Fall TV Preview

New Glee Promo: Quinn's In the Pink, Finn Looks Blue, and Britt's Planning... Time Travel?

Hot on the heels of the first “We Got the Beat”/dodgeball promo for Glee Season 3, a new — and improved, at least in its luminous Quinn quotient — version has surfaced.

This time around, in addition to the New Directions kiddies ducking playground balls, you’ll spy the “new” Quinn’s new ‘do, get wind of a secret project Brittany apparently has been working on, see the pom-pom-shaking Cheerios out in full force (hallelujah!), and be treated to a “Wemma” liplock. Sound fun? Well, Sue herself invites you to “wet yourself with excitement.”

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Glee Going ‘Back to Basics,’ and More

Press PLAY below and tell us which part you enjoyed most.

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  1. scooterbeanbag says:

    A baby seal cries every time we have a Will & Emma scene.

    We lost Terri for this low-rent replacement?

  2. Russ says:

    If you pause it at 0:02 you can see Blaine dancing with the glee club!!!

  3. João Amaral says:

    God Quinn is hot.

  4. Layla says:

    Dianna even looks good with pink hair.

    • Matt says:

      It’d take a lot of effort to make that girl unappealing.

    • Ben says:

      Maybe so, but she looks a lot better without it. Ugh, must they go to such lengths to accurately depict the dumb decisions we make as teenagers? Really quinn… I hope you get over that phase soon.

      • Brooke says:

        Um, I have pink hair… Not as drastic as Quinn but you don’t have to bash her… Sorry, I just kind of took personal offense to that.

  5. Chris says:

    Notice Blaine performing with New Directions, yet again. (the purple outfits) I wonder if he will be transferring….

  6. Kristen says:

    Epic promo. Can’t wait for Season 3 to start!

  7. Liz says:

    Love Quinn she is so pretty without the pink but this gives her a bad ass edge. And yeah Will & Emmma. Terry was in insane and just awkward on the show! Can’t wait!

  8. Taylor says:

    Not sure what my favorite part of the promo was!!!
    Blaine performing with ND, Tina singing a solo (about time), Quinn’s pink hair (too bad it doesn’t last long), Brittany’s time travel quote, or Rachel’s and Mercedes’ faces during the food fight.

    • M says:

      Tina had solos in group numbers last season (Dog Days, Born this Way, Light up the World),it’s solo songs that last the entire song that she hasn’t had since season 1.

      • Octavia345 says:

        Also One Of Us, Sing – with Mike, a part in Time Warp, and some solos. Honestly Tina sang plenty last season, more than many characters. The problem is that she doesn’t have a developed storyline, not that she doesn’t sing.

      • Sharon says:

        Actually, Tina did not sing in Light up the world. In fact, Tina is the only ND member besides Lauren to not sing at any form of competition. I think that Tina is very unappreciated in Glee. Sure, she’s had some group solos but so far she has only had 1 (completed)solo.

      • Russ says:

        Tina is the most neglected glee clubber, but I feel Ryan Murphy has ‘apologized’ for not using her by making Tina a junior so she will be back for season 4.
        These are the songs Tina had been featured in:
        I Kissed A Girl (snippet)
        Tonight (snippet)
        True Colors (full solo)
        Bad Romance (a few solo lines)
        Getting To Know You (snippet)
        Sing! (shared with Mike Chang)
        Dog Days Are Over (shared with Mercedes)
        My Funny Valentine (started crying)
        I Follow River (booed off stage)
        Born This Way (a few solo lines)

        She deserves more!!!

        • pria says:

          That’s a lot! Wa more than Quinn at least.

          • Russ says:

            Theses are the song Quinn has been featured in:
            Say A Little Prayer (snippet)
            You Keep Me Hangin’ On (solo)
            Papa Don’t Preach (snippet kinda)
            It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World (solo)
            Lucky (shared with Sam)
            (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life (shared with Sam)
            I Feel Pretty/ Unpretty (shared with Rachel)
            I Don’t Wanna Know (shared with Finn)
            Okay so Tina has technically had more songs, but Quinn also had more storylines: Pregnancy, Baby daddy drama, and Sam drama while Tina has had like two fake stutter and Mike Chang

  9. jj says:

    Yay Wemma!!!! So excited!!! Best part of the promo!!!!

  10. Hannah says:



  11. Janet says:

    Best part of the promo is for sure the Wemma kiss, finally! :)

  12. Kylie says:

    OMG the Wemma kiss was perfect. I need to know how they got together but Im so glad they’re together.

