Fall TV Preview

Gossip Girl Boss Previews Blair and Her Men, Serena's New Life, and Exploiting the UES

A scandalous book, a mysterious new outsider, and one complicated love triangle — or is it a square?

The fifth season of The CW’s Gossip Girl, premiering Set. 26, has enough drama to keep its titular blogger glued to her keyboard for weeks. Wedding bells will be ringing for one Upper East Sider with a bevy of men in her life, while another finds her destiny far away from Manhattan.

Below, executive producer Josh Safran previews a new season that he says will be lighter, poppier, and a lot more fun.

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FOR WHOM THE BELLS TOLL | Sorry, Chair and Dair fans, Blair’s nuptials to Louis are still very much on, and Safran’s excited about all the story potential that comes with such a royal affair. “There’s the shower. There’s the dress. There’s photographs,” he says. “There’s seating charts. There’s cake tasting.” But what about a hiccup or two? “Planning a wedding, even a non-royal one, can be a pain,” he teases. “[Blair and Louis] are definitely feeling those pains, and also the joys, that come both as a couple and independently.”

LITERARY SUPERSTAR | Vanessa’s unwelcome goodbye present – publishing Dan’s book without his knowledge – will be a big font of storylines. The season-long arc will propel Dan into a new world for which he may not be ready. “His maturation process is going to be sped up, because this is not a decision that he made for himself,” explains Safran. “When that happens…it is very much like a bullet from a gun that somebody else fired.” As the season opens, the young author will find himself “playing catch up and [wondering], ‘Where am I? Where am I?’” As for what the tell-all means for Dan and Blair’s friendship, Safran remains cryptic: “It affects things very much.”

DAIR TO CHAIR | After a fateful kiss, the show returned from a brief hiatus to have the Dan-Blair romance recede into the background. So what gives? Safran says the writers knew from early Season 1 – Episode 4, to be precise – that the two “were going to have a connection that was surprising to both of them, and was based on a shared emotional life.” Safran maintains “that storyline” — the impact of that connection on both Dan and Blair’s lives – “in whatever form, is continuing.” He singles out the final scene between Dan and Blair in the Season 4 finale, in which it appeared that Dan wasn’t quite over Blair, as “a very conscious and consciously placed piece.” Meanwhile, Chuck is in Los Angeles when the season kicks off, but Safran assures that he and Blair are always going to have stories together. “We have not abandoned Chuck and Blair by any stretch of the imagination,” he adds. “But that doesn’t mean it’s always going to be Chair or Dair or Lair or whatever nickname people want to give that.”

A NEW SERENA | Brace yourself for a shock. “Serena is lost no more,” reveals Safran. The flighty blonde will find her purpose in Los Angeles, which provides the backdrop for her new life in the season’s first two episodes. “She has taken the job that was offered to her at the end of last season, and we see just exactly how that has panned out for her,” teases Safran, adding that “Serena’s goals come very clearly into focus.”

GOSSIP GIRL, MEET PAYNE | The introduction of Elizabeth Hurley’s strong, savvy businesswoman Diana Payne will mean big things for Gossip Girl herself. But an unmasking of the all-knowing blogger is not in the cards. Rather, the show will be exploring “the role that Gossip Girl plays in our world,” says Safran. Diana, who’s also taking a look at the site, “sees the potential in an untapped market of these young twentysomethings that she believes could be exploited better,” explains Safran. So how does one take advantage of that demo? Lure them over to your side, of course! “She really takes it upon herself to avail herself of our cast and get them to come work for her.”

Which of Safran’s plans for Season 5 of Gossip Girl excites you most? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Jeanette says:

    I know it can always be about Chuck and Blair, but I wish it could. I am very interested in seeing how they are able to come back together, and I just wish we didn’t have to stopover with D along the way. BLouis makes sense to me, but the other? No, thanks.

    In the meantine I’ll be focusing on Serena’s career, Chuck’s growth and Nate’s … pretty face .

    • Jeanette says:

      I’m terrible at this! I meant “can’t” always be about Chuck and Blair.

    • Brooke says:

      you`re so right, dair and blouis is a load of crap. the fact they still continue to write that garbage is awful. I want to see chair develop into a realtionship, without that arsehole dan coming in and ruining things. And they didn`t even include nate, which is very disrespectful.

      • Rose says:

        They are a load of crap. I don’t care about them but Chuck and Blair. Please, Safran quit putting yourself as Dan, we don’t like or care about Dan.

  2. Brooke says:

    Oh and I hate Dair, Dan`s obession with Blair is weird. Can`t believe she still likes a weirdo who thinks he`s an Upper East Sider. I`m glad they wrote they haven`t given up on chair, but the fact they still write all that Dair garbage is beyond me. I can`t believe they think all that rubbish is fun and exciting and entertaining when it sent chair fans in a rage. Blouis is just as bad, he`s just a sad Prince who looks like he can`t get any girls back in France and he met Blair for 5 minutes. Gossip girl is rubbish now. What happened to the old Blair? She`s now so fixed on being a Princess, she`s only going to abandon the ones she most loves. And when she goes to live there, the Upper East Side will be a boring as hell. I really hope that gossip girl gives out some secrets on the wedding to day to destroy it, and i hope the Prince`s sister helps out too. And I want the old Blair back and for her to realise that Dan`s obessesion with her is weird and stupid. Bring chair back, we want a wedding and baby bass and bow ties!

