Fall TV Preview

Gossip Girl Boss Previews Blair and Her Men, Serena's New Life, and Exploiting the UES

A scandalous book, a mysterious new outsider, and one complicated love triangle — or is it a square?

The fifth season of The CW’s Gossip Girl, premiering Set. 26, has enough drama to keep its titular blogger glued to her keyboard for weeks. Wedding bells will be ringing for one Upper East Sider with a bevy of men in her life, while another finds her destiny far away from Manhattan.

Below, executive producer Josh Safran previews a new season that he says will be lighter, poppier, and a lot more fun.

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FOR WHOM THE BELLS TOLL | Sorry, Chair and Dair fans, Blair’s nuptials to Louis are still very much on, and Safran’s excited about all the story potential that comes with such a royal affair. “There’s the shower. There’s the dress. There’s photographs,” he says. “There’s seating charts. There’s cake tasting.” But what about a hiccup or two? “Planning a wedding, even a non-royal one, can be a pain,” he teases. “[Blair and Louis] are definitely feeling those pains, and also the joys, that come both as a couple and independently.”

LITERARY SUPERSTAR | Vanessa’s unwelcome goodbye present – publishing Dan’s book without his knowledge – will be a big font of storylines. The season-long arc will propel Dan into a new world for which he may not be ready. “His maturation process is going to be sped up, because this is not a decision that he made for himself,” explains Safran. “When that happens…it is very much like a bullet from a gun that somebody else fired.” As the season opens, the young author will find himself “playing catch up and [wondering], ‘Where am I? Where am I?’” As for what the tell-all means for Dan and Blair’s friendship, Safran remains cryptic: “It affects things very much.”

DAIR TO CHAIR | After a fateful kiss, the show returned from a brief hiatus to have the Dan-Blair romance recede into the background. So what gives? Safran says the writers knew from early Season 1 – Episode 4, to be precise – that the two “were going to have a connection that was surprising to both of them, and was based on a shared emotional life.” Safran maintains “that storyline” — the impact of that connection on both Dan and Blair’s lives – “in whatever form, is continuing.” He singles out the final scene between Dan and Blair in the Season 4 finale, in which it appeared that Dan wasn’t quite over Blair, as “a very conscious and consciously placed piece.” Meanwhile, Chuck is in Los Angeles when the season kicks off, but Safran assures that he and Blair are always going to have stories together. “We have not abandoned Chuck and Blair by any stretch of the imagination,” he adds. “But that doesn’t mean it’s always going to be Chair or Dair or Lair or whatever nickname people want to give that.”

A NEW SERENA | Brace yourself for a shock. “Serena is lost no more,” reveals Safran. The flighty blonde will find her purpose in Los Angeles, which provides the backdrop for her new life in the season’s first two episodes. “She has taken the job that was offered to her at the end of last season, and we see just exactly how that has panned out for her,” teases Safran, adding that “Serena’s goals come very clearly into focus.”

GOSSIP GIRL, MEET PAYNE | The introduction of Elizabeth Hurley’s strong, savvy businesswoman Diana Payne will mean big things for Gossip Girl herself. But an unmasking of the all-knowing blogger is not in the cards. Rather, the show will be exploring “the role that Gossip Girl plays in our world,” says Safran. Diana, who’s also taking a look at the site, “sees the potential in an untapped market of these young twentysomethings that she believes could be exploited better,” explains Safran. So how does one take advantage of that demo? Lure them over to your side, of course! “She really takes it upon herself to avail herself of our cast and get them to come work for her.”

Which of Safran’s plans for Season 5 of Gossip Girl excites you most? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. ThereasonsY says:

    The plan that excites me the most? When they flash forward 5 years because these guys look too old to be playing characters that are not even 21 and yet CEO’s of major companies.

      • priya says:

        I dont understand why no one wants dan and blair to be together. I love that there so different and opposites always attract. Chuck has screwed up so many times so why should blair take him back. Dan is a perfect gentleman and he would never hurt blair. Chuck has messed blair and serena has done the same to dan. Their perfect and their relationship would be unpredictable chair are just BORING.

        • lola says:

          Don’t worry, TONS of people LOVE dan and blair and definitely do want them together. i think its become about half the fan base. and yup chair was a twisted unhealthy relationship that has gotten so repetitive its ridiculous. it reminds me of ron and sammie from jersey shore. YUCK.

        • Asha says:

          My issue with Dan and Blair is that Dan is so judgemental of her lifestyle, of who she is when she isn’t with just him. He is such a douchecanoe. I kind of want Blair with the prince because I think she would be legit happy with him. I just really hate Dan and think Blair can do so much better that Mr. Judgy Judgerson.

    • tina says:

      It has to be Dair!!! Chuck and Blair had an unhealthy relationship. They hurt each other too many times. Dan is just the kind of guy Blair needs. He’s a total sweetheart and cares for her very much.

  2. Patty says:

    I am excited to see how the wedding falls apart. I absolutely want to see Chair be the story again. I am so tried of the will they/won’t they.
    I don’t care about Dan or his book. I am sad that he didn’t mention Nate!!

    • Steph says:

      I look forward to Chair not Dair. It sunk ratings and Chair is the ONLY goos thing on the show.

      • Maggie says:

        I’m with you there. Chuck and Blair make this show what it is. If they continue to be the story , like Safran just said, then I’m fine. If not I can occupy my self with other shows.

        • Alice says:

          I want to know if Blair is having Chuck’s baby and why is Blair turning into Serena with all these men? I kinda’ down’t like that. She and Chuck love each other and they should totally stick with that story.

          I don’t care about boring Dan Humphrey anymore.

          • Nenia says:

            No she isn’t.

          • Jenna says:

            I think Blair is the pregnant one too and I think she’s turning into Serena too. All these men clammering around her and her life revolving around them?At least I have hopes for Chuck and Serena growing this season while Blair is stuck with men surrounding her. Also, Chuck and Blair better stay the story because that’s what most of the audience likes. Sorry, but Dair was a load of failure and I can’t believe they’re still writing that trash.

          • kelly says:

            This says it all to me – but Safran assures that he and Blair are always going to have stories together. “We have not abandoned Chuck and Blair by any stretch of the imagination,” Blair and Chuck, that pairing, really make this show enjoyable and are the OTP.

