The Talk Officially Ousts Holly Robinson Peete

No shock here: Holly Robinson Peete will not return to The Talk this fall.

The actress-turned-daytime host took to her blog to put to rest — and confirm — what has widely been rumored in recent weeks: that CBS has not asked her to rejoin the roundtable dissussion in Season 2.

“After weeks in limbo, I was finally ‘officially’ given word from CBS today that I have not been picked up for the 2nd season of The Talk,” she wrote. “While I am relieved to have this closure, it doesn’t diminish my disappointment one bit about not continuing with a show I worked very hard to launch and love dearly. But I’ve been around long enough to know that while you cannot control certain situations you CAN control how you respond to them.”

Peete, clearly taking the high road, went on to thank CBS “for a tremendous opportunity to realize a long held dream of mine to host a daytime talk show,” adding, “I learned SO much and will cherish and build upon my experience. Best of all I made some friends for life.”

“I want to thank the viewers and those who supported and rallied around me and expressed appreciation for the humor and heart I attempted to bring to the table,” she continued. “You lifted me!”

Positive outlook aside, Peete (who has a son that lives with autism) expressed that the one thing she will miss about The Talk is “the amazing platform” to advocate for families affected by special needs. “Just know that I will never stop speaking for you and sharing your stories. EVER.”

In late August, Talk co-host Leah Remini announced her own exit, all the while rallying behind the soon-to-be ousted Peete. “Holly, I have LOVED working with you,” she wrote. “You are the real deal.”

Season 2 of The Talk debuts this fall with returning hosts Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert, as well as temporary additions Kris Jenner, Molly Shannon, and Sheryl Underwood.

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  1. Julie says:

    Shame on you CBS! First I was annoyed when As the World Turns was cancelled for the Talk. Because I loved Leah on the King of Queens, I gave it a chance and ended up enjoying the show because of the camaraderie of the women-not knowing it was fake. Julie Chen could have and should have done something about it, but she didn’t. Her husband is the CEO of CBS!! Why are they replacing Leah and Holly?? From my understanding the public likes them and both Leah and Holly want to be on the show. Does public approval mean anything anymore? I guess not, well I won’t be watching the Talk this fall. It won’t even survive.

    • courtenay says:

      i totally agree. julie chen could totally have done something, but it seems to me that she was probably the one behind it. think about it.

      • Babygirl says:

        I think Julie Chen was 100% responsible for this. She is tolerated on this show by the viewers. The viewers had no idea who she is and still do not care. She is boring. The ones that made this show was Leah and Holly. Leah and Holly was as real as can be. They were so genuine and loving. I am very disappointed in CBS because like Holly said, she (and Leah) made this show. Viewers tuned in to see them. Usually we watch a show for what guest is going to be on but this show viewer actually tuned in to see Holly and Leah. Hopefully some network will give them their own show together with the same time frame as that Boring Lady. Let us see who wins rating. Fans of the show, I beg you not to watch it anymore. Teach CBS a lesson.

        • Dane says:

          +1. Your post is spot on and there is NO WAY I will watch The Talk anymore.. what’s to watch? I can’t identify with Julie Chen – she comes off as seriously elitist and out of touch. Kris Jenner is nothing but a famewhore, Sara Gilbert is so transparent with the fact that she’s massively agenda driven it’s not even funny.. Leah and Holly kind of made you feel like the other ladies were accessible and without them I will not be watching. CBS screwed up but good.

          • Brownice says:

            I hate they CBS let Leah and Holly go, I really enjoyed them, I don’t like Sara and Julie are very boring..Now I don’t have any reason to watch the show anymore….Good luck with your new people. I hope and I pray that OWN will find a show for Leah and Holly…They were great on the show and they will be missed…

          • Carol says:

            I agree, This stinks and I will no longer watch this show.

          • Sue says:

            I agree. NO longer watching this show. Loved the first year!

          • kathy malay says:

            I am so sad, I will never watch ‘The talk ‘ again. I so loved Holly and Leah, they brought so much warmth to the show. I cant stand that big mouth Sharron, I dont mind Julie, Sarah usually has good input, but devout of feelings. I so loved this show.

          • Penny says:

            I am very disappointed in letting Holly and Leah go..proably will find something eles to watch at 2;00…Sorry

          • Linda says:

            I totally agree, Leah and Holly were the reason I watch, NO MORE! GOOD BYE THE TALK!

          • Terri says:

            I absolutely could not agree more although I do enjoy Kris Jenner some. I never missed watching or recording the show and now it’s terribly boring and I won’t be watching nor will I turn friends on to it as I have in the past. I told everyone it was so much better than the View, now? NOT SO MUCH!!

        • Anne Jarvis says:

          I promise you I will not dignify this CBS show anymore. I only tolerated Julie Chen and boring Sara Gilbert because I was so entertained by Holly, Leah and Sharon. I honestly feel betrayed by CBS and Julie Chen. If Chen sunk with the ship I would have some respect for her. Instead she betrayed/abandoned or jumped ship while our friends Leah and Holly sunk. They did nothing wrong. If anything, Gilbert and Chen bored the audience. I am so sad Julie Chen turned out to be such a terrible friend. I hope so much Holly, Leah and Sharon end up on another show together. They are magic together.

          • Tonetare says:

            Just cut to the chase: JULIE CHEN’S A WHOOOOOOOORE WHO SLEPT HER WAY TO THE TOP. NOBODY WATCH! ANOTHER NAME FOR THE TALK SHOULD BE LEAH, HOLLY, AND SHARON! And, although Sara was boring, at least Sara provided a nice target for Leah to direct her humor at but WHAT IN THE HELL DID JULIE’S OVERLY SERIOUS BEHIND PROVIDE?! She’s so fake. The Asian community has just been degenerated to a whole new low. Ugh!

          • EFFILEE says:


          • Laurie says:

            I couldn’t agree more. I didn’t realize they were “offed.” I was watching the first two new episodes and wondered why Molly Shannon and that other woman kept coming back, it dawned on me to zip to the beginning and saw they weren’t in the credits. What the heck were they thinking. Huge mistake CBC, HUGE! Les, you may think your wife is the star but I agree, I only tolerated her and boring Sarah because of Leah, Holly and Mrs. O. I deleted it already from my TIVO, i refuse to watch. Now let us all watch this Titanic go down, as IT DEFINITELY WILL. Thanks CBC, i really looked forward to watching that every day. I hate the View because they are nothing but a bunch of cackling hens, they all talk all over each other. This was something different but they went and ruined it because of the primadonna Julie. I have news for you Ms. Chen, you and Sara are incredibly boring, you bring nothing to the show. You can’t tell an interesting story. You may have the credentials, but anyone can have those, you don’t have what it takes to be on television. I am so angry and also feel betrayed!

          • Rowen Van D' Yeme says:

            First off Leah was a drama queen and annoying, Sharon Osborne? Why! Holly was excellent and Julie Chen kept them in check as for Sarah Gilbert, IT WAS HER IDEA and she put HER own MONEY into the project and is a Executive Producer.

