Dumpster Dive: Dance Moms Will Leave You Neck-Deep in Horror and Regret

Welcome to “Dumpster Dive,” a new recurring feature in which our intrepid reality-TV junkie will put on his rubber gloves and face mask and wade into the murky depths of the genre’s nastiest-looking offerings.

Lifetime’s Dance Moms raises an important societal question: Is it ever too late for a woman to drop her child off in front of the fire station with a note that says, “I’m sorry: I’m just not cut out for motherhood”? Based on this Wednesday’s episode — which featured one 8-year-old pondering suicide as the only possible alternative to dancing, and a raspy-voiced she-beast forcing a 13-year-old into a creepy dating situation — I’m going to go out on a limb and respond with a resounding, “Hell, no!”

Under the heading of “I watched it so you don’t have to,” let’s recount some of the “highlights” of shrieking harpy Abby Lee Miller dragging her emotionally tormented dance troupe and their mothers/jailers to Orlando, Fla., to compete in a “Star Power” competition.

• While choreographing a group number which envisioned the tiny dancers as sexy swimsuit models, Abby decides she needs a male presence to heighten the drama. Enter her prize pupil Brandon — Abby prides herself on all of “her boys” being masculine, naturally — to play a leering photographer and engage in some “partner work” with 13-year-old Brooke. “You’re getting older. You need to step up to the plate!” she screeches at the kids, lamenting that witnessing their “chemistry” is like “waiting for paste to get sticky.” (Eww.)

• Abby decides the only way to remedy the lack of sexual tension is to send Brooke and Brandon on a date. But wait, Brooke and Brandon have history (or, rather, they had crushes on each other back in grade school). “It never really went anywhere,” Brooke explains. [Insert the sound of me screaming “I SHOULD HOPE NOT!”] Next thing you know, the kids are riding bumper cars and staring awkwardly at a Ferris wheel at a place called Fun Spot USA. “I can drive you around when I get my license,” says Brandon, hopefully. But Brooke isn’t having it. “If Brandon thinks anything’s going to happen between us on this date, he’s crazy,” she says, becoming the first person to say anything reasonable in the entire episode. Then, proving she’s been raised on a steady diet of navel-gazing reality-TV ridiculata, Brooke adds: “I’m really not the same person I was when I was nine years old.”

• When the “Snapshot” dance finally occurs, our pre-teen troupe busts out onto the stage in bikinis, sunhats, and 11 lbs of troweled-on makeup and false eyelashes. My husband looks up from his comic book, aghast: “They shouldn’t look like women, for f–k’s sake!” Yep, that about sums things up. Thankfully, the team is not rewarded with a trophy for a routine that flirts with the outer edges of child pornography. Abby, however, is disgusted with the outcome.

• Luckily, Abby’s unbeaten champion, 8-year-old Maddie, takes home the crown in the pageant portion of the competition. Maddie says she’s a perfectionist… or that’s what her mom always tells her. “I would kill myself if I didn’t dance,” she offers cheerily, as I try to Google the contact info for National Child Protective Services.

• Our final bit of drama comes when Holly — who last week expressed concern that her African-American daughter Nia’s “ethnic” dance involved an afro wig, a tight leopard pantsuit, and a song called “My Name Is Laqueefa” (possibly by RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Shangela) — has another run-in with Abby over the demoralizing language she uses during training for a Bollywood solo. Holly, who I am pretty sure identifies herself as a school principal (hopefully a school for dolls or other inanimate objects), keeps pointing out the “vicious,” “really mean” treatment that Nia silently accepts, but at no point considers removing her daughter from Abby’s talons or the glare of Lifetime’s cameras. Finally, realizing she’s subjected her daughter to a horrific situation, Holly breaks down in tears. “What’s wrong?” Nia asks, comforting her mother, not the other way around. But fret not, there’s a happy ending. No, Holly doesn’t withdraw Nia from the competition and from Dance Moms altogether. Rather, Nia takes home a first-place trophy for her age group, so it was all worth it!

Buckle your seatbelts, girls, in the next few weeks, you’re headed to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Tahoe!

