Awkward's Beau Mirchoff Previews Matty's Love Life and the 'Sad, Scary, Exciting' Finale

Awkward‘s Matty is kind of a question mark. It’s never obvious whether he’s going to be really sweet to sort-of girlfriend Jenna or completely ignore her in public. We don’t know much about his family. And he keeps secrets from his best friend. Luckily, Beau Mirchoff was able to shed some light on his character during a recent chat with TVLine.

The actor also previews this week’s new episode (airing Tuesday at 11/10c on MTV), the Matty/Jenna/Jake love triangle, and the introduction of his onscreen bro. Mirchoff even gave us the answer to Awkward‘s biggest mystery. No, not who does Jenna end up with, but what’s up with the armpit sniffing?

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TVLINE | The show has been compared to everything from My So-Called Life to Juno to Freaks and Geeks to Daria. And creator Lauren Iungerich said she was inspired by John Hughes. Are you a fan of these programs and movies? Did you draw any inspiration from them?
I am a fan of all of those. I think they’re very creative and smart and good programming. I don’t know if I used them for inspiration. The material was already in that fashion, so when I went to prepare for the work, I wasn’t trying to be like Juno. But I think it just sort of came out.

TVLINE | Matty is slowly revealing bits and pieces about himself. What’s surprised you the most about him?

He’s thoughtful. He’s more sensitive than all [his] friends think. That’s become more evident as more episodes have aired, and it will continue to become apparent. It doesn’t surprise me, but that’s what drew me to Matty right off the bat. He’s not your typical jock – not that there’s anything wrong with a typical jock. He cares about people. He loves his family. He’s a cool guy. At the end of the day, he wants to do well. He wants people to like him.

TVLINE | He has these really genuine moments of emotion and sweetness, mostly with Jenna, and then he goes back to being more aloof. Why do you think he’s holding back both with Jenna and in his own life?

Matty’s just young. He’s 16 years-old. He’s figuring everything out for the first time. He’s never been in a relationship, and he’s more self-conscious than everyone thinks. Jenna’s not in his clique, so he’s a little apprehensive to tell the world of his affection. He likes where he is in his life. He doesn’t want things to change. Matty is a little afraid of change and [the question of], “What if I’m not perceived in the same light if I start this relationship with Jenna?” I think he’s trying to figure that out. Hopefully, sooner rather than later he’ll realize that he really cares about her and what other people think doesn’t matter. But that’s hard to think when you’re in high school.

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TVLINE | So when he told her he’s not ready for a relationship, was that an excuse because he’s scared?
Maybe it was a little bit of an excuse, kind of hiding his feelings a little because he’s not ready to be in a relationship. He’s not. He’s not ready to tell the world that it’s just me and her. He’s just figuring everything out.

TVLINE | What can you tease about this week’s episode?

[There’s a play] Dead Stacy. Matty’s not involved in the play. It’s a production the school puts on every year to explain drunk driving and stop kids from drinking and driving.

TVLINE | Matty’s brother, James, is being introduced soon. What’s their relationship like?
More contentious now than it was. Back when [Matty] was younger and [his brother] was in high school, he was the golden boy. Everybody loved him. He was smart, funny, athletic. [Matty] idolized him. He was everything to me. Still is everything to me. When [he] graduated from high school, things derailed. He changed. That’s where we’re at now. [Matty’s] a little embarrassed of him [and] a little disappointed in him.

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TVLINE | Is Matty going to take matters into his own hands to prevent Jake and Jenna from growing even closer?
Yes. Well, he uses some tactics. I don’t want to say too much. He took Jenna for granted. Or he thought she would always be there for him, and then he realized, “Oh wait, she’s not always going to be there for me. I want her back.” There’s some pretty funny stuff in the next couple episodes.

TVLINE | Is he ever tempted to just blurt out the truth to Jake?
I don’t think Matty’s ready to do that quite yet. He’s more secretive than you think. He doesn’t even tell his best friend his secret. So no, I don’t think Matty’s going to tell him quite yet.

TVLINE | How are you feeling about where the season ends?
I think the last episode is the best episode of the season. It’s really good. … It’s sad. It’s exciting. It’s scary. A lot of different emotions going on in that episode. … Your heart starts to race a little at the end.

TVLINE | I have to ask… What’s with the armpit sniffing?
[Laughs] It’s a nervous tick. That’s pretty much it. I don’t do it as much as the season progresses. When people are nervous, some people move around. Some people scratch their leg. Matty sniffs his armpits.

