Exclusive First Look: Fringe World Is Shattered!

Any speculation that life (lives?) on Fox’s Fringe will never be the same is confirmed by the brand-new key art for Season 4 — and TVLine has your first look at the conversation-starting imagery.

Hot Fall TV Promo: Fringe‘s Olivia Has a Strange Feeling

As seen below, the Season 4 poster features series leads Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv and John Noble, their characters’ worlds seemingly “shattered” by the events of the May finale, in which Peter joined the two universes with a portal room, only to then cease to exist. Oh and hey, there’s also a few Observers… observing.

Joshua Jackson Cheers Fringe‘s Vanishing Act and How It Will Save the Peter/Olivia Romance

More to the point, the poster promises a “New Beginning” for Peter, Olivia and Walter — and a storyline that enters “New Dimensions.” Check out the image (CLICK TO ZOOM), then share your latest expectations for the out-of-this-world-and-that-other-world drama, which returns Friday, Sept. 23, at 9/8c.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. muir says:

    Soooo I’m intrigued by the *yellow* lights in the poster, and the “new dimensions” tag.

    • Sally says:

      I’ve always wondered if the light actually have a meaning or if they’re just for show or something.. Cuz there’s one in all of the pictures they show before commercials like the butterfly, frog, seashore, smoke, etc.

      • muir says:

        Well there’s been talk of a third universe, a yellow universe, for ages. I’m curious to see if it makes an appearance this season.

      • Don Bagert says:

        The lights of the glyphs (those pictures before the commercial breaks) do have meaning – see http://www.fringepedia.net/wiki/Glyphs_code

        Assuming the poster was created by Fox’s marketing people (who also created the glyphs) the lights may indeed have some related meaning.

        • Arnosferatu says:

          There’s a third parallel universe, I’m pretty sure of it. I stuck together all the black shadowed ones and on the other side the lighed ones and here’s my deduction :

          -First, there are the universe we knowand the parallel one we know too, the lighed one is our universe, and the black shadowed one is the parallel universe.

          -Then, when I stuck the black shadowed ones together, we can see there are 3 parts for each character, so I assume there are 3 parallel universes.

          So first there is the picture itself representing the universe we are supposed to live in in reality, then the two-divided picture with the lighted and the black shadowed universe, and THEN we have the tri-divisional picture with the 3 divisions for each character.

          Don’t know if I’m understandable, I’m french !

          Things are getting really complicated and I totally LOVE that, this show is great !!!

          • John says:

            Your completely coherent. The truth is, there are infinite universes and probably infinite dimensions. Does anyone know where I can get a larger color print of this poster. I’m sure if you accordion fold it along the creases and look at it in one direction and then look at it in another you will get some more answers – or not.

  2. Kyle Andrews says:

    No mention of the many Observers in the poster?

    Can’t wait for the new season. I just wish they’d finally put Astrid in one of these posters. She’s a vital part of the group who helps with every single case. She is part of their little family structure and helps take care of Walter when Peter can’t. Astrid is vital!

    • ScrubsGuy says:

      I like Astrid also, but key art has always focused on just the three primaries (and their “Other Side” counterparts).

      This is a pretty cool looking poster, although I think they missed an opportunity to weave Walternate and Fauxlivia into the fix here, given that they’ve already “fractured” the poster.

      • ziela says:

        my thoughts exactly!

      • Sally says:

        That’s exactly what they did. Notice the slight difference in Olivia’s nostrils, how Walter’s right eyebrow is scowling more than the left, and his face in the dark lines on his face have more wrinkles than the light ones?

        • Sally says:

          Also, the inner point on Olivia’s left eye is sharper than the right.

        • Sally says:

          Sorry to keep adding on, but it also looks like Walter is wearing his sweater in the light lines and Walternates suit in the dark ones. All this is making me even more excited =D

          • Dean says:

            No it doesn’t, he’s wearing the same thing.
            It’s clearly one picture that’s had an effect added to it. They might be trying to suggest that, but they haven’t taken two pictures of the cast as the differing versions of themselves and mixed them. The difference between Walter and Walternates hair would be a dead give away. The only reason the wrinkles and lines look more pronounced is because the shade of the image is made darker.
            I can’t quite recall right now if Fauxlivia had changed hers back to red when the event happened, but that would be pretty obvious too.
            The same effect is on Peter too.

