Scoop: Molly Shannon Joins CBS' The Talk

Is Molly Shannon as fast and funny as Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete? Fans of CBS’ daytime chatfest The Talk will have a chance to find out when the show returns for its second season. Our sister site reports than the Saturday Night Live vet will serve as a guest host for the month of September, and will join returning Talk panelists Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen and Sharon Osbourne, as well as recently hired Sheryl Underwood, for next Tuesday’s season premiere.

Last week, the show signed Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner to serve as a fill-in cohost. Remini and Robinson Peete were not asked to return to the show after serving on the panel for the duration of its inaugural season.

Are you excited to see how Shannon fares at The Talk‘s roundtable? Or does your membership to Team Leah and/or Team Holly mean your Talk-ing days are over? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Louise says:

    From Canada i watched every episode of the talk. I laughed with Leah and Holly . Now they will have to rename the show as Sara and Julie never really open up and TALK.Thanks Leah and Holly for being GENUINE

  2. lisa says:

    I will be watching on the VIEW on ABC and deleting the Talk from my DVR. Holly and Leah were real working moms and said what was on their mind. They have the same problems and issues as all of us out there. One particular person on the Talk has no clue what an average person has not go through day to day. Cooking, driving kids to practices, school events etc. Sharon and Sarah were fine but you really need the other two to balance.

  3. honey says:

    will watch only this week because of Sheryl Underwood

  4. ELAINE says:

    Very, very sad to hear the news about the ‘sudden’ departures of Leah and Holly. I will really miss Sharron and her wonderful ‘potty’ mouth too! The format of The Talk was very easy to listen to (compared with the View) even with Leah horsing around. Any sniping was done rarely but politely and with humour. Will definitely not be watching the new season!

  5. Raven says:

    Do any of the CBS employees look at these comments? I’ve gone through them all and NOT ONE has a positive comment on the new lineup. I would be very nervous if I were Julie Chen, she will be riding that show right off the airwaves, with MUCH MORE time to spend with her horrible husband. Now with a REPUBLICAN (Sheryl Underwood) in the mix, its going to be just like The View, and I stopped watching that because of stupid Elizabeth and her nasty Republican views, and that idiot Sheri Shepard. The Talk had a great group of women and it set itself apart from The View because it had heart and was NOT the pseudo “News” show that THe View “tried” to be, even thought Barbara can hardly string a sentence together, Elizabeth can’t get her facts straight, but The Talk was just good fun with some smart cool, kind women. If Julie wants to do the news then let HER leave to be a “hard hitting” news anchor, and leave the light comedic chatter to the other 4 women. I feel sorry for Sarah seeing her great idea be trashed and having to sit next to the Republican and the sex tape queen’s mother! I’ll be laughing all the way to another network!

  6. barbara dile says:

    Boy did cbs ever blow it. They took the best new talk show on tv and killed it. It’s boring now with the people they have on. Leah and Holly made the show. Sara without Leah is nothing. Sharon and Julie are boring. Goodbye The Talk, You won’t be around long, and I will not watch ever again. Who was the idiot that decided it needed changing? Were Leah and Holly too popular? Were the others jealous? Whatever the reason, you won’t last long now.

  7. LDJO Nickerson says:

    LEAH and HOLLY gone so am I no more Talk for me

  8. Teresa says:

    I am not happy with the changes that have been made on the cast of The Talk. The original cast had such a good chemistry, I cannot believe that now it is so messed up. I was a HUGE fan of As the World Turns and began watching the talk & Taping it to watch at a later time, in which took the place of As the World Turns, I am so disappointed. I am trying to watch it now, and the chemistry is NOT there, needless to say this will be the last day and time I will tune in or tape “The Talk”….GIVE US BACK AS THE WORLD TURNS PLEASE!!!!!!!!
    At least it is something we can stomach.

  9. daycare mama says:

    What are you doing CBS????? First you take off As The World Turns (bummed) Then started watching the Talk. Loved Leah, she is so honest and funny ( us moms can relate). Who is this Underwood Woman, never heard of her. She is not funny, not a good fit for the show!! I am trying to watch the show now during my lunch break and it is missing the spice that Leah brings. Molly Shannon doesn’t quite work either!! Kris Jenner already has her own realty show. Stay there! I guess I will have to watch Rachel Ray!

