Pretty Little Liars Post Mortem: Boss Reveals Season 2B [Spoiler] and Who Is Not 'A'!

[Warning: If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s season finale of Pretty Little Liars, avert your eyes now!]

So, wow, that just happened…

The summer season of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars has come to its most shocking conclusion yet, and only TVLine has exclusive details from exec producer Oliver Goldstick on what really went down at the end of Monday’s finale, plus what to expect when Season 2B (as it’s so affectionately known) debuts in January.

TVLINE | Help me out with this one: Did Jenna and Garrett really kill Alison?
Well, that’s what out there. Whether that’s going to be true or not, we’re still going to have some twists and turns. I think fans want answers because it’s going to be four months until they see us again, so we’re giving something to the audience. You can only tease an audience too much before they’ll rebel. [Laughs] There was a need to give up some answers. Some things have been revealed, but some things have not. Some things you think you know will still be refuted and challenged by information you get in Season 2B.

TVLINE | I don’t assume that because we now think they killed her that they are “A,” but it seems like “A” certainly had a hand in setting the girls up in the finale. Am I right?
Either “A” piggybacked on the Jenna/Garrett of it all, or Jenna and Garrett are “A” — that’s part of what we’re putting out there. There’s the possibility that these two — and possibly another — are “A.”

TVLINE | So, we’ll definitely see more of these two characters in Season 2B?
Very much so.

TVLINE | How about Dr. Sullivan? Have we seen the last of Annabeth Gish’s MIA doc?
She’s not gone. She may be silenced though. She’s not coming to the Liars’ aid, which is unfortunate because she knows so much, doesn’t she?

TVLINE | Will we learn more about her character next season? It seems like “A” had something on her.
She definitely wasn’t siding with “A” in the finale as much as she was being silenced. The intention was never that she was siding against the girls, because that was a legitimate call when she reached out to them saying she knew who “A” was.

TVLINE | So, how do the girls get out of the predicament they’re now in? Being accused of homicide is not a small thing.
It’s tough. This is a serious offense they’re suspected of. As you know, a confession was made, a person was buried, a case was closed at the beginning of this season. However, a murder weapon now has been produced and we’ve got the queston of what role the girls played, if any, in Alison’s death. They have community service when we come back, and they’re in some serious trouble. There are no formal charges against them, but they are certainly persons of interest once again.

TVLINE | Will the new episodes pick up seconds after the finale?
When we come back for Season 2B, we’re going to play it like some time has passed — six weeks to a couple months, to be exact. It’s not going to be a moment later, as we’ve done in the past. It’s still a bit shocking when we pick up, though.

TVLINE | What factored into your decision to jump ahead?
We needed some time to pass for different stories. There were a lot of moments in the finale that if we’d come back the second later, we wouldn’t have been able to take the story to different places — which we wanted to do. So there are some moments that have essentially happened off-screen, and you’ll learn what’s happened.

TVLINE | Is there anyone we can officially rule out as being the evil “A”?
I can tell you from this season’s Episodes 7 and 8, there was a lot of speculation that Aria’s little brother Mike was “A.” But in the episode where Mike had an emotional scene with his sister, we did a direct cut right after that to Dr. Sullivan being watched, so it was like, ‘Oh shoot, we killed a theory!’ [Laughs]

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  1. Meagan says:

    I wish that they would reveal a little more, but it is a great show and I keep coming back for more. k@ I really agree that Jenna is not blind. Did you see her toothpicking those things off the dash? How the heck could she have seen to stab them right in the center if she was blind?!! Poor Dr. Sullivan I think that A was passing her money for what she had done.