Have you watched Dance Moms? How do you feel about it? Is it valid entertainment, or too awful to exist? And most importantly: What show should I watch for the next installment of “Dumpster Dive”? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. mel dag says:

    I would like to believe that some people have the common sense to separate the editing that puts together a finished “reality” show and actual reality. There are parts of this show that are very obviously scripted. As far as Abby, she does not berate the children in my opinion; she trains them. These girls are advanced competitive dancers and anyone who has a child in football or hockey knows that sometimes teachers yell – especially when the sport involves loud music that you have to be hear over. If anyone watches the girls closely they would notice the friendships that these kids have (hugging each other back stage, making jokes with each other when one of the girls gets hurt). Competitive dancers wear stage makeup to allow their faces to stand out, just as theatre actors do – if a child dances on stage without makeup their facial features will not be seen to the audience.

    I highly doubt that anyone who posts negative comment has a dancer as good as these girls and to insult Abby about her weight is just ignorant – a choreographer does not dance and obviously her weight is not preventing her from doing her job as she seems to be doing it very well given the calibre of dance that these girls are capable of.

    I would also like to add that to compare this show to Toddlers and Tiaras is ridiculous – these girls are disciplined, respectful to eachother and their teacher, and above all they are talented – I haven’t heard any of these girls say they didn’t want to dance.

    I hope more people were capable of using some common sense and hopefully some of you can be smart enough to see through what is scripted and give these girls and their teacher credit for their success.

  2. Siobhan says:

    I’m embarrassed to admit I watch this crap. I find myself watching each week to see if they can beat the previous week’s record. Lo and behold, they do!

    As a child I took dance for 8 years and never, ever did our teacher raise her voice or berate any of us, even those who weren’t as good as some of the others. Even though she was very strict she never humiliated anyone. She would take the girl aside at the end of the class and point out where she needed to improve. We all knew we could come in during the week and practice. She was always there to help us when we needed it. During competitions things would be total chaos backstage but our teacher never screamed at the kids or the moms.

    As a parent of two girls who took dance in elementary school, there is no way I would have allowed anyone, ANYONE to scream at, humiliate, and/or badger them for ANY reason. There is absolutely no situation that validates that kind of behavior. I would also never lose my temper and have a meltdown in front of the kids or the other moms, and I have a bad temper! The moms’ behavior is just as deplorable as Abby’s with their tantrums and jealousies.

    I also have a problem with allowing your child to perform against doctor’s orders. Where is that mom’s priorities? The doctor even said that dancing with the type of injury Paige had would probably set her up for some real problems down the line. Now her shoulder is popping out and she’s told to pop it back in and go do her routine? Priorities, people, priorities! I thought that was despicable. The mom should have told Abby asap that her daughter wouldn’t be able to dance and then handed her a note from the doctor in case Abby threw a fit.

    As for the costumes, I can’t even go there. Sitting through one of their competitions would be a pedophile’s heaven. I know that’s ugly but I honestly believe that those girls are being sexualized by some of those costumes and routines they’re doing and that’s just wrong on so many levels.

    Bottom line: There should be a parent revolt until Abby promises to curtail her behavior, choreograph some age appropriate dances, and dress her students in appropriate costumes. The moms should start putting their daughters’ welfare ahead of anything else. However, that’s not going to happen because the moms are too busy living vicariously through their daughters and Abby only cares about winning. It will be a miracle if each one of those girls is not in therapy 10 years from now diagnosed with PTSD and sobbing their hearts out for the childhood they never got to have.

    • Guest says:

      No. MOST OF IT IS EDITING. Abby trains her dancers to be stars and they are. These girls are perfectly happy, and it’s their choice to dance. The costumes are bit to much but I have seen far worse. Dance competitons generally do have some inappropriate costumes, honestly Abby’s are about avreage. If you think these girls are going to need therapy, you need stop being over dramatic these girls are living happy childhoods and enjoy what they do. You should be ashamed to say that because there are kids who really are being abused and will need therapy, that would gladly trade places with the dance moms girls.

  3. Brian says:

    Stumbled across the show; like watching a train wreck; I only lasted a few minutes. From what I saw, the unbalanced importance placed on the child’s performance by the adult players in this horrifying drama (perhaps as a balm for their own sense of inadequacy) is an abuse that exposes the absence of healthy love and understanding.

