Dancing With the Stars Names Season 13 Couples: Who's Most Likely to Win?

ABC followed up Monday night’s Dancing With the Stars‘ Season 13 cast announcement by revealing celebs’ dance-pro partners on Wednesday’s edition of Good Morning America. Now that we know who’s hoofin’ with who, it’s time to put some odds on these couples’ chances to take home the Season 13 mirror ball trophy, ranking their potential from Michael Bolton self-immolation to Drew Lachey invincibility. Without further ado…

Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus | Wild-eyed cable hostess who made recent headlines for her raging obsession with the Casey Anthony trial doesn’t immediately present as the embodiment of ballroom elegance. The fact that she’s paired with first-time pro MacManus (formerly a member of the DWTS Troupe) may not help her in the vote-getting department, either. ODDS: 30-1

Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovolani | Musical nostalgia is a powerful thing, but Phillips seems somehow less suited to the weird and wonderful DWTS dreamscape than, say, a Debbie Gibson or a Jordan Knight. Will she fill the slightly stiff, “elegant” lady role, or is there a fleet-footed dancing queen under her exterior, ready to hold on for one more day? ODDS: 25-1

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff | The Iraq war vet and cast member of soon-to-conclude All My Children certainly has a compelling backstory — while serving as a U.S. army infantryman in 2003, his Humvee hit a land mine and he suffered severe burns to more than 40 percent of his body — but “soap star” and “model” are sometimes code words for “cannon fodder” in the DWTS universe. He’ll need to quickly impress the judges and quickly connect with the viewing audience to avoid an early exit. ODDS: 20-1

Elisabetta Canalis and Val Chmerkovskiy | I’m not the only one who chuckled when Canalis wasn’t introduced as “George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend” during ABC’s cast-announcement special, right? OK, yeah, she was on Leverage for a minute, but little-known beauties like Josie Maran and Petra Nemcova failed to go far in previous seasons. Drawing the lesser-known Chmerkovskiy — Val has appeared in a number of DWTS routines, but never as a full-fledged pro — may not result in a huge built-in voting bloc, either. ODDS: 20-1

Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer | The transgender activist is certainly one of the more intriguing personalities to grace the DWTS stage, and Bono’s inclusion in the Season 13 cast has drawn applause from GLAAD. Still, previous fuller-figured contestants have struggled with DWTS‘ grueling pace, and that could spell trouble as the choreography grows more difficult each week. Immediate bonus points, though, if mama Cher shows up in the ballroom audience. ODDS: 15-1

Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya | Expect plenty of wacky props and costumes from the leading contender for Season 13 Class-Clown Couple. Hard to imagine The Dapper Mr. Kressley will hoof his way into the holiday season, but a mid-pack finish could be possible on personality alone. ODDS: 12-1

Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas | She could very easily be eliminated in the first two weeks, but young, good-looking, and relatively unknown contestants (see: Joanna Krupa, Audrina Patridge) can quickly overcome lack of audience recognition when they’re paired with first-rate pros. I mean, did anyone care about Chelsea Kane heading into Season 12? Still, the icky-cocky Ballas seems kind of overdue for a mid-season exit — especially now that judges’ pet Derek is back in the mix. ODDS: 10-1

Ron Artest and Peta Murgatroyd | Probably a good idea that he’s competing as Ron Artest (and not “Metta World Peace”), and while he’s maybe not as warm and fuzzy as pro-athlete DWTS champs like Hines Ward or Apolo Anton Ohno, he’s certainly not going to be boring, either. Willingness to flash abs during DWTS cast-announcement special shows he’ll be OK with costume department’s sheer shirts and plunging necklines. Neophyte pro partner (a former DWTS Troupe member) is an unknown quantity. ODDS: 8-1

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke | Like Cavallari, the lesser-known Kardashian could very easily be cut in the first two weeks, but young, good-looking, and relatively unknown contestants can quickly overcome lack of audience recognition when they’re paired with first-rate pros. ODDS: 6-1

David Arquette and Kym Johnson | Arquette is a polarizing presence, but he’s arguably the biggest name in the Season 13 cast, and actors tend to have an innate awareness of their bodies and an inner rhythm that can sometimes elude reality stars and “average people” (see Kate Gosselin, Bristol Palin). Plus, he’s paired with DWTS delightful stealth weapon Kym Johnson, which can only help him win over fans. ODDS: 4-1

