Pretty Little Liars Post Mortem: Boss Reveals Season 2B [Spoiler] and Who Is Not 'A'!

[Warning: If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s season finale of Pretty Little Liars, avert your eyes now!]

So, wow, that just happened…

The summer season of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars has come to its most shocking conclusion yet, and only TVLine has exclusive details from exec producer Oliver Goldstick on what really went down at the end of Monday’s finale, plus what to expect when Season 2B (as it’s so affectionately known) debuts in January.

TVLINE | Help me out with this one: Did Jenna and Garrett really kill Alison?
Well, that’s what out there. Whether that’s going to be true or not, we’re still going to have some twists and turns. I think fans want answers because it’s going to be four months until they see us again, so we’re giving something to the audience. You can only tease an audience too much before they’ll rebel. [Laughs] There was a need to give up some answers. Some things have been revealed, but some things have not. Some things you think you know will still be refuted and challenged by information you get in Season 2B.

TVLINE | I don’t assume that because we now think they killed her that they are “A,” but it seems like “A” certainly had a hand in setting the girls up in the finale. Am I right?
Either “A” piggybacked on the Jenna/Garrett of it all, or Jenna and Garrett are “A” — that’s part of what we’re putting out there. There’s the possibility that these two — and possibly another — are “A.”

TVLINE | So, we’ll definitely see more of these two characters in Season 2B?
Very much so.

TVLINE | How about Dr. Sullivan? Have we seen the last of Annabeth Gish’s MIA doc?
She’s not gone. She may be silenced though. She’s not coming to the Liars’ aid, which is unfortunate because she knows so much, doesn’t she?

TVLINE | Will we learn more about her character next season? It seems like “A” had something on her.
She definitely wasn’t siding with “A” in the finale as much as she was being silenced. The intention was never that she was siding against the girls, because that was a legitimate call when she reached out to them saying she knew who “A” was.

TVLINE | So, how do the girls get out of the predicament they’re now in? Being accused of homicide is not a small thing.
It’s tough. This is a serious offense they’re suspected of. As you know, a confession was made, a person was buried, a case was closed at the beginning of this season. However, a murder weapon now has been produced and we’ve got the queston of what role the girls played, if any, in Alison’s death. They have community service when we come back, and they’re in some serious trouble. There are no formal charges against them, but they are certainly persons of interest once again.

TVLINE | Will the new episodes pick up seconds after the finale?
When we come back for Season 2B, we’re going to play it like some time has passed — six weeks to a couple months, to be exact. It’s not going to be a moment later, as we’ve done in the past. It’s still a bit shocking when we pick up, though.

TVLINE | What factored into your decision to jump ahead?
We needed some time to pass for different stories. There were a lot of moments in the finale that if we’d come back the second later, we wouldn’t have been able to take the story to different places — which we wanted to do. So there are some moments that have essentially happened off-screen, and you’ll learn what’s happened.

TVLINE | Is there anyone we can officially rule out as being the evil “A”?
I can tell you from this season’s Episodes 7 and 8, there was a lot of speculation that Aria’s little brother Mike was “A.” But in the episode where Mike had an emotional scene with his sister, we did a direct cut right after that to Dr. Sullivan being watched, so it was like, ‘Oh shoot, we killed a theory!’ [Laughs]

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  1. Bailey says:

    kay so i love the show and i would just like to add my bit about a. not to be “exactly” offensive to anyone but i generally think of girls having pretty eyes…. but boys could too obviously. in the bead shop assuming the bead lady was talking to A it sort of seemed like she was flirting which would lead me believe A is a dude. also assuming A is the person wearing the black gloves those hands seem sort of mannish. if A was allisons twin sister then Ella wouldnt have casually handed A his/her coat at the dance. A is obviously some one who is frequently at the school/around rosewood. And i love the show but i think the first season was best and if the producers keep misleading us about who a is the audience might get bored. i want to know who A and Alis killer are but i dont want the show to end.

  2. Molly says:

    I SOOO WANT TO KNOW TOO. Y cant the show just comtinue?!?! I hate waiting.