    • Karen says:

      Yes, Dan the obession with Blair…wait was he the one that attacked her and claimed she was his, sold her, declared war on her, and humiliate her in front of her potential in-laws because he has daddy issues? NO, I believe that was CHUCK.

      As Dorota said… Blair has been happy with Dan in her life; even Louis is a step up from Chuck “daddy issues” Bass.

      • Molly says:

        Girl, don’t you have a job? You’ve been commenting all day.

        Why would I want Blair with a guy who cheated on his girlfriend? See what I did there?

    • Di says:

      Brooke, girls like you make me depressed.

  3. Helix says:

    Don’t care for Dair give me Chair!

  4. Lauren says:


    • Roxy says:

      All hail CHAIR! You aren’t getting endgame, it’s all about Chair!

    • Karen says:

      Lauren don’t let the Chair fanatics scare you off. I’ve noticed that if anyone mentions Dair in the postive they quickly spam their comment to make it look like Dair is hated by the majority. I can assure you the writers know better though ;)

      BLAIR with anyone but CHUCK FTW lol

      • Krissy says:

        Your name is everywhere on here. I posted this one and only time but you say Chair isn’t the majority? Really? Have you checked twitter at all? Sorry, but you live in a bubble, Karen.

        • Karen says:

          I’m allowed to post my opinion on comments that I want to comment on. I don’t make a fake name like some Chair fans do to prove that there’s a bunch of Dair fans. I post as myself for all to see. That’s why they allow you to reply to post here. I’ve been on twitter and have seen the spamming and threats from Chair fans to GG Writers, and I also know that twitter doesn’t represent the GA. Oh, and I don’t live in a bubble because the world is my oyster :)

  5. @lilyu83 says:

    Quien esta embarazado? yo creo que es Dorotha LoL, la vida de Serena en Los Angeles me huele a Spin Off… ahora todo gira en torno a Blair, creo que se casará pero le sera infiel a Louis con Dan y que al final de la temporada volverá a los brazos de Chuck. Y que pasara con Vanesa y Nate?

  6. Q.B says:

    Cool article. Glad to see they aren’t giving up on Chair, are giving Serena something decent to do with her life, don’t care about Dan, and Wish Nate’s storylines weren’t about love intrests, bring back his family.

  7. Dora says:

    ““We have not abandoned Chuck and Blair by any stretch of the imagination,” This is good because this is all I care about!

  8. Em says:

    I really hate the Louis/Blair storyline. It’s so boring and wastes time. And it doesn’t make sense why they’re getting married after barely knowing each other.

  9. Liz says:

    Reading all the posts about “ratings,” I highly doubt that the writers look at a Chair centric episode or a Dair centric episode, see that one of them has .1 million more viewers and then decides “wow, now this couple has to get together because the fans want it more!”
    And I hope they would not do that because I would think we are fans watching the stories they want to tell, not that they are writers catering to our every need. So please stop saying that just because your couple doesn’t get together that the ratings will plummet and the show will be canceled. The show will get canceled if the writing doesn’t improve, because the fact that almost everyone in these comments is probably only watching GG for one couple says something about the writing on the show.

    • Karen says:

      Smart post Liz!! Majority of the GA don’t watch for couples but the story. If it’s entertaining enough they’ll watch regardless of whose featured. Couples don’t make or brake the show. That’s why I’m telling you the writers know this. The Chair fanatics can scream that they won’t watch anymore if they don’t get Chair, but as long as Blair and Chuck are on screen they’ll watch. But of course they’ll they otherwise.

      Online fans don’t even meet 1% on GG audience currently watching.

    • Dee says:

      Spot on, Liz!

  10. Brooke says:

    I love you Chair fans! CHAIR FTW. I seriously can`t believe they still write the Dair storyline. I stopped watching gossip girl because I couldn`t bear the sight. I can`t believe the writers think the dair storyline is `entertaining` when it`s a load of pointless crap. I used to hate Dan already, but I hate him more now. He`s turned into a creepy phycopath because he can`t get over Blair. Isn`t that typical? He`s lucky he even gets a girl. And what happened to the old Blair, I haven`t seen her in a while. It`s like the old Blair`s dead and buried. I hate it. Louis has done nothing good to her. She had only met him 5 minutes and they had affections for each other. It`s pretty stupid. She`s so concentrated on being a Princess, she`s only going to abandon the ones she loves most. The upper east side will be so boring without her. And when she needs help, her friends are only going to turn their back upon her. And when it comes to love life she`s turned into Serena. We need Chair to develop relationship wise without those idiots Dan and Louis coming in and messing it up. Bring the old Blair back, stop writing the Dair storyline because it`s plain, boring garbage and bring back chair. And a chair wedding and chuck babies!