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough | Whether or not the judges’ fawning over Derek fills you with rage, there’s no denying he’s one of the show’s most astute choreographers. And there are certainly parallels between Lake (who broke through with a dancing role in Hairspray) and Season 11 champ Jennifer Grey (who broke through with a dancing role in Dirty Dancing). ODDS: 5-2

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy | A wildly popular (and undeniably attractive) athlete at peak fitness paired with the torso-baring badboy of the dance floor? Almost guaranteed a spot in the finale — even if she never changes out of her cleets. ODDS: 2-1

Who’s your early pick to win Season 13 of DWTS? Take our poll below, then hit the comments to justify your picks! And for all my reality TV recaps and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. kevin says:

    Hope’s a fave to win but Ricki’s consider a dark horse. GO RICKI! GO RICKI!

    • Vicki says:

      Anyone but Macsim, I saw him on another reality series about 3 years ago and he is the biggest creep! So sexist and smug.

      • Alex González says:

        Wrong !
        First the name is Maksim, secondly he’s one of the best male dancers in the show. Just give him a good patner, he hasn’t been lucky lately, last season he has a perfect one, but she was to good looking
        and of course was voted out by the envious women….<:))

        • me says:

          He has had several great partners one being Brandy and Mel B. If I’m not mistaken. And yet he can’t win because of judges comments Lin. They need to give him a break, they should’ve partner him with George Clooney’s ex.

        • Barbara March says:

          Good Looking????? couldn’t dance either. Not good enough for a trophy. Max is a wonderful dancer, he was robbed the year he danced with Brandy.

    • Doris says:

      Few people remember Ricki did Hairspray in the 80’s, so, she can dance.

    • denise says:

      I like Ricci too! My husband says if Nancy grace could dance with her mouth she’d be a shoe in…

    • gloria says:

      who ever dance well and good steps body posture will be the contender

    • Christy says:

      Before we start disecting and criticizing each stars abilities as dancers, shouldn’t we wait and actually see how they do opening night? Why are we so quick to find fault w/o having proper info to substatiate these comments? Whatever happened to the practice of if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything. ESPECIALLY when we haven’t even seen their dancing potential.
      We need to be more kind and less critical! And just for the sake of asking, exactly how well would any of us w/o experience dance following the strict criteria the judges must follow and then be willing to stand in front of millions and be critiqued w/o being mortified w/ embarrassment. Kudos to ALL the dancers starting from season 1 as it takes alot of balls to participate in this beautiful form of artful expression. Thanks to ABC for thinking of this idea and following through for so many seasons. I’m a die hard fan no matter who dances,if for no other reason than to see the pros dance.Take time and enjoy the dancing and appreciate the dancers for taking alot of time out of their life to breathe,live and eat dancing until their untimely loss of the dancing oportunity.

      • Debbie says:

        Very well said Christy,totally agree!

      • Gail says:

        Amen to that Christy!! I was thinking the same thing when I saw the poll. Can’t judge if you don’t know how they dance. And Max is my favorite! All of the stars are wonderful dancers and wouldn’t be there if they weren’t. Most times I am rooting for them all!!! :)

      • Charmayne says:

        Agree 100%. These ppl have other lives and they all stop what their doing just to experience something as wonderful as DWTS and all we do is wish for the opportunity. I would love to be able to afford to stop my daily routine and leave my family just to go and dance with these ppl. To say that I did something that most only dream of.

      • Sharon says:

        BRAVO!!! Took the words right out of my mouth ;-)
        Great POST.

      • Just call me Syl says:

        I agree with you 100% Christy!

      • Minerva says:

        Absolutely Christy!

      • Kay says:

        It doesn’t really matter how well one can dance when the judges are so flagrantly biased in favor of pro athletes that they forgive all their faux pas in one breath and criticize others for the same thing in the next. Carrie Ann is the absolute worst at it. Especially with football players. She seems to have a real thing for them. They can commit any error and she forgives them and still gives them high marks. (just because she thinks they’re so great!) Put anyone else in the same situation and she criticizes them and takes away points. it’s very irritating and totally unfair but she gets away with it. She’s harder on women, especially actresses. I think we could use new judges. Ones without preconceived opinions.

      • Cheryl says:

        To Christy,,,,
        very well said,,,,thank you for putting into words so well,,,,and speaking some of our thoughts,,,,

      • carmen says:

        good for you,i love it.

