The Talk Officially Ousts Holly Robinson Peete

No shock here: Holly Robinson Peete will not return to The Talk this fall.

The actress-turned-daytime host took to her blog to put to rest — and confirm — what has widely been rumored in recent weeks: that CBS has not asked her to rejoin the roundtable dissussion in Season 2.

“After weeks in limbo, I was finally ‘officially’ given word from CBS today that I have not been picked up for the 2nd season of The Talk,” she wrote. “While I am relieved to have this closure, it doesn’t diminish my disappointment one bit about not continuing with a show I worked very hard to launch and love dearly. But I’ve been around long enough to know that while you cannot control certain situations you CAN control how you respond to them.”

Peete, clearly taking the high road, went on to thank CBS “for a tremendous opportunity to realize a long held dream of mine to host a daytime talk show,” adding, “I learned SO much and will cherish and build upon my experience. Best of all I made some friends for life.”

“I want to thank the viewers and those who supported and rallied around me and expressed appreciation for the humor and heart I attempted to bring to the table,” she continued. “You lifted me!”

Positive outlook aside, Peete (who has a son that lives with autism) expressed that the one thing she will miss about The Talk is “the amazing platform” to advocate for families affected by special needs. “Just know that I will never stop speaking for you and sharing your stories. EVER.”

In late August, Talk co-host Leah Remini announced her own exit, all the while rallying behind the soon-to-be ousted Peete. “Holly, I have LOVED working with you,” she wrote. “You are the real deal.”

Season 2 of The Talk debuts this fall with returning hosts Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert, as well as temporary additions Kris Jenner, Molly Shannon, and Sheryl Underwood.

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  1. Maria says:

    I firmly believe Julie had everything to do with it a lot of times you could see the hate in her eyes when Holly and Lea felt strong about a topic which she didn’t agree don’t worry God area all

  2. SuperBarbie says:

    I think it’s time the CEO of CBS stops thinking with his little head and uses common sense. I was pissed off that ATWT was canceled but gave The Talk a chance and started liking it. Leah and Holly are an intergral part of that show and without them there is nothing to watch.
    Seems like Ms.Chen couldn’t handle being out-shined, so instead of upping her efforts in becoming better she just has her husband eliminate the competition for her. She always claims that Chinese people are more diciplined and have higher morals, which only lets me to conclude she is not of Chinese orgin since she messed around with a married man.

  3. Jan jones says:

    Seriously CBS !!! What were You thinking Leah an Holly were the only Real ones on there!! Done watching

  4. Julia Carter says:

    CBS what are you thinking? Two of the only people on the show worth
    watching, you fired. At least you kept Sharon. Sara Gilbert and
    Julie Chen should have been the first ones to go. I’m afraid the
    the show will bite the dust. I did enjoy watching the show last
    season, but I won’t watch anymore.

    Comment by Julia Sept.6,2011

    • Kim R says:

      Well, I made it to 15 min. before I had to shut it off. It was so bad and bland. And not a mention to our girls being gone. No explanation to the loyal fans or any respect to those girls who spent the last year promoting the show. I can’t believe they are so disloyal. Even Sharon didn’t say anything. Boo hiss. :(

  5. A. Guy says:

    CBS what were you guys thinking.. Les you idiot. I watched the new show. . . .NO NO NO

  6. Courtney says:

    OMG it’s worse than I thought!!!! Just watched the first 5 minutes of the show…it’s all I could stomach!!! I will be surprised if it lasts for another season!Sorry CBS another bad bad move!

  7. Karen o says:

    Just finished watching the most boring show ever. The Talk. Holly and Leah made that show entertaining. The show will never be the same. I really thought Leah and Holy made Julie appear to have a personality. Now she is back to her boring real self. I recorded the show everyday and so did my 16 year old daughter. But now I will be deleting the show from my schedule from my DVR and I’m sure after my daughter sees it she will do the same. Too bad.

  8. Richard in PA says:

    As a guy I loved watching the show with my wife. We rarely missed it. Holly and Leah were why I watched. They were funny and entertaining. Not to mention very HOT!!!I will never watch again. CBS you had something good there and you screwed it up. CANCEL it please.

  9. Ellen from FL says:

    I watched today, was shocked to see the absence of Leah and Holly, realized it was something serious when they weren’t even mentioned.
    Can CBS be that out of touch not to know they had a winning combination? Julie was the tight ass stuff shirt, to Leah’s and Holly’s antics, without them what is left?
    If the show lasts it will only be Julie’s hubby willing to take a loss rather than cancel his wife. I won’t be watching.