        • Deb says:

          CBS doesn’t have a clue whats good. They cancel every show I get hooked on. As the world turns, Guiding light and now Leah and Holly from the talk. What is the matter with them! I’d like to know about the ratings, how they figure not enough people watching. I watched everyday for years. Holly, Leah and Sharon make the talk. I watched it today for the last time. UNLESS they bring them back.

          • J. Boragine says:

            I agree, this was a show i tryed to watch every day. Leah and Holly, plus Sharron made the show. I really don’t think it will make it without them, except fact is Julies husband runs the
            network! I happened to put the TV on and “the talk” was on, has anyone noticed Sara is now wearing makeup, was she told she had to :).
            Lots of luck in this show succeeding!

          • Mel says:

            I totally agree. I loved watching those soaps as well and I am very disappointed that they took Leah and Holly off of the Talk.
            Thankfully they still have Sharon. I loved all their sassy comments and laughed out loud at nearly every episode I watched. They were down to earth which is what I can relate too. Julie and Sarah just don’t have that same outgoing, fun loving sense of humour that Leah, Sharon and Holly have. It is not a fault and I do believe that you need some balance and a few toned down personalities in the mix which they provided but the other 3 women add spark to the show! Now, it is just fizzling out. If (and when) Oprah creates a show for them, I will definitely watch. What a shame, CBS.

        • CRYSTAL says:


          • Roberta says:

            I will no longer watch the Talk…Leah and Holly were great together, they gave me a good laugh for the day!!! They made the show!!!

          • Debra says:

            I agree with all the post I will not be watching the talk. I try to watch it but its so boring now. Julie or sara have any humor, none of my friends are watching it anymore. CBS has screw up once again.

        • Teri Salgado says:

          I don’t care about who leaves, as long as they keep Sara Gilbert. She’s the only reason I watch the show. It’s nice having an out Lesbian on a chat show with the other straight women. Showing we have shared interests and really aren’t all that different.

        • Cindomurr says:

          I am done with the Talk. Can u spell Boring azz Show

        • Michele says:

          I will not watch this show anymore! So disappointing! DONE watching!

        • me says:

          I agree with all the comment, the one who made the talk Holly and Leah we as viewer is not stupid, as powerful as those two women were you don’t get read of your strong suit. Its something else going on. Maybe they was just to real for the show. But anyway I love Sherry Underwood to life, but it not enough for me to keep watching anymore I have officially deleted them from my DVR. Good bye the talk, talk on but I want be listening.
          So fed up with CBS

        • glindaswish says:

          I am no longer a viewer. I tuned into the new season for 10 minutes and had to turn if off. I couldn’t be more disappointed that Leah and Holly are gone. While Ms. O is hysterical, Leah and Holly kept it real, as genuine people, mothers, and community supporters. I have taken “The Talk” off of my record list. My sister, my mother, have too. We never missed a show and would discuss it every night, now, we just talk about how we hate Julie Chen the robot, can’t stand Sarah Gilbert and her lack of social skills, and what a shame it is we can’t get a good laugh from Leah and a sincere thought from Holly.

          • Debbie says:

            I did not know Leah and Holly were gone.I thought the other ladies were filling in for them.I Have been waiting for them to come back .I do not enjoy the show anymore.Leah and Holly made the show interesting and fun .It is boring now.You should not have let them go.Maybe they will have a talk show together,that would be great.I would watch them.They are great.

        • debby says:

          I so agree They made the show, What really happened I heard they werefired. Who cares I will not watch the show soon they will be off the ratting will go down Julie Chen is boaring Her husband who is 100 years old own the show

          • Rhonda Syslo- Barton says:

            The show will never be the same with Holly and Leigh gone, it was a big mistake, i don’t think the show will make it now. AM not watching it any longer. LOVE YOU HOLLY AND LEIGH you are miss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • jane says:

            Will not watch anymore its not the same for me. So long

        • Barbara says:

          I totally agree that Julie just has the job because of her husband, whoc I am sure she married to advance her career, because she stinks on Big Brother, too,,,,,,,,,Now Chris Jenner, the pug of all time, who prosittues her daughters, are you kidding me……….Sharon Osborne is a big mouth who takes over the show, get rid of her all together. I love Sara, she should carry her own show with Holly and Leah if Leah just tones it down a few notches and knocks off the negative attitude………..but Chris and Julie are just boring gold diggers who have used their bodies and men to get where they are. Chris was in $25,000 credit card debt and then her daughter Kim made a sex tape and now they are millionaires, what message are you sending America…………and Julie’s husband, be a businessman not a pansy who will put his wife anywhere, even when she doesn’t fit in. She has no real personality, that why she should stick to the news and she wasn’t that great on the morning news show either. Stay home and take care of Charlie………………he needs you more than the public Julie.

        • Emily says:

          I totally agree. I watch Big Brother which Julie Chen hosts but i agree she is boring. Leah, Holly, and Sharon made the show. I would tune in everyday because they made me laugh. Chen and co host Sara Gilbert are boring. Julie acts like she runs the show and is queen bee. She should have been the host replaced. I as well will NOT be watching this fall.

        • Lora Lee says:

          I agree with you. I sincerely with that Leah and Holly will get there own show.

        • tes says:

          I think they were fired because they out shined Julie Chen. The new girl better watch out.

        • Ionel ilie says:

          I totally agree. I don’t watch it anymore. Julie is a big ZERO.

        • Kristin says:

          I agree with you all the way…. they have lost there mind! Them two lady’s were awesome!

        • Queenjefe says:

          You need to repost this! Viewers need to just change the channel and don’t give ratings. The viewers are in control not the CEO’s.

      • Micah says:

        Leah Remini’s post-release comment, “I would work with Holly and Mrs. O any day,” was pretty telling of her thoughts towards Julie and Sara (show creator) as far as the situation goes.

        • Tonetare says:

          I’m kind of hoping for a public platform in which Leah and Holly can say their piece and have a chance to get even at those two bitches, Sara and especially Julie Chen!

      • Kim says:

        Like most I’m very sad to see Holly and Leah leave the show. I think they are wonderful ladies and I never missed a show because i am a big fan of both of them. Shame on you CBS!! It just won’t be the same without them!
        However, I find it sad that people are blaming Julie ! She does not run CBS her husband does and I’m not even sure whether or not he makes that kind of decision soley on his own. But I can’t even imagine how hurtful it would be to have so many people hate on me and blame me for a decision that my husband made at work. Julie is Les’s wife not his boss! Cut her a little slack people !

        • Toasty says:

          Ahhh, Kim, the voice of reason – how boring!

        • Kathy says:

          WHAT A MISTAKE .. The Talk was one of my favorite shows, there seemed to be a great chemistry amongst the hosts and an unspoken respect Now I don’t know what to think….I LOVED Holly & Leah, I could always count on a laugh. Unfortunatley, I will no longer watch your show, the realness of the friendship and respect the hosts had for each other has been diminished.

          Holly & Leah take Sharon with you and start a new show…..Oprah will be good to you!!!