      • Laura says:

        But Astrid has a doppelganger or “counter part” as well. The show has done story’s in which Astrid’s character in the “alternate world” has been vital to the team as well (in the alternate world, that is). Her work on the show is just as important if not much more, because her skills allow the team to do their job effectively. So In my opinion she is a vital part of the team, and therefore should be acknowledged as such. The problem is her character isn’t out in the field extensively, like Walt, Olivia, or Peter is. But in knowing that she’s a background character makes me weary of her shelf life on the show.
        This show is definitely underrated, it’s a really intelligent show, and the networks president happens to be a fan of the show, and the show has a bit of a cult following, which is probably the reason the show is still on air despite minimal ratings. I don’t agree with the show being aired on Fridays, I think that was a huge mistake, and it’s a day most shows end up killed off-Dark Angel, Doll House, Sarah Connor Chronicles-Terminator, and the list goes on. Friday= series death.

    • Phyllis Rooney says:

      Look at the bottom sides of the poster and you will see the observers outline on both sides, one side profile and the other side full face on.

    • Laura says:

      Do you happen to know if Astrid appeared on panel at Comic Con this summer? That should answer some question too.

  3. Linds says:

    Love the observers!

  4. Lori says:

    I love the inclusions of the Observers in the poster! I’m definitely looking forward to the new season. This show never ceases to surprise and amaze!

  5. Pedro P. says:

    I can’t wait for it!
    New dimensions? Just what I was hoping for.
    I trust them about the storyline, so the only thing that worries me is whether or not this is going to be the final season or not and if it is, are we getting a proper end?

  6. Tristan says:

    Can this be on TvLine main page every day?
    What a nice looking art. Love it! It fits the show really really well.

  7. Louise says:

    Omg…Can fringe get any more awesome?

    Seriously hating the fact I live in the uk.

  8. Kat says:

    It looks more like it is folded. Perhaps Universes Red and Blue are going to be “folded” in to each other and become singular. Represented by maybe the new gold color?

  9. ScullyWant2B says:

    Perhaps the lights are shining through amber? I know it’s a long shot…

  10. max says:

    the lights anyone got a worthy explanation,

    and the word ‘dimensions’ – peter in a 4th dimension. maybe thats where he is trapped. peter is also the only one not looking at us

    but most of all, i wanna be the observer coming out of anna torv’s shirt

  11. Logan says:

    Anybody tried printing it out and folding it on the lines yet to see if there’s a hidden image?

  12. Rob cheeseburger says:

    It looks like a bar code. Anyone converted it and seen what it says? Also, if you imagine one set of stripes represents one universe, and the other set represent the other universe…are we going to see the return of not one, but two peters?!! Ties in with the tag line ‘new dimensions. New beginning’.

  13. Kay says:

    This poster makes me even more excited! I like that the Observers are included. Could this be the Yellow universe, a fusion of the Red and Blue ones? I have a gut feeling that Season 4 will be even more exciting than the last three seasons.

  14. Rob cheeseburger says:

    There is a well established alphabet code that they refer to that easily found on the internet.

  15. Jenny says:

    Can’t wait til Sept. 23rd!

  16. Ellen says:

    The lights have actually been part of Fringe imagery since the beginning of the show. They are shown with the glyphs, etc. So they’re not significant.

    What is significant is the prominent presence of the Observers. We’ve never seen that before. And this would correspond to the showrunners’ promise that we will learn more about them this season.

    • TMB says:

      Actually, they ARE significant and HAVE showed up in the show (especially around Peter and differing Fringe-Events)

      • Ellen says:

        I think you’re talking about lens flares. These are not lens flares.

        (In other news, I’m so eager for Season 4 that I’m arguing with a complete stranger about lens flares…)

        • TMB says:

          I am talking about the lens flares and if you look at them they have the “spots”. They aren’t as yellow as they are in the ad, but they’re there! and it’s not an argument…..it’s a debate, a discussion of differing perceptions. That’s Fringe baby!! ;) Sept 23rd cannot get here soon enough!!!!!

  17. Sarah says:

    Well, I don’t think the lives will _never_ be the same again…at least not permanently. I doubt they’d change all this and completely revamp the show via this new timeline for good. It’d make the last 3 seasons and the whole mytharc moot. This is just an interesting new obstacle to me. They will probably have quite a finesse in how they go about it which is what I’m interested in seeing. But I’ve read we are supposed to find out more about the Observers in this season so there’s always room for things to get back to what we know, seeing as how they don’t live up to their namesake of just observering. They should be The Interferers. Just give it time, I say.

  18. Kaz says:

    I adore this show to pieces but their posters always disappoint me ughhh…But what ever can’t WAITTTTTTTTT!!!!1

  19. passing says:

    The observers are very close to Olivia, will she be their leader?

    Anna Torv is a very beautiful woman, a natural beauty, that is visible on every non-promo photoshoot to pictures taken by fans on set with their mobile, so why does WB not use that on their Promo-posters?

  20. Kaz says:


    • davey says:

      I never saw them either when I first looked at the poster – it wasn’t until some above mentioned all the observers and it made me look again! They look pretty cool there. Great poster art!