  2. Christa says:

    am i alone in suspecting Spencer’s sister? everything in season one was pointed toward getting Spencer in trouble. The sister did everything to protect Ian, even lying about the hotel rooms at the resort and even to the police. she even had motive to get involved: she didn’t like Ian being so close to Allison and decided the best way was to take her out of the picture.
    something that doesn’t make sense in the season finale is the question of page 5. ok…we get Garrett knows about page 5 and concealed it, the police have no idea where that page is but somehow the detective knows what weapon was used? where did he get the information from in page 5 is what details the murder weapon and what was found on the body? how do we know he isn’t just comming up with stuff?? anyone can clear that up cuz i felt lost when he was like here is the murder weapon and the fact they dug with their hands not a shovel…from what i saw. so how could you just link them to it. im watching and im glad they are continuing with the mystery with A. i just feel though compared to 1st season…A to me seems a little off. like not making sense in getting to girls. even messing the psychologists room up…what sense was there in that?

    • Chey says:

      Yeah, they are tossing a lot of things around and it’s getting confusing. There are a lot of uneccessary things thrown in and it leaves you feeling like you forgot something. And there are SO many characters, it’s hard to keep up. Like that one time when Jenna was in the hotel room and Toby and Spencer stayed next door to spy on her. That storyline just kind of fizzled away, I felt. And yes, I consider Melissa as a suspect too. She probably knew about Ian and Alison and wanted her dead. And maybe that’s why Spencer’s dad acts all weird sometimes too. He’s trying to protect Melissa. The shovel with Hastings on it was found in their yard. And another thing I am confused about: Did we just find out that Jason is Spencer’s half brother? What were him and Spencer’s dad talking about at the police station..? Yeah, it’s fun to keep guessing, but it’s not fun being confused about all these storylines.

    • Tayter says:

      the shovel was the one that ! left leaniing against the barn with coordinates on it. They didn’t use it but Spencer picked it up so it had her fingerprints on it.

  3. Alicia says:

    THIS SHOW IS BRILLIANT! I love the suspense and all the characters! I really hope Toby and Spencer get back together! But then again I love Wren and Alex with her! Jackie really gives me the creeps (shivers). I hope there’s a lot more of her in the future episodes! Whenever she is on the show, it’s always better (if that’s even possible!) One last thing…..Mona is never in the show it seems like but i guess it would make sense if she had some part in A because Alison was such a (bad word) to her. I just can’t wait till the halloween episode! I could barely watch the commercial I was so scared!

  4. Chey says:

    I honestly think one of the four girls is “A”. The show is called “Pretty Little Liars”… what are they lying about? Sometimes Aria is so sweet, that I think they could spin it and surprise us all by making her “A”. Also the theme song says, “Two can keep a secret IF one of them is dead”. Maybe one of the 4 girls had a huge secret they shared with Alison, and then had to kill her so she wouldn’t tell. And doesn’t anyone else notice how a lot of the characters on this show have names that end or start with an A. AriA, hAnnA, ellA, ezrA, jennA, jAson, Alison, mAyA, monA, kAte, Ashley, isAbel, cAleb, lucAs, iAn, melissA, veronicA, pAige, sAmArA, gArrett, Anne, and logAn. I think Logan Reed could also be “A” or be someone that helped kill Ali or something. Because we never got answers as to why Garrett ended up giving him that money at the end of that episode. Hmm..?

  5. Katia says:

    Yeeees! I was thinking the same! I actually hope tat Alison isnt dead yet! That would make it more interesting! Because she said she knew who A was and stuff like that! :)

