Pretty Little Liars Post Mortem: Boss Reveals Season 2B [Spoiler] and Who Is Not 'A'!

[Warning: If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s season finale of Pretty Little Liars, avert your eyes now!]

So, wow, that just happened…

The summer season of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars has come to its most shocking conclusion yet, and only TVLine has exclusive details from exec producer Oliver Goldstick on what really went down at the end of Monday’s finale, plus what to expect when Season 2B (as it’s so affectionately known) debuts in January.

TVLINE | Help me out with this one: Did Jenna and Garrett really kill Alison?
Well, that’s what out there. Whether that’s going to be true or not, we’re still going to have some twists and turns. I think fans want answers because it’s going to be four months until they see us again, so we’re giving something to the audience. You can only tease an audience too much before they’ll rebel. [Laughs] There was a need to give up some answers. Some things have been revealed, but some things have not. Some things you think you know will still be refuted and challenged by information you get in Season 2B.

TVLINE | I don’t assume that because we now think they killed her that they are “A,” but it seems like “A” certainly had a hand in setting the girls up in the finale. Am I right?
Either “A” piggybacked on the Jenna/Garrett of it all, or Jenna and Garrett are “A” — that’s part of what we’re putting out there. There’s the possibility that these two — and possibly another — are “A.”

TVLINE | So, we’ll definitely see more of these two characters in Season 2B?
Very much so.

TVLINE | How about Dr. Sullivan? Have we seen the last of Annabeth Gish’s MIA doc?
She’s not gone. She may be silenced though. She’s not coming to the Liars’ aid, which is unfortunate because she knows so much, doesn’t she?

TVLINE | Will we learn more about her character next season? It seems like “A” had something on her.
She definitely wasn’t siding with “A” in the finale as much as she was being silenced. The intention was never that she was siding against the girls, because that was a legitimate call when she reached out to them saying she knew who “A” was.

TVLINE | So, how do the girls get out of the predicament they’re now in? Being accused of homicide is not a small thing.
It’s tough. This is a serious offense they’re suspected of. As you know, a confession was made, a person was buried, a case was closed at the beginning of this season. However, a murder weapon now has been produced and we’ve got the queston of what role the girls played, if any, in Alison’s death. They have community service when we come back, and they’re in some serious trouble. There are no formal charges against them, but they are certainly persons of interest once again.

TVLINE | Will the new episodes pick up seconds after the finale?
When we come back for Season 2B, we’re going to play it like some time has passed — six weeks to a couple months, to be exact. It’s not going to be a moment later, as we’ve done in the past. It’s still a bit shocking when we pick up, though.

TVLINE | What factored into your decision to jump ahead?
We needed some time to pass for different stories. There were a lot of moments in the finale that if we’d come back the second later, we wouldn’t have been able to take the story to different places — which we wanted to do. So there are some moments that have essentially happened off-screen, and you’ll learn what’s happened.

TVLINE | Is there anyone we can officially rule out as being the evil “A”?
I can tell you from this season’s Episodes 7 and 8, there was a lot of speculation that Aria’s little brother Mike was “A.” But in the episode where Mike had an emotional scene with his sister, we did a direct cut right after that to Dr. Sullivan being watched, so it was like, ‘Oh shoot, we killed a theory!’ [Laughs]

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  1. Alyssa says:

    Um, how about this question: Did Ezra tell Ella he’s dating ARIA, and not Spencer? :P

    • Sivat says:

      Ella saw Ezra and Spencer together and assumed they were an item.

      • Lauren says:

        We know that. Alyssa is asking if Ezra set her straight at the police station when she said “Spencer’s parents will ruin you.” I wanna know too!

        • Sivat says:

          No, Alyssa thought Ezra claimed he was dating Spencer.

          • Cindy says:

            no. aria’s mom saw spencer talking to ezra in his car once. she confronted aria once about how much it bothered her and aria never came clean. Ezra then shows up to the police station, arias mom confronts him about how he should not be dating spencer (which he is not). it never shows you how ezra answers this. and alyssa is wondering whether or not he set the record straight. understand?

          • Alyssa says:

            I knew about the car scene, I just want to know the same thing Lauren and Cindy are asking :)

          • alyssa says:

            suck it sivat

    • Melosm says:

      As much as I love the actor who plays Ezra, I want him to go away. Aria needs a new love interest. The entire teacher/student storyline is creepy and weird.

      • nicole says:

        im not a huge fan of arias relationships, i dont like ezra or jason, ezra is boring and im so tired of waiting for them to come out with their relationship, god its taking forever, its like break up or break out. I do however love the people spencer are around, her toby <3, her and that english guy <3 love love love them both. Also i really like emilys parents, i know its weird but i wish they were in it as much as hannahs mom, hannah and emily have the best parents.. DRAMA =)

        • shannon says:

          well you should be i love aria and exras relationship theyll prove to everyone that their relationship will work out for all good. i dont want ezra to go away jason shoulld go away or at least leave aria lone so shoe can be happy with ezra a.k.a (mr.fitz)

        • kayla says:

          ezra is the best part of the show toby has a wierd face, and a bad backround, but i do agree with you on wren

        • TIA-MARIA says:


        • emily says:

          i love wren and spencer and toby too. i cant wait to see what happens next

      • Brandee says:

        I love ezra and aria!!! i just really wish that they would come out already! i want to see them be truly happy, not just hiding all the time. it’s taking way too long. but i can’t stand jason. creepy!!!

