Glee Season 3 School Photos: Who's Missing?!

With Glee‘s third-season premiere less than three weeks away, Fox is revving up the McKinley High hype machine. The latest promotional gimmick: The release of the official and hilariously awkward 2011-12 class photos!

Glee Promo: Quinn’s In the Pink, Finn Looks Blue, Brittany Is Planning [Spoiler]!

As you make your way through the slideshow, ask yourselves the following questions: Is there a hidden meaning to be gleaned from the varying backdrops? Which snapshot would you most likely want to carry around in your wallet? And, last but not least, where the hell is Ashley Fink?!

Flip through our slideshow, then tell us in comments who you think is looking good this school year….

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Hoping beyond belief that this means Lauren is gone. I’m sure Ashley’s a great gal, but I can’t stand Lauren.

    • Captain says:

      Lauren’s amazing. They’ve already confirmed that Ashley Fink will be returning in a recurring capacity (just like last year). It’s odd that they have a picture for Becky and not her but maybe Ashley simply couldn’t attend the day they took the pictures.

      • Rowan says:

        Becky figures in big this season. She and Santana are co-captains of the Cheerios and Becky doesn’t want to share. She’s going to try push Santana out.

    • Puckleberry says:

      I find the girl who plays Lauren Zizes lacking in the kind of talent Glee requires. And her character was mildly amusing in very, very small doses. It never worked for me her being a member of New Directions, particularly once Kurt joined the glee club.

      • JDHetherington says:

        You forget, some actors had promo pictures released midway through Season 1 and Season 2. Matt, Mike, Brittany and Santana didn’t have promo pics till a little into Season 1, and when Jesse and Shelby came on they were given pictures to. In Season 2, Sam, Blaine and Lauren received 1 around the middle of the season. Though Ausiello, you need to find out what’s going on with Lauren. They take her on tour and so far no sign of her in previews? Would RIB really risk losing TWO members of New Directions?

        • Jonathan says:

          Why not? They’re losing two members, but the new ones will come: Blaine is transfering in the first episode, Damian’s and Samuel’s characters will join later and there is even some girl named Sugar who will according to spoilers auditioning for Glee Club. They will have enough members.

      • ErixN says:

        I’m with you on that Puckleberry. I liked the character of Lauren when she was a small part, but once she joined the glee club and made other characters do dumb things, I did not enjoy her anymore. Hopefully they’ll kick her out of the glee club and just bump her back to where she was before.

  2. jc says:

    No there isn’t a hidden meaning to the backdrops.

    Ashley isn’t there because they’re dropping her.


  3. Julie says:

    Where’s Ashley Fink?

  4. Liz says:

    I hope that means Lauren is gone – her character bugs the HELL out of me. I’ve seen some interviews and Ashley Fink seems great but I just cannot stand her character!!!

  5. Michela says:

    And Max Adler?! Where is Max Adler?!

  6. anon says:

    WHERE IS DAVE KAROFSKY should be what you’re asking. No one seems to care about Max anymore when his character has so much unfinished storytelling to be told. :/

  7. Sara says:

    For those who are wondering both Max and Ashley’s roles have been reduced this season. They haven’t been let go but we definitely won’t be seeing them as much.

    • NMO says:

      I had heard that about Ashley, but there hasn’t been any announcement about Max that I’ve seen.

    • Erik says:

      I know Ashley has’s role has been reduced, but nothing was said about Max. I know Max was filming a movie the time of the photoshoot, but sill i wish he was there.

    • Claire says:

      Is this confirmed? Because there were no rumors about Max Adler and his role at all.

    • anon says:

      someone thinking they know everything and they know nothing. Nice try but no. You are wrong.

    • Meg says:

      Where’s your proof? The only thing I’ve heard is the news about Ashley, but I’ve heard nothing about Max’s role being reduced. If you have proof, I think we’d all love to see.

    • Octavia says:

      I hope so. They both take time away from the characters I like. Small doses for them sounds great.

      • JDHetherington says:

        Ashley Fink’s screen time has been reduced? She’s continuing as a recurring character. Which She’s been since Season 1, Episode 14 (After a cameo in Season 1, Episode 8). Harry Shum Jr and Chord Overstreet were recurring characters through Season 2, and Heather Morris and Naya Rivera were recurring characters through Season 1. They appeared in like every episode of the season. Heck Ashley has appeared in the show more frequently then Darren Criss.

  8. Di says:

    Damn! Dianna Agron and Mark Salling are smoking hot. The last one is my boycrush… Well, to be fair, I hated Glee for a while but when I watched THE GLEE PROJECT, I was like a fangirl. Now, I’m more excited to see Damian, Sam, Lindsay and hopefully Cameron and Marissa than the ACTUAL Glee kids…

  9. Rosette says:

    I hope shes still on the show!!!! :o(

  10. Ka'lel says:

    Becky’s in but Lauren Zizes isn’t? ¬¬

  11. , says:

    why does quinn’s folder say cheerleading on it?