          • yeahbaby says:

            No blairs pregnant with the princes baby…which makes me so sad! I love chuck and blair and chuck finally FEELS and he starts crying :'( i love chuck

        • Megan says:

          I think Chuck and Blair are endgame but the “Journey” for Blair and Chair fans right now doesn’t look too exciting and I’m a little annoying that they haven’t really touched much on Serena’s storyline at all. I’m not interested in Dan’s obsession with Blair, it’s actually a little creepy to me after he supposidly loved Serena.

          Bottom line- When Chair is back and is the story again, then I’ll watch GG.

          • Lisa L says:

            The whole “journey” thing they need to work on. It’s very obvious Chuck and Blair are made for each other. Clear as a bright sunny day but all these obstacle (like the Prince and Dan) don’t make it fun at all. It makes Blair look wish-washy. I don’t like that and then they need to have Chuck growing. Where is that here?

            I just don’t care about Humpty Dumpty and hope he has a great fall…off the Brooklyn Bridge.

          • Angie says:

            Blair’s pregnant with Chuck’s baby and Dan is lusting after her? Gross! Go away Humphrey, no one cares about you! What is Chuck doing while Blair is getting married? What about Nate?

          • Karen says:

            I’m sure Dan is “lusting” after her because there probably is no baby.

            I’m going to love seeing Blair happy with Louis, and even happier when/if the writers start a Dair romance.

        • Crista says:

          I think alot of people feel that way right now. I just want to see Chuck and Blair rebuilt their relationship, not have ten million pairings thrown in before they do.

          • natialie says:

            If you want to ruin Gossip Girl then go ahead and do Dair. If you want us to actually tune in, then Chuck and Blair are what we’ve been wanting.

          • Karen says:

            Dair can’t ruin GG anymore than Chair has the last couple seasons; mainly Chuck.

            And for any replies coming back with no Dair and Dan did, No they didn’t.

          • ellaine says:

            i love chuck and blair , please let this love grow and bloom again .

      • Leslie says:

        No kidding! I hate Dair and turned off the tube when that started happening. If I have to suffer with that- forget it!

        Best part of the interview, Chuck and Blair’s stories will always be together. Chair, people, is all I like this show for.

      • MSC says:

        I really don’t care for Dan and Blair interactions at all. It could work as friends but the romance they tried to push last year just didn’t cut it for me at all. I watch for Serena, Chuck, and Blair. Those are the interesting more flawed characters on the show and that’s who I gravitate story wise to. I do hope Blair and Chuck are the focused couple because I just don’t see how Blair could love 2 other guys this season- it makes her look terrible and worse than Serena.

        • Nessa says:

          Blair being in love with 3 guys in one season would be ,well, Serena-like, I must say. I like Blair and don’t want to see her like that. Her heart should remain true with Chuck ,like it always has. That is the journey we want, not Blair and her harem of men.

          • Gia says:

            It’s so Serena like! I think they switched shoes last season because they are switching places now. Not really into that as a Blair fan. Sigh, I would much rather watch Blair and Chuck’s will they or won’t they than Dan stalking her. He’s just so dreadfully dull.

      • Leah says:

        There are about 200 teenagers who want Chair and are really loud about it, but most fans and critics and probably the writers themselves want to see Dan and Blair as they are TV gold- Well written, witty, intelligent and fresh.
        People shouting out that Blair should always love Chuck and no one else and should have his baby at 21 need to grow up. Its pathetic.
        When they do grow up they’ll realise how crap that ship was, but the reruns are forever…

        • Dianna says:

          Finally! Someone else with brains, I thought I was alone amongst these 12 year old fan girls. Chair are stale, abusive, reek of bad writing and quite frankly boring. Dan and Blair actually bring some development to the show.

          • Allie says:

            So… you guys are generalizing and insulting everyone who shares an opinion different from your own, and we’re the immature ones? Yeah, okay.

            A 28-year-old, happily-married Chair fan :)

          • Karen says:

            Allie if you really are a 28 year old married women who doesn’t spam ,shout, or demand Chair then your the exception. Majority of the Chair fans online have shown to be pre-teen annd immature IMO.

        • Lisa says:

          Go to twitter, go to facebook, go to tumblr. There are lot more posts about Chuck and Chair than Dan or Dair. It’s not that hard to see.

          • Karen says:

            Well Chair has had 4 seasons to create a fanbase. Dair actually only has a small story arc and have created a pretty big fanbase without a real kiss. The writers love that!!

          • eurie says:

            Exactly! High school parties get tweeted and tumblred, not social functions attended by grown-ups. Not that Gossip Girl targeted grown-ups originally, but as it is a true visual pleasure, many have started watching when possible. So, yeah, from the Chair supporters’ behaviour it is not unsafe or illogical to assume they are mostly working class, pubescent imbeciles. Or, grown up women who have not matured romantically or socially. No personal offence to anyone intended, just sociological impressions.

        • Captain says:

          I like Chair for what it was in season 1 but Dair is the pairing I’m most excited to see. The writers ruined Chair. They’re the most screwed up pairing on television. From the mind games to the lies to the abuse to the TRADING YOUR GIRLFRIEND FOR A HOTEL! The saddest part is that these fangirls see this relationship and think “All that is okay as long as your boyfriend is pretty and rich and loves you.”

          • hmm says:

            I doubt you ever were a chair fan, but oh well. And oh, I am sure a lot of people didn’t care about Dan and Blair watching their boring movies together.

          • Karen says:

            Of course a lot of people cared about Dan and Blair watching movies. That’s why they have a fanbase.

            I LOL at Chair fans doubting former Chair fans who like Dair or Blouis. The fact that Chuck sold Blair for a hotel, slept with her enemy, declared war on her, and attacked her isn’t reason enough for a Chair fan to say no more.

            I doubt that you like Blair at all and only care about Chuck and ED. See what I did there.