    The brokenness of these relationships will likely impose a high price throughout the poor child’s life. The magnitude of the inappropriateness revealed is difficult to exaggerate.

    And we wonder why the leaders of third-world countries often oppose the exposure of their people to western culture. A Nigerian father would publicly beat his wife for such behavior. A Djiboutian or Ethiopian father would likely walk into the desert to die from shame. A Kenyan father would perhaps take his children and leave, abandoning his wife to her selfish wickedness and insanity.

    • Guest says:

      So your saying a third world country where people die daily of poverty, and women have no rights is better than the world of competitive dance, where young girls are happily living their dream? Or are you condoning domestic violence? To be honest this post worries me much more then anything I have ever seen on dance moms.

  4. Linda says:

    I am curious how these girls coach teaches them, she is not exactly the example of physical health. She is not a good influence on the girls, she clearly supersedes the parents authority and the mothers allow it. The tv audience laughs at these people. They need to remember this is a small time in their lives and to quit living thru them.

  5. runner girl says:

    i am a proud mother of two dancers and i most assure you that our dance studio has strict rules about the outfits these girls wear, those dance moms are fame whores and are willing to subject their children to vulgar dressing ..these nasty moms are even proud of the fact that they let their kids miss school over dance!!!!!its no wonder these kids dont understand simple vocabulary,, and principal holly as she calls herself< her child lacks comprehension.. and she calls herself an educator. let me tell you educator holly you are no educator.. you are an uneducated unintelligent mess ,no mother subjects their children to such obsenities as seen on dance moms.. where is the child protective service when they are needed?and where are the dads who permit these obscene moms and their behaviours?i think abby is doing her job.. why are these moms complaining and bitching and still continue to subject their kids to this.. the answer is they are money and fame whores.. they disgust me,, shame on lifetime..

    • Guest says:

      Child protective services is helping kids who are actually being abused, not happy girls living comfortable lives, happliy dancing.

  6. JohnnyG says:

    You’re all a bunch of sanctimonious prigs. The girls are athletes, participating in what is essentially a sport. Kids participate in team sports at school, and there’s no outcry or outrage about that. And I’m sure the girls are thrilled they’re on a hit tv show. And it is a hit, the ratings have started to skyrocket as people have been catching the marathon blocks of episodes and becoming hooked. So you haters can eat your hearts out.

    • Dancer says:

      YES FINALLY SOMEONE WHO AGREES WITH ME!!!!!!!! I watch this show religiously. I was a dancer for 20 years before I broke my back now I’m a choreographer. My poor boyfriend watches this with me every week and he always has something to complain about mostly just about the psycho moms (thank God my mom was never like that) but hes even said “this Abby lady really know what shes doing” lol but when our debate get a little outa hand I just record it and switch to toddlers in tiaras haha then hes rather watch dance moms haha

  7. Virginia Brizzi says:

    I retired after 50+ years in the sport of Gymnastics…as a student, performer, Coach and Club Owner…..I would love to see an “Abby” taught class..let’s say a barre workout followed by centre floor and then routine…yes, I also studied classical ballet a necessity for floor and beam. Her Dancers are paying too high of a price ..with their bodies..let alone their emotions. True Dance is about the blending of technique with the use of the body/emotions to create a visual moving art form…..Abby is selling …Fluff’n’Stuff..and I care not that she claims..professional dancers. Abby needs a good Anger/Weight Management Class, the Mothers …? Only God knows!…the Kids a Teacher more interested in developing them into good, solidly- put-together Adults ..rather than booty-shaking trophy winners. Want a trophy for your waiting room, Abby? Go buy one! Leave the Kids alone…..

    • Dancer says:

      You of all people should know first hand how all this works! unless you and your gymnastics academy sucked. and ballet?! thats the first place youll get screamed at (especially if that instructor is russian). the only place ive ever seen a “nice” environment is at a just for kix studio where no one gets better no one cares its just for fun…… just for fun in my eyes is a huge waist of time and money. and im sure you’ve never gone to the olympics those gymnasts get screamed at during their routines! honestly dont surgar coat the dance world.

