Glee Season 3 School Photos: Who's Missing?!

With Glee‘s third-season premiere less than three weeks away, Fox is revving up the McKinley High hype machine. The latest promotional gimmick: The release of the official and hilariously awkward 2011-12 class photos!

Glee Promo: Quinn’s In the Pink, Finn Looks Blue, Brittany Is Planning [Spoiler]!

As you make your way through the slideshow, ask yourselves the following questions: Is there a hidden meaning to be gleaned from the varying backdrops? Which snapshot would you most likely want to carry around in your wallet? And, last but not least, where the hell is Ashley Fink?!

Flip through our slideshow, then tell us in comments who you think is looking good this school year….

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Anna says:

    Where is Max Adler/Dave Karofsky?!?!?!

  2. Karolina says:

    But where is Max Adler? I have to know what happened to Dave after Prom. How could they leave him with “I can’t” as his last words?! :( His storyline means so much to me.

    Dave, where are you…? :(

    • Elle says:

      “I can’t” actually would be very compelling last words. In life, not every queestion is answered, and the focus of the bullying arc was Kurt, not Dave. With one season left with the core cast, they’re going to be focusing on them, not guest stars.

  3. Laura says:

    We need David Karofsky’s picture..

  4. Nemi says:

    Where’s Max? He’s one of the highlights of S2. :(

  5. Haley says:

    Only one person even mentioned Chord Overstreet. Why isn’t he coming back? And I’m dying to see Damian. They were right on the Glee Project. Brittany’s going to have a field day with whatever character they make for him. I also agree with those people that said they didn’t like Ashley Fink’s character. The pictures are all cute. I’d love to have the one of Mark Salling. Puck’s my favorite.

    • Jordan says:

      Chord’s not coming back to the show because he’d rather make an album and focus on his music career instead of his acting career. Damian’s not coming on till at least episode four and he’ll probably only stay for seven, so it would be odd if his picture was here.

  6. Hilary says:

    Where is Dave Karofsky…?

  7. Justine says:

    Where in the world is Dave Karofsky/Max Adler? His storyline is the most interesting in my opinion, and it’s the one I’m looking forward to the most. Max Adler is a brilliant actor, and his character has the capacity to become an even bigger inspiration to teens.

    Extremely disappointing. What are the writers thinking?

  8. anon says:

    Max Adler is an amazing actor and he deserves all the awards for portraying Karofsky. If bullying storyline was treated well, this character could be an example for closeted kids in highschools. But. There were some things that made Karofsky the most hated character on Glee. It is actually interesting, that in both episodes about Karofsky’s behaviour after kiss was personally involved Ryan Murphy. Death threat was in Substitute (directed by RM), inappropriate touch – most creepy scene in Glee ever – in Furt (written by RM). And yet Murphy states he loves Max and his character and wants for him sort of happy ending? I mean, dude, you were the one who ruined this character beyond the point of repair because you thought you can handle bullying storyline in your show – but you can’t. I’m sure Max (and Dave Karofsky) have lot of fans, but 90 % of average viewers hate this character. And it didn’t change The Sue Sylvester Shuffle nor The Prom Queen apology.

    • Jake says:

      “I mean, dude, you were the one who ruined this character”

      He didn’t ruin the character. He showed all aspects of the character. Dave may have apologized, but that doesn’t excuse a thing that he did. The death threat, the creepy touch, the assault kiss – ALL things that Karofsky did. They can be forgiven but not forgotten, and at least all the actors, creators, and writers involved know that – as well as tons of fans.

  9. Sarah says:

    Great pictures. I’m sad to see both Sam and Lauren gone though. Especially Sam. Creys.

    Glad to see Blaine though, even if he looks like an over photoshopped serial killed in his pic. Can’t wait to see him in ND.

    As for Karofsky. He’s not a main character and he’s only tangentially involved in other people’s storylines. I don’t think it’s a major faux pas that he’s not included.