      • Catherine says:

        I have watched DWTS from the beginning, I live in Canada so I vote die-hardily online now. I love Maks & Derek & Cheryl & miss Derek’s sister, she was amazing too, I also love Lacey. I can’t wait to see what kind of costumes will be used. Maks has been robbed yes but if he treats this like a real competition he’d walk away with the trophy. I love seeing him half naked but there is a reason why Derek won it a few times. Len is tough, need to give enough to please the judges but keep enough in the please Len.
        CANADA LOVES DWTS !!!!!!

      • jan says:

        I totally agree. I can’t pick a potential winner, without first seeing them dance….at least a couple of times. Dancing ability is not all that I base my critique on. I think that attitude, determination, and humbleness play a big part. Just love watching the celebs get better each week under the direction of some fantastic pros! Good luck to all!

    • DEE says:


    • Cheri says:

      I really think she and Derek will turn out to be the best. I have always liked Ricki Lake

      • Jeannette says:

        I am Just Jumping For Joy That Derek Is Back He Is My Favorite And Who ever He Is Partnerd with They Will Do Great Because Of Derek. I really Missed Him Last Year

        • Gayle says:

          Right on Jennifer!!!! I love Derek. He is very talented===and not hard to look at either!!!!!!!!!!!

        • cathy borrelli says:

          Derek always has been no#1 what A GREAT Dancer. phenomenal. His Sister Julie Ann has to come back She Just lights up the Dance floor.Hope Dancing With THE Stars are around for a long long time

    • connie says:

      Not sure who will win.I don’t see a front runner as I have in the past. In fact I am not thrilled with any of the stars this season. So might not even watch.

  2. Matt says:

    I’m going to say Kristin. She could do a Nicole.

    • Cheryl says:

      Yeah, but Kristin doesn’t have the dance/music background that Nicole had, and Mark isn’t quite as talented/loved as Derek is. Sooo…it’s possible, but not probable.

    • Zach says:

      A Nicole? Scherzinger? One is a Pussycat Doll and the other is a pretty, young, nondescript, blonde reality has-been. Certainly not a ringer. Kristin could do a Kendra Wilkinson or Audrina Patridge. Or a Chelsea Kane. Or a Willa Ford or Shanna Moakler or Shandi Finnessey. You see where I’m going with this.

  3. Gemini says:

    Hope Solo is wildly popular? I have never even heard of her prior to her casting. I’d expect to at least know the name of someone who is supposedly “wildly popular.” I’ve heard of almost everyone else in the cast, too. When I heard the name Hope Solo announced as part of the cast on TV, I thought at first the person had said ‘Han Solo’ and I did a double take. Han Solo would actually make more sense than Hope Solo.

    Hope Chaz does well enough to make it through at least two weeks. He has a good partner, so, that’ll help him.

    JR Martinez has the most awesome backstory and a terrific personality. I’m more optimistic about his chances than you are–he has obvious work ethic, and soap stars generally come up with at least midpack finishes on DWTS. He has a lot going for him.

    I just don’t picture David Arquette as being a good dancer. Let’s see if he proves me wrong.

    IMO, Ricki Lake is the favorite to win. Reasonable name recognition, top partner, dance experience… she’ll be tough to beat.

    • lauren says:

      Wow, what was it like to not turn on your TV or read a newspaper or website for the entire month of July?

    • Um Yeah says:

      Hope Solo is only the most bad ass keeper in all of women’s soccer. trust me, she’s wildly popular and as much as I hate to admit it, that popularity is well deserved.

    • Tego Livi says:

      Hope Solo is a soccer player, so “wildly popular” doesn’t actually mean the same as it would with a sport people actually care about. It means a few thousand people like her (as opposed to millions who like people from important sports).

      • Eli says:

        You do realise Football/Soccer is the most popular sport in the world right? But I guess as an American you feel only “true American sports” are important, you close-minded backwards country hick.

        • Sasha says:

          I wouldn’t go sa far to say country hick BUT I agree with what you said.

          I love football…or soccer whatever you want to call it. I dont play but its the only game I can sit there and really have a decent idea of whats going on.

          That being said, Hope Solo was freaking Kick ass in the Women’s World cup.

          And I do think she’s popular by more than a mere few thousand.