      • Megan says:

        Nooo!! I love Ezra!! He is the one constant thing in Aria’s love life and as wrong as a teacher/student affair is, I want them to last!!
        It keeps the audience captivated. Will they tell Aria’s mom? Will they not? Will Jackie spill the beans? Does anyone really have proof of a teacher/student thing? So many questions :)
        Sure, he didn’t know she was that young when they met, he is innocent here, but he let it last during school, kinda weird. But they are so right for each other!! Ezra don’t go!! producers, keeep him!

    • Bree says:

      No, they cut away from Ezra and Ella right after Ella said “Spencer’s parents will ruin you”.

    • Alisha says:

      does any one know who Aria called for and asked for help when she made her phone call at the ploice station?

    • Ika says:

      Alyssa, the answer is “no”. Ezra didn’t have balls to say it. In the jail scene, after Ella said “…if Spencer parents know…” Ezra just shouted his mouth, didn’t say anything. That’s why Ezra is never my favourite.

    • Alex says:

      No he didnt tell ella he was dating Aria. he just walked away out of the police station

    • samantha says:

      righttt??? omggg…i want to know this too!

    • bella says:

      No. Not yet

  2. r0ckmypants says:

    Exactly what answers were given up? I just got more and more questions, as per usual. Probably not gonna watch when the remainder of the season starts up next year; my DVR will be busy as it is, and I just don’t have the time to waste on being jerked around.

    • Captain says:

      I think it’s quite clear Jenna and Garrett killed Allison.

      • Sivat says:

        If Alison’s even dead.

        • Carrie says:

          For whatever reason, I’ve had this feeling from the beginning that Alison isn’t really dead. Maybe Hannah and Emily weren’t just hallucinating or dreaming when they each thought they’d seen and spoken to her.

          • rudy says:

            Well that’s something I considered. In the episode this season where emily is in the hospital and aria and spencer sneak down to the morgue of the hospital.. they wear those little candy striped hospital volunteer uniforms to sneak in.. and those are identical to the striped dress Alison is wearing when she appears to Hannah while she’s in the hospital after getting hit by the car

          • Brooke says:

            All I can say to this without people getting mad is…this IS based of of the book. although its obviously not following that well they have to keep some things the same. :)

          • Lyssa Hope says:

            I agree with you. I have read the books and in the books Alison had a twin sister, which is the one who was actually killed, Not Ali. I think Alison is still alive but pretending to be her twin. Although, the books and the show are wayy different, so I’m not sure about my theory.

        • Russ says:

          Ali might not be dead but I think Jenna and Garrett killed someone if not Ali or they would have not done so much to get the liars caught.

          • Kayhezza says:

            I think that jenna with the help of garrett, believe they killed alison with the spade. However in the death report it states that alison was buried alive… May they left her, thinking she was dead as it was a significant head injury, then A came along and buried her realising she wasn’t dead…..

        • Sarah says:

          allison is dead because they showed odtopsi papers for alli!!

        • Merrin says:

          Good Thinking:) and yes Rudy I saw that too. I was kinda freaking out in that eppisode. I read the books and the books and the show are different but they both are amazing so yeah:)

      • Crittle says:

        No its not clear, hence “Well, that’s what out there. Whether that’s going to be true or not, we’re still going to have some twists and turns,” per the above interview

      • Octavia says:

        I hope Alison’s not really dead. I just love the actress and would love to see her more.
        Why can’t the writers give us the other side of the coin- give us who A is and show her doing her thing, letting the ausience in but not the girls. That way wew see both sides: A’s plotting and the girls trying to find out who A is and A being right in front of them and the audience knowing. That would be way more fun now that thjey’ve dragged the “Who’s A” mystery for so long. It’s fine if the girls only find out who A is in the series finale but the ausience should be privy at A’s shanenigans at some point.

        • Cahner says:

          I totally agree with you on that one octavia! I think the show would be much better because then you have the suspense still as in “when are they going to find out that “A” is going to do this” As the surprises of “A’s” actions keep getting bigger and bigger I think that they should have at least a couple people of interest by now if they aren’t going to reveal anything about “A”. I’m not saying that I don’t like the questioning and suspense, I’m just the type of person that needs to know everything!

          • KHammer says:

            i aggree also! it has been a great show with the whole who is “A”…but like you guys said….its kinda dragging out to long now…..stilll gunna have to watch the show though!!

          • Taylor says:

            No way! If they played it from both sides it would not be near as interesting!! We’d know everything and then we’d be waiting for it to play out. That’s not as fun! The way they do it, you know NOTHING. And you’re always guessing with all your different theories! I love the way they film it now!

        • nicole says:

          ugh.. if jenna and garret did it that would be terrrrrrrible, like who the eff is garret why is he even in the show? i like jenna, but her current role in the show is stupid, i was soooooo hoping aria and her would have a bonding moment or something.

          In my perfect world, i hope allison isnt dead. if it was actually G&J that would suck hardcorrr, the queen bee was killed by some blind girl and a rogue cop thats like 90lbs.

          but i also agree i LOVE the actress who plays allison, almost more than the other 4 girls!!!! i wishhhh we saw more scenes with her. cutie <3

        • tammy luna says:

          i dont think it would be good to know who A- is it would just ruin the show.

      • Nathaly says:

        Absolutely! I think there is no doubt about it… Only that it doesn´t mean they´re A, so, there´s still a big mystery to be solved!