  6. Rebekah says:

    I personally think that Jenna and Garrett are involved and know what happened the night of Ali’s murder, but I don’t think they killed her like I thought previously, because what they said in the finale regarding getting rid of pg. 5 of the coroner’s report, because that was what linked them to Ali’s murder that night and how Jenna said she didn’t feel sorry for how Ali died due to her deserving it. They didn’t come out and say they killed her, but they were there and saw her murdered and how she was murdered and they don’t feel sorry about her getting hit over the head with that shovel and buried alive. Also the shovel as the murder weapon was revealed on the PLL poster. I do know that Jenna and Garrett are A’s helpers, because they admit torturing the PLL and setting them up and I think A is more than one person several people. I think its the group NAT. I think the pretty eyes is probably referring to Jenna, because she is not really blind in my opinion but it could be Maya. Is it weird to anybody that Maya is wearing the same boots that A was shown buying after the Fashion episode or the writers could be trying to trick us and throw us off or she could be working for A to torture Em that’s probably why Maya didn’t tell Em she had returned and we don’t know how long Maya has been back. I also think that Jason and/or Ali might be Spencer’s half brother/sister, because of Spencer’s dad going out of his way to protect Jason and put him back into the will and what not and I think as well Jason meant Spencer and not Ali when he came to the Police station when he said he wanted to be there for his sister. I have also felt for awhile that Ali was still alive. I wonder though if she is still alive then who’s body did they find and how didn’t anyone not know it wasn’t Ali, so I am still uncertain but if Ali is still alive then that means Ali has a twin like in the books and they said they are not keeping the PLL tv series exactly the same as the book. But if Ali is still alive then she has to have a twin, because who got buried. Its so hard to tell with this, but I love it all these twists and turns it makes it very suspensful, dramatic, interesting, exciting, intriguing, and so awesome! This show is a mystery trying to solve a murder and find out who done it like you are playing a game of Clue or Murder Mystery. Obviously people do not know the definition of mystery. I know it gets frustrating at times not to know, but that’s what keeps me coming back for more, because I want to find out who A is and the more clues I get the closer and sometimes I am wrong and that’s to deter you from finding out who A is too soon and to keep a show running for a long time. The more secrets that are revealed the closer we get. I hate to have watched it this long and quit watching and never know what happened and who A was. The writers and producers had gave away a lot of good info in their interviews after the finale. I am going to watch the Halloween episode on October 19th at 8pm and find out who Ali started playing games with and how it all started and Ali has a big secret herself and this is the episode that shows the first big secret the PLL and Ali ever shared. It’s going to be like a movie, so check it out. Then we will wait till January 3, 2012 to watch the start of part two of season 2 and its going to skip a month or two and show them doing community service but not yet charged for the homicide and we’re going to learn the PLL catch on to Jenna and Garrett and they found out they know they were involved. I definitely believe that Jenna and Garrett are trying to frame the PLL for Ali’s death even Jason by putting that note on him, we know what you did to make him think he killed Ali, but he finds out he didn’t and someone else did and is trying to frame him so I can’t wait to see how much more perils and danger the PLL are going to be in now that Jenna and Garrett know they know they are involved. Remember two can keep a secret if one of them is dead, which is a clue in itself. I don’t know what Ali’ secret is but we will know eventually we have to have the secrets revealed to learn more about Ali’s killer and what happened that night. I think we may get a glimpse a lead up from the Halloween episode in October. I am questioning the manequin but the boots on it I didn’t think it looked like the one’s A bought and Maya wore, but the ones Dr. Sullivan wore. Is it just me or did anyone wonder what A gave Dr. Sullivan in that envelope. All I know is that she was pissed and forced into silence. Also Ian is supposed to be in the Halloween episode and Melissa will be in episodes to come so will Maya and Mona. Doesn’t anyone get a feeling that the whole town is in on it at least all the characters that have significant roles and parts. PLL fan that can’t wait for more!

  7. sofia says:

    I think suspect the same, i think she is A and that something happen to her to make her fake her dead and it have to do with her brother’s surrority.

    • Rebekah says:

      You are definitely right I think A faked her death, because she knew her life was in danger and probably due to NAT, because she knew she was being spyed on. I wonder what Jenna and Garrett are talking about when they said they can’t wait to get into that storage unit now that the PLL have been arrested for the homicide for Ali’s death. I hope Ali helps them out of this one, she can’t let them go down, but if she is alive helping them out will out her. It would be kind of cool that we could see Ali’s pov too and be clued in and see who A is but the PLL not know, but we know that would be cool, I think part two of this season will try to do that.