          • Louise says:

            That right Oprah, snatch Leah and Holly and make a new talk show for them, you won’t regret it.
            Those are two classy Ladies.
            Hope to see them both together very very soon on t.v.
            CBS classy/NOP…

        • Lana says:

          I totally agree. It’s a shame to make the comments about Julie that so many are making without us really knowing the story. I personally don’t care for her but who knows what part if any she played in this.

          I absolutely loved the Pete’s and didn’t miss a show when they had their talk show on “O” Talk Radio. Hopefully Oprah will get her back along with Leah on “OWN” Wouldn’t that be a GREAT SHow?

      • Mary Jean Goetze says:

        Julie Chen revealed her true colors with all this. Although, I was already onto her. If Chen had an ounce of integrity she would have insisted they all stay on the sinking ship together. But no, Chen pushed Holly and Leah off the ship in the hopes that she would be saved. What a selfish, shallow, unloyal, complete witch Julie Chen is. Wild horses wouldn’t get me to watch The Julie Chen Hour.

        • DisappointedinOhio says:

          It’s all Julie Chen’s fault. She is married to the big boss and she can sit there daily for an hour and bore America to pieces, but she will never be made to leave. By making Leah and Holly leave, the show needs to be buried six feet deep to put it out of its’ misery. Please, Sarah? Really? She’s only the most boring lesbian ever. And Sharon needs to shut her mouth, get on a plane to England and for God’s sake stay there forever. I cannot stand her, never could. Not her or her retarded druggie hubby or their stupid kids. Another example like Julie Chen, IF YOU SCREW THE RIGHT PEOPLE, YOU’RE IN LIKE FLYNN

        • Richard L Parsley says:

          I trully miss Holly Robinson and Leah Remini! I thought they
          were truly good for the show! Their comments were funny and
          entertaining!I happen to like the new ladies as well. But,
          I am concerned for the reputation that the show has gained.
          Is this the way that business will be conducted? Probably!
          Holly! I know that you will land on your feet. And Leah
          has already extablished her self as an accomplished actress
          in her previous role on The King of Queens. I wish both
          those ladies the best!

          • ndcarp says:

            I am sadden by the whole change. I’m retired and is generally waking up from my evening nap at 2:00pm, when televised in my city. I watch it daily. On occasions, I’m out of the house. I looked forward to the show. I’d fallen in love with the show just as the change came. I watched for a few days and came to realize that Leah and Holle both could not be on vacation at the same time. Yet, Ms Julie only mentioned of Sharron being away. I wanted desperately to hear something. Nothing was mentioned in any one of the talk shows/TV media. I await for HSN, Pierce Morgan, OWM or others to give the two ladies a time to talk to us. I’ve lost respect for the network seizing on the oportunity to withhold a contract without easing it on the viewers. All of the ladies bring something different to the talk show. Julie’s roll should be that off subdued inorder to listen and keep things in the right prospective and moving within time frame. Every talk show needs a Sara. She has picked up a little more spark since Leah is not next to her. When Julie started to refer to the two new ladies as family, I realized a change had come. I just wish that Julie had said something. After-all, she is the Head-host. Why sould we look to hear from the husband, the network president. Who is he to us the viewers. I DO BELIEVE THAT THE TWO LADIES HAD BECOME TO OVER SHAWDOW Julie AND SHE WANTED THE SPOTLIGHT. I’d dropped the ‘View’ for ‘The Talk’, now the past week or so, I find myself back and forth with sadness.

          • Eunice Beener says:

            I wish I had typed The Talk show in long before this, miss Leah and Holly both, the show will never be the same without them. Do not think the show will survive with the format that they have now. Do not care for the replacements or the fill in hosts that they have been having. To let Holly and Leah go with out any explanations to all of us that had been watching is just not exceptable. I for one will not be watching it any more. Thanks to for all the info. fans/

      • Ronald says:

        The talk acts like they are are friends but they are no more sickening than the View.. They are nothing but back stabers.. The auduience loved Holly and Leah, so why are they not here!! The same reason I dont watch the view is the same reason I wont watch The Talk as well as ABC or CBS!!!

      • andrea miller says:

        the talk was so successful with holly and leah
        i willnot be watching the talk as far as julie goes she could of done something.

      • lisa says:

        julie chen thinks shes is better than everyone sara is boring sherly underwood is very funny aisha is boring as well i hate the fact they let the other two women leave when they should have cut sara, julie and aisha

    • Kim R says:

      I’m so confused as to why CBS didn’t think this combo of women was working. I wish a reason would be given. I can’t imagine how they will fill their first few audiences because if they put faithful viewers in there, there will be booing….big time. Not a reflection of the “guest” co-hosts but of the ousting of our girls in the first place. If there is applause….I will only believe they “stacked” the audience in their favor (family & CBS interns & staff). Just my 2 cents… :(

    • Randi says:

      Honestly, Julie Chen is just manipulative. She gets what she wants when she wants it because of who she married. Its not as if anyone cares about her on the talk–if they do, I’m shocked as she is the worst part of both this show and Big Brother. She comes off fake to me at all times and is useless, particularly on BB. No reason for her to be on any of these programs but, unfortunately, being the first lady of CBS has its perks.

    • t satomi says:

      I will not watch the show without Leah and Holly. Julie Chen should have done something. The show is over.

      • Debbie says:

        PLEASE BRING LEAH AND HOLLY BACK…..I tried to watch today but do not like the show now without Leah and Holly. It is just not the same….

    • Furious at CBS says:

      I agree with you Julie. I never emailed a network in my life, but I emailed CBS about my complaint of Leah and Holly being fired. I adore them both. I couldn’t care less about Julie Chen or Sara Gilbert. If The Talk failed and all the women went down on the ship I could accept that. What I can’t accept is Julie Chen the mistress/bosses wife at CBS with no talent stays on and leave her “best friends” for dead. She is beyond unloyal, a back stabber, a phony. I swear, I will never watch another episode and hope it fails miserably.

    • Brenda says:

      I totally agree! I quit watching The View and starting watching The Talk because I love the comaraderie of the ladies also! What a joke this is and what he HECK are they thinking about in bringing in Kris Jenner, what a joke! I certainly will NOT watch this show again. And I hope it gets cancelled quickly but with Julie’s husband the CEO, you can bet even if the ratings are in the toilet he will not cancel~!~

    • sue says:

      I never watched this show because I was, and still am, totally annoyed that As the World Turns, which I had watched since the 50’s, was cancelled for yet another talk show. We have enough of that stuff on tv now. Don’t need any more. It’s all about the networks saving money on salaries and the heck with what the viewers want. I was watching As the World Turns the day Kennedy was shot and watched or taped it every day since. And now ABC is cancelling the show I turned to, One Life to Live, after my favorite soap was cancelled.

    • Lynn says:

      I can help but also notice that Sharon Osbourne’s name is left out of the “returning hosts” statement. So CBS, Les Moonves, Sara Gilbert and Julie Chen all were more than likely aware of the plan to eliminate the three most engaging hosts to replace them the likes of Kris Jenner. I contacted CBS and let them know I for one do not watch anything Kardashian related and although Sheryl Underwood is an accomplished comedian and actress I don’t see her connecting with the desired demographic as universally as Holly and Leah or having Sharon’s charisma either. Shame on them for this decision….I have already stopped watching and now am certain I won’t be returning. I just cannot picture myself having girlfriend chats with the new cast.

