Chuck Exclusive: Buy More Convention Brings Out Stars of The Office and The Shield

Dunder Mifflin’s obscene traveling sales rep is going from pushing paper to electronics.

David Koechner — a.k.a. “Packer,” Michael Scott’s oafish former colleague and sometime BFF on The Office — is taking his well-honed freak show act over to Chuck, sources confirm to TVLine exclusively.

Chuck Spies Cameo By Community Star

The actor-comedian will guest star in the fourth episode of the show’s fifth and final season as “Crazy Bob,” a jolly Buy More manager with whom Chuck and Sarah encounter at the company’s Employee of the Year Convention.

The Shield‘s Catherine Dent also appears in the episode as Jane Robertson, another Buy More manager and a close friend of Bob’s.

Buy More’s new owners Chuck and Sarah spared no expense on the convention, as evidenced by their choice of venue: The beautiful Aloha Hawaiian Hotel and Resort located in (wait for it) Riverside, Calif.

Chuck‘s farewell season kicks off Oct. 21.

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  1. Mairead says:


  2. kristine c. says:


  3. Pam says:

    I quit Chuck shortly into its fourth season but I may have to watch its last season.

    • Mr. So & So says:

      Same here.

    • Randall says:

      I am the same only I stopped about the time that Rob Riggle showed up. I just lost interest in it.

      • t.t says:

        my god you have to watch it! now!!

      • Brandon says:

        You’re timing was unfortunate. The episode after the one with Rob Riggle was “Chuck vs Phase Three.” Many of the fans consider this one of the highlight episodes of the entire series! This is the one with which they were trying to nominate Yvonne Strahovski for an Emmy.

        Personally, I think you missed out on some other goodies as well.

    • JIm says:

      It has been a real chore to watch “Chuck” the last two seasons. And after the final episode of last season (which felt like a dream sequence), I decided NOT to watch the final season. However, I may tune it because of the guest star list.

  4. Scott says:

    Is it October 21st yet??

  5. Jolie says:

    I have never watched Chuck, but was tempted to start this season. But what I’m having to put up with this very second….I hope evey single one of them never gets a job again….They are filming Chuck right next door to me this very second. And it’s been a living he’ll. Last night I had the pleasure of having their studio lights shining into my house until 10~11 last night…I got to listen to their lovely generators for hours too. I went over to them last night asking them to stop. They didn’t . This morning I woke to their lovely generators with the added bonus of diesel fumes. So to get back at them I’ve been blasting KROQ out the window since around 10 this morning.

    • TK says:

      Wow, 10 or 11 o’clock! What criminals! (I bet you went out and yelled “GET OFF MY LAWN!” at them a few times for good measure too, didn’t you? Come on, you know you did!)

      You know, the situation is temporary (although probably made longer by your childish radio blasting that they will now have to take extra time to work around – clever, that). Lighten up, life’s too short!

    • Nancy says:

      Wow right next door??? I’d love for them to film next door. I’d be out on my deck watching and enjoying. Of course I live out in the county and both homes on either side are vacant. But along the dirt road I live on from the paved road is a mile and only 5 homes, so I guess it wouldn’t be any bother to anyone. Usually don’t hit the sack till 10 or 11 and usually wake up by 6am. I agree that the noise of generators can be a pain, but for Chuck, I’d endure.
      I can hardly wait till Oct 21st. I wish Chuck would run more seasons, but at least there will be 13 episodes. And I hope they all get more and more jobs!!! GO CHUCK!

  6. bk8718 says:

    You know, I really don’t like that, according to TV Line, a recurring or guest role in a TV show is worth more than a starring role in a major motion picture. I bet David Koechner is far more well known for Anchorman than his work for The Office.
    That said, I love the guy and can’t wait for Season Five. Luke Skywalker, Trinity, Lapidus, Abed and now Champ Kind? Awesome.

  7. Mdz says:

    Wow!! that sound awesome. can’t wait..

  8. Dan Ilmarinen says:

    Love this show!! its the best i also watch 2 and a half men, the Big bang… comminity Blue mountain.state, south park, entourage and simpsons but chuck has the best guest stars writers and the main cast!!!! only 50 days to go!!!

  9. Bob says:

    You’re the one who appearently decided to live next to a studio, deal with it.

  10. Hala says:

    I got to go to the Warner bros VIP tour and I got to see and stand on the set of Chuck plus I got to see Chucks and Morgans trailer and I got to stand outside there set when the where filming!!!!!!!! I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR CHUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. G says:

    When’s it on in the U.K.
    Oh, almost forgot, Champ from anchorman, nice!

  12. Zabrina says:

    I hate it that this is their last season, but I’m definitely going to be all up in it!

  13. Rebecca says:


  14. Chuck is great! says:

    Got in to watching chuck because of an extremely painful tooth and needed something to keep me sane until I could go to the doc the next day. Watched 20+ episodes in 8 hrs. and was addicted! Sorry to see it end but I guess there’s so much they can squeeze outa 1 situation! Next idea: what about living in a society where everyone has the interface in their head!? That might be a show!

  15. PJM says:

    Hope he doesn’t try that boob graze on Sarah Walker he tried on Veronica Corningstone. He won’t have that hand anymore. :-D Won’t be able to flip off the monkeys at the zoo.

  16. JHarnes says:

    I am so going to miss Chuck. The cast is just amazing. Oh there have been ups and downs with plots (season 3) and the writing at times. But you watch Chuck because it is just fun! So little on TV today is fun. As the pilots come onto TV I keep wondering if we are heading into another year that drives more viewers onto the web. Comedies that are not just unfunny but are just sad. Shows that just seem rehashes with minor changes of other failed shows.

    A part of me wishes Chuck could find another home… But I doubt all those well paid executives that are giving us so many “bad” new shows would ever dream of trying to keep Chuck and its hardcore fans in a happy place. Well at least we have a good season coming. I can’t wait!