  8. Rebekah says:

    I don’t like after all of that extortion that A made the PLL do that they still got framed. A is a true frenemy! I hate Jackie and she is very desperate to get Ezra back even if that means destroying his career and life and ruining Aria’s life as well. Aria cannot be ratted out, because if she is her mother and father would be piss and never allow her to see Ezra and have contact with the outside world. I hated that Toby and Spencer had to breakup, but that was to keep Toby safe; however, I thought it was so sweet that he came to the Police Station and declared his love for Spence and said how much in love he was with her. Hey they was talking about baby making, so you know. I love Caleb and Hannah. I thought it was amazing when Ali said to Em that of course she knows who A is that is such a cliff hanger and to say two can keep a secret if one of them is dead and she can tell Em if she wants to stay with her or not tell her and she can stay with the PLL. Was it me or did anyone see A go up to Garrett in the police station and he say what you doing here that you are not supposed to be here just like when Ian got killed in the bell tower. I am still keeping Melissa as an option for A. Definitely A is someone that visited Dr. Sullivan, because she was a patient and she was going to tell the PLL who A was when she looked through their charts and before A put a stop to it. I wonder what A has on Dr. Sullivan or if anything other than she would kill her, but everyone in Rosewood has a secret. So many questions and I am intent on finding the answers.

  9. confused says:

    Does no one care that Wren is probably almost as old as Mr. Fitz? What is with these over mature high schoolers in this town. Med school residents are at least 25…

    It would be wickedly sweet if A was one of the 4. Why is Lucy Hale the poster girl for this show, then hmmm?

    Theory about Ella confronting Ezra about “spencer” and the whole “I love her” comment – good one! nice pull through. Also theory about the Hastings DeLaurentes affair is very plausible. ABC Family must have a thing for neighborly affairs in small towns (lol reference to the screwed up residents of whereever Secret Life is set)

    • Rebekah says:

      You maybe right that Ali faked her death due to something happening and tried to frame someone else for the death. That’s a good theory. I am not sure what’s up with the teenage and whole grown man relationships in this town, but it is a small town and this is what goes on in real life especially in urban and metropolitan areas. I think if the guy is more than 3 years older than you then he’s too old for you, because that’s a generational gap but that’s me. I see nothing wrong if you are 18 in high school, but not under that. That was crazy I really thought that Ezra really confessed to Aria’s mom that he was in love with her, but they got me when she said Spence and I am like and Ezra’s face was like we’re not talking about Spence, what, how you came up with that, we’re not talking about the same thing, we’re supposed to be talking about Aria, but after this convo he’s going to be really against coming out to Aria’s parents when she brings it up again, but Jackie will be that element that will make it all interesting, she will be the threat will Aria and Ezra make it. It’s a great theme that they are doing. I think this is set in Pennsylvania and Secret Life is set gosh I forgot. I stopped watching that, because what’s her name was getting on my nerves I hate her character, the one who had the baby by Ricky. Child please yeah it was getting ridiculous. But yeah ABC Family does love the underage affairs which is against the law and affairs which is not a crime, but its adultery and morally is not acceptable, so I think they should drop the family part. LOL. There’s nothing family about those themes.

  10. JuliaR says:

    ok, to those of you that keep saying “they need to give away who “A” is” blah blah blah, u need to realize that the entire PURPOSE of the show is the mystery. just because u dont like them keeping secrets doesn’t mean that you have to watch it… if it’s not your type of show, that’s fine, but stop criticizing the show based on your personal opinion. i happen to like the show and i watch it every week because i am so excited to find out what happens next. with out the secrets, there is no suspense or excitement, its simply a boring show with cruel pranks. just saying… :)

    • Rebekah says:

      I personally love the show, because I love mysteries and love to think I know who A is and what happened and be wrong and see the secrets revealed and try to piece together the clues, that’s what keeps me coming back for more! I am with you on that its so annoying to read all the complaints about the show if you so don’t like it stop watching the show and shut up. I would hate to watch the show and give up 2 years or so of my life and not to go to the end and find out who A is and what happened. They are working backwards. I guess we will all see how it all started with the girls and Ali and who she started black mailing first in the Halloween episode. I think that Halloween episode maybe our clue to who Ali’s killer was because she said he led me here to try to kill me and she looked really terrified like that night she revealed to the girls they have been spyed on with surveillance all that time.