  3. Jasmine says:

    It’s hilarious how many commetns I’ve seen about whether or not dragging out the story is good or bad. It’s not always about one thing or another.
    Everything comes to an end at some point. Pulling it out a little is fine, but you can’t drag the storyline forever. I mean, it’s got to end someday, the actors aren’t immortal.
    But then, why want more all in one go? The show would have ended right away if they’d given everything up by the first season.
    Then someone might argue that: well, they don’t have to give everything up. They can change the storyline onto something else. Something other than ‘A’.
    Then someone would counter: it wouldn’t be Pretty Little Liars if they gave that away.
    People can say anything to argue a point and arguments can go on forever. Why don’t you guys just enjoy what’s there? I mean, that’s why it’s called “entertainment:, right?
    Basically, think of it as a metaphor: Ice cream. Whether you savor it or devour it, it’s gonna finish.

  4. scj says:

    I haven’t read all the comments so please forgive me if this has already been stated… But, in the last episode it very much looks like Jenna and Garrett are the killers… And then I thought, is “A” messing with them too??

  5. Shante` says:

    True :)

  6. Andy says:

    The show is brilliant! If you don’t like it, stop watching but can you just stop complaining. If you’re such an expert in producing a TV series make your own one the way you would want it and we’ll see how far you get with the viewers.

  7. Caroline says:

    Ok what were the papers in the box that were ferom “a” I didn’t get that and why did jackie get all like ha I’m totally gonna break u ? I didn’t get that

  8. daisy carmichael says:

    i think that the show is awesome……..cant wait for season2b to officially hit the screenz…

  9. Angela says:

    The way I see it is that the hole point of the show is who is A n all the who killed Alison thing is like a bouns that is if she is really dead.

  10. Danielle says:

    If they gave up A there would be no show, no suspense the writers want us to keep watching so A will be a mystery for a while

  11. Megz says:

    Alison has a twin sister, her sister was killed

  12. Nicole_C says:

    I think that Ali’s crazy twin Courtney doesn’t have to be part of “A” like in the books, but it would explain a lot if she were part of the series, because she was kept hidden by her family so others didn’t know about her, but they found a body and determined that it was Alison… so it would make sense if Alison is alive, that the body was Courtney’s (page 5 is missing). I definitely think Alison is alive and she was the one who dragged Emily out of the barn. It seems really unlikely that both Hannah and Emily hallucinated seeing her. Plus it would be cool if she was alive throughout :)
    As for the whiners, the premise of the show is lies and secrets and centres around A… this CAN and WILL only be revealed at the end of the series in order for it to be a success!

  13. Andy says:

    what no-one has mentioned yet is that Ali was buried alive and that is how she died, it wasnt the blow to the head that killed her. Maybe Jenna and Garret only think they killed but they actually didnt and someone else finished it off? although then surely they would realise she was found buried and know it wasnt them. ahhh i dunno. also when Ella hands the coat to A at the dance makes me think it was a student cos otherwise she would wonder why that person was at the dance (unless it was Ezra or Ian or another teacher but we dont know any of the other teachers). and for people thinking it was Maya just cos the texts started when she got there she doesnt really have any reason to do it (unless there is some back story we dont know about)

  14. Lell says:

    Jenna can’t be A . At the end of last episode the waitress said ” Hey there pretty eyes ” and Jenna wears Glasses all the time ! But Jenna and Garett are definitly related to the murder , but i don’t think they’re the one who KILL alisson ( or her twin ) , i think it’s something like a group plan with Ian , jenna , garett and Jason .

  15. aria says:


  16. Manda says:

    I have a theory that Jenna is not really blind and is “A” I think she’s been putting on a really good blind girl act just so that she can mess with the girls and get even, I mean really she’s been a manipulating girl even before Ali died seducing her own step brother Toby. I think it’s always been Jenna.
    As for Garret I think he’s just been manipulated by the sociopath Jenna.

  17. jen says:

    “You can only tease an audience too much before they’ll rebel. ” – too late! we crossed that line half a season ago. no more trust. it’ll always be teases, no real payoffs.