  10. Linda says:

    Holly was a class act and yet she was so down to earth. I always enjoyed her. Leah was Leah, but so much fun, she will be missed greatly. I love Sharon but never felt she was always telling the truth, more like stories she just made up, but still enjoyable. I like Julie, I felt she has loosened up some from she used to be, but I don’t think she and Sara can carry this show and I DON’T care for your new co-hosts, they won’t make it. If you put Kris Jenner on that will really send viewers away. You made a big mistake letting them go, I am so sorry. I will be leaving too.

  11. lucinda says:

    I agree with all of you, Holly and Leah are the show. i will not watch the show anymore, apparently the rest of America won’t either… Delete from my DVR…DONE!!!

  12. Connie Walker says:

    I will no longer be watching ‘The Talk’! I hope it fails. It is nothing without Leah and Holly.
    This commediene they’ve hired perpetuates all the negative stereotypes given us as African-Americans.She brings nothing positive to the table.Better to have less diversity than have her as the’token’

  13. T B says:

    Well thats it for me will not b watching The Fake Talk anymore. I ratings will go down. I wouldn’t watch it again if it was the only show on tv at that time of the day I would rather watch Jerry Springer and thats not going to happen.

  14. Becky says:

    I just found out today about the terrible loss of the two funny and real ladies,that also lost their jobs as well.I to stopped recording “the show” I doubt you will make another season. Sharon watch your back because you will be next.

    Mmill not be watching “The Talk” anymore

  15. Liz says:

    I was a fan of ”THE TALK” without Leah the show is so so so boring and fake. I will not watch anymore neither will my family and friends. Leah made the show.
    I also noticed during the end of season 1 Leah was watching what she would say as if someone told her to tone it down. Shame on who did this!
    While keeping Sharon Osborne and her filthy mouth she is raunchy and classless.

  16. Minnie says:

    I’m still in shock. Not only did they fire the two best hosts on the show, but the way they were let go is inexcusable. I WILL NOT BE WATCHING!!!!!!!!!

  17. Benita Ayers says:

    This was the only show that my husband and I watched together, and we only watcched it because of Holly and Leah, they bought all the excitement to the show. I personally think that you all made a big mistake in firing them. I have nothing against the rest of the cast, but we tuned in for the two of them. It will be awfull hard to watch that show now. I stopped watching “The View”,because of all the bickering that goes on. Would you all please bring back those two, they really made the show

  18. kat says:

    what’s the matter Julie Chen? It’s very apparent that Leah and Holly are much more popular than you! That is why when you were absent on the show no one really missed you. If you lose Sharon Osborne you lose entirely because no one really tunes in to listen to you. But then maybe your husband can offer you another show because of his position.

  19. Paula McNaughton says:

    I agree with the comments above,and will just say one thing.

  20. Denise says:

    I think Julie-boring-Chen had a lot to do with this. I never liked her. She exuded insincerity and now I just HATE her. In this world, everything is paid for.

  21. Maggie says:

    I am so shocked that CBS took Leah and Holly off the show. The replacements are horrible! What were you thinking CBS??????

    I will not watch this show again. Molly Shannon and Sheryl Underwood
    are boring and it is just awful. Even with Kris Jenner, you cannot get the ratings back. I know many who are not interested in another Kardashian family member on another TV show. You are on your way down Julie. If you wanted to create The View, you don’t have what it takes. Holly and Leah made the show light, funny and we loved it

    You had a great mix and now it is gone and so are we. CBS, think
    again, bring them back!!!!

    Good luck to Holly and Leah! I hope you will get your own shows. CBS lost a working great show.

  22. Diana says:

    What a mistake you decision makers for “The Talk” decided. For the retired, stay at home moms and dads, for the give me a lift before I go to work, and for the let me hurry home to see what happening today on my show “The Talk”, darkness has fallen. There is no need to rush chores or hurry home as though I was there in person to enjoy the show. Not to worry, I am sure I can catch up on some of those things I have been putting off for sometime.

    To Leah and Holly better and greater things are headed your way thanks to “The Talk”. I will be following both of you.

    Thanks for your incredible talent.

  23. me says:

    It is such a disappointment that the hosts have changed. Julie Chen and her husband got rid of all the chemistry. More petty women politics or just Chen too jealous of independent women who don’t need their boss/husband to make a show for them. Chen doesn’t look so classy now!

    I watched daily and will not anymore. The choices may be nice bright women but there is no chemistry and the way the others were replaced was not with any dignity or grace. Chen would do well to take a lesson from Barbara Walters. The View has replaced very few co hosts and mostly the co hosts who left did so to pursue other options.

    They blew it and any ratings you have won’t include me. Too bad, I will miss Sharon Osborne because I won’t be watching. I wll miss Holly Robinson and Leah Rehmini because the producers of the Talk weren’t listening.