    • Damian says:

      I completely agree and I couldn’t have said it better. The suspense is what makes Pretty Little Liars what it is

      • Rebekah says:

        Thanks Damian, its great and refreshing to see that someone amongst us bloggers understands this is a mystery and this is what makes PLL so great, so glad to know that someone has sense. LOL.

    • duhh says:

      they do realize thats the point of the show, theyre just looking for attention and everyones giving it to them! They are obviously going to continue watching because if they werent interested they wouldnt be wasting time posting on a PLL message board.

  11. Jdmkbliss says:

    That’s a good guess, I am too old to be watching this show, but I can’t help myself..I love the suspense…

    • Rebekah says:

      I am too old to be watching this show too, but I can’t help myself either and I tuned in every week and haven’t missed a beat! I love it! I am glad I am not alone. There are a lot of 20 somethings late 20s that watch this show that have admitted it on the PLL website or the abc family website so don’t feel bad!

  12. christa says:

    guys im 24 years old and proud to be a fan of PLL. i just got into the books too :) this show is too good to not catch! :)

  13. Damian says:

    What they’re doing is brilliant. They’re keeping the audience on the edge of their seats wanting to know, while simultaneously following the book as best as possible. Don’t forget this IS based on a series of books. And if you’ve read the books, you know that they are doing a somewhat good job of keeping up and keeping their TV audience entertained. So what if they don’t give all the answers. That makes the ending that much better.

  14. Rebekah says:

    I want to read the books, but they keep saying they are not following the books exactly and things will be different in the tv shows. I just don’t know how much. I pretty much know what happened in the books, because people have blabbed the book and the killer from the book, but I don’t think it will be the same person, because the writers don’t want the books to spoil their series. Great job to the writers!

  15. Erin says:

    Jason is Spencers half brother. It says so in the books. Mr. Hastings had an affair with Alisons mother. I think that Melissa might have something to do with it because maybe she knew about the affair so she killed Ali because she thought it would ruin their family. Yes, Alison had a twin named Courtney. The girls never knew the real Alison, that was Courtney pretending to be Alison. Also, I like the show but I do wish that there were more secrets revealed. I don’t necessarily care about the A secret but more about Aria, and that Jason is Spencers half brother. I feel like there are a lot of filler episodes that leave you on the edge but then don’t end up telling you anything, as well as sooo many plotlines that have just gone away. Example- NAT, what happened at the motel, who was the moving body under the sh

    • Rebekah says:

      Yeah, I heard that Jason was Spencer’s half brother, but I also heard the same thing about Ali that was Spencer’s half sister. I do know that Ali had a twin sister Courtney and that she was in a mental asylum and she escaped and killed Ali and was posing as her, but then I heard Courtney posed as Ali and didn’t like the girls and Courtney was killed by accident and the killer thought it was Ali and Ali is on the run. Someone said that Ali’s mom accidentally told the girls she cared about all of her children as if she had more than one child alive then Jason. Hmm…interesting. I wish we could get more fillers and back stories. The producers and writers keep saying though that the show and the books are not exactly the same, because if it was exactly the same then we all will know who A is because in the books they said Mona did it and bloggers have given that away and that would ruin the show since we can go online and find that out even by googling.

    • Patricia says:

      yeaa but the book are totally different then the shows. the books also said that ali has a twin sister courtney and that mona is “a” but neither of them are true to the tv series.

  16. Rebekah says:

    Well, folks it has been real and I have really enjoyed participating in this friendly debate with yall. It’s late over here and I am getting sleepy so I am turning it in. Goodnight to everyone. Peace out! :)

  17. Lele says:

    Why was Toby pulled away by the police? & and did anyone else also see that Garret looked all.. weird when Jenna called Ali a b**ch? He looked like he didnt agree to what Jenna called her. Mhmm.. Questions, questions.
    WAIT. What happened to Ezra and Aria?! There was a scene where she started crying on the phone at the police station calling someone telling them she needs them. What happened ? (if you know)

    • Patricia says:

      I think she called Ezera and that’s how he found out she was there and that’s why he showed up. And I think Ezera is going to tell or told Aria’s mom about them.