      • Nina says:

        I tried to watch the first week without Holly and Leah and frankly didn’t enjoy the show at all. No offense to the new cast members but the chemistry for the show is gone. Seems everyone is acting now and trying to hard where as when Leah and Holly were present it appeared so natural. Without Holly and Leah there is nothing to “talk” about. Face it, it is not a good day to have “The Talk”. Big mistake on the part of the network to make this business decision. For me I will spend that hour of my day doing some other constructive activities.

        • Brenda B says:

          I agree that the show it not good without Holly and Leah. They made the show and currently there is no feel of friends. It is just another boring talk show. There is nothing to laugh about. I definitly will not continue to DVR and waste my time watching. After a bad day, this show would make me laugh and bring joy to my life. CBS has certainly made a mistake, they need to get rid of whoever was in involved in this decision.

      • carol says:

        I was impatiently awaiting the new season and have been sidetracked by a family emergency, just now hearing the news. It was thru me that my girls got hooked on the Talk. I came home today for an afternoon respite and watched my recorded first episode. Not good!!!! Bye The Talk, you had a winner there that just needed a little more time. Chris Jenner? I call that the lowest common denominator!.

    • Karolin says:

      Well said Julie. They have lost my support as well. I watched this show over The View. The ladies respected each other by not interrupting the other while talking which is very annoying on The View. I thought the format and camaradarie was great. As of today, I will no longer tune in. Both Leah and Holly are phenomenonal and I am confident they will land on their feet!Yes, Julie if you didn’t speak up and fight for these ladies, shame on you!

    • bgarrett says:

      DITTO! Shame on CBS and double shame on Julie and Sara. What fake friends your are! I think Leah and Holly out shined Julie, Sara, and Sharon. Both Leah and Holly brought a lot to the table they were both real, humorous, and raw. I thought I would give the new show a chance but I can see that I won’t. The replacements are just that replacement and they cannot live up to the talent and timing of Leah and Holly. Leah and Holly were fired for stealing the show…no more…no less. WAKE UP CBS. I won’t be back!

      • missusnoh says:

        Between Holly & Leah no one else could get a word in. Why berate Sara? She’s barely allowed to say anything, let alone be in on the interviews with guests. I think things will be better balance. but who knows we won’t be seeing new eps in the UK for another year.

      • Barb says:

        I never have taken the time to comment on Line Before. I love the show THE TALK. I was really looking forward to the new season. When the second season came on ,I was wondering what happened to Holly & Leah. I also thought they were on vacation! NOBODY SAID ANY THING,HOW RUDE! WE ARE THE FANS,& HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!I looked forword to watching the show for that hour.Holly,Leah& Mrs O were THE TALK!I can’t believe CBS got rid of them! They were so funny & enjoyable to watch. NOW ADAYS YOU NEED SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO & TO TAKE YOUR MIND OFF OF ALL THE DEPRESSING THINGS GOING ON IN THE WORLD TODAY!THAT’S WHAT HOLLY,LEAH& MRS O DID FOR ME! THEY SHOULD GET A SHOW WITH ALL 3 OF THEM ON IT! I WILL NO LONGER WATCH THE TALK!

    • Sissy says:

      I’m glad she’s gone. Didn T add much to the show. Boring and thought a lot of herself. Julie Chen is a great hostess.

    • crystal says:


    • Ellie says:

      Watched the first show without Holly and Leah…this will be my last.

    • Darlene Allen says:

      I feel the same ! CBS doesnt care about the veiwers and why we watched Leah was a huge part. Her interaction with Holly was priceless. The new show today was hard to watch and dull at best. it would be in CBS best interest to give the “Whys” if they want to keep the veiwers.

    • Barbara says:

      I am truly upset. I am in total shock to see that Leah Remini and
      Holly Robinson Pete. Those 2 women add excitment to walk the show. I
      realize that Julie Chen husband is the CEO,but the public that watch the show are the one’s who interest should have been concern seriously.
      Perhaps Leah and Holly got more fan mail then Julie. I will miss these 2 ladies very much. I am so disappointed to see the best 2 women beside sharon whom I love dearly are NO longer on the TALK.
      I would like to know what really was the reason behind Leah and Holly be let go. I sure the 2 of them will go on to do bigger and better things. It has brought tear’s to my eyes to learn of the terrible deceison made by the CEO who is Julie Chen husband.
      I will not be watching as well. It won’t be long befor thers will be
      a problem with Ms Underwood as well and she will be let go too.

    • Shari C says:

      WOW…..where have I been? I did watch a few minutes of the season opener, I just thought maybe Holly and Leah had a conflict in their schedules…..or a personal prior commitment. I had no idea there would even be a question about their return. CBS nailed the chemestry with the 4 of those girls and they should do WHATEVER it takes to bring them back together for as long as the ride will last. This show WILL go down the crapper in short order…in my opinion, without all 4 of them. They dont even have their training wheels off yet and they are making big changes..BIG MISTAKE

      • Kathy Rhoads says:

        I agree, I discovered the show this year and loved it. I DVRed it every day and loved the ladies they all played so well off of each other. I have watched the first few new shows and thought conflict in the schedules but was really upset when I wanted the opening and say that Leah & Holly were NOT included. I was totally blown away as all of the ladies seemed to be such good friends, on the show and off so it really was disappointing to realize that was all a fabracation. Sadly Leah & Holly will be missed. I was anxious to see what in the world I had to google the show to find out…so now like so many others, my DVR will be programed for another show.

      • ndcarp says:

        MISTAKE, YES, Shari C
        They cannot go back, then the network would have won. They both have already won. They will do well where-ever the land. Keep your eyes open; and you shall see them again with a brighter future.

    • doris says:

      i have never posted before but i “loved” the talk leah & holly made it extremely enjoyable to watch now it has lost a great deal of fun jule, sharon & sara just don’t cut it

    • Cheryl says:

      I agree totally with you! I think it is a big mistake to remove both Lisa and Holly!! I for one am not a fan of Molly!! I think CBS made a major mistake!

    • Lisa Wilson says:

      I was wondering what happened to them and can’t believe it, they are funny

    • Ayana says:

      I will also be tunning out. Although I do like Sharon, I am ambivalent about Sara so I will definitely not be watching! As for Julie Chen I could never understand how she ended up on CBS’s Early Show and then The Talk but now I know. Julie is a complete snoozer with NO Personality and eventually her husband will get tired of losing money and will take her off the air. You lose again CBS!

    • Laura Golles says:

      Shame on CBS I was a loyal viewer of The Talk. I loved Leah and Holly I will no longer be watching. They were the enjoyment of my one hour. It totally unprofessional on Julie Chen not commenting why Leah and Holly were not on the show. I finally went to Goggle to see what was going on. Well I know now and will not be watching. Very sad show :( They had the comedy that we all need in our daily lives now it’s boring and just a bunch of ladies with no humor.

