Big Brother Recap: Operation Dummy Drop

No one likes to see seven minutes of entertainment stretched into an hour-long batch of pregnant pauses and fart speculation, but that’s exactly what we witnessed on Wednesday night’s Big Brother. It’s like how that Anne Hathaway movie One Day felt like it lasted two months, you know? To kill time, the P.O.V. episode turned itself into a meditation on Porsche’s poor decision to open Pandora’s Box for a $5,000 payoff. To be fair: Very bad move, Porsche! But to be fairer to us, couldn’t Zingbot have come back to harass her about it? Or David Hasselhoff?

Like clockwork, the dread of HOH Porsche’s decision segued right into a P.O.V. competition that suited the strengths of her adversaries, Rachel and Jordan — or maybe just Rachel, which is worse enough. In yet another “dangling” challenge where the six remaining HGs hung onto suspended dummies bearing the faces of fallen competitors, the seemingly advantaged quad of Porsche/Kalia/Adam/Shelly tried to outlast Rachel, who used her Goro-like appendages to strangle her Brendon dummy and perch herself high in the air. Poetically just, wouldn’t you say?

Adam fell off first like the beardless tundra of nothingness he is, lasting about five minutes. “I’m still too fat,” he muttered, achieving Death of a Salesman bleakness in his delivery. That didn’t stop him from waxing neurotic about his performance later, as he noted to Porsche, “I’m just embarrassed for myself… You needed me to win, I needed me to win.” No one needs you to be anything, Adam. We don’t even need you to be. Jordan tumbled off her dummy second, complaining of soreness. Shelly and a disappointing Porsche descended after, leaving only Rachel (still beaming like the Cheshire Cat in a V8-colored Party City wig) and Kalia (slipping so fast, we can already hear her teary runner-up confessional). Lo and behold, Rachel won and secured safety for herself and Jordan in a critical victory. By default, Porsche replaced them on the chopping block with Adam and Shelly. Bummer.

But before we see if Shelly’s clandestine pleading with Rachel and Jordan will earn her another week in the house over the sad cipher Adam, let’s make the most of this spotty episode and pick three moments that we truly relished. I’d rather dwell on the fun parts instead of needlessly debate whether Adam or Shelly is going home tomorrow. Both houseguests are just tally marks at this point, and one isn’t more valuable than the other — even if Shell’s social game is much savvier than Adam’s. I do root for Shelly, but only because she’s crafty with soundbites. At the end of the day, I appreciate primed D.R. chops. When she claimed Porsche has more stuffing in her chest than her head, I chortled like Fire Marshall Bill. But only because he looks like Shelly!

Without further ado, here are three moments that warranted uppercase LOLs.

3. Shelly’s claim to Jordan that she “tortured over the decision” to vote out Jeff. Is this “Pranksta’s Paradise?” by the rapper LOLlio? Because I’m guffawing! If the other houseguests are intuitive, they must realize that Shelly is an instinctive player who relies more on impulsive gamesmanship than loyalty to further her game. Jordan seemed to accept Shelly’s explanation, but it remains to be seen whether Shelly’s new promise to protect Rachel and Jordan will be sincere. Shelly’s lies are the un-white variety — they’re plain and flagrant. They’re darker, plain lies — beige lies, if you will. Just like Shelly herself. “The Beige Lie” — hell of an outlaw moniker, wouldn’t you say?

2. Kalia’s fart drama
As Kalia slipped from her dummy, she… seemed to pass gas a couple of times. That would be forgettable if Kalia didn’t then claim to us, “I swear I don’t pass gas!” Indeed, she tried defending herself by disavowing her entire digestive system. Isn’t she supposed to be the booksmart member of this squad?

1. Adam yelling “Dammit!” like a tubercular stepfather
Not only did Adam fall first from the dummies, but he once again bellowed “Dammit!” like your emphysema-choked uncle as he accidentally drops his last carton of Winston’s off the fishing boat. Even better, it seemed like Adam’s bellow was his version of a game move. “They know I suck,” he probably reasons, “so I better yell PG swear words to trick them into believing I feel bad about sucking.” Gloriously pitiful. Good job, loudly worthless man!