  18. Sean says:

    Ok. So I must say after reading the comments that the people defending this show seems to be the megafans. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but your more biased than a casual watcher. Now my big problem isn’t the fact they haven’t given up the secret yet (although I wish I did), but the fact they use it as a crush. It’s the only thing this series has going for it. A show like Desperate Housewives (i dont really care if you hate it or not, just using an example) they have a central mystery, but also people you grow to care about too. Their lives interest you. I don’t think I can say the same for this show. If Ezra wasn’t so freakin cute every storyline would be non consequential to the series. I can’t think of one character that I care about. I just think for the people arguing they need to have they mystery to keep the show going is actually giving the biggest argument against it, because if it relies on only that thing, then it wasn’t such a great show to begin with.

  19. taya says:

    Guys chill its only season 2a of course things aren’t going to be answered right away we’ll probably see answers in 2b for thoes complaining about it draging out once again its season 2! If everything was thrown at you you’d be complaining that its too short it got boring etc etc for thoes of you saying we don’t see “a” plotting anything yea we do did we not see the boots being bought online by a or “a” injecting the hormones into emilys cream that landed her in the hospital?

  20. patricia says:

    Well Sean, I can’t exactly agree with you. I mean yeaa the whole point of this show is the mystery of who “A” is but that’s what keeps the viewer interested like “URGHHH I WANNA KNOW WHO “A” IS!!” There are a lot of twists and turns. Every Tuesday I change my mind about who i think “A” is and it gets confusing at times but i love Pretty Little Liars. It’s a great series. I want this show to last a long time but at the same time I am dying to find out who “A” iss !! :) hahaha

  21. username says:

    I love this show, and I’m with most of the people posting positive comments about the show(haters just leave)I totally thot spencers dad and alis mom hooked up but I didn’t think of jason being her bro it makes so much sense!and I think a is at least 3 ppl I think jenna and garret may have killed ali but I think some one else is a but j+g no who it is thts how they set up the girls. Plus mona deff is hiding something.wrens cute but idk if I trust him and him and spencer kissing was NOT ok with me I luv toby and spencer together!I don’t think melissa did anything I think she’s just a crazy pregnant chic, I’m a little suspicious about mya but I doubt had a major role in alis murder or a.I’m still confused about what mike was up to. As much as I luv the plot twists, 3 out of 4 of the dads having cheated on there wife/fiance was a little cheezy.I don’t think jennas as blind as she says I think she’s just phsyco. Ali mite be alive but is it courtney or ali?I think hanna and emilys visions are just dreams not actually her.I think its too early to even bring any info about courtney into the show,if she’s even gonna be in it.And the envelope at the end said”photos do not bend” whatever thts supposed to mean. I think there’s atleast one maybe 2 characters tht haven’t been introduced yet tht play a major role in the mystery.

  22. Elise says:

    Will Spencer and Toby ever get back together?!?!? They were my favorite couple!!!!!

  23. Kimi says:

    Ok, so i saw alot of people referring back to how the mystery keeps the show going, and it does! I also saw how people compared it to Lost, and although in that way (the mystery) it is similar, i think that the main issue here is that that show was directed towards a more grown-up audience and this one is directed at teenagers. Teenagers are naturally more impatient, as we live in this modern era where almost anything can be done with lightning speed. We like the suspense, but like answers too, and therefore don’t like to be kept waiting. Give it time! Let the story unfold the way it’s supposed to and enjoy the journey! It’s a good show and has all the elements of a good suspense novel (like it should!). And yes, they circle around a lot with the “it’s him, no, it’s her, no, now it’s her” about “A” and Ali’s murderer but that’s part of the fun. Just get over it and enjoy the show!