  18. Jennifer says:

    You guys are such party poopers..wanting to know ALREADY who A is. You say your not gonna watch it..but you are going to end up watching it, just to see what happens. This show is all about mystery, that’s the point of everything being a mystery. & its only been 1 and a half seasons so far.

  19. Trish says:

    The show isn’t about A? Umm pretty sure that’s the whole point of the series. If you give up the main point, then what’s the point? Everyone probably wanted to read this article because they were all curious and wanted answers. If the show isn’t interesting to you, and you aren’t going to watch it, then why read it? Why do you care? Oh and by the way, Ezra did not turn around at the police station and walk out…. Ella said something about Spencer and he repeated “Spencer???” Like he didn’t know what she was talking about. And that’s where that seen ended.

  20. amber says:

    is it only me that actually wants ali 2 have a twin in the show??? jus a thought…. i have a feelin that garrett, jenna, and lucas are working 2gether. idky but i do. in the halloween episode ali was gettin tha whole unknown messages tha girls r gettin now. so it all started out wit ali n since she was friends wit tha girls, its like figure out how she died and u die 2. but tha question is, is A really Alison? or is A courtney? i kno tha books n tha show is diff but maybe its some type of twist idk. im jus excited

  21. gisele says:

    Agreed. Glad they’re keeping us in suspense a bit longer b/c while we wait & wonder, they’re adding awesome twists & turns. Excellent pacing/teasing. They can’t reveal A too early – what would we have to talk about?! All in good time.

  22. Jillian says:

    Will Ezra be in the Halloween Special? If he is how does he connect to that because him & Aria met in a bar in the pilot episode and the Halloween episode is a prequal to the pilot?

  23. manda says:

    How about the fact that spencers dad practically admitted to having an affair with Allison? He has more to do with this.

  24. Laura says:

    In the trailer for the Hallowe’en episode it hints at the fact that Alison was tormented by A even when she was alive- Alison also says ‘he brought me here to kill me’ so could it be a male character that tried to kill Alison? I wouldn’t be surprise if in the prequel they suggest that someone who we know tried to kill Alison but who ACTUALLY killed her was someone different – I’m pretty sure Alison was wanted dead by many people who didn’t like her.

  25. -A says:

    I know who is A. kisses

  26. Brittany says:

    Bot knowig who “A” is or when she will strike next is the point of the show.

    If you watch a mystery movie, do they tell you who the killer is at the beginning? No, they save it til the end to keep viewers in suspense & interested. It’s the way film has worked since the beginning.

    If you don’t like bot having all the answers or the mysterious of the show, you don’t need to watch it. Not being rude, just making a point.

  27. Brittany says:

    Not knowing who “A” is or when she will strike next is the point of the show.
    Bot knowig who “A” is or when she will strike next is the point of the show.
    If you watch a mystery movie, do they tell you who the killer is at the beginning? No, they save it til the end to keep viewers in suspense & interested. It’s the way film has worked since the beginning.
    If you don’t like not having all the answers or the mysterious of the show, you don’t need to watch it. Not being rude, just making a point.

  28. Shere says:

    okay i believe Ian killed ali only because he never really denied it before he was pushed off the bell tower, i think jason and jenna druged jason and made him forget that night so that they could possibly frame him in the future. I dont think they are A though it would suck if they were and A is way to smart and tricky to be them. garett deffinatly got rid of page 5… it had to be an inside job to delete the info out of the police files if not then it was A. well i cant wait for next season to answer so many questions, its gonna drive me crazy for the wait though

  29. shere says:

    i want A to be someone that was evil sneaky and had alot of reasons to get revenge… someone whos been in the show since day one but also someone you never expected… i want alis murderer to be someone completely diffrent… but it would be intresting to find out if A has been controling not only the girls, but has controled ali, and controled her murderer… controling everyone like puppets on strings…

  30. Shelly says:

    Does anyone else get that Jason is Spencer’s stepsister?????????