  11. Karly says:


    How can anyone claim to be a Blair fan and still want to see here with Chuck? After all that’s he’s put her through? Too many viewers of GG have this notion that “soulmates” have to be angst, love/hate, tragic, on/off, with this dangerous passion and blah blah blah. That’s just so false. IMO, Blair deserves that kind of “true love” that makes her a better version of herself, as well as happy and centered. And that is Dan, my friends. I think she will always have feelings for Chuck, but that doesn’t mean they should be together. Their relationship is just too explosive and I think, at this point, Blair is more in love with the “Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck” of it all than she is with Chuck himself.

    • Miriam says:

      I like Chuck and Blair and am a Blair fan. Who are you to say who I can like? I can like Chuck and Blair and hate Dan Humphrey and still be a Blair fan.Some fans need to get off their high horse. This is tv. It’s not real. I can like anyone I want to.

      • Andrea says:

        ITA Miriam. I am a Blair fan and I love chair and hate dair with a passion. Just because we have different opinions Karly, it doesn’t mean I am not a Blair fan. And I just have to laugh when DB fans try to say that they are popular. Their arc just made the gg’s ratings drop big time.

    • Karen says:

      Majority of them are not Blair fans at all!! They love Chuck and want him to own Blair. Blair is not allowed to love anyone else, but Chuck can sleep with as many whores and fall in love as many times as he wants.

      Chair fans can spam and shout as much as they want, but the GG writers get GA feedback and know Dair isn’t as disliked as some claim.

      • Amanda says:

        Oh, Karen, could you stop telling people what they should feel? Leave it to fanforum.

        • Amanda says:

          And honestly, I think you are more a CB/Chuck hater than a Blair or DB fan. You are just pathetic. Is that really hard to understand that you are not the owner of the reason?

          • Karen says:

            Amanda you can call be all the names you want behind your computer. Sticks and Stones Amanda, Sticks and Stones lol. Obviously there’s a Karen a fanforum that irks you because this is the second time you’ve said I post there. I don’t, but I hope Karen at fanforum continues stating her opinions.

            I’m not telling people what they should feel. I’m stating what I think of the Chair fans and what I feel. As for owning reason; I own my reason and stated it. Majority of Chair fans are Chuck fans IMO.

            Also, I’m a Blair fan, and a Blair with anyone BUT Chuck fan. If he left her alone I would give two piss about him. I don’t hate because it’s a waste of energy, but I greatly dislike Chuck Bass for treating Blair like crap on his shoe bottom.

          • Amanda says:

            And as you have the right to dislike Chuck, I have the right to dislike DB too. I don’t know why chair fans annoy you so much . So what if we don’t like Dan or DB? It’s our right, as your right to not like CB or Chuck. Oh, and I am sure you are karen from fanforum: a huge hypocrite, bashes CB fanbase, think you are better than the people you bash but it’s just 100 times worse. Yeah, it’s Karen from FF.

          • Amanda says:

            But you know what, it’s better we just give it a rest. I feel really stupid now fighting over a TV couple. Sorry for calling you hypocrite or anything else. I just felt attacked by your posts. i guess CB fans have the right to dislike DB or Dan whatever they want. As you have the right to dislike CB or Chuck.

          • Karen says:

            Amanda, I don’t bash chair fans, I give my opinion on what I feel majority of them are like. I do respond to Chair and Chuck comments when I see Chair fans attacking Dan because they feel he’s a threat. Isn’t that what most off the Chair fans here are doing. Any bashing I do will fall on the characters. As you said, you can dislike Dair and Dan all you want. It also means that I have a right to respond to your comment anyway I want because TVLine allows it. This isn’t a Chair thread on some message board where my comments are imposing.

            Also you can state I’m Karen on fanforum all you want, it won’t make it true. I don’t need to lie about who I am. If it makes you feel better believing I’m her and disregard my comments then do so by all means. Like I said sticks and stones, sticks and stones. I’ve read comments by Chair fans on other sites who are rational in their Chair love but their not the majority of how Chair fans act in general IMO.

            I have no problem ending the discussion with us agreeing to disagree, but I’ll still state my opinion when I feel like it.

      • Jo says:

        Karen, I salute you.
        Ignore Amanda and the other children here. They have a lot of growing up to do.

  12. KyleWith says:

    Stoked to learn more about GG herself.

  13. Kimberly says:

    Chair is boring and so overdone. Its an emotionally abusing, and physically abusing. Episode 4×20 !!?? Of course that was glossed over and never mentioned again and Blair runs back into Chucks arms. Dair has witty dialouge, a commen bound that doesn’t involve scheming, and two people that can help eachother grow and get over their bad habits. Chair is so overdone and boring. Even people I know OUTSIDE of the internet agree that Chuck and Blair is boring. Go Dair.

    • Jenn says:

      I think your talking about Dair with boring since half the audience left when they were “together”. Chair are the ony thing that garners buzz from this show and every one knows it. it’s why Chuck and Blair will always be in each others stories, they belong together.