What do you think of the P.O.V. episode? Do you feel like the newbies can’t catch a break with these circumstantial game twists? Are Rachel and Jordan major contenders again? Is Shelly toast tomorrow? Leave it in the comments, follow me on Twitter at @louisvirtel, and read me regularly at!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. I think Big Brother is a genius. It’s like they knew 2 of the most important players would be on the chopping block at this time. Don’t get me wrong I want airhead Portia and Kalia to be in the final two, but I do love a good comeback story.

    • Rock Golf says:

      If this were a game show, they’d be pulled in from of the government for rigging contest after contest after contest. I’m quite sure the decision to re-pair the contestants was made after it became clear that Rachel & Jordan would both be nominated.

      Seriously, how many times have just the people they most want in the veto competition been pulled from the bag? Does anyone believe anymore that every contestant is in that bag every time with one chip? There’s a reason they turn off the 24-hour feed during that part of the game.

      • R says:

        PLUS! did anyone notice that the veto was a lot like the banana competition where they had to be the last one hanging on. Guess who also won that… Rachel.

      • Jean says:

        The BB show probably did rig it so Jordan and Rachel could come back, but if Porche hadn’t taken the money it wouldn’t have happened. Also, there were 4 newbies who had a chance to hang on to their dummies and didn’t, so that’s their problem. Go Rachel and Jordan!!

        • dee says:

          bout time someone is sticking up for rachel and jordan… they deserve to be final two after all these floaters just coasted thru the game on their coattails. All the newbies need to go bye bye

          • D says:

            The flaw in your argument is that BB is as much a social game as it is a competitive one. The newbies and Jordan can’t win competitions(Jeff and Brendon threw the only competition she won this year), and Rachel is a great competitor but lousy with people.

            Honestly, none of the HGs left deserve to win, but I’d rather the money not go to someone as crass as Rachel. I don’t like Brendon or Jeff either, but they at least had some semblance of class. Well, Jeff jad class until his back was against the wall, but still.

        • Gabe says:

          If Porsche hadn’t opened Pandora’s Box, then the Duo Twist would have probably just come from the “Fortune Teller”, as so far there is no reason for it’s existence and the producers would just claim it as another one of it’s twists…

        • Captain says:

          Yes but Porsche could very well have been told to open Pandora’s Box. How boring would it have been if she had said “Nope”? It’s become very clear that Big Brother is completely manipulated by producers at all times, to ensure the people they want in the end are there.

  2. John says:

    Yet another terrible episode of the worst season of Big Brother in years! Not only is it CLEAR that the producers are doing all they can to milk Rachel’s existence in the game (fixing Brendon’s return into the house, tweaking the Pandora’s box twist and then having a POV tailor made to her strength) but they continue to torture us with leather faced Shelly in every diary room session.. It sucks to have a guilty pleasure/summer obsession that makes me want to dig my eyes out with a spork.

    • Cris says:

      I think you are correct that CBS fixed the Pandora’s Box to ensure there was a chance for Rachel and Jordan to stay in the game. I don’t think they fixed Branden to come back though. I honestly think people really voted for him. In my opinion, I think the votes were made not so that he comes back but to see the drama unfold when Rachel gets evicted and the two them had to battle it out. What no one expected was to have Lawon volunteer to be evicted. Boy, was that the stupidest move in BB history!

  3. Buffy Freak says:

    Former player Enzo has announced he is President of the Adam Fan Club. He’s thrilled to see Adam steal his title of Most Useless Slug in the History of Big Brother. Seriously Adam makes Enzo look like the Roger Federer, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Joey Chestnut, Joe Montana of Big Brother.

  4. Newo says:

    Everyone seems to jump all over the show for “fixing” it with the Pandora’s box twist. Do remember that Porshe had a choice to take it or not, she did, she paid for it, even after conversations (via live feed) with the HG’s about not taking it if its offered. I’m not saying the producers don’t try to influence the game and house for the shows purposes but on this issue it was a choice she made for monetary gain.