      • Virgina Brizzi says:

        You do not need to scream at a child in order for that child to achieve..the exact opposite happens..you kill the spirit, replace the excitement of hope with fear, destroy true competitiveness and replace it with..”not good enough”…I’m no good…I’ll never make it…I’m not good enough to be a member of the Team. If you trained Dance or any artform under the tuteledge of a screaming shrew..I truly feel sorry for you…as a Loved Teacher can be better than…MOM. In fact, I laughed and talked with my Teacher last night until 2:30 am…she just turned 80!…believe me I learned and accomplished …..it just was done in a Spirit of Love..Love of self, Love of the Art, Love of and for your fellow team members, a sense of Trust, knowing that you need not fear violation or retribution for a mistate..It is amazing to see the growth of a student in this type of setting! Perhaps, you are just too young to remember a time when people really were motivated by a sense of…”I AM WORTHY”

      • ToddlersinTutus says:

        I’m sorry you never got to see a serious dance environment other than ones like Abby Lee Miller’s. But I guess you can’t miss what you never had.

        And, yes, kids at the Olympic level are sometimes subjected to incredible forms of abuse, many of which have been detailed in their own autobiographies. Lots of those kids grew up to be adults who struggled with eating disorders, drug addiction, anxiety, depression, poor self-image, long-term physical problems, and unhappy relationships with their families of origin. I guess you think that’s all okay because some of them won medals.

      • Guest says:


  8. Deb says:

    This is nothing short of child abuse. To berate and harass these children is horrifying. She has no business teaching children, or anyone really.

    I’m stunned that this channel would think it was OK to let children be filmed being verbally battered. It will do long term damage, believe me, and every one of these girls will be in therapy in the years to come.

    It is very sad to me what mothers will do for money. Shame on all of them. Just like with Toddlers & Tiara’s, it is NOT OK to live through your children. Get your own life. And get this crap off the air. This is NOT entertainment unless you get a thrill from watching children driven to tears by a horrendous dictator who has no business being on TV or teaching children.

  9. kathy shulack says:

    your show sucks, i don,t like seeing little girls on tv. they are beening used because the mom want to get RICH. this is like calling the ASPCA. take this off the air, now.

    • Deb says:

      I totally agree with you. It needs to be off the air. Do they even wonder what it is teaching others who watch it? We are supposed to be working on kindness, not this kind of bullying by a teacher of her children. Shame on all the adults.

  10. jess says:

    ya’ll are really dramatic, it’s just dancing. And they are all beautiful dancers. i find it hard to believe that if you had a child who loved to dance and their passion was to perform and tell a story that you would rob them of that. yea they are all so young but that doesn’t mean their passion isn’t there. you make it seem that they are all spoiled brats and dancing provocatively but the majority of the time they are telling a story. get over your dramatic feelings toward young dancers. quit watching the show if you don’t support it. your only keeping it on the air by doing so.

    • ToddlersinTutus says:

      Here we go again. {sigh} Why is there this ridiculous assumption that these parents would be “robbing” their children of their passion for dance if they took them to a different studio? How many times does it need to be said? There are other dance teachers out there besides Abby!

    • Guest says:

      The girls want to be there! It’s there choice!

  11. Dancer says:

    Ok, all you parents who are so upset about Dance Moms. If you dont like what you see, DONT WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure this is scripted for entertainment drama but what Abby Lee Miller does in her studio is what 95% of studio owners and choreographers do ever single day. I grew up dancing my whole life infact dance taught me how to walk (yes I started ballet at the perfect age of 1). Ask any professional dancer broadway star and professional anything, they will tell you how hard it is and there will always be a coach of some kind harping down your throat to push you to get better. from Id say about 8 to 16 I and my fellow ballet students would constantly be told were all too fat to be prima ballerinas but honestly its not a huge deal. Im 23 and Im the choreographer now I dont look back at my childhood thinking “omg so and so was so mean to me i think ill kill myself now” no I think that Im the best dancer I can be because of the harsh discipline. No one succeeds without failing and harsh words come hand in hand with failing. Lay off Abby she knows what shes doing and she has the stars shes created to prove it.