  3. Francesco Paturzo says:

    Dear r0ckmypants. It’s a show, it’s entertainment. Just watch it and if you can try to enjoy it. Having answered is not the meaning of watching a show, having fun prolly is.
    Have a nice day :)

    • r0ckmypants says:

      But it’s not fun to watch 30 episodes where nothing happens. Everytime a question is “answered,” another one is raised and the answer is reversed. You can’t just go on forever, stringing along all of your characters (and your audience) without ever paying anything off.

      And how can you say having answers is not the meaning of watching the show?! Why would I care about anyone if I didn’t want to know what happens to them? It’s FUN to know what’s going on. It’s NOT FUN when things don’t make sense.

      • Francesco Paturzo says:

        You’re right, but if all questions were answered there wouldn’t be any reason to watch the show. best thing we can do is enjoy it :P

      • Jennifer says:

        All the questions is what keeps me watching!

      • Rain says:

        Thank you r0ckmypants, I’m happy to know I’m not the only one frustrated with the show. There are plenty of ways to give answers and still keep the show going!

        • Cindy says:

          name one. because im pretty sure once a show starts giving solid answers, it’s soon pulled off the air. suspense is what keeps people watching, keeps the show going and thats what makes the money. remember there is the money factor. plus, its been only two seasons. you cant accuse them of anything this early

          • Megan says:

            THAT is why the Nine Live of Chloe King, the showed that aired after Pretty Little Liars, Is being Debated over wether to cancel it or not: No Suspencse. So Yea, I agree with Cindy

          • grechen says:

            I agree, its almost like you want the answers but you don’y because you know once you have them there is really no point in watching anymore.

          • reunion says:

            but then, Reunion (with almost the same plot) had been canned because sponsors refused to pursue since the story had been so complicated… too many flashbacks.. I just hope this wont happen to PLL

      • Alyssa says:

        Have you seen other TV shows. This is EXACTLY what they do! At this level? Most likely not. But that’s how you keep a show going. It’s what lets the characters grow and have new experiences. If you don’t know anything, you’ll continue watching to find out.

        It’s actually quite brilliant :)

        • KHammer says:

          while i aggree with this…..and i love the show don’t get me wrong…how long can you REALLY keep it going..ya know? after awhile…..you can’t just keep pointing figures at different people where its like..ok i’ll never find anything out might as well not watch it..

          i also just want to know..but at the same time i don’t!

        • r0ckmypants says:

          Why, no! I’ve NEVER watched another TV show… EVER!

          It’s not “brilliant” to not answer questions. The characters need to find out who A is in order to have any type of development, otherwise they’re stagnant. The main issue pulling them along at this point is the torture from A; until they know who is pulling their strings, they will never be able to deal with the other issues in their lives (which are more interesting to me than knowing who A is). There are ways to answer questions without opening up new ones, which is really my frustration. As of right now, we don’t know ANYTHING. The fact that so many of you are questioning whether or not Alison is even dead proves that. If you can’t trust anything you’ve seen, what’s the point in watching anymore? You know you’re not going to get answers, so why look for them? You know that whatever you are presented in an episode is going to be contradicted later, so WHY BOTHER?

          And Megan, Nine Lives hasn’t been renewed because its ratings are terrible, not because the writers revealed too much of the story.

      • Lizzy says:

        I totally agree with you r0ckmypants. After watching forever and having no answers, it gets old. It’s almost like they will never tell us who “A” is or what is really happening. I was complaining to my friends just after watching about how nothing has happened in 2 and a half seasons. It’s the same plot line.

      • lorna says:

        Agreed. It just keeps getting more convoluted. When s2 started I was lost, it had been awhile since s1, and I didn’t watch any repeats.

  4. Ann says:

    It’s getting really old. I like the characters but I’m tired of the ridiculous twists and turns. I’m out!

  5. Crystal says:

    I don’t think Ezra told Ella’s mom that it’s her daughter not Spencer, but I think Aria should tell Ezra everything and take their chances. He is not interested in the other women and she should be caught for coping the atticle.a

  6. You're Boring Me says:

    @r0ckmypants: I agree with you. I will not be watching either. I don’t feel like the summer finale answered very many questions. I think this could go on forever. Not entertaining or satisfying. Oh well. Lots more on tv.

  7. Captain says:

    I’m sorry guys but I think it’s always been clear that the real answers aren’t going to be given up until the end of the series. Once the central mystery is over, what’s left? The show is entertaining as hell, why should it end prematurely? I think they can easily get 4 seasons out of it.

    • Sloane says:

      What’s left? The real foundation of the show. Plotlines and relationships that aren’t directly related to the A mystery. The A mystery is just a MacGuffin to push the rest of the show along. It really isn’t that important. I think the show would be better off with the mystery resolved and a completely new, original, non A-related mystery (or no mystery at all perhaps). Think of how awful Desperate Housewives would have been if they’d tried to drag out the Mary Alice suicide mystery over four seasons.

      • Taylor says:

        Oh, come on! Have you read the books?
        Just take the first one and read the back of the book. The whole “A” mystery IS the point. And although the books and the show aren’t the same, they have to keep the whole “A” thing, because that’s what the story revolves around. “A”.
        If we’re gonna go there, think about Harry Potter. What if they changed the movies, didn’t do them like in the books, and killed Voldemort in part 2? That would be a drag, wouldn’t it?
        And yeah, they are dragging the “A” thing for a while now, but it’s only been like 2 seasons. And they dragged Voldemort through 7 movies. And that’s how they kept the audience.
        And they did reveal that Garret and Jenna killed Ali. It’s pretty obvious.
        I personally love that b*tch, but I don’t wish she was still alive. Mostly because of the “It’s immortality, my darlings” scene.
        As for relationships, my choices would be: Aria&Jason, Spencer&Toby(or Wren, not sure yet there), Emily&Maya and Hanna&Caleb(they’re my favorite couple).