          Its the world cup and shes the most recognised goal keeper

        • Miller says:

          Close-minded backwards country hick???? Whatever. I love football and follow it. I could give a crap about soccer. And I had never heard of her either. I think the majority rules on this one. NO ONE other than narrow minded people such as yourself that think they have to call someone a hick because they don’t know who she is, cares. We don’t have time to stay glued to our TV watching soccer. Us hicks got better things to apparently. Don’t open your mouth it shows your ignorance.

          • chaspa06 says:

            Okay…okay….name calling may not be appropriate but they’re just expressing themselves like you are….we americans tend to think only about ourselves at times and don’t really embrace others’ cultures…but we expect others to fall over backwards for us and our beliefs. It is fair to say that each culture/peoples believe in their own. May be best-taught and best-follower dancer win!

        • chaspa06 says:

          I lovvvvvvve! YOU tell them!

        • Zach says:

          In the United States, soccer most certainly is not as popular as football, baseball, or basketball. Now why there has never been a baseball player on the show before, I don’t know.

        • Tego Livi says:

          I’m not close-minded (whatever that is), nor am I closed-minded. Nor am I country, or a hick. Nor do I care what’s popular in the rest of the world. We were discussing whether Hope Solo was “wildly popular.” Here in the United States, she’s is unknown to a large majority of the population, because she is a soccer player. That conclusion is pretty easy to reach, based on the responses here. The fact that people in Chad or Bhutan like soccer doesn’t make it important in the United States (the country we’re talking about). It does, however, make it fun to needle soccer fans about how minor their favorite sport is.

    • Barbnearl says:

      I agree with your assessment!! I love J.R. Martinez and have faith he will go far

    • kona says:

      I guess you are not a sports fan! If you were you would have know who Hope Solo is! I think Hope and Maksim will win!!

    • Goin' Solo says:

      Gemini…you’re a moron. I don’t watch American Football, but I know who Troy Aikman is. She played for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S Women’s team….have some respect if NOTHING ELSE!

    • carmen says:

      wow!Where do you live?you have to read the news paper to know of her.i dont live in usa. and i know of her.

  4. David says:

    I hereby name Ron/Peta “Team Snagglepuss”…..

  5. Sara says:

    I think JR will do better than you project because of his personality and inspirational backstory, which DwTS will milk for all its worth. If he gets booted early, I’m going to say it’s because of shallow people who won’t vote for him because his scars make them uncomfortable.

    • Alex says:

      I’m sorry, but people tend to vote on talent and not beauty. Yes, he has a very touching story and I’m so glad he is doing great. However, if he can’t dance, he will be voted off. It has nothing to do with the scars on his face. I don’t think that’s even a factor.

      • Sara says:

        Sorry to say, you’re a n00b to the shallow nature of celebrity culture. Anytime there’s a public voting element in a competitive reality show, the stereotypically attractive (by western standards) people tend to outlast those who don’t fit into the cookie cutter beauty mold. That’s always been the case with shows like this and DwTS is no exception. It is what it is and if you think JR’s scars won’t be a factor in how people do or don’t vote for him, you’ve got your head in the sand.

        • Alex says:

          And this is why all playmates, K. Kardashian, and all the other models who have been on the show and are considered attractive (by western standards) have won DWTS??? Right!!!

          • Sara says:

            Are you being deliberately obtuse? But if it makes you feel better to believe viewers of this show vote entirely on dancing ability and other factors never come into play, knock yourself out. Are there also unicorns in your world?

          • Joseph says:

            You’re both rather immature, but I declare Alex the winner. Sara, you are an idiot. Good day.

    • CA says:

      Wait…there are people out there who vote based on the dancing???!!

      • Lime says:

        Hahaha! I mostly do! At least at first. By the time the season gets to the halfway point, I’ve usually picked the team I want to win and give all my votes to them. I usually start loving them because of their dancing though!

    • Tess says:

      I think he could do well also – if he has some dance ability. Soap stars do have fans (nevermind what ABC wants you to believe by cancelling the show he’s from) and those very fans pulled Cameron Mathison to fifth place and Susan Lucci to seventh. Even lesser known Aiden Turner got to ninth and he was a terrible dancer. JR comes across as a very personable, positive guy and his backstory will hit home for many military families. If he manages to show some early promise and builds on it through the weeks (which with Karina I’d say is possible; even though I’m not a fan of hers), then he could be a dark horse for the final three. I’d love to see him there with Hope, who may finally get Maks a long deserved win, and either Carson or David Arquette (both of whom may need to reign in their personalities in order to get far in the competiton). I wouldn’t rule out Kristin either, although I too would be more than happy for Mark to go away for a while.