    • Becky says:

      Good for you, but may be you are one of the luckiest but not everybody have the emotional strength to cope and not everybody, even with great talent, ends up in Broadway, Las Vegas or Hollywood despite all the efforts and sacrifices and is precisely those who cannot cope that end up emotionally disturbed and mentally exhausted and ill. Is good to have dreams and passions in life and discipline is good also but to loose a childhood on behalf of a dream or passion, no wonder there are so many adults with so much emotional baggage. There should be what’s called balance, a child deserves to be a child with time to play and be a child. Again, you are one of the lucky ones and congratulations for your achievement.

  12. Adriana says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW. I don’t care what the other hateful comments are saying. I’m not a mother but I play sports and sometimes I hate it and get tired of it too but as a parent you can’t just let them quit after all the hard work they’ve put into something they love which is why I understand where these moms are coming from. They may push their kids really hard and so does Abby but that’s because her name is on everything they do and she’s there to make them better not be their friends so all the people saying this is a waste of time you know that if you were in this situation you would do the exact same thing.

    • ToddlersinTutus says:

      The kids don’t have to quit dance if they leave Abby’s studio. There are lots of other studios they could dance at. And Abby’s ego (i.e., “her name is on everything they do”) is not justification for verbal abuse. She can “make them better,” as you say, without that.

  13. Veronica says:

    I don’t really know where to begin. I watched one of the episodes a few weeks ago, trying to keep an open mind watching a “gravity disabled” (keeping it politically correct here) instructor “teach” dance to six year olds. Yes, six year olds. Perhaps only 3-4 years JUST out of potty training who are reprimanded if they do not replicate the likes of mature women(over 18) — AGAIN, OVER the age of 18 — JLO or Pamela Lee Anderson — let’s reiterate that through your skulls, MOM’s. Just because YOUR A) fantasy of wanting to be a beauty queen or B) ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” etc. were not fulfilled, or C) your husbands don’t pay enough attention to you, D) or you need a HOBBY… SHAME on you for instilling this on your Baby girls. I will emphasize, BABY girls. I ask a question and have to…where are your husbands? Are they seeing the objectation you are putting your baby through because YOU didn’t make it to Cindy Crawford status? You are trying to re-live the life you didn’t have through your child. Let her live HER life … you had/have your chance. GET A LIFE – WOW REALLY! As for Abbey. Unbelievable how she worked her way in to a network show. But, as a PR person, it worked — because she is getting all of the attention. I read one comment earlier about a Mom who wants the show cancelled. I am on board. I have a two year old – do NOT want her subject to this “Unhealthy Predator” of Young Girls – no “Dear” Abbey on my end, it’s “Dredded Abbey” – shame on you – I feel sorry for you — so sad to me you have to bring out your insecurities on innocent little girls – but primarily, their VERY, EXTREMELY INSECURE mother’s. In summary: the show infuriated me – the Mom’s are nut jobs and are playing right into the limelight – good for all of you – the money you made from your episode(s) will pay for your daughter’s therapy, OR the grandchild you always wanted when she is pregnant at 14. Whew! At least you’ll have the money raise the grandchild!! Right?? This show exploits little girls and is a pedophile’s DREAM. Take it off the air… the world (Little Girls!!) would be much better without. Ticked Off In Chicago

    • casey says:

      your just mad cause your not hotttt like the dance girls are-nothing wrong with kids looking sexy.because kids can be sexy tooooo!!!!!

  14. Becky says:

    Ok. To be honest i do like the show because the little ladies have talent, but most of the time i can’t believe how these mothers are willing to put their daughters dancing above everything else, especially their education and they act like if the girls don’t dance it’s the end of life. Come on!!! People highly educated are having trouble finding good jobs, imagine what kind of future awaits for those who are not prepared academically speaking. Another thing, i can be the best teacher in the world but how can i show my students this or that technique when i weight like 300 pounds and i cannot show them how it is performed? Also, is it really necessary to constantly yell and mistreat to teach? Sorry but sometimes the excuse given by Ms. Miller is ridiculous, you are preparing dancers not emotionally future wrecks.

  15. casey says:

    i think dance moms is a verry hotttttt show.the girls are so sexy.i love all the girls

  16. Jeanne says:

    I just stumbled on this show, and it is horrifying. As a professional dancer, I want to correct any commenter who says that this is how the “dance world” is. This dolly dinkle crap is not representative of the actual world of professional dance. This is child abuse.