        • r0ckmypants says:

          The Harry Potter analogy makes no sense. We knew who the villain in that series was from the very beginning: Voldemort.

    • Denise says:

      They can answer one mystery while introducing another completely different. They are squeezing this one too much. Last night’s mid-season finale was the first time I was very bored with this show… you just knew nothing was going to happen. I almost hoped Emily would die just to get something going. Srsly, the writers and producers ripped off their audience last night. “a murder weapon now has been produced and we’ve got the question of what role the girls played, if any, in Alison’s death.” Hasn’t that always been the question??!?

  8. Dakota Michael says:

    Pretty Little Liars was good at the start but it’s awful now. They stretched out the mystery way too long.

  9. Wtfisthis says:

    What even. The last few episodes have just gone around in circles. I’m pretty sure that it’s not so simple as just Garret and Jenna killing Alison. This show is seriously getting ridiculous now

  10. Sivat says:

    I think it’s pretty clear that Mona is “A”. I’ve had her pegged as “A” since the get-go. Whether “A” killed Alison (or if Alison is even dead), I don’t know.

    • Isa says:

      In my opinion, not even show creators know for sure who “A” is by now. It seems like they’re trying to figure it out just as much as we are. And I don’t really know how long they can keep postponing this decision… nothing is quite clear to me on this show! : /

      • Sivat says:

        I disagree. They can’t write the show if they don’t know who “A” is. Clearly “A” is two people, a guy and a girl, with the girl obviously being Mona.

        • Carrie says:

          That would be my guess as well. ‘A’ has to be more than one person, probably a male and a female. No one person could do all of the things ‘A’ has done without any assistance. I think Garrett and Jenna are the killers, but not ‘A’. I’ve always been suspicious of Mona and her boyfriend is extremely creepy as well.

          • Kayla says:

            I never did finish the book series but I’ve heard that Mona was A in the book.

          • Brooke says:

            Mona was A in the first 4 books but after that the series has more books and another A is up in that book. in the first 4 mona dies -.- kind of wish the show would do that xD

        • 123 says:

          Not necessarily. They could not have settled on an identity for A while still being able to write the plot. Here’s how it would work. They create many strands to the plot and create many different possibilities (ex: motives, hints). Occasionally they can add a twist to the story line that would make it impossible for a character to be A, while maintaining all the other posible outcomes. That way they can always change things or redefine the identity of A as the suspense wears out. In fact they have already done that before. Initially almost everyone though that Toby was A, and it was possible and plausible until Spencer hooked up with him. After that it became very likely that A was Jenna. And now we realize that not only A can be a group of people, but we also discover that the policeman is probably a part of it …

  11. ana says:

    so does anyone else think that jason is spencer’s half brother, or is that just me??????

    • andieb says:

      YES!! That’s what I’ve been thinking for the past 3 or 4 episodes now! Thank goodness I’m not the only one, lol.

    • lauren says:

      Yep!! And you definitely aren’t the only one! Twitter was FULL of people saying the same thing after Spencer’s dad and Jason talked in the police station!

    • Carrie says:

      I’ve been thinking the same thing since we saw Spencer’s dad arguing with Mrs. DiLaurentis (sp?) about Jason. It all fits. Mr. Hastings made it so that Jason would inherit his grandmother’s money, he argued with his mother on the phone and in person, he went ballistic when Toby found what could’ve been the murder weapon buried on the property line and burned it, then Spencer found him talking to Jason at his house. When Jason came to the police station and said he was there for his sister, I think he meant Spencer, not Alison.

  12. Sarah says:

    Is this Lost Part 2? Really enjoy the show but sick of so many questions not being answered and new questions arising.

  13. ckfromthed says:

    WHO was buried in the ground? Who’s body was that?

  14. Brl8 says:

    I think abc family is going to drag this show out just like they did with “the secret life”. If it goes on too much longer I’m out too.

  15. rnr87 says:

    Reading through these comments, I’m not sure how many of you know much about the books… The show and the books may be vastly different from one another, but one thing in common is how long it took for the truth to be revealed. That’s the whole point of this show, to keep you guessing and to make you think you know the answer only to find out it isn’t so. Once all their secrets are out in the open and the “A” and Allison murder thing are solved, there wont be a show basis any more. That’s why they aren’t just wrapping it up and moving on. You should have known what you were in for before you started watching the show, cause I knew it wasn’t going to be solved before the show was over. I think they’re doing a amazing job with this show, and I’ll be watching to the end to see what happens.

    • Francesco Paturzo says:

      + this show is made to let fans mumbling. it’s not a show with answers coming every episode such as a typical crime procedurals…

    • tiffany says:

      Exactly! This show can’t be compared to Desperate Housewives, etc. because it’s based on a book series of 8 (soon to be 12) books revolving around A. They can’t just tell us who A is now because then there would be no show left. And I definitely don’t want to see them bring up another mystery, unless they do it similar to the books.