  13. Amy says:

    Im so freaking stoked for season 3

    Wemma, Quinn’s new look, glitterbombed… what a flawless trailer.

  14. Jake says:

    I think Quinn/Dianna is stunning. She is the Grace Kelly of this generation at least IMO. I would love to hear her sing some Kim Wilde stuff…I think she could totally pull it off.

  15. Dee says:

    I agree completely! Love Will & April!!!!

  16. Mia says:

    Can’t wait for Quinn’s storyline. I hope they use that shot in the episode because she looks smoking hot.

  17. znachki says:

    FOOD FIGHT!!!!!

  18. Babygate says:

    I shouldn’t like Glee. I shouldn’t. I’m a grown up! But I love it! I can’t wait to see what Sue is up to. He,he…

  19. Faberry fan says:

    Quinn looks like a young, hott Cyndi Lauper! Here’s hoping that’s intentional and I’ll get my dream of Quinn covering my favorite song “Time After Time!”

  20. Lizzie says:

    Can’t wait! Just 3 more weeks. I actually LIKE Quinn’s new look and possibly new persona. I like to see actually character development. I saw Blaine at McKinnley, eh. . idk how I feel about this yet.

  21. Sara says:

    YAY for Will/Emma!!!

  22. kbooga says:

    I hope that if they make Quinn come back all funky they keep her that way, and it’s not a short faze. I think I will love her character more on this season then any other!!!

  23. Kenbud says:

    Hmmmm, Darren Criss is the very first glimpse of a performance (with Tina in front) …. wonder if this means he’s New Directions pretty quickly.

  24. Kylie says:

    Kind of sad how one person thinks they can get away with multiple accounts nice job anti Wemma fan.

    Here is an idea though don’t watch the show. Wemma are happening and Terri was USELESS in season two and you can’t debate that with me.

    They got rid of her for a reason aside from about to start the new direction for Will and Emma.

  25. Nicole says:


  26. KC says:

    Yay Wemma look so cute! Hopefully they stay together.

  27. Katie says:

    Hopefully this is the season for some Wemma lovin’!

  28. Jackie says:


  29. Lore says:

    Blaine is there!!! Blaine is in New Directions!!!

  30. Laura says:


  31. Ann says:

    Adorable WEMMA….best part of the promo!

  32. Samantha says:

    OMG WEMMA! WEMMA WEMMA WEMMA WEMMA!! All the haters can leave, cause Wemma is ON :)

  33. russ says:

    I not really a fan of Will. I love Emma though….

  34. Polly says:

    the best part of this promo was that it lasted only 31 seconds.
    this show has been killed off by the more than ugly season 2 (with the exception of a couple of episodes).
    i have serious doubts that it’ll grew back to season 1 glory.

  35. Nicole says:

    The best part of the promo is Will and Emma…we’re finally getting all that we have wanted and waited for. All the comments regarding Terri and April…please. Wemma have been the plan from the pilot. They were temporary roadblocks. No one has the chemistry that Will and Emma have which is amazing.

  36. Paige says:

    I thought Brittany and Santana quit the Cheerios……

  37. Colleen says:

    you just got glitter bombed!

  38. Faberritana says:

    Holy jamma lamma, Quinn looks smokin’ hot! Seriously, that smouldering look along with the ‘punk’ attire… Jeez! Also, I’m so happy that Blaine will be a New Directions member, but I’ll miss the Warblers :( P.S. WEMMA IS ENDGAME <3

  39. Anoymous says:

    U have just glitter bombed. I love tht one and the one with brittany

  40. Wellthatsawkward says:

    Best part of the promo? Blaine. I’m SERIOUSLY interested in why he’s performing with the Cheerios … Hopefully we get Kurt back into that uniform too. Gosh, I love them together so much.
    … Does anyone have an idea WHY Quinn’s hair is dyed?

    Ohh Wemma. They won’t last long, Will is such a man-slut. Crossing my fingers for Gwenyth Paltrow to return this season, they had chemistry.

  41. Gillian says:

    I would be more into the Will and Emma thing if the word “Wemma” wasn’t so annoying. Seriously, when you read the message boards, you get the impression everyone is talking to their precious wittle puppy.

  42. Wemmaforever says:


  43. Blah says:

    Why the hell is Blaine transfering to McKinley? Like seriously, what is the point of that? I’d rather him stay at Dalon. I’m probably the only one that feels this way. Everybody seems to love Blaine. -_-

  44. Madeline says:

    Quinn’s hair is so cool!

  45. Miaaa says:

    brittany’s – about the time machinee ! HAHAH