          • hellostranger says:

            Honestly, I think the whole problem is Serena. I loved Dan because I liked Penn Badgley, but Dan would be such a puppy dog for Serena, I started to not care about his stories. And then came Dair. What a lively Dan I saw, what a great character he turned out to be. Say what you want, I think their chemistry is amazing, they have that sort of bickering all couples in old movies started off with. But they got to be friends and, lo and behold, they have a great deal in common. Not to mention they are probably the smartest people on the show. Blair is always great, I have no complaints, but Serena is just like Marissa in The OC. Pretty, boring and annoying, but a necessary evil. I’m ready to hate her again and to cheer for Dair. I think Blair loves Chuck, sees a sort of fantasy in Louis and hasn’t really caught on to the potential attraction for Dan. There was a time I loved Chair, but it’s getting exausting, just be together or don’t. I feel like season 3 and 4 were so dramatic with their interactions, I honestly want to see Blair smiling more, like she did with Dan. In a weird, unexpected way, for me, they do complete each other. And while I think that Blair will be with Louis for a while and always have a soft spot for Chuck, I’m hopeful that Dan will be the one she chooses in the end.

        • Pranjal says:

          If the writers really want to show each character growing, then Dair is the way ahead for them. Their interactions were the most fun that I had on the show for the past two seasons.
          And yes, Dair fans are so much more mature. Comments such as – “Blair’s pregnant with Chuck’s baby and Dan is lusting after her? Gross! Go away Humphrey, no one cares about you”., “I just don’t care about Humpty Dumpty and hope he has a great fall…off the Brooklyn Bridge.” show the chair fans apparent idiocy.They forget that this is GG, not The Chuck and Blair domestic drama !!!!
          And Dan Humphrey is a better fit( read common goals, likes and dislikes) than Chuck( Blair herself said that they bonded over burlesque!)
          The Chair charm is in their once explosive physical relationship, which has really just petered out into uncomfortable scenes.
          The writers would become legends if they made Dair the endgame, not listening to rabid fans but doing what’s best for the story. It did work for Cuse and Lindelof !!

        • Lola says:

          OMG THANK YOU! someone else who has a brain! you are so write. critics, reviews and writers have all praised Dair for exactly what you said, being witty fresh and well crafted. 4 seasons have led to this huge chair fan base but a small story arc for Dair has led to an equally charged and large fan base. imagine if we had had 4 seasons of Dair. anyways i hope the writers don’t sell out to the grievances of 12 year old fangirls who probably also enjoy ronnie and sammie from jersey shore . they should keep their writing intelligent and stick with dair.

    • Mel says:

      We care only for Chair!

      • Leah says:

        Speak for yourself you 12 year old brat.

        • Bellemme says:

          And here we have the Dan/ Blair fan:
          “Speak for yourself you 12 year old brat.”
          Abusive, demeaning, and insulting – to real life people.
          People are allowed to have preferences and opinions, so don’t stop the poster from voicing theirs. You have a lot of growing up to do!
          A Mother of 2/ Chair Fan.

      • Mads says:

        More like “we care only for abusive relationships!” Cute. At least Dan hasn’t paraded around declaring his love for everyone under the sun. No one likes Chuck’s character anymore. Not even Ed Westwick.

        • Liz says:

          I know I can see it in his acting. He understands that Chuck has just become a shade of a character. He is so full of emotion that he connives and claws his way without consideration for others.

          There is no way the writers can bring him up from that. I honestly think he has some serious Mommy issues that he directs toward Blair. His unhealthy obsession with her and sex really needs to be reigned in. It so unappealing.

        • LMAO says:

          Mads, go to twitter, facebook, tumbler and you are gonna see a lot of people that love Chuck Bass. he is a lot more popular than Dan, only if you are dumb you can’t see it. Go to the gg’s facebook page. A lot of comments about Chuck and not so many about Dan. It’s kind of funny how Dan/DB fans make up stuff. You guys could at least try to be a little smarter because even a 5 yeard old can see Chuck is a popular and a very well loved character.

          • Lee says:

            Its not about popularity, it’s about quality.
            Justin Bieber is popular and he’s crap.
            Just because a lot of people are satisfied by mediocrity doesn’t mean we should all compromise. Some of us have standards and want some intelligent story lines and character development.
            Chair belong to S1+2. Time to upgrade and move on.
            Join the revolution. Say NO to mediocrity.

          • Hmm says:

            DB is not good television to me. They bored me. I agree about Justin Bieber but still, a lot of people love him. I won’t deny it or make fun of the people who likes him just because I don’t. We all have different opinions, we are not gonna like the same thing.What is good to you may not be good to me and vice-versa. It doesn’t mean you have standards and I don’t. DB wasn’t an intelligent SL to me because it took away what gg was supposed to be IMO. I felt like DB were in their own AU arc. It made no sense.

          • Karen says:

            But Hmm… Your screaming your opinion that Dair is boring, so people are screaming their opinion that Chair is over. You told someone that they never really were a Chair fan because they now want Dair in another post. So aren’t you making assumptions like people who assume that Chair fans are pre-teens (I’m one of those people by the way). Sounds like some Chair fans like to give a lot of tit but hate the tat.

          • Karen says:

            LMAO….Chuck/ED is popular because pre teens lust after him and they attack and scream from the roof tops. He’s also popular because he’s done the most crap and some fans love to hate him (I just really dislike him).

            If I’m dumb then your dumber ;)

    • Carly says:

      I feel exactly the same. I want to see Chuck and Blair rebuilt in Season 5. I’m tired of being jerked around. I’m even more tired of Chuck getting trashed by the writers for drama. It doesn’t make me root for Blair to move on. It makes me hate the guys the writers are obviously trying to pimp her with – lame Humpty Dumpty and the boring Prince. I used to like Dan until last season. Now I hate him. Word to the writers: Making Chuck look bad doesn’t make Dan look.

      • melissa says:

        Word! Redeem Chuck and focus back on what we care about- Chuck and Blair.

      • Karen says:

        LOL…Chuck Bass was bad before he and Dan even shared air on screen. Chuck Bass attempted to Rape two women at the begining of the series. Dan is a good character with flaws who makes mistakes and learns from them. Chuck is a jerk who uses is daddy and mommy issues to excuse his horrible acts against people.

        All the Dan hate comes from the fact that he’s a main character who is in the position to have a real romantic relationship with Blair and that pisses of Chair fans. Notice Chairs fans aren’t screaming for Louis to die because they know he’s a guest star… not so Dan lol

        I’m a Blair/Dair fan and No, I will not jump off a cliff by the sea Chair fanatics lol

        • Frannie says:

          The Dan Hate comes from the fact he’s a Gary Stu (Male Mary Sue) character that every UES character is forced to acknowledge is awesome at some point. Yet he’s hypocritical and judgmental while emotionally cheating on all of his girlfriends and in general not being the saint he’s written to be.
          Plus Dan is a boring hipster douchebag character.
          People have been hating on him since S1. The writers have trashed Chuck so thoroughly to prop Dan that suddenly there are about 50 die hard Dan lovers on the internet that never existed before that hope he can “save” Blair from Chuck. Dan Hate is not a new phenomenom at all.