  10. Ahh says:

    I watched The Talk… new show on 9/6…..w/o Leah and Holly. It didn’t work…dull, dull. Why did the execs feel the need to change things when it was working so well? Poor decision, CBS execs. Better get the girls back …quickly!! I really feel Leah and Holly carried the show. I’m out!

  11. kim says:

    I’m done! These two newby’s are as dull as dishwater.

  12. C rugg says:

    Shame..shame..shame CBS! Do you think your viewers don’t have a choice on whether to watch The Talk? Do you really think we HAVE to watch it, regardless of who you put in the cohosts’ chairs? You have millions of viewers who watched the show because of Leah and Holly, which are the same millions who will stop watching because of your poor decision. Why…Why…Why? You have ruined one of the best shows are tv….shame…shame…shame CBS!

  13. Linda C says:

    I deleted The Talk from my DVR when I heard the cast was changing, I didn’t care to see the re-runs; but I also didn’t want to give any more ratings to the show. I obviously didn’t watch todays show with new format and seems from what I was told by some that did; CBS should cancel it now; oh, WAIT can’t, Julie has an in with higher ups. Individually, I don’t think that Leah and Holly carried the show, but as a group they all meshed, even the boring Sarah and more boring Julie. Sharon is my favorite, but even when she is on I won’t be watching; cannot stand the thought of Kris Jenner and the other two I’ve never heard of. Just wanted to voice my opinion which seems to be consistant with comments posted on many different sites!

  14. Marian R says:

    I sure C B S could care less of what I think, so i will not be watching THE TALK. I like HOLLY and LEAH

  15. JH says:

    Five people authentic true to their own values, respectful of each of their differences and blended together to make a great show. Enhanced by the fact that they genuinely liked each other. Real friendship REAL entertainment. Each one a loving mother in addition to an entertainer. I would never watch a show with Chris Jenner, what will she talk about,how to market your children and turn an embarrassing sex video of you daughter into a business to support your family. I would like to know why the the changes were made. I think someone blew it.

  16. sue says:

    Todays show was boring. No personalities. Mrs O is the only smart one! Molly talked like she lives in the getto. The other one is so bland. Bring the other two back. The end of this show. CBS always kills good shows.

  17. Pat says:

    Will some one pleas tell us what happened to Leah and Holly. I also took The Talk off my DVR. Guess I will just watch the View. Watched about 5 min of the show today. And Why does Sharon have to be the last one to sit down?

  18. G says:

    Crazy!!! What are yo thinking??? Leah and Holly made the show. So disappointed. Molly Shannon and the other new host (whoever she is) seemed so out of place. Another viewer that will not be watching. Bad decision to a formerly great show!

  19. Carmen G. says:

    I was EXTREMELY disappointed when i heard the rumors about Leah being let go (I refuse to write “fired” because she did nothing wrong) and about Holly saying she would leave if Leah did (BTW True or just rumor?) So i eagerly watched my DVR today and… Dun-dun- DUUUUN… was heartbroken to see them walk out without Leah’s and Holly’s smiling faces. But I was most heartbroken with today’s episode because THEY DID NOT EVEN MENTION THE ISSUE. What?! No regard for your audiences’ concern?! Why leave us with questions? Cuz Julie and Les r just too embarrassed to admit the real reason why they let go the two most popular hosts… There’s the reason! Jealous Julie wanted more of the spotlight on her and probably whined to her “can’t work a circuit breaker” (DUH) husband. So poof!.. She got her way. I will also stop DVRing this show. Watch your ratings plummet CBS! Darn! Too bad I will still have to sit through Jealous Julie on Big Brother

  20. TheEndof Fun says:

    I had a bad feeling about both Leah and Holly…on paper I could see where each could go…but you know what…what a MESS and a boring one. Molly Shannon is OV-AH…boring, depressing, NOT attractive…and that Underwood is also depressing and a loud mouth…all the makeup and hair don’t do it. If uptight Julie was thrown by Leah…her pantyhose/toes must be in a bunch today. And Mrs. Lapband is a phoney…who needed to hear about her throwing up…she knows the show is shot. Poor Sarah, so depressed without Leah. They all shoved their faces w/ food at the end, and couldn’t say boo…except for Chen with egg on her face.