    • Em says:

      If Chuck did to me what he did to Blair in 4×20, or back when he traded her for a hotel, I would have called the police a LONG TIME AGO and got a restraining order. What he did is completely unacceptable.

      What is wrong with these Chair shippers who keep saying “it’s true love, it’s endgame” mantra?

      • Karen says:

        Their pre-teen girls in lust with Chuck and ED. Hopefully they know better when their in real relationships that it’s not love when your boyfriend sells you for a hotel or physically attacks you. Chair is an “epic” horrible relationship.

        • Amanda says:

          And here you are again telling people how they should feel and attacking real people because they like a FICTIONAL couple. Who is acting as a pre-teen girl? LOL

          • Karen says:

            Ana here you are again Amanda stalking my posts lol. I have about an hour so lets play.

            I didn’t tell anyone in my post what they should feel and I sure didn’t personally attack anyone. Get your facts straight! Your the one starting personal attacks. They give their opinion and I give mine. My opinion based on the age of most Chuck fans and what they write is that a lot “not all” are pre-teens in lust with Chuck and ED. Any attacks I make will be on the FICIONAL characters, my opinion on Chair fans is my opinion based on what I seen and read. THE END

          • Amanda says:

            I am sure you were trying to insult CB fans calling us “pre-teen girls in lust with Chuck and Ed”. Also, I have a very nice real relationship with my boyfriend, you don’t need to worry about me.But I appreciate your concern

          • Karen says:

            I didn’t ask about your boyfriend or your relationship if that comment was to me. I’m not trying to insult Chair fans, just gave my opinion of them. If you feel insulted that’s on you. If your not a pre teen in lust then just state that I’m wrong and we’ll move on from there.

  14. BlairWaldorf says:

    “We have not abandoned Chuck and Blair by any stretch of the imagination.” AKA- Chuck and Blair are this show.

  15. Chris says:

    I just need Chair, writers, then I’ll be happy!

  16. Ashley says:

    Yup, which is why the season finale which was CHAIR centered got practically identical ratings. Ratings have been going down since season 3. I doubt a couple has anything to do with ratings, its ridiculous there are other characters on the show other than Chuck and Blair.

    • Lena says:

      Actually that is entirely FALSE. The Dair arc had the worst ratings EVER. You can’t lie about numbers here. I love how you guys like to pretend that Dair didn’t have the lowest rated arc when it’s actually on tvbythenumbers. Hysterical! Chuck and Blair always have higher ratings for their arcs and the highest EVER. Try and forget it but it remains factual.

    • StEpH says:

      The second half was dragged down by DB. You had far more DB dragging the show down, why tune in for one episode at the end knowing you got screwed the whole second half. Use your brains,for once.CB still have the highest rated episodes ever.

    • Diana says:

      Actually the viewers dropped by a million over the Bland arc and were the lowest rated in series history. The demos for the finale were never released, so you actually can’t make that assumption. And Chuck and Blair arcs never had ratings this low. They had an episode not an arc.

    • Karen says:

      Ashley you can’t speak common sense with Chair fanatics. I assure you the writters KNOW that Dair didn’t cause the falling ratings.

      Steph, you can run around on all the comments and keep claiming Dair killed the ratings but it’s still a LIE in the end.

      • Karen says:

        Yes, because Dair C storyline killed ratings and A and B story Chucks BI Bull crap and Serena hardship had nothing to do with it. Yay…the writers and producers know better.

        • dg says:

          What killed the ratings were the writers neglecting other relationships to pimp DB. If DB was such a succes people would keep watching for them, even if the other SLs sucked. But yeah, I am sure the writers know better, and so does the Network.

          • Karen says:

            That’s FALSE information dg!! Ratings and viewership doesn’t work that way. One couple can’t destroy or save a show. The overall stories keep viewers watching.

            If Chair fan are going to keep saying DB killed the ratings, I’m going to keep bringing up the fact that Chuck “daddy issues” Bass and the BI story caused the poor ratings.

  17. Ashley says:

    The last episode of the season had a 1.22 rating. It was Chair centered! The show has been decreasing in ratings from the beginning. Let’s just ignore the huge following Dair has, and blame it all on Dair.

    • Janet says:

      What following? You can’t even get 200 signatures on Twitter with Dair and Chair has 1000. You guys are hysterical.

      • Yeah says:

        LMAO. IKR? Chair has a lot more posts on twitter, tumblr, facebook. It’s CHuck Bass who trends on twitter, not boring Dan Humphrey. And still some people says dair is most popular? LMAO.

        • Karen says:

          Because Dair is popular and Chair fanatics screaming otherwise aren’t changing that. The producers and writers actually get letters of support for the GA and their popular with focus groups.

          Chair has been around since season 1, I would think after 4 years that they’re fans could asleast “spam” I mean get 1000 signatures.

          • Amanda says:

            Karen, stop being so pathetic and hypocrite. Go check twitter, tumblr, facebook and you are gonna see who is more popular.

          • Karen says:

            Sticks and Stones Amanda, Sticks and Stones ;) So was that a personal attack you just displayed lol.

