Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Bones, Good Wife, Grey's, Glee, Parenthood and More!

Just how badass is Bones‘ big new bad? Have all of Kalinda’s mysteries been solved? Is Will Schuester done ill-preparing his Glee club for competitions? Read on for those answers, plus teases from some of TV’s other hot shows.

Bones | As we all know, Booth this season will be vexed by a new recurring villain, before the Fox series breaks for Emily Deschanel’s maternity leave. The foe has previously been summed up as a “tech-savvy” adversary, but now I’ve got new, juicy details. Pelant, as he is called, fancies himself a “hacktivist,” and is currently under house arrest for — among other techy transgressions — shutting down the DoD’s communications network, putting soldiers’ lives at risk. But as testament to his craftiness, even though an ankle monitor keeps him from stepping past his front lawn and despite the fact he’s got no Internet (the horror!), Pelant is somehow carrying out a murder spree. Sounds like more than enough to keep Booth busy when he’s not shopping for a pram.

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Bones‘ New Partners in Crimesolving, and More

The Good Wife | As hinted during my Emmy Q&A with Julianna Margulies, watch for Kalinda – who at times during Season 2 ran the risk of becoming the CBS hit’s impervious Fonzie – to shed some armor moving forward, especially now that her big mystery has been unraveled. “There was an intention in the second year to make it look like her deep, dark secrets were some big, massive conspiracy-ish thing, only to hide the fact that the secret was actually very simple,” series cocreator Robert King tells me. “What we want to do this year is explore more the human aspect of things.” Now, now, don’t fret that Ms. Sharma will become less enigmatic. Says King, “We’re not turning her into any less of a baroque or operatic character; we just want to show that Kalinda [having betrayed Alicia] is also suffering and struggling through real human emotions, like anybody in life would.”

Good Wife Exclusive: Kalinda’s Married Lover Will Be Back for a Quickie

Modern Family | In addition to of course joining Private Practice as a series regular this TV season, Benjamin Bratt is also due for a Modern Family encore, as Gloria’s ex-husband Javier. Bratt says that the episode, to air midseason, will deal with Jay questioning the stepdad/birth dad boundaries when it comes to Manny. And the setting for this exploration of lines in the paternal sand? “It will, apparently, be borne out on the racetracks,” Bratt tells us. “With an actual road race.”

Glee First Look: Watch the New Season 3 Promo

Glee | Whereas the first two seasons of Fox’s musical dramedy pivoted around Will Schuester steering New Directions toward this show choir showdown or that one, and trotting out the occasional famous face, the “back to basics” Season 3 (to use Fox boss Kevin Reilly’s words) apparently will try harder to focus on the kids’ personal agendas. “We had a great season last year, but we did kind of go all over the place with guest stars,” Jane Lynch admitted to me the other day. This fall, though, “We’re kind of honing in on the storylines of these kids, especially in light of the fact that several of them will be graduating [in May]. [This season] is not just about working towards sectionals, regionals and nationals; it’s about what these kids are going to be doing with their lives.”

Grey’s Anatomy Scoop: More Angst for Callie/Arizona? Nope! Sexual Hang-Ups? Maybe!

Grey’s Anatomy | “Happy at last” is not a bad thing for “Calzona” — at least as far as Jessica Capshaw is concerned. Having endured so much on-screen turmoil last spring, alongside scene partner Sara Ramirez, “We earned out money!” she says with a laugh. So she’s cool with a brief season-opening respite. “One of the benefits of having a big cast is you can have storylines follow someone, or a couple, for a long time, and then they pass the baton to the next person,” Capshaw notes. Dialing down the domesticity also frees up time for workplace drama, and playing in other sandboxes. So in addition to being outcast Karev’s lone backer, Capshaw previews, “Arizona is working a lot with Derek, because there’s a case involving a child.”