  21. Melisa says:

    I love Molly Shannon, but she cannot replaced Leah Remini or Holly Robinson Peete. Sheryl Underwood is a complete joke. NOT funny at all. I am shocked that CBS made the decision to get rid of the reason the show was a success. Leah and Holly made the show. Sara is sweet, but very quiet and does not give much input. Julie is an automaton. Mrs. O is dingy. I foresee this show being canceled very quickly.

    I am not watching anymore.

  22. June Van Derlaske says:

    I can’t understand why they would get rid of two great Hosts, as is Leah and Holly. They were the show. Sarah is boring, Sharon I can’t understand her accent sometimes and Chen is wife of CEO of CBS. I will no longer watch this show.

  23. Barbara says:

    I think they should have left the show exactly the way it was.
    There was nothing wrong with it,why change it? It was something
    I looked forward to watching everyday, because they made me
    laugh! I will miss Holly and Leah so much. Don’t think it will
    keep me interested enough to keep watching. An explanation would
    have been nice. :(

  24. Vicki says:

    Yesterday I thought maybe Leah and Holly would be back later in the season. Now I know they won’t. My 1:00 walks with the dog are back on. I can’t believe CBS and/or Julie Chen made such a huge mistake. The new women just signed on with a doomed show.

  25. Penny-Lee Fidersek says:

    I am so disgusted that Leah Rehmini (my personal favourite) and Holly Robinson Peete are no longer on The Talk. I tuned in to the season premiere yesterday and to my shock they weren’t there. I then went on the web to find out they weren’t asked back. I read a few of the comments on this website and everyone misses them tremendously. Leah was so funny and made my day brighter. Oh well, you’ve lost another viewer. Let’s see how the ratings do now they are gone. I think they’ll be cancelled sooner than later!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best Of Luck To Leah And Holly! You’re The Best!!!!

  26. Mari says:

    RIP The Talk! I will go back to watching the View.

  27. M. O'Brien says:

    I really enjoyed The Talk, but now I can just fine something else to do instead of watching The Talk. I have nothing against the two new replacements, but they just don’t have what Leah and Holly have to offer. Sorry to hear that you thought this would be better, NOT. Why is it that when things are going well, someone have to screw it up? Hope your rating don’t go down, but you have lost me as a viewer. Maybe some people should think long and hard before making changes especially since it was working well last season.

  28. kathy says:

    not sure if i will continue watching–the show was very good the other way. don’t understand why leah and holy were let go at least have the curtesy to explain to us. i hope you didn’t ruin a good thing!!!!!!!!!

  29. barbara dile says:

    I just watched a few minutes of the show ,to see what it would be like without Leah and Holly. It was pathetic! Sharon making a fool out of herself trying to be funny. Sara her usual boring self without Leah. Queen Julie laughing at everything,hoping no one would notice how bad the show was. She and her husband couldn’t stand that Leah and Holly were the stars of the they got rid of them. Such pettiness! ruin a show because of jealousy. Well, we won’t have to put up with the show much longer. It is so over! Lots of luck leah and Holly’ Hope you get your own show. It would be a hit!

  30. laura says:

    Ditto what everyone else has said. Leah made the show a can’t miss for me and made Sara fun, too! Loved how all five got along and THOUGHT that was sincere. Wouldn’t even watch if they were asked back b/c there must be bad blood. Wish Sara and Mrs. O would leave and the four could start a new show on another network. I loved that it was a fun hour to be with girlfriends and will miss that b/c I will no longer watch this show. I hope it totally TANKS and FAST!!!!!!! I thought the show was supposed to be about moms and now one of them isn’t even a mom? I can’t believe how stupid CBS was. It makes me almost want to boycott all CBS shows. I hope they read these comments. the fact that nothing was said about it makes it seem even more so like it was Julie Chen’s fault. I hope Chen’s husband feels like the absolute idiot he must be. I have to remember to remove “The Talk” from my likes on Facebook – otherwise I’d be embarrassed. Best of luck to Leah and Holly and please do something like this on another network!