            I’ve checked them all and I don’t care. Chair has had 4 seasons to build a followship. Regardless Chair fanatics still spam and shout out their demands on a daily bases.

            GG writers and CW like their focus groups much better ;)

          • MSC says:

            You can’t trend with only a few posters, Miss Karen. You can’t fake 1000 twitter accounts that support Chair to the 157 that support DB. You are seriously deranged. And, honey, you need to climb out of the hole you live in and wake up. Dair had their shot and it didn’t get the support Chair got in one episode in season 1. Chair caught fire and improved ratings. Dair tanked this show to the ground. Amanda is right. You are insane and you need help.

          • Karen says:

            MSC, as I told Amanda, sticks and stones, sticks and stones. Name calling means BS to me. It’s the only form of defense cowards use to try and feel important. And to enlighten a person can have more than on twitter account that’s a fact. As I said Chair fans can shout that Dair killed the ratings it’s just a big LIE, and the writers now it. And I don’t live in a hole, it’s a two bedroom apartment with full amenities. The hole you live in must have confused you.

            Thanks for the suggestion on getting help, but I recommend you save that line for the Chair fans who say they’ll die if they don’t get Chair.

  18. brooke says:

    hope everything in gg goes back to normal, chair not dair.

  19. Nolan says:

    I really hope they continue in the direction of Dair. The writing for the two of them, even though it was never a main storyline, has always been a breath of fresh air in a show that has been growing a bit stale. Not only have fans picked up on this fact, judging by these comments, but so did the news outlets when this storyline was running. I don’t go on the internet much (as I’m sure most of the hundreds of thousands of fans who make up the ratings), but I remember reading at least two articles praising the better writing of Dair’s storyline, and giving them (and me!) a reason to watch the show again.

    Chair’s storyline, however, got very boring and repetitive. In season 2, it was a big angsty mess where they couldn’t get over some issues. When they finally got together in season 3, everyone agreed that they were really boring. Season 4 writing made Blair look like an incredibly weak person instead of the strong, intelligent person she used to be. I don’t know how they can write a Chair storyline that is both interesting and makes both characters seem sympathetic. After all Chuck did to Blair, how can they ever come back from that? “True Love” does not heal all.

    Here’s to DAIR! :) Hopefully the writers and producers will recognize the amazing thing they had last season and continue it into season 5 and beyond.

    • Gemma says:

      Agreed. There is NO way I’m going to ship Chair after last season. He is just too destructive and conniving. He really only cares about himself, its disgusting. All the other characters have grown, aside from him and Serena. But at least Serena never intentionally and without any bases try to hurt ppl.

      If I had to choose between Dair and Chuck and Blair not being together in the end, regardless of who they end up with, I just hope Chair doesn’t happen. The only thing that would surprise me about Chuck this season is if he actually grows up and stops obsessive over his father’s dead legacy. Oh and also if he can keep it in his pants for more than 1 episode.

      • Karen says:

        Keep supporting DAIR because the writers are well aware that their popular. I personally hope they continue the great writing they’ve given Dan and Blair next season. It’s obvious they love writing for them :)

  20. B says:

    Lair? Pay attention, Safran, it’s Blouis.

    And if there’s low or no Chair, I won’t be watching your show. You have two incredible actors with awesome chemistry, and you’re basically keeping them out of logical storylines together to see how many more seasons you can drag out. That’s not fair on us, the watchers, and I assume the Dair fans feel the same about their ship.

  21. BK says:

    I’m beginning to think that CHAIR fans are all Chris Brown fans. Nuff Said. LMFAO

    • Bridget says:

      I’m beginning to think Dair fans are people that have never been laid. Chuck and Blair are actually entertaining. DB is like an old dirty sock that needs to be thrown out because it reeks so badly.

      • Karen says:

        I’m sure Dair don’t reeks as badly as Chuck does when he’s finished with one of his many whores though. Right now Chair smells like they’ve rolled are in the trashed, crawled the sewers, flushed down the toilet, and finished off in a lanfill. So I’ll take “dirty socks” Dair in the end.

        • DeeS says:

          I like how Dair fans are spamming this thing to make themselves seem important. And this “karen” person- wow, you have several screws loose. Chuck and Blair are just endgame and you guys need to deal with it or go back to gganon.

          • Karen says:

            DeeS, me spamming requires that I pretend to be a lot of different accounts like many Chair fans are doing. I don’t need to pretend to be someone else because I’m actually sane. Sorry my support of Dair and Balir with anyone but Chuck irks you, but really I don’t care. If I see a post I want to comment on I will.

            As usual, when all else fails resort to name calling my name is Chair Fanatic.

      • BK says:

        Hey Bridget, If I have to be abused to be laid I’ll pass. Some of us are as masochistic as you.

  22. Melissa says:

    I’m actually cautiously optimistic after this synopsis. It’s always been obvious Chuck and Blair were going to end up together, the only question was, would the journey end up being so miserable that it was worth tolerating for the endgame? But everything Josh says about things being lighter this season- a welcome break from all the angst- and the tons of filming pics/interacting they’ve had so far look really promising.