    I hope that the most talented of these children, should they decide to pursue actual dance careers, get the opportunity to come to NY or another major city to work in a professional school and be taught by people who had actual dance careers. This woman is small time, insane, and causing real damage to these poor children’s bodies and spirits. These mothers should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

  17. ellie says:

    Was abby ever a dancer herself?

  18. ToddlersinTutus says:

    After watching this show, two things immediately become clear:

    1) Abby Lee Miller is good at getting these dancers to WIN.


    2) She cares about nothing EXCEPT that they win.

    Abby is a raging narcissist who will subject young girls to ANYTHING if it means they’ll win a competition she can take the credit for. Every week she verbally abuses them, sexualizes them, forces them to perform with injuries, and undermines their parents’ authority. And she has no qualms about it because she doesn’t see these girls as human beings; they’re just cash cows to her. She’s very fond of saying, “Everyone is replaceable.” Well, that’s true when you don’t view kids as people but as puppets who are just there to reflect well on you.

    The mothers are no better for allowing their children to endure this treatment week after week just because Abby produces a lot of wins. What good is it if you win a dance competition and ten years down the road wind up with terrible self-esteem, an eating disorder, OCD, or depression because of what it took to get there?

    • not saying says:

      for your information she did not force them to dance with injuries, brooke for example went on purely on her choice. and who’s to say they will come out with all these problems, not everyone is like that you stereotypical person.

  19. Karyn Lynn says:

    Blame the parents if Abby is too mean…its what they pay her for. Its her job to get them ready for the hard core world of professional dance. Not play dancing for daddy in the living room… but real professional dancing. A mean, dog eat dog career that very few ever really achieve true glory in.

    In a perfect world these girls would be allowed to grow into their chosen career…but with parents like this these kids will not be allowed to wait til they are adults and grown up enough to handle the stress and rejection and being yelled at. These mommies will drag their little darlings into the spotlight right now it that means making them a star. Growing up will just have to wait..fames calling.

  20. Dave says:

    I have to admit that most of the outfits the girls wear is perfect for STRIPPERS, but I believe the series is designed to showcase the talent of these extraordinary little girls. They’re not our children, their mothers are with them the whole time, and while I don’t agree with most of it, its not for us to decide. It’s on national tv, if anything illegal was going on, the show wouldn’t be on…

  21. hairyboner says:


  22. Nicola says:

    Everyone is commenting on how mean Abby is, I been dancing since I was little and I have always had teachers who were mean while they were teaching.It’s really shocking at the thought that these instructors can be nice. You hear their comments and you go home and you forget it, and you remember the applause you get on stage.

  23. Liza says:

    Sorry but I agree with Abby 100%. This is the first time I’ve seen ballet being exposed at it’s best on tv. Not a lot of people get into ballet but for once, they decided to put it on the air which I applaud because then people get to see the REAL discipline behind the dancing.

    I’m the only dancer in my family. None of my family members had a desire to take dance. Abby was actually one of my teachers for a little while before I had to move and thanks to her help, I wouldn’t be able to take the criticizm that I take today. I’ve worked with several dance companies and had a chance as an understudy in New York. Without the thick skin she helped me gain, I never would have lasted a day in a single company. My mom had only dropped me off at dance class but never actually saw me dance until my first recital where I was almost doing 2nd year ballet and that was only after the first 8 months of starting. My mother, my father and my sister were all there and they did NOT appreciate the way Abby treated me. It made them angry and upset more than it did me. Why? Because they knew absolutely nothing of the career that dance is associated with. They know absolutely nothing about the discipline you NEED to have in order to take the criticizm that these kids will have in the future. They NEED that thick skin to get them through auditions. She’s building them piece by piece just like a profession dancer SHOULD be built. These kids should be so lucky to have her as a teacher. She’s a darn good teacher (don’t know if I can swear in these things) and she disciplines these kids the way they NEED to be disciplined. If you’re in your mid to late twenties, single and no kids and you wanted to be a top notch dancer but never made it (whether it be because you couldn’t take the heat, you didn’t have the time, whatever your excuse may be) let’s say you just never made it as a dancer so therefore you want your kid to be a dancer. You might forget how harsh they can be. This is the performing arts world people. Seriously, either deal with it or get the hell off stage because if you can’t handle it, no matter HOW good you are, you weren’t meant to be in the spotlight on stage if you can’t take the heat. The stage has to feel like your home, like your nature, where you just automatically know the steps. But if you mess up, be ready to take “the fall” for it and if you can’t, maybe it’s time you find a different profession. People are so ignorant these days. Abby was doing absolutely nothing wrong. All she was doing was her job and if these parents even had BRAINS to function properly, they might actually take an interest in their child’s dance career and realize that if they aren’t disciplined and continue taking dance, they may go audition for Swan Lake, get in and have the choreographer criticize her, make her feel stupid and how is she going to react? That’s why they NEED that thick skin. This is what theater and performing arts is like all throughout your entire life if you take it. Either deal with it or move on because it’s not made for people who cry on stage.
    The only thing I don’t agree with is the bikini routine lol THAT may have been inappropriate. Other than that, THANK YOU ABBY FOR GIVING ME MY THICK SKIN BUT I’M SORRY MY FAMILY ARE IGNORANT! It’s not my fault they know nothing about dance