  31. tashma hall says:

    I watched five min. of the show yesterday and had to turn it off. Molly was not funny and I don’t know who the other lady was. BIG MISTAKE for CBS.

  32. tashma hall says:

    Leah and Holly, Pitch yourselfs to another network for a Talk Show of your own. You don’t need five ladies at a table two is enough.
    Good Luck

  33. Diane says:

    I, too, loved and miss As The World Turns. But I gave The Talk a chance. Leah and Holly made the show. Julie is a bore. And I resent the fact they did not address the change in hosts at all. Do they think we are stupid? This is just not how it I done. I will not be watching.

  34. Rosalyn harless says:

    The talk will no longer be appointment tv for me. I am retired buti babysit my 4 1/2 year old granddaughter and I got a lot out of the show through Leah, Holly and Sharon. Without Leah’s and Holly’s humor and children’s stories the show was really flat yesterday. To me Shannon is not funny unless she is playing a character, I used to love her on SNL but she was very flat yesterday and did not contribute anything. I have no idea who the other gal is, I have never heard of her, but I was not the least bit impressed. I mean The Talk hit the ground running the first season, I was hooked from day one, now I got “un”hooked day one of the second season.

    Back to The View where at least they have one funny and great person in WHOOPEE!!!

  35. mary says:

    I also agree they made a big mistake. I loved Leah, she totally made the show. I liked Holly to but Leah was great. I hate the view cause they are way to political and fight to much and I thought I had found a talk show I could enjoy.

  36. Charlene says:

    I was a loyal viewer of “The Talk” since the first day and I tried watching the season premier without Holly and Leah but it just didn’t begin to measure up. I’m sad to say I will no longer watch “The Talk”. The original 5 ladies had great chemistry, they all brought something unique to the show and their natural talents complimented each each. It’s too bad CBS either didn’t see it or didn’t care enough about its viewers to let them all continue on doing what they were obviously great at.

  37. Linda says:

    I agree with nearly everything I’ve just glanced over…the overwhelming theme seems to be that everyone agrees that the 5 women, Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini made The Talk what it is or was! As a group, they were witty, charming, off the wall, endearing, enlightened, informed, kind hearted, delightful and often downright hilarious! The topics had such a wide range, from the most serious and thought provoking to the utterly ridiculous. They weren’t afraid of being themselves and it was such a good combination! It is truly a shame that the “powers the be” on CBS decided otherwise. Most decisions I guess that networks make don’t involve the general tv viewing public, but I, for one, am extremely disappointed that these truly unique 5 women will no longer share the spotlight on The Talk. I will remain a fan of these 5 women and look forward to anything they do in the future…You had me at “Welcome to The Talk”!

  38. Susan H. says:

    Not only do I think the Talk will really miss Leah and Holly, I think it is particularly in bad form to not even address their departure. I was reluctant to become a “regular” viewer, but found myself everyday watching the show. I, like many others will not continue to watch any more. I am especially annoyed with the Kris Jenner selection. Molly Shannon is funny, but not the right mix for this show. I also find (in just 3 episodes), that Sheryl is a total disconnect with the group. CBS has made a BIG mistake in this change. So, – with sadness, I say “Good-bye” to The Talk.

  39. donna kantruss says:

    Just found out Leah and Holly are not coming back. I, like everyone else am truly disappointed. I really enjoyed watching those two the most! Loved Leah’s honesty and Holly’s prospective as a working mom with four growing kids. I don’t feel I will be watching the new and “improved” version of the show

  40. melissa says:

    I started watching The Talk as an alternative to The View. It was very funny and the 5 of them had lots of chemistry. Was totally shoced to find Leah and Holly were replaced. They were the reason I watched. I have seen the past 2 episodes and there was no chemistry. Why would Les Moonves replace these 2 hosts? Doesnt make any sense. I will definitely not be dvr’ing The Talk anymore. Back to watching The View.