    I’m totally fine with them being apart for a little while before they reunite, as long as they still get some good interaction and it’s clear the feelings are still there- and that definitely seems to be the case! It’s a tough position they’re in, because they can’t just throw CB back together yet, but any other relationship they put either of them in just seems irrelevant and doomed to fail. I’ll be really interested to see how they handle being friends while she’s engaged, though.

  23. Campbti says:

    I found myself really liking the Dair friendship. However I draw the line there. They just don’t make a good couple. Chuck and Blair are the couple and the rest of GG revolves around them. (in my happy world at least) I am interested in the Dan book story. A lot of potential trouble there, from what he wrote about to being a published author. Would like to see growth in Blair and Serena. Neither had gotten far in life goals. And both now seem like flighty idiots. Hopefully that is corrected early on. Will be interesting to see what they do with Nate as he is almost the outsider now. Surely his family name and good looks buys him some interesting storyline. End of the day, no Chuck and Blair and I’ll stop watching.

    • Melissa says:

      Totally agree. It sounds like Serena’s finally getting some growth, but Blair might actually be regressing, which makes me sad. I’ve always enjoyed Dan and Blair’s scenes when they’re bantering and being bitchy towards each other, but I hate the idea of it going any further. Aside from hurting Serena, which is a huge obstacle, I doubt either can really make the other happy romantically.

    • Kendra says:

      I concur. No Chuck and Blair and the show just goes off kilter for me. If you want to do Dair, then have it be a one night stand. Anything else does not make sense.

      • helly says:

        Their friendship hardly made sense last year, TBH. I just want to see Chuck and Blair re-established. They aren’t going anywhere so neither am I.

  24. Elizabeth says:

    If there is something me and bothered me is Gossip Girl
    It’s so stupid what is happening on Gossip Girl
    Before Gossip Girl was my favorite show but now I hate to see Gossip Girl
    Goodbye Gossip Girl

  25. Ashley says:

    Well I personally like Chuck and Blair and Dan and Serena. Dair was okay and they make great friends, but Chair and Derena are meant to be.

  26. Leonor says:

    The writers of Gossip Girl are stupid
    They lacking imagination and creativity
    Because now this unrecognizable Gossip Girl
    I like Gossip Girl since it was before now i hate Gossip Girl

  27. Nina says:

    Who cares about Gossip Girl?
    The writers of Gossip Girl have ruined the whole show
    They might give information about some series more important than Gossip Girl

    • Brittney says:

      When they hurt Chuck and Blair I gave the show up because I hate Dair.

      • Karen says:

        I gave up on GG when they had Chuck continue to hurt Blair over and over and over and over, but I stock around when they finally gave my favorite character a real chance at happiness.

        • Hmm says:

          I gave up when the DB arc started in 4×11. I guess I wasn’t the only one LOL

        • MSC says:

          They didn’t gain anyone if they lost a million viewers, you get that right? They lost viewers and had the worst demos in history through that arc. I mean, how did they gain viewers? Where is the gain? enlighten us. Apparently you haven’t given up if you are trolling this post or else you are kinda’ wacky, IDK.

          • Karen says:

            I said they GAINED DAIR Fans!! They also gained viewers the episode after the kiss because people wanted to see what happened. GG has been losing viewers over the last three years when there was no Dair. The Dair arc was C story while Chucks BI and Serenas take down was front runners. So I assume Chuck and Serena ran viewers away as well. Nooo… the storylines weren’t that great, but Dair was a silver lining for many fans. I don’t feel like enlighting you on common sense. I’m sure you can find the ratings for the last 4 seasons of GG and do a logical comparisons. Take of the rose colored glasses when you do though.

            You reflecting your trollness on me or calling me wacky means nada. I don’t need fake accounts to leave my opinion. I’ll post my opinion whenever or where ever I please. Freedom of speech and all that.

  28. GGFAN says:

    Nothing about DAN & SERENA

    ?? Ooh my good
    They sould be the endgame

  29. Jana says:

    Chair belong together!

  30. GGfan73104 says:

    SOOOOO glad CB isn’t over!!! THANK YOU JOSH!

  31. Chrism33 says:

    I agree!
    And its not just Gossip Girl, lots of TV shows these days are choosing the “safe route” when it comes to their characters. They think that because they established Chair from the start they need to wrap up that relationship in a big pretty bow, but what kind of character development is that?


    Can we really buy the whole Chair thing after everything he did to her this past season? Seriously he is like a fricking unhealthy addiction for her. This isn’t twilight, Blair needs to be with someone who understands and RESPECTS her. The very fact that Dan let Blair go without being a jerk to Louis, like a certain someone, shows that he is ten times the man Chuck will ever be. Writers have written the “OH CHUCK IS GOING TO CHANGE” storyline long enough!

    Please writers PLEASE let Chair just be friends, that to me would be more lovely and meaningful than having them be in a destructive relationship. They can’t change who they are.