    • Liza says:

      One last thing: Remember “Hell’s Kitchen”? The show? Yeah, that’s what dance is. If you’ve ever seen “A Chorus Line” or “Center Stage” then you’d know but if you DONT know what it’s like then keep your big nose and your big mouth where it was before.

    • not saying says:

      i agree with you fully,honesly people just dont understand the concept of dance.

  24. Kenzie says:

    I love dance moms! But today I was at station sguare in Pittsburgh and saw Brandon! Me and my friend were sadly in the car but I screamed out the window and said I love you Brandon!! He looked at me and smiled and then waved!! I wish I had seen the girls but it’s cool that I saw Brandon!!! And I’m 14 haha!!!!

  25. ufighaioe` says:

    use are all pathetic the show has been edited you don’t know what actually happens behind the cameras. you say they are so good but they would not be that good if it wasn’t for abby! she is the one that teaches them the ‘winning’ dances, abby knows what shes doing shes produced stars if you understood most dance teachers are like this and do it for the students own good. and just to let all you thick people know when maddie said ‘if i didnt dance id kill myself’. how do you know she meant literally, she probably meant this in a metaphorical way meaning i couldnt live without dance. honestly you sad people complaining about the show all i can say is if you feel like that stop watching it. by the way i am 13 and have more sense than all you dumbos.

  26. pamela says:

    Providing ”tough love” in order to mold successful dancers is one thing. Verbally abusing the children and their parents is overkill. Sure she has made her name known in her industry, but as she said, Pittsburg is in a depression and lacks the opportunities other cities offer. She’s just laying it on thick and using the show to fill her pockets. She uses training techniques she claims the network is forcing her to use, ones she says she would have never used. She creates drama where there is none. She consistantly marvels at her accomplishments. And she seems discriminative and degrading. Disgusting excuse for a dance instructor and a woman.

  27. Lindafisher says:

    Fance ms is pite garbage& shouldnt b on the air, showimg some fat typsive loudmouthed pog who never dAmced a day im her life or she wouldnt b that fat! Shes a phony& the show is as trpulsive as a show could get!!!!! It makes me bit. Atvthe thought!! Wat ifiot would watch thispcrap amyhowonly ghose with am iq of a banana thats who

  28. Smithy Werbenjagermanjenson says:

    All I can make of this show is little kids being tormented by Ms. Fatty Fatty Boom-a-latti who can’t even dance herself meanwhile mentally broken moms break down and flap their lips at each other for stupider reasons than i could even comprehend. That is it, the whole show with all seasons, thats it.

    • Jaque says:

      I agree on everything you just said except the torment by Abby Lee, she is a great teacher from what I’ve seen, she’s not a dancer she’s a choreographer.

  29. Jaque says:

    I actually love the dance teacher, and the little dancers,
    I just HATE the moms, they are despicable, I don’t know who let them be moms but they cause way too much drama, they’re way too needy, whiny, and incredibly sensitive and shallow. They’re catty as frick, I don’t know how they managed to raise such nice little girls, the moms are pumped with jealousy and they might call Abby Lee the bully, but they are the biggest bullies I have ever seen who remind me of the girls in the clique from high school.