Bones Exclusive: First Promo of Season 7 Finds Booth and Brennan [Spoiler Alert]

By the looks of the first promo for Bones‘ upcoming seventh season, Brennan isn’t having the easiest time juggling pregnancy and crime solving. Baby daddy Booth, on the other hand, seems to be adjusting to their “strange new” reality very well. Perhaps too well.

Spoiler Alert: New Intel on Bones‘ Season 7 Baddie

Check out the following clip and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: How excited are you for Nov. 3?

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  1. Amanda says:

    I am soooooo very excited I can’t wait for my show to be back this fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Deena says:


  3. erin says:

    this season is gonna be awesome!!! :D

  4. Liz says:

    I cannot wait. This, Castle, and Psych are the three shows I’m most looking forward to!

  5. Corinne says:

    I am so disappointed with the ending of last season, I’m not sure if I can tune in for this abbreviated one(although, a hormone riddled Brennan is amusing).

    • Jason says:

      Wtf? How can you be disappointed? Booth and Brennan are having a BABY! And if you think “this came out of nowhere, its so ridiculous” lets skip back two years when Bones was trying to have a baby and wanted his sperm. Having a baby isn’t so far-fetched so just watch and enjoy.

      • Kathy says:

        Sorry, Jason, but in the narrative of last season, it -did- come out of nowhere. There was no foreshadowing, no groundwork — and expecting us to go back a couple of seasons to connect the storyline about an artificially-inseminated baby to this current pregnancy is just poor storytelling. If they wanted to write Emily’s pregnancy onto the show, there were better ways to do it that would have remained faithful to the show — and which wouldn’t have shortchanged its viewers.

        • Dain says:

          Um, guys? Unexpected pregnancies come out of nowhere. That’s why they’re called UNEXPECTED pregnancies.

        • Joy says:

          Actually, think back to the episode where Vincent Nigel-Murray was killed. They spent the night together comforting each other and trying to stay safe from the killer. The ended up in bed at the end, cuddling. One thing can certainly have lead to another. And although it was I think 2 weeks later in our, the viewers time, if you paid attention, Angela went from about 4 weeks to go down to a week late, making it approximately 5-6 weeks in between that episode and the finale where she said she was pregnant. I knew at 5 weeks along that I was pregnant, both times, so it is possible.

          Sorry it’s so long, and I’m such a Bones nerd to have figured it out! =P

          • Kim says:

            Brennan specifically told Angela that they had sex in the episode where Vincent Nigel-Murray was killed…that’s how she got pregnant. They were at Booth’s house, then the next morning when she was talking to Angela she told her, and Angela said “Hallelujah!” It wasn’t from the artificial insemination from a couple seasons ago.

          • Angie says:

            We didn’t see the episode when Vincent got shot–was that the same episode that B&B slept together? I thought I watched every one of their episodes??

        • Tammy says:

          It did not come out of nowhere. In the episode where the intern, Vincent, was killed by the sniper, Brennan stayed at Booth’s house until the sniper could be dealt with. During her stay she climbed into bed with Booth. She told Angela about it back at the lab. It may not be all that exciting of ground work but it is groundwork nonetheless.

          • yo says:

            I sooo agree with you! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. just loyalty to the show and catching every episode.

          • Cindy says:

            Brennen never came out and told any body that her and booth slept together. I still don’t think they did.

        • Kim says:

          So, maybe the explanation will be explained on the first episode. I, for one, am excited and can’t wait to find out.

        • Jason says:

          The point isn’t that Brennan used Booth’s sperm form the sperm bank, its that at any moment Brennan was ready to have a baby. She happened to get pregnant now so its not such a shocker that they are keeping and following through with it. Its within character and does remain faithful to the show because all season long was about how Booth and Brennan were confessing feelings for each other so it was bound to happen.

        • Angie says:

          I’m with you Kathy, I also think this came out of nowhere. Two years ago it was just dropped & now all of a sudden they got in bed & WOW she’ pregnant–come on you could have left them get in bed a couple of times or laid some ground work leading up to her maybe getting pregnant. Just saying….

        • max says:

          It didn’t “come out of no where” – it was written into the plot… they slept together…duh…it happens in real life AND tv…

        • Ellenoir1 says:

          I totally agree with you. I LOVE BONES! Literally it’s the only show I turn the tv on for, although now I watch everything online. Still, the pregnancy came outta nowhere. When did Booth and Bones have sex in the last season? And to expect people to remember about the insemination story from 2 seasons ago is asking ALOT! As viewers we were cheated! I’m still gonna watch though come November!

          • Teri says:

            Wow! For being big Bones fans, you all sure seem to have missed a lot. Brennan spent the night at Booths after Vincent Nigel Murray was killed. In the middle of the night, she couldn’t sleep and went into Booths room and she climbed into bed with him and he was comforting her. Yes, maybe we didn’t get a big romantic bedroom scene, but they did sleep together. And so many people (real life and tv) get pregnant the first time having sex. Anyway, their relationship / feelings for each other has always been there, but they kind of pushed it under the rug when Hannah came into the picture. I just hope the writers keep the fun, cute relationship they have, and don’t go too much into bad-mood hormones. I have been waiting 6/7 years for Bones and Booth to end up together…

    • barbara says:

      you all missed it Bones spent the night at Booths, no anything on what happened that night. but now we know.