    • john says:


      Indeed: Chuck and Blair are just too destructive to each other. Remember she destroyed HIS relationship where he was quite joyful as well. Way too mutually dysfunctional.

      Dan? Shrug, though they have fun together. Louis is just this, sad, hollow fantasy. She’s “in love” with a title?

      Heck if foundations are mandatory then it would be Blair and NATE right?

      Good show: love Rufus and Lilly.

      • Claire says:

        Actually we, the viewers, deserve better. When I remember of seasons 1 and 2 it just makes me sad. It’s like gg is a totally different show now. What they have been doing with Chuck’s character and CB’s relationship since s3 is so stupid. Safran like it or not, big part of the audience loves CB and Chuck and couldn’t care less about his precious Dan. Since he became an executive producer in s3 the show just keep getting worse, no wonder the ratings a and the buzz are dying.

        • Claire says:

          I mean, I am sure the awful NYU’s sl was his idea, to try to make Dan the centre of the show. It should had given him a clue the audience couldn’t care less about Dan but no. He just keep pushing Dan under our throats

    • Karen says:

      Chrism33 I love this post!!! Blair does deserve better. I think about all the BS Chuck has done to her especially the physical attack and glass breaking incident of last season and I want him nowhere around her (wishfull thinking), but I really hope the writers really consider ending them for good.

      Dan and Louis have shown more respect and love for Blair last season than Chuck had in 4 seasons.

  32. Josie says:

    Great to hear that the Chuck/Blair story is far from over! They are the heart of the show, and I can’t wait to see what they get up to in S5.

  33. Confused says:

    I’m a casual fan so don’t kill me:

    Aren’t the main fact of Serena/Chuck’s characters being the well lets just call em guess stars bicycles (cause everyone gets a ride)

    Why are people so upset with Dan and or Blair having a thing for each other, or well with Blair having 3 men in her life?

    I like all the characters and more like the fact if they all started interacting…I’m all for Dair as a catalyst to all the main character’s interacting and having drama. I mean this is escapism tv and once u get conflicts…Nate being the child caught in the middle…End with all the end game chants cause again this show is ESCAPISM

    • Daniel says:

      I think you watch TOO casually. Chuck has only ever dated 2 guest stars total, which is the least out of any cast members. Serena/Nate/Blair/Dan have all dated more people than Chuck.

      Chuck Bass is the only character i care about on this show, so I’m glad to hear that he’s still got a story going with Blair. The other guys are just lame. I’d like to know what Chuck aside from his woman, though.

      • Karen says:

        Chuck seriously dated two guest stars that he treated better than he treated Blair the “love of his life”, but he’s slept with many many many many women. The writers made that plain on screen.

  34. OJ says:

    You know what I hate the most about Dair and Dan? Is how the writers treated Chuck and Serena’s characters last season just to make DB happen and try to force people to like Dan. I just hated how they kept trowing Chuck under the bus, isolated Chuck and Serena with boring guest stars. If DB was so natural, it wouldn’t be needed. I just hate how they sacrificed other characters and relationships to make it the Dan/DB’s show. Well, good thing it didn’t work. The ratings in the second half of the season? LOL

    • Karen says:

      Chuck was already under the bus the moment he tried to rape two characters, sold Blair for a hotel, called Lily a whore, and basically just being Chuck Bass. He is who he is. Blair is the one who got thrown under the bus for Chuck. Thank goodness she had Dan last season to encourage and make her happy. Even Louis has in his short time has treated her 10X better than Chuck.

  35. Meh says:

    It’s kind of funny how Safran says it’s not gonna be always Chair. Duh, we know that. Since s3 you just keep destroying them to prop other relationships. I just want them to rebuild CB and let Chuck become the real man he can be. All the Dair/DB propping is just killing gg to me

  36. Melissa says:


  37. Amanda says:

    I prefer Chuck/Nate a lot more. It’s funny how Dan has to take everything away from Chuck: Eric, Bart, Nate, Blair. Are the gg’s writers that desperate to make Dan likeable? Guess what, It’s not working. The ratings just prove it

    • Karen says:

      Dan hasn’t taken anything from Chuck. Chuck does his usual BS and causes his own problems. As usual Chair and Chuck fanatics overlook his faults and direct blame to someone else. Because remember Blair went up there on her own…sigh.

      • ol says:

        You do get it’s a show and not real life, right? Chuck or Dan or Blair or Serena aren’t really the ones to blame for their actions. THEY ARE NOT REAL.

        • Karen says:

          Should I resort to childish behavior to your reply? OK, NO DUH THEIR NOT REAL!! See I can write in caps too. I replied to Amanda who blamed Dan for taking things for Chuck when he hasn’t. GG writers have been writing Chuck as the A-Hole he is since the show started. It had nothing to do with them trying to make Dan look likeable. Dan is likeable as he is written IMO. As far as I’m concerned the writers are keeping Chuck in character. The guy did try to rape two main characters at the begining of the series.