  10. Kelsey says:

    Who CARES about Asley Fink (Lauren Zises) and Max Adler (Dave Karosfsky)? I doubt they are even supporting characters, they are guest stars. And, I think Zises will be downsized because Puck and Quinn may (hopefully) will be getting back together. Maybe Zises (hopefully) quits Glee Club after her and Puck breakup, she did say show choir was stupid.


    I freakin’ LOVE Rachel Berry, a golden mic for a golden voice. Such a diva, love it. Love her. Love Lea Michele. I cracked up when I saw her picture, did I mention I love this?

    I love Finn’s (Cory) picture, Captain of the football team. Nice touch. Looks highschooly.

    If Blaine is at McKinnley now, why does he still have on his Warblers, uniform? Still, bleh.

    Love Quinns new look, character development. Me likely.

    They should’ve put quotes next to their picture. Ex: Under Rachel’s name it says Most Likely to Suceed.

  11. Marco says:

    Can someone please tell me why BEISTE AND BECKY, recurring characters, have been in these photos but KAROFSKY, who is still an important character, surely more than these two, has not? I really hope RIB are not planning to drop his storyline to add more chemistry-free Klaine moments.

  12. Jenna says:

    Oh my God, Max’s fans, please calm down, stop for a while and use common sense. What do think would happen if Dave Karofsky’s photo was among these? The same riot which happened after Prom Queen spoiler. No, not the same, it would be even worse, because Nicole Crowther’s spoiler didn’t reach the whole audience, just people on forums. These photos are officially published, if Karofsky’s photo were here, it would be like – “Hey, look, Karofsky is important character now, he has now bigger role, bigger storyline and he may join Glee Club. But we didn’t reveal too much, did we?”.
    I mean, did you ever heard of the word “surprise”?

    • Elle says:

      Glee doesn’t usually keep cast stuff secret. He could have just been written off, since Max hasn’t been on set for the first four episodes. The world will go on!

  13. Rob says:

    Where’s Dave? You’d think they’d want to keep up his storyline about accepting himself and possibly coming out. Hell, Max Adler just killed it last season. Lauren missing from the the photoshot while Becky gets one is weird. I’d get if they were just doing ND members, but Becky’s the same status as Dave and Lauren.

  14. anon says:

    Adler fans are hilarious. Yes, yes, you’ve riled yourselves up on your little Tumblr tag and made your call to action. Now go back to hoping that they’ll be writing that cute Irish boy from Project in as his boyfriend.

  15. Paris says:

    Everyone needs to calm down about Karofsky. He is a good character and his storyline is important so most likely he will have the same amount of attention like last season. I really want Glee to go back to its comedic roots. Season 2 was just too dramatic and sad. I want to laugh out loud like season 1.

    • Melanie says:

      That’s the thing: Dave’s character is entertaining. Cynical, acerbic, occasionally sassy. I think with good, tight writing, it’s totally possible to handle serious topics with humour … even preferable. It makes difficult experiences more accessible to audiences who might otherwise be put-off by drama and sadness. Believe me, I am totally looking forward to more laughter in season 3! I just think Dave can contribute to it.

    • Guuurl says:


  16. Aki says:

    Where the frick is DAVE?! If anyone has earned their spot among the regulars and guest stars, Max Adler is one of them. I love Becky to death but I do not understand this complete oversight. No Lauren or Azimio or Josh is also no good.

    BUT DAVE. He matters most to me.

    • anon says:

      I would imagine that Becky got a photo because she is being given a plot arc this year. (The captaincy tension with Santana.) If someone’s not a regular and isn’t going to be doing much (if anything), why would they give them a photo?

      • Jake says:

        Exactly. Dave was a part of the bullying arc, which is done. They aren’t going to focus a bunch of attention on the last season with someone who was there to advance a plotline. It’s not like they are keeping him “top secret” – Glee doesn’t do that.

  17. Angela says:

    In season 3, we will focus on the main characters! Oh wait, we hired like 7 new characters, we don’t have enough time. Nevermind, we will drop the Karofsky’s coming out storyline, it’s unimportant.