          Chuck was bad in the pilot but quickly developed into a multi-dimensional character after that. If he was as so awful the whole series then he never would’ve taken off in popularity the way he has. Just be honest. The writers trashed Chuck to prop Dan. They did the same to Nate in S3 (made him apologize to St Dan after Dan kissed his girlfriend) and in S4 (made Nate look like the jerk that didn’t believe in Serena while St Daniel was the only one that did.)

          Your revisionism of show history is kind of scary.

          • Annika says:

            THANK YOU! I’ve hated Dan for a long time. Long before the writers decided to do Dan and Blair. But ngl, my hate for him went up more in S4 when it became obvious the writers screwed Chuck and Blair over with the indecent proposal storyline in S3 just so they could have fun playing with Dan and Blair. Genius move. Mortally wound your one consistently popular storyline that’s uniquely associated with your series (as well as your breakout couple) just so you can do a re-tread of every lame teen romantic comedy couple ever written. Smart. Really smart.

            If people remember Gossip Girl years later it won’t be because of Dan Humphrey or this completely derivative Dan and Blair fauxmance. It’ll be because of the larger than life UES characters like Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass and their ridiculously epic completely unrealistic romance. The writers need to embrace what made Gossip Girl unique and appealing to people in the first place. It wasn’t the mundane realism of Brooklyn and stock WB characters like Dan. It was the the hyper reality of the UES and the characters that define it like Chuck the teenage billionaire, Blair the UES Queen, Serena the Golden Girl and Paparrazi target and even Nate the ambivalent UES Prince. Dan needs to be reacting to them, not bringing them down to his ordinariness (like Blair washing dishes)

            Let the people who love Dan and Blair find another bantering teen couple to watch on TV. There are plenty out there for them to choose from. Go back to the features that made the show appealing in the first place.

          • Karen says:

            Your Chair colored glasses are bright as well. I’ve made no revision of the show. I agree some people disliked Dan in early seasons, but the current hate only has to do with the fact that he’s now a contender for Blair and there are Dair fans. Dan makes mistakes and learns from them and Chuck does not. Daddy issues are always in full glore with him. Chucks a douche all on his own with Dans help. Only difference is you was a funny douche in season one. Now he’s a whiny boy in a mans body blaming everyone but himself for his issues. He should just grow some and move on.

            I don’t need to find another teen show to watch, because Dair are adults on GG with writers who are doing a good job building their relationship. So I’ll stick around and see where they go with it. But if your such a Chair fan you can always go watch “What’s love gotta to with it” for a similar relationship. See what I did there.

          • Karen says:

            *Chucks a douche on his own without Dans help.

            By the way Chair fanatics I’m sure you’ll be coming to defend all things Chair after you gathering. So please enjoy, I’m calling it a night.

            DAIR and Blair with anyone but Chuck FTW :)

          • LL says:

            Dan haters are people who are middle class just like him but act like he is inferior to upper east siders. Do you think you’re inferior to upper east siders too??
            The show makes fun of the whole UES/Brooklyn divide and is not to be taken too seriously. Its all fun in the end and people can date who they please.
            Dan was a bit lame in the beginning admittedly, and Chuck was a great dandy character- quirky, naughty and hilarious BUT seasons went on and Chuck is now a boring monotone suit with a lot of ridiculous issues and Dan is actually fun, sexy and witty and a good guy.
            I know people who used to be cool and are now idiots and the other way round. Its ok to not have liked a character once and like him now and its ok for the writers to lead characters in these directions if they want to.
            If you think the writers made Chuck look bad to prop up Dan, well they must be good cause they succeeded. Hooray for the writers.
            Now lets see more Dan and Blair please because the writers did a good job getting us interested in them!
            Well done to the writers!!

        • Bellemme says:

          This is not your personal forum to post against every single pro-Chair comment. It is people like you who give normal Dan/ Blair fans a bad reputation. I think your 20 or so posts on the 1st page have left us in no doubt who you prefer. No one is trying to convert you, so please show everyone else the same respect.

    • Allie says:

      I know! Nate’s supposed to be a main cast member, and he doesn’t even get mentioned? CB are my favorite characters, but I love me some Nate too.

      • Dave says:

        I know, right? They neglect Nate so much it’s absurd. I was hoping there would be more of him this season but now I don’t know what to expect.

    • KK Lex says:

      I want more Nate too. He is part of the cast still, right? Go away Dan Humphrey! You annoy me! Good to see Chuck and Blair story continues, but I agree with others- why are you having Blair be Serena? Look at the title here- “Blair and her men”. Really? Blair has no goals except men?

      • Karen says:

        Dan doesn’t need to go anywhere!! He’s very much loved my the GA ;) Nate just needs better stories and that’s the writers job.

        At least he’ll have a guest star and Ivy to keep him on screen.

    • Abby says:

      Silly writers, when will you learn: Chuck and Blair make this show and kept it afloat. Write for them, not boring, listless pairing we don’t watch.

    • CarrieB says:

      Annoyed by the title-” Blair and her Men” Is that all Blair has turned into now? A woman who needs a million men around her? I’m not really looking forward to the show right now. I just would like to have Chuck and Blair being the focus, not Dan’s weird obsession with every woman he talks to, not Blair loving everyone (cough Serena cough), and where is Nate? Where is Chuck’s story? I’ll find something else to watch. Thnx

  3. Tamsyn says:

    I’m excited to see where the Dair storyline goes. I’m glad that I was not the only one who’s been wanting to see these to interacting since season 1.
    I don’t understand how we’re supposed to enjoy the Blouis wedding storyline though. I think that Blair cheating on him so early makes the relationship a huge unrootworthy joke.

    • Raksha says:

      I am a complete Dair lover too!!!!!!!!!

    • Manu says:

      Yes, I totally agree. They cannot possible make that story believable, EVER, when it’s so obvious that B doesn’t really love HIM, but the fairytale idea he represents. And ewww, let’s not bring up SEAT on SEATS because that was horrible enough the first time!