    • Jenn says:

      The writers aren’t “desperate” to make Dan likable, Dan is already perfectly likable to me. I think Penn Badgley is a fine actor, and he’s getting some serious movie roles lately to prove that. I always find it interesting when certain GG fans say that they hate Dan and the Humphreys and that GG would be much better without them. Why? Because they aren’t rich and spoiled? I’ve always preferred the Humphrey stories, I find them a little more relatable, and I’ve always loved the banter between Dan and Rufus.

  38. Claire says:

    WOW, he didn’t even mention Nate. He seems so obsessed with Dan and his precious DB, ugh. I never thought I would say this but I miss Stephanie Savage. At least she knew the show wasn’t only about Dan.

    • Karen says:

      I’m sorry!! Chuck Bass has been the be all and end all of GG for the last 3 seasons. He and his mommy daddy issues have taken over GG like a virus.

      • hm m says:

        No, he hasnt. Since s3 the writers are focusing more on Dan. The NYU’s SL? When cb were a couple we barely got scenes of them together because the writers were too worried for their DB’s arc. I mean, CB got 2 or 3 scenes each episode in the beggining of season 3. S3 was pretty much the season of Dan and he rocking NYU (too bad no one cared lol).

      • Jessie says:

        It’s creepy Karen back stalking people.

        yeah, Dan can’t carry a s/l. Every one of them has low ratings. Check twitter, no one cares about Humpty Dumpty.

        • Karen says:

          Actually it’s not creepy that I responding to comments that are left to be commented on. I guess I can always do what some Chair fans do and make fake accounts and spam, but I prefer to just be me. If you don’t won’t me to give my opinion then don’t leave a comment…how about that.

          I don’t need to check twitter for anything. Dan is a character that is popular among the GA and writers who love all the characters. I enjoy some Humpty Dumpty, and so does Blair apparently.

  39. Britney says:

    the impact of that connection on both Dan and Blair’s lives – “in whatever form, is continuing.” Thank You!! Looking forward to see what the writers have planned for them.

  40. emily says:

    i think they should of made season 5 about blair and chuck

  41. Please says:

    Dear Joshua Safran, stop writing the show for yourself. I think it was in s3 that you became an executive producer, and when I look back at seasons 1 and 2, I just miss so much what gg used to be be. I didn’t like when you said Blair and Chuck didn’t have a connection, that it was only based on sex and scheming. I hate how hard you try to make Dan and DB happen. The NYU’s SL was awful, the DB arc made a lot of people stop watching. So, I ask please, let gg be more like s1 and s2, more about the UES, more about the NJBC. We really miss it.

  42. Dabarah says:

    I’m excited coz I know there will be those Super Unexpected dramatic scenes!! Dying to see it!!

  43. ol says:

    WOW Safran, thanks for making it really clear it’s the Dan’s show now. I am happy I decided to give up on gg. Nate is still a character, do you remember him? And I wanted to know more about Chuck. Not everything has to be about Dan, Dan, and Dan, ugh

  44. Eliza says:

    I love Chuck and Blair!

  45. Elizabeth says:

    “We have not abandoned Chuck and Blair by any stretch of the imagination,”

    Not that I didn’t know but it’s always nice to hear them say it

    Chuck and Blair forever!!!!!

  46. LH says:

    CHAIR ALL THE WAY!! CB=DESTINY=ENDGAME!!! The producers, writers, & fans know it–everyone knows it…It’s Chuck&Blair 4 LIFE!!!

    Bring on our Chuck-Blair EPICNESS & CB HAPPY FAMILY!!!


  47. Sheresse says:

    Thank you for the interview! I’m glad the writers have not abandoned Chuck and Blair. They are the main reason I tune in. My fingers are crossed for Chuck to be redeemed next season (I also hope Blair is having a Baby Bass. :)) I’m also happy that Serena is getting a story away from boys.

    I hope Dan and Blair remain friends and he gets over his feelings for her. That bunch of episodes focused on Dan and Blair last season pretty much ruined the show for me. I was bored out of my skull even though I do enjoy their friendship very much.
    But if I have to watch Dan pine for Blair I think my hate for him will got through the roof. I liked him in S1 but I’ve really grown to dislike him after the writing began to favor him so much at Chuck’s expense.

  48. Typh says:

    I can’t wait to see what happens with Dan and Blair. I’ve really enjoyed them last season and want to see where the writers go with the relationship. Chair was good in the early seasons, but their just a shell of themselves now. Chuck needs to grow up for me to even consider like them again. I’m interested to see if Blair actually has a real wedding and if it happens. It will probably be a OMFG moment.

    Glad to hear that Serena has a path and looking forward to the LA scenes. Most of all I can’t wait for Dan’s book story. It should really check up the UES and his friends. Hope the writers make all the stories entertaining in season 5.

    No mention of Nate :( At least from spoilers I know he’s filming. I just hope the writers give him a good story.

    No mention of the pregnancy? I’m guessing Lily or Eleanor is pregnant. I don’t want Serena or Blair pregnant at all. Their too young.

    Good interview!

  49. Vanillalatte086 says:

    Can’t wait for Chair and Baby Bass!

  50. Rprincipessa says:

    I love Chair! Best part of the article!