    • Tego Livi says:

      Imagine how it would go if you could vote AGAINST people instead of voting FOR them. Nancy Grace and Chaz would probably be gone instantly no matter how good their dancing was.

      • Phyllis says:

        I honestly do not see how chaz bono can be a very good ball room dancer. I have seen how hard they work at learning and rehearsing. It is grueling to say the least. Seems you would have to be somewhat fit to look really good.

      • ck says:

        You’re wrong, hater.

      • Pat Underwood says:

        Nancy may not be your pick but she has done alot for us & she gives alot it is not on your looks & what your name is,how do you know how good or bad Nancy & Chaz can dance. The judges are to give everyone a chance, at least Nancy & Chaz are out there trying for a good cause

    • gracie j. poff says:

      I honestly don’t think I can stand having to watch Ricki lake mar my favorite show. I cant stand her, but i do love derek.
      You must have really been hurting for contestants, from looking at the line up.I just hope I can continue to watch. Sorry, not a good selection. thank you, g. Poff

    • pamela says:

      Wrong, If he gets booted, it will be from his dancing abilities. Karina has never come close to winning, she is not a very good instructor. It’s strictly talent, and most can not see, that sometimes the judges abilities see where the talent really lies, and make the judgments in the best way, even though their comments can be nasty in some cases.

  6. Alex says:

    Those who have never heard of Hope Solo have lived under a rock or have no knowledge of the world of sports. She is known in the US and around the world. Twitter world went crazy when she was named as one of the contestants.

    I think Maks will make her shine even more. She is dedicated and athletic. And both are very competitive. These two are going all the way to the finals.

    • David says:

      And then they’ll likely (but unfortunately) blow it. Maks is known for getting people to the finals, but not winning it. While it wasn’t entirely her fault (Japan played lights out and the US were playing not to lose, which you should never do), Hope lost the WC finals.

      • Alex says:

        David, did you really just type this? As far as I know, a soccer team is made up of 11 players, therefore, it takes 11 people to lose or win a game.

        • David says:

          Yes, but in a penalty shootout it’s up to the goalkeeper….for good or for ill.

          • Aurora says:

            Actually it’s up to the shooters.
            Odds are against goalkeeper in a penalty kicks. So it unfair to expect them to do miracles.
            It’s the strikers’ job to win before penalty kicks and it’s shooters job to score their penalty.

          • Goin' Solo says:

            David….when you don’t know what you are talking about (and it’s obvious that you don’t know soccer) just shut up. People like you should all just go live in the swamp or something. We don’t need you breeding, either!

  7. Ashley says:

    Haha, love this ^ !!!
    Seriously, what world did you live in this Summer?

  8. Mikaylah says:

    I think it is funny that during the Women’s World Cup Maks made a comment that he wanted her to be on Dancing with the Stars, and now they are partners. This will be an interesting season.

  9. Erin says:

    I think this will be the season that Maks FINALLY wins. He should have with Mel B. and I wouldn’t have been mad if he’d won with Erin Andrews over Jennifer Gray, who started out with a serious advantage. Team Maks/Hope!

  10. Megan says:

    Hope solo!!!!!!!!! The only reason I’m watching! Holos!

  11. Spellcheck says:

    Hate to be a spelling noodge, Slezak, but it’s “cleats.”

  12. mebby says:

    Where is Chelsea Hightower? In a SYTYCD interview she said she had a contract with DWTS. Truthfully, the professional dancers are the only real reason to watch this show, the “celebs” actually kind of ruin it.

  13. Lime says:

    I’d love it if J.R. won! He’s got a lot going for him in the personality department, plus he’s a soap star. They tend to do very well. If he can dance, I think he’ll be unstoppable.

    I love Ricki Lake as well. Too bad she’s paired with Derek, who I dislike intensely. Last season was great for a lot of reasons, but having it be Derek-free was the cherry on top.

    I think pairing Chaz with Lacey was a great idea, Lacey has shown over the years to be so welcoming and accepting of everyone. It’s made me sick over the last few days to see the comments about Chaz’s transgendered status (not here so much, but definitely other sites). I hope people will realize that Chaz is a human being and deserves to be treated with respect, just like everyone else.

    • workerbee says:

      I’m sorry, but all of you Derek dislikers out there need to take a dance class. That guy CAN DANCE. He did not just win with JG! And she deserved it too. Last season was missing something – HIM!