    • Chuck says:

      Yeah, but assuming Porsche is familiar with the show, in the past the Pandora’s Box has tended to be a good thing for the HOH, or at least not a terrible thing. This twist blew up her entire game and made her HOH reign totally meaningless. Besides, you can’t assume that even if she had turned the box down, the producers wouldn’t have just come up with some other way to get what they clearly wanted–at least one more guaranteed week in the house for the two remaining veterans.

      • Joey says:


        You make some fair points, but I would call spending an hour with Jessie just as horrible as your entire BB game being screwed up.

        You are right. The producer manipulation is pretty intense, but she still had the choice to not take it. I probably would’ve taken the money, too… but then I would have won the POV. (Duh.) The producer’s can’t really do much beyond Pandora’s Box.

        I don’t think Alison Grodner has it in her to do America’s Vote anymore… if left up to “America,” Shelly would be stoned to death on national television. I suppose they could have invented another new twist to propel Jordan and Rachel in the game, but I doubt they are that inventive.

  5. darclyte says:

    I’ve been reading about all of the horrible things that people have been doing to Shelly’s family and workplace. Unbelievable. It’s amazing that people can go so far off the deep end over a tv show. Do they really think Jeff & Jordan would approve? Jordan will cry like never before when she hears about this. I hope if any of those dipsticks that have engaged in this behavior are reading this that they stop and try to find some semblance of rationality. I also hope that the FBI tracks down those who engaged in the worst deeds and prosecutes them to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Buffy Freak says:

      There are several Shelly Hate pages on facebook and some of the vitriol is pretty disturbing. I’m no fan of hers but wishing harm to her or her faily is beyond ridiculous.

  6. Mandy says:

    I was team Dani, but with the people left, I want Rachel and Jordan to make it to the final 2. The rest of the houseguests are pretty much useless. If Adam wins a spot in final 2, I KNOW the end of the world is coming!!!!!

    • tripoli says:

      Agreed. Although I’d prefer Adam over Porsche and Kalia, since he’s the lesser evil out of the 3. Never imagined I’d be rooting for Rachel, but her and Jordan are my final 2 hope, with Jordan taking it all for the second time. Here’s hoping next season has a better cast of unknowns who will actually play the game.

  7. Joe says:

    I want Rachel and Jordan for the final two if only for the fact that I utterly detest the “Newbies”. Jeff was right when he said that these people basicaly hid under their beds until the HG’s were wittled down to just a few and then they woke up. Do you really want to see Kalia win this thing? Porche? Shelly? Really? Give it to Rachel. She’s so bat-sh*t crazy but she was a lot of the entertainment for the season.

    • John 2.0 says:

      The problem with this season (and the trend of mixing old and new players) is that you have people like Adam, Shelley and initially Porsche who are acting like fans vs. their competition. They feel so lucky to be in the presence of B/R, J/J and before Dick left D/D that they aren’t playing to win, they are just happy to be playing. Dummies don’t realize that they are being played and used. Clearly none of them watched Boston Rob get handed a million dollars by his ‘fans’ last season on Survivor. I hope next season is either all stars or all new so there is a level playing field. This season has been garbage.

      • B says:

        What always puzzles me on these shows (Big Bro, Survivor, etc.) is how they talk about “we want to keep ______, he/she is a strong competitor for challenges.” Um, that’s exactly who you want out of there first. Then you have a much greater chance at winning them yourself!

        I can’t for the life of me understand why the newbies this season didn’t recognize from the start that they were guaranteeing nothing but that 2 of the final three spots would be reserved for their couple of choice, when they tried scheming with either J/J or Harpie/PhD-bag for a “final three” deal. Plus, Adam claims to be a huge Big Brother fan, so how does he not realize that the vets would NEVER EVER pick someone to win the half-million who won next to nothing and did even less gameplay-wise other than say “yes sir whatever you want sir” to the vets? If nothing else, they, generally, choose the one who played the best game. Jordan notwithstanding.