  6. Daphne says:

    Nooooo I can’t watch it!!

  7. Maddie says:

    Dang. I thought NOTHING was cuter than Bones not understanding but heavily pregnant Bones is better. Cannot WAIT for November!!

  8. Belle says:

    I love it! I can not wait for this season. November is too far away!

  9. Pissed says:


  10. Andrea says:



  11. Narnian says:

    I can’t watch the video from Narnia!

  12. MissM13 says:

    Very close to ban tvline.com forever if I get one more ”can’t be viewed from your country” message.

    I follow Ausiello on Twitter because I liked him from ew.com. I get so many tweets from him and most of the time, I don’t have the privilege of viewing the aforementioned video.

    Don’t much care if it comes from the networks, it is your responsibility to make sure the content you are offering your readers pertains to all of them.

    Strike 3,789. One more and you’re out.


    • Paula says:

      Why is it their responsibility if you’re viewing from another country. You really think that just because you can’t see it, it shouldn’t be there for the rest of us to see? Get over yourself. If you know the video links don’t work, don’t try them. There’s plenty of interesting stuff to read anyway.

    • Jason says:

      If this is a strike 3,789 for you then one more won’t hurt. You’ll be back.

  13. Stefanie says:

    so. freaking. excited.

  14. Cynthia says:

    Haha!! Can’t wait! But November seems so far away:(

  15. Julie says:

    Why is it that we can’t watch when we’re outside the US?
    It kinda sucks for the fans reading here and the fans watching Bones

  16. Christina says:



  17. Piper says:

    AHHHHH!!! Why has time travel not been invented yet? I NEED to go to November 3rd NOW!!!

  18. mak says:

    OMG!!! just CANT wait!!!!

  19. thai says:


  20. Marcela says:



  21. ~Rach says:

    For us hard core fans who have stuck through last season, it looks like they might make it up to us!! WOOHOOOO!!!!!

  22. dan says:

    maybe everyone who can’t view the videos should stop WHINING ABOUT THE ERROR MESSAGE IN ALL CAPS and try viewing the video through a USA proxy server. or just move to the US. easy peasy lemon squeezy.

    • Caiti says:

      I know you were teasing, and I know that I am sensitive, but it is NOT ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy.’ Do you know I’m about to be separated from my husband, just because he’s Canadian? That we’ve been working on his paperwork for a very long time? If it were easy, my life would be easy. And boy howdy, is it NOT. [/end_rant]

    • Wtf says:

      I haven’t got the slightest idea of how to view anything through I USA proxy. If you would be so kind to explain instead of complaining of our messages, which are totally understandable as you can watch the video and we can’t (and we’re no less than you for not living in USA), we would all really appreciate it.

  23. torontogirl98 says:

    Anyone know where I can see this in Canada?

  24. EveDallas says:

    AHHH!!!! Sooooo excited \*-*/And I am not even upset that It’s starting really late. The extra time will make it that much better! Thanks Aus! <3

  25. Jim says:

    Aww, come on – what’s the point in posting videos that half your readers can’t even watch? Would somebody be so kind and upload it on youtube?

  26. Tamara Oyarzún Vidal says:

    you can watch the vid from any country at watch with kristin from eonline.com

  27. Rach says:

    yayyy!!!! there is another one on youtube that shows more of this scene


  28. Licia says:

    I found a Youtube link

  29. Vanessa says:

    I thought Booth was a little bit mean!

    • dd44 says:

      Me too. Why would he want to take a photo of Bones being upset? His pregnant girlfriend. Hmm. Do not like this little snippet much. I realize it’s out of context, it just seems insensitive.

      • BonesFringeFan says:

        Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one who thought that! It does seem a bit unlike Booth to do something like that… But I’m sure, Booth being the guy that he is, in the next second or so after that clip apologizes and gives her a hand…. I really hope that they are actually together together! The promos haven’t really given any info about their actual relationship status….

        • jamminjan62 says:

          Maybe Booth’s behavior is related to the fact that in the description he is referred to as “baby daddy Booth”. Cannot tell you how much I hate that expression, and hate even more to see it applied to Booth.

  30. Wendy says:

    Poor Brennan. LOL! But this looks fantastic. And I adore that their banter is back and they are still “them”. And Hodgins’ face says it all. It makes the wait for November a tiny bit easier to take!

  31. Linds says:

    Can usually check spoilertv.com a little after stuff is posted here and they have videos that can be viewed internationally.

    • Danyelle says:

      I dreaded very few things when Ausiello was at EW, but one of them was the Dark UFo people spamming his blog with blatant URL pimping. And here we go again.

      • Sarah says:

        Chill out. I think they were just trying to help all the people moaning and complaining about not being able to view this video in their country.

  32. danni girl says:

    ha ha ha did u c brennans face she look sooo funny cant wait for season 7 its gonna rock!!!!!

