Fall TV Preview

Gossip Girl Boss Previews Blair and Her Men, Serena's New Life, and Exploiting the UES

A scandalous book, a mysterious new outsider, and one complicated love triangle — or is it a square?

The fifth season of The CW’s Gossip Girl, premiering Set. 26, has enough drama to keep its titular blogger glued to her keyboard for weeks. Wedding bells will be ringing for one Upper East Sider with a bevy of men in her life, while another finds her destiny far away from Manhattan.

Below, executive producer Josh Safran previews a new season that he says will be lighter, poppier, and a lot more fun.

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FOR WHOM THE BELLS TOLL | Sorry, Chair and Dair fans, Blair’s nuptials to Louis are still very much on, and Safran’s excited about all the story potential that comes with such a royal affair. “There’s the shower. There’s the dress. There’s photographs,” he says. “There’s seating charts. There’s cake tasting.” But what about a hiccup or two? “Planning a wedding, even a non-royal one, can be a pain,” he teases. “[Blair and Louis] are definitely feeling those pains, and also the joys, that come both as a couple and independently.”

LITERARY SUPERSTAR | Vanessa’s unwelcome goodbye present – publishing Dan’s book without his knowledge – will be a big font of storylines. The season-long arc will propel Dan into a new world for which he may not be ready. “His maturation process is going to be sped up, because this is not a decision that he made for himself,” explains Safran. “When that happens…it is very much like a bullet from a gun that somebody else fired.” As the season opens, the young author will find himself “playing catch up and [wondering], ‘Where am I? Where am I?’” As for what the tell-all means for Dan and Blair’s friendship, Safran remains cryptic: “It affects things very much.”

DAIR TO CHAIR | After a fateful kiss, the show returned from a brief hiatus to have the Dan-Blair romance recede into the background. So what gives? Safran says the writers knew from early Season 1 – Episode 4, to be precise – that the two “were going to have a connection that was surprising to both of them, and was based on a shared emotional life.” Safran maintains “that storyline” — the impact of that connection on both Dan and Blair’s lives – “in whatever form, is continuing.” He singles out the final scene between Dan and Blair in the Season 4 finale, in which it appeared that Dan wasn’t quite over Blair, as “a very conscious and consciously placed piece.” Meanwhile, Chuck is in Los Angeles when the season kicks off, but Safran assures that he and Blair are always going to have stories together. “We have not abandoned Chuck and Blair by any stretch of the imagination,” he adds. “But that doesn’t mean it’s always going to be Chair or Dair or Lair or whatever nickname people want to give that.”

A NEW SERENA | Brace yourself for a shock. “Serena is lost no more,” reveals Safran. The flighty blonde will find her purpose in Los Angeles, which provides the backdrop for her new life in the season’s first two episodes. “She has taken the job that was offered to her at the end of last season, and we see just exactly how that has panned out for her,” teases Safran, adding that “Serena’s goals come very clearly into focus.”

GOSSIP GIRL, MEET PAYNE | The introduction of Elizabeth Hurley’s strong, savvy businesswoman Diana Payne will mean big things for Gossip Girl herself. But an unmasking of the all-knowing blogger is not in the cards. Rather, the show will be exploring “the role that Gossip Girl plays in our world,” says Safran. Diana, who’s also taking a look at the site, “sees the potential in an untapped market of these young twentysomethings that she believes could be exploited better,” explains Safran. So how does one take advantage of that demo? Lure them over to your side, of course! “She really takes it upon herself to avail herself of our cast and get them to come work for her.”

Which of Safran’s plans for Season 5 of Gossip Girl excites you most? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Can’t wait for Chair!

  2. Sandy says:

    The only part of this article that I care about is Chair!

  3. jordan says:

    if chuck and blair don’t end up together i will never forgive the world.

    also who the hell is pregnant??!! i was so sure it would be blair.

  4. Tina says:

    Chair for the win!!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Love me Some Chair action!!