      Just give me Dair, properly done and in large quantities, and I’ll be happy!

      • Steph says:

        I won’t be happy. Chair are the thing everyone likes. Not Dair.Look at ratings- it’s clear.

        • Nenia says:

          Ha! can you please look at the ratings of three finale episodes Chuck centric, also Chuck centric was episodes from 4×12-4×17
          So just shut up about it. Dair centric episode (4×11) was the season high.

          • Steph says:

            Then it tanked every one after that stupid. We saw it and hated it.And those were all Dair ones, you fool.

          • uhavenoclue says:

            Actually the DB kiss episode had the lowest ratings/demos so Ha to you, Sweetie.

          • ok says:

            Before 4X11 the episodes were full of CB (4X05, 4X06, 4X07, 4X08, 4X09). People were interested. The ratings were great and stable. But after the DB’s arc started (4×11), it’s when they started dropping. Not so hard to see what happened, is it?

          • Karen says:

            Blah, blah, blah about Dair killing ratings. That’s a lie!! And as I’ve said the writers know they didn’t kill any ratings. They know why they started the hiatus with the kiss. That bump in viewers for the episode back did it’s job. That’s why Dan still has feelings for Blair and why their mentioned for season 5.

          • Lilian says:

            Yeah exactly CB may have been popular at the early part of season 4, but tons of fans converted to Dair, and their crappy ratings for the finale and shattered bass and the epic!~ loving glass punch episode show that CB can no longer save the show.Also the db kiss didn’t have the lowest demos (not sure where you got that from) also that kiss epiosde was number 1 on itunes. The lowest rated episode of the season was 4×20- chair haeavy and Dair non existent. So people can say what they want but the facts still stand, The lowest rated episode of the season was a chair one, and the highest (the townie) was a dair centric one. fin.

            Anyway it’s not like ratings matter, it’s gossip girl, it doesn’t have great ratings anyway. The writers will do whatever they want, so tweeting the writers that dair tank ratings like some fans of a certain ship do, is totally redundant.

        • Manu says:

          What makes you think I care about your happiness? :S

      • Tracy says:

        These writers are dumb if they think we’re going to watch Dair. Who cares about Dair, they’re really horrid , and the Prince? Yikes, Blair’s story is such a train wreck. Welcome to Serena 2.0. Not pretty. They do need to rebuild Chair and redeem Chuck to have the audience care again. GG lacked heart the second half of last season and it’s not being repeated with the same set of characters. Learn something GG.

        • Karen says:

          Well Tracy, myself and many fans will be happy to watch Dair :) So the writers aren’t too dumb after all.

        • Manu says:

          Horrid? Pfft, says the SEAT fan…
          Chuck can’t be redeemed, so dream on.

          Lacked heart? ARE YOU JOKING? Everyone swooned over how realistic and adorable and perfect Dair were, you may not have seen it, but THEY put the heart to it. Chuck put some glass on Blair’s cheek, but I guess that doesn’t count as heart…

      • Celia says:

        Dair fans are weird. It’s obvious Blair will always love Chuck. That is the story and ,hey, she’s pregnant with his kid! You guys really do see through some other set of glasses don’t you?

        • Karen says:

          Dair fans are no weirder that Chair fans who blame Blair for “Going up there” or not moving out of the way when Chuck punched glass.

          Of course she’ll always love Chuck, like she’ll always love Nate. I’m hoping that she falls in love with Dan :)

        • Lee says:

          Celia. Honestly. How can it be obvious that Blair will always love Chuck? They are fictional characters- nothing is obvious!
          And-“hey, she’s pregnant with his kid!” Say what??? You think I see through another set of glasses??
          Why don’t you watch GG on Sep.26th, see what really happens and then go cry in the corner.

        • Manu says:

          She’s pregnant… really, who told you that, Chuck?

          Uhm, maybe I could see through the Empire glass- oh, wait, I can’t, since it was broken to pieces by Chuckles and it landed on Blair’s cheek…

      • Sam says:

        Dan and Blair are by far the most interesting. I can’t understand how some people want to see even more chair?? SO BORING.

        • Manu says:

          Everything that involved Chuck this past season was sleep-inducing. Nate doesn’t have a storyline anymore, Serena’s guy of the week got old in season 2. They make the show, everything else is blah.

  4. E says:

    So excited to hear that Dair is not over and to hear him backing off from all the endgame talk!

    • Nancy says:

      He didn’t back off endgame. “Chair will always have stories together”- That’ snot hard to figure out here. Chair are endgame.

      • Sam says:

        Admit it. You don’t actually know Chair will be endgame. You are not the writers. they can do whatever they like!
        Its one thing to say- ‘I want them to be endgame’ but a whole other thing to say- ‘They WILL be endgame’. I mean, who the F*ck are you to be so presumptuous??
        I love Dair but I’m not going to just declare they are endgame because I don’t know, like everyone on this site.
        Repeat after me- WE DON’T KNOW!!

        • Veronica says:

          Ahem… just because *you* don’t know, doesn’t mean nobody else here does. This may come as a surprise, but there are actually people with inside info.

          • Jenny says:

            Then I guess I won’t be tuning in for the premiere….

          • Karen says:

            LOL… So there’s people with “inside” info that know what will be written for the last episode of season 5 or season 6 (if there is one) before even the writers. That’s talent right there; do they wear tin foil hats.

          • LL says:


            Seriously the dumbest comment here so far. well, almost.
            You expect me to believe that some random people here have inside info into something the writers haven’t even written yet??
            Hi five to you Karen, well said :)

    • Janet says:

      Endgame is Chuck and Blair- they will always be in stories together is clear and guess who is filming right now? Chuck and Blair!

  5. Helia says:


  6. Kimmie says:

    Yay for DAIR!!

  7. bluebaby1219 says:

    Elizabeth Hurley’s character is mentioned as well as Dan, Blair, Serena and Chuck yet Nate, a member of the core five isn’t? I thought Nate would have a good story line this season.

  8. Ivan says:

    What about the pregnancy?

  9. Liz says:

    I love that they haven’t abandoned Chuck and Blair. I hope that they resolve their issues in season 5 and get back together. It’s been long overdue.

  10. Brooke says:

    Really really want chair in gossip girl! It would be sad for us chair fans for Blair to go with the prince. And get rid if dair! It’s nonsense, it’s a boring storyline. Bring chair back, bring the old Blair back.