  18. Amanda says:

    I don’t really miss Lauren. I never liked her because I think Puck and Quinn are supposed to be together. But I wish Dave’s photo was there.

  19. AnnoyingStans says:

    Wow the Max Adler’s fans are really spamming the comments I blame tumblr I’m glad Max didn’t get a picture because I really hate his character but I hope he comes out and finds happiness all wrapped in few episodes hopefully no more than 10 episodes

    • Elle says:

      Yeah, enough with the Karofsky spam! He was a very small part of last season. It’s okay. That’s how tv shows work. Find something in your life that’s worth getting so upset about, but let it go. There’s a very real possibility that Karofsky won’t be back next season, and that’s okay. He was a part of the bullying arc, which was focused on Kurt.

      Not to mention Chris doesn’t support the idea of a Karofsky romance, and Max himself said that Dave didn’t so much have a “crush” on Kurt, Never Been Kissed was just driven by the fact that Kurt was the ONLY out kid at the school. Let it go.

  20. Debora says:

    DAVE KAROFSKY! Dave is missing! As a matter of fact, it’s like his character dropped off the face of the Earth, we haven’t heard about him in MONTHS! I can’t believe after EVERYTHING – the locker room kiss, the extraordinary ordinary, the “love is just around the corner”, the “wait for me here”, prom king and king, the “I can’t” at prom, and the PFLAG meetings mentioned in passing at S2 – that they are going to drop his storyline. WE WANT KAROFSKY! WE WANT MAX ADLER BACK ON GLEE! WE MISS DAVE!

    • Mark says:

      Speak for yourself. Not everyone wants Dave back, and none of the actors are talking about it. It’s okay! He was part of a bigger plot that has been resolved (the bullying arc) but he wasn’t moved to series regular.

  21. AngD says:

    Ashley and Max are not series regulars. Mike SHum Jr and Darren Criss became official regulars this year. During interviews, even cast members forgot that Mike wasn’t a regular. During Season 1, Mike, Heather Morris and Naya were not regulars. Heather and Naya became regulars for season 2.

  22. SC says:

    Naya looks beautiful with her hair down while in uniform; if she’s going to be wearing it all the time, I wish we’d see more of that.

    Amber’s is a little, I don’t know, vacant. My least favourite.

    Jenna’s suggests they’re really revising Tina’s look this year.

    So glad not to see Karofsky here. Hope to see as little of him as possible next year.

    • deanna says:

      I think it’s more JENNA and less TINA, don’t you think? and prettier this way!
      Glee really needs to google what gothic girls really look like coz I can’t stand the make up they use for Tina!

  23. NBGH says:

    I don’t see the reason why should Max Adler/Karofsky get more screentime. We have seen Kurt’s coming-out already , Santana’s will have her coming-out this season, there is no need for Dave Karofsky’s struggles. Not every closeted teenager comes out in high school, it’s not a rule or what. I think his storyline ended at Prom where he acted as coward. I wouldn’t mind if the writers let him transfer, there are main characters on the show they need focus on.

    • sam says:

      I just had to reply to this because i hate that hes called a coward for not coming out infront of the entire school which is quite an insane thing to do for a guy like him.

  24. dana says:

    I’m looking forward to what they have in store for Quinn. It looks like they might be giving her a little more depth (which,is desperately needed). I’d actually like to see her with Puck, I think.

    I think Darren Criss is a cutie-pie and an entertaining singer, but Blaine just seems one-note to me. But hey, that way the show doesn’t have to delve too deep into the realities of a gay couple…none of that yucky gay sexuality. They can just have him over emote cutesy songs, with Kurt pie-eyed in the background. Please do not have them do another duet, as it truly was awful.

    As for the missing cast, I have to admit that I found Lauren to be too much of a cariacature of the heavyset girl. It was mildly offensive, really, and I ‘m not heavy myself. It was as if they were saying that her weight was only okay because she was scary and tough.