    • rosemary says:

      i think the made a mistake not having holly or leah not return, i do not like the show anymore

    • Tuna says:

      Get rid of Julie Chen. She does not relate to the public. I did like Lean and Holly. I wasn’t a fan of Mrs. “O”…she’s too over the top for me but I tolerated her. I didn’t mind Sara. Time to get rid of Julie. She’s a dud. I do like Molly but it’s not enough to watch the show. Really think the comedian whoever she is too much over the top. I am not watching any longer.

    • julielenzo says:

      well I guess I wont be watching the show after today, not happy that the two people who were really the funnist and best host had to be let go, not happy with who is on now.Two bad it was a nice break in the day.

    • sondra says:

      was sad when i went on to watch The talk and didnt see LEAH OR HOLLY i wondered where they were??? now i know i dont care for the show without them on it…..they have lost a viewer in me …..LEAH AND HOLLY brought so much life to the show now is dull dull dull….

    • Mimi says:

      I agree but since Holly left c b s can go to hell

    • Kathy says:

      I soo loved The Talk but now that Leah & Holly are no longer a part of this show I will not be watching it. I do believe that Julie Chen is responsible for this. I guess CBS didn’t want women who are outspoken and could not be told what to say or do, they want women who are not controversial, I am not into that al all.

    • Rhonda Williams says:

      I work everyday, but have taped the talk for the whole year. i lover=ed to come home and listen to the fun time all the women on the show were having. it seemed like such a family. I cannot believe how the show has gone downhill. Sorry to see you and Leah go! No more taping for me

    • Susan says:

      I agree they have let the soaps go that the older fans liked and the ones on the Talk show that we found interesting they railroaded off the show. Now they have people that has nothing to say that most of us don’t care to listen to. I will not watch them anymore. Public opinion does’t count for anything or we would still have the soaps.

    • Barb says:

      I’m also disappointed that Holly was not picked up for another season. I thought the chemistry between the hosts last season was a winner and I enjoyed it much more than what I’ve seen so far this year.

    • hayes says:

      We won’t ever know why they were fired (until the two ladies say exactly what happen). I was a fan of “As the World Turn” (as a young girl) and until it went off the air. I did give the “Talk” a chance. From the beginning of the show I did not like Julie(she wants to be #1), she need to go back to broadcasting. On any tv show you have to balance out the host and cohost personalities.Just like the “View”, I do not like Barbara and Elizabeth. Whoopi and Joy has chemistry and Sherri and Elizabeth also has the same chemistry. We are replace-able, but when your fans like who you have on your show and your ratings are up, you try to keep the fans/actors happy. I thought that Leah and Holly were on vacation until I saw it on the internet. I miss several of the shows and was wondering where they were. The replacement actor/actress are ok, but not everyday, they are not funny and serious. We will get use of them but it won’t be the same without Leah and Holly.

    • Lynn says:

      The Talk has gone down hill with these two ladies leaving. I do not like the way it is going down now.. I think they made a big mistake. They need to go back to the beginning…

    • Bskiffington says:

      I too will not be watching this tv talk show,I love Sarah and Sharon,You cant treat people like that SHAME ON YOU CBS….

    • bemom says:

      I agree. Finished watching! This show has become political like “the view”. Holly and Leah were not liberal enough. They both
      had values that related more like the mid to more southern states.
      This show probably won’t last another year or two. I don’t think CBS will ever get it.

    • Fran says:

      As I do not read blogs or twitter, I did not know that Leah Remini was not asked to return to The Talk. I missed her the few times I have watched lately and decided to go on line to find out why someone else has been sitting in her seat at the table; as well as Holly’s. And Sharon is most frequently not there as well.
      I thought the mix of the 5 women was refreshing and I’m very disappointed that both Leah and Holly are no longer on the show.

    • Kathy P says:

      I’m very sadden that Leah any Holly won’t be back they made the show my mom and I wont be watching anymore. CBS you need to pull your head out of your…… GOOD LUCK YOUR GOING TO NEED IT.

    • Billy says:

      I was watching this show a few days ago and they were talking about cursing in front of the President. There is no respect anymore and I am not in such dire need for entertainment that I need to watch this show anymore. Julie and Sara are not that interesting and as far as a Kardashian – Give me a break. Media whores. What a waste of an hour of my time. No more. Not interesting. Not even Sharon can hold this together. Bummer.

    • Butterflycw says:

      Leah and Holly gone!!!?!? I usually TIVO the show and realized watching this season, that I was zipping right through the show as it no longer has a personality to it. I kept waiting for Leah, Holly, and Sharon to return ……… the show IS those 3 ladies!
      You’ve lost this viewer… cw

    • RITA CAGLE says:


    • J.M. Baham says:

      YES, Julie Chen could have and should have done something, or did she do something by getting the two to go!! Julie Chen want to be the Barbara Walter of CBS Talk Shows…. Sorry she will never make it..But it looks like she(J. Chen) as Walters will run her show, so she will be center of attention…And run the show into the grown…I stopped watching the show while in it’s crash dive….

    • becky clauson says:

      I will no longer watch the Talk…..the show really needed Leah and Holly. I’ve been fast forwarding the first thirty minutes since they left, but don’t care for the show any longer. I predict the end for this show in the next season or two.

    • nancy adkins says:

      The talk sucks now that your gone . You and Lea reemme made the show. I’ll never watch it again nor will my friends..

    • RITA says:


    • Kristin says:

      I can’t believe they got rid of As the World turns For this show either! They definitely could of found some where else to play this or even took turns with a different show!!

    • donna says:

      I don’t watch anymore they were the reason I watched. Hope it fails..

  2. Babygate says:

    Kris Jenner? Seriously? The woman is a piranha who has makes a living at milking her daughters’ fame. She wanted to change her name to Kardashian to be more recognizable. You are bringing this character to The Talk? What, are you turning into a housewive’s version of Jerry Springer?

    • Josh says:

      Agreed. It’s bad enough they get rid of the two best co-hosts. But to bring this woman on? It’s disgusting. I wonder if she ever stops and thinks this is all possible because of Kim’s sex tape.

    • Karen E says:

      AMEN What has happened to the integrity of mainstream television? It seems to be in a painfully slow implosion. Thank God for cable television. And to the producers, PLEASE NO MORE REALITY SHOWS. They are like a cancer!

  3. Lynda says:

    What was the big drama I still missed that that got them removed? heard there was conflict but the few times I watched could not see them not getting along. Almost like the view all they do is self promote now remember when that got star jones fired

  4. Pam says:

    Who the hell is Sheryl Underwood?

  5. Scarlett says:

    There goes THIS viewer. Holly+Leah were the reason I watched. Who’s going to watch Sara G? Kris J? PATHETIC. Crap show now. Laughs GONE and so am I.

  6. Gerald says:

    I won’t be watching the new season; the only reason I started watching the show was because of Holly. Kris Jenner is boring just like Sharon and will add nothing to the show. If people thought Leah Remini was loud and obnoxious, just wait until they see Sheryl Underwood. She’s a very an over-the-top and raunchy black comedian; a self-described Republican to boot. Holly and Leah didn’t deserved to be fired — shame on you, CBS!