    • SuseCue says:


      I had to check and see if this was one of my There is no way that any of these newbies deserve to win. They are awful! I did like Cassie but the rest are just plain pitiful! Adam’s comments on the live feeds last night made me really detest him. For people who don’t watch the Live Feeds, Adam emulates Evel Dick so much that he tries to do an end of the day monolouge for the Live Feeds, as ED did on season 8. However, Adam is a complete idiot! Last night he pretty much yelled at all of the BB fans because he knows how much they will hate his strategy of bouncing back and forth each week. Oh, and he was coughing and sweating and losing his breath throughout the two minute monolouge. And Yes, he called his game play stretegy! He actually said that “If I make it to the F2 there is no way they can deny me the money!” What? Has he lost his mind?

      And as for Proche and Kalia, The Chubby Duo, they make me physically ill. Watching these two on the Live Feeds consits of watching them eating and sleeping and yapping over each other while eating for the last 70 days or so! It is really just plain gross! The two of them have gotten so big at this point that none of the clothes they brought even fit them anymore! That is why they are always wearing the same clothes on all of the aired episodes! Neither of them even shower anymore! The last few times Kalia has gone to the DR they have actually asked her to go and “Clean Up a bit” and come back!

      I didn’t even know Porshe was on the show until week 5 or 6! One day on the Feeds I was looking for Lawon just to see if he was still there because I hadn’t seen him in days and there was Porshe! I was like, “Where did she come from?” lol

      The only thing I am hoping to see from The Chubby Trio before they leave is to see them play OTEV! I want to see how many times Kalia, Adam and Porshe will try and run up the ramp and roll back down before just throwing in the towel and heading back inside to get a snack.

      I am certain they have never before had to disqualify more than half of the remaining HG’s during OTEV for not being able to get up the ramp! This season there is a strong possibility of a Big Brother first if OTEV is the next POV!

      Seriously, the Newbies are just plain Bad! I have to root for Rachel to win and then Jordon will to take 2nd by default.

  8. Sivat says:

    Is this show still on? I stopped watching when Daniele was unceremoniously evicted.

  9. ryjus says:

    Regarding comment above: producers are doing all they can to milk Rachel’s existence in the game (fixing Brendon’s return into the house, tweaking the Pandora’s box twist and then having a POV tailor made to her strength). YES – I agree that the game has been fixed from the beginning to favor Rachel and Brendon, also including allowing Rachel to cheat by yelling out the colors of the balls that Brendon needed to win. NOTHING was said about that obvious cheating. I’m mad. This is always my summer entertainment but you can’t ignore the fact that the show is blatantly rigged. I don’t believe America voted for Brendon to come back. Pandora’s box with the duos back this week was tailor made for Rachel, as was hanging on the dummies (remember Rachel winning the banana hanging contest the first week?). CBS, I’m so disappointed. You have no integrity and you lost a long-time viewer.

  10. JimJ says:

    I also agree that the producers and CBS are driving this show and driving it badly and in favor of the vets. One: recent example is have/havenots suddendly when Jeff wins HoH there is no comp for who eats and who doesnt its suddenly Jeff’s call for three and there happend to be three against Jeff, SHOCKER. Two: Suddenly Porsche is HoH and we just got out 2 big vets so we cant get rid of another so lets throw in Pandora box (ALSO at the end of Thur show they did the announcer say who will be HoH and said who with they nom but not will they open Pandora’s box because they decided to add that after the HoH) Then there is an endurance comp for P.O.V?? one that is tailored to Rachel. RIGGED.

    If the Producers and CBS want the loyal fans to stay watching and end this talk of the show not 100% legit than after the HG get in the house post on the CBS web site a firm schedule of what comps will be each week for HoH, have/have-not and pov. If I saw this last week there will be a pandora box and a endurance pov I wouldnt thinkg CBS is trying to manipulate the outcome.

  11. golf says:

    It’s been rigged since BRENNEN came back in the show via fan vote. Each time it looks like the drama will be evicted, they bring a new twist that insures the vets get a new lease on life.

    It’s all about ratings

    AG is doing whatever she can to keep the house interesting and let’s face it, watching Porche and Kalia sleep is not going to make for interesting TV.