      • Marie says:

        They dont necessarily have to say who A is. Just as long as they give us some kind of answers. Something to keep us going. The murder weapon? really? thats not an answer to me. That doesnt excite me at all. Spencers hockey stick thats something uncommon but they changed it to a shovel? Alison being berried alive now thats interesting. Garret and Jenna we’v known that. If you didnt figure out about Jenna by now then your clueless. i just think they should of left us off with something different thats all im saying.

    • Cindy says:

      thank you. that was the smartest comment i’ve seen on here. i can leave in peace now.

    • Lizzy says:

      I understand how long it took in the books, but they wrapped it up, and new mysteries arose. Even if the new mysteries were ****SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERTS****** new “A”s. That is much different than the show. They have had one “A” and I don’t even mind the secrecy; it is the lack of answers to any questions. We don’t know ANYTHING that is going on or happened.

  16. Sarah says:

    I think I’m out, too. I wasn’t even going to watch this season because I read an interview with Lucy Hale that said we’d get answers by the end of season 1, and we didn’t get any. I am watching for the mystery, but I’m tired of waiting for this one to be resolved. Veronica Mars was a great show and for the first two seasons (which were the best) there was a season long mystery, but it didn’t go beyond that. I think VM proves that they don’t need to string us on for years with the same mystery. At least can they wrap up the who killed Ali mystery with finality? I want that resolved ASAP, and the A mystery resolved maybe in the following season. The show is fun at times and mysteries can be fun, but at this point, it’s just too long and too much! And all the things that A has done and immediately knows is a bit far-fetched. At this point, A has to be an all-present, all-knowing superhero because no real person could have all the information that A gets in such an instantaneous way.

    • Jess says:

      Umm… if anything Veronica Mars proved that season long mysteries do not work on television as the show was subsequently reformatted to smaller arcs for the ghastly third season and ended in cancellation. As much as I love that show, I don’t think the television audience actually wants answers. I mean Lost may have never answered anything at all but it still managed to score much more curious viewers.

  17. Alli says:

    What I want to know is whether Aria called Jason or Ezra to come find her…

    And please. PLL is not the only show that employs this explosion of questions and mysteries. Off the top of my head, Lost and Fringe both use that technique to keep viewers tuning in.

  18. Nicotine says:

    I’m a guy and I don’t really remember shoes… but was it strange to anyone else when Hanna pointed out Maya’s shoes? I feel like that was a clue. Were they the same shoes as A/The Therapist? I couldn’t tell.

    For all the people lamenting over the answers that were or weren’t given, why can’t you just sit back and enjoy the show? It was a fun summer finale and it set up a decent story for season 2B.

    Build a bridge and get over it, please? For me. Thanks.

    • C says:

      I’m pretty sure the shoes A bought were the ones on the burried mannequin the girls found

      • Cahner says:

        YES! I think the shoes that A bought were on the buried manniquin or Maya was wearing them! I have been wondering about that for so long! I think that now you just have to really focus on what’s going on because maybe they are giving out answers (like the boats) you just have to pay attention.

    • hanna says:

      Glad someone else caught that. To me, they made it clear that Maya is/part of “A”. It makes perfect sense too, as to why Emily was targeted specifically.

      • cindy says:

        i agree! i always had an eerie feeling about maya. she freaks me out with the weird way she looks at people. psychopath i tell you

        • Emmi says:

          i noticed that to n thought it was weird plus would make sense that emily was the main target n i also thought it was weird how she didnt come back right before the season ending

    • Katie says:

      I thought the exact same thing about the shoes!!!!!!!!

    • Phil says:

      THANK YOU! For those of us that love it, let’s continue to enjoy…for those of you that are tired of it, guess what – no one is forcing you to watch!

  19. lene says:

    Was this episode suppose to keep up on the edge of out seat, and die of excitement until season 2b?! because it didn’t…
    NOTHING got answered. Yeah, Jenna and Garret ‘killed’ Alison… right! That’ll turn out to be FALSE, like everything else they’ve “revealed”.

    Why could Aria have ran into Ezra’s arms, making Ella AND Byron realize what’s been going on… and then end the episode. Now that would have been a cliffhanger.

    I’m done with this show. For now any ways.. When they stop going around in circles.. i might start watching again.

  20. João Amaral says:

    i was watching the episode and the only thing i could think was “How can Lucy Hale walk around with those giant earings” Lol

  21. Lily says:

    I don’t mind that the initial mysteries haven’t been solved yet, but at this point I do think they should answer a few questions and stop with the constant red herrings. I think we all are fairly certain it will come and that Jenna and Garrett did not kill Ali. It’s getting a little old.
    On another note, does anyone think that possibly one of the liars could be Ali’s murderer? Like Spencer for instance? That would explain why her father was so eager to get rid of the hockey stick. And her and Ali had an argument right before she went missing. I know it sounds far-fetched, but I think it’s possible. And I also think Mr. Hastings is Jasons father.

    • acm says:

      I’ve thought about that possibility as well! How else does A know so much about the liars? I definitely wouldn’t be shocked if one of them at least played a part in either the murder, or as A. I didn’t think of Jason being Spencer’s half sister, but now I’m sure of it. I think Alison is still alive, or she has a twin sister.

      • Chloe says:

        But if Spencer were “A”, why on earth would she jeopardize her relationship with Toby in the finale? And why would she even do what “A” has been doing to everyone? There is no motive. Does she just have it out for everyone and hate the world? It doesn’t make sense that Spencer is “A”.