  6. Kristin says:

    Super sexy times with Chair! Thank you writers!!

  7. Anon says:

    I wanna see Chuck and Blair get married! They are the best part of the show!

  8. willow says:

    the only part i actually read and cared about was about chuck and blair. if they aren’t together and she actually gets married to boring louis i will cry until christmas!

  9. Monica says:

    Chair is perfection!! I can’t wait for Baby Bass!!

  10. Chairalicious says:

    THis person KNOWS Chuck and Blair are endgame!!

  11. Care2Chair says:

    If could do a little more Chair and a little less dair, I would be happy with that.

  12. s says:

    Zzzz boring and as usual absolutely nothing for Nate. WTF cares about Blair’s crap wedding plans? or about what Serena is doing? isn’t always about them.ugh enough already. I’m a fan of Chair and Dair so either one is good for me just get the prince off the show already n give Nate something to do

  13. Milla says:

    “We have not abandoned Chuck and Blair by any stretch of the imagination” – awesome news! Chuck and Blair remain the only reason to watch this show.

  14. dee123 says:

    The fact that there are 3 pages of people acting like children is why i don’t like to comment on one of my favourite shows.

  15. metkic says:

    i don’t care much for the Blair storyline anymore… just pick one and be done with it. as much as i like Blair the past season was more or less about her. i’m looking forward to see what they’ll do with Dan and the book. They have a great opportunity to make it (and him) interesting and i just hope they don’t blow it. again. As for Chuck: ZZzzzzzzz. Give him sth else than just Blair love/hate relationship and the Bass industries crap. It really got boring. And Nate – let him go or give him sth…anything!!! And it would be awesome if Serena found her place in the world and start earning her own money. I want to see her make it!!!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    HA! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a “Lair” shipper, which explains JS’s lack of clarity on the name. I just want Louis to serve his proppy purpose, then go away. (And to develop an actual personality.)

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Serena’s job shakes out. I think it’s interesting that she ended up involved in a behind the scenes gig after spending early s3 chasing the limelight to catch Daddy’s attention. Hopefully this means good things for her this season, and not just another go round on the guest star romance carousel.

  17. Lucy says:

    Dair FTW.

  18. Jenn says:

    The reasons the ratings have sunk the past season has nothing to do with Dair, it’s because the show can’t move forward into fresh territory. The whole Chair relationship has been disastrous and monotonous. And revolving the entire second half of season 4 around Chuck’s business dealings was a HUGE mistake. Chuck is a bore, Ed Westwick is a one trick pony, who whispers through all of his scenes as if it’s supposed to be sexy and brooding. Furthermore, Chuck has been abusive and cruel to Blair, for her to keep going back to him time and time again makes her look like a fool, and makes her a terrible role model for young women. The friendship with Dan was the ONLY thing about the second half of season 4 worth watching, and those scenes were few and far between. You cannot blame Dair for the ratings drop when the majority of the airtime went to Chuck and the Thorpe story, WHICH SUCKED. Chuck cannot carry a story, season one was so good because he was not the focus of the show. Once Chair became so popular, TPTB started to revolve more around Chuck and his drama and THAT is what killed the show. As I said, the only thing that was fresh and interesting in season four was Dair. Without them I would’ve quit watching the show after the Juliet story ended, because the rest was dreck.

  19. karen says:

    I really don’t care if its Chuck or The Prince or someone else, as long as is not Dan.
    Blair deserves someone who hasn’t been in love with Serena. Its gross, to think about her sleeping with her best friend’s ex. My friend and I agreed, Dan and Blair make nice friends, but as a couple its weird, and in a way disgusting.

    Dan always goes back to Serena, he should just hurry up and do it already. And they should hurry and end the show or renew the whole cast, with a new generation.