    The omission of Karofsky has me a little disappointed, as I found his character fascinating. I barely know what Tumblr is and wouldn’t know how to find this call to arms, but as a somewhat less fangirly Glee viewer, I, for one, was looking forward to the rest of his storyline. Maybe it was a little too “deep” for the average Glee demographic?

  25. dana says:

    Wow…you’ve clearly never struggled with your sexuality. NO ONE would suddenly “come out” at prom. That was one of the few rational decisions we saw Karofsky make.

  26. Andrizzle says:

    These pictures are so horrendously photoshopped that it hurts my eyes. Everyone looks like they’re made out of wax.

  27. Bobby Nicholson says:

    I really liked Karofsky’s character and it’s sad they aren’t promoting him to regular. As for the reason the show lost 20% of it’s viewers, it’s because they made Kurt play second fiddle to Blaine after the viewers had already become attached to Kurt after 2 years.

    • Ash says:

      Yes. That’s it exactly. Blaine is the sole cause of the drop in viewers, not the decline in writing and consistency the show, as a whole, experienced. Not the over-use of big name guest stars and current top 40 songs. Not the tedious retread of the Quinn/Finn/Rachel relationship woes. Nope, just Blaine. Makes total sense.

      • Marcus says:

        LOL.. that’s funny. Blaine is not a cause in viewers dropping at all. If anything, he and the relationship with Kurt have brought in a whole new demographic. It’s helping people so much, and it’s great for the cause/LGBT community to have such a normal, happy portrayal of a gay relationship. THANK YOU, RYAN MURPHY! :)

    • Elle says:

      That’s not necessarily true. Blaine has brought in a ton of new viewers to the show, and he’s been accepted as a member of the family by cast, crew, and most fans. He’s just the target of unwarranted and ridiculous hate caused by teenage shippers. And the relationship between Kurt and Blaine is a lot more deep and detailed than people give it credit for. They help each other, they challenge each other, and they are a team. It’s lovely to see one of the relationships handled with such charm and maturity on the show. I love them.

  28. colorblind says:

    blue background: graduating, red background: staying

  29. John Hooper says:

    Maybe Lauren choked on all the cake.

  30. Christine says:

    WHERE is Max Adler!? D: I’m genuinely disappointed that they don’t have a promo pic of him here. </3

  31. Astrid says:

    Only good photos there are Becky, Quinn and Puck. The rest looks totally unnatural.

  32. Allison says:

    My guess:
    Blue backgrounds are official graduate photos, indicating their future aspirations (Rachel- singing, Finn- football, Puck- rockstar, Kurt- writing?, Merecedes- don’t know). Red photos are the regular, informal, non-graduate ones… although I’m not sure why Quinn, Santana, and Mike have red ones, when they should have blue. Maybe the graduates took both a red informal one and an official graduate blue one.

    The kids with photos are the Glee club members, notably including Darren and Becky and missing Lauren and Dave.
    Becky said she wanted to join the club in season 2, but Schue wouldn’t let her because it was too late in the season. Maybe she tries to join again. Darren also joins Glee club.
    Lauren leaves Glee. Dave isn’t a member.

    Or maybe the photos don’t mean anything.

  33. sm says:

    1. Max Adler was making a movie and missed photo shoot. Max Puck Kurt Finn were Jr at prom. So are Sr s3 no matter the picture background at first I thought so too. So are Artie Mike and Sam.
    2. Santana Lauren Britanny Quinn Rachel Mercedes were Jr in prom Queen. Now that said hope Lauren takes a minor role s3. Her only function was to tame and change Puck. No singing or dancing involved. Quinn s2 written as meek and broken with no emotions. Was quite dull even for Dianna hope new storylines are better and more gritty substanc.e for Quinn.
    3. As for Darren he is a good singer and performer but he has no sparkle when acting. Chris outshines and steals each scene from Criss. IMHO somewhat overated. Damian I believe will debut episode 4 titled Pot of Gold as an exchange student staying with 1 of the trinty. Beth Johnson at prom also is a sr s3 and co captain of the cheerios with Santana.
    5. Seems 4 of the Glee project winners and a new character Sugar will be introduced periodically as the season goes along. Saw some of the project and these guys are good. I’m sure the New Directions will be a formidable opponent at all contests.
    6. RM said Kurt and Rachel will have strong storylines this season it seems they are his favorite characters. They mine as well.
    7. Saw some promos of first episode they seem great. Cannot wait 2 weeks for premiere of s3.
    8. Wemma finally after 2 seasons. Hopefully no more couple drama.
    9. Really liked Sue s1: S2 she was way over the line of bizarre not funny at all IMO hope Sue returns to her hilarious quips s3.