  33. pink tray says:

    I live in Asia and I could watch the clip. All you have to do is use a US proxy server or download one of the many apps that mask your true IP address and assign you with a US IP address. It fools most of these websites.

  34. Amy says:

    I think this season is going to be great.

  35. Mal says:

    This makes me giggle :) can’t wait! just 2 more months

  36. Lisa says:

    THANK YOU!!!
    NOV 3 can’t get here fast enough – CANNOT WAIT!!

  37. Jenny says:

    I don’t even watch this show, and I’m excited!!! I love relationships, and these two are cute! I’m gonna have to start watching now! lol

  38. Angie says:

    I can’t wait for season 7 to start either.I like that thier showing more of a human side to Bones. She is so scientific and serious most of the time and I don’t think Booth was being mean at all. I think he was teasing her. Someone mentioned above that it is not showing whether they are a couple or not. I agree. all of the spoiler stuff that has been posted seems to point to them being a couple, but I guess we won’t know that until November 3rd. I hope they show them as a couple. They don’t need to be honey this or kissey face all of the time becuase that is just not their style, but showing the fans a litte lovin between these two would be great.

  39. Mia says:

    Awww LOVE IT!!!

  40. Katy says:

    I can not wait for this! I really hate living in the UK at this time of year, seeing all my fave shows starting up again. I would LOVE to move to the US but it is NOT exactly an easy thing to do as some MORON suggested! Its a very long, very expensive process! But YAY for this! Bones is my fave! Really hope they are FINALLY a couple! Xxx

  41. lucy_1205 says:

    Awwwwwww!!!!!November where are u??? Can’t wait no more!!!!

  42. Lindsay says:

    I really wish the site would use an iPad friendly format for videos. Or an TVLine App would be cool.

    • ultimate troll says:

      You know it’s really simple to just run a youtube search for a tv promo. And if there’s a firewall at work preventing you from doing that guess what? – you’re employer is to blame not tvline.

  43. Kelly says:

    OH MY GOD!!!! YESSSSSS!!!! I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL NOVEMBER!!! Thank goodness I’ll have Glee to hold me over until the awesomeness that is Bones!!!!!! :D

  44. dane says:

    WHYYYYYYYYYYYY does this premiere have to be so far away?? I’m just DYING here! Cannot wait!!

  45. O'Brien says:

    This is genius. GENIUS. I love that they don’t have go through that whole, “We’re together, and this is precious, so we have to walk on eggshells and then implode/get back together/implode/get back together” crap. They’re together. And they’re them. And it’s hilarious and just as funny as you want it to be. I LOVE THIS.

  46. karina says:


  47. Catfishally says:

    You know this is going to be so much fun if you watch the clip twice. NOVEMBER is sooooo far away!

  48. Becki says:

    While I’m happy for the Bones fans that have stuck it out, I don’t understand how they can be happy with Hart Hanson continuing to crap all over the Brennan/Booth shippers. There were no sweet romantic scenes when they supposedly made this baby, if in fact they even slept together. Or is this pregnancy the result of her being artificially inseminated? My friends who still watch can’t answer that question. I guess he set the bat so low with the season 4 finale that folks are just accepting the drivel he’s turned the show into. This show was once amazing. Booth and Brennan getting together, being a couple and having a child could have been incredible. But not the way HH has done it. It’s trivialized the entire relationship and as a result, the entire show.

    • Jason says:

      Did you not watch season 6? It was all about Brennan confessing her feelings to Booth, Booth realizing he and Bones would eventually be together after he gets over Hannah, who I think was a message sent from the gods because it allowed Brennan to realize what she is missing. They did talk about their feelings, I’ll admit not as thorough or long as I thought they would be it happened. Go watch some other show like True Blood or Nip/Tuck reruns for your perverted sex scenes.

      • Cindy says:

        It’s not the sex that is missing from Bones…it’s the dark comedy and the relationship inaction between the characters. It sort of got dull.

    • Cindy says:

      I have to agree somewhat with Becki. They took away the sweet bantor and friendship between Booth and Brennan when Hannah came into the picture. It took away from the show. Even without being love interests, they should have let the friendship intact. Also, the stories aren’t as good. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the show..a lot but I’m hoping it gets back to the way it was prior to this last season.

    • brennanbooth says:

      First off, I have to say FINALLY!!! And didn’t have to stick it out for 6 years to wait for it, lol. (I watched all of the seasons in the past month.)

      As was said in other posts, Brennan & Booth’s sleeping together was implied in Brennan’s conversation with Angela. And while the pregnancy could have happened during that one night, it also could’ve happened during the 4-5 weeks after that night. I doubt that after finally sleeping together that they went back to not having a romantic relationship with each other.

      As for keeping silent about it, my guess is that with Vincent’s death, they didn’t want to announce it to anyone for a while. Plus, they probably wanted to take things very slow and not jinx anything.

      IMO, it was clear to me, as it was to Max, that something was still going on between them from the way they weren’t bickering over every little thing in the last eppy. But, I could be wrong. Hopefully there’s a flash back this season that clears everything up.

  49. jaz says:

    cant wait i jut love this show!! =D