    • JD says:

      as much as i detest rachel and brendon together in the house (i think they’re tolerable separately), i don’t think the vote was rigged. i can’t believe people voted for him to come back, but even one of my close, generally level headed friends said she used all 10 of her votes on him for the drama. and it does make sense that Cassi and Dom would split the votes of people who wanted Newbies back. that really paved the way for Brendon to win big time. and while i agree that there is definitely significant producer manipulation and some rigging, i don’t know that this veto was rigged…endurance comps are serious business, and the apparatus would have to be designed and built WAY ahead of time for its safety to be checked. so unless the producers have a crystal ball that can see 2-3 weeks in the future, i think this veto comp would have happened regardless of the HOH. the PB duos twist thing, however, was probably invented on the fly once they saw what was about to happen to the vets. i doubt that would have been the PB if Jordan or Rachel was HOH.

  12. brennen says:

    Fans of the show voted for Brenden to return back into the House. Why would you want an unproven to return when a proven like Brenden will create drama. I think this season has been great. Each week the power has shifted. Do I think Shelly’s family should be harrassed? Of course not. The producers can only help the show so much. If the show was rigged then Brenden, Jeff and Danielle would be sitting in the House. It was Danielle’s season to lose.

    • JimJ says:

      I said the producers and CBS are driving it I do think there is chance and luck involved and thats why Jeff, Dani and Brendan are in the jury house. My point was when have we ever had a pov endurence comp never. Why wasnt Pandora’s box mentioned at the end of Thursdays show when it said turn in to see who will be the next HoH and who they will nominated…..Normally they would also announce Pandora’s Box to the viewers at that time and they didnt becuase by the end of last Thursday they didnt know if they would need it in the hopes that jordan or rachel would have won HoH.

      This is why I think they should post what comps and twists are going to be done when the show starts. The whole expect the unexcepted is for the HG it doesnt ruin anything for the view to know that in the 4th week there will be endurence comp. Just my thought and opinion.

      • SuseCue says:

        “when have we ever had a pov endurence comp never”

        Never say never if you are not 100% sure. There have indeed been several POV Endurance Competitions in Big Brother. To name two off the top of my head: In season 8 there was the POV where they had to stand on pedastools with a glass on their head the longest while other HG’s to tried to get them to fall by being silly or in Dick’s case, being really really mean. Then in season 9 they had The Disco Ball POV where Natalie stood on that spinning ball for I believe over six hours while puking on herself to save Matt and evict James.

        I am sure there were other’s if you went and checked each season. I am by no means saying that production does not sway or at least try very hard to sway HG’s decision’s from time to time for the sake of drama. That has been well known for many seasons. But it is also made clear in their contracts that production has the ability to change anything in the game whenever they want. The one thing they have Never done is force people to sign the contract and enter the house to play their game.

        These HG’s know exactly what the deal is when they try out and there are still thousands and thousands of people trying out every year. That is what bother’s me. The fact that they have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of new people try out every year yet still find in necessary to keep bringing the same people back season after season after season makes me crazy!

        If CBS would go back to choosing “Total Strangers” again I think the show would be more of a Reality Show than the soap opera it has become.

        As far as the votes for Brendon, I absolutely hated Brendon and Rachel last season. But this season the “Newbies” were just so pitiful I even voted for Brendon to return, as did many of the members of The Jokers ShoutBox and other BB Message boards that previously hated B/R. Many prior Rachel haters are even routing for Rachel to win this seaon, including me!

        I still love Jeff and Jordon. I always will. But, I don’t ever need to see them on Big Brother again! No more Brendon, Rachel, Dick or Daniele either. And Especially, PLEASE, No More Jessie! LOL

  13. Cris says:

    I never really disliked Rachel but never wanted her to win. She was annoying but she is a great competitor and great TV. However, I’m starting to really like her now. I truly believe that Brenden brings out the worse in her. He’s not around and she is a totally different person. I don’t mind if she wins now.