  31. Shelly says:

    oops, sorry –stepbrother!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. J says:

    ya, I have a same idea that Jason is Spencer’s stepbrother
    but it sounds a little bit strange, isn’t it?

  33. Katie Loper says:

    I think that season 1’s finale was much better than this one. This seems to lead you into a dead end. More answers i wished to get from this episode. i also want to know if they are staying close to the book or making it up as they go along.

  34. katrina cutler says:

    In Pretty Little Liars i want to know who A is!

  35. NoemiePr says:

    If Toby and Spencer are not going back together i cry for the rest of my life. I SHIP SPOBY SOOOO MUCH!

  36. Shannon Moore says:

    I don’ think Aria needs to date someone new I like Ezra and Aria should keep dating

  37. Shannon Moore says:

    I what to know who A is too

  38. melissa says:

    Omg, no, they can’t say that Jenna and Garrett killed Alison, because that’s not how it happened in the books at all! I would so stop watching the show if they did that!

  39. lucy says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that its all a bit ridiculous now? Yes I know its a tv show and its just entertainment but wen u look at it the whole thing is quite funny, some cop and some blind girl framming the killing of a girl that may not be dead but then someone can sneekily come in a do all this stuff to the girls and noone else in the whole town wud notice, like a doctor being stolen someone in a black hoodie massaging some girl at a spa Just annoys me a bit I’m sorry

  40. someonewhoiscommenting says:

    So I just wanted to put this out they and if they do this I’m going to be sooooo p-off. Just imagined if they ended it with them being on a tv prank show? That would be the stupidest ending ever, I really hope they don’t do something dumb like that.

  41. Charlie Van House says:

    One of you said that you don’t personally like any of the characters. I disagree. I like all the characters. I am not sure of Jenna and Garrett. I don’t think their A. I do think that A. will betray their secret. The producer said that A. piggybacked on Jenna and Garrett but i think its the other way around. Garrett and Jenna found out who A. was and are piggybacking on the Figure. Well you can only ride it so far before it throws you off. I think Garrett and Jenna’s days are numbered. I also think that Jason is Spencers brother. Hopely they will have a nicer relationship. I like the Pretty little liars but my favorate character on the show is… Spencer. She is such a great character, so much room for improvement and potential. I hope they leave off the next season with her confronting A. and winning. Also about A. and the mystery, I’ll spell it out for you. A. is … Ella Montgomery. Aria’s mom. My reason for that is she is the most unlikely to be A. and that is what makes her my prime suspect. Also she looks somewhat like a man which would explain why when A. looks like a man its really her.

  42. maria wheeler says:

    So with aria and ezra taking it to the next level when the season comes back in january, does that also intell that they will tell arias parent or not? and why not? if they will be sharing a bedside table, why not tell it all? or if not tell it, start making out on campus where jackie and byron see them, so he confronts them and everything will be out in the open. about ezra and aria at least.

  43. emma says:

    Garret and Jenna are obviously a. And I think tht mrs Sullivan used to associate with them and she left there clan so now there all targeting her . Why else would she be targeted by a and that’s why she is being scielenced for a little bit on the show .

  44. Kim says:

    first i am not fighting or contradicting anyone but pll was made to first create money but also hook their viewers. the show involves mystery,suspence,romance,despare, and slight happiness which is all the elements of an awesome show. i love the show and do not want a to be revieled all the sudden. my opinion is that i love aria and ezra’s relationship, spencers and toby’s relationship, and hanna and calab’s, at first i liked emily and maya’s relationship but after reading these comments i don’t believe maya is good at heart. i think jenna has been able to see all along and garet is a good person but jenna has been manipulating him into her biding. melissa is sort of evil because she allowed ian to go over her own sister. and for those who say spencer is a **** well your wrong. spencer liked the boys her sister dated but melissa did not own them they are not her slaves nor property. about maya’s shoes maya is not the only person in the world who can own those shoes. and don’t you notice how hannas father isn’t being very fartherly but sort of abandoning her. and how was someone able to hack into emily’s gps and change it to the coordinates of the barn. many questions are arising but thats the point of television and mysteries to find out the mystery… until later