  22. Regina says:

    The whole point of the show is obviously for you to not know who A is. You WON’T find that out until the end. If they told you who A was this soon then they wouldn’t really be able to go much farther with the storyline. However I do think they could at least tell us who killed A for sure (if she’s even dead at all). Cuz that would be a pretty good way to end off the series is to have Alison alive the entire time. I also have thought from the beginning that Melissa could have had something to do with all of this. It would make sense if she had a crucial role in possibly killing Alison.

  23. judy says:

    “A” has to be someone that Dr Sullivan treated as she had a folder on this person/persons when she realized who it was…what they have on her , IDK .

    • Emmy says:

      Well, by the things Dr Sullivan had written in her files… I would definitely say Maya. She came to Rosewood when the girls started receiving messages from A, and she may have found many of Ali’s secrets, since she moved to her house and seen her things. The thing bout Hanna pointing her shoes is strange too.

      • Milana says:

        also i noticed that Spencer said something like ” we go in to terror alert and hope that our phone doesn’t ring and as she said that Emily’s phone rang and she said don’t worry it’s only Maya …coincidence i think not … Just saying.

    • Isa says:

      In the ending of one of the episode it shows “A”s black gloves and she’s talking to Dr.Sullivan, as a patient

  24. susan Donner says:

    Anyone wondering what A gave Dr. Sullivan back in the end- the yellow envelope? Was it some sort of blackmail to get her to disappear?

  25. Symiah says:

    I think the show is GREAT! It definitely keeps me on the edge of my seat evrytime i watch it. @lene OMG! I agree 10000% with the whole ezra and aria scene..that would have definitely been a cliff hanger and would have left me wanting more..To all the ppl who just wants answers, NEWSFLASH! Pretty Little Liars is a show based on secrets! Everyone in the show has a secret and the secrets and mysteries is what makes the show..without it, there wouldnt be a show..On another note, the whole Mr.hastings being Jason’s father makes a lot of sense!! I was going in a completely different direction, thinking that he helped kill her or something..but that would definitely make sense..

  26. WhyAmIStillHere says:

    I will also not be watching anymore. I’ve been frustrated with the lack of answers since the beginning of this season. The fact that this person just admitted that they only did the Jenna and Garrett thing on this episode because fans were wanting answers, and then to say that the “answer” we think they’ve given us probably won’t even turn out to be right is just too much. I feel like this show has been spinning in place for 2 years, not actually moving forward at all. I’m getting off this ride now because I don’t think it will ever stop.

  27. Krissy says:

    Ok, so the point of the whole show is to find out who killed Allison and find out who “A” is. If they reveal these things then the show would have to end. I understand that the show might get boring to some people but to me it is a very good show and it always keeps me hanging on. If you are not going to watch the show for season 2b then you obviously weren’t a real fan in the first place. I think that the show writers and producers are doing a good job with the show and they are taking the storyline and playing it out very well. The only thing I don’t like is Spencer breaking up with Toby and when they make it seem like things between Ezra and Aria are falling apart. I like the relationships the way they are and I don’t want them to change.

  28. Kiarababy says:

    If you ask me the season fanaly wasnt as great as i thought it was going to be, actually it was really disappointing. The only parts i thought were intresting were the dolls and emily with Alison. I do agree that this is suppose to be a mistory and i love the show but they kinda are dragging it out a little bit to long. But i read an interview on some website and they said that they weren’t going to say who A was until the very end but there going to change that so that there not dragging it on for the viewers. So im sure A will get reviled a lot sooner that we think. As for Alison i dont think shes dead crazy as that sounds but i just dont. There’s been 2 shadows in that house whos the other shadow? Its not Eean soo whos is it? I dont think Jason has anything to do with this. I think garret and Jenna are totally blackmailing jason for something he didnt even do but he doesnt remember so how can he say he didnt do it. But i think Maya is A. Its gonna be someone who we lease expect.

  29. Ericka says:

    You know if you think about Alison could very well be alive. If you remember right when Emily thought she saw her and spoke to her, she asked if she knew who A was. Ali told her yes and Emily wanted her to tell her and Ali then told her that for two people to know who A was one had to be dead…meaning that they both were obviously alive? Right?

  30. BilboBaggins says:

    If there was no mystery of A then the whole book series wouldn’t have even been published past book three. No books no show, enjoy the mystery, that’s what keeps the characters edgy. If they dropped the A bomb, well what else is there to worry about, no secrets being threatened everyone would be skipping and humming and moving on with their lives.

  31. Emma says:

    I’ve been thinking so 2 because in the books it was her twin that died and Alison said 2 emily 2 can keep a secret If one of them is dead Hinting that she isn’t dead because if she was dead she said do u want 2 stay with me or know

  32. nessie says:

    to all the people that aren’t into the show anymore thats fine I happen to think thats it just gets better.
    the thing is, if you don’t like the show why do you leave comments on this post, I personally don’t go commenting on articles about Desperate housewives because I don’t watch the show anymore and I don’t really care what happens I also don’t feel the need to write about how frustrating I think it is. I am personally more interested in reading theories that fans of the show have rather than listening to all the reasons why you decided to leave this show. If you like the show and find certain thing frustrating thats fine but if you stop watching please go somewhere else, the internet is a big place.

    Thank you
    PPL fan

  33. Tiffani says:

    Obviously you dont know what a television show is if you think it doesn’t need to stay suspenseful. I think this show I awesome :) But you all need to chill & just relax. PLL was create for entertainment, not to be bashed. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. Obviously the writers are good at what they do if they got the job in the first place, right? Yea… Thought so.