  14. The Bambino says:

    After hating on Rachel all summer, I’m now rooting for her or Jordan to take this thing so we can close the door on this season! Ya gotta believe the producers put in the last twist to give them both a shot to stay in the game, otherwise one of those “newbies”, who’ve done NOTHING, might actually get $500,000 (well, Shelly lies and talks about her family as if “America” give a flying fig about them- and I guess that counts as playing the game in some stupid universe). Anyway, these farting newbies now actually have to play. Let’s see what they can do, and then it’s on to Amazing Race and Survivor.

  15. Robin says:

    Please – this is so rigged to help veterans. I would like to see Rachel win but not with the help of BB. There is a lot of money at stake and everyone who is left deserves a fair shot at it. This is not a time to play with the game (and life) of others just to bring BB ratings up. I am not a fan of Jordan’s game play and I hate Adam’s boring game play, so I would like to see Rachel and Shelly final 2, which the odds of that are next to nothing.

  16. lacey says:

    I want Rachel and Jordan in the final two!

  17. Tobi says:

    People, this is reality TV, which means of course the producers have a hand in it. If you read the jokers updates online or watch the live feeds, you’ll see that they “help” alot of different things happen in that house!! If you go into the BB house, you’ve got to know about the twists, the pandora’s box, the diamond veto, the coup de’ tat(my all time fav!), America’s Player ect…They are suppose to roll with the punches, just like every other HG has every other year. Here’s the sad thing, every one of them played the banana challange on day one, so everyone of them should have known how to hold onto those dummies better than they were & could have won just as easily as Rachel. I for one am sooo TEAM JORCHEL!!!

  18. RJG says:

    It is so clear that the producers are controlling who has the best chance to win both the HOH and POV contests. But hey, it is their money and their show but it is so transparent that they want Rachel to stay on through the show as she is the nucleus of the drama and sort of a person you love to hate. I actually think Rachel is much more tolerable without Brendon there. Shelly is not someone you love to hate, she is just hopeless and needs to go home, bypass the jury, just go home Shelly! Adam is like an Ameba with appendages and the ability to speak-LOSER TO THE MAX, perhaps it’s the bacon? Porsche is a doofus who hasn’t had an original thought in years. The final 3 will most likely be JR and Kalia as Kalia has a deal with Jordan. Jordan is sweet but not the best player. In my opinion, Kalia and Rachel are the best of the 6 remaining players.

  19. April says:

    I LOVE Rachel!!! She was my favorite last year and she’s my favorite this year. These newbies are freaking idiots. Porsche and Kalia wouldn’t even be in the house if it weren’t for Rachel. I don’t think the game is rigged at all. I was reading a blog ( and she posted that she knew someone who developed the comps for the first 6 seasons or something and that all the comps are decided before hand. Also America LOVES Jeff and Jordan (as I did during their season) and Brendon was the only one of the four people that America could vote on that would help Jeff and Jordan. I don’t think it’s a mystery at all why Brendon was voted back into the house. I voted for him just because I couldn’t stand to see Rachel’s crybernation anymore. I like her better now when she is feisty and working with Jordan… They do make a better team than either girl does with her significant other. So… in conclusion, there’s no fix and go team Jorchel!!! Team Radon?!!! As long as Jordan and Rachel are in the final two, no one can guess how this show will end.

    • SuseCue says:

      “I don’t think it’s a mystery at all why Brendon was voted back into the house. I voted for him just because I couldn’t stand to see Rachel’s crybernation anymore.”

      Don’t forget about all the people that voted Brendon back in just to mess with Dani! LOL There are a LOT of Dani haters out there, which I believe is where the bulk of Brendon’s votes came from.

  20. Robbie says:

    I noticed Louis Virtel didn’t mention Jordan’s drop from the dummy after Adam. Jordan knew if she and Rachel didn’t win Rachel would be voted off. Wow, Jordan fell like the little darling she portrays. Goo-goo (trying to talk like a baby), she can’t take pain and further said “it’s not like Survivor or anything” duh! She wasn’t a bit worried that she and Rachel would lose and Rachel voted out. All the little dumb useless darling had on her (I use that loosely) mind was it wouldn’t be her voted out.