  12. TheReasonsY says:

    To me it is interesting that the ones on the blue background are the ones that have been said to allegedly be leaving at the end of the season almost like they are senior portraits. I remember my senior portraits were awkward and they made us pose with stupid things like something from a sport or what not. Maybe the red back drops are who is staying in school?

    • lau says:

      i agree with you 100% they said what mike and santana were also seniors, so they might be just messing with us, which is quite usual with glee

    • Liz says:

      That’s what I thought too. I mean everyone knows there senior pics are all awkward and glamour shots at the same time. Oh Mercedes made me laugh they made my friend do that pose and her parents go it lol

    • Puckleberry says:

      That was my theory, too. Does that mean Will Schuester will be leaving McKinley as well?

  13. Scott says:

    I can’t imagine that Ashley Fink and Max Adler are gone. They were both used on the Glee Project and neither was a series regular. They are likely just guest starring in some episodes, just as they did in season 2. A series regular would have to do the photo shoot. A guest star could have had another gig lined up on the day of the shoot, so couldn’t be included. I wouldn’t read anything into it.

  14. Debbie says:

    I think the backgrounds play a significant role on who’s staying and going. I believe with the already released knowledge that Finn, Rachel, and Kurt are leaving; I believe that anyone in blue is a senior. When it comes to Schue and Beiste; I believe (could be wrong) is that they won’t be around next year as much either… which I think is stupid.

    And I think the red means they’re staying at McKinley.

    My question is though, where’s Ashley Fink, and Max Adler? And what about the kids from the Glee Project, mainly Damian and Samuel.

  15. Matteo says:

    And Darren Criss? Why the hell is Darren Criss still there?xD
    Gosh, I can’t frakking stand him!!

  16. Josh says:

    My question is why the hell does Kurt’s dad get a school picture? Seems a bit strange.

  17. RJMac says:

    Foreshadowing? Blue graduating/leaving?.

    Since Kurt,Finn,Rachel are all Blue, and they’re the ones leaving, i’d say there is more to the backgrounds that just random.

  18. Pat says:

    Santana’s picture will definitely be in my wallet! And Brittany’s and Quinn’s too. ;)

  19. Jordan says:

    I’ll miss Lauren in ND, I thought she and Puck were hilarious together. Yay for Becky, though! I’m happy to see Lauren Potter has a photo-shoot with the main cast, she’s adorable.

  20. Halle says:

    I doubt the backround colors have to do with anything, they probably just chose what looked good. Besides, if blue meant leaving it would mean that Will and Beiste would leave the show while Emma and Sue stayed, which I can’t see happening.

  21. josh says:

    if lauren zizes is gone, i will be ecstatic. there was a lot of low points in season 2, but the heavy inclusion of her godawful character was definitely the worst offense

  22. Anissa says:

    Quinn’s picture is strange. She’s got a punk-esk hairstyle, a rather demure dress, no neck, and a cheerleading binder…mixed signals galore!

    Oh and Emma looks adorable!

  23. Soni says:

    Where is Principal Figgins?

  24. lauren says:

    The backgrounds mean nothing. Dianna has already said that she knows Quinn is a senior.

  25. Vesta says:

    Is Blaine still in his uniform? We’ve already seen him in the promo in a New Directions number, so I don’t know who they’re trying to fool…But hurray for him being there!

    • bel says:

      Darren’s pose reminds me of a little musical number in which he “couldn’t wait to get back to school, where everybody thinks he’s cool.” love it.

    • Drew says:

      I’m so thrilled to see Blaine there! :D I’m sure they just have him in uniform to try not to give away the transferring plot – but we all know, and I can’t wait to see him with all his McKinley bros.

  26. Lis says:

    Also… Where is Max Adler? We need Dave Karofsky back, his story isn’t finished yet!

  27. Erik says:

    Where’s Max Adler? Dave’s storyline was the most interesting!

    • Elle says:

      Dave’s story wasn’t the most interesting – he was just a small part of the bullying arc, which came full circle when he finally apologized.

  28. fiona says:

    Harry Shum’s and Heather’s are my favourite shots by far here

  29. Lauren says:

    I love Finn’s. Corey’s expression is hilarious.

  30. Sivat says:

    Where is Terri? She is the only character I love on Glee.

  31. Bea says:

    I was looking forward to Dave Karofsky’s picture the most. :( Where’s Max?

  32. xel says:

    where’s max/dave? one of the best characters, here’s hoping they bring him back and don’t drop him.