  21. Coeur says:

    The poster is sooooooo coooolllll yayy!!

  22. RKron says:

    Awesome poster for an awesome show! September 23rd people! Mark your calendars and what-not!

  23. BonesFringeFan says:

    Fringe never ceases to amaze in whatever they do, whether it be posters or quality acting, it really is astounding! I really hope that every isn’t changed forever because everything was going soo well with Peter and Olivia together and everything… I hope it does eventually come back to ‘normal’ and not too late into the season…
    But whatever it is, I’ll be watching, it is after all, Fringe <3

  24. Andy says:

    love it, but i think they forgot to say “the final season”

  25. TMB says:

    I think that observer better get out of Olivia’s cleavage! Sept 23rd is sooooooo far away!!

  26. Hemo_jr says:

    I have my theories about what happened and what will happen with Peter on the show. But if Olivia’s return to her world in episode 201 is any indication, Peter’s return in season 4 will blow everyone’s mind.

  27. dvx says:

    How many episodes will have Fringe’s seson 4?

    • Sarah says:

      It got a full 22 episode order. And it was an early order, they renewed it back in March. So this makes me more confident we’ll get more seasons.

  28. bob says:

    Peter is an observer now, he lives outside of time….wait for it….BOOM MINDS SHATTERED

    • candyallis says:

      they announced at comic con that peter would not be taking a role as an observer… sorry that was my first reaction when he shimmered away. but maybe with any luck we can finally find out what happened to the observer child who was stuck in the ground for 80 years and taken by the observers

    • Steph says:

      Maybe he’s the one that got to be looking down Anna’s shirt!

  29. Sandgirl says:

    I love it how one of the observers is peering outside from Olivia’s shirt :D

  30. Estoniakat says:

    Nice poster, but it probably won’t mean much.

    You see Battlestar Galactica’s “Last Supper” picture for season 4? Ultimately, it didn’t hold a single clue how things were going to shake out.

  31. Christina says:

    I think they’re all one observer, see the observers’ faces? I think.

  32. dALTnielle says:

    Only one of the observers appears to have a briefcase, the one facing us. And on a finger from the hand of the left observer is something red or is it just the pixels and my imagination? :D
    Interesting that they put so many observers in one poster, with only one facing us (until now there was only one observer in the season poster). Or is that the same observer in different positions?

    • candyallis says:

      the observer on the far left has a torn glove on his glove only covers the thumb and index and the other fingers are bleeding i had to zoom in a good deal to see that. and the observers could be the same one but when you look closely all the details about their faces are kind of botched out so you wouldnt be able to tell

  33. Ellen says:

    Glad Olivia is front and center. Can’t wait!

  34. Dan says:

    There’s an Observer in Olivia’s cleavage.

  35. Debajit says:

    I m very much eager 2 c dem on da screen.

  36. Erin says:

    This is AWESOME! But what would have been even sweeter…if at each of the breaks, olivia and walter were intermixed with fauxlivia and walternate.

  37. Kandi says:

    I have an app that explains what each symbol is …

  38. Rob Cheeseburger says:

    I hope this isn’t one Miss Gilbert! Lol

  39. uncle slappy says:

    the observer in the poster is peter bishop,look at the noses in pic and peter nose in poster

    • TMB says:

      yeah, but way different chins. nice try! Peter isn’t an observer. They already debunked that theory at comic-con. besides new posters have been released and low and behold there’s Peter with a full head of hair!

  40. Laura says:

    Does any know what the lights represent in the poster? there are five observers, three lights, and each one of the three is hovering over or on Peter, Olivia, and Peter. Astrid absence from the poster could indicate that, she’s not connected to what’s to come this season. Peter missing in some middle dimension, Peter was for warned by the observers that he would eventually lose Peter, and Olivia is connected to Peters childhood. But Peter, Olivia, and Walter are also standing behind a three line prism. I’m just looking for clues within this poster, maybe someone else could clue me in.

  41. Laura says:

    This is edited, I made a mistake on my earlier question, and mixed up Walter and Peter’s name.

    Does any know what the lights represent in the poster? there are five observers, three lights, and each one of the three is hovering over or on Peter, Olivia, and Peter. Astrid absence from the poster could indicate that, she’s not connected to what’s to come this season. Peter missing in some middle dimension, Walter was warned by the observers that he would eventually lose Peter, and Olivia is connected to Peters childhood. But Peter, Olivia, and Walter are also standing behind a three line prism. I’m just looking for clues within this poster, maybe someone else could clue me in.

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  44. candyallis says:

    your kinda strange that made no sense in retrospect to the poster or to this show….

  45. Denise says:

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