  20. Anne says:

    I read most of the comments, and I just want to say that Dair fans are the ones who get angry and start saying stupid things. Chair fans are just saying they don’t like Dair. They don’t like the pairing, that’s all. But Dair fans take it so personal that they have to call the intire Chuck and Blair fanbase “12 year old girls” ???
    I’m a Chuck and Blair fan and I’m annoyed with what they’re doing with them and I’m not a 12 year old girl. The thing is that they’ve made the show for about four seasons now. They are the only reason I became a real fan of Gossip Girl, and I want to see them together. Dan and Blair are good, they have chemistry, but as friends. Because if the writers decide to give Chuck and Blair a REAL chance, without all the abusive story lines, Dan and Blair won’t be able to compete.

    • Jenn says:

      They did give Chuck and Blair a real chance, in season 3, and they grew boring very quickly. So then the writers resorted to having Chuck return to his cruel, malicious self, with the whole trading Blair for a hotel storyline. Then Chuck gave Blair an ultimatum to meet him or else, she didn’t show up (because of Dorota giving birth) and he immediately sleeps with Jenny Humphrey. He has done nothing but hurt her over and over and over again. I was a huge Chair fan in the beginning, but after years of watching him repeatedly want her only when she’s not his, then treat her like garbage once he has her, I think that she deserves someone better. Yes, she has been immature and played games with him too, which just goes to show that they bring out the worst in each other. The relationship was hot and interesting when they were in high school, but they are out of high school, and it’s time that Blair had a mature, adult relationship. I also found it telling that Chuck was so “in love” with Raina for weeks, then he finds out information about his father, his life starts to fall apart again, and suddenly he wants Blair to be available to him, regardless of how mean he was to her, and how much he pushed her away. She deserves better than to be Chuck’s punching bag. And again, I used to LOVE Chair, I was an obsessed fan in Seasons 1 and 2, but after 4 seasons of him jerking her around, their supposed “great love” now leaves a foul taste in my mouth. Meanwhile, the banter between Dan and Blair has been refreshing and enjoyable. I’ve always loved Dair’s scenes together, no matter how brief or fleeting, even when she was asking his advice about Chuck, so I think it would be a wonderful way to end the series eventually with Blair realizing that it’s Dan she wants to be with. That it’s Dan who’s always been the person she’s turned to for advice, it’s Dan who knows how manipulative she can be, and who manages to accept it, yet brings out a more mature side of her.

      I also want to say that I was once a huge Derena fan, but I think that Serena has treated HIM like crap in recent years as well. She also seems to only want Dan whenever he’s with someone else or after she’s had some random fling with a guy and realized that she didn’t like him as much as Dan. He deserves better than that, too. So I think it would make total sense for Dan and Blair, the two who’ve gotten jerked around so many times, to end up together in the end. JMO….

  21. ds says:

    not giving away anything exiting for me…I don’t like DB and I want to see more CB on screen..I’m exited for Serena’s SL…And he is not even talking about Nate and what else is going to be there for Chuck in new season but talks about Diana? totally bs! give me my cores…SB and CB!

  22. Christie says:

    Yay, an interview!
    But honestly guys, do you not just all ship Blair/Happiness? Surely that’s the best option here, whenever the writers make her happy, that’s what I like best.If I’m honest, the Chuck/Blair storyline started out as very good, a lot of chemistry, but both characters need growth. All the Chair fans out there who are complaining that Dair is boring, well I disagree. I’m quite sure that their storyline is filled with chemistry, you can tell that the actors love working together! I’m not denying that Ed and Leighton don’t like it too, but in all honesty, the story with Chuck and Blair has become more and more distorted, I mean trading your girlfriend for a hotel? That’s low. I also think that the writers have been building on a potential relationship between Dan and Blair since episode 4 of the first season. But the thing is, it’s a show! Why is everyone overreacting, if Chuck and Blair are meant to be, then they both have at least another season’s worth of growing to do, if Dan and Blair are the way to go, then they can make it grow organically, because both the characters are there.