  24. kayla says:

    why did wilden come back to the case

  25. Kiki says:

    Ok. My BIGGEST question is…how frickin dumb are these chicks? GO PUBLIC! A cant get rid of EVERYONE. Get ahold of radios/tvs/newspapers/magazines/ a town crier for godsake. I honestly think the public would side with them -.-
    And really..the whole “blinding jenna” thing wasnt even there fault. It was alisons. They may get a slap on the wrist for it but its ancient history and their families would forgive them. The things they lie about sometimes are really dumb.

  26. Kara says:

    I think Mya might be in on it! Hanna noticed her boots…the same ones “A” ordered in a previous episode! I also think Mona may be in on it as well, just a hunch. I think Allison is still alive!

    • Kiki says:

      You may be on to something with Mya…like I never really noticed her before but the boot thing – maybe. She did live in that house for a while and her story is very unclear right now

  27. Candy says:

    To be honest I am so tired of watching Pretty Little Liars like c’mon how long can u expect the show 2 go on when you keep dragging us along its starting to get annoying and bored I read the books instead more entertaining than the show so now I know everything no need to watch the show any more

  28. Desiree says:

    Maybe Ali is Alive and “A” is Ali, the liars could have done something mean to her and she did this to get revenge but she will reveale herself in the finale and try to kill them, fails, and gets killed trying to kill…and mabe Jenna and the other dude helped, or was plotting something else against them.! Read someone killed the prom queen (or something like that) by R.L stine from the fear street series it follows almost the same story line!

  29. Rox says:

    Autopsy, hun. Please go get a dictionary. Or READ PLL instead of watch it.

  30. Diamond says:

    I dont think he did

  31. Anna says:

    I love this show! I love watching just to know what’s happening next. I love Hannah and Caleb’s relationship!! I felt so bad for Spencer in the finale :/ and also, I read some comments and people were saying the hope alison is alive, but how could she be alive when they found her body..?

  32. Dakota says:

    No he didn’t say anything just looked confused

  33. abby says:

    i wud like to be with toby, i think he’s cute

  34. Cynthia says:

    Not sure where I heard this but someone said that Allison has a crazy twin??? Maybe she’s the one that died? Who knows

  35. Lela says:

    I think Mona and nohl are A. Sometimes you see A with a physical male appearance and sometimes you see A with a female appearance. Although my theory is probably wrong since A is one person. If you watched I must confess, it’s revealed That A went to a psychologist. Go on
    Prettylittleliars.com and read the article about the episode, it gives hints to who A is.

  36. kayla says:

    I have heard because of the new TV show lie game” that Alison has a twin and that perhaps they found hew twins body..and not Allison and that she is “a”

  37. Amy says:

    If Ali is alive…which I think…the person that was killed is her twin courtney just like the books.

  38. Stephanie says:

    I love this show! It keeps me wanting to watch more and more. However, I am and have been really anxious to find out who “A”is for a while.. I love the mystery and suspense!! I love spencer and toby together and hannah and caleb! If alison isn’t dead, which I’m getting the vibe that she isn’t really, this could get really interesting. While I think mona could very well be “A”.. what if alison is alive and is the very mysterous “A”?!

  39. Melissa says:

    I go back and fourth ( which is what they want ),but, has anyone thought maybe Ali isn’t dead? She was asking Hannah’s Gma what it’d take to get cut from the will…selling an airlume? Maybe she sold it — framed Jason, got him cut from the will, faked her death to get the money ( unknown how she’d accomplish it yet ), then everything got messed up when Spencer’s Dad “fixed” the will, now A is actually Ali?

    I def think it could be Maya too though …

  40. jamie says:

    Idk if you all read the book or not. But I think they may (or hopefully will) be following it with the death of ali. I won’t say what incase you haven’t read yet!

  41. Angie says:

    My only thing is that I hope when we finally see the mystery solved, that it’s totally unexpected. I don’t want anything to be obvious, because that’s disappointing to me, personally. I love to be totally shocked and mind-blown, and to have to back-track and put the pieces together so that I can see all that led up to the reveal. However, that’s not very likely to happen, so I guess I’m just along for the ride.