  34. Andrea says:

    I love Finchel !!!!

    • Stella says:

      lol i love klaine more…. but Finchel is my second(: Woot

    • sm says:

      My favs
      1.FINCHEL first always love them together and each on their own GLAD THEIR TOGETHER HOPE TO STAY THAT WAY
      2.KLAINE love Kurt
      3.BRITANNA love them together and each on their own
      4.WEMMA loved them s1 so cute then lost to be wall art s2 GLAD THEIR HAPPENING FINALLY
      6.SPIN OFF WITH My favorite characters RACHEL KURT FINN SANTANA PUCK

  35. deanna says:

    people actually care about Karofsky? wow. and this is not sarcasm. coz I can’t stand that guy!

  36. Klainer says:

    OH MY GOD. Kurt is just…. qwijfrawje, im dead.

  37. Anne says:

    I’m so glad Sam left

    • sm says:

      I’m not felt his character was conceived to clone Finn’s while Finn floundered in his indecisive actions and thought processes s2. He was supposed to go thru character flaws in s2 for drama s2. All it did was make him lose lots of his good qualities and strengths he had in s1. Sam was just filler in each episode so Finn could flounder while he was trying to get unconfused. Clueless Finn!!!!!
      Only worse. Sam was written to be dull and mundane to be given the only storyline of homelessness a sure way of being written off the show. IMO he deserved to be given a better stake in the show. He could sing and act very well. Whereas Lauren cannot sing or dance she was only good at being quite an odd replacement for the Glee club and being a badass for Puck to pine over. At first it was funny but as it went on during the s2 that pairing was beyond morose and nauseating IMO. Still don’t understand it. Way too weird for me. Puck is 1 of my fav characters whom I wish to have a great storyline s3. I hope the writers leave Lauren as background character as in s1. She was very funny with one liners.

  38. Marco says:

    Tia, 1) learn to write, 2) you’re a complete moron.

  39. Ben says:

    I’m sorry, how do a bunch of photos of the cast members tell us if the new season is going to be good?

  40. deb saine says:

    there’s a pic of blain but where is curt? …

  41. PuckleberryGleek says:

    I don’t know about hidden meanings, but my oh my is Mr. Puckerman looking fine in this class pic.

  42. Elle says:

    So excited for season three. I wish the fandom would drop feeling the need to bash characters and the actors who play them. I’m really looking forward to seeing the relationship between Kurt and Blaine develop (you have to love it when the actors, writers, and creators all care so much about them! :) ), as well as looking for little glimpses of all the clubs’ futures.

    I do wish the Karofsky stans would back down a little.. seriously. Not everyone is going to be a lead actor/storyline on the show. He was a part of the bullying arc, but he wasn’t the focus of it. Kurt was, and in life you don’t always get all the answers. I think it’s compelling leaving us to wonder about him. Personally, I could NEVER support a relationship between Kurt and Karofsky (much like Chris) because even if Dave apologized, he still threatened Kurt’s life and made his time at school terrifying and miserable. You can forgive stuff like that, but never forget, and it would be a terrible message to send to victims of abuse and bullying. I know I never would have dated any of my own high school bullies. I just don’t see it happening, and I know I’m definitely not alone.

  43. bree says:

    I miss Sam already.

  44. Amanda says:

    Apparently Britt’s running for class president or something along those lines… so perhaps the red are supporters of Britt… and blue are supporters for her main opponent… Finn perhaps?