      • Miller says:

        Yes Derek is the best male dancer. That sounds like sour grapes to me. He has take the win so many times. I really don’t care who wins this year. I love DWTS but this year is a bust. They are getting low on “STARS” apparently. Some of these people i don’t even know and the others i really don’t consider STARS. The only reason i would watch is to see Derek dance and I big disappointed is Chelesa Hightower is not dancing this year. So i might can the whole thing this year.

      • barbnearl says:

        I agree last season without Derek was BORING!!!!!!! Derek is cute is a top notch dancer and a brilliant choreographer!! Him and his sister Julianne are the best pros this show has put out

  14. Jan says:

    I love the fact that Maks announced during the World Cup that he would like Hope for a partner on DWTS. He’s been dying to win and it looks like he might actually get along with his partner, this time.

  15. Amy says:

    I hope Maks and Hope win. I don’t know anything about her, but he deserves a win.

  16. Joanie says:

    THANK YOU for acknowledging the judges’ prejudice, bias, bent, and adoration for Derek Hough. For a show supposedly built on competition, it’s been against the grain of American spirit of fair play. No even playing field here, that’s for sure! He’d be so much more appealing if he and his fans would acknowledge his obvious high standing by the judges and the appeal of his Broadway-esque (non ballroom) choreo to the unschooled audience.

  17. Kaz says:

    Ummm I have no idea who Hope Sola is,maybe because I have a LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Kaz says:

    Oh its *SOLO* lol

  19. Katie says:

    So now I know what Nancy Grace is doing since the Casey Anthony trial is over. I was wondering how she would try to weasel her way back into the headlines.
    And I didn’t know who Hope Solo was either, so all you know-it-alls please chill out

    • Patsy Ladner says:

      Nancy Grace is going to fool all of you and she is famous for her show and she tells it like it is, YOU GO AND SHOW THEM NANCY.

  20. Saxyroro says:

    This is the first time I’m not feeling a clear cut winner. But hoping Chaz, Carson and Ron do well. Ron might be my favorite to win.

  21. Rose says:

    Saw Carson on GMA this morning, he could latin move and looked good doing it……def top three material

  22. wooster182 says:

    I really think the top 3 favorites at this time are Hope, Ricki, and David but a charming war hero is going to have some major pull too, especially with all the women who love their daily soaps. It’s time for Maks to finally have a win though. Here’s hoping he gets it this season! *knocks on wood*

  23. mmac80 says:

    Oh crap! Mark “Look at ME, ME, ME” Ballas is back this season? Ugh!

    • beci says:

      couldnt agree more !!! its so off putting ! i loved him with shawn johnson but that was the only time . last time i actually laughed when he placed third only because i knew how pissed he must be.

  24. Rachael says:

    The ONLY reason I’m watching this is hope solo. Kick their asses hope! I’m a soccer player myself and a huge fan of US women’s soccer. :D this is going to be good.

  25. Tego Livi says:

    I have to say: I was surprised (pleasantly so) to see that Ron Artest wasn’t covered with tattoos. So many basketball players, especially the act-out, “bad boy” type ones, have gotten the all-over, running together tattoos covering large areas of their bodies. It makes them look gross and dirty. Small, distinct tattoos are one thing, but when your whole arm or shoulder or back is covered, it looks like you haven’t bathed in along time.

  26. Bobo says:

    The voting on this show has become a real joke. Last season Kirstie Alley stayed until the end even though she flopped around like a drunk pig, fell or slipped a couple times, lost her shoe, & overall looked more like a beached whale than a dancer.
    But her “fans” kept voting which meant several actual good dancers kept getting booted off while the no-talent Kirstie stayed on.
    They need to go back as in season 1 where the judges’ votes counted more than the fans. At least then those with talent wil stay.

  27. sue says:

    Maks is definitely due for a win….been very close before and I think he may have a shot this time around. “HOPE SO”LO anyway!!!!
    He’s by far the best pro dancer in the cast in my opinion. He beat all the odds as a kid to be where he is now. Good Luck Maks and Hope.

  28. iryna says:

    Elisabetta Canalis and Val Chmerkovskiy )))

    Val Chmerkovskiy the BEST))))

  29. tgmta says:

    Don’t care who wins it this season.. me and my family will not be watching it

  30. jordan says:

    Hope solo is going to win I think… But Kristen will be great also!