    Also, they still have plenty to go off of if they solve the mystery of ‘A’. Just because they know who it is, doesn’t mean they have that person cornered. If they haven’t caught ‘A’ yet, that doesn’t mean they’ll catch him/her once they know who he/she is. That doesn’t mean he/she won’t still have anything on them. And that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any aftermath or adjusting once all is said and done. It’s not going to be happily ever after once they’ve solved the mystery, especially because they still have the opportunity to raise other mysteries here. If they know who ‘A’ is, I’m sure A will want to punish them or take them out somehow before they can do anything about it. What I’m trying to say here is that, while I think the show will still be interesting if they carry on this mystery, they do have the option of revealing A’s identity or at least narrowing it down more and still having plenty of plot to work with. Nothing about this show is very cut and dry, and nothing is only black and white. They have plenty of ways to twist things, I’m sure.

  42. Jay says:

    @Sarah don’t be so sure that Ali is dead. Stop and think how possible is it that Ali has a twin sister. You may not know this and I’m not to sure but they have been foreshadowing that Ali’s family doesn’t just consist of Ali and Jason. Matter a fact Jason and Ali prob aren’t full siblings. I’m not giving anything away though this is just a guess.

  43. Erika says:

    In my opinion I don’t think they killed A. They always try to make it seem so certain, but usually theres a twist to it.

  44. Iily says:

    When did Spencer and Toby started dating????

  45. Melissa says:

    Wow, “faked her death to get the money” that made absolutly no sense. Sorry guys. :D

  46. Hefinator says:

    ‘A’ is obviously someone with “pretty eyes”, like the waitress mentioned at the end.but a girl with pretty eyes, or a guy?? I hate to say it, cuz I love his character so much, but I think ‘A’ might be Caleb. How come he didn’t come to Hanna’s rescue at the police station?

  47. kashima says:

    Ok the show is going on right on track because of the feedbacks but I think for sure that Merlissa (Spencer’s sis) is A because everything from the time Ally was young occured @ Spencer’s house plus Ally was w/ Ian but I know for sure that there are more persons involved especially someone from school & that would hv 2 be Mona, also a guy n maybe another female.

  48. Tina says:

    No he did not

  49. Elena says:

    I’ve been mulling over this for a while. Anyone think maybe Ali arranged her death? From all the flashbacks in season 1, she just seemed really suspicious, talking about wanting to die young and whatnot. Plus, I think Ali is extremely creepy.
    Honestly, thinking about “A”, there’s no way it’s possible for her/him to follow all the girls around at once and not be seen. Sure, it’s most likely a group of people, but when one of the liars is completely alone and “A” texts them about something that just happened and no one else is around, it just doesn’t make sense. “A” has to have like superhuman abilities for it to work.
    I don’t think the writers know who “A” is. Heck, I doubt Sara Shepard knew until she wrote the book where you find out. All my friends said the ending was stupid; it just seemed like Sara wrote herself into a corner and came up with something on the spot to finish it off.

  50. maddy says:

    i totally think that jason and spencer could be half siblings but if u look at the promo for the halloween special episode it shows ally in a room thats a mental hospita or somithing and i think that who ever A is that there doing the same thing to ally as the other girls becus if you think about it someone always saves the girls i think ally is watching some how and shes helping them (thats just a theory) heres another one and ya cus when the person saved emily aka ally they were sitting/lieng under a tree and emily asked who a was and ally was like only 2 can keep a secret if one of them is dead and when ally kissed her emily felt it for real and then they immediatly shoed the boots and thats like a big mystery cus everyones talking about the boots and i like the suspence but i want answers too and by the way im absolutly surten that jenna can see and she just acts blind cus when she said she wantss to do that operation to get her sight back i think thats a cover up like so they think shes blind because who ever A is obviously knew the girls were gonna try to figure out who that person was so if it is jenna and garret that could be a way for jenna to be considered to not be A and in the first season it said A sees all so im very curios obviously i cant wait for season 2b its gonna be crazy