  24. Sandra H. Arizona says:

    WOW, What happened, maybe next time you need to poll the audience, in house and viewers. I bet they would of chosen to fire somebody else. I hope Sharron quits too that will really sink the ship. I will not be watching either. Let’s all stick to this. Maybe Sharron and Leah should start their own show on another Network and show CBS up. So very sad!!!! Your loss!!!! Good-bye SANDRA!!!

  25. cindy says:

    I am very upset about the decission to take Leah and Holly from The Talk. I take my lunch break at that time to relax and enjoy the show. I could go back to work ready to face the rest of the day. It is not the same!! I will not DVR anymore and will not be watching. I love Leah and Holly. I want, as many others, want to know why this decission was made. They made the show. I feel like I was slapped in the face. Leah and Holly need to have their own show!!! I will watch. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!

  26. Rosanne giardina says:

    Wonder how long Julie and sarah knew of this move and still continued to look at both of them in the eyes!!!!! Bad bad choice. To me the talk was more sincere. WAS I WRONG!!!!! When Julie came out on first show after break like nothing was wrong I lost total respect for her and CBS I think Julie was intimidated by Leah and Sarah didn’t have nerve to stick up for them. I think holly was let go because her and Leah were friends!!!!!

  27. kat says:

    Hope “THE TALK” crashes and burns. Maybe CBS will replace it with the Leah & Holly Show. But please don’t invite Julie Chen as a guest!

  28. Helen says:

    I also will not DVR this show any longer. I have no respect for Julie Chen any longer. From the things I have read, she goes to her hubby, and cries a river to get what she wants. She broke up his marriage, and then married the CEO of CBS to further her career.

  29. qt8625 says:

    Had to watch the first show of The Talk WITHOUT Leah and Holly and was glad I wasn’t mistaken. The show is TIRED and weak. I don’t know why it has been picked up for another season and I don’t care. The only thing I know is I won’t be watching it. ..There is no one there I want to see, however, Mrs. O. is terrific but even she can’t save this show. I am hoping the ratings will show the network that they have to listen to the pubic.

  30. Alicia says:

    I’ve never heard of Julie Chen until the talk. I loved that show. I love all the ladies Sara Gilbert Mrs.O,Julie, Leah and Holly they all had this connection and bond. The show is missing very two important people. I agree its not the dame with out them.

  31. maxine says:

    Holly and Leah were the best hosts on the TALK. julie chin should be FIRED. She is so fony and I will NOT watch The Talk anymore because of what the powers- to- be let two fine ladies go (Holly/Leah). SHAME SHAME on CBS. I am so so mad….. I HOPE YOUR RATINGS GO WAY DOWN!!!!!!!!!

  32. Cheryl says:

    Opps sorry meant to say Leah!!

  33. LC Stanley says:

    I, too, am quite disappointed that Leah and Holly were not brought back for Season 2. I only watched the show to hear the opinions of Leah, Holly and Sharon on different issues. If you were letting someone go, why not Sarah? She offers little to nothing except that she is gay. Who cares? Julie is so phony that it even shows in her smile. I agree with the fans that she only has this title because of her husband.

    My Bridge and Pinoccle groups have expressed their dislike for the show now. It is definitely not the same!

  34. Sharon says:

    Look we don’t have to get ugly about the situation, I will truely miss Holly and Leah. But I hope that we can learn to disagree with each other without being hateful there is too much of that in the world as is.. Thank you Holly for being a first class lady…. And to CBS and all other networks be truthful to your veiwers….
    Disappointed but not discourage. The Talk will not be the same, CBS did you bother to let your viewer get to know Sherly Underwood, she is a very talented person but not fair to her for those who do know her beautiful personality..

  35. Syd Nei says:

    don’t know how I managed it but found this site and am so thankful, I thought Lea & Holly were on vaca. but now that I know , no worries , no more for me the whole show sucked to begin with but at least those 2 made it tolerable , no more for me , as for Julie I think you all give her Way to much credit , just because she sleep’s with the man doesn’t mean she has magical powers . Way to go Lea standing up and not returing in support of your friend Holly , you are one Sweet & True Friend , can’t wait to see you both together again ! :o)

  36. Syd Nei says:

    Hey people let us not forget about Sharon , if she had any ball’s she would have walked too , she doesn’t need that job so she’s got no freaking back bone or moral kinship either , as for Sara well need I say anymore ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  37. Syd Nei says:

    Ha,aaaaaaaaaaa ever think about it ,that’s probably why they had the 2 of them seperated ,had Lea and Holly been sitting together they would have taken over the whole damm show …………… Stick with talking to the people on the monitor Julie , they’re stuck in a house and don’t have a choice !!!!!! ;)

  38. Syd Nei says:

    P.s. how chicken and low of Sharon to call in a personal friend and favor to bring in ratings , having Stevie Nick’s come on ………. Wrong and wrong , and LOW …………….