  23. lola says:

    gonna wait for Dair
    hopefully will be worth it.
    lol @ Dan hate)))) love my outsider more & more. Dan & Blair just fit together.

  24. sissio says:

    I hate dan humphrey

  25. Confused says:

    Why is it that the 12 year old Chair fans, are the only ones to be mature enough to say there thoughts and end it? It seems to be the so called mature ones, bickering back and fourth between each other, grow up.

  26. Lana says:

    Thank you for the interview. I wish there was more info on Chuck’s redemption and who is pregnant but I appreciate the info you were able to get. :)

  27. Charlotte says:

    I agree with those that say the Dan and Blair go eat pizza hour ain’t Gossip Girl. This happens everytime they try to make Dan a key character. The only reason the DB story wasn’t as big a failure as the NYU storyline is because they made everything else even worse in S4 with the terrible Chuck/Thorpe storyline and the Serena and Ben nonsense.
    They need to get back to what made the show great which is the larger than life UES characters and the bigger than life relationships like CB and NS.

  28. Anna says:

    Chuck and Blair! Dan is just really boring. I’m not into bad relationships but chuck & blairs story is just so tragic, which makes it interesting, Dan and blair is BORING. NO CHEMISTRY!!

  29. Danielle says:

    CB aren’t guaranteed endgame and to use that excuse to forgive and forget every misdeed Chuck has committed is annoying and obnoxious. None of you need to use that excuse “THEY’RE ENDGAAAME” when the writers have screwed them up so badly. It’s a twisted relationship, granted they do love each other but Chuck has committed so many misdeeds to Blair, I really don’t get how he is defended. Sure I would like for them to repair them but if the writers wanted them to end up together they wouldn’t have had them go down such a dark path and the fact that Safran said Chuck doesn’t need to be redeemed back in April proves that Chuck is always going to be twisted. It would be a nice switch if they got him to be lighter and more fun like in season one.

    Chuck has a funny way of showing he loves Blair when he humiliates her and degrades her in front of everyone. I don’t know how that’s love and I just hope you girls understand that if a guy tried that with you that would be considered an abusive relationship and to get out of it asap.

    Just because they’re still going to have stories together doesn’t mean they’re going to BE TOGETHER. The writers don’t care about CB like they once did because I doubt very much they would’ve done the 4.20 scene.

    I truly believe they’re going for Wuthering Heights scenario where the two extremely flawed characters don’t end up together because they shouldn’t have ended up together. Despite their immense love and borderline obsession with each other.

    Blair needs a break from Chuck or she’s only going to be more pathetic going back to him. I want to see a strong Blair and swinging from guy to guy is just apalling. She needs a break from guys all together.

    And I’m so exhausted of seeing these dumb tirades against Dair. Dan hasn’t done nearly the amount of emotional damage Chuck has done and okay if you don’t like them but what’s truly wrong with them? Has he betrayed her in the ways Chuck has ?

    Dan was nothing but respectful and kind to Blair and helped her get out of her Chuck induced funk. It would be nice if Chair fans could acknowledge that Dan made Blair happy.

  30. lee says:

    Fyi the fact that chuck and blair are being toyed around to be or not to be is what keeps the excitement not that they are together then that would mean boaring gossip girl yea the keep the show alive when they are APART hence they are never together. Boaring dan pssh! No such thing I think he might have an exciting connection to serena now that his a published writer, and chuck and nate are gona join together to make a company. That’s just lee’s opinion

  31. Niccie says:

    Chuck and Blair are my favourite Gossip Girl pairing! No offence intended to Dair fans as in a way I kind of did want them to be together as they had a cute kind of different thing going on, but I think Chuck and Blair should end up together as they have been on and off since the 1st season so they deserve their happy ending together. Also if you look back on season 1 and Dan and Serena they were the ones that were supposed to end up together not Dan and Blair :)

  32. Kal says:

    I think the difference here is that Chair fans always insult the writers, while Dair fans praise the writers for the excellent and witty banter between Dan and Blair. Now if you were a writer, who would you listen to? The fans who give you death threats unless they get what they want, or the fans who praise you for what you have already given them? Simple as that. Also, I find Dair fans a lot more tolerable than Chair fans.