  34. Samantha says:

    I really just don’t understand why the Liars haven’t told anyone (besides Dr. Sullivan) about A and everything. They continue to go at it alone, but if they would come clean with other people, A would have less to use against them. I really wish they would tell Ezra and Toby at least.

  35. k says:

    Has anyone thought that Jenna isn’t really blind and at the end when the waitress says hello and commented on her eyes she is talking abut Jenna?

    • H says:

      I don’t think Jenna can see, or as of yet anyway, because of the episode where she was in the hospital for something to do with a possible experimental treatment to gain some sight.

      I do think the thing about Jason and Spencer being half brother and sister would be a brilliant twist and it sounds totally plausible.

    • Nathaly says:

      i used to think that too, until the episode where hanna slaps jenna in the bathroom, if she wasnt blind she would have avoided the slap, at least as an involuntary reflextion.

  36. Brandy says:

    I think its a great show.i think jenna and garret at the very least tried to frame jason for killing ali and garret became a cop to keep informed of the investigation.someone said in a earlier post why dont the girls just came clean about what a has on them.answer: it would destroy thier lives and families aria telling police about mr. fitz and her would get him fired and jailed and them not together and telling about jackie plagerizing and blackmailing her means jackie would be fired,want revenge,ezra wouldnt be with aria anymore and aria would get in big trouble for blackmailing jackie. Hanna telling about her mom stealing money would mean her mom goes to jail and hanna lives with her dad and mean kate. Spencer telling about her dad destroying thr hockey stick and illegally changing the will means he would go to jail and spenscers mom would find out and msybe leave him,specially when we find out the rest of the hastings/dilaurentis secret( like if ali or jason are mr. hastings kids too cause he and mrs.dilaurentis had an affair),mrs. Hastings would leave him. Plus a ran hanna over and kidnapped dr. sullivan and killed ian, the girls are scared of a(whos very dangerous, hence the comment last night about how easy it was for a to kill), theyre afraid of what a could/would do to them if they came clean or knew who a is or who killed ali.

  37. valerie says:

    ok, what i really want to know is if the shovel-AKA Alisons murder weapon-was in the police depts storage room then why didn’t the police realize that it was an inside job getting out? i mean it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that only a cop could have gotten the shovel out. and Garret told Jenna that he waited months to get in there and take the shovel. so to me the fact that they are blaming the girls for Alisons murder is just stupid!
    i hope that Jason finally realizes what really happened that night!
    and i am thinking that Melissa is “A”! she is totally a big enough bitch and she would have the biggest reason to have Alison killed-she slept with Ian when Melissa was dating him the first time around.

    • confused says:

      Yeah where is Melissa anyway? What happened to her baby? YOu’d think her parents would be helping her out…

      But no I don’t think A is Melissa – that’s too weird.

  38. Claire says:

    This show is pretty badly written and it is very silly, but it’s fairly entertaining light fluff to watch. However, I do think they’ll have to watch themselves a bit and not drive the fans too crazy. Too many questions and not enough answers, they’re also giving us more questions, but we never really learn anything. I’m not convinced about the continuity of a lot of either. And I certainly don’t think, at the rate things are going, I could wait until season 9 to find out who “A” is, I thought it all would have been wrapped up in season 1! I have no idea how it is in the books… but what is the show going to be about once we find out who “A” is/are and who killed Alison?! Will they have a new mystery? Because really how much longer can they drag this out? Is the reveal of who “A” and the murderer is (same person or no) going to be shocking and exciting… I can’t help but think it’ll be a disappointment based on the writing so far.

  39. Nathaniel says:

    Okay ! I have little to no attention but this show gets and keeps my attention I don’t think they’ve stretched the mystery to far because this mystery is a big one . And if every season there was a different mystery it’d get confusing ! Plus waiting to see what A will do next is just exciting because it’s always new and different and that’s what tv needs is new and different because tv hasn’t changed since I was little it’s all based on the same thing ! A family with a specialty and their lives . This is totally different then those tv shows! This is the best show ever !

  40. Lela says:

    It doesn’t make any sense. If Jenna and Garret set the girls up, then they have to be A because A was setting the girls up. And if they are not A, as shown at the end of the show, then how did they know what A’s plan was?

    It you rewatch the show, they don’t directly admit to killing Alison. And Emily seeing Alison and her saying “two can keep a secret of one of them is dead” if Alison is dead why couldn’t she tell Emily? Unless she meant that A would kill Emily too? Does that mean A is the killer?

    And what happened to finding out more about the NAT club? Marlene told us we would find out about it but nothing popped up.

    The finale was great! But, it left us with more questions and no clarifications.

  41. Nathaly says:

    I dont think they ever said that the shovel was in the police department, what they said is that they had always known what the murder weapon was!

  42. Alysha Everson says:

    Alison’s psycho twin sister was “Alison”. Not their friend, Alison. So Alison is still alive!

  43. Marcela says:

    First of all, Jenna doesn’t have “pretty” eyes because her eyes are brown, dark brown to be exact. Remember when Garret takes off her glasses to kiss her in her room? And second of all, Alison has a twin. They both would switch on the girls. Alison was the one that really liked the girls. The other one (forgot her name) didn’t, so when ever the girls had flashbacks with Ali and she was rude to them that was her twin. Alison’s twin didn’t enjoy being around the girls. Alison is still alive. The one that died was her “evil” twin. That’s why when Ali’s mom asked the girls to wear her dresses she “mistakenly” said she cares for both her children or “cared” because she had three! Jason, Alison, and Alison’s twin..