  39. Stephanie says:

    So, I was home watching The Talk and I thought that Leah and Holly were on a extended vaca. I didn’t know they were replaced….WHERE HAVE I BEEN… But, to be replaced with Sheryl Underwood is a complete JOKE. I was an avid watcher of The Talk. I planned my schedule around the show because they had some good topics and guest (at times); but, you could always rely on good conversation. I am terribly disappointed you would think that since Sara and Leah are as good friends as the public thought they were Sara could have done something; and maybe she did, and the public just doesn’t know. But, I am finish with The Talk and going back to The View.

  40. Karen says:

    I am done with The Talk. Julie Chen’s marriage to Les Moonves gave her this show after she BOMBED on the CBS version of the 7-9 early morning news show. Loved Holly, Leah was funny and learned not to dominate every conversation. Sarah Gilbert brings nothing to the show and I do love Sharon. Julie cannot tolerate competition from women who may be more popular than she is. She knows Sharon doesn’t need the show. And I cannot tolerate anything Kardashian/Jenner. When Les leaves Julie for some other young cute thing Julie’s career will be over.

    • Gretchen s says:

      And he will leave her eventually. Once a cheater always a cheater! Julie is not really talented either. Oh she thinks she is the it girl, no Julie you are not, and you couldn’t even handle the competition of two beautiful women who actually do have talent. Shame on you!!

  41. C. Williams says:

    The show is horrible since Leah and Holly is no longer a part of the show. Those two made the show. Chen and Sara are boring. Won’t be watching anymore. WRONG MOVE! Hope the show get cancelled!

  42. Cathy says:

    Sorry to hear that Leah and Holly are gone from “The Talk”. I started watching and recording the show after As The World Turns was cancelled and have loved every show since the beginning. What a great match I thought all those women made together. I have watched a few shows since the new season started and like most, have not liked what I have seen. No longer will be watching or recording. I was laughing every day and it was a great stress reliever. Guess I will have to look for something else.

  43. Sidney says:

    I’m not watching The Talk. I WAS a loyal viewer. I watch ATWT for 40 years and miss the soap but the firing of Holly & Reah totally evokes disappointment. Sara is one of the producers of the show,
    couldn’t she & Julie have any input? So…….they may be the reason….I’m just sayin’

  44. Tucums says:

    I am disappointed with this move, I can’t believe that CBS is so ridiculous I will not be watching this show again. I have officially removed it from my DVR.
    Fed up with CBS

  45. Andrea says:

    Without Holly & Leah, the “Talk” has nothing to talk about.. I’m no longer watching the show =(

  46. Dee Dee says:

    Well I see I am joining a very long line of FORMER VIEWERS of the Talk show, perhaps you should consider renaming the show to “THE BLAH’ since CBS has chosen to let Holly, one of the top stars go. This being followed by the resignation of LEAH the other top star.
    Big Boo Boo CBS!!!! I am some what suspicious of Sharon’s temporary
    leave, could the 3rd star of the show be checking other avenues????
    Maybe it is time for CBS to clean house in their top floor offices,
    and hire people who can recognize a top show when they have one sitting right in their lap.
    I watched this show from the beginning and agree with others about having a good laugh every day. My comment to several of my friends and family was “watch this show it is going to take off” but I’m afraid it has crash landed.

  47. ginger says:

    Thanks CBS for giving me more time in my day to exercise, do chores, etc. What a mistake letting Holly and Leah go. There were me when I did not like Leah’s big mouth but I loved the camaraderie among the women. I will do be watching The Talk any longer. Whose decision was it to bring in Kris Jenner? Bigger mistake. How many women in America can relate to her, her lifestyle, her children.

  48. botheredbytv says:

    I was wondering what happen to Holly and Leah I google it today, to find out they were let go. But to read Holly comments I know that there are better things out there for them. What Satan meant for bad God meant it for good. Watch and see what happens to these ladies something bigger and better. Let those folks in charge do what they do but as far as God’s people you cannot harm them

  49. Sam says:

    Wow!!! We used to watch this at lunch since day one. Now, all of us have changed our lunch time. This was a dumb, dumb, dumb move. They HAD the perfect panel. What the what do they have now…a bunch of PeOPLE piled around a table….no humor (but Sharon) and Sarah looking lonely!!!! We will not watch it!!!!!!!!! We CANt. Holly, Leah, Sharon and even Sarah….I say bound on CBS and look toward OWN! (Oprah)

  50. Helen says:

    CBS they need to step it up. There is nothing exacting. About the station. I en joyed watching The Talk but I probably want watch the show now Holly and Leah down to earth women truthful and down to earth. I also loved Mrs. Osborne. They brought also good laughter to show. I watched everyday