  33. Chelle says:

    Bit late in reading this but oh well. Been looking at everyones comments and i find it quite amusing that with all the DAIR or CHAIR stuff I think people are missing a vital point. The writers/producers/exec’s know exactly what they’re doing. IT doesn’t matter whether you think chair is the best thing since sliced bread or you love to dare to dair you’re all talking hell arguing about it. As far as I can remember nothings has got GG fans this stirred up about the show in bloomin ages! So, they got what they (probably) wanted and got everyone talking about it.
    By the way personally i’m a dair fan i enjoyed the chair relationship to start with but now it’s a sick twisted version of “love”, i wanna see some more dair i don’t care about endgames etc would just be nice to explore that dynamic and see where it goes.

  34. Forwood says:

    I could DIE laughing at all these comments of people who dont know each other in real lives insult one another so graphically and realistically over a mediocre teen show on CW. Bwahahahahhaa. Anyways, Chuck and Blair are good tv. Its as simple as that. XOXO.

  35. gg fan says:

    I think that Josh is going to be sorry if there isn’t any of Chair . He knows that we all watch gg only for Chair , and after all their love seemed to be true . It will be really disappointing if they don’t end up together . And the show will loose everything , it will be very stupid . Chairrrr , we all want Chair.

  36. so says:

    I’m sick of Chair! Chuck don’t love Blair as much as she loves him. She deserves so much better than a guy who sold her for a hotel! Come on get over your daddy issues Chuck it’s getting boring! Blair always gives him her support but gets nothing in return. Chuck slept with Jenny, ran away and found a new girlfriend, told Blair he wanted to move on, declared war on her, found another girlfriend, was violentwith her and then gave up on her (again!!). I was a Chair fan but really they’re wrong for each other.
    Dan was really boring in season 1,2,3. I hated him but together D&B brings the best out of each other. DB’s storyline was so unexpected. I love the way they treat each other. They are smart, sweet and so funny!They are so different and that is what makes them so interesting. She can plot with him but he also makes her a better person.
    It’s too late for CB now anyway, they shouldn’t get back together, not after everything he’s done. That would make Blair a really pathetic character with no dignity.
    DAIR FTW!!

  37. L.A.N says:

    I like it if Blair and Chuck would have independent storyline which they can grow up.
    People always say Dan is good for Blair, yeah, I admit that, but as a friend, not as a lover. Please, we know Blair Wardolf, when Nate dated her again in season 2, she couldn’t even stand transfer by train. I find it’s hard to believe she’d date any Brooklyn one. And, let’s face it, Blair is not an angel here, the reason we love her beacause she’s queen bitch (not entirely, but mostly) Not sure it’d suit Dan well. I really like them as friends, or when they compete for something. They’re fun to watch.

    And I’m not sure why they said Chair’s fans are all brats. I mean, Chuck is a teen girl’s nightmare. I like Chair mainly because of their great chemistry, and the way they understand and accept each other like no one can. But right now, I hope they would both grown up so next time, they wouldn’t hurt anyone.

  38. lilith says:

    i want blair be with bass,they love eachother so much,becouse of them i watch gossip girl,chair :X

  39. Lail says:

    Hey Karen good job :) also a DAIR fan, I used to like chair then I notice it’s so unhealthy, any normal person wouldn’t want a relationship like that, unless your mentality loose inside your head! Chair fan should just calm down it’s only a show, yes you all love chair, honestly if your bf is like chuck bass? Would you really stay with him? I doubt!! Let’s all get back to reality, we love DAIR and it’s there turn to have the moments.

  40. Amee says:

    hasnt chuck transformed to this amazing person!! i love chair!

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