    • Brown eyed girl says:

      I have “dark brown eyes to be exact” and I think I have pretty eyes???? Why can’t dark brown eyes be pretty??

    • Jane says:

      My eyes are also “dark brown to be exact” and no one has ever told me that I have ugly eyes. Your comment is super dumb, to be exact.

    • Stephanie says:

      First of all, I don’t get what your point is with the eye color thing. I have green eyes but I think dark brown eyes are beautiful. Someone with brown eyes can certainly have brown eyes, so whatever point you’re trying to make here is completely invalid.

      Second of all, Alison has a twin named Courtney in the PLL book series who was directly involved in the “A” situation, but it has been stated in several interviews that the writers/creators of the show changed some things for the show so that people who read the books could still enjoy the show. One of the things they changed for the show was who “A” is. So if Courtney can’t be “A” on the show, she’s kind of irrelevant and there’s no reason that they would need to include her character at all.

      As for your last point… um, what? Yes, Ali’s mom said she loved BOTH of her children… last time I checked, “both” meant “two” – Jason and Ali.

  44. Kimberly says:

    I have to say, I really didn’t like the finale. It wasn’t terrible, but it was predictable. I KNEW that the doctor wasn’t going to be buried alive and I had a feeling that that was how they were going to end up in the interrogation room. I also think that Ally really is alive, mainly because when it shows Emily’s head laying on her lap, her(Ally) boots are the same as the ones it shows when ‘A’ drags her out of the barn just before that. The boots that we saw ‘A’ buying were, I think, just the same boots as the Doctor had that Hannah commented on, and that’s how they were on the mannequin buried in the ground. I don’t think Ezra told Aria’s mom that they were together, which is a shame.
    There’s too much stuff just hanging and they need to stop throwing out red herrings and gives us some real information for once. I know they can’t tell us who ‘A’ is, but they could at least let Aria’s parents find out about her relationship or tell us whether Jason is really Spencer’s sibling of sorts.
    I sincerely hope season 2B is better than this one was. Really.

  45. farkus says:

    I think the mystery is what keeps the show going in my opinon. I think that if right now that they answered all the questions and just showed everyone living a great and happy life that no one would watch it and THAT is what would be boring. But for all of you out there that are tired of waiting to find out who “A” is why don’t you just go read the last couple of chapters or something in the books.

  46. Bridgette says:

    Seriously, If they gave away who ‘A’ was, it wouldn’t be interesting or suspensefull anymore, and if they gave away too many answers the show would get boring! The suspense and mystery is what keeps people watching, and keeps the shows money. I think this is a amazing show and I’ll definitely be watching the halloween one and season 2B in January (:

  47. jazz says:

    Okay, so what if they keep the ‘A’ thing going? That’s like the whole point of the show, it’s mysterious & suspenseful. If we find out who ‘A’ is, there’s really not a lot more to the show. & I do agree that ‘A’ should be revealed at the last season, whenever that may be. I love this show & every time a season ends I die a little o.O But I love the show just the way it is, & obviously the.producers and directors know what they’re doing if the show is still going on & lots of people love it. It’s best to let them do their job, they’re the ones who got this far w/ the show & will go farther as the new season comes out.

  48. Jade says:

    Okay, you’re all way too whiney. The whole purpose of the show is the LIES. Hence the name “Pretty Little LIARS”. And does no one suspect Jason? Am I alone on this?

    The writers and producers are friggin brilliant. It keeps EVERYONE guessing, not just Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hanna. Seriously, would you honestly watch the show if you knew who “A” was? Where’s the fun in that?

  49. Keyerrea says:

    Alison don’t make her dead like she can be kiddnap a fake death or something i “heard” she had a twin just I really do like Alison and hope she not really dead. And the only reason she know who A is because A is the one who is keeping her ;) by the way love love love the show soo much

  50. Emmy says:

    Well, by the things Dr Sullivan had written in her files… I would definitely say that A is Maya. She came to Rosewood when the girls started receiving messages from A, and she may have found many of Ali’s secrets, since she moved to her house and seen her things. The thing bout Hanna pointing her shoes is strange too. Lucy Hale said in an interview that A has shown up as a character… Maya really shows up, she’s not always there! And when she was away…(or not) she had plenty of time to mess with the girls. I also read something about Ali’s twin named Courtney? Can anyone tell more about that?

    • Russ says:

      Well remember when A was learning french, in the episode when Hannah and Mona went riding with her back fat step sister Kate, i am pretty sure Mona spoke some french.

      • Stephanie says:

        I don’t think Mona can be “A” on the show because in the books, she was also involved in the “A” thing (I believe she’s the one who started it, actually) and as I said below, the creators of the show changed who “A” is.

    • Stephanie says:

      I think Maya is “A” too. I first suspected it earlier on in the series. There was an episode in which she was talking to someone on the phone and said something that sounded really sketchy, but I don’t remember what was said exactly. Then shortly after that, she was *conveniently* sent to that reform school or whatever it was. Now she shows back up, (again *conveniently*) right after “A” more or less forced Emily to ruin her relationship with the blonde she was dating. She definitely seems suspicious.

      In the Pretty Little Liars book series, Ali had a twin sister named Courtney and Courtney was involved in the whole “A” thing. But the creators of the show changed some things so that people who read the books wouldn’t be bored and would still be able to enjoy the show. One of the things they changed is who “A” is, so I don’t know if Courtney will ever even enter into the show. I’m guessing they probably cut her out entirely.