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  1. Dan says:

    I got to say, “Awkward” is one of this year’s best surprises. I fell in love with the show after the first episode, and then watched episodes 2-5 back to back. Great story, great characters, great performances.

    • Randy says:

      Agreed. I never thought I could fall in love with this and now… It’s one of my favorites. I laugh out laud every time I watch it. Sooo hilarious. I just hope Jenna finds love with Jake.

      • alexis says:

        I dont think jake should be with jenna. Hopefully matty and jenna have a good relation ship together. They have lots in common sometime but, any ways GO TEAM MATTY! <3

  2. bethany0403 says:

    Seeing as I am in my mid 30’s and so far out of MTV’s demographic, I was shocked at how much I adore this show! It is smart, funny and so charming. Has it been picked up for a second season?

  3. Squiggy says:

    Dude looks like an elf.

  4. Ashley says:

    Well I am also in mid 40’s and love it. And if you want to feel really old….my 62 year old aunt loves it as well!

    We are SO OUT of MTV’s demo’s its not funny.

  5. LovelyKay says:

    I am so glad that I am not only one that is over the age of 18 that LOVES the show. It’s my Tuesday night fix! And basically the only thing good on TV on Tuesday.

  6. smckinney says:

    I love this show! :) I like Matty alot! I think his character is alot like any 16 year old guy. I just hope he doesn’t let Jenna go because he is too afraid of what others think to be with her! Definitely watching next weeks episode!

  7. Chris says:

    I’m a 22 year old guy & I love this show! Have to thank my girlfriend for that!

  8. Brittany says:

    I love this show! The writing is so clever and I love the cast even the crazy, hilarious guidance counselor! I am definitely hooked on the show and devour each episode, sometimes watching each episode repeatedly throughout the week to calm me down before I get my new fix lol.

  9. alicia says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!! im 21 so im a bit older than the kids on the show but i tell ya, i would have LOVED my high school years to be like this and i sure would have loved to find a guy like matty! i hope jake and jenna dont get together, jakes a nice kid no doubt BUT matty and jenna just seem to click, once he gets over what everone else thinks, i think those two could really shine! love loev love love this show!

  10. kaylynn jongsma says:

    I can’t believe Jenna pucked Jake over Matty. She broke his heart and you could see it in his face. Matty is cute and him and Jenna deserved each other. The last episode is sad :(. Love the show though!!!

  11. Nina says:

    I loooooove this damn MTV show!!! I’m 23 & this show makes me cry—of laughter!
    In the beginning I was like “looks like a dumb show” but once I saw it I was HOOKED! they have some witty punchlines and Tamara cracks me up. Sadie is a walking contradiction, the counselor is the best character and the Chinese girl not being able to go out is on point lmao… This is such an achievement since that whacky show the hard times of rj berger- that show reeked!!! Anyway, I love u MTV for this hilarious sitcom, makes my Tuesday’s shinier & I’m from FLORIDA hehe

  12. Gill Murphy says:

    I love this programme so much! It’s so much better than the typical high school dramas. You can relate to all the characters in some way. I’m team Matty all the way! Cannot wait for the second season to begin! Best show I’ve seen in a long, long time!

  13. Sarah says:

    I have grown to love this show, and it is very relatable no matter what age. I’m in my late 20’s and have worked with teenagers as a teacher, and it brings back memories of high school. I have read a lot of comments about Jenna’s choice on the show’s website. I understand both sides of the argument: why Jake and yell at Matty/comments about Matty should have been the one not Jake, and I think we need to give both guys some slack. Jake is just as great of a choice as Matty. Jake may be popular, but he stands up on his own and does what he wants, and I actually give him props for leaving Lissa and Sadie. He is a good fit for Jenna because he is what she wants in a guy and what she wants Matty to be, and he isn’t afraid of being a dork, and there is nothing wrong with that. Matty on the other hand, is also a great guy who has been stepping up his game and a late bloomer with relationships since he hasn’t really been in a relationship or done the whole take a girl out in public until Jenna (and yes, I will admit, I did want to yell at him for not asking Jenna right away to the Formal or tell Jake about him and Jenna), but, I’d like to ask: weren’t we all at some point like Matty around someone we liked? I think at some point we all were.

  14. Arial says:

    I would deff choose Matty! He is gorgeous! And he is making a comeback back into Jenna’s life!!!

  15. elle says:

    Im 23 and I love this show! If there was a guy that looked like Matty at my high school, I would of had perfect attendance.