    • Karen says:

      Old Blair didn’t go anywhere, she just GREW UP like she’s suppose to. She’s not in High School anymore. How about you ask the writers to cut down of Chuck never ending daddy issues. Oh, and Dair is plenty of sense, plenty.

  11. bluebaby1219 says:

    Oh I forgot. DAIR FTW!!!

  12. Sandra says:

    Great interview! Definitely makes me intrigued and excited for next season! Oh I’ll add that ““We have not abandoned Chuck and Blair by any stretch of the imagination,” he adds” definitely warmed-up my Chair-shipper heart :) But, I’m ok for GG to move away a bit away from romances and maybe focus a bit more on the individuals, friendships and family? They’re just as important!

  13. Prinnie says:

    Excited that Chair lives on. I just want to see a long Chair based reunion storyline. Excited for Serena’s story!
    One question, What about Nate?????
    Less Dan and more Nate would make this viewer thrilled.

  14. Ashley says:

    Stop trying to make Dan happen. It’s Gossip Bore central when it comes to him. WTF, where’s Nate? Is he suddenly not important or part of the main cast anymore? And please, no Dair- give me my Chair. You tried to destroy them for your own plotting, contrived reasons, now fix them and get them back together. Enough already!

    • Mel says:

      Yeah, I don’t care about Dan or Dair. The NJBC and Chair make the show tick, not dull Dan.

    • Laura says:

      Dan really makes this show bad with his stories. The NJBC are awesome, though it’s too bad Dan infects them. Chair people, CHAIR!

      • yeah says:

        Seriously, what is this with all this Dan pimping? The show would be a lot better if it was focused on the N-JBC

        • Karen says:

          LOL… I hope the writers give Dan one of the best story arc next season, along with Blair, Serena, and Nate. Chuck can fade to the background for all I care even though that’s not likely to happen. Even better if the writers end the season with Dair in full swing.

          • Wes says:

            The NJBC haven’t been relevant for seasons, seriously when was the last time just the 4 of them only had a scene together? Can’t remember? Yeah neither can I.

  15. Dee says:

    Just here for the CHAIR! So glad they are still connected! now can’t wait for that build and reunion! It’s what I want to seen most and baby Bass of course

  16. Patty says:

    And sorry not sure why Josh is saying it can’t be Lair all the time. Blair/Lily scenes are always epic! LOL

  17. yonniilita says:

    CHAIR!! omg this is not good news for me, iwant chair not dair. sorry dair fans but dair can only be friends in my opinion :P
    all hail CHAIR <3

    ps i hate louis :(

  18. Emma says:

    Damn! Dare to DAIR! Dan and Blair is the best thing that has ever happened to this show, they need to get together. Come on.

  19. Alina says:

    Who cares about boring Dan’s boring book! STOP PİMPİNG THAT LAME HUMPHREY! we are all tired of him and writers pushing him down our throats. Nate is A much more important character, he is a member of NJBC yet he seems nowhere insight! this article is all about moron DAN! URRGGHHH!!
    We want NJBC news not idiot Dan!

    • Katie says:

      And when i wanted to drop this show bc of Chair in season finale (who cares about Chuck with his boring SL?) and others nonsense, i saw this interview there’s Dair is not over. Safran you pure evil. Make Dair happen already! stop torturing us!

      • joanna says:

        Dair are terrible. Get over them. Most of us hate them and Chuck is her true love kiddies, get over it. She’s having his kid!

        • Ruvelie says:

          Yeah she’s not having the baby bass spawn. Even if she is pregnant it will be a miscarriage they are not going to saddle their lead female with a baby. I suggest you get over it.

          Most of us hate Dair? I think you mean most of you Chair fans hate Dair, it’s understandable because they are actually a real threat to your inane ship.

  20. D says:

    I’m so excited abt GG S5.. I have so much hope for the true love! not great nor right! but True! what I hope to see is the development of Dan character the most! I love the fact that he earns n fight (I hope) for his success by his own.. ups and downs.. And I love Blair too.. and tbh I love her character more when she’s with Dan…

  21. Joanna says:

    Best part of the interview: “We have not abandoned Chuck and Blair by any stretch of the imagination.” Good to know that they’re still the story! I’m very curious how the wedding will fall through. I hope we get that out of the way along with Dair because quite frankly both storylines bore me to death> Also, I’m very excited about Serena’s storyline:> Glad to know that she is no longer lost. Looking forward to powerful Serena and lots of Chuck and Blair interactions!

  22. MarieC says:

    Ok. I’m Happy about the Chair interactions ofc but what about Chuck SL? What is he going to do while blair have all those men at her feet? CB fans want REDEMPTION and GROWTH for Chuck!! After all the CRAP the writers have thrown at him last season it’s the least they can do! WE get it they LOOOVE “holy” Dan but it’s time they FIX Chuck. And I agree about the post above NATE is also a part of the cast.

  23. Lisa says:

    Would have loved to hear more about Chuck’s storyline (and Nate why wasn’t he mentioned?) I don’t really care about BLouis or anything Dan related but I loved hearing that Serena is finding her way.
    Fave part of the whole thing was this though “We have not abandoned Chuck and Blair by any stretch of the imagination,” – so I hope that means we are getting a lot of Chuck and Blair scenes with great growth, redemption and rebuild for them.

    • Bonnie says:

      I hope we’re getting Chuck and Blair too because the rest just aren’t that interesting. I started watching for Chuck and Blair, not sexual musical chairs for the whole cast.

  24. Lauren says:

    Dair FTW!

  25. Manu says:

    They better do the Inside storyline right, I have great expectations for it!

    And same with Dair… Four seasons we waited, they just gotta happen!

  26. Daniela says:


  27. Christin says:

    Yay Dair is not over. I don’t care about Chuck as long as he far away from Blair i’m fine with it.

  28. Nancy says:


    I can’t wait to for Chuck & Blair’s stoyline. Enough with Boring Dan give us more Nate!!!

  29. Emily says:

    I’m so glad to hear they haven’t abandoned CB, because I’ve been waiting for them to get it together for four years now, haha.

    As for Serena? I’m SUPER excited that she’s found her focus. Love that girl and can’t wait to see what she’s come up with and how LA treats her.

