were the reason for watching the show. Julie is phony, Sharon is too loud and too old to be so sexually preoccupied, and Sara is boring. Leah and Holly balanced the show and made it watchable and fun. CBS has made a BIG mistake. Maybe Julie, Sara, and Sharon felt insecure in the presence of two smart and beautiful young women. I say this beacause Holly and Leah were replaced with Scary Mary and Big Moma.

  16. lynn says:

    I will no longer watch the Talk!!! Give me a break…the show was so funny before!!! I loved Leah she was my favorite with sharon close behind!!!! What a shame…u got big for your own good and ruined the show. total shame!!! I didnt like the view but it is much better than the talk now!!!!!

  17. jeanette clark says:

    Maybe Miss Julie was afraid that Holly and Leah were a little too glamorous for her. Too much competition. All shows need a balance with different personalities and looks. Why Sheryl Underwood?

  18. Anna says:

    I can not believe the let Leah and Holly go. I enjoyed both of them equally and watched the show for them they all made a great team. When I watched it today I was heart broken that I will not be able to enjoy it like I did last season. You don’t fix what is not broken. I will no longer watch this show. Thank cbs.

  19. gale says:

    I m shocked that Holly and Leah are gone. I tuned in today,didn’t see them so I Google their status with the show. I turned it off immediately once I found out they were no longer on it. Julie Chen is a waste off air time. I wouldn’t watch her on anyhow, therefore, I have never seen the reality show that she host . Ad a matter of fact, I can’t even think of it’s name. Molly is a horrible actress, comedien and in general not pleasant to watch. Shame on whomever is responsible for HOlly and Leah leaving. I m through watching it.

  20. Susy Saldivar says:

    I am SO disappointed that Leah and Holly are no longer on The Talk. I won’t be watching this show anymore. They were the reason I even watched.

  21. terry carpenter says:

    I don’t understand why holly and lea had to leave. I do enjoy Sara and Sharon is alright,but Julie I sure can do without. I won’t watch the talk any longer. I feel there is a mean person on this staff and I don’t like that.

  22. evelyn lofton says:

    i was upset to see holly and leah gone from the show i have enjoyed the team that you had i could relate to them now i would not look at it again.

  23. Leslie says:

    Another fan (viewer) lost. Way to go, CBS! i.e. Julie

  24. vanessa says:

    Holly is a class act from the first week i watched i felt she should have her own show and Leah grow on me…… NOW the show is awful!!!!!

  25. Ladie P says:

    The Talk is currently boring. Holly, Leah and Sharon are missed. They brought life and vitally to the show. I have put CBS to rest.

  26. Collins says:

    When I started watching the Talk I didt care much for it. But I would watch it on my days off & got hooked, Leah seemed annoying (is) but she bought life to the show & so did Holly I always like her. I notice the woman don’t bring their mothers to the show or it’s just not mentioned anymore.

  27. fran says:

    I have watched Talk two times this week, never realizing that the guest hosts were replacements for Holly and Leah. When they appeared on the show again, I left the TV and turned on my computer! Nothing against the latest replacements, but haven’t you heard not to fix something that isn’t broken. The original cast were diverse, interesting, and humorous. The audience had formed a bond with this “family” who interacted with each other using quick wit, while interjecting their personal life experience.

  28. Ndcarp says:

    I agree, Kim R.

  29. Tara says:

    Julie and Sara are definitely my least favorite on the talk. I enjoyed watching it because of the others that made me laugh. I will no longer watch the talk

  30. Irene says:


  31. Susan M says:

    Well I thought I had found something good to watch on CBS,THE TALK, but again CBS has messed up. Why would they let the to people that made the show leave. Holly and Leah brought enlightment to that show! Now the fame whore Kris Jenner (will that family be running the White House next year!)and who is this funny woman they hired. She mumbles her words and you can’t understand half of what she has to say. Well CBS listen to this…..They TV is OFF on the Talk. Again you failed at a station! Maybe Julie Chen and her husbank are trying to make this their OWN channel like Oprah is….good luck, you just lost another viewer…

  32. Kris J says:

    I was the first to think that Leah and Holly we annoying, until they were gone. I need realize how much they brought to the show. And Julie Chen, could she be any more of a big fake? CBS, or should I say Les Moonves, wouldn’t know a good thing if it jumped up and smacked him in the face.

    Really, Sherry Underwood, Molly Shannon and Kris Jenner. Good grief, they are so unwatchable. Goodbye The Talk, how your life on CBS is short!!!!!!

  33. Leah says:

    I will not be watching the talk anymore!!! Leah and Holly were why I watched! I love Sharon,but it was the whole package!!! To bad they had to do this!!!

  34. Deedra Van Dyke says:

    Wow, I cannot believe that the network thought that this was a better fix. I was so excited that there was to be a new talk show other than “The View” I was more excited to see real people and not a lot of political views but more a down to earth talk show. I have tried to watch the new hosts but sadly they do not warrant the time. Julie Chen although smart is not a woman than many can identify with. Sara is also smart but someone who is not in the mainstream of everyday womens issues. Sorry, you have lost another viewer.