  33. Melanie says:

    Um, where’s Dave Karofsky? Whether you enjoyed last season or not, that character was central to the major bullying arc. He made great personal strides through several episodes, but ended the year frightened, closeted and alone! I can’t believe that the writers would leave him in that state. And with Max Adler having mentored on The Glee Project for Tenacity week as an example of the good things that can happen when you persist doing good work on even a minor role (i.e., his role grew considerably), it would be particularly cruel if the role were then reduced again. Sincerely hope we hear something about where the character (and actor) stand this season on Glee!

    • Elle says:

      He wasn’t central to the bullying arc – he was the antagonist, but it the arc centered around Kurt’s torment, assault, and eventual chrysallis at Dalton to become a happier, more poised person. That was the central story.

  34. Kate says:

    Whare’s Dave? Where’s Max Adler? I’m worried! :(

  35. Pammers says:

    Aren’t Ashley and Max recurring and not series regulars yet, that is probably why they are not included.

  36. Chris P says:

    Where’s Dave Karofsky? Best character on the show! So, so disappointed he doesn’t have a picture!

  37. Melissa says:

    It was disappointing to notice that both Lauren Zizes and Dave Karofsky were missing from the class pictures. Dave’s storyline still has some definite mileage in it but seems to be stuck hanging off a cliff. And Lauren was a nice addition to the club. How are they going to explain THESE absences?

    • Nozizes! says:

      Lauren Zizes a nice addition to the club??!! How? Why? She couldn’t sing. Her “dancing” was painful to watch as she struggled to move. And her acting is pretty bad. And I always failed to see any chemistry between her character and Puck. I hope she gets as much screen time as she had in Season 1…or, better yet, none at all.

      • O-town says:

        You realize your hate and the hate for Ashley Fink’s character is overdramatic. She doesn’t sing or dance as well as the others. You’ll note that a number of them actually didn’t either, until they came onto the show. She’s an actor and that’s what she was hired to do. Her romance with Puck isn’t the kind where she will be deciding what she’s going to wear on their “first night together”. I think you and your generation are too caught up in watching couples go straight to bed to prove their undying love for each other, it appears that’s what you will always equate a “normal” relationship to. Shows your immaturity and those who share your same opinion on Fink’s character, which I feel she performs well. And no offense, I don’t think she’s made anyone do anything stupid. It’s called acting. They’re not making that shack up on the fly, so get over your hate. For the record, if you watch Sam in the last few episodes of the season, he looked so disinterested that it made it awkward watching him perform.

  38. Tracey says:

    Anyone else noticed that Sam (Chord Overstreet) is missing too?

  39. Silvia says:

    It’s just my personal opinion, but if Darren deserved being promoted to regulars, Max Adler deserved it twice as much. No offense, Darren is great musician, but TV shows are supposed to be about acting skills, aren’t they?

    • Jordan says:

      The writers probably chose to promote Darren because if they didn’t tie him down, he probably would have been poached for another job. He’s pretty popular right now. Also, I don’t think the writers know what they’ll do with his character and don’t want to promote him in case they decide to right him off early in the season. So maybe after the mid series finale or before season four they’ll promote him if they decide the roll is big enough.

      • Silvia says:

        I understand what you mean. Darren had 13 solos, people are buying it on iTunes, yay, how awesome. As character, he has no personality and storyline. Max didn’t sing, but his story is incredibly appealing and inspirational for so much people. And now Darren was promoted and Max wasn’t? I got it. In that case it would be nice, if Ryan Murphy would stop to pretend that Glee is about some important message, because now it looks like it is mostly about his wallet.

        • Jordan says:

          Series regular status means nothing but a different contract and a larger paycheck. Burt’s a series regular and he’s hardly in any scenes. Just because Max is not a regular, it doesn’t mean he’s going to have a smaller role. He wasn’t a series regular in season two, either, so it’s likely that he’ll have about the same amount of screen time he had then.

          Besides, TV is all about the money. It would have been nice if Ryan Murphy promoted Max to be cool, but why pay someone more if they’ll do the same work for less? Glee has a budget, they can’t promote everyone.

    • Elle says:

      You know, a lot of people are just as inspired and encouraged by Blaine’s story as much as Dave’s, and Blaine never assaulted anyone. I don’t care how you argue it, Karofsky’s initial treatment of Kurt and the subsequent forced kiss constitutes as assault, so please don’t try to excuse the behavior. Both Darren and Blaine get a LOT of unwarranted, unnecessary attack in the fandom, generally from the same group of about ten malcontented people. Please don’t try to make Blaine into a villain – that isn’t fair for a character who has been such a source of light and positive encouragement. He has his own struggles, he’s not perfect.. but he makes Kurt so happy that I just love it.

  40. Lassandra says:

    Ok why is Dave Karofsky/Max Adler not there? After 2 long Years he deserves it……..

  41. Freddie says:

    This is totally missing Karofsky.