    Why is Nate’s great story line all about a guest star? I’m not okay with that…

  30. Will says:

    I think it is interesting that there was no mention of “Cousin Charlie.” In the season finale, “Charlie” looked as if she was going to return to NYC. Will she not appear in the upcoming season? Did they drop that storyline? I have to say after a frustrating season that this interview has me cautiously optimistic about the upcoming one.

    As much as I love Chair, Dair was a brilliant and natural combination due to their similar interest in art and literature. Dan and Blair are the smart ones on the show. That’s not to say they should be together, but I can see them being drawn to each other for that reason.

  31. Cathleen says:

    Very excited for more Chair next season. They are my favorite characters. I was worried they were being abandoned with the dull Dan/Blair nonsense last season. My fingers are crossed that Blair is pregnant with Chuck’s baby. I also want to see Chuck redeemed this season. Lastly, I’m happy Serena has some purpose next season
    Finally: What about Nate? The writers need to drop the focus on boring Dan Humpty and give Nate a storyline

  32. Sharon says:

    I’m so happy Serena seems to be getting her act together and isn’t floating from man to man! She’s my favorite character and I’ve been wanting to see some growth for her. Thank you!
    I’m not a Chuck and Blair fan but I hope the Gossip Girl writers keep Dan and Blair platonic. They are sort of cute as friends but that long series of episodes of build up almost killed the show for me. They should be bantering frenemies that just have a few scenes here and there. They are a terrible choice for a front burner romance let alone the core couple of the show. It stops being Gossip Girl and morphs into some second rate teen romance from the WB.

    • Lindsey says:

      Thank you for explaining why I don’t like Dan and Blair as a romance. It doesn’t feel like Gossip Girl. It feels like a different show. I was trying to figure out why I disliked them because like you I’m not a Chuck and Blair shipper. (Blair is my favorite character but Serenate is my couple.) I tuned out last season during their storyline out of disinterest. I have to admit though that I’m no Dan fan so that probably had something to do with it too. lol.

    • Tania says:

      I so agree! Nicely done!

    • Sheresse says:

      THANK YOU!

      The biggest problem with the Dan and Blair story is that the show stops being Gossip Girl. It didn’t feel the same to me either. But I’ll admit I’m a Chuck and Blair fan.

      I think Dan and Blair need to go back to being frenemies that have a few scenes every couple of episodes for comic relief. They can be very amusing. But exploring them as a couple completely ruined the show.

      • Nikki says:

        I disagree, infact i would say keeping Chair the core couple still five seasons on, turns the show into a sunset beach parody. Season one and two cb were fresh, season 3 they became dull, Blair turned into a stepford wife, season 4 again after a decent start for cb it became pathetic Blair was carrying cb while he was allowed to move on with eva, raina.

        As for the show not being gossip girl. Truth is the show isn’t gossip girl if it is just based on a couple who have passed their sell by date, aka CHAIR.

        If it was Gossip Girl it would be about the collission of two worlds of the UES and Brooklyn, about belonging, the inside and outsider status, the relationship between two best friends. Ideally a Nate/Blair/Serena triangle at the forefront like in the books would explore the major dynamics of the show. But I would also argue that a dan and blair romance would also epitomize the key themes the show. More so than keeping Chuck and Blair at the forefront, which lets face it brings forward mainly themes like Abuse, the hotel flesh trade, unhealthy love, which are interesting, but several seasons on not too much and they undermine what the show should really be about.

        Saying that I would be happy if Dair remain friends, I just do not want to go back to a Chuck Blair core couple relationship. It is tiresome and no it unfortunately should not be what gossip girl is still about now that the characters are in their 20s.

        • Olivia Plinei says:

          I don’t get how Dair being a couple would ruin the show, it is the only thing that has got any positive buzz last season.

          If anything the stale reuinions and back and forth of Chuck and Blair has ruined the show. So has the complete dissipation of the Character of Nate into a background character, and the bringing to the forefront the side character, who was enjoyable that was Chuck Bass and turning him into Chuck ”Mainpain” Bass head of Bass ”Snoozfest” industries. Chuck’s prominence and daddy issues have in my opinion directly paralleled the declining nature of gossip girl that occured from season 2 onwards.

  33. Reema says:

    I want Chuck Bass to be redeemed next season and support Blair. That’s the storyline I’m interested in. I also want to know if Blair is pregnant. Oh and is Nate ever going to get a storyline? Happy for Serena! The NJBC rules.

  34. Bonbona says:

    Dare to Dair !!

  35. Kally says:

    Love reading this. I hate the idea of Dair, ruins the characters tbh. But I love the sound of this interview! Fix the character’s issues individually, then give me Chair!!!!!!!! Thanks Josh and co!

    • Carly says:

      Yes. Fix the character issues and then give us Chair. We’ve had to deal with so much destruction to our couple. It’s time to redeem Chuck and rebuild their relationship. I also have no desire to see Dan and Blair have a romance. I watched all the episodes last season so I gave them a fair chance. But like someone said above, the Dan and Blair show just isn’t GG. I miss the Upper East Side type drama and parties. I miss Chuck’s crazy clothes. I miss Nate having a good storyline. This over focus on Dan is a terrible idea. All the Brooklyn characters have ended up sucking.

  36. Allie says:

    Finally an interview! I was starting to wonder if Josh Safran had been kidnapped.

    Well, they obviously aren’t going to abandon CB, but it’s always nice to have it reiterated. I’m looking forward to some storylines between them that aren’t necessarily the super heavy and dramatic ones they’ve been getting recently- although that seems like a challenge, given how much they love each other.

    I’m excited for Serena finally getting a purpose in life, and I think Dan’s book has the potential to stir up some really interesting drama. Dan and Blair as a romantic couple make me cringe, but I like them as friends… hope they stay that way. I have to ask, though, why no mention of Nate? Poor guy needs a storyline bad.

  37. Chrism33 says:

    I am kinda upset because I know that the producers and some of the writers really prefer Chair and will only use Dair as a means to get there. I wish they would just drop the senseless storyline that is Chair. It was good while it lasted for the first two seasons but now it just makes me cringe. I wish they would stop hurting Blair, in particular with this new Louis storyline. Seriously, who are they trying to kid? What point could they possibly want to make? We all know they are going to break up!!!!!!!!!! And no matter what happens, she will always end up crawling back to Chuck. I just wish that these tv producers and writers would shake things up FOR ONCE and give the ppl what they want, DAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

    Read more: http://www.tvfanatic.com/2011/09/gossip-girl-season-5-spoilers-the-new-serena-the-men-of-blair-wa/#ixzz1WiA7U4Hy

    • Kelly says:

      What did you expect? Dair don’t have the love from the audience that Chuck and Blair do. Check twitter and it’s obvious. People want Chair.