  41. lori says:

    I am sorry that Leah and Holly is gone, I just wished CBS, told the views of “THE TALK” what was about to happen. I turn the tv on Tuesday, No one says anything about the topic of missing hosts. It’s just plain wierd. The name of the show is “THE TALK”, right? so, talk to your views

  42. Tammy says:

    Just a reiteration of what everyone else is saying. Really liked Season 1. Loved both Leah and Holly’s personality. Thought all 5 have a very good chemistry. I can speculate on reasons they weren’t asked back. Perhaps Leah pinching Sharon this summer? Disagreements off stage? Was so looking forward to Season 2. Not so much now. Not enjoyable to watch. Nothing against the 2 new ladies. It would have been different had it been Leah’s or Holly’s choice to leave. Bottom line, you have one less viewer. My hope is enough viewers do the same thing I’m doing. You fired 2 superb actors/talk show hosts –> proud of yourself? Here’s to hoping for a soon to be cancellation of The Talk. You did it to yourself. Cheers!

  43. Rescie says:

    Well, as you found out I’m sure, Molly is hilarous on SNL but a dud on The Talk as is the rest of the show in its present form. Jumped the Shark with both feet, Julie. I’d love to hear that dinnertime discussion.

  44. Sandy s says:

    I am boycotting all CBS,s shows. I am so mad I can,t tell you. There is no excuse to get rid of Holly and Leah. Oprah, please give them their own show on your network! It will be such a winner. To Les Moron, you and CBS idiots, you have made such a HUGH MISTAKE!!!!!!!!! I just can,t believe you are so stupid! I guess it was more important to humor your wife than to have a hit show. If she wasn’t the reason then just be up front and tell us why. We as loyal watchers deserve that much! Well my loyalty is gone, I will not be watching again . Like I said before, ” you are F—— idiots? Enough to send me in a depression!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DORKS!!!!!!!

  45. I will miss Leah and Holly. I’ll watch to check it out but this seems like a bad move when the show was working with the chemistry it had.

  46. Katie says:

    Molly Shannon is a good character actress but this is not a good format for her. Underwood was just embarrasing with her remarks. Heard she was a republican….typical family values republican I guess. Sara is nice but her and Leah really were cute interacting together. Holly was so good and was the classy one. The new show seems sleazy and difficult to watch.

  47. Precious says:

    I was a person who watched the talk everyday but unfortunately since Leah and Holly have been let go I will no longer be watching the Talk. If anyone should have been let go it should have been

  48. Teresa says:

    Okay it is official, I’ve given the new season three days, it is NO better than the first one. Since the entire original cast is no longer on this show, I am now switching the station to channel 2. I would rather watch two women talk about the current events drinking wine, and trying wacky crazy things to have to endure the new ladies on The Talk. Melissa, & Julie are not strong enough personalities to pull this show or hold it together on their own. Hello Channel 2 TODAY SHOW!!!!

  49. Precious says:

    I will no longer be watching the Talk since Leah & Holly have been let go. The person that should have been let go is Julie Chen but we know the only reason she was retained is because the boss is her husband. So much for talent being the reason for career advancement. I as well as many others will no longer be watching.

  50. sonja says:

    Initially,I thought the show show seemed kinda lame,and needed more focus-but after a few shows I came to really enjoy it,and all 5 hosts.Julie seemed fun-loving,and is gorgeous to look at(which does seem to matter-telegenic and all that)Sharon is often offensive, and does nothing for me,Sara is a good complementation to Leah’s rather,often abrasive-loudness,and Holly was interesting ,and nice,and very funny. I think the nasty part is that they wanted us to accept the chemistry,and we did,and then they acted like they couldn’t care less about us. After one year,unless the ratings are abysmal, and in the toilet,they don’t touch the formula-they wait another season to see if the show can capture a larger audience,i.e.All In the Family, and Seinfeld. It would appear that perhaps Julie was not happy with the set up. One would think that if she wanted Leah and Holly to stay, they would still be there today. One of the reasons that I loved the show so much was Leah Remini.King of Queens is my all time favorite show. To me it is brilliant,genius stuff. Her facial expressions, and comic timing,delivery,etc. was brilliant. I loved seeing her in this context of just talking about her life, and giving tidbits about show business. And I agree with so many above,that the way they handled this sucked. Say SOMETHING! Don’t treat us like idiots and say nothing. The show treated its loyal viewers so disrespectfully, that I could never feel the same about it.