  21. ALFFAN says:

    I’ve watched every season of BB. While it seemed ok to start, I don’t think the newbies versus the vets and teams worked. I also think the producers fixed Brendon and definitely this Pandora’s Box thing. I believe had Porsche not opened Pandora’s Box – they would’ve done one of those “expect the unexpected” and changed the game up anyway.

    Here is my take on the remaining players:

    Kalia – I think she’s been a good player. She’s won some big competitions, and she also has some brains. I don’t what there is not to like about her. Right now, I am rooting for her.

    Porsche – She sat on the sideline most of the season and I know that bothered some people. However, in all fairness, she also won a couple of key HOH’s. I would not mind seeing her win and the Pandora’s box thing was a scam.

    Adam – Literally he is so stupid. He can’t win a competition and he just floats all over the place. I really want to see him out of the house.

    Shelly – I know she’s been pretty controversial. I was not happy with the way she orchestrated Dom’s exit. However, as a game player, she has been sharp. She’s played both sides and moved from side to side when necessary. She correctly voted Jeff out (and I was so glad he went). To threaten Shelly’s family is insanity. She has played by the rules. If it weren’t for this silly twist, Shelly might be a favorite.

    Jordan – I think she’s a nice young lady, but she’s already won $500,000. She isn’t a good player in POV or HOH’s and she really just sat by Jeff most of the time. I don’t like her game play and she deserves to go home.

    Rachel – I liked her and Brendon last time but this year they were on my nerves. Brendon is going for his PhD and wants to marry her. She’s not dumb, she’s just emotional. But I will say she is a decent game player. I just believe she should’ve been out a while ago.

    On the jury front:

    Brendon: Also think it was rigged for him to go back in. He’s a so-so player..

    Jeff: One of the most arrogant players in BB History. Did not care for his whining or complaining. Was glad Shelly gave him the boot. He was “the good looking guy” which appeals to the large female fan base of BB – which is why the women were so upset.

    Dani: Absolutely was my favorite player. She had a couple of things go against her and Jeff just flat lied to her… she deserved to win or be in the final 2.

    • Erin says:

      To me, the only person more arrogant this season than Jeff was Dani. I liked Dani on S8, but this season, she played too hard & fast. And don’t forget, Dani lied to Jeff first when she tried to backdoor him in week 3. As a game player, he would have been stupid to trust her again. He can’t see the diary room sessions that we see.

  22. Cat says:

    You say that Shelly’s social game is “much savvier than Adam’s”. Sorry but she played too hard and told too many unnecessary, non-game related lies (in addition to all the game lies) to ever be considered as having anything but a poor social game. Eventually the HGs are going to compare notes, which they did yesterday, now not a single person believes a word she says and even worse thinks she is nothing but a trouble maker stirring up both sides of the house. No way that even remotely equates to savvy. I won’t even go into the rest of your assessment of the episode. It’s obvious you aren’t really a BB fan, and simply watch the CBS version in order to write these half-baked recaps.

  23. Janie says:

    The rigging on this show for Jordan is out of control. I understand that cat-ladies love her and her violent bigot boyfriend, and cat ladies are the primary demographic for this show, but it really makes me sick to see an idiot who has never done a thing in two seasons win twice.

  24. Erin says:

    IMO, the only newbie who has done enough to deserve a spot in the final two is Kalia. The people who have actually done anything worth mentioning when you look at both competing & strategizing are Kalia and Rachel. Either one of them winning would be OK with me (shocking to say given that I couldn’t despise Rachel more when Brendon is around).

    Jordan winning wouldn’t be so bad since I like her as a person.

    Adam/Porsche/Shelley winning would be worst case scenario. Any of them would be the most worthless floater winner since Adam of S9.

  25. JB Smooove says:

    I’m not trying to cast certain groups of people into a bad light, but why were the three stupidest game moves made by homosexual men? Lawon thus season, Dustin in season 8 asked to be up against eval

  26. JB Smooove says:

    I’m not trying to cast certain groups of people into a bad light, but why were the three stupidest game moves made by homosexual men? Lawon thus season, Dustin in season 8 asked to be up against eval dick, and marcelas saving the girl over himself. I would surmise that those three players trusted people too much, and as we all know, there is NO HONOR amongst bb players.