      • Leah says:

        There are about 200 teenagers who want Chair and are really loud about it, but most fans and critics and probably the writers themselves want to see Dan and Blair as they are TV gold- Well written, witty, intelligent and fresh.
        People shouting out that Blair should always love Chuck and no one else and should have his baby at 21 need to grow up. Its pathetic.
        When they do grow up they’ll realise how crap that ship was, but the reruns are forever…

        • Chrism33 says:

          My thoughts exactly.
          I could be wrong, but I think Chair fans, which I used to be one back in Season 2, really like the passion and hotness of Chuck and Blair. However, after they got together, they just ended up hurting each other. Seriously, they bring out the worst in one another. Not only does Chuck mentally, emotionally, (and now) physically abuse her, but Blair actually LIKES IT. Why else would she come back to someone like him? It really is cringe-worthy.
          Its sad because Blair really could do better.
          As a Dair fan, I actually ship her with ANYONE BUT CHUCK.

          They are “tied together” through this whole “fated” and “endgame” bull sh*t, but wouldn’t it be better if the writers just said “Screw that!” for once and did what was right?

  38. Meg says:

    I love that Dan’s book will be a season long arc, and that the DB relationship will continue and progress.

    Weird the pregnancy isn’t even mentioned tho. (but I’m glad, since who cares about that lame twist?)

    • Jenkins says:

      Why would they give away the biggest cliffhanger? That doesn’t make sense here. They want you to tune in for that. Dair irk me and have since it started. I think they are just not Gossip Girl at all, sorry. Chuck and Blair made me watch every week, so that’s what I’ll watch for.

    • Susan says:

      Lame twist? Hardly. It makes sense that they didn’t mention the pregnancy since it was the biggest cliffhanger they had. The cliffhanger that hardly anyone cares about is Dan’s boring book. I’m very interested in seeing who is pregnant and I know I’m not alone on that front.

      • meg says:

        Why are you attacking me for having an opinion that is different than yours? Geez, chillax. You watch the show for one thing, others watch it for different things, I don’t see how that should interfere with you in any way, I mean, I could care less what you watch GG for, and it doesn’t affect how I watch the show. Neither should you.

        In my post I’m merely pointing out the things I like in response to this interview and tvline. It’s not a personal response to you, unless you happen to think you’re somehow more entitled to the comment section more than others who read the interview and like GG and want to respond to the interview.

        • Diana L says:

          I think if you look at pictures of Chuck and Blair today, you’ll see Blair is looking a little pregnant. I’m excited for little Chuck or Little Blair. So cute!

          • Karen says:

            Saw the pics with Blair and she does not look pregnant. Side view shows her as flat as can be, but I do admit that animal print dress gave the illusion of a bump until you see the side view. For someone whose suppose to be at least 5 month pregnant she’s flat as a board.

        • Frannie says:

          LOL Who is attacking you? You said it was a lame twist no one cares about. She said it’s not lame and she cares alot about it. Take a chill pill. The victim complex of some of you guys is astounding.

      • Jo says:

        The fact that you are more interested in a gimmicky pregnancy stunt than a season long arc about the book and the author and all the consequences that follow, kinda tells me what you are like.
        Star magazine reader. Go learn something!

  39. Beth says:

    Me too! :)

  40. Bella says:

    I want to hear more on Chuck’s story line and more on what Chuck and Blair will be doing. Isn’t she pregnant with his kid? Is she hiding it?

  41. Jake says:

    I Love Dair! whether thats friendship or a relationship im fine just as long as they have scenes together. I Used to be hardcore Chair fan but the show has really ruined Chuck, i cant wait till they redeem him because if they dont he doesnt deserve a girl like Blair.

    • Dee says:

      I love when people say they were hardcore Chair fans and then say they ruined the show- laughable. No Dair made this show unbearable. I can’t stand D Hump and just need Chair, that’s all.

  42. Lindsey says:

    What about Serenate? Have they been totally abandoned? Is there any hope for the Golden Couple? What about Nate? I wish there was less Dan and more Nate. :(

  43. Courtney says:

    Dan and Blair! I’m just happy their story is continuing.

    • hallie says:

      Chair is all I care for

    • CBFan says:

      The happy story of them being friends and Blair not loving him? Sure, so that and then give me Chair loving!

    • Karen says:

      Courney, I’m with you about Dan and Blair. I can’t wait to see them interact and see where the relationship goes; and I’m pretty sure it will be romantic with Dan still having feelings for Blair. Looking forward to “still in love and war”.

  44. Lena says:

    Love the part about Chair.
    And I can’t wait to see Liz Hurley on the show, I love her.

  45. Susan says:

    Thank you so much for the interview. :) I just wish we’d gotten some news on the two storylines I’m most curious about. Chuck’s redemption and the pregnancy. I’m hoping Blair is pregnant and it factors into Chuck’s redemption.

  46. Brooke says:

    I really hate Blair with this love triangle thing. It`s like she`s turning into Serena! I hate it, bring Chair and the old Blair we love back! Blouis and Dair is awful. Dan`s a sad moron who`s as much use as a macdonalds chip, and Louis is a weird Prince who Blair met for 5 seconds! Chair is true love, because they know each other. The storyline sounds silly. Hope everything goes back to normal.

  47. Gigi says:

    What about Nate??? Still nothing for Serenate? Ugh, I thought we were going to have some serenate in S5 after I saw those set photos…

  48. Lil says:

    Perfect post! DB does not feel like GG at all.

    • Karen says:

      Dan and Blair feels just like GG to me. I can’t wait!!

      • Etta says:

        Well Dan and Blair sure feels like GG to me too. And Josh saying they have been thinking about them from 1×04 propells that idea.

        It is the fact that a strong and capable woman like Blair in season 1 who was able to keep Chuck on his toes and be happy without him and not be creepily dependent, begging him to take her back in the season 4 finale which doesn’t feel like the real Gossip Girl that it once was.