    • Anita says:

      I watched the show yesterday and wondered what was going on. After googling now I know. I agree that it was a big mistake firing Leah & Holly. Leah could get on your nerves but she at least brought Sara out of her shell. Based on yesterday’s show good luck. Sheryl Underwood is awful on this show and have no idea why they have Molly Shannon, she is not a good host. Julie is boring but she seemed to be the only one allowed to speak unless Sheryl was interrupting. I like Kris but I get enough of the Kardashan clan with all of thier other ventures. Did anyone see her co host the Insider or whatever show? Not good. They need to get rid of Sheryl & Molly immediately or I will not be watching another episode.

  7. Meg says:

    Who’s Sheryl Underwood?

  8. LuLu says:

    I agree that both Leah & Holly made the show very popular. I myself only started watching it because of Leah. This show has not been on long enough to survive a change as big as this. After all, it’s not the View. They have gone through so many changes but I don’t think The Talk will survive this. Too many disappointed fans. I myself will not be tuning in this fall. I don’t think it will survive without Leah & Polly. They brought the humor and the honesty to the show. I wish them well. Maybe they should think about a show of their own. Kind of like Hoda & Kathy. I think it would do really well. they both seem to fit perfectly together.

  9. Dixie Van Landingham says:

    I already stopped my DVR from recording it every day. I am so disappointed by CBS. Holly and Leah were by far the stars of the show. Their stories they shared were relatable. I never watched fir the guests since they were generally only on for 3 minutes.

    • Lynn says:

      HAHA, I did the same thing and only viewed for the beginning round-table chats….Holly and Leah! Stopped recording as soon as I heard about Leah being let go.

    • liz dooley says:

      I , too have deleted The Talk from my DVR…as soon as I realized Leah Remini and Holly Peete were not offered renewed contracts.

      Julie Chen is talentless… Sharon and Sara are entertaining —but without Holly and Leah as buffers WHO can tolerate Chen….??? HUGE Mistake…….. The View is now my DVR choice.

  10. Evelyn says:

    I’am so disappointed,I always thought the show was so nice I will not be looking at this crappy lineup,Kris Jenner,sheryl underwood and Molly who?

  11. TV Gord says:

    I’m not a fan of Leah’s, but Holly was clearly the best and most polished of the co-hosts, so I can’t underst– oh, wait. Maybe that explains it! Intimidated, Mrs. Moonves???

    The hope I have is that she is offered her own talk show on OWN. Oprah has been very supportive of her over the years, and I think she could do a show that is quite unique from anything Oprah or Gayle or Rosie does. I don’t have any children with Autism in my life, but I was always proud to have Holly shed some light on the condition, because it’s clear the way the condition is exploding, we will soon ALL know someone.

    I wish Holly all the best. While I will always love Executive Producer Sara, I have to say, Holly is better than The Talk.

  12. Tibbieman1 says:

    Never have watched the show. Never will watch the show. The took off As the World Turns for it. Yes I’M still maD!

  13. MEKISHA HALE says:

    I’m just dumb founded by why it was so important to remove the two co-host. “Leah Remini” and “Holly Robinson Peete” who was just carrying on just fine with the other cast members of the show “The Talk”. So with the final response from “Holly Robinson Peete” being held up until it was official,that she was FIRED,LET GO,. Not ask to return to the second season of the show “The Talk”. That was weired,for a while but it’s just there was something going on there. And it worked,to let the show fall to waist side.
    When this show “The Talk” does return it’s going to be weird to see Sara Gibert and Sharron Osbourne without the complete wheel. You see Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete were what put together the complete instrument of the whole show. And now it’s going to look like something gone or just simply don’t fit.

  14. Robin says:

    Looks like doomsday for this show too.

  15. Susan says:

    I won’t be watching. Very poor decision on CBS’s part~

  16. Ernie says:

    I truly loved this show. It was just plain fun. Leah and Holly were very funny and professional. I don’t understand the decision of CBS. The show was considered a “rip-off” of “The View”, but sometimes I thought “The Talk” was better. I might watch the 1st episode to see what it may look like, but I can see myself continuing to watch. I don’t know Kris Jenner, Sheryl Underwood, and Molly Shannon, but from what I have seen of them in the past, they can NEVER hold a candle to Leah or Holly. I am afraid that CBS lost this viewer. Sorry.

    • Robin says:

      I never watch talk shows, hate the View!
      I loved this show, watched everyday. I looked forward to each day. No matter my mood I could always count on Holly and Leah making it fun, always left smile or laughter in my heart. Sharon ok but the other two especially Julie fake and very boring.
      Kris Jenner she is just sick,after 20 years wants to change last name
      she uses her kids, she is only concerned for herself! The other 2 don’t even know.

  17. Chloe says:

    I really hope the CBS heads are paying attention. I was shocked of this change, to such a new show. I loved Leah & Holly they made the show. I like Julie, but she is not well liked. If you are gona replace these great ladies what stupid choices. Hey..Hey.. Bye..Bye The Talk.. NO MORE. I wont watch at all. The girls on the View are relieved im sure. This show had soo much to offer, so sad overpaid Idiots running these networks.

    • DEE WARSOFF says:


  18. Beatrice Blanshaw says:

    I’m sad about both women leaving that why cable is replacing 2,4,7,9,11 because the minute you start to liked a show or the people on a show the power that be takes it off

    • dee stancer says:

      Finally a fun female talk show. I had it set on my dvr recore everyday so not to miss a eposide. I enjoyed the bond so I thought between these women, sad to find it was fake from two of them. I enjoyed the fashion show from leah. Was Julie that afraid she would be replaced because Leah and Holly. In these times humor, laughter, I refered as the talk ladies as my best friends, wathed when everyone in my family in bed so I could laugh and enjoy without interuption. Leah and Holly you will be missed by me and the rest of your fan base. I tried to watch and give benefit of doubt. The show was so boring. Sorry! Channel 4 big mistake, big.

  19. Susan says:

    I absolutely agree with the above comments. I watched The Talk for the interactions of Leah & Holly. I cringed whenever Julie spoke…she was over acting and appeared fake. The Talk shall be no more for me!!!

    • diana says:

      I agree with the comments pertaining to Holly & Leah. I will not be watching the The Talk again. I truly enjoy the show..but without Holly and Leah it will be boring. Soory Mrs. O, I will miss you.

  20. Jillid71 says:

    Is Sharon still going to be on? I don’t see her name. I DVR’d for Holly and Leah and Sharon- so I will be deleting from the DVR- especially when an addition is anyone Kardashian!!!

  21. AngieJ says:

    Isn’t Julie Chen embarrassed? Talk about sleeping her way to the top! She is mediocre at best. I guess it does pay to marry the boss.