  31. Kathi says:

    Where is Chelsea? I am not happy that she is not here. The show is changing an awful lot.

  32. Angela Hefner says:

    I just love Nancy Grace! Haven’t seen her dance yet, but post DWTS starting I’m gonna go with my hero!!!

  33. Kathi says:

    I agree with Bobo. Kirstie should have gone way before she did. She never should have stayed longer than Chelse. That was a disgrace. I know she gave it her all, but she did not deserve to make it to the semi-finals, let alone the finals.

  34. Angela Hefner says:

    I’m disappointed that Demetri Chaplin is not one of the pros dancing!! I love me some Demetri!!!

  35. Erin says:

    Who are the stars????????????

  36. Heidi says:

    I’m voteing for Max and Hope no doubts. He is the BEST dancer and instructor. Not to mention HOT.

  37. Jennifer says:

    Not really sure where the backward country hick comes from seeing as how you have no idea where they are from but how about you being called a stuck up snobby city slicker…much rather be the hick, just saying and after all its their opinion I thought we were all allowed to still have that….right!

  38. Elisha says:

    They always put Lacey with the loser’s who have no chance of winning. The only 2 she’s has had that were any good were Kyle and Lance, and I think they should have won both of there’s. I just don’t thank the judges like Lacey cause she can dance way better than them so they always stick her with the loser’s so she can’t win. If I was Lacey I wouldn’t even do the show anymore. I am not even going to watch it this year not because of that but because they don’t have any good celebs this time, I only know who 3 are. Seriously ABC get better celebs.

    • DWTSFan says:

      Agree 100%, Lacey is my favorite proffesional dancer and she gets the worst partners so please give Lacey some better celebs so she can win :D

  39. Judy says:

    well, I only know nancy grace, ricki lake, and chaz….don’t know any of the others…so guess it will be another season that I don’t watch dancing with the stars. I use to love to watch it, till ole palan was on it, stopped watching after that….no vote, no watch….

  40. Carolyn Puckett says:

    I met Tony a few years ago and he is such a gentleman and a terrific dancer. Just wondering why he doesn’t get to pair up with a celebrity who he could take to the end. He needs better dance partners. Doesn’t seem fair to me.

  41. lil blu says:

    Love the program in general…But – have always wondered about the so-called “results” of the voting. Never seem to be accurately revealed.
    Having repeat “pro’s” makes the program as far as I am concerned. Can always depend on an excellent show (with the exception of the nakedness of one or two of the gal pro’s.) Not needed for the show to succeed and in fact, makes most of us want to vote for the male pro. The judges are usually providing excellent comments. Thanks for great entertainment, look forward every year.

  42. PATRICIA says:

    I did vote for David A BUT sure hope a WIN is in sight for Max.
    It is wonderful to have something to watch that is entertaining.

  43. Judy says:

    I am so disappointed with the people that were chosen to dance. With the exception of Ricki Lake, I really think they scrapped the bottom of the barrel. Not sure if I will keep up with the show this year. Who are these people, and why is Dancing with The Stars promoting them? Never put a Kardashin anywhere, although I love Cher, her daughter/son should never be on TV. And the ex girlfriend of who? Come on producers do better!

  44. beci says:

    i wasnt sure who hope solo was either except as the ” smokin hot goalie ” she got so much press because of her looks and she is extremely kickass. i know ppl who arnt in it for the stars but just want to *watch* her lol but ive been a long time maks fan pretty much voting for him weekly the last four seasons so im soooooo happy !!!

  45. Linda says:

    For real, How can you judge or vote on a couple when you haven’t seen what they can do on the dance floor!

  46. Mary says:

    I vote for J.R. Anyone who fights for my freedom can count on my vote. J.R. thank you for sacrificing your life and your time for my freedom and the freedom of our country. Good luck on Dancing with the Stars.

  47. caryn says:

    Wow…don’t u people have better things to do than argue over DWTS… Who cares..its entertainment people not a presidential election! LOL

  48. stacie says:

    She clearly stated that she faked the dancing. She was 200lbs and couldnt dance.

  49. wayne says:

    Not the least bit excited about any of these. Seems more like Dancing with the Has-Been’s, Wanna-Be’s, and Also-rans. The family won’t be watching this season.

  50. Meredith says:

    we are talking about who will win…not who us popular and why…
    i am going with Riki {Female) and David (Male). I always pick one of each and go from there