  35. Esther, Texas says:

    I switched over from The View because I found that they had a better, more respectful, sisterly relationship. They listened to one another. The View yells. Barbara & Whoopi overpower the other ladies…especially Sheree. However, I will no longer watch The Talk. Shame on you for getting rid of the show’s heart & soul…which were Holly, Leah & Sharon. I love Cheryl Underwood, however do not enjoy her on The Talk. Her true gift for social-political commentary will not be allowed to shine, especially with Julie’s over-sized ego. Chris Jenner does not add enough texture the show…she is fluff. The show will not last. To the powers that be…please give Holly, Leah & Sharon their OWN show…opposite The Talk! Did you hear that Oprah!

  36. Ann L says:

    I just learned that Holly and Leah want be hosting anymore. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!They were along Mrs. O carried that show. I don’t know who is responsible for that move but please it seems you have the power to re-think the idea. At what point does your audience play in this. I really don’t know if I will watch the show anymore.

  37. gaye says:

    You have ruined the Talk. Without Leah, Holly and Mrs. Osborn there is nothing to like about it. Shame on you.

  38. Michelle says:

    I am very shocked and disappointed to find out that The Talk has ousted Holly and Leah!!! I am never watching the show again!! I kept looking hoping that they would return, maybe they were working on other projects, but I also noticed how Julie never once mentioned the ladies either!!! And I thought, OK, today I am going to google this question…I’m like there is something wrong on there!! The show seems to have taken a CHEAP nose dive too! It’s not the same atmosphere, it’s very fake and the ladies seem tense!! Now I know why!!! And to my amazement, they have been ousted?? WHY??? And so soon, I mean it’s a new show?! You have got to be kidding me!! Leah WAS THE SHOW!! I looked forward to her just telling it like it was!! I loved her on The Kings of Queens, and I was totally looking forward to her dry wit on The Talk!!! No one compares to Leah!! And you replace Holly with a big loud foul mouth, uneducated, and total embarrassment to the black race…( Yes I am Sheryl Underwood???!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! There is no way they could have even thought she could even hold a candle to Holly!!! Come on there are so many other INTELLIGENT black women celebrities that they could have chosen. Sheryl has the track record of putting her foot in her mouth on other shows where she was a guest speaker. The Tom Joyner radio show for one, where she was fired and other talk shows as well! That lady is a loose cannon, and sooner or later, she will goof up on The Talk as well!! Maybe that’s it will take then for them to see what a big mistake they’ve made in thinking they could replace such a class act with trash!!! I WILL NOT WASTE MY TIME WATCHING THE SHOW EVER AGAIN!!!

  39. Michelle says:

    This show is over! Julie and Sarah made a big mistake. They are the boring ones. Now there is nothing to watch!

  40. highlydisappointed! says:

    I’m highly disappointed that Holly and Leah are gone! I looked forward to watching the show just to see the two of them and yes, they did give Sara as well as the others the opportunity to speak. The two of them honestly made the show and brught SO much life to it. I’m done watching it.

  41. Cathy R. says:

    I have to agree. CBS made a BIG mistake!! I will no longer watch the show either. BOOOORRRING!!!

  42. Baila says:

    I can’t believe that Holly was not wanted on this show. She was my favorite by far. What was the reason behind this decision?

  43. Janie says:

    What happened????

    I love Holly and Leah. They were the most relatable hostesses on the show.
    What is CBS thinking?

  44. Fesfrank says:

    I, at first, thought that Leah and Holly must be on vacation. Then, I realized this is a permanent change. I’ve continued to watch, but I do miss the chemistry of Leah and Holly. They both were spontaneous, which was refreshing. I think CBS has made a big mistake on this one. The Talk is just not as fun without them. Too bad.

  45. deb says:

    Watched new season today open minded. It was ok but nothing to brag on or rush home to watch. Kris spent a lot of time looking for and at the camera. I prefer the laid back REAL girl talk. I’ll watch again but will surf channels at same time.

  46. docjeum says:

    I loved the show as it was and thought that ALL the ladies complimented each other and had something to offer and it did seem as if they were a bunch of girlfriends getting together each day. I don’t care for any of the co hosts I’ve seen so far. I doubt I’ll be watching but will give it a very small chance occasionally.
    Just have to ask since I don’t know anything about Julie, why all the negative comments? Does any one know her personally?

  47. Tami says:

    Well I have watched a few episodes but it is just not the same without Leah and Holly. Seems a bit fake now and where did they find the “fillers”? I don’t like Kris Jenner at all, never have. Guess I will find something else to watch during this time slot on CBS. CBS you really screwed up this time. You had something great and blew it.

  48. M Saunders says:

    You are right ,I personally tuned into the show to see Holly and Leah, yes the Chen woman is boring. I like Sheryl Underwood but not on the talk. Comedy in the afternoon is fine , but not all the time. I will be silencing the talk.

  49. Judy says:

    I have been wondering what happened to Leah and Holly and just learned that they both have been fired. The show is now boring……. Another viewer lost!

  50. David says:

    I guess CBS has never heard the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The show, in my opinion, was a refreshing change from the new and improved version of “The View”. Leah and Holly were the reasons I watched the show and I will not watch anymore. Bring them back!!!!!