  22. Dawn Wilson says:

    Julie Chen never had any shame. She always thought the public didn’t notice that she used her bedroom skills to land jobs and keep them at CBS. It upsets me to no end how hard Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete worked on The Talk only to be thrown under a bus. The kept the baggage, Julie Chen because she sleeps with the boss. Outrageous. Leah Remini did everything she could to help social misfit, Sara Gilbert not get lost on that talk show. It infuriates me, Gilbert, threw Remini under a bus in this. Bottom line, Gilbert and Chen are complete witches. Leah and Holly are very much appreciated for their talent. CBS can’t take that away from these gorgeous ladies.

  23. tanya says:

    Cannot believe it!!!! As an ensemble the cast, I felt, was great together. I love each one as individuals, but as a team I thought they were amazing! I quit watching the view because they talked over each other so much, I couldn’t handle it. The talk felt like u were home! Sara the lesbian, leah the greatly neurotic comedienne, mrs. O for speaking her mind and giving a diff age prospective, holly for her crazy gestures and wit,and julie the perfect calm in the storm at the helm! Crazy I used to rush from work to hit my dvr to c what crazy things the girls were going to chat about! What a shame!!

    • USADOC36 says:

      I totally agree with you, I loved this show it was so funny. Leah, Holly and Mrs. O kept me laughing everyday. Well one less thing on the DVR. It’s a very sad day for me I enjoyed this show.

  24. Tee says:

    This little staff shake-up is probably the most people have ever talked about that show. CBS folks are probably patting themselves on the backs for all the free press.

  25. Bryan says:

    I don’t blame Julie for this at all. I blame CBS daytime programming. They are out of their minds if they think this change will increase their ratings.

    • donna warsoff says:

      Hello, Julie’s overpaid and crazy ass husband run’s the programming for CBS. Sorry, but he is an ass, with what he does for his hot honey Julie, he could be fired also, let’s just hope

    • DeeWarsoff says:

      Blame Julie, she is the one married to CBS PROGRAMMING LES, HER husband tHAT got her this job, she is the one that got those ladies fired. I just hope that LES MOOVESS’S STEP’S OVER THE BORDER, AND THEY KICK HIS ASS TO THE CURB ALSO. JMO

    • Gretchen says:

      So you really don’t think that Julie had anything to do with this? Then you are wrong. She is the puppet master. With her husband doing whatever she wants him to do. What a loser he is to be manipulated by her…..ha ha I’m not watching anymore. The new people SUCK!!! I have no idea who they are! Don’t want to know either! Bring back Leigh & Holly!!!

  26. Carly says:

    GONE. Buh-Bye.

  27. shining star says:

    This is just another bad move……. you can not now ever be another perfect. Cast…….U r left without anyone with their own opinion but Sarah & she’s afraid to be the person she is on TV…….. first the soaps &this is for all you executive executioners. The talk the chew & any copy cats …. stop pulling a show that is wonderful just to make happy advertisers……..but you all make decisions that r so wrong & for the Holly’s & Leah’s out there karma is a what!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. remogdj says:

    I am so dumbfounded about the removal of 2 of the hosts of a show that was definitely working. I started watching The Talk since day one because of Sara Gilbert and have watched the ladies all go thru so many changes until they finally made a great fit. You have 5 womem at different parts of their lives as mothers discussing their views. I am so disappointed at CBS, it is such a stupid move. How do they think the show was so popular, because of the blend of the 5 people. Now you bring in some unknown person (Underwood) and Kris Jenner. Like Kris Jenner needs anymore advertising or promoting which is ALL she will be doing. If this show was to be the SARA-JULIE show with guest hosts then they should have done it from the beginning. Please do not misunderstand me, I like Sara and Julie but the show worked because of the blend of the 5 ladies not only SARA-JULIE……sorry CBS you have blown it.

  29. shining star says:

    Julie is CBS ……. and if you are confused she basically took over the seat that Barbara Walters takes …… she should come back from her rich life & c she was the least liked &now the good girls r thrown under the bus ……. I would be afraid to work with her…… guess I have another free 44 minutes ….. but I will miss Leah &Holly and how they could make u laugh without saying anything …..good luck finding that
    …. I actually liked it even though I thought it copied the view I liked what I saw. …… gone gone goodnight goodbye. & much love & Thx to Holly & Leah!!!!!!!!

  30. Rina says:

    Kris Jenner???? Gross, you have got to be kidding. Add me to the list, I won’t be watching this idiotic show…Loved Leah and Holly.

  31. Kim M says:

    Well, well, well what a shock! CBS took a perfectly great show and wrecked it! I love Holly, Leah & Mrs. O! I promise you it will not be long before she high-tails it out of there, too. I agree with the others comments regarding Julie’s jealousy. Wow and right you are about sleeping your way to the top, I never liked Julie on the show anyway. I will not watch the new version. I believe & hope that Leah, Sharon and Holly get thier own show. Is anyone listening? Now I would watch that for sure! And agreed very classy comments, but what else do we expect from these ladies?

  32. TLW says:

    I agree with all of the above. I’m no longer dvr’ing the Talk and I refuse to watch it. I stopped watching The Early Show when CBS got rid of Harry Smith…who gets rid of Harry Smith. And he has landed nicely on NBC. I now watch the Today Show on NBC. I sent CBS a comment when Harry left, and I’ve sent one about Holly and Leah. Its absolutely ridiculous, and makes no sense.

  33. Smooches says:

    She is a loud mouth comedian that will only annoy the hell out you! If they wanted to add an African American to the show Sheryl Underwood was NOT the way to go!! Definitely not watching!!

  34. AJ says:

    First Leah, now Holly? This show is officially off my radar.

  35. Carol says:

    I started watching the Talk, hoping it would be a good talk show, because I so was sick of the View women. It started off okay, but I continued to watch and record it and finally got hooked on it BECAUSE of Leah, Sharon and Holly. From the get go, Sara was just plain pathetic and I kind of felt sorry for her, she was horrible at her attemps to interview the guests and her inputs were so off base.And Julie was just not as real as the others. I am so disappointed that CBS thought that this change would help the show, when they got rid of the ones who were, in my view were, the best ones on the Talk and was what kept me watching in the first place. And if the Jenner woman is going to be co host now, I will definitely not be watching, as she is as far from real people as you can get!! CBS you messed up what could’ve been a long running show. I think you will see your rating drop when the new season starts up.

    • Deb says:

      I SO agree with Carol. I, too, started watching The Talk because The View sounded like I was at a football game – all yelling and couldn’t understand anything they said. At first, I didn’t like the format for The Talk because it was so much like The View – I mean, let’s admit that it was copied almost totally! Not that I loved The View so much but I would think another network would be more creative & have more pride than to copy somebody else’s work. But BECAUSE OF LEAH & HOLLY I decided to give it a chance. I needed laughter in my day and they always delivered! Where do I get that now? NOT The Talk, for sure. If it hadn’t been for Leah & Holly, I would have stopped watching after a few episodes because Sara couldn’t begin a question without saying “NOW”. That made my skin crawl! Look back at some episodes, CBS, and take note. Yes, everybody does that from time to time but not with every question! I won’t be hearing it anymore, however, since I won’t be watching or recording it every day. This is the first time I’ve ever sent a post like this. Does it actually do any good? Do they care?