Parenthood Plots Love Triangle With Buffy Vet, Plus a Baby-Bumpin’ Season 3 Promo

Parenthood | Against my better judgment – my facial tells and emotions being on public display and all – I watched my DVD of the Parenthood Season 3 premiere on the bus ride into work this morning. Save for another piece of heart-yanking finery between Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman, I kept it together. All told, it’s a very solid opener during which Sarah catches Mark (Jason Ritter) off guard, then later he surprises her; we meet someone who may be the answer to Julia’s baby blues; someone gets arrested; Crosby gets a “special friend” (played by Wilfred‘s Fiona Gubelmann); and one family member bawls her eyes out. But my fave moment? When Max tells Alex (played by Michael B. “Vince Howard” Jordan) that he likes (Parenthood boss Jason Katims’)  Friday Night Lights. Never met a meta joke I didn’t like.

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  1. xav says:

    Aw yeah. I love when Arizona works with Alex and Derek. She has particular chemistry with those two actors

  2. Alicia says:

    Yay for the Kalinda/TGW news! Looking forward to more character exploration and I hope she wins her second Emmy this year, her breakdown in the elevator was heart-wrenching. That said, I’m scared for this show. I really hope CBS knows what they’re doing (yeah, I know…) and the new time slot doesn’t kill them. Afterall, CBS cancels shows with ratings other networks would kill for, so lets hope they don’t bury the best program they have.

  3. Luc says:

    Thanks for the TGW spoilers! But pleaaaaase, next time could you give us some info about Cary? It’s my favourite character and it’s becoming really frustrating to get spoilers about everyone but Cary.
    We know absolutely nothing about what Kings have in store for him this year…

  4. Marie says:

    Now I can’t wait to watch Max telling Alex he likes Friday Night Lights! Well, I can’t wait to watch Parenthood again, period. :)

  5. karla says:

    Lol, Calzona drama is a joke! MerDer and Crowen are always in drama! Calzona are so obviously Shondas couple of choice-lame!

  6. Lena says:

    Parenthood, yay. I so can´t wait for the show to begin. Two more weeks!! The cast is love.

  7. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Thanks for the Bones scoop! I’m so excited by this new villain storyline, but I hope it’s more exciting than the Jacob Broadsky one, and I hope it’s not ANOTHER Booth-centric arc. I’d really like it if this new villain remained a faceless threat for a while, like the epic Gravedigger, and that he target Brennan. Angst junkie that I am, I’D LOVE to see Booth getting really protective over his pregnant partner. Or if their child got kidnapped in the future… LOL. O.O I’m sadistic. But the drama? Oh my goodness, would David and Emily deliver! Can’t wait!

  8. linderella says:

    I understand (one of) Kalinda’s secrets was her liaison with Peter, but was the reason for her name change ever explained? I still think there’s a lot more mystery to Kalinda.

  9. francisca says:

    I don’t see Arizona here. I see Booth and Rebecca. lol

  10. kevin says:

    Michael B. Jordan was great on FNL. Can’t wait to see more of him on PARENTHOOD this season.

  11. Babygate says:

    I’m all for seeing Callie and Arizona playing in other sandboxes. Callie has been an outcast since Season 2 and it would be nice to see her develop stronger relationships with people other than Mark. We see a hint of a friendship with Bailey and Cristina but that was never explored. Cristina has always been treated as Mer’s person exclusively. And Arizona has Teddy but that’s it. So it will be good to see them be more in the gravitational circle of Grey’s rather then on the outskirts.

  12. Mark says:

    Quite the long bus ride.

  13. Amanda says:

    Ha! Love that they’re getting an FNL reference in Parenthood! That’s gonna be fun to watch.

  14. Anne says:


  15. sm says:

    Totally agree with Jane Lynch about Glee s2 the writing went all over the place tried to be more show biz with guest stars and theatrical and musical performances glad to see the writers are honing in on the characters of glee the seniors in particular. This is what the show should be about to me. Don’t watch the others shows. Thanx for the info.

  16. Ebony says:

    I couldn’t believe they actually told a friday night lights joke. you got michael b. jordan and you make a crack about the show he used to be on. that wasn’t even funny at all, not to me anyway, but maybe it wasn’t supposed to be.