  42. Gord says:

    Lots of great photos there, but missing the great Max Adler who plays Dave Karofsky. He is definitely the most photogenic – I guess he needs his own album!

  43. Nanny says:

    I’m totally surprised Dave Karofsky isn’t there. His and Kurt’s storyline was the most important storyline of season 2. I was sure he will join glee club and finally gets coming out arc…did I miss something?

  44. John says:

    I like to point even though Max was on his movie on the day most of the cast did this, Darren and Jane did their on another day separate from the rest of the cast. The photographer tweeted Darren and Jane did their a couple of days before the cast.

  45. Julie says:

    I miss Max Adler and Ashley Fink. But Lauren is probably leaving Glee Club (what is sad, because I liked her relationship with Puck) and Dave will be minor character again (which is even more sad because his storyline was left unwrapped).

  46. Alex says:

    Of course Max Adler don’t get a promo pic because his storyline bomb.

    Ryan Murphy gave Max/Karofsky’s storyline a big focus in the Super Bowl’s episode and look what happen afterward. About 27 millions turn in but Glee no bump in the rating in the next episode. He even got no media attention like Darren Criss did.

    • Kate says:

      I don’t think that’s the reason. The same happened with Darren’s storyline. After Original Song (which is Blaine/Kurt centered episode!) lost Glee almost 2 millions of viewers. What I get from this is that either 20% of Glee viewers are homophobes or Darren isn’t so great as writers think.

      • Puckleberry says:

        About the 20% drop viewership after Original Song, it had to do more with poor writing and lack of real direction than anything. Night of neglect, for example? Promos showing one thing and then none of it is on the actual episode? I don’t think homophobia played a role.

        • Kate says:

          My comment about homophobes was pure irony, of course. I just wanted to point out that even Darren couldn’t save the falling numbers of Glee. It is of course not his fault that his character and storyline is poorly written. But his acting is sort of … boring and stiff. When I look at Rachel, I don’t see Lea Michele playing Rachel, I see Rachel. When I look at Blaine, I see Darren with gelled hair dressed in Dalton uniform. I don’t want to say he is bad actor, because he is good. I just think his choice for this role was more because of his fanbase and not because of his ability to play Blaine.

          • Puckleberry says:

            I agree on Lea Michele playing Rachel. That’s acting.
            And Blaine is a bland character. When it became such a popular one, the writers didn’t seem to know what to do with him. As for Darren Criss acting as Blaine, I think you are right. It’s rather dull.
            Nothing against Darren. Actually, I was just as smitten as anybody else. Then, it became obvious the writing was going nowhere. As in The Sue Sylvester Shuffle episode, the Warblers scene seemed kind of forced, shoe-horned actually.

  47. factionb says:

    I am missing Dave and Lauren. Probably they’re dropping Ashley, which is sad, ’cause I think she’s a great actress and plays a great character. But Dave Karofsky? He was last year’s most important storyline. His arc is Glee’s outcast, as much as Tina’s or Mercedes’ one. They need to be there, Max needs to be there. People are Dave Karofsky, seriously, Glee is much more than the teenager attention Darren Criss gets. It surprises me how few people is shocked to see what is happening. Well, underdogs will always be underdogs. People like Dave are that, I just hope Glee does a fair job and respects those people, giving them something to hang on and keep their hopes up.

    • Aliona says:

      It isn’t just teenagers who love Darren Criss, but thank you for generalizing. Blaine has helped a lot of people, myself included, and I am a closeted late 20-something. See how happy he’s made Kurt just inspires me so much. I want that. I want my own Blaine, my own support system who doesn’t *always* get it right but is pretty d@mn close. He’s done just as much for the show last season as Max did, just in different ways.

      But Dave’s storyline wasn’t the most important last season. Kurt’s was, and Dave was the antagonist to Kurt’s story of bullying, assault, flight, and eventual happy ending. The bullying arc and resolution saved me. Thank you, Ryan, Brad, Ian, Chris, and Darren – it was just beautiful, no matter how hard the merciless bully was to watch. I can’t wait to see how Kurt and Blaine’s relationship evolves next season, they are just so great together. They make me and SO many other people so happy.

  48. Kayla says:

    Max Adler absolutely needs to be in these portraits. Dave Karofsky’s storyline was one of the most beautiful, incredibly effective storylines in season 2 and if he doesn’t get a big role in season 3, many fans who related and felt so much from the character’s struggles will be sorely disappointed.

  49. Jane says:

    Why isn’t Karofsky here? I thought he was senior too.

  50. Stephanie says:

    I hate the fact that Lauren’s not featured here, but the one I’m REALLY missing is Dave Karofsky. He’s come such a long way, but still has a lot more to work through. I’d love to see that…so so much. It’s a moving and important story line.
    What happened after prom? Has he confided in anyone else? Will he? What about PFLAG? There’s so much to work with here.