  36. Kat says:

    I started watching The Talk because of Sharon, at first I wasn’t sure I liked the show, then it started to grow on me. I wasn’t overly fond of Julie, I found she lacked the “funny” personality. I’ve always liked Sara, but, I feel Leah helped bring out Sara from her shell. I guess the bottom line here is CBS does NOT listen to their viewers. Holly and Leah ARE a BIG part of the show that a good portion of the VIEWERS liked. Now I’m going to have to find something else to watch…….Maybe another channel will create a new talk show with Holly, Leah and Sharon.

  37. Yolanda says:

    I am saddened to hear of the firing of these ladies. This show was one of the “lift-me-ups” I used to get me thru….along with my scripture, children and close friends. This combination worked! I don’t know or understand the reasons, but feel it could change my viewing. And to think I got my sisters and friends to start watching this show.

  38. K.Jones says:

    The Talk will be even MORE boring without Holly and Leah. Sheryl Underwood has a foul mouth and Kris Jenner…REALLY! I am another who WILL NOT BE WATCHING!

  39. Kira says:

    I have no idea who is running the show at CBS, but they’ve made some pretty ridiculous decisions. First they try to oust 2 of the most popular characters from Criminal Minds, both women. They’re seemingly re-tooling the entire premise of Hawaii Five-0, even though it was a major hit last season, and now they have completely changed the face of The Talk, by firing the most popular pundits.

    FYI CBS, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  40. NEK38583 says:

    Is the ratings bad ? It must be something that CBS is not liking to have a cast shake up like this.

  41. Viewer says:

    So sad to see Holly and Leah go. They really made the show. Hope they start their own show together!

    Just read too that Julie Chen had started dating Les Moonves (CBS big wig) in 2000. While he was STILL MARRIED. He had to file to get an early divorce in 2004 (so she dated a married man for 4 years!) and after the divorce was granted, they got married 13 days later. Dating a married man for so long is TRASHY.

    • SuperBarbie says:

      Yeah but when you listen to her on The Talk, Chinese people have such high morals blablabla. She is nothing but a slut who saw an oppertunity to steal some old horny guy from his wife. Now she acts all high and mighty, if it weren’t for her giving it up to Moonves she would have been through. People hated her on BB and still do she sucks and frankly she is no better on The Talk.

  42. Lb says:

    Well already cancelled my dvr recording of this. Bad move CBS. Come on fox give Leah holly and Sharon their own show. I think alot of peeps would watch.

  43. Nicole says:

    I removed the show from my DVR as soon as I heard. It was inexcusable for them to leave Holly and Leah in the dark for such an extended amount of time. Julie and Sara showed no integrity in this situation, and they will pay when the ratings plummet because every single person I knew that watched this show said they will NOT watch it going forward.

  44. phoebe Benneni says:

    I was just surfing one day and came across this show I gradually began to watch and was hooked. I enjoyed watching Leah because she was so real and holly because she was so smart, Mrs O is quirky and combined they made the show a good mix. I really don’t understand this decision by CBS because to me they were a good contrast to the view because the topics they covered were not controversial. I don’t understand why you would fix something that’s not broke but the view will welcome me back.

  45. shereee says:

    While I’m sad for this change (& agree that Holly was one of the best things about the show), I can’t help wondering…Does anyone know if. Leah, Sharon or Holly were making contract demands the network didn’t want/couldn’t do?

  46. Jane says:

    The show had horrible ratings and when Sharon announced she was stepping back, maybe the producers seized the opportunity to change up the whole show. I see why they asked Julie Chen to stay, she did create the show, but I’d have gotten rid of Sara Gilbert too. She’s a good actress, but has a boring personality. The few times I watched it, the show seemed like a mess. The View works because they have that political/ headline news Hot Topics segment and the dynamic personalities that disagree a lot on those subjects. Plus they always included a comedian for laughs. Molly Shannon is a smart move for the Talk to make. And you have to remember that Keeping Up the Kardashians makes E a lot of money. I’m sure CBS is hoping to pull in ratings with a younger audience. Although Kourtney or Klhoe would have been better choices. I liked Holly, but couldn’t stand Leah. Julie Chen co-anchored the CBS Morning Show before she hosted Big Brother/ The Talk and married the head of CBS. She is definitely qualified to host this show. She just needs to take a lesson from Meredith Vieira and loosen up some more.

    • SuperBarbie says:

      Julie Chen did not create the show Sara Gilbert did and the only reason that Julie Chen is on it is because her hubby is CEO of CBS.
      As for the Kardashians it bad enough to see them on every street corner no need to see them on network televison too. This show is going to sink like the Titanic now.

  47. Pamela Copeland, Va Beach, VA says:

    I am shocked that about this news of Holly and Leah being replaced. The only reason I watched the show was because of the chemistry the women had. Pooh on you CBS. I guess Julie Chen’s position was safe because she is of course married to the CEO. If I had my drathers, II would much prefer Holly Sara(although she is boring),Leah and Mrs. O. I will not be watching this show any longer.

  48. LuckysMom says:

    Kris Jenner really???? Maybe her famewhoring daughters can sit in from time to time and turn this show into a daytime “reality” show. Bad move CBS, this show will be cancelled before the end of the year.

  49. Elaine says:

    I, too, deleted the show from my DVR. I have never written a network before but wrote two times about this stupid move. Sara is soooo boring, and Leah brought her out. I loved Leah, and loved her “over the top” behavior sometimes (more about how loud she could be than anything else – but I loved it and her!). And Holly! Very professional and interesting! Mrs. O.? Well, sometimes I thought she “made up” some stories (it’s like she ALWAYS could relate to whatever the topic was). Julie? Pro at “running” the show but I agree, seems phony. Leah and Holly were the reason I watched. The View was/is TOO left leaning for me (the hosts) and I with “The Talk” I felt like I was hanging out with my girlfriends. I enjoyed it. I will NOT watch it, ever again, and I, too, hope it fails and fails fast. Great idea to get Leah and Holly and Mrs. O on Fox!

  50. Sandy says:

    Sad day for day time talk shows. Holly and Leah made “The Talk” what it was last year. They talked about the real issues, while Julie just sits there and acts higher than mighty. I am back to watching ELLEN I always taped her show to watch “The Talk” NO MORE. I don’t even know this Sheryl Underwood is dump,and has a very loud MOUTH. She needs to GO !

    • sandy says:

      Leave it to CBS. What a screw up. Goodbye!!!!!

      • Chavon S says:

        I did not know that my 2 favorite women I loved to watch next to Sharon were gone. They were a good dynamic for the show. I do not understand what goes on behind the scenes, but I will no longer watch The Talk. Soon as you find a good show that you connect and get hooked on what happens this. I really like Holly and Leah I wish them all the best they will be just fine. Even celebrities are being laid off. I wonder if they are eligible for Unemployment? Even if they are there income from the show exceeds so much it would not be worth it. I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

        • merle says:

          Now that Leah and Holly are gone there is nothing to keep me from watching the food